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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the beltway is looking fine. we're in a bit of a bind right now on the inbound side of 66. an accident blocks the two left lanes. let's take a live look on the inbound side. equipment has arrived on the scene and it is slowing down by the way from route 7100 jam- packed trying to get by the accident along the right side so be careful. be aware that now authorities have arrived on the scene. by the way, sky 9 is headed there as well. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. let's go over to another map. northbound i-95 after route 17 in falmouth. there is a vehicle fire on the shoulder causing delays as you come up from fredericksburg. if you're planning to take the train this morning, a couple of delays to tell you about on the mark brunswick line, 870 and penn 403 are running about 10 to 15 minutes late. we'll update you on incidents in virginia. >> thank you, monika. >> montgomery county police think the same people are behind three abductions over
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the last five days. >> all of the victims are elderly men, all forced to take money out of the bank. >> all three were taken from outside westfield wheaton shopping center. surae chinn is thrive there with more on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. whenever you go to the bank or an atm, there are cameras from top to bottom, everywhere you look, there are cameras from behind and in front and also through this glass. well, this latest incident did happen at a target where 77- year-old man was leaving forced to get in his car and drive around to different atms across the area. to withdraw money out of his own bank account. well, another incident happened just saturday afternoon as well. a 60-year-old man, here is a shot of him. he did not want to go on camera but he did take out money because he was forced into the passenger seat. the suspect was forced -- drove around to different atms to withdraw money there. in each case, the guy forced
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the man to do this with a box cutter and the latest incident, this 77-year-old man was cut in the face and punched. police really want to find the person who is responsible for all of this because there is hopefully surveillance video that will be released later on today. so, back out here live, i want to give you some reference. the target is right here at the westfield shopping center and right next door, the other two cases happened at a giant where folks were loading up their cars to get in their cars as well. loading up groceries and so forth but in each case, as you mention, this guy is targeting folks in his 60s and 70s. in the latest case, the incident escalated to violence. police really want to catch this guy before it gets any further. hopefully that surveillance video will help later on today. back to you. >> thank you, surae. surae chinn live in wheaton, maryland, this morning. a fire in prince george's county claims the life of a 6- year-old boy and leaves two
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women in the hospital this morning. phone video captured the raging fire sunday. this was on griffin street in chilham, maryland. one group of firefighters fought the flames in the front of the house. another through the rooms looking for survivors. >> the first person they took out was a little boy. he wasn't moving at all. it was bad. it broke my heart. and then i saw them taking one by one with the women. but one of the sisters said that the sister had like burns to her face. >> the home did not have a smoke detector. firefighters went door-to-door later in the day checking on the devices and installing free smoke detectors in homes in that neighborhood that needed them. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. today, in federal court, in southwestern virginia, they will take up a first amendment case involving the ten commandments being posted in a classroom. we told you about this story. these are schools in giles
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county, virginia. they posted commandments for years there. they were taken down in december though after a student complained. so, the residents went back and students started posting copies of the commandments on their lockers. they even held a walkout last spring over the issue. >> for the first time in nearly two months, redskins fans are going to work and school on a monday morning happy! the 'skins finally won. they were trailing the seahawks by 10 points in the fourth quarter yesterday with 10:00 left, roy ran the ball in 28 yards for a touchdown. that cut the deficit to 3. then, just a few minutes later, rex grossman finds anthony armstrong. it was his first catch in five weeks. and he made it count. >> redskins rallied. they beat the seahawks 23-17 and rex grossman was all smiles after the victory. >> great bunch of guys, you know. our locker room had a lot of character, a lot of team
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chemistry, a lot of good people. you know, after a losing streak like this, we stepped up and made the plays we needed to make. >> next week, the redskins host the jets. new york rallied to beat buffalo yesterday, 28-24. one of the sports casters was saying rex grossman's hands are too small. main that's why he's having problems holding on to the ball. is that the problem? >> i got lots to say and i'm not saying it. >> holiday shopping season, full swing gets underway now. we have at least one or two great ideas for you. >> great ideas for the gadget lover in your life. jessica doyle has vid of great ideas that won't break the bank. >> joining us now is steve greenberg, author of gadget nation. barbie is here. tech gifts under $50. >> so many are designed by little boys. this one is designed from little girls. this is the barbie fashion tablet. imitates mom and dad's tablet.
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it teaches math, reading, writing, it is really a lot of fun. great gift for little girls and she does talk a lot. >> now, for the boys, they can practice being in the cia. >> this have from jack specific. this is the spynet stealth recording glasses. fist of all, i look like a spy. not only are they great sunglasses but they record video. 20 minutes of video. three hours of audio or 2,000 photographs from the glasses. you download it into your computer. when i was a kid, this is a must have. i still like it now. but unfortunately, i've moved over to these glasses. these are from foss err grant. these are reading glasses. great for the over 40 crowd. they fit in the little carry cases, kind of neat. open it up. take out the glasses. they unfold. they have telescopic temples and you have yourself some built-in reading glass. >> for the ladies, we have a built-in mirror to check our lipstick. >> under $25 makes a great
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stocking stuffer for the over 40 crowd. >> it is cold this time of year. we all have our iphones and our tablet computers. this is a combination of -- >> serving the needs. >> isotoner has come out with the smart touch gloves. they have these conductive fibers built into the index and thumb so that when you're working your smart phone or any touch screen, it works through the gloves which is a requirement these days so your hands are warm and you're still able to work your tech toys. >> that's a fantastic idea. >> another great gift, gadget nation. perfect gift for the holidays as well. >> shameful plugging there. tomorrow morning at this time, jessica and steve will show us some higher end tech toys. right now, our time is 6:08. >> today is cyber monday. the big holiday shopping online day for retailers. in five minutes, we have advice to save you some cash today. >> and how much longer will our warm weather last? howard has our monday forecast when 9news now returns.
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65 by noon with a drive home temperature of 64. get ready. big changes coming. i'll have that for you in about four minutes. monika samtani, over to you. >> virginia state police have been be on the scene of an accident on the inbound side of i-66. we'll take a live look here from sky 9 on the inbound side. after route 123, all of the activity has been moved to the right shoulder. but it is jam-packed from 7100. more on this and other area incidents coming up in my next report at 6:18. andrea, back to you. thank you, monika. the mayor of philadelphia is telling occupy protestors to leave a downtown plaza but so far, no one is budging. it is one of the stories making news now at 6:12. about 100 people stayed put in
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the plaza. police have no plans to evict anyone. both sides want to keep things peaceful. but the mayor wants to clear the area because of renovations. the united states is expected to open it own investigation into air strikes in pakistan and a nato raid this weekend killed 24 pakistani soldiers and set back relations with the u.s. nato has apologize and is promising its own investigation. >> with just over a month to go before the new hampshire primary, a big endorsement for newt gingrich. the new hampshire union leader newspaper endorsed him and the republican presidential primary. the latest polls there show gingrich running a distant second to mitt romney. >> the christmas season just started. it only just begun. today is part two of the opening round. cyber monday. day when a lot of us will be back at work, surfing the web, looking for deals. one of the great web sites we found putting a lot of deals together all in one place called cyber
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check it out. there is a deal at the top right here. it is the deal of the hour. it is posted. right now, i think it is if you look over in this area, these are where the top deals coming up are. at 7:00, it will be home all of the squares in the center are deals featured have you 33% on this one here. free shipping. it is cyber some of the advice we have, we found getting around the cyber monday deals. stay informed as you're surfing the web. keep up your favorite online stores to get e-mail alerts. you can follow them on twitter. get an early start. if you surf around a little bit before you go to work this morning, you can save some time and some cash when you actually make the purchase. also, check out free shipping that can really save you some money. even if your a's just buying something small. be sure to check out the return policy. make sure it is easy to bring something back to the brick and
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mortar store if that needs to happen. make sure also you can send your purchase back if there is a problem. now, also, don't forget some of the sites are going to be busy today. have some patience and be prepared to do a little waiting. make sure the boss isn't looking over your shoulder. people going online and to the stores on friday, a big deal! black friday web shopping jumped over 26% according to dot-com score. all sites were up more than 6%. >> well, it is the best jump since the start of the recession for the entire weekend. sales are up more than 9% compared to last year. remember, can you believe it, just 27 shopping days left until christmas. but the holidays are upon us. i was in caroline county for the festival of lights. now, they're open thursday through sundays through january 1st. you stay in your car to look at the display. it sounds like the end of the
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week, you'll want to stay in the car. >> it will be a little chilly. we've got zoo lights locally in d.c. great venue to check out. it will be ok though because the weather other than tomorrow will be dry. >> all right. >> regardless of the temperatures. we do have some rain that will be moving in. let's get you going with a look at this morning's bus stop forecast. back to school. it has been a few days off for everybody. let's get back in gear. partly to mostly cloudy. mild temperatures, mostly in the 50s. southern maryland, lower eastern shore, we have 60s this morning. sunrise at 7:04. a day planner which has sunshine and clouds mixed. we'll be in the low 60s by 11:00. the average high for this time of year is 53 degrees, well above that. upper 60s to near 70. winds south to southeast 5 to 10. by 5:00 p.m., still in the 60s. if you like to exercise outside after work or this morning, either way, you'll be able to get it. it is done in a relatively
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comfortable way. lots of rain out to the west. clouds blowing off the rain showers are coming over us from time to time. our temperatures very comfortable this morning. it is 48 in laurel. 49 columbia. most of us are in the 50s. alexandria also down to 49. reston as well. 54 though for centreville and rockville at 54. andrews air force base, 56. college park, university of maryland is 50. today, we start at reagan national with 53. documents 49 and a light and northerly wind but much colder air just off to the west. look at the 20s and 30sment houston is freezing at this hour. we're 53. new orleans is 43. we're warmer than them by 10 degrees. this is why. big storm system here coming out of the south through the tennessee and the ohio valley. drawing in lots of moisture off the gulf. it is going to tap into some atlantic moisture. areas out to the west, some of the areas in the ohio valley may get two or three inches of rain or more. for us, the system comes across, it will be a little
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faster. we with might be seeing an inch or so of rain with this in spots as we head into later tonight and tomorrow. here we are. we're moving the clock tomorrow morning. now, some rain starts to move in. there is your rain during the day on tuesday. lifts northeastern pennsylvania by late in the afternoon. few showers tuesday evening and then the colder air moves in wednesday with mountain snow showers. but wednesday, we'll be lucky to get to 50. today, upper 60s. tonight, 55 to 60. tomorrow, 62 with the rain. dry and seasonably cool thursday through sunday. highs in the low to mid-50s. monika samtani. your turn. >> 66 has been tough this morning. good morning, everybody. if you're planning to head inbound on i-666, want to give you the heads up on the inbound side of 66. after route 123. sitting on the right shoulder, let's take a live look. it has been there on the right shoulder for awhile. here is what you've got to deal with from route 7100, solid
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back-up to the accident scene with the lanes open. early morning delays for you. plan ahead. again, inbound 66 looks like this from now at least route 7100 trying to get in toward fairfax. let's go back out to springfield on the northbound side of 95. it is just the normal volume from dale city to this point. on to 395 right past duke street. over to the outer loop on the northside of town, normal as well here from university boulevard. it is going to slow down toward georgia avenue with the lanes open. i, of course, will update you on the problems on 66 again at 6:25. andrea and mike? >> next in sports, the latest on the abuse allegations at seer us could university. we also have a look at the new bcs standings. >> time for another check of our question of the morning. three out of four people, possibly including some of your coworkers have a hard time doing this before 11:00 a.m. is it a, waking up, b, smiling or c, eating? our facebook friends have no problems giving their answers
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before 11:00. carly writes i can only smile after i've had my coffee. >> keep the guesses coming. we'll reveal the answer at 6:48.
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welcome back. cog up on 6:23. if you can get away without a light jacket this morning, you'll be fine this afternoon as our temperatures will be well above average into the 60s, main touching 70 in a few spots. 3:00, 56. we're looking at a 6:00 p.m. temperature around 63. changes on the way. more on that coming up. right now, here's mike. >> in sports, syracuse university fired its long-time men's basketball assistant coach bernie fine overnight. he's facing several allegations he abused children. >> a third alleged victim came forward over the weekend. friday, police in syracuse searched fine's home. he has denied the allegations
6:23 am
against him. fine spent 36 years with the syracuse basketball team and is also an alum of the school. his boss and friend coach james boheim supports the school's decision. >> i'm very confident i have taken the right stance, said the right things and now we'll let this thing play out. >> boheim said he regretted statements he made when the scandal first broke. he said some of them may have been construed as insensitive to victims of abuse. >> college football, virginia tech has secured with a win. clemson taking on the game. it doesn't look like the hokies will go to the bcs title game. they saw the fifth place. oklahoma state in third and stanford moves up to fourth. >> well, the legend of tim tebow is growing again! denver broncos went into overtime against the chargers.
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he seems to be money there. thibault moved denver down the field. matt operator kicked a 37-yard field goal to win it. here is the winning field goal. broncos win 16-13 with five wins over the last six games. it is 6:24. >> we help you get hired. in ten minutes, a look at why some are calling this a dual job market and what that means. >> the georgetown student arrested in egypt is back home. we hear from him and his ordeal. >> monika is back with a quick check on the commute. >> a live look on the inbound side of i-66. it will be solid from this point past route 123 where an accident was moved to the shoulder. more on that and other incidents around town. you're watching 9news now. stay with us. ♪
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welcome back. we are back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. this is a live look at the u.s. capitol and right now, we have 52 degrees there. look at the sky. the sky this time of the year is absolutely beautiful. oranges, dark blues, purples, our producer says.
6:29 am
just beautiful. this morning, around 10:00, the capitol christmas tree will frarve california. it will be lit tuesday, december 6th. >> thank you for starting your day with us. we're glad you're here. i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with more on our forecast. >> good morning. >> it is nice out here this morning. temperatures are in the 50s but with light winds, it have very comfortable to be out here. if you can leave the jacket at home, you won't need it later today. another relatively warm day for november. looking at the day planner as temperatures climb into the mid- 60s by noon. a mix of clouds and sun with 65 to 70. we'll touch 70 in a few spots south and west of town. south to southeast winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. there is a lot of rain to the west. it will stay to our west today. looks like tonight, especially after midnight, showers will roll in. a wet day on tuesday. your temperatures still in the low 60s in southern maryland to 60 in cambridge. 48 in manassas. few spots dipping into the 40s. most in the 50s.
6:30 am
look at the forecast highs for the afternoon, about 68 in d.c. 65 in cumberland and martinsburg. 70 in culpepper. i'll be back in about 12 minutes, we'll look at the big changes heading our way. right now, inside to monika and timesaver traffic. >> a rude awakening after this thanksgiving holiday. this accident on the inbound side of i-66 after route 123 has been on the shoulder for awhile. you've got delays in manassas then it is solid from centreville all the way to 123 now with the lanes open. let's go to 95 on the northbound side. it looks like this basically from dale city past lorton road where there is a vehicle fire on the right side of the road, authorities are on the scene. you need to stay to the left to get by and expect the delays there as well. now, we'll take you over to 395, normal slow traffic in landmark past duke street heading up toward the 14th street bridge. last live look at 270, route 80 to 109, a little farther to
6:31 am
father hurley boulevard. this is what it looks like down to the point where the lanes divide. andrea and mike? >> montgomery county police are keeping an eye trained on wheaton, maryland this morning. >> because three elderly men have been kidnapped there in the last week. they've all been forced to take money out of their bank accounts and hand it over. >> all three abductions happened outside the westfield wheaton mall. surae chinn is live there. we're learning these may be connected? >> well, yes. police say they are connected. and we are waiting for surveillance video hopefully released later on today. i want to be clear that we don't know if it happens happened at a capital one atms or which one because police have not divulged that information but interestingly, the suspect in one case, told the victim to sit in the passenger seat and then the suspect drove around in the car and took money out of the victim's bank account. but you can see there are tons
6:32 am
of cameras whenever you go to atms. we're hoping by him being in that front seat, that there is a good frontal view of this man. we're hoping to get that later on today. well, we happen to be across the street from the cases. the last happened to a 77-year- old man outside of a target where he was forced by a man with a box cutter into his car, drove around to atms and dropped off in hyattsville, maryland, where a stranger found him with a gash to his face from the box cutter and a punch to the head. he was taken to the hospital. the other two cases happened at the giant right next door in the same shopping center on saturday afternoon. a 60-year-old man was loading up groceries into his car when the suspect told him to get into his car, drove around to atms and the last case happened wednesday. this past wednesday to a 75- year-old man. but the real concerning thing with all of this is that the
6:33 am
last case happened to escalate into violence. all three cases happened in westfield shopping center. all three targeted 60 to 70- year-old men. again, police really want to find this guy before it escalates into anymore. that surveillance video will be key in breaking this case. back to you, mike. >> looking forward to more information, thank you, surae live in wheaton, maryland this morning. >> the victim of a fatal shooting outside of dupont circle nightclub has been identified as 34-year-old coleman of suitland, maryland. coleman was one of three people who were shot outside heritage, india restaurant early sunday morning. another three were stabbed along connecticut avenue near n street. police say a fight in the club spilled out on to the sidewalk. the restaurant has been closed pending an investigation now. the man accused of firing a gun at the white house is due back in court today and he could be facing attempted assassination charges. police say oscar ramiro ortega hernandez fired an assault rifle at the white house on
6:34 am
november 11th. one bullet hit the mansion but was stopped by bulletproof glass. the first family was not home at the time. a judge ordered ortega to undergo a mental evaluation. at this point, he's being held without bond. elections are underway right now in egypt. this is the first time voters have headed to the polls since former president hosni mubarak was forced out of office. egyptians are electing a parliament that will draft a new constitution for the country. security forces are guarding against any possible problems after more than 40 people were killed during nine days of clashes in cairo. jess? >> with our hands cuffed behind our back. and they -- with the shirts still over our head so we couldn't see anything. >> the three american students were arrested in egypt last week. they're waking up in their own beds this morning. 19-year-old derrik sweeney of georgetown university talked about the ordeal. sweeney returned to his home in missouri after flying back to the u.s. saturday.
6:35 am
the georgetown student was arrested with two other students after authorities accused of them of participating in the violent uprising in tahrir square. it is 6:35. i'm jessica doyle. i'm helping you get hired. just because the holidays are here, don't put your job search on hold. no, no, don't do that. this morning, chris brickman from robert haas technology has an opening. you've got this job you've come in specifically to talk about. what is the job? >> we're look for individuals who support computers and pcs and so someone specifically who's had at least three years experience supporting a company's hardware and software platforms. in addition, someone who has excellent customer service squills and a great personality. so, when you hear about the story of what employees are doing, what the top three things, smiling, what's hard to do in the morning, we're
6:36 am
looking for someone who comes in with a great attitude every day. >> in erm its of education, what should people have for this job? >> a minimum of bachelors of science and i. t. specifically is recommended. and preferred. however, if you don't have it, we would still want to hear from you. >> how do people apply for this job, chris? >> you can call 202-626-0250 or apply online at >> that seems easy. now, there is an interesting situation with the job market right now. on one side, you have high unemployment. 11% in the district. smaller in other parts of the washington area. but in other areas, you have very small unemployment. what is going on with this? >> well, it is surprising when you take a look at the large unemployment numbers and then peel back the layers and look closely at specialized skills, you'll find that college workers who are over 25 years old, that unemployment rate is
6:37 am
4.4%. then you take a look further at i. t. professionals and we're looking at unemployment rates that are less than 2% in some cases. >> wow. >> so, very interesting story. when you look into the details. >> definitely pays to have the tech skills. chris, thanks so much for coming in to talk to us this morning. >> thanks for having me. appreciate it. >> andrea, over to you. >> thank you, jess. for the first time in a few weeks, people will be humming hail to the redskins on a monday morning! >> the team broke a six-game losing streak coming from behind to beat the seahawks, there is the scamper in the fourth quarter. that was roy halu. that cut the deficit to 3. a few minutes later, rex grossman finds anthony armstrong in the end zone. that was his first catch in five weeks. redskins rally to beat the seahawks 23-17. >> we're starting to play togs a little bit more. that's for sure. getting a few guys back.
6:38 am
it feels pretty good. >> after a losing streak like this, we stepped up and made the plays we needed to make. >> that victory felt really good for us to win for coach shanahan. >> up next, the new york jets who improved to 6-5 sunday beating the buffalo bills, 28- 24. >> did you spend the weekend taking advantage of the warm weather, putting up holiday decorations? in ten minutes, learn how you can show off your work. >> dulles airport set a record high temperature on sunday. can we rewrite the record books again? howard has your weather first when 9news now returns.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 6:43 this monday morning. the last few days of november before we get meteorological winter officially. >> feels like early october out there with temperatures pushing 70. >> i had coffee outside on the deck, no coat, sun coming up. it was gorgeous. >> that's why you're in such a good mood. >> we have one more day. >> one more really fine day. main not pretty blue skies but a neat sky this morning with the sunrise coming up in about 20 minutes. we have temperatures which will be well above average. today will still be dry. here is the capitol. you see the sunshine. >> 10 minute difference and look how the sky has changed. >> early in the morning or after sunset, the colors change so quickly. here is a look at the bus stop
6:44 am
forecast. temps running in the 50s. sunrise in about 20 minutes at 7:04. a good-looking day today for this time of year when you consider average highs in the low 50s. we'll be 57 degrees here at 8:00. by noon, 65. by 4:00 p.m., 65. as we head toward 8:00 tonight, 62 degrees. we'll see 50s tonight with some showers likely holding off until after midnight. low 60s in southern maryland. easton is 59. only 51 in gaithersburg. a couple of spots in the 40s. steve at cross junction is at 56. prince frederick at 51 degrees. with a 5 about 3 at reagan national. light, northerly winds. dew point sits at 49. temperatures really drop off as you go west. look at indianapolis and detroit in the 30s. in iowa, 20s in des moines. the colder air will be moving in behind the storm system which is bringing all of the
6:45 am
rain across parts of the tennessee and ohio valley. that will stay west of us except for the clouds that will blow off here. as we head into the nighttime hours, that's when we'll see rain moving in. headed toward roanoke or points south on i-81, you run into showers. here comes the rain building. during the day tomorrow, some occasionally heavy rains will push through. we could get upwards of an inch of rain before the front pushes through late tomorrow. still showers tomorrow night. by wednesday, clearing and colder with this westerly wind. mountain snow showers, we'll be lucky to get out of the 40s on wednesday. likely seeing more normal temperatures for the second half of the week. 68 today. some areas near 70. tonight, 55 to 60. tomorrow, low 60s with periods of rain. a blustery wednesday. about 48, main 50. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday look sunny. but cool. highs low to mid-50s. upper tos to low 30s in the
6:46 am
burbs. how is the traffic looking now? >> you know what? monday is living up to its reputation. because we have so much going on. especially in virginia. here is what it looks like northbound on i-95 north of lorton where there was a vehicle fire on the right side of the roadway. live look from sky 9. everything is on the shoulder. crews have been on the scene for awhile. delays, delays begin at least at the occoquan river if not before that in dale city heading up toward the incident here in lorton and on to -- beyond that, everything is fine as you head up to springfield. you have the delays from the occoquan heading in to lorton. let's go over back to the maps right now on the inbound side of i-66, early morning incident at route 123 was cleared awhile ago. you have a solid back-up from centreville into fairfax. beyond that, you will be ok as you head toward the beltway on 66. on marc, brunswick line 874 and 8892, a 10-minute delay, at
6:47 am
least 25 minutes late this morning. more on what's going on on 9 a coming up at 6:58. >> thank you, monika. it is 6:47. today we reintroduce our morning feature called holiday lights. >> it is a chance to show off your christmas or hanukkah decorations. they don't have to look like this but it doesn't hurt. >> clark! todd! >> clark! >> honey, i think i know what's wrong. [alarm sounding] [ laughter ] >> that's the display from "christmas vacation." we want to see what your home looks like whether it can be seen from outer space or driving by it slowly or if you just have a really nice tree, we want to see that, too. >> people already have the lights illuminated. i saw them coming in.
6:48 am
we want to see your photos and video. e-mail them to us at lights at or upload them to our facebook page. be sure to include your name and where you live and we'll start sharing your pictures on the air later this week. >> one of our favorite things to do. >> time now to answer the question of the morning. >> doing the honor this morning, capitals defenseman karl. >> three out of four people having a hard time doing this before 11:00. that's an extremely tough question. i would say probably b, smiling. >> and the correct answer is b, smiling. >> ooh, there you go! so happy. >> apparently wasn't that tough of a question. >> i think smiling is kind of hard. >> we had one viewer say if i have one cup of coffee by 11:00, i'm fine.
6:49 am
our viewer said she has four by 11:00. >> we knew it couldn't be eating because we're eating before 3:00 in the morning here. >> i could eat at 1:30 in the morning. >> we have a check on the news before you go. stay with us. there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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mix of clouds and sunshine. very comfortable, highs between 6 and 70. cooler wednesday. seven-day in a few minutes. >> today is monday, november 28th. here is a check of the news before you go. gary giordano may be out of an aruban jail by tomorrow. he's been accused in the disappearance and death of 35- year-old robyn gardner from frederick, maryland there. is little evidence against him. year dan know says she was swept out to sea. >> the massive greenhouse at
6:53 am
university of maryland eastern shore is a total loss after a big fire sunday. it tore through the two acre facility and the damage could estimate to be around $6 million. no word yet on the cause though. >> a big birthday in d.c.'s petworth neighborhood. fire engine company 24 turned 100 years old sunday. when it was built in 1911, it was the first horseless fire company. "the early show" starts in just about six minutes. >> erica hill has a preview of what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> mike be and andrea, good morning. just ahead on "the early show," the shopping frenzy continues today with cyber monday. this after shoppers rang up the biggest black friday weekend sales ever. $53 billion. we'll take a look at what's behind the strong numbers and what is expected for today. plus prince william being called a royal hero after he copilotted a helicopter rescue mission. they were there to help the crew of a cargo ship which was sinking in a dangerous storm in the irish sea over the weekend. and a few more tricks up our
6:54 am
sleeves on this monday. hope to see you then. mike and andrea, have a great day. >> we'll have one more check on weather and traffic when 9news now returns. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone. one more thing. again about our holiday lights. how we would like to see what you're doing for the holiday. if you're doing something, send it to us. it would be morning holiday lights on our face bock fan page or on our page. >> we want to share. please put your name and what town you're from so we can give
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you proper credit. >> we'll start doing that later this week. >> howard? >> we're looking good today. upper 60s, main even near 70. tomorrow, wet. 62. much cooler and chilly on wednesday. highs only upper 40s to near 50. monika? >> live look from sky 9 on the northbound side of i-95 in lorton. a car fire has been put out. it is on the tow truck ready to move but delays before dale city. a quick look at 66, delays. early morning accident is gone. we'll go over to 270. that's been incident-free. slow traffic in from germantown. >> here is a great way to start the monday morning. wall street is looking much higher on signs of progress than the european debt crisis. >> "the early show" begins next with the latest on the occupy protest showdown in los angeles and philadelphia. plus a preview of the summit the president is holding with european leaders at the white house. >> howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> while you're at work, get
6:59 am
your news, weather and traffic anywhere at web with -- at >> have a great day, everybody! . good morning. syracuse university fires a long time basketball coach accused of molesting two boys after an audiotape of his wife and one alleged victim seems to confirm the abuse. we have the latest against the allegation against bernie fine. hundreds of protesters stay put for the l.a. campers


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