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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 28, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the street. in all three people stabbed, three people shot. 31-year-old dante coleman died from his gunshot wounds. today people were back outside the heritage indian restaurant looking for lunch. they found the police chief had ordered the doors locked. >> heritage india is a good place for lunch. >> reporter: restaurants morphing into nightclubs isn't that unusual. owners say you can pick up another $50,000 to $7000 of revenue. you need the proper security. >> really, dc government should fit the bill and have police officers in these establishments or close to them. >> reporter: curtis thornton operates the bistro restaurant nearby which turns into a nightclub on weekends. >> reporter: security personnel in clubs are not police officers.
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they still can get assault charges and seriously injured without the proper weapons and tools. you like the late nightclubs? >> everybody does. >> reporter: we are told by dc council member phil mend el son, businesses pay for extra police presence outside of their establishment. we don't have the details, this place has had problems before and some are questioning why this place continues to have a liquor license. the councilman says under no circumstances would he introduce legislation that would permit dc police officers to work off-duty. years ago over on missouri avenue you had an officer doing that. he was shot and killed. since then theyed legislation
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that specifically prohibits cops from working off-duty. >> clearly extra risk. thanks a lot bruce. >> reporter: he just may be crazy. but a psychologist says that man accused of shotting at a window at the white house is still competent to stand trial. after speaking with oscar ortega hernandez for less than an hour, a psychologist concluded the suspected shooter could help in his own defense and does understand what's going on in the courtroom. however prosecutors think a 50 minute exam is too short. today they asked the federal magistrate to order a full mental work up for the man, who is accused of firing at least nine shots at the white house earlier this month. a federal judge in has mass denied bail to a man accused of plotting to attack the pentagon and the united states capital. the judge called the 26-year- old a quote danger to the
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community. we have new videoton of a man suspected of targeting elderly victim, carjacking them and then forcing them to withdraw money. he is attacked three times in the last five days and police fear he may strike again unless he is caught. andrea mccarron is live where all three incidents began. >> the surveillance video is five seconds long. police believe someone in our area may recognize the suspect. police say the man on the right of your screen welds a box cutter and is responsible to three attacks on elderly men, all in broad daylight. the first two victims were unloading their groceries from the giant. yesterday 77-year-old victim had just left target. >> the suspect ordered into the passenger seat. he then drives the victims around to banking locations with the objective of obtaining cash from these victims.
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after getting cash from area atms, the suspect dumps their -- them and their cars. the third victim was severely beaten on his face and head. >> obviously he is pick go on someone he thinks he can control. the elderly. a sad thing. in the wake of this crime spree, these are some of the faces of concern. >> really? that is horrible. >> that is so sad. >> a fear that won't subside until the man responsible is caught. police believe that man is between 35 and 45 years old. stands about 6 feet tall, weighs about 180. we are live in wheaton. andrea mccarron 9news now. a maryland businessman is scheduled to be released from jail in aruba tomorrow. gary giardano has been behind bars since august 5th. he is the main suspect in the
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disappearance of robyn gardner. he says the frederick woman was swept out to sea while they were snorkeling together. giardano would have to be extradited back to aruba once he leaves. our area already has the dubious distinction of worst traffic in the country. it could mean nor cars out there on the roads. annie hall joins us more -- live with more. >> reporter: the commuter benefit program allowed workers to use $230 in tax income each month for mass transit or van pulling. 2.7 million americans currently benefit. a tenth of the commuters live right here in the washington area. it is the single largest number of commuters receiving this benefit. now if congress doesn't extend the tax break beyond this year,
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metro estimates a nearly 3% reduction in rail rider ship. now transit advocates fear federal workers may switch to a solo commute as the parking benefit on the other hand is set to increase. congress has until the end of the year to renew the commuter tax benefit program. otherwise the benefit will fall from $230 to $125 per month. derek? thanks annie. new at 6:00 tonight. republican presidential hopeful america says he knows another woman is about to come forward, this one accusing him of an extramarital affair. an interview on cnn in the last two hours. cain says he knows the woman, thought she was his friend. he says her accusation is baseless. coming up tonight, and frankly, i can't wait either. wow. a lot to talk about. but first, still ahead, in this half hour, the captain and
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the coach who got them to 200 wins faster than anyone else in nhl history, to bring back a local legend. topper? >> reporter: no record today. here are the official numbers at national. 71 and 51. our averages again are 53 and 37. record high today 74. record low 15. we'll come back and talk about when the averages are going to return and when you need your umbrella. up next. the watergate one of the tenants is ready to shut its doors [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom.
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for everyone. have. look at where you live tonight. after months of rumors and denials, safe way says it will be closing its store at the watergate this saturday. the 16,000 square foot grocery store has typically catered to residents of the complex, and students at george washington university. the washington post reports that the store's lease is up. lawyers for the men convicted of killing senator robert kennedy say they have new evidence that will prove their client is innocent. sir has been sir has been is currently serving a life sentence for the assassination back in 96. his lawyers say he was hypnotized to fire shots as a
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diversion while the real assassin fired from another location. still to come. european leaders come to the white house to try and avert a debt crisis. state farm. this is jessica.
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this is ryan santiago sending out holiday wishes to my family in virginia. i love you wendy hannibal. i hope you guys have a great christmas and a happy new year. big day on wall street after the first numbers came in from the holiday shopping season and they were strong. black friday sales helped to push the dow up 291. nasdaq 86. just minutes after the closing bell, some mixed news about the united states credit rating. it is keeping the united states at a aaa, but shifted its
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outlook to negative, citing a decline in confidence. as danielle nottingham reports, president obama met with leaders today to tackle the deepening debt crisis. >> i counsel kate to them that the united states -- i communicated to them the united states stands ready to do our part to help them resolve this issue. >> reporter: the president hosted the group at the white house monday. fears are growing the euro could collapse in just days without bold action. europe has already bailed out small countries like greece and ireland. now italy and spain's economies are in danger of crumbling. the obama administration says europe's financial chaos has created a drag on the united states economy. it could impact the president's reelection bid. >> this is of huge importance to our own economy. if europe is having difficulties, then it is much more difficult for us to create
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good jobs here at home. so the 9news, we have been telling you a lot about the struggle follow good banks this year to meet the tremendous need. tonight one of the most popular staples is becoming tough and tougher to find. popular because it has a long shelf life and kids like it. but food banks around the country say rising prices, prompted by a smaller peanut crop are taking their toll. if you have some to share, they would like it. public schools may seem perfect to donate to food banks, but there have been restrictions against that virginia until now. >> i'm peggy fox in mcclain. an elementary school's project was nixed by the county. now a congressman is trying to get it back on track. this food pantry refrigerator has been empty since june. the last time students at
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churchill road elementary school in mcclain sent over their unopened containers of milk and yogurt. >> this year the program was abruptly halted by the county. >> i get frustrated when we can't do things that can help other people. >> reporter: now the school donation program could start up again soon thanks to congressman frank wolf. he added language to a bill that's now law which protects owners and donors from liability. >> we have people who could really use that food. >> reporter: pantry director bonnie o'neill says they could easily follow rerefrigeration guidelines. it will help the department of agriculture take aim at the stink bugs. the money will let the usda make fighting those bugs a greater priority. they descended upon our area in force in the last few years
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with very few ways to fight this. the new law will let the usda guy develop ways to control them, so that topper, we can't force to you but them in a taco and keep them. >> reporter: i did do that. i have to say i expected like armageddon when they were coming in. >> we have been lucky so far. >> it doesn't feel like it is what it is. as in late november. >> reporter: 71 today. record high 74. we have hit seventy two days in a row. we are going to see a temperature change in the next 48 hours. you can still get outside and walk around. this is really a treat. 67 in arlington. 64 in bethesda. 65 up in rockville. temperatures are way above average for this time of year. 40s in some cases. 66 in leesburg. 66. satellite picture radar
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combined. there is our next storm. pretty easy to pick out. it is going to wrap cold air behind it as it rolls through tomorrow night and into wednesday. nothing crazy cold really. look at all the showers few thunderstorms running through kentucky. we are fine right now. a couple of these showers might get into garrett county or mineral county west virginia. by and large the showers hold off until well after midnight. so locate your umbrella. wet morning commute. probably a wet evening commute. but still mild on tuesday. so one more mild day. probably not 70s, with clouds and showers coming in. tonight. most of you folks west of town. down toward fredericksburg. we'll have a wet commute. by lunch time by and large, that is when the reffiest and most organized areas roll through.
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there is the yellow, heavier activity t stretches through dc all the way into prince georges county. and charles county. i think some of the roads will still be wet by tomorrow evening. look what happens for our friends out in the mountains. west of the divide the rain will turn to snow tomorrow night. mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. showers after midnight. lows around 55. by morning, looking at primarily showers, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. you get into the afternoon. you have to add rain to the forecast. organized rain and showers. but still mild, high temperatures in the low to mid-60s, next seven days, it is going to get colder. but you know 52 is average. look at this nice stretch of weather. thursday, friday and saturday. mid-50s with sunshine. sunday the skins are in town. i believe that is correct. temperatures around 60. next chance of rain will be
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next monday with showers and 5. it is looking good. looking good. we are talking about the caps chef lost one familiar face. but they are getting another familiar face. >> getting another one that proves success as a player here. i woke up this morning and got one of the wusa 9 breaking texts and thought no sir going to be another crazy day. bruce boudreaux is out as the coach. what was the final straw? >> plus the redskins celebrate their first victory monday in almost two months.
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word started trickling out this weekend that bruce boudreaux would be fired as head coach of washington caps. i don't think the news was as surprising as that it happened so soon. he turned this last place franchise into one of the best in the league, but was plagued with lots of season success that turned into post season failure. the caps had three wins in their last 11 games. the top brass figured they'd stop the bleeding before things got worse. >> you don't want to make these decisions. but when you see what i saw, you have to make the decision. i knew the team wasn't
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responding. we have got their attention now, and hopefully they will respond in the right way. as professionals you are paid to do a job and you come to work every day. you should be giving your best effort all the time. >> see what happens now, the group responds. we play better as a group. so out with a popular coach and in with a popular former player. dale hunter took to the ice today for his first day as head coach. hunter has continued to watch every caps's game since retiring in 1999. >> it starts tomorrow, where you know, they are upbeat, because now it is clean and what's past is past. and ideal for the future. tremendous leader, the stanley cup finds. you'llee sigh a lot of the old
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retro. hunt e's probably best remembered for arguably the greatest goal in caps history. game seven, sings that game winner. hunter was a 1997 all-star and has his number 32 jersey hanging from the rafters. the story that got a little bit overshadowed today. the rips are celebrating a victory monday. the first time in almost two months. we saw a fire and passion from the team. they started jawing with the seahawks, it helped fuel their performance throughout. rex grossman had another solid performance. 314 yards including their first opening drive touchdown of the season. then in the fourth a 10 point deficit. making the trip back east a lot more enjoyable. they deserve to win.
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our players have been working extremely hard. hopefully we can keep it going. pretty rewarding to win especially the way we did. they have got the momentum now to carry it over to the jets. that is it for us. stay with wusa 9 for the news.
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>> pelley: tonight, a major boost for the struggling recovery. holiday sales are breaking all-time records. what does it mean for the economy? anthony mason has the story. pakistan cuts off supply routes to american forces after u.s. helicopters attack pakistani troops. mandy clark is in afghanistan. david martin at the pentagon. another woman comes forward to claim a


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