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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 29, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 29th, 2011. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 29th, captioning funded by cbs and good morning, everybody. appreciate you joining us. here we go again, that's part of herman cain's response as he denies the claim that he had a long running extra marital affair with an atlanta woman. georgia white says she had a 13-year affair k with cain ending just months ago. >> i'm not proud. i did not want to come out with this, i did not. it was fun. it was something that took me away from my sort of humdrum life at the time and it was exciting. >> cain flatly denies the claim and claims once again he did nothing wrong. >> good morning, terrell. yes, another woman has come forward. this one not claiming sexual harassment against herman cain,
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but rather a 13-year affair. herman cain's camp calls it another attempt to derail the cain train. monday, ginger white told fox 5 atlanta she had a 13-year affair with the republican presidential hopeful that ended shortly before he launched his white house bid. >> it's pretty simple. it was uncomplicated and i was aware that he was married and i was also aware that i was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship. >> white says cain bought her plane tickets and showered her with lavish gifts. his name is also apparently in her cell phone contacts the cain didn't wait for her to go public. >> i wanted to get out in front of it because i have nothing to hide. i have done nothing wrong. >> he called white a friend that he tried to help financially.
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>> i acknowledge that i knew the woman. i acknowledge that i've known her for that period of time, but the accusation i had aen affair with her, no. >> reporter: cain lost his front-runner status last month. now with the iowa caucuses weeks away, he could have an even tougher time to bounce back. i think he was already on the ropes to begin with. the rise of the other candidates, questions about the 9-9-9 plan. >> reporter: the other republican hopefuls are saying focus on their own campaign. cain says he plans to stay in the race as long as his wife stays by his side. >> reporter: so cain comes out with this unequivocal denial and plans to stay in the race as long as his wife stays by his side. >> there's always a question of
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motive. did white says why she is coming forward now? >> she said that she planned to keep the secret during his white house run, but then she came out and saw the way he attacked and demonized, she said, the way he came out against the women with sexual allegations and that bothered her. >> susan, thank you. meanwhile, newt gingerich is concentrating on mitt romney. gingerich is on a three-day campaign swing in south carolina. for months, he refused to criticize his rival. yesterday, he said he's a lot more conservative than romney. romny is coming under fire from democrats. a tv ad is airing in several key states calling romney, quote, an unparallel flip-flopper. >> i will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose. the right next step in the fight to preserve the sanity of life
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is see roe v. wade overturned. look, i was an independent during the time of reagan slush bush. >> the pells are as trued today as the day he spoke them. to the growing tension now over nato's weekend air strike on pakistani army to the afghanistan border. nato commanders suspect they were tricked into attacking the pakistani post. the nato troops apparently mistook the talibani post for a taliban encampment and called in an air strike. 24 pakistani soldiers were killed. an american held in custody in aruba in being released
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today. a judge ruled there's not enough evidence to hold him any longer. his traveling companion, robyn gardner, disappeared in august. on the cbs money watch, positive stock necessary europe and yesterday's big gains on wall street gave new york a boost. ashley is here with more on that. >> asian markets saw gains today on hopes eu leaders are ready for more radical fixes to their debt crisis. hong kong's hang seng was up 1%. today, wall street gets numbers on consumer prices. the dow shot up 291 points while the nasdaq gained 85. those gains came despite a scary warning from fitch ratings. the agency cut its outlook for the u.s.'s aaa credit rating from stable to negative and said it could downgrade the rating if
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lawmakers cannot agree on budget cuts. citigroup is going to trial. monday, a federal judge rejected a proposed $285 million fine to settle charges citi deceived investors over toxic mortgage securities. the deal would have allowed citigroup to avoid admitting wrongdoing. the judge says the public has a right to know what happened. facebook is inching closer to going public. "the wall street journal" reports the dominant social network is looking at the second quarter of 2012 for an initial public offering of stock. the company is trying to raise $10 billion. the offering could value facebook at more than $ 00 billion. and check this out, the car of the future looks a lot like a smartphone on wheels. monday, toyota showed off its funby, a vehicle featuring touch screen that can change the car's color in an instant. but toyota says it's just a concept for now. and finally, connecticut's
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great lottery mystery has been solved. who won the month's quarter million dollar jackpot? finally, a lawyer representing three already loaded wealth fund managers came forward with the winning ticket. three lucky high rollers will take a lump sum payment of $104 million and say they will give a big chunk to charity. in life sometimes it's just not fair, terrell. why can't we win? >> i don't understand. with that kind of money, why would you play in the first place? >> for fun, i guess. need more money? you're asking the wrong person. >> ashley, appreciate it. coming up on a tuesday, southern shivers, a rare november snowstorm and speaking of snow, do you know this guy? he could use some get out of jail magic from that old silk hat. this is the "cbs morning news." when my asthma symptoms returned, my doctor prescribed dulera to help prevent them.
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we want to show you this, some amazing shots of kailua. most eruptions are harmless to homes. snow in memphis, tennessee, in november. forecasters say the area got up to 3 inches overnight. snowplows and salt spreaders are out in force to keep the roads clear. some residents are stocking up, just in case. >> it's a pain. >> it is a pain. there's a lot you have to do to prepare, right? >> uh-huh. >> what have you done? getting the animals in and just trying to stay warm. >> on average, memphis gets snow three times a year and that's usually in mid winter. police in orlando, florida, had named a suspect after a woman vanished on the people's court. 33-year-old michelle parker was
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last seen the day the episode aired. her ex fiancee, dale smith, was on the show over the dispute of a engagement ring. and dr. can rad murray will be sentenced today. members of michael jackson's family are expected to be in court. >> guilty of the crime of involuntary man slaughter. >> reporter: three weeks after he was found guilty of the death of michael jackson, dr. conrad murray will learn how long he will be in prison. prosecutors argued jackson died because murray left the room after administering the powerful anesthetic propofol to the singer. >> conrad murray caused the death of michael jackson. conrad murray gave his propofol and abandon him. >> reporter: last week,
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prosecutors urged the judge to give him the maximum four years in prison. the defense says the doctor is already in a prison of self-punishment. the judge denied bail for murray after his conviction. >> i can tell you that he's devastated. and it's hard to see him that way. it's hard to see him in jail. >> but he may not be there for long thanks to prison overcrowding in california. legal experts say he will likely be transferred from state to county facilities. >> i would expect he won't serve much time at all in jail and will end up serving most of his sentence on house arrest. >> prosecutors are seeking restitution for murray. they estimate monetary losses from jackson's death exceed $100 million. randall pinkston, cbs news. on a lighter note, this year will be forever remembered as
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the year frosty the snowman got busted. kevin walsh dressed as frosty for years and never got in trouble. but there he is. police say he tried to kick a police dog and hit an officer. >> they kept me in the car for ten minutes while the parade is marching by. some people couldn't figure out why that was done. >> walsh has been charged with one count of resisting arrest. and he could face up to 33 years in prison. so much for this being the most wonderful time of the year. thank you. we'll take a quick break. coming up on this tuesday morning, we'll have your weather forecast. in sports, the saints make it look easy as they put a hurting on the giants. [ female announcer ] there's a fiber that goes with everything.
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that's another story. only sears has this collection of leading brands you can't find anywhere else. now that's real joy, guaranteed. sears. right now, get a samsung 51" 3d hdtv for $899.99 here is a look at the weather in some cities around the country. drizzle, 38 degrees in chicago. 60 with partly cloudy sky necessary dallas. 8 on degrees and sunny in los angeles. time now to check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows storms over the ten valley. showers continue from the southeast to the great lakes and into mid atlanta. later today, above normal temps continue in the northeast. most of the west is in the clear, comfortable conditions. in sports this morning, the saints blew out the giants on monday night football. to the highlights, the game was
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a drew brees highlight reel. he wowed the crowd. he's now tossed a td pass in 38 consecutive games, just nine back of the record held by legendary johnny unitis. the giants have now lost three in a row. in college basketball, a big overtime win for the musketeres in nashville. xavier tied the game with a few seconds lost on the clock. xavier pushed past vandy, 82-70. finally, college football and urban meyer has been named head coach of the ohio state buckeyes. meyer stepped down as florida koch last year says he wanted to spend more time with his family. now he'll be paid one of the highest paid coaches in collegel ball, pulling in $4 million a year. when we come back, retail
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on the "cbs morning news," the slow-moving storm system over the tennessee valley is pulling cold air behind it. temperatures in the 40s in arkansas and tennessee where snow is falling in some places. near recordses continue in the northeast. here is a look at this morning's top stoerps. herman cain insists that he's done nothing wrong. he denied a georgia woman's claim that he had a 13-year extra marital affair that ended months ago. and dr. conrad murray will be sentenced today for the death of michael jackson. murray faces four years behind bars, but crowding in prisons could mean that he served most of his sentence at home.
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cyber monday may turn out to be the biggest sales day in the history of online shopping. folks spent a projected $1.2 billion, up 20% from last year and that followed the biggest black friday ever. anthony mason reports. >> reporter: the black friday weekend is the starting gun for the holiday shopping season. and it went off with a bang. sales on black friday alone were up 6.6% to more than $11 billion. making it the biggest shopping day ever according to shopper track. >> if i wait till later, i won't get any good ones. >> big discounts. >> i've come for the deal, absolutely. >> and earlier opening hours paid for for retailers. >> it's all crazy, but i figured this year why not? >> foot traffic was up more than 5 fers last year. almost a quarter of black friday shoppers were in stores by
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midnight friday, according to the national retail federation which estimates spending jumped more than 9% for the post thanksgiving weekend. >> why do you think sales are so strong? >> the consumer is much stronger and healthier than people understand. >> retail analyst craig johnson says americans have been paying down their debt. four years ago, the percentage of income that households were spending on mortgage, credit card and car payments peaked at nearly 14%. it's now fallen to 11%, the lowest level since 1994. >> consumers, and this is the 91% of people who are employed primarily are at their healthiest in years. >> reporter: morgan taylor recorded a pick up in sales. >> it really is an indicator of what's going to happen over the next five weeks. as black friday goes, typically the holiday goes. as the holiday goes, typically that's the icing on the cake for our full year.
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>> but big as it is, black friday is just one day in a 60-day holiday season says bill martin of shopper track. >> it's the largest day and has been the largest day for the last seven years. there's still plenty important days left to come. >> four of the season's big five shopping days are still ahead. retailers have a big start, but the race for holiday shoppers has just begun. this morning on "the early show," the victoria secret super models. this is "cbs morning news." that's why i'm carpet for life. but if things get out of hand, there's no shame in calling us. ♪call 1-800-steemer. hey. hey mom! what is this? it's a special paste i invented to replace socks. why? because we can't find socks that shape to our feet. we're sick of it! try hanes socks with the smooth comfort toe seam. a better fit your whole family will love.
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good morning. i'm andrea roane. thank you thank you for being with us. today is tuesday, november 29th. good morning. >> november is almost over. i'm mike hydeck. we're glad you're here. monika samtani will have traffic momentarily. mr. howard bernstein, what a warm day we had yesterday. >> missed the record by one at dulles. the record was 71. >> it was gorgeous. >> about 3 shy there. today, we'll be in the low to mid-60s. you'll need the rain gear today. it has been raining in spots overnight. we've got showers now. we can get into a period of heavy rain in the middle of the day, late morning into early afternoon probably going to be the heaviest time for us. you can see the area of rain down toward roanoke. day planner first, 62 now with the clouds. periods of rain and colder temperatures this afternoon. not a lot colder but definitely dropping into the low to mid- 60s. into the low to mid-50s with
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the midday heavier rains. let's go back to the satellite and radar. from roanoke down toward raleigh, the yellows and oranges. that band will be moving toward us. right now, lighter showers. you can see them here in montgomery and howard counties. little bit heavier showers move due north, slightly west of north straddling the jefferson county, west virginia and the washington county, maryland border there off the potomac. showers lift north-northwest. temps are rather mild. our average high is around 52 to 53. we're 62 in washington. it is 63 in cambridge. we'll only get a couple of degrees warmer before temperatures drop this afternoon. monika samtani is here with an update. >> if you are planning to head on the northbound side of i- 395, you may have heard about this serious accident that happened in the 2:00 hour on the northbound side of 395, d.c. into the 14th street bridge. as you can see, all lanes are
4:27 am
open. no problems to report as you head across the bridge span. it was clear just a short while ago. very serious accident with a person trapped. it took awhile to clear that up. 3950, the length to the 14th street bridge. in springfield, no problems to report here as you leave dale city on 9 a heading across the occoquan river and into the beltway, you'll be ok. last look live on the beltway north of town on the inner loop at university boulevard, the construction has been cleared. you've got the wet roadways to contend with. take it nice and slow. coming up, we'll head into maryland at 4:39. on the campaign trail, herman cain is facing more trouble. a georgia businesswoman claims she had a 13-year extramarital affair with the republican presidential hopeful that ended shortly before he announced his candidacy. >> cain flatly denies the allegations. he said he tried to help the woman financially. susan mcginnis has more on the
4:28 am
race for the white house. >> reporter: herman cain denies he ever cheated on his wife with a georgia businesswoman. monday, ginger white told fox 5 atlanta she had a 13-year affair with the republican presidential hopeful that ended shortly before he launched his white house bid. >> it was pretty simple. it was uncompliccated and i was aware that he was married. and i was also aware that i was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship. >> white says cain bought her plane tickets and showered her with lavish gifts. his name is in her cell phone contacts. cain didn't wait for her to go public to go on the defense. >> i wanted to get out in front of it because i have nothing to hide. i have done nothing wrong. >> he calls white only a friend he tried to help financially. cain lost his front-runner status soon after sexual harassment allegations first surfaced last month. now with the iowa caucuses
4:29 am
weeks away, political observers say he could have an even tougher time bouncing back. >> i think he was on the ropes to begin with, not having to do with the sexual harassment but the questions about his 9-9-9 plan. >> the other republican hoaxes are staying focused on their own campaigns. cain says he plans to stay in the race as long as his wife stays by his side. susan mcginnis for cbs news, washington. >> congressman barney frank will not be running for re- election next year. the massachusetts democrat announced monday he's going to retire at the end of his current term. he's been in the house more than 30 years. frank co-authored the recent overhaul of the financial regulations. he was also the first openly gay member of congress. the senate has voted to expand the joint chiefs of staff to include the national guard now. this comes despite the opposition of the current chairman


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