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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 29, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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aruban authorities will continue. >> will giordano be able to get out of the country during this window of freedom he has? stein would arrest him, but giordano is free to leave the country whether he goes to the u.s. or some other place is not known. his lawyers are not tipping their hand. he is expected to walk out between now and 9:00 p.m. eastern. former prosecutor joins us now and debbie, you heard scott say when gary giordano leaves at 9:00, he can go just about anywhere. and so if aruban authorities want to extradite him, how is that likely to happen? >> it's going to be difficult once he leaves aruba. that's why prosecutors fought so hard to get him to stay in aruba. he can stay in a country where
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he can't be extradited from. he doesn't have to go back to the united states. >> which is why stein said this process is complicated. something he doesn't want to talk about. once he does get back, he is free to do what he wants and make a claim against that travel policy that he took out on robyn gardner. how likely do you think he'll go after that $1.5 million patrol policy? >> i hope he doesn't try to go after the policy. american express and other authorities, they can still investigate his obtaining the policy since it was probably obtained in the state of maryland where they left from. >> the fbi has searched giordano's home and so that leaves us to wonder if there's a suggestion that they could be investigating insurance fraud. >> and they very well could be, between the fbi and maryland insurance commission. they could very well look into see what was illegal about his obtaining it. i don't see what the evidence has shown so far that there was
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anything illegal, although it is suspicious to obtain a $1.5 million insurance policy. he may be released from aruba, his troubles are not over. debbie, thank you very much. derek. >> we saw another sign of just how rough things are out there for folks in this economy. which is still very, very tough. >> it sure is. hundreds of people camped out for hours in northwest d.c. hoping for a chance to get into a new place to live. this scene unfolded at an apartment complex in columbia heights and kristin fisher was there. >> these people are exhausted. soaking wet, and they have been fighting for their place in line all night and all morning long. >> it was raining all night. it was cold. it was freezing. >> diamond has been waiting here since 6:00 monday night. >> i'm basically a single mom with a three-year-old and just trying to make it day by day. >> 17 hours later at 11:00
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tuesday morning, she's the first person in. >> it will be a gift from god. it's like a 50/50 chance. >> her chances of getting subsidized housing are actually much worse than that. you see, this isn't a line for available units. there are no vacancies. this is the line to get on a waiting list. >> basically it was two seconds. >> diamond and her friend are beyond disappointed. they are devastating they are walking away without an answer. >> i have been standing out here for 14, 15 hours to go in there for 15 seconds. >> i am upset. i have to wonder if they will call me or not. >> the average wait time is one year and they were at the front of the line. >> i'm trying to go to school. i can't go to school because i'm trying to get an apartment. i'm basically homeless. if anybody is listening to this message, 23 obama, if anybody can help us out, there are a lot of people that need help.
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>> kristin fisher, 9 justice 9news now. >> the waiting list is closed. they processed 300 applications in under four others. hundreds of others had to be turned away. let's get you updated on breaking news coming out of prince georges county. a csx train has derailed in bladensburg. it happened around 3:00 this afternoon. prince georges county fire investigators say the train derailed to avoid hitting trains on another set of tracks. and we're told some 1500 gallons of diesel fuel have spilled, but that spill has been contained. no one is hurt and the derailment is not affecting commuter rail traffic. rain is moving out of the area and the cold temperatures top talked about are moving in. >> we had to have some kind of temperature correction. we were not near reality over the weekend, but we are going to get there soon. let's start with radar. we have showers east of i-95 and essentially either side of
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the bay. they're going to continue to move up to the north. may take a few hours to get out of the eastern sections of anne arundel county. live doppler will show the activity hugging the coast and then really essentially the heavy activity over into the delmarva. behind it is not crazy cold, but southwest winds, we don't see them as a wind that brings in colder air, but it will bring in colder air tonight. becoming partly cloudy. lows 38 to 42. we'll come back and talk about how cold it's going to get and look ahead todd weekend. >> thanks topper. police in two local jurisdictions are investigating a tragic story that ended with a baby in a shallow grave in nokesville. the infant's mother is under arrest, but not for her death. what happened, andrea? >> reporter: what a sad and horrible story.
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a woman allegedly buried the remains of her stillborn baby five days after giving birth. >> 27-year-old lisa marie steele told police that on september 19, she gave birth to a stillborn baby girl at her home in oxon hill. five days later and 50 miles away, prince william county police responded to a report of a trespassing on this nokesville property. they found steele in the area and the remains of her baby in a shallow grave. >> she has had ties to prince william prior. she knew the area. she thought it would be remote to place to bury the child. >> on november 16, prince william county police obtained a warrant for steele's arrest. she turned herself in last week on november 21. >> as of right now, we can determine that the baby was deceased prior to the burial here in prince william. now what happened prior to that is still under investigation through prince georges county. >> steele is charged with
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concealment of a dead body. she's out on bond and will be in court on december 8. >> steele told police the baby was stillborn. the autopsy was inconclusive. live from manassas, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> very sad story. thank you. derek. >> well, he is not dropping out, at least not quite yet. herman cain told staffers he is re assessing. he will decide whether or not to go on, after a 13 year affair with the former republican front runner. bruce leshan is here with the latest. could this be the end for the pizza man or does it matter? >> it could be the end and it's a spectacular flameout. cain has another campaign speech. his numbers are collapsing.
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it seems irrelevant whether he drops out or not. >> herman cain leaving a hotel after telling staffers on the phone that there may now be such a cloud over his candidacy that he'll lose any remaining support. he admitted knowing ginger white and helping her financially, but unequivocally denied a sexual relationship. >> was this an affair? >> no, it was not. >> there was no sex? >> no. >> ginger white says she expected that response. >> i can't imagine him actually confirming. it's the name of the game, i guess. >> she says it was a sexual relationship that she knew he was married, but he flew her around the country and showered her with gifts. she says she felt pressured to release her side of the story. >> there were leaks. there were people. there were threats of people coming out with their version. >> five different women now accused the former republican
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front runner of various kinds of sexual misconduct. >> he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. >> it hammered him in the national polls. from 30% at the end of last month to 14% now. analysts say in the five weeks until the iowa caucuses, it is nearly impossible for him to recover. >> at the very least, it's a distraction. at the worst, it's death blow to the campaign. >> it offered endless laughter to late night comics. >> cain denied the allegations saying anyone who knows me, i would never have sex with a woman who wanted it. >> cain helped newt gingrich who offered one ray of hope he calls a friend. his campaign was given up for dead a few months ago and he is now topping many polls. >> there is a lesson in that. bruce leshan, we thank you for that. appreciate it. back to you in the studio.
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lesli. we have big news from the airline industry. american airlines files for bankruptcy. what it means for you. plus, why were zebras on the loose in this area neighborhood and where did they come from? that is not the zebra. çñ
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[ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum...
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we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone. how are you doing? i want to wish happy holidays to all my family. i hope you have a happy holidays. angry over recent strained relations, iranian students
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stormed the british embassy today. bombs and gasoline bombs were thrown. that violence comes after britain imposed new sanctions on iran because of its on going nuclear program and that prompted iran's parliament to reduce diplomatic relations with england. >> a judge sentenced dr. conrad murray to the maximum four years in prison in the death of michael jackson. >> during the sentencing, the judge said murray was a disgrace to the medical profession. live from l.a. with the reaction outside have courtroom. >> reporter: hello derek and anita. today the judge describes the pop star as an experiment for dr. conrad murray. he knowingly took those drugs, that doesn't diminish any blame that rests with the doctor. sheriff deputies escorted michael jackson's personal physician out of the courtroom and back to jail after a judge
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sentenced him for maximum punishment for involuntary manslaughter. >> he has absolutely no sense of remorse. absolutely no sense of fault. and is and remains dangerous. >> judge michael pastor sentenced dr. conrad murray to four years in prison. >> defendant was playing russian roulette with michael jackson's life every single night. >> jackson's mother and several of his siblings, including la toya and jermaine attended the sentencing. jackson's children did not. >> we'll never be satisfied because michael is not coming back. >> the jackson family asked for the maximum sentence. an attorney read a statement on their behalf. >> we are not here to seek revenge. there's nothing you can do today that will bring michael back. >> prosecutors blamed murray for giving propofol to jackson and failing to monitor him.
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murray job judged for his entire life, not just the two months he treated jackson. >> on probation, he can do things for the community. on probation that he could never do sitting in that little room. >> sheriff officials say because of over crowding, murray will likely serve a little less than two years behind bars. before leaving court, the doctor blew someone a kiss. and because of recent changes in california law, murray was actually sent to a county jail instead of a state prison and because of over crowding there, likely only have to serve half his sentence if that, derek, assuming he is on good behavior. >> a tough sentence. thanks. >> only on 9, a cancer patient's fight against a major airline. we have gotten a will the of response since we first told you about lynn mccain last night at 11:00. she and her family planned a trip from bwi for january. but len's doctor says she has stage four breast cancer and she cannot travel.
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so they are asking u.s. airways for a refund on their tickets. they admit they bought nonrefundable tickets, but are appealing to the airline's compassion. u.s. airways says it will not change his refund policy, but will waive change fees so the mccains can use those tickets at another time. >> big deal, i might not be alive. what good is it going to do? what good is a voucher going to do me? >> u.s. airways tells 9news now it will make vouchers transferable. so another family member can use them. when you buy a ticket on u.s. airways or other airlines, the refund policies are usually clearly posted for you to read. but this story is generating a will the of conversation on our facebook page. donna writes, the airline could easily give a refund. it's called greed and that is the reason they say they won't. while dennis writes, i know it stinks, but that's what it is. they offer refundable tickets.
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if there was a doubt about being able to go, you need to buy refundable tickets. tell us what you think. go to our website and go to our facebook page and it's not breaking, but escaping news out of leesburg. a couple zebras got out of the leesburg animal park yesterday. they were spotted in neighborhoods near route 15. that would wake you up. the striped animals enjoyed three hours of freedom before they were tranquilized and rounder to the park. zebras on the loose in leesburg. >> maybe they like the weather. >> maybe they were into the weather yesterday. >> you see hoof prints think horses, not zebras. except this time, you would be wrong. a little temperature correction, but nothing crazy. it's going to feel colder, but it's going to be seasonal. we have been spoiled. let's start with the big picture. we'll zoom in for the storm. it's wrapping around some low
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level cold air. it's producing snow, in fact, we'll show you snow coming up in the second half hour in places you wouldn't expect to see snow. most of this is east of town. but notice some of the pinks and whites. that's actually snow back into indiana and parts of kentucky and the smokies down into carolina and also south western virginia. the rain is going to be a little bit longer if you are east of the bay. but right now we're looking at left over clouds across the metro area. everything is moving out pretty much on time. live doppler, a little bit of showers hugging annapolis, most of the activity is across the bay into the dell morva and push east as we go through the next couple of hours. temperatures are cooler, but again, 50 in bethesda. 49 in rockville. 49 arlington. that's what you would expect to be. 50 in beltsville. even to the west, not crazy cold. 50 in sterling.
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and 50 in leesburg. all right. back to reality. breezy and colder tonight. sunglasses tomorrow. you'll need a jacket on wednesday as well. we're going to have a very nice finish to the week. i got it tell you, very nice. showers ending early. 38 to 42. and winds southwest 10 to 15 and again, you don't think of a southwest wind as bringing in colder air, but it will bring in colder air. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy and cold. you'll need a jacket. 30s and 40s. and then by afternoon, we're going to say variable clouds. clouds mixing in with the sun. seasonal. highs low 50s. winds turn more westerly at 10 to 15. so your zone forecast, snow in oakland. at least in the morning. 45 in cumberland. i think martinsburg will make 50. 54 in culpeper and downtown,
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we're looking at 42. small craft advisory for the bay and title pennsylvania toe mac. next seven days, a nice finish to the week. chilly on thursday, but seasonal. low 50s. mid 50s on friday. temperatures go back a little bit on saturday into the low 50s. still a nice day and for the redskin game, back off 60, but i have 58. pretty darn nice. rain on monday and really a touch of cold air. we have a morning snow flake or rain drop on tuesday. temperatures in the low 40s for highs. and it's tuesday. speaking of snow, i go back to the october snow. that's all we've had. this is a deer roaming in the campground on the saturday morning, the 29th of october. submitted by jennifer of martinsburg. >> they are all there. a couple of others. >> uh-huh. >> those are all the names i could remember. >> you did pretty well. if you want to submit something, go to our website. click on the weather tab and be sure to include your name,
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town, and location. >> i suspect we'll see those snow shots until we get more snow. >> all right, still ahead, jet man. i love this. this is so cool. we'll have the story behind this incredible video. i have to get me one of these. >> yeah, this one is so not cool. american airlines files for bankruptcy and we'll tell you what this means for you.
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american airlines has filed for bankruptcy. its parent company says the chapter 11 protection is a step to reorganize, and of course the debt. the move will keep the third largest u.s. airline competitive. >> it was business as usual for travelers at laguardia airport just hours after the company that owns american airlines announced it filed for bankruptcy. >> our flight would be on time. >> the ceo says the airline
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will operate normally throughout the process and continue to run flights, honor tickets and take reservations. it will reduce its flight schedule, which could lead to layoffs. >> it is hard, but it's warn out and we will make the company successful. >> american is one of the last of the major u.s. airlines to file for bankruptcy. its competitors have cut billions in costs through chapter 11. >> it's a shame they didn't do it when the other guys did. >> airlines have been hurt by the recession and the rising cost of fuel. and filing bankruptcy lets them unload debt and reduce labor costs. american is negotiating a new contract with its pilots union and operating in chapter 11 allows the company to take a tougher stand. >> we will get back with them and talk about how we work together to create the outcome we see. which is a competitive profitable company. >> the pilot's union calls it
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a somber union. having suffered over $10 billion in losses over the past decade, the company sees bankruptcy as his best way forward. >> now american only posted one profitable quarter since 2007. there are brighter skies ahead for the air carrier. four major airlines have filed and successfully made it through bankruptcy court. derek. >> still ahead, the dangers of drug shortages. >> for some people, it has become a matter of life or death. we'll hear from one local woman desperately searching for a cancer drug. >> and police are moving in on a d.c. occupation. the protesters are managing to beat the system. a live report is coming up. also coming up, a sole survivor of a deadly fire talks about her terrible loss. i'm matt, that story straight ahead. ñó
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-dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right.
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is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ there is new information on a deadly fire in prince georges county. two more people have died as a result of the fire. on griffin street in hyattsville. it happened over the weekend and tonight those victims relatives are asking for help. matt joins us live from hyattsville with this tragic story. matt. >> reporter: if this story drunt story doesn't break your heart, nothing will. i including a little boy have
5:30 pm
died. the victim's family members have almost no money to pay for the funerals. the fire broke out and investigators believe it was caused by an over loaded power strip. six-year-old amari died that day. his mother and aunt passed away last night. about an hour ago, her grandmother, the only sur vier survivor of the fire talked about what she lost. >> i lost everything. that mean misdaughter, my grandson, my sister. everything. >> if you'd like to help pay for the funeral of little amari noelle, his mother and aunt, you can go to any bank of america and ask to deposit money into the monroe family memorial fund. let's hope a lot of people
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give. >> the u.s. park police now getting up close and personal with the folks at occupy d.c. >> not only have they stepped up patrols, but they moved in and arrested protesters. delia is live at the location to tell us how police are walking the fine line. >> well park police, as we know enforce the rules. park service makes the rules. and the park service tells us that many of those rules are being broken here. so why aren't more violators being arrested? i'll let you decide. an arrest this morning at mcpherson square. park police are stepping up enforcement. or are they? >> we have some grace here. >> according to these notices posted by the national park service, d.c. occupiers are currently violating some park regulations like public urination and drug and alcohol use. they are even being blamed for causing a rat infestation. >> the rats were here before
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we were. they are walking in with their 40-ouncers and a case of krona over here one day. >> the park service says violations have been reported by police, but there have been few, if any arrests. while park place will not comment on their enforcement tactics, it appears the occupiers are getting a free pass from park service. a spokesperson telling me the notices are no way a sign that police will move to evict like we have seen most recently in l.a. she tells me here in d.c., the park service is take ago conservative approach to let people exercise their rights. >> it's a really wonderful thing that washington, d.c. has this culture. >> and you can say that culture also allows for some loose interpretation of park rules. like camping, which the code defines as the use of parkland for living accommodation purposes, such as sleeping activities. >> we're not camping.
5:33 pm
we're hold a 24 hour vigil. >> there's a blur of fine line between camping and a 24 hour vigil. can you admit that? >> that's correct. >> okay. well we, the taxpayers, are footing the bill for all of this. including the extra traffic and the additional police presence. though i couldn't get an exact dollar amount for you, i was able to find out that last year alone, a park rehabilitation. that cost $430,000. the sod alone, $30,000. chances are when these occupiers move out, this park will have to undergo another costly facelift. back to you. >> all right delia. thanks for that. >> a new plan is in the works to catch drivers who pass stopped school buses in montgomery county. allow cameras to be installed on the buses. this legislation comes months after a survey found 7,000 drivers pass stopped buses in maryland on a single day in
5:34 pm
february. drivers caught passing school buses could get fines up to $1,000. the driver of a trash truck is being treated for injuries he got after a truck collided with a tree. it happened just before 11:30 this morning near the intersection of river road and wilson lane. the accident blocked traffic in an area throughout that area while the rescue crews worked to get the driver out. he was taken to the hospital. nonlife threatening injuries, he sexfected to recover. a rush hour crash made for a miserable commute near the d.c., maryland line. a cab slammed into a cvs pharmacy at western and wisconsin avenue. traffic along jennifer street was shut down during the investigation and clean up, one person suffered minor injuries. >> investigate torse are examining the wreckage of a small plane in the chicago area after a deadly crash. three of the five people on board were killed. the twin engine piper was transporting a hospital patient at the time. the 80-year-old patient and his
5:35 pm
wife were among those killed. two others were hurt. investigators say the plane crashed late last night just after the pilot reported having a fuel problem. the aircraft barely missed hitting someone's house. a bridge collapsed in indonesia. 40 other people are hurt, dozens are still missing. the bridge collapsed over the weekend. dozens of cars ended up in the river and many people are still believed to be trapped inside their vehicles. the bridge was built to resemble san francisco's golden gate bridge. all right, now for a story that is trending on youtube and on when you see this video, you'll know why. it is a real life rocket man. he is a swiss daredevil and he has this super cool suit that lets him fly right alongside jet planes. this video shows him going 125 miles per hour high above the alps. he calls himself jet man.
5:36 pm
and his custom built suit, you can see what it does. it's amazing. when he's all done, he lets go and parachutes to the ground. which means he needs help with the landing thing. all right, facebook, now over charges that it deceived its customers. the charges go back a couple of years when the social network site changed those privacy settings. the move permitted private information to become public. no fine involved here, but this settlement does require facebook to receive user's approval before it changes how it shares all that information you put on there. anita. >> still ahead, a disturbing new study finds that kids could face brain injuries. >> led away in handcuffs in a snow man costumes. and don't forget, we're always on at stay with us, we'll be back right after the break.
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an update on that snow man arrested out on maryland's eastern shore. turns out the man placed frosty in that annual parade, kevin walsh has a history of run ins with the police department. frosty apparently feeling frisky again this past weekend. >> i had some tickets, frosty hood, and as he did that, he hit him in the face with it. officer walker. >> why did you hit him with the frosty hood? you know there's a rule. they arrested this guy at least four times. however, this would be the first time he would be hauled in as a bad snowman. may not be the last time. >> bad snowman. all right.
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our hot holiday toy today is powered by your child's imagination. no noise here, derek. this is the play dough pizza shop. i have taken the liberty to make the crust. so you make the crust, pull it out. put it in there, got a little veggie. oh wait, i have to do the cheese. i have to grate the cheese. >> oh, that's going to be a mess to clean up for mom. >> so the cheese comes out. okay. and then you have a little peperoni and of course the veggies, you have a little broccoli. >> am i the only one getting hungry? >> you can't eat this. so you just play with it. they aren't supposed to. this is geared for kids 3 and up and it has all these accessories and it sells for $11.89 at toys r us. >> that's great. that could keep a toddler busy for a while. >> and less than the cost of a large pizza. can't go wrong.
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>> coming up, a new study says repeated headers to somer balls soccer balls are the same thing that causes a concussion. showers are found east of town. they are moving out across the bay. we'll come back and talk about the cold air coming in. but up next, the casualties of drug shortages. a cancer sufferer watches her disease get worse. she cannot get the medicine she needs in time. [ screaming ]
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there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. salute all who serve at home and abroad this holiday season. >> merry christmas, kids. this is mom and dad saying happy holidays in guam. >> have a great holiday. >> this goes out to kelsey cameron, love you all. we have been telling you a
5:45 pm
lot about mounting drug shortages across the nation. the fda now says this problem is getting worse. affecting vital medicines for heart disease, cancer, even attention deficit disorder. tonight we hear from a maryland woman who felt it firsthand and she is running out of hope. >> 43-year-old sherry dunn is battling ovarian cancer that is spreading. doctors tell her there's a tumor by her left kidney and other suspicious spots on her bladder. sherry's oncologist believes the best chemotherapy is doxil. she can't get it because the drug is in such short supply. >> i'm praying and praying. because if i don't have anything to treat the tumor, then you know, what to do? >> washington hospital center director of pharmacy says scherr sherry is not alone. one of 200 drugs on a shortage list right now put out by the food and drug administration.
5:46 pm
the doctor says it's a combination of factors contributing to the crisis. >> range from the recalls to business decisions. and inventory practices. there may be a sense of drug shortages and supplies. >> the mounting problems prompted president obama to order the fda to take action. broaden reporting of drug shortages. speed up applications to change production of those drugs and look how shortages are leading to illegal price gouging. a blood pressure drug normally priced at $25 being offered by a secondary wholesaler at $1200 a dose. 9news contacted the maker as well as an industry group to ask what's being done about the
5:47 pm
shortages. the pharmaceutical released this statement. the corner stone of our industry. that's why the critically important issue of drug shortages demands our collective attention. to ensure patients can access the medicines they need in the most ex -- those that aren't on a treatment reg min can't count on getting that drug any time soon. >> i don't want to die. i do everything possible that i'm supposed to do to stay alive. and it's just one drug that is standing in the middle. inbetween basically life and death. >> sherry is currently getting a cancer drug avastin to fight her ovarian tumors, but the tumor growth keeps going up and up. it doesn't seem to be working. she feels like doxil is her last hope.
5:48 pm
the biggest selling prescription drug of all time is about to go generic tomorrow. the cholesterol lowering drug, lipitor expires. pharmacies can fill with the generic. the pills may look different, but the active ingredient is the same thing and insurance copays should be lower. more than 8 million americans take lipitor for high cholesterol. >> repeat headers to soccer balls could cause the same kind of damage football concussions do. it is going on in chicago right now says this is accumulative effect. those who headed the ball a few times a day were more susceptible to brain injuries. they were conducted on soccer players in their 30s and aren't sure what it means for the kids out there that love this game. >> it is shattering a stereotype about us guys. young men do not think about
5:49 pm
sex every 7 seconds. in fact, researchers say they only think about it 19 times a day. for young women, it's 10 times a day. how often students thought about food and sleep. men also thought about those more than women did. every 7 seconds was a bit much anyhow. >> i know topper, you have weather on your mind. come back to us now. all right, we're talking about cooler temperatures. stay on the path. focus. >> number 17. >> all right, here's the deal. we are looking at colder temperatures. you know what, seasonal temperatures. let's take you down to chattanooga. same system came through here. let's go in the same state, to memphis. snow. kind of cool, huh? literally. that's pretty impressive. that's early for memphis to see snow already in west texas. all right, let's talk about the temperatures and the radar
5:50 pm
first. most showers are now across us in the delmarva. we are in good shape. might have a sprinkle, but skies are beginning to clear. temperatures are cooler, but not that cold. 49 in bethesda. 49 in rockville. these are where temperatures should be this time of year. here's the deal. back to reality. breezy and cooler tonight. you'll need sunglasses tomorrow. you need a jacket on wednesday. we're going to have a nice finish to the week. even though we are going to be in seasonal air. showers ending early. 38 to 42. pretty narrow range really and winds southwesterly a 10 to 15. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy and cold. 30s and 40s. a windchill for the kids going to the bus stop early with those southwest winds. by afternoon, variable cloudiness, but seasonal. really high temperatures low 50s and winds out of the west at 10 to 15. all right, next seven days. a very nice finish to the week.
5:51 pm
low 50s on thursday. mid 50s friday. low 50s on saturday. that's just about average. and then temperatures do warm up over the weekend. upper 50s on sunday for the redskin game. 1:00 game, showers and rain on monday. now behind this system, a little different story. maybe a flurry or a shower early on tuesday and temperatures struggle to get to the low 40s. >> december is coming. >> guess who else is coming? a new coach is going to be behind the bench when the washington caps take on the ice today at the verison center. >> will dale hunter be able to get the caps back in the win column? >> dave owens joins us with a preview. dave. >> yeah guys, for the first time in 330 games, someone not named bruce is going to lead this game. not correlating, and when things stalled out in the beginning of this regular season, general manager, george mcafee decided it was time to make the change.
5:52 pm
we have been here for most of the day. the dale hunter era. here we go. >> his jersey hangs from the rap tears and now he is hours away from coaching the team. it's emotional. >> i played here so long and have good memories here. i have been cheering for the caps since i left here. i am the one rooting for them still. >> players are torn. optimistic about what might lie ahead. disappointed their play couldn't save bruce's job. >> it's not up to him to motivate guys or try and inspire guys. as professionals, you are paid to do a job. >> another sellout is expected tonight and red rockers are getting prepared for the new regime. how do they feel about it? >> dale is a hero. although he hasn't been coaching the pros. he has done a great job in london with the knights winning the memorial cup this year.
5:53 pm
he has a good as shot as anybody. >> the guys shaping up and playing harder and better defense. stronger offense and see what happens. >> fair or not, the perception wasn't tough enough on his players. hunter never won a skate away from a scuffle. says that won't be a problem with him. >> we'll be on the puck hard. responsible defensively. >> we shall see. hunter also told reporters these guys are going to know when i'm upset. he's going to make no bones about it. much more from the verison center, including why tonight's opponent will have a lot in common. guys, back to you in the studio. >> thanks dave. >> still ahead, he's accused of attacking 17 women from virginia to new england and now the man called the east coast apist is back in our area. >> plus, an 87-year-old woman is dead after complaining of stomach pain. why a paramedic is on leave in the case. >> unusual circumstances
5:54 pm
brought this to the fairfax county animal center and they are searching for his owner. i'm peggy fox. coming up, i'll have the story.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
let's say you found an injured lost dog, what would you do? probably not put it in your car
5:57 pm
for five hours while you go to work. >> that is what one woman did after finding a hurt dog running in traffic at prince georges county. she went to her job in alexandria. she called the fairfax county animal control hours later. >> now as peggy fox reports, finding the dog's owner has not been easy. >> nobody likes to live in a cage, especially when you have a good home with people you love. we don't know this little dog's name, but it's obvious he's somebody's pet. see how well he walks on a leash, and karen, director of the animal shelter says the dog doesn't like to eat alone. >> he clearly is stressed here. it's a large facility. it's noisy. he's not where he belongs and he knows. he is panting. >> nobody claimed that he has a wound on his hind light. he was saved by a woman who saw him running in traffic. she put the dog in her car, drove to her job and hours
5:58 pm
later, called fairfax county. he has been here at the shelter in fairfax since november 17. >> he is watching the door. i think he is waiting for somebody. and i'm just, our concern is that somebody doesn't know where to look for him. >> the owners live in maryland and haven't thought to look in virginia. >> virginia requires animal shelters to hold stray dogs for seven days. if they have identification, such as this blue collar, then it's ten days. fairfax county holds them for 11 days. this dog has been here 12, but all the shelter wants to do is find his owner. >> it's best to take lost dogs to the closest animal hospital or shelter, so their owners can find them more easily. in fairfax, peggy fox, 9news now. >> people have dropped off lost dogs found as far away as north carolina and utah to the fairfax county animal shelter and the shelter was able to find the owners and they are
5:59 pm
hoping to find this one as well. >> this is 9news now. well tonight, a woman is dead, a paramedic on leave and the dc fire department is launching an internal investigation. bruce johnson with more on what happened. >> it was november 17 when d.c. fire and ambulance crews were dispatched from 14th and newton streets northwest to an elderly woman complaining of abdominal pain. it's what the paramedic did or did not do that is raising questions tonight and causing the fire chief to place him on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation. >> there are concerns regarding this incident. that's why we placed the employee on administrative leave. >> interimmediate paramedic determined the woman's abdominal pains were not that serious and decided not to go with her to the hospital. despite the ambulance crew asking him to remain with the patient. she was transported to the


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