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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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after what witnesses describe as a pretty bizarre scene. police say a man was trying to hail a cab on connecticut avenue at n street. witnesses tell us the cab started to pull away and then the man held on to it. he got dragged along the street. they say he hit his head either on a parked car or the sidewalk or both. police have not released the man's name or the name of the cabdriver. however, this could have an impact on the morning commute. let's check in with monika to see if that's going to be the case. >> we've been telling you about this all morning long on the map. this is what it looks like on the northbound side of connecticut avenue at n street is where the investigation continues. you can access due point circle although there is police investigation on-going. watch out for the police direction and some slow traffic through the area as well. but it shouldn't be too much of an issue trafficwise right now. here's what it looks like on 666 at the fairfax county parkway. no problems to report. it is a little slow in centreville. we'll go over to the american legion bridge on the west side of town. again, no problems to report on
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the beltway here. you're also looking good coming in from the west on route 7 and 123 through tysons and on the dulles toll road out of leesburg. a quick look back at the maps if you're planning to take the trains this morning, no delays on metro, marc or vre:coming up, another look around the area at 6:12. mike and andrea? >> thanks, monika. in just a few hours, the man dubbed the east coast rapist will be in a virginia courtroom. he's wanted in a vicious attack two years ago into prince william county. >> surae chinn is live outside the courthouse with a preview. good morning, surae. >> good morning, the arraignment is set for 8:30. the accused rapist aaron thomas is expected to appear via closed circuit. now, he is accused of raping and attacking 17 women and here's his most recent mugshot from prince william county. he's back here locally after a connecticut judge agreed to the extradition. well, 17 cases went unsolved for so many years.
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he attacked women up and down the east coast. four different states from virginia to rhode island. the most recent cases happened here in woodbridge in 2009 to two victims, 17-year-olds who were trick or treating on halloween night. 2009. again, two years ago. and so now, he faces multiple life sentences in virginia. versus just 50 years in connecticut and that's why they're trying him first here in virginia. back to you. >> thank you, surae chinn reporting live from manassas, virginia, this morning. the man who shot president reagan 30 years ago wants more time out of a mental hospital in order to spend that time with his family. lawyers for john hinckley jr. will go before a judge later today. hinckley wants more and longer visits away from st. elizabeth to stay at his mother's home near williamsburg. government lawyers are opposed to the plan calling it ill
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conceived. now a follow-up to a story we brought you at this time yesterday. a story that got over 100,000 hits on us airways will give lynn mccain and her family a full refund on their tickets. mckain brought nonrefundable airline tickets to go from bwi to belize. then she developed stage four breast cancer and her doctor said she couldn't travel. at first, the airline would only give mccain's family travel vouchers sims the tickets were nonrefundable but after our story, the airline will now give the family a full refund. at 6:04, we're focusing on the 2012 presidential campaign. just about five weeks until the kiowa caucuses, former g.o.p. front-runner herman cain is reassessing his campaign following news on monday about a supposed extramarital affair. a businesswoman from georgia said she had a 13-year relationship with cain. he is denying that. our partners at the des moines
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register listened to a conference call tuesday. in it, cain said about his campaign, we're going to reassess things over the next several days and we'll contact you over the next several days to let you know positive, negative or whatever the case may be. so, can the cain campaign move on and what does this mean for the rest of the field? we're joined by felicia from "the washington post." as we were talking a moment ago, newt gingrich was way down left for dead. he made a surge. can herman cain do the same thing? >> that's the question. a couple of months ago at the end of august, herman cain was at 3% in the polls. saw you had imrise to about 25%. now the question for him is this the kind of controversy that he's able to move on from. i think right now, all of the evidence is pointing to probably not. this is -- there have been at least four women who have come out with allegations against him on sexual harassment front. granted, this allegation of a 13 year affair is quite different from that.
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i think the one constant thing throughout all of the controversy is the way that cain's campaign has handled this. he has come out and said one thing. he's vehemently denied this and his campaign lawyer has said he doesn't need to address these allegations at all. and his campaign spokesman is saying very different. if he is trying to make the case to voters he's the best candidate to face barack obama in 2012, this is not going to be instilling confidence in a lot of his supporters out there. >> twof the things that seem to be different from this time around, he's talking about if this is going to affect my wife. he's never brought up his wife in previous allegations. so, it seems that's a little bit of a change. >> for him to say in this conference call yesterday as you mentioned that he's reassessing, that in itself will have a pretty big impact not only on how he's standing in the polls but his fund- raising. last night, he gay a foreign policy -- he gave a foreign policy speech in michigan. rick perry was in new hampshire yesterday where he made an unfortunate slip of the tongue
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as he has in the past couple of weeks. mitt romney is out there on the trail also. newt gingrich is out there. all of the guys are continuing forward but once you make that first step and say that you're having second thoughts about whether you can continue, that is going to have a negative effect whether you actually make that choice or not. >> does it seem anybody can benefit from this? it has been the i'm not mitt romney sweepstakes but can he actually benefit from this? >> the question for him is where will his supporters go to after this? the question is probably will they go to gingrich or not? any of the people out there who are supporting herman cain would not vote for mitt romney because they want the candidate they believe is truer to the conservative base than romney is. so, for gingrich, this could not come at a better time for him. he's been surging in the polls. the debate performance over the past few weeks have given him a boost and for herman cain, this
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is a pretty make-or-break situation for him. >> thank you for joining us, felicia. it will be a lot of fun as the campaign season moves forward. jess, over to you. thank you, mike. i'm jessica doyle. i'm watching your money. $2 for a meal sounds pretty appetizing for your budget, right? pretty hard to cook a meal at home for that little. today, you'll get a new option on the menu for inexpensive fast food. subway will announce plans for a $2 six inch sub for the month of december. our partners at "usa today" report that the deal will be good on its meatball and cold cut subs. others to dabble have included taco bell, chipotle and some regional kfcs. you may soon be able to own a piece of the empire state building. the skyscraper along with two other manhattan properties might become part of a publicly traded company. that means investors could buy stock in the historical site. the company that now controls the properties, malcolm holdings filed documents with
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the s.e.c. yesterday. the empire state building has undergone significant renovations in recent years including the restoration of the lobby's original art deco style and a slew of energy efficient updates. we'll have to see how this goes, andrea. >> very good. thank you, jess. >> our time right now coming up on 6:09, the deadline to make changes to the medicare plan is one week away. what's different this year? and how to take advantage of it. plus, howard says it is going to be breezy and cooler today with highs in the 50s, a look at your weather first next on 9news now. we'll be right back.
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and free atms at any bank. free is good. sign up at capital one bank. what's in your wallet? what is he, a clydesdale. welcome back. at 6:12, it is chilly throughout this morning. 30s and 40s. wind chill factor today with high temperatures only in the low 50s. you can see middle of the day temperatures around the 50 degree mark. at least it will be sunny. jacket and gloves today. i'll be back in three or four minutes. over to monika with timesaver traffic. >> we'll take a live look downtown at constitution avenue
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at 17th street. nearby, southbound 15th street at constitution, high standing water in the right lane. more on area roadways coming up at 6:18. mike, back to you. thank you, monika. this morning in los angeles, police are moving in on occupy protestors, forcing them away from city hall. >> it is one of the stories making news at 6:12. in the last few hours, police cleared out an encampment. the city delivered an eviction notice monday. more than 200 tents remain with protestors vowing to stay put. >> britain is sending some of its embassy staff home from iran. protestors stormed the embassy in tehran tuesday. they burned the union jack flag along with u.s. and israeli flags. >> applause from syracuse fans for basketball coach jim boheim. the first game without fine. fine was fired amid allegations of sexual abuse. syracuse won last night's game over eastern michigan. in sports, the real test for the new capitals head coach dale hunter comes tomorrow night. that's when the caps host the
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pittsburgh penguins. >> sidney crosby is back. last night, not a great debut for hunter and team. he took over monday after bruce boudreau got fired. it looked got a early on. nicholas backstrom scored his eighth goal of the season. caps lead the blues. st. louis shuts down the offense. in the second period, max scored the go ahead goal for the blues and may beat the caps. it is first time st. louis won at verizon center since 2006. the maryland hosted illinois in the annual acc challenge. terps looked pretty good. they finished with a 4-point lead actually. saglynn scored ta but with eight minutes left in the game, illinois went on a 10-2 run. maryland couldn't keep up. terps fall 71-62 hosting notre dame on sunday. a shocker in charlottesville last night. uva hosted 15th ranked michigan and the cavaliers went on a 19-
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2 run led by mike scott's 18 points and uva wins! 70-58. calves are 4-0 at home this season. congrats to the calves. >> howard visiting american. riley graph scored 18 off the bench. he was one of four in double figures. 77-66. a shock to the system. a nice, cold slap in the face this morning. >> it is november saying it is still november. december starts tomorrow and this is where we should be. >> ok. >> so, 66 yesterday morning before the cooler air moves in. the cooler air has really moved in this morning with 30s and 40s out there. our bus stop forecast starts with a chill. partly sunny. even mostly sunny in spots. we'll have snow showers in the mountains. sunrise at 7:06 this morning. as far as today is concerned, we'll see a good deal of sunshine. 43 degrees this morning as we head toward the 9:00 hour.
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noon, 49. winds turn from southwest to westerly. they'll be increasing 10 to 15 miles per hour. by the time we get toward the 5:00 hour, we're in the upper 40s with highs only in the low 50s. with the wind 10 to 15, you'll feel the wind chills. 30s in northern virginia. even down to our south, tappahannock, 37. jan in readville at 41 this morning. gaithersburg is 39. when you factor in the wind, it feels more like it is in the mid-30s. 19 at oakland and garrett county. winchester feels like 32. reagan national is 40. with partly cloudy skies. dew point 35. the air is drying out. on south-southwesterly winds will turn west as that storm system pulls away. to the west, we're seeing very chilly air places like chicago at 27. demoip at 20. the cold air is coming in for the next couple of days. there is no arctic air to speak of. still cold enough for some snow. four to eight inch totals. from northern indiana through
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parts of michigan as the system pulls north and east. snow showers expected today. at least through midday. they'll be coaching at times. the rest of us will see cool and breezy weather. the chill, it will be with us for the next several days. today, 52 and breezy. tonight we're down in the 20s and 30s. tomorrow, cool, 53. friday, cool. about the same. 54. these are fairly normal temperatures for this time of year. saturday, cooling off a little bit to 50. sunday, 58. really fine finish to the weekend. monday though, some rain develops, mid-50s. colder air tuesday, wednesday next week. the rain might end as a little snow. that's a long ways away. we'll be watching that. monika? >> if you're planning to head on the beltway, just normal slow traffic. good morning, everybody. on the outer loop of the beltway, expect to hit the brakes basically up here, university boulevard heading over to georgia avenue. if you're planning to head over to 270, everything is fine. let's take a live look at falls
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road. you will be slow in hyattstown up at route 109. it looks like this down to the point where the lanes divide through rockville. back over to the maps this time on the east and northsides of town. no problems on route 50. we'll take a live look at 57 from annapolis all the way in toward the third street tunnel on new york avenue. we'll go over to the wilson bridge on the south side of town. both loops of the beltway between alexandria and oxon hill. we'll go into virginia coming up in my next report at 6:25. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. coming up next, what you need to take care of before next week's big deadline on medicare. >> first, it is time for another check on our question of the morning. 53% of men admit they do not know how to do this. is it a, sew. b, tie a necktie or c, do laundry? >> our facebook friend, eric is a renaissance man. he writes i can do all of these things. i have no idea which one many
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guys can't do. if i had to take a guess, i would say most guys can't do a, sew. >> keep your guesses coming. we'll reveal the anticipate at 6:48. and even though you do what you can to take care of it, sometimes you want to give your immune system some support. try new airborne chewable tablets. each serving contains 14 vitamins, minerals and herbs...
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we're looking good today. although colder. partly sunny. breezy this afternoon. winds from southwest to west at 10 to 15. midday temps around 50. highs in the low 50s. still chilly and 48 on the drive home. let's go over to andrea now. >> thank you, howard. we're one week away from a big deadline for medicare recipients. it is a lot earlier than usual. here with advice on what to do and what you need to know is pamela gentry, she's with the centers for medicare and medicaid. good morning. >> good morning. >> a week from today, what would the date be? >> december 7th is the deadline.
6:22 am
>> do you need to change? >> it depends. if you like the plan you have and you're comfortable with everything, you don't need to do a thing. if you want to look at other doctors and other plans which may have the variety of doctors, they may have a variety of benefits you want. you may want to take a look. >> a lot of people are confused and they're also shocked the deadline is earlier than it has been in the past. are there benefits that they should be aware of? >> well, the reason the deadline is earlier this year is that it has traditionally been december 31st, the end of the year. of course, when beneficiaries would go to their pharmacy to pick up their drug coverage or to get their doctors, they would have to get their insurance card. a lot of things hadn't made it in the mail. the reason for changing the date is make sure everyone is up and ready to go by january 1st. the benefits that have changed are not drastic but they're important for beneficiaries. first is that they allow the preventive benefits are covered. they don't have co-pays.
6:23 am
additional cancer screenings available. so, they've expanded the preventive services. those are things that have very important to beneficiaries. >> if you have a computer, this is really going to be good for you because you can see your plan and compare even for your drugs. >> it is very easy. you can go to planfinder which can be found on it will walk you through. you simply start by putting your zip code in. it tells you all of the insurance companies and plans that are available to you in your area whether you want to go with the traditional fees of service or look at an hmo. >> what if someone is enrolled in a private plan. >> almost all of medicare is private plans in a true sense. there's blue cross/blue shield. they offer plans for medicare beneficiaries. that's not really the biggest indicator for them. what they want to look for is plans that are convenient for them that have their doctors, that cover their medications that they've also taken advantage of part d. so, it is really very personalized. this is the option that they have. >> the web site is really good with lots of information.
6:24 am
but not everyone, especially older seniors are computer savvy or even have computer skills. where do they go for help? >> they have an easy option. they can call 1-800-medicare manned 24 hours, seven days a week. if they need additional help outside the person to serve their call, they can refer them to a -- what we call ships which are senior health insurance advisors that will walk them through step by step. >> the ships are people going through what the person on the other end are. >> most are volunteers. they work with the seniors. many are seniors themselves. they're very informed of the program. >> pam, thanks for being with us. again, we have all of the links you need to adjust your medicare. go to our web site at click on the features tab be and go to morning show. we also have that phone number. get someone who has a phone number to tell you that phone number as well. coming up next, texting and talking while you're behind the wheel. it appears some drivers are
6:25 am
finally quitting the bad habit. >> american airlines filing for bankruptcy. what it means for you and your flights out of town. before we head to break, quick check of the morning commute. monika? >> we're looking at 66 in centreville. everything is fine here but in tysons, international drive, a couple of the lights stuck on green without police direction. be aware of that in tysons. in my next report, another look around the area at 6:30. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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welcome back. we are back at 6:29. the place you can always get your weather first is right here. here is a live look at the cap to. these shots have been spectacular all week. yet another beautiful one. it is about 39 degrees there right now. gorgeous morning start. >> thanks for starting with your wednesday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. meteorologist howard bernstein live on the weather terrace dressed like he's in the frozen tundra. >> compared to what we have been, it feels like the frozen tundra. yesterday morning, we were in the 60s. this morning, the wind chills are down in the 30s. i'm prepared for it in spite of the mocking by mr. michael hydeck. let's show you the day planner. chillier day. by noon, 49. low 50s in town today. with the breeze out of the west
6:30 am
later on, 10 to 15, it will feel like it is still in the 40s with the wind chill. storm system yesterday with the rain about a half-inch in many areas, now, pushing through boston up into maine. behind it, some snow showers falling across parts of the mountains in west virginia and up into michigan where they're winding down from upwards of eight inches of snow in the saginaw area. temperature of 38 in the reagan area. 36 in frederick and we're going up, upper 40s north to low 50s d.c. and south. andrea? >> thank you, howard. at 6:31, we continue to follow breaking news out of northwest washington. a man is in critical condition after an accident involving a taxi. police say that man was trying to catch a cab overnight on connecticut avenue near n street. witnesses tell 9news the cab wouldn't pick him up so he grabbed the car. it drove off with him hanging on. witness say he hit his head on a parked car or the sidewalk. police are still investigating.
6:31 am
to tell us if this is impacting the commute, we want to go right now to monika. >> luckily, andrea, it is a much better situation in that area in terms of traffic flow. authorities are still there investigating northbound on connecticut avenue at n street. just south of dupont circle but access to the circle is fine. right now. here's what it looks like on the beltway. you can see things are slowing down around town. we'll zoom into the west side of town. let's take a live look at 66. no problems to report. slow stuff in manassas at route 234. through centreville and route 50 heading for the beltway. on 95 on the northbound side where it is going to slow right through woodbridge and then again as you leave newington to springfield. over down to another graphic where i gotta tell you about some delays on trains right now. on the marc brunswick line, 872 and 890, expect up to a 20- minute delay. before i go, i have a commuter alert. we are finally paying attention to the road instead of the
6:32 am
phone. last year, 81% of us admitted to using our phones while driving at least occasionally. this year, it is down to just 66%. that's better. this study is from aaa and so they can't be lying. that's the company building the beltway hot lanes. it is behind the orange cones, cell phones campaign getting people off the phone in construction areas. 64% of us have changed our cell phone habits in construction zones. that, i believe. it also finds that 48% of us are using those phones to deal with work behind the wheel. so, wanting to answering the phone immediately when our employer calls is down from 50%. the changes that now it is more to multitask and save time. that's why we want to pick up the phone while we're driving. still work to be done. the good news though is that the awareness of that safety campaign has increased. that's good. >> which is really interesting. the pedal bikers on the phone.
6:33 am
>> they're on the phone. >> go from the car -- >> still a problem. >> thanks, monika. at 6:32, a follow-up to a story we first brought you yesterday morning. clamoring for a place to live in northwest washington. people camped out overnight to get into a subsidized apartment complex in columbia heights. the wait was just to get your name on a list. there are no vacancies in the apartment. 300 applications were taken in four hours and more people were turned away later in the day. the man police have blamed in more than a dozen rapes goes before a judge in virginia. he's accused in an attack two years ago in woodbridge. tuesday, police brought aaron thomas from new haven, connecticut to manassas. surae chinn is live with a preview of today's court appearance. surae, good morning. >> good morning. the accused is expected to appear via closed circuit tv from the jail house. there were 17 unsolved cases
6:34 am
that went on for so many years and that's because the feds and local police didn't have a lot to work with. they didn't have a clear-cut pattern because he was all over the map, the east coast rapist went from virginia to rhode island. and most of the cases happened in our area from leesburg, fairfax, alexandria, wood bring and temple hills, maryland. he chose his victims from 17 to 35 years old with no apparent ethnic background or all across the board there. sometimes he wore a mask, sometimes he didn't. he had a knife in some cases or sometimes he had a gun. he would rape them inside their homes, sometimes there were children in the house, sometimes outside. and in the most recent case, two years ago on halloween night, two teenagers coming back from trick or treating in woodbridge. so, his arraignment is at 8:30. i want to show you one more thing because the feds believe there could be more victims out there. and so their web site has been
6:35 am
set up from the very beginning. they've kept it open and on their front page, the east coast rape says he's captured. thank you. but also if you hit the contact police there, you can find all of the jurisdictions, different police departments, where these incidents have happened. throughout the east coast. and there, victims can go ahead and conbe tact the local police department. again, the arraignment is at 8:30 here in prince william county. he faces multiple life sentences in virginia. back to you. >> thanks, surae chinn live in manassas, virginia, this morning. the man let out of a prince george's county jail on a clerical error is back be behind bars. frederick scott turned himself into police. he was let out on about a $75,000 bond on november 18th. scott is accused of murder and murder suspects don't usually get a bond that low but he's back behind bars now. marion barry is making it official. he's running for a third term in ward eight.
6:36 am
he says his top priorities are job training, job placement and new development. barry is 75. "the washington post" is reported he only wants to serve part of a new term and then hand the seat to his son, christopher. well, it is a jungle out there. literally. at least it was in leesburg, virginia. somehow a couple of zebras got out of the leesburg animal park. they were spotted in neighborhoods near route 15. there, you see one right there. they enjoyed about three hours of freedom before they were tranquilized and returned back to the parque. i'm sure they're just fine. >> from zebras to bears. jessica doyle is here with another "your money" report. >> it is a jungle in here. american airlines is filing for bankruptcy. when you hear those things, what does that mean about my frequent flier miles? >> the consumer impact probably the most significant portion of this. in the short term, business as usual for american airlines. it is tellingity customers the planes are still going to fly. tickets will still be honored. if you have frequent flier
6:37 am
miles or elite status on american, the status will not be changing. in the long-term though, you're likely to see some changes. american may consolidate some of its routes which means less choice for consumers. it could also shop around a merger which would reduce competition. and that could have a big impact on passengers. airline consolidation means airfares will go up and in some cases, smaller cities will lose air service altogether. there's much less competition in the past where perhaps two airlines served a route and now there is only one and obviously that airline can raise fares to any level they want. >> american airlines' new ceo says labor be costs, high oil cost and globe bal volatility left them no choice but to file for bankruptcy protection. labor be costs were $800 million a year higher than other air carriers. employees will likely be asked to make pay and pension
6:38 am
concessions again. it wasn't a huge surprise for investors that american did this. stock was already down about 75% so far this year. got another 80% haircut yesterday alone. >> wow. >> tough situation. >> thanks, jess. >> if you haven't been to the artistphere in arlington, you're not alone. a report delivered yesterday recommended slashing the hours and closing the shop and restaurant there. it also says more corporate events could help bring in money. attendance at the facility has been below estimates since it opened in october of 2010. it is 6:39. are you more of a bahumbug person than a holly jolly type? apparently you're not alone. >> temperatures will fall back into the 50s today under sunny skies. up next, a preview of the weekend. monika has an all-important update on traffic. you're watching 9news now. çñ 3q
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spots again. detergent alone doesn't fully dry your dishes. it leaves spots and residue behind. add finish jet-dry and they dry two times better. and they're shiny. that is shiny. welcome back. 6:44. weather first time now, mr. howard bernstein, glad to be inside the warmth of the stud grow because of the gale force winds out on the weather deck. >> there is a wind chill factor. feels like it in the 30s. yesterday morning, we were in the 60s. >> out there it feels like it is in the 30s? >> yes! >> stand there for a few minutes and let me know. once you endure what i have to endure, get back to me. weatherwise, hopefully you won't have to endure too much
6:44 am
chill. i advise jackets, gloves even the 180s or earmuffs or hats if you must. we've got temperatures this morning in the 30s and 40s out there. that does not include the wind chill. which in the mountains is down in the teens in garrett county. a cold start. sunrise, at 7:06. good deal of sunshine. by noon, 49. winds will shives from southwest to west at 10 to 15. wind chills will feel closer to 40. expect the high into the low 40s and by this evening, clear skies, 44 at 8:00. we're going down into the 20s and 30s by tomorrow morning. right now, we're 40 at reagan national. look at all of the 30s on the boards here in northern virginia. 41 at pax river. 39 down in fredericksburg. yes, there is a wind chill. it is 40. feels like it is 37 in washington. most wind chills in the 30s with a south-southwest wind at
6:45 am
5. and reporting partly cloudy skies at reagan national overhead here in northwest. mainly clear at the moment. storm system that got us yesterday with the rain and the cooler temps bringing rain, from maine this morning. i'm sure there is something to say about the rain in maine. the snow is falling in michigan and ohio and indiana. they had upwards of ten inches of snow in parts of northern indiana yesterday and late last night. for us though, just bringing in some cooler air. that coolness is going to be around with us for the next few days. as we look at the forecast for the next three days, we've got temperatures -- if the computer wants to move on me, temperatures in the 50s here. low 50s the next few days. 52 today. 53 tomorrow. 54 on friday with nighttime lows 30s in the suburbs. sunday, a nice finish to the weekend. upper 50s. going to the 'skins game, weather should be be fine for that. monday, it is going to be turning wet and colder tuesday. rain may end as snow. >> it is a little windy out
6:46 am
here, howard but it has nothing to do -- >> ooh. monika -- this is teamwork. she's such a good sport. >> i thought i would help him out because it is so warm outside. he's got his socks off. >> 180s? >> i don't know. >> i think you need to reassess, howard. [ laughter ] >> let's go to traffic right now. if you're planning to head around town, there are no big problems to report on. the beltway just slow traffic. things are looking good. here, mike, come on in. >> things are looking good around town. we'll zoom in all the way up to frederick if you're planning to head southbound on 270, no issuens right now. let's take a live look over at the clarksburg area. southbound be on 270, overall delays urbana down to route 109. here at 121, things are looking good again. let's take a look live if you're planning to go to the beltway, no problems in college park. you have a bit of slow traffic,
6:47 am
university boulevard into silver spring. here's what it looks like at route 4, pennsylvania avenue looking fine down through oxon hill. all the way down in sunderland, route four southbound, watch out for an accident with police on the scene. coming up in my next report, we'll take another look around town at 6:58. back to you, andrea. >> come on, you're cold. >> a little bit? >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> put your socks on. >> i felt like jimmy buffett out there. it is fantastic. >> he's had too many margaritas, that's why. >> it is chilly. >> it is 6:48. a story that's happening today, some christmas spirit at the white house. first lady michelle obama will show off the holiday decorations at the mansion. this is video from last year. today's guests of honor will be military men and women and their families and 9news will be there as well. join us tonight to see how the white house is decorated. more than one in ten americans feel like scrooge this time of year. >> 35 million americans despise
6:48 am
having to be nice during the holidays. >> that's according to a survey by "consumer reports." it also finds 90% of people say there is one thing they stress over during december. on that list, standing in long lines, yes. gaining weight. >> yes. >> and going into debt. >> double check. >> also, holiday parties and 24/7 christmas music. >> those don't bother me. for everyone who is in the holiday spirit, we want to share yours. we're bringing back the morning lights segment. send us a photo or video of your holiday lights display. you can upload them to our facebook page. include your name and where you live and we'll start sharing your pictures on the air later this week. >> ok, it is 6:49. time to answer our question of the morning. doing the honors, troy brower from the washington capitals. >> 53% of men do not know how to do this. a, sew. b, tie a necktie or c, do laundry.
6:49 am
i'm going to say tie a necktie because not very many people wear ties. >> the answer is b, tie a necktie. >> wow. >> they've been right all along, those caps guys. >> a windsor knot. >> that's right. >> check on the news before you go up next. [ speaking french ]
6:50 am
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wind chills most areas in the 30s. highs today in the low 50s. wind chills will hold in the 40s. >> thank you, howard. today is wednesday, the last day of november. november 30th, here is a check of the news before you go. gary giordano is a free man this morning. he was released from an aruban jail yesterday. he was a suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner,
6:53 am
the frederick, maryland woman disappeared last summer. police did not have enough evidence to keep giordano behind bars any longer. >> a small train derailment is cleaned up. a csx freight train went off the tracks yesterday afternoon in hyattsville, maryland. a small fuel spill was quickly contained. new coach, same results for the washington capitals. dale hunter lost his nhl debut on the bench. st. louis topping d.c. 2-1. caps host the penguins tomorrow night. >> "the early show" begins in just six minutes. >> erica hill is sitting by to give us a preview of what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning. just ahead, action overnight at the occupy wall street protest in los angeles. police began raiding the tent city there. to clear out. we're live from the scene this morning. plus, the latest on michael jackson. his doctor gets the maximum punishment for his role in the singer's death and the judge didn't spare anything when he talked directly to conrad murray at the sentencing. harsh words.
6:54 am
you'll hear those and you'll also hear from one of murray's attorneys all coming up this morning on "the early show." see you then. >> we'll have one more check on weather and traffic when 9news now returns.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
one more thing before we go, if you're fretting over higher airline price tickets or worried about spending a little extra money for some putting your bags on the airplane, get one of these. >> this is a 52-year-old jet man. he's done this over the grand canyon a couple of years back. he was flying with fighter jets over the swiss alps. i said before it was a glider but the suit is 121 pounds with
6:58 am
little engines on it. he practices constantly to keep up his form. he's look being to make it even smaller. a prototype even faster. we'll be able to get that on the neiman marcus wish list in a couple of years. >> i was wondering if he had an oxygen mask. >> see the little engines. >> very cool! >> wow! >> 125 miles per hour he's flying. >> i wonder if he has 180s on. >> he didn't need them. he had the helmet. low 50s. nice weather through sunday. may mix with some snow by tuesday. >> slow traffic on 385. from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. jess? >> wall street, we're looking higher right now. >> "the early show" is next. they'll have more on the occupy las vegas protestors. -- the occupy los angeles protestors. also how people are living
6:59 am
longer despite having h.i.v. >> howard and i will be back at 7:25 with more weather and traffic. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning starting at 4:25. have a great day. good morning. after two days of waiting, riot police move in to clear out the occupy l.a. protesters arresting more than 200. on the east coast, philadelphia's anti-wall street protesters are also forced out overnight. we will have the latest. herman cain says he is not dropping out of the presidential race but reassessing his claim one day after a woman claimed they had an 13-year affair.


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