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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 30, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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depression, and his narcissism in full remission and they want to double the time he can spend home in williams burg. prosecutors fighting that. they say hinckley is still lying. hinckley told his mom and his doctors in july he was going to the movies. the secret service saw him pretend to buy a ticket. but instead of going inside, he went down the street to a bookstore and straight to the section on presidential assassinations where he grabbed books on reagan and on the shooting. one of the books may have been del wilbur's. a best seller on how close hinckley came to killing president reagan. >> they will have secret service agents testify for the first time. they shadow him. where is he? what was he doing? >> scott is one of the potential witnesses, but he is not talking to reporters. he is willing to take in his brother if his mother cannot. hinckley's doctors say they
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sanctioned him for lying about the movies, but they now want to give him the right to drive to and from d.c. unaccompanied to have time unaccompanied in williams burg and to spend as long as 24 days at his family home in hopes he might some day go completely free. >> the key issue for the judge here is whether hinckley is still a danger to himself or to others. the psychiatric director says that the risk is low, but prosecutors have their own psychiatric expert and this hearing could go on for weeks. lesli. >> a bit of a bomb shell there. you said it, bruce. thank you. >> well today, police caught up with a woman they believe is behind a crime spree that spread from virginia into maryland. diehl delia is live in fairfax county where police are questioning stephanie schwab who was arrested today. delia. >> i can tell you that fairfax county detectives aren't the
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only ones who are interested in talking to ms. schwab. the fbi is on the case. sky 9 and the police finally catch up with the blond bandit, hers was a crime spree that started last week and ended hours ago in this crash off old georgetown road. >> this particular case, we were very serious about making arrests and making apprehension. we worked with other detectives across the region. not just here in fairfax. and tried to spread information. share information, as much as we could. >> police working with several agencies to catch up with the 26-year-old stephanie lynn schwab who was a former member of the notorious gang, ms13. she is charged with an armed carjacking, attempted carjacking and two bank robberies. the break in the case came when she attempted to rob her third bank earlier this afternoon. the bbnt on old dominion drive in mcclane. >> just heard an alarm going off and some lady was running out of the bank. >> an officer spotted her get
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away car and followed her six miles. they arrested her after a small foot chase. >> and this investigation is far from over and is likely to involve some federal charges. anita. >> okay delia, thank you. meantime, montgomery county police say they have the man who kidnapped and robbed three elderly people in wheaten. henry levi saunders has a lengthy criminal record. he is adding multiple counts of kidnapping and robbery to that resume. he is accused of kidnapping three men from the wheaten mall. >> gary giordano is back in the states. this is video of the maryland man this morning in miami. giordano is the main suspect in the disappearance of robyn gardner of frederick, maryland. aruban prosecutors lost their deal to keep him behind bars. he claims she was swept out to sea while the couple snorkeled in august. giordano was released from jail yesterday. do you care where your
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neighborhood firefighter lives? d.c.'s fire chief is proposing sweeping changes that might impact 75% of the city's work force. firefighters living way outside of town. bruce johnson has the story from northwest. 75% of d.c. fire department personnel live outside the city. some from as far away as west virginia, pennsylvania, north carolina, even new jersey. >> one of my goals, i talked about it for some time is to increase the number of our first responders and the percentage of them that live in and around the district of columbia. >> he can provide the same service for a lot less. he wants to eliminate the 24 hour shifts and replace them with 12 hour shifts. >> it's a cost savings. savings of $36 million and all of the attending costs that go along with housing. >> here's how it works. right now, d.c. firefighters work 24 straight hours and off for three days. then they come back for another
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24 hours. one firefighter says that he lives in hagerstown, maryland. if the chief gets his way, he would have to quit his job. he built his whole lifestyle around the current shift. >> part of the atiffany jackson is the schedule. it will fight the chief on this. >> it changes everything. you know, it could be a loss in pay with commuter costs. moral alone, there's a recruitment. >> d.c.'s mayor and most council members seem to like the realignment. >> every firefighter in the city, and believer. it's about having a fire and ems force that is close to home. >> over 40% of the fire department personnel travel 30 to 100 miles to work. >> i think this is a good idea. i think it makes the department more efficient. it means the work force is more alert. >> okay. if you have been around town for any length of time. several times, dc elected officials would come up with a
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requirement for firefighters and police and other city employees every time the congress shoots that down. economically they can't afford it. they prefer it in the suburbs. the 2200 blows in the fire department live in the city. the rest elsewhere. back to you guys. >> bruce, how did the chief compare to right now? >> the immediate suburbs, you had them working the 24 hour shift, but it's comparing apples to oranges. the ambulance and fire departments are one here and the chief wants them interchangeable. firefighters doing ambulance work. well, it turns out that the people that work the ambulances, they are already on that 12 hour shift and the chief also wants the firefighters on that same shift. what they are saying, they aren't going to lay anybody off, but more of these guys that have to commute from long distances are going to leave. they expect to fill those jobs with trained d. c. residents.
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>> it may take a while. thank you, bruce. >> a day for the markets on wall street on the heels to effort the world's debt problem. the dow closed up 490 points. it's the single largest day gain since march of of 2009. coming up tonight at 7:00, a horse stake. a bill passed by congress makes that an actual possibility. we'll tell you what lawmakers are thinking and which animal rights group is supporting that decision. all that on 9news now at 7:00. >> still ahead in this half hour, apple's latest phone is revolutionizing how we interact with technology. but does this software have a political agenda? top. >> a little breezy and chilly. here are the numbers officially as we close out the month of november. average is 43 and 36. still above average on the low
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side. record high 75. record low 11. we'll come bobbing back and tell you if there is any milder air in our future. >> the battle over local tree house finally over. what happens now? that's after the break. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone. we have new information about the family that has been battling fairfax county over a tree house. more than 1500 people worldwide signed an online petition to save the tree house. he unknowingly violated county code when he built his son's
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tree house after returning from iraq. today he learned the tree house could stay. >> it is so wonderful. i don't know. now i'm in the awkward position of figuring out, how do i thank everybody? >> i am super relieved the tree house got saved. >> now there are some stipulations. the tree house has to be removed in five years and the structure and trees around it must be maintained. dc's libraries are ready to be a little lenient when it comes to lost or overdue books. a posting on the public library site says it will start offering amnesty on those overdue, lost, and damaged books and cd's and dvd fines. the idea is to get you to kind of come back to the library. anita. >> still ahead tonight, 9news now on the scene as a driver heads the wrong way down a busy street. we'll show you what happens.
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salute all who serve at home and abroad this holiday season. >> hi, is this major. i'm coming to you from cobble, afghanistan. i want to say happy holidays to my family. love you guys and see you soon. >> caught on tape tonight, some dramatic moments for a crew on assignment in wheaten. a motorist flagged down our photographer thomas james and reporter andrea mccarren and asked them for help. andrea tells you what happened next. >> an erratic driver in a green suv traveling in the wrong direction on university boulevard. frantic bystanders flagged us down and asked us to call 911. >> i don't see -- >> despite two flat tires, the driver crossed the median, hit the curb, straddled the center line and passed out behind the
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wheel. we called 911 and flagged down a police car. >> university boulevard. >> remarkably, he came too and kept driving another block before being intercepted by police and paramedics. they said the man suffered a medical emergency and they don't believe alcohol or drugs were involved. andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> we have a health alert about a topic being debated for years. violent video games. playing video games could affect the way the brain functions. researchers at the university of indiana studied 22 healthy guys ages 18 to 29. after one week, the men who played the violent games showed less brain activity. the studies author say they hope they will boost the door to more research on this issue. that new iphone is getting a lot of buzz for its theory ge directions. tonight, several media outlets are reporting that asarea, you
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directed to centers in virginia or pennsylvania, but not the planned parenthood downtown and that has critics wondering if there could be a pro-life agenda. apple has yet to comment on the story, but we'll have more on 9news now at 11:00. of course, the wonders of technology never cease, but we are hearing that using wifi could be bad for your little guys. researchers say sperm exposed to wifi from a laptop are less active than those that aren't. also found damage to dna when they took a closer look. an arizona gun club drawing fire tonight for letting kids and their families pose with santa and plenty of weapons. that is the scotts dale gun club and it has santa with a machine gun, a rifle, or a grenade launcher. the manager got the idea last year when a club member came to photos dressed as santa, but
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it's not appropriate, especially in light of the rampage last january. here's a lesson to learn before donating to charity. check the pockets of your clothes. an 80-year-old man from illinois apparently did not do that before he gave a suit to good will. he forgot about the $13,000 he left in the pocket. i said it. $13,000. now that was a week ago. good will is now searching its warehouse looking for the suit. >> i hope someone finds it and turns it in. it was the life saving. >> that suit could have already been sold. sot man's daughter is offering a $1,000 reward if someone does come forward and do the right thing. boy, you got to hope that maybe it's still there. oh. >> i can safely say i've never had that much money in my
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pocket. >> yeah, never. all right, well we're back to reality. but i'm writing up the summery for november. three days in the 70s. 11 days in the 60s and a dry month. let's start with the satellite picture radar combined. the storm is essentially gone. it's moving through northern new england and then on up into nova scotia. it did snow today in western maryland. we are in good shape tonight. the clouds will thin out and end up with clear to partly cloudy skies as we go through the night. a little bit of a snow shower activity in pennsylvania earlier and a little bit of snow shower activity west of the divide toward oakland. they held in the 20s today. all right, temperatures right now. they are falling a little bit. low to mid 40s now. 44 in arlington. 45 in college park. 44 in beltsville. 47 in annapolis. one of our warmer readings and looking at 44 in springfield
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and reston. and leesburg about 43. it is still breezy out there. as we take a walk tonight, bundle up. cool days and cold nights. jackets or coat tomorrow as well. and the good news, winds will diminish tomorrow afternoon. feel a little more comfortable tomorrow afternoon. for tonight, clear to partly cloudy, breezy and colder. lows in the 30s. winds northwest at 10 to 15. lows tonight in the suburbs will be in the freezing mark out toward gaithersburg. 37 downtown. 34 in bowie. and 34 in reston and also fairfaxment sunshine tomorrow in the morning. breezy and chilly. 30s and 40s. by afternoon, not bad. mostly sunny and cool, but seasonal. high temperatures in the low 50s. the good news is, the winds will die down and become northwesterly at only 10. next seven days. a little milder on friday.
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and then very nice on saturday. a little bit cooler. winds turn northeasterly. back to 50, and upper 50s on sunday for the redskin game. also out at the verison center. good tournament. good benefits children for charities. you can't argue with that. and maryland is playing and dw is playing and bcu is playing and notre dame is playing. cooler next wednesday, but i put the temperatures up on wednesday. >> thank you. we like that authority you have to bump it up a little bit. maybe you can help the redskins because they are prepping for the jets and they want to keep this winning going. >> did you say no, top? >> i can't help them. i'd like to. >> they are trying to make it two in a row. they finally got their first win, but now they have to buckle down and keep it going. can they get it two in a row? plus, excitement building for the army navy game.
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what the rivalry means for them. more coming up in sports. ñó
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over the past six weeks, it will take one big win to make people forget about their recent struggles. i'm not sure that's entirely true. at least for the next few days, they have extra bit of momentum, which they'll definitely need on sunday to get past mark sanchez and the new york jets. yet to win on the road this
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season, the redskins have yet to beat the opponent. so, despite their big victory, they now have to find a way to do it again. >> pull out a victory like that and stop the bleeding, it's definitely gratifying. we aren't patting ourselves on the back too much. we are getting ready for the jets. >> those guys are really good, but so are we. i think we're going to present the challenge for them. >> now football often is seen as an escape. you can root on your favorite team and forget about everything else. one game will have the whole world watching as the nation's top service academies hit the gridiron. captains and coaches from both army and navy gathered at the club in arlington today for a luncheon touting the big game december 10 at fedex field. for the first time in its history, the game will be played in the nation's capital. navy won the last nine years, so as you can imagine, army
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seniors hoping to go out with a bang. >> there are excitements and buzz like there always is, and especially this year. an awesome opportunity for us to beat them. >> i know these guys are going to go out and serve my country with me. i'm probably see them later on in life. right now until the game is over with. >> be sure to tune in friday, december 9, right here for our hour long prime time special for those who serve. countdown to the gridiron battle. it's an in-depth look at the rivalry and some of the great stories surrounding this annual event. remember that is 9:00 p.m. december 9 only on wusa. the capitals weren't able to get dale hunter his win. but they have another chance tomorrow and it is shaping up to be a great game. the pen begins will be in town, which means sydnie crosby is back. as you can imagine, adding a little extra excitement. >> it will be exciting tomorrow when you get two tough guys going head to head. it makes it interesting for us
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and players and coaches. >> it's exciting. i love going up against them. it makes you push that much harder. >> exactly. so it's going to be crazy, rocking the red in there. we'll be live from there tomorrow. >> all right, that's it for us. good night.
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>> pelley: tonight, news wall street was waiting for. a move to help european banks sends the dow soaring but is it a long-term fix? anthony mason is on wall street. will americans lose their payroll tax cut next month? norah o'donnell is with the president. we learned today the nuclear meltdown at the fukushima plant was a lot worse than we knew. lucy craft reports on fears about food safety in the area. and violent street gangs


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