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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 1, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EST

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you can't get louie's feet. geoff: i know that guy. who knows that guy? craig: you made yourself laugh there, didn't you? geoff: no i was passing wind. craig: you're going back to your normal jeff petersen -- geoff petersen for the next couple of days. geoff: yes. craig: well, it's been lovely. geoff: i'm going to power down. have you seen me power down before? craig: no. geoff: it goes like this -- ♪ power down. you're so sexy alfalfa. i love you. craig: i think you're making this up as you go along.
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. enough is enough. it's two years. it's time. >> right now this local woman's
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husband sits in a cuban prison where he's lost 100 pounds in captivity. also police looking for several gunmen after four armed robberies in 48 hours. all in one area. i don't see any places matching women's clinic. >> but first this iphone feature was a surprise. this is it 9news now. it is one of the most popular and advanced smart phone features, and now it's turning a few heads and raising a few eyebrows. we're talking about siri and it's on the new iphone 4s. >> it's coming under fire that claim it's pro life. ken molestina is here to explain what all of the fuss is about. >> reporter: the siri is a virtual personal assistant. you can ask it almost anything. for example, nearest apple store. the siri processes the request and it gives you several answers.
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but there is one request, one question in particular it doesn't seem to be able to answer. >> i'm locked out. >> i found three locks necessarily close to you. >> say hello to the most amazing iphone yet. >> reporter: and now it's becoming the most controversial iphone yet, specifically when it comes to the debate over abortion rights. >> we're concerned when people use siri they're getting directed to sources that are not unbiassed and honest about the information. >> reporter: ted miller is with the national abortion and reproductive action rights. they have written a letter calling to the change for the certain functions when asked about abortion clinics. the application either steers people in the wrong direction or doesn't provide a result at all. >> what we're asking apple to do is to ensure that people get the information they ask siri for. and in some cases, unfortunately, they're not getting it. >> reporter: let's give it another test. abortion clinic.
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>> i found two abortion clinics a little ways from you. >> reporter: the problem is, i'm standing just outside planned parenthood. and the two results that come up for an abortion clinic search are crisis pregnancy centers where abortions aren't performed. >> it's giving incomplete information. and it would lead tobias. >> reporter: take a look at what happens when we change the wording and ask for women clinic. >> i don't see any places matching women's clinic. sorry about that. >> reporter: none. but men. >> i found 12 medical centers fairly close to you. >> reporter: about a dozen popped up. >> i am surprised. i don't know if it's a mistake or not, but that's definitely a problem. >> reporter: female apple devo tees had plenty to say. >> sending you to the improper place. >> reporter: of course not everyone feels the same way about this siri feature. carroll tobias is the president for the national right to life
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committee. she said if this results in even one unborn baby getting the gift of life for christmas rather than being killed, national right to life rejoice. throughout the evening i did reach out to apple several times through phone calls and e-mails, i never heard back. ken molestina, 9news now. new at 11:00, a wanted fugitive is to blame for a major traffic backup up on i295 in prince george's county. this all got started when that suspect allegedly stole the cab of a tractor-trailer in baltimore. the officers eventually tracked him down, but he wouldn't stop. he drove down 295, lost control. well, that's when the cops moved in to make an arrest and that resulted in the backup you see right there. the suspect also wanted down in mississippi on other charges. fortunately, despite the accident, nobody hurt. it's going to be two years this saturday since the potomac man named alan gross was
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arrested and imprisoned. since that time his mom has been diagnosed with cancer, his daughter has undergone cancer surgery and his wife has had surgery as well. he has lost 100 pounds and suffers from a crippling condition. as this anniversary approaches, gary nurenberg says the campaign to set him free. >> reporter: well, from a quiet diplomacy that has been ineffective to a more public posture designed to bring international pressure on cuba to let gross go. alan gross and his wife judy who has kept a relatively low profile during her husband's imprisonment. >> we have been respecting the cubans by being fairly quiet because we know that they didn't want us to make a lot of noise about the case. but, like you said, it's been two years. so we can't do that anymore. so we need to let people know that alan is there and that he needs to get home.
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>> reporter: he brought with custom's approvl cell phones and laptops to the island's jewish community. >> they don't have a good way to communicate with each other, so he was helping them set up an intranet. >> reporter: he was arrested and convicted against crimes. >> this is outrageous. >> reporter: the maryland senator is pushing for freeing gross. >> this is in justice. it's a human rights violation. >> reporter: but the turned up heat may not be on the cuban government alone. is this a sense of frustration that the obama administration hasn't done enough to have your husband freed? >> i do feel frustrated about that, i will admit. i don't know what the reason is. i know we're coming up into an election. i know south florida is -- florida is a swing state. i hate to say it and i hope i'm wrong, but i think that that might have something to do with
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it. that he's being very quiet. i don't know why -- he hasn't communicated with the family either. we've asked to talk with him. >> reporter: by he you mean? >> obama . >> reporter: the president has been asked to be released. he was sentenced to 16 years in prison. >> thank you. new tonight, virginia's attorney general apparently has his sights set on the virginia's governor mansion. he will run for governor in 2013. the tea party hear row gained national a -- hero gained national attention for suing the federal government over the new health care law. he is not expected to make a formal announcement until the legislative session is done in the spring. if he does run, he could face a republican primary battle. gary giordano is back in the u.s. tonight after an aruban appeals court upheld the order to let him go.
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this is a picture snapped this afternoon of giordano arriving at jfk airport in new york with his attorney. giordano was freed after aruban prosecutors failed to charge him in the disappearance of his travel companion robyn gardner four months ago. he says the woman vanished in the ocean when they were snorkeling. her body was never found. they are now anxious about his homecoming to gaithersburg. >> i'm really concerned about kids in the neighborhood, young girls. >> giordano has been investigated but never charged. the chief prosecutor in aruba says he will have his prime suspect extradited back if there is more than circumstantial evidence against him. four robberies in just 48 hours. now police need our help to catch the suspects. all of these crimes taking place inside convenience stores in northeast dc. let's take a look. the first happening just after
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2:00 a.m. on sunday. three armed gunman rabbed the cashier at the -- robbed the cashier at the seven-11. then two hours later, two guys did the same thing at the 7-11. and that same store is hit again 6:00 a.m. monday morning. 30 minutes after that, two armed robbers hit the shop express at 3900 benning road. police are now offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to any of these people's arrests. well, if breaking the law was a game, it would be local police, two, suspected crooks, zero. this after they got two wanted robbers in handcuffs. let's start with the woman they had dubbed the blond bandit. tonight stephanie schwab is in jail. sky9 was out over the scene when the fairfax county cops caught up with her. swab tried to rob another -- schwab tried to rob another bank
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and that is when they tracked her down. the car she was driving, yep, it was stolen. now, over to montgomery county where henry von sanders is in jail tonight accused of carjacking three elderly men in wheaton. sanders was actually targeting shoppers who were busy putting their bags in their cars. they say he would approach the victims, force them into their cars with a sharp object and then drive them to atms and make them withdraw cash. all three attacks happened in broad daylight. he is charged with carjacking, kidnapping and robbery and beating and stabbing of the most recent victim who was a 77-year-old man. caught on tape, some dramatic moments for a channel 9news crew that was out on assignment in wheaton today. take a look, frantic bystanders flagged them down asking for help to call 911 after the suv was seen going the wrong way on university boulevard. despite two flat tires, the driver crossed the median, hit a
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curb, strateled the center line and passed out behind the wheel. then he actually comes to and keeps driving another block before police and paramedics finally stop him. >> i don't think he's okay. >> so here is the deal. responders say the man suffered a medical emergency and do not believe alcohol or drugs were involved. despite all of the traffic around and pedestrians, no one was hurt. well, hearing john hinkley's request to spend more time outside of the mental hospital has gotten started. remember they found him not guilty by reason of insanity for trying to kill president ronald reagan back in 1981. we'll never forget that video. but in recent years, he has been allowed visits of up to ten days. hinkley's doctor say he has been better and they want the visits
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unsupervised. the request is premature. hinkley recently tried to cover up the fact that he was browsing at a store for books about reagan and presidential assassinations. the hearings are expected to last until december 9th. an update now on the deadly fire that claimed the life of three people. mural monroe was the only one that survived after her home went up in flames on sunday. her 6-year-old grandson died a few hours after that fire. then her sister and her daughter passed away on monday night. now, as she tried to cope with that heart-breaking loss, she realized she couldn't pay to bury her family. well, after seeing our story, cedar hill funeral home has offered to pay for all of the professional services for all three victims plus they'll take care of all of the cost for the little boy and help pay for half of the caskets for the two women. still ahead tonight, your wisdom teeth. is it wise to remove them. >> common misconceptions and the
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painful possibility that pulling your wisdom teeth may not be needed after all. that's coming up. well, we lost about 20 degrees today. the winds are still howling. we'll take you out with your wakeup weather. grab a coat, your sunglasses. 30 to start. even by 9:00, 35-44 and still breezy in the mortgage. #w50e8 come back and tell -- morning. we'll come back and tell you if there is milder weather for the weekend.
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the washington dc veteran affair center and wusa nine say hello to all that serve this season. >> hi. i want to say hello to all of my surrounding friends in virginia. and i wanted to wish you all a
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very happy holiday. the reason for the season. getting your wisdom teeth pulled out. remember that? ouch. it's one of the most common surgical procedures for teenagers. but it is now also hotly debated. some question whether those teeth way at the back of the mouth really need to go on a routine basis. >> i didn't really want to have them taken out because they weren't hurting me. >> reporter: two years ago tara resisted having her wisdom teeth pulled. she is not alone. even some health advocates say wisdom teeth don't have to routinely come out. >> we don't remove everybody's appendix, so why not wait until there is a problem. >> reporter: the doctor led a task force on this topic. he says eventually the vast majority of people will run into problems with their wisdom teeth. >> waiting until they notice is a problem is really waiting until the problem has already caused some damage. this would be like saying if we know somebody has high blood pressure, should we wait until they start to have symptoms.
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>> reporter: another popular reason oral surs push for wisdom tooth removal is also now in dispute. >> a lot of people and dentists are under the belief that wisdom teeth can cause crowding of your teeth. it has not been proven in the literature. >> reporter: this doctor believes there shoud be a good reason before removing wisdom teeth. for example, if they're not coming in straight. but the technology has improved so much dentists can now predict who will have damage and putting off the inevitable will only make things worse, which is what happened with tara. >> i started getting headaches. i started feeling a lot of pressure around my jaw and in my head. >> again, this is just one person's story. but eventually tara did have to have them taken out at an expense and pain greater than she would have experienced in the first place. occupy protestors in los angeles and philadelphia are
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over for now. in la 1400 officers arrested some 200 protestors who would not leave. in philadelphia police cleared out the camp and arrested 52 in a more violent altercation. but here in dc we still have a few and some of them are planning a march to atlanta in hopes of keeping their movement going. but derek says for all intents and purposes, the party seems to be over. >> yes, anita, they're putting a braev face on it, but -- bav face on it, but -- brave face on it, but there are few things sadder when the party is over. and now there is a whole movement that apparently doesn't realize that america is no longer paying any attention. we have moved on. and, by the way, we're going to need those parks back. and this is all a kind of tragic because there really is a 99% out there and they really could use a voice. and for just a second back in september, i thought it might be the occupy guys to make the case for a fairer america. but two months later, a survey has 59% of the american public
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saying they still don't know exactly why the occupy folks are out there occupying. so i would say the window has closed. what happened? well, from what i can gather, and it's tough to tell, it's because in their heart of heart, the occupy protestors believe the system is to corrupt, so broken, that playing by the rules, winning elections, et cetera, won't really change anything. but let's be real. in a democracy, as one politician put it recently, we are the change. and you have to wonder now if one year from now when this imperfect system is picking its new leaders, will the occupy movement be occupying much more than a distant memory? anita. >> food for thought. thank you, derek. chilly outside. i was getting blown over going out for dinner. >> that's the problem. we have a wind chill to talk about. unfortunately the wind is going to continue tonight and tomorrow morning. the good news, anita, the winds will die down tomorrow afternoon. let's start with the temperatures because primarily in the 30s in the burbs. still low 40s downtown.
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but 36 in gaithersburg. looking at 34 up in frederick. 39 in leesburg and manassas and down to the south in fredericksburg is 37. let's factor in the breezes. well, if you're headed outside one more time tonight with the dog, it feels like it's in the upper 20s in gaithersburg. low 30s in frederick. even downtown it feels like in the mid 30s. again, the good news, the winds will subside tomorrow afternoon. so here is the deal. breezy and cold to start tomorrow. so that means a jacket and sunglasses. you need both of those. good sized coat really. the good news is the winds will diminish in the afternoon. and it will be cool but seasonable. high temperature today was 51. we're looking at 51 or so tomorrow. the average high is 53, so we're in the ballpark. overnight, clear to partly cloudy, breezy and colder. 1-2 blanket night. lows in the 30s. if the winds were to die down, we would probably see some 20s. tomorrow night will be colder because we'll have light winds. winds northwest at 10-15. now, tomorrow morning mostly sunny, breezy and chilly. grab a jack elt. make sure the -- jacket.
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make sure the kids have one at the bus stop. temps in the 30s and 40s and still northwest winds at 10-15. so that will drive the wind chills into the 20 and 30s through mid-morning. by afternoon, mostly sunny and cool but still seasonable. you need your shades. high temperatures in the low 50s and wildz calm down at only -- winds calm down at only about ten. the forecast we're going to get oakland out of the 20s. you should be 34 in oakland with sunshine. 42 in cumberland. winchester you might make 50. culpeper you are the warmest spot on this map. 53. 50 in warrenton. 50 in leesburg. and 50 in manassas. now, downtown we're looking at low 50s. up to 50 in frederick. into southern maryland low 50s. 53 by the bay. and because of the wind, small craft advisories are still in effect for most of the bay and tidal potomac until 1:00 p.m. on
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thursday. temps in the 30s tomorrow. by noon, 45-50 and by evening 48-53 with partly cloudy skies. the next three days it gets milder on friday. we're in the mid 50s on friday with sunshine. a little cooler on saturday. temperatures go back around 50. now, next seven days, after we get cool on saturday, the temps go right back up on sunday. temperatures in the upper 50s for the red skindz game. that is a -- redskins game. great basketball to benefit children's charities. check it out. then we're looking at increasing clouds on monday. rain showers monday night into tuesday. little cooler on wednesday. but much better than what it was. >> really? >> you can't chain. >> you can't. >> not going to do it. >> not going to. kristen >4
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now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> as the washington redskins hit the practice field today, there was a little extra pep in
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their step. a few more smiles coming off their win against seattle. we'll have to wait and see how long that will last as they get ready to take on the new york jets. every team has the guys that aren't afraid to speak up. for the jets it's rex ryan. for the redskins it would be deangelo hall. so we asked hall today what it would be like if the two of them were in the same organization. >> well, i don't know. we would clash or maybe get along. you know, when you got two guys like that, it's either one or the other. so i haven't had a chance to be around him much so i don't really know how that will work out. >> speaking of big mouths, one week after deangelo hall says he should be cut from the team, he was named the nfl player of the week. he racked up five tackles, seven pass de flexions and the game clinching interception. near army or navy has had an
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ideal season. those from annapolis just four wins. neither one of them is going to a bowl game. that part they say is okay with them because they'll play their version of a bowl game on december 10th. coaches and captains from both teams gathered at the army-navy club today to talk about the excitement leading up to the game. they're looking for their first win in nine years. but in the grand scheme of things, they realize this is more than just a football game. >> it's not just about the players. it's the communities, the service men and women around the world that are going to tune in and watch this and all over the place. so it's not just about us going out there and playing another game. . >> and be sure to tune in friday, december 9th for our hour long prime time special for those who serve count down to the grid iron battle. an in depth look. that is 9:00 p.m. december 9th only on
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to the hardwood lady michigan both teams undefeated coming in tonight. moseley had 24 on the night. and then thomas with the steal here. eventually gets it to hawkins for an easy bucket. and thanks for a late surge, terps when 74-65 to stay undefeated. george washington women hosting old dominion. this one went over time. jackson with a crossover and the layup to make it a two possession game. they hold on to beat old dominion 58-52. paul hue and george mason hosting buff knell. here is mike nor son with the pass for two of his -- morrison with the pass for two of his points. they win 51-57. all of the teams winning tonight. >> i'm
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