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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  December 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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driving was also stolen. in montgomery county, police have made an arrest in the wheaton carjackings. henry levi sanders has a lengthy criminal record facing multiple counts of criminal, robbery and assault to his resume. he's accused of kidnapping three men from the westfield wheaton mall and forcing them to withdraw money from bank accounts. gary giordano is back in the united states. this is video of the maryland man in miami yesterday. though he's free, giordano is the main suspect still in the disappearance of robyn gardner of frederick, maryland. aruban prosecutors lost their appeal to get him back behind bars. giordano claims gardner was swept out to sea while the couple snorkeled off the island in august. the first sex abuse lawsuit has been filed against former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. it was filed by a man who says the coach abused him more than 100 times from 1992 to 1996. but now a 30-year-old man, he's not among the eight victims
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mentioned in a grand jury report. the suit also names the university and the second mile charity as defendants. sandusky is charged with sexually abusing eight boys over a 15-year period. controversy appears to be brewing over one of the most popular and advanced smart phone features. we're talking about siri. >> it is coming under fire by some who claim it is programmed to be pro-life. ken molestina has more on what all of the fuss is about. >> i'm locked out. >> i found three locksmiths fairly close to you. >> say hello to the most amazing iphone yet. >> now, it is quickly becoming the most controversial iphone yet. specifically when it comes to the debate over abortion rights. >> we're concerned that when people use sirry, they're getting directed to sources that are not unbiased about reproductive health information. >> ted miller is the reproduction active league.
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they've written a letter to apple's ceo, tim cook, calling for a change to the way siri functions when asking about abortion clinics. it either steers people in the wrong direction or doesn't provide a result at all. >> we're asking apple to ensure that people get the information they asked siri for. >> reporter: let's give her another test. >> abortion clinic? >> found two abortion clinics a little ways from you. >> i'm standing outside planned parenthood. >> there is another issue. the two results that come up for an abortion clinic search are cries is i pregnancy centers where abortions aren't performed. >> it is giving incomplete information. >> take a look at what happens when we change the wording and ask for women's clings. >> i don't see any places matching women's clinics. >> none found. when we ask for men's clinics. >> i found 12 medical centers close to you. >> about a dozen popped up.
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>> i'm surprised. i don't know if that's a mistake or not but that's definitely a problem. >> female apple devotees had plenty to say about the issue. >> when you look up abortion clinics, it could be misleading. it will lead you to someone that's going to talk you out of it? >> that was ken molest 1999 reporting. >> not everyone in the abortion debate feels the same way. the president of the national rights to life committee released this statement. if this results in one unborn getting the gift of life for christmas rather than being killed, national right to life rejoices. they did reach out to apple by phone and e-mail and never heard back. here is a look at other stories making news now. as many as two million public sector workers in britain have launched the country's first mass strike in more than 30 years. a coalition of 30 trade unions has organized approximately 1,000 demonstrations and rallies across the country. the workers are protesting changes to their retirement
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plan. the cuts were made as part of an on-going budget cuts aimed at lowering the dunn's debt. the strike closed 75% of all public schools. prime minister david cameron says the changes are needed because people are living longer and retirements are costing the government too much. occupy wall street protestors in washington, d.c. are planning to march 637 miles all the way to georgia starting today. the net demonstrators say they'll walk from the martin luther king memorial and end at his grave site in atlanta. the group has already marched from new york to washington. >> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in new york city. mayor michael bloomberg and local businessmen lit the 74 foot tall tree at rockefeller center last night. neil diamond and the radio city rockettes performed at the annual ceremony. the rockefeller christmas tree which has 30,000 l.e.d. lights will be on display until january 7th. >> love neil diamond. love trees! >> beautiful sight!
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>> the time right now is 4:35. at 4:40, news of the world's central banks are coming to the rescue of financial institutions. that sent stocks on a nearly 500 point surge. >> that lifted things up. >> at 4:48, d.c.'s fire chief is proposing key change which will impact 75% of the department's work force. >> we're back with your weather first in two minutes. find out what you need to wear today.
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4:38. a chilly start to the day. most of us in the 30s. some wind chills down in the 20s. winds will be out of the northwest at 10. a little bit light later this afternoon. temperatures into the low 50s. i'll come back, talking about your weekend ahead. let's go over to monika samtani. she's talking timesaver traffic. >> taking a look live at route 50, i just got off the phone with the operations center, overnight construction is clearing up. you should be good to go both directions on the bay bridge. coming up in my next report, we'll go into virginia at 4:55. jessica? >> thank you, monika. the time is 4:39. i'm watching your money. what a rally on wall street yesterday. so powerful, the major averages are now back in positive territory for the year. we can say thank you federal reserve and other world central banks. they agreed to come to the rescue of the european financial system and overseas markets are happy, today, too with the nikkei up 5.6% today. checking the numbers here at home. the dow standing this morning at 12,049, that's a 490 point
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surge, a gain of over 4%. the nasdaq shot up 104 points and the s&p 500 added 51 points. the u.s. federal reserve and five other central banks are working together to make it cheaper for banks around the world to borrow u.s. dollars. this move is aimed at easing the european debt crisis. many world economies need dollars to run just like a car needs oil. the dollars have been drying up as their credit problems have gotten worse. now, the fed and other central banks are stepping up to make sure the world banks have enough dollars to fund their daily operations. without them, they could have a credit crunch like the one three years ago following the collapse of lehman brothers. better than expected news on the job market put investors in a buying moved. private employers added 206,000 jobs and the number of planned job cuts fell. the report points to some improvement in the job market and raises hope for the government's monthly unemployment numbers and those are released tomorrow. a new survey from the federal reserve says the u.s.
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economy expanded at a slow to moderate pace over the past two months. a modest pickup in consumer spending, tourism and manufacturing drove that growth. meantime, the number of americans who signed contracts to buy homes jumped 10% in october to the highest level in a year. but the national association of realtors says the gain follows three months of declines and it just isn't enough to signal a housing recovery just yet. plus, there are new talks that yahoo! could be a takeover target. reportedly, private equity firm the blackstone group and bain capital are discussing whether to team up to buy yahoo! formore than $25 billion. yahoo! shares surged more than 6% in after hours trading. watch that one today for sure, andrea. >> looking at how the banks came to the rescue of other banks in europe. reminded of you what the surplus was supposed to do with the banks here to help homeowners. but they never did that. >> you're absolutely right. they help each other do. >> they do. they're all good friends.
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>> ok, we get it. economics 101. a beloved college football tradition comes to the nation's capitol for the first time in its 112 year history. >> could you be feeding your children deadly toxins? we'll tell you disturbing findings. >> those stories and more plus your weather first in less than two minutes. we'll be back.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. howard is here and he does have a cold forecast. i can see the 180s today and the heavy gloves and the heavy coats. >> it is chilly. it is not bitterly cold. it is not frigid. the tree lighting is tonight down on the ellipse -- the
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living tree. not the cut tree they have at the capitol. that's another conversation for another day. i've talked about that in the past. it seems like such a waste on so many levels to me. however -- >> about bahumbug. >> they could plant a living tree at the capitol as opposed to cutting down a perfectly good tree and tracking it the whole way across the country. seems like a lot of wasted energy. now, let's get to weather. you asked. >> i did ask. [ laughter ] >> if you're going to the tree lighting this evening down on the ellipse, it will be chilly but not frigid. temperatures down in the 40s. i tried to deflect it. mainly clear and chilly at the bus stop. 32 to 42. sunrise at 7:07. our day planner today, they do burn biodiesel they tell me in the trucks. >> we love you, howard! >> we've got sunshine. temps in the 40s today. we'll they'll be pushing 50 degrees with sunshine and
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northwesterly winds. they start 10 to 15. they get a little bit lighter as we get into the afternoon with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 49. that's about where we should be this time of year. back to normal after a very, very mild second half of november. 39 in town. but 32, it is freezing in culpepper and fredericksburg, tappahannock. bowie, 37 according to carrie over there. 40 in pax river. 35 in hagerstown this morning. with wind chills, those things are running in the upper 20s to low 30s. jackets, gloves and main even the 180s if you got them to keep your ears warm. the air continues to dry out. barometer still rising. getting stronger. a north-northwesterly wind at 12 miles per hour. you know, we look across the country this morning and there's cold air but there is nothing really frigid. yeah, it is in the teens in bismarck and great falls but the northern branch of cuts across the country. southern branch has a little ridge down in the south central part of the country. >> it is nice south of that but
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the arctic air gets bottled up north of the main branch of the jet stream. that's where it is going stay up in canada. doesn't have too many opportunities. hasn't had too many opportunities to come down into the lower 48s this year. i don't see any signs of that. yesterday, there was some indications we might see it next week. i'm not as convinced today. future cast will put it in motion. lots of clear skies today. weak systems will track across the great lakes up toward the northeast and new england. that will pass north of us on friday. main a little cold front comes through cooling us down slightly on saturday. for the most part, we're going to be sitting pretty good here, at least through sunday, main monday as well and if you're going out toward chicago here this weekend, keep in mind saturday could be some showers moving in that direction. our forecast calling for sunshine today, tomorrow, saturday, sunday as well. 52 today. a little milder tomorrow. then a little cooler sunday. nighttime lows by the way will be in the 30s with a few upper 20s. by sunday, that looks to be one
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of the milder days. sunshine, 59. 'skins are hosting the jets. weather should be great for that. there could be a late shower monday. a better chance for showers tuesday into wednesday. monika samtani, it is thursday. >> thank you, howard. good morning, everybody. we're going to first take a look at the map on the northbound side of i-95. no problems all around the beltway. let's take a look first at our traffic land camera on the northbound side of i-95 north of dumfries where construction has been cleared up for the morning. no problems to report as you head into springfield on the northbound side of 95 heading over to 395. we'll go there on our vdot camera, the 14th street bridge, nice and quiet. no problems to report on 395 or 66 to the roosevelt bridge. let's go to the mdot camera down to the wilson bridge whether you're heading for oxon hill or alexandria, it is incident free right now. in my next report, we'll go into maryland at 4:55.
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andrea and jessica? >> thank you. most of the district's firefighters and personnel live outside the city. some way outside of the city. now, the fire chief is trying to change that. >> but as bruce johnson reports, he's running into a lot of opposition from the union. >> this is bruce johnson in northwest washington. does it make a difference where your neighborhood firefighter lives? 75% of d.c. fire department live outside the city. some from as far away as west virginia, pennsylvania, north carolina, even new jersey. d.c.'s fire chief ken elerby says he can provide the same service for a lot less. he wants to eliminate the 24 hour shifts and replace them with 12 hour shifts. >> it is a cost savings of about $36 million and all of the attending costs that go along with housing. >> here's how it works. right now, d.c. firefighters work an average of 24 straight hours then they're off for three days.
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one firefighter here on 13th street says he lives in hagerstown, maryland. if the chief gets his way, he would have to quit his job. he's built his whole lifestyle around the current shift. >> part of the attraction is the schedule. >> the firefighters union says it will fight the chief on this. >> could be a loss in pay with commuter costs and just morale alone and there is a recruitment and retension piece. >> d.c.'s mayor and most of the council members seem to like the realignment. >> one of my goals is to increase the number of our first responders and the percentagings who live in or around the district of columbia. >> over 40% travel 30 to 100 miles to work. >> i think it makes the department more efficient. it means the work force is more alert. >> bruce johnson, 9news now. the army is expanding its test area for ground water contamination near fort detrick. the frederick county board of commercials has agreed to let the army drill wells and test
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water near the base. the army will conduct tests on 88 acres of land near rosemont lane. the areas between the main part of fort detrick and what's known as area b. the army ran biological testing from the 1970s to the 19 -- from the 1940s to the 1970s. a "consumer reports" study has confirmed what was first reported on the dr. oz show a few months ago. apple juice and grape juice being sold on store shelves across the country contain both arsenic and lead. "consumer reports" tested 88 samples. 10% have arsenic levels above what is allowed in drinking water! 25% of the juice samples contain more lead than what's allowed in bottled water. current federal law has rules about arsenic and lead in drinking water but those limits do not apply to fruit juices. the food and drug administration is confident in the overall safety of apple juice. "consumer reports" recommends parents avoid giving juice to
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babies under six months. they advise children under 6 years of age, they shouldn't drink anymore than a few ounces a day. when dr. oz first reported his findings, the fda claimed his research was flawed. researchers found a better way to tell if a patient has alzheimer's disease or dementia. a new study in the journal neurology shows a scan which helps detect plaque built up in the brain is more accurate than standard tests. doctors use a different scan which listed changes in the brain's met an belism. scientists in florida are turning mice into superathletes. look at that guy go. researchers have figured out how to reprogram genes so animals have more energy. a new study shows it causes the muscles to burn more sugar. doctors believe the findings may lead to therapies that can improve metabolism and treat obesity. i'll take some of that. >> especially on "the early show," right? >> it is time for the question
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of the morning. >> 80% of moms do this when they're angry at their children. use their child's full name. b, leave the room. or c, take away a child's video game. >> log on to the page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum...
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we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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this chilly thursday morning, most temperatures are in the 30s. 40 closer to the bay. we've got wind chills in spots closer to the 20s. lots of sunshine today. unlike yesterday's clouds, not expecting surprises by that. thursday, 9:00, 41 degrees with 30s north and west. by lunchtime, we're still in the 40s. this afternoon, highs get into the lower 50s which is just about where they should be. clear for the drive home. chilly, temperatures down in the 40s for the tree lighting as well. monika samtani, good morning. >> good morning, howard. we'll take a live look at 270 here at shady grove road. it look like this coming in from frederick down past gaithersburg to the point where the lanes divide. more on maryland roadways coming up at 5:01. back to you. thank you, monika. it didn't take long for former capitals coach bruce boudreau to find a new home. the anaheim ducks announced they hired boudreau moments after announcing they fired
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randy carlisle. they made the move after beating montreal. the win was the club's third victory in 19 games. carlisle coached the ducks to their only stanley cup title in 2007. boudreau was fired by the capitals on monday. he led washington to four consecutive division titles but no playoff success. some university of maryland students are questioning the college plan to spend a million dollars renovating athletic fields at the same time severe cuts are taking place. the university will -- we'll have more on that story coming up. >> we're just a few days away from the 112th game in one of the nation's oldest football rivalries. the army/navy game will be played in washington, d.c. yesterday, captains and coaches from both army and navy gathered at the army navy club in arlington for a luncheon touting the big game next saturday, december 10th at fedex field. navy has won the last nine
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years but the army seniors are hoping to change that. erer [no audio] >> we're having a few technical problems. that army senior, you can imagine what he's saying. they're going to change things. tune in friday, december 9th here on wusa for our hour-long prime time special for those who serve. countdown to the gridiron battle. an in-depth look at the army/navy rivalry and great stories surrounding this annual event at 9:00 p.m. this friday -- next friday, december 9th only on wusa 9. navy's record has not been great in football. >> very exciting. a spy novel hits the big screen this month. critics say the film and performances are oscar worthy. >> reporter drew levinson spoke
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about the movie. >> reporter: it is 1973. the height of the cold war. in the movie adaptation of john lickary's navel, tinker tailor soldier spy, someone has infiltrated the agency. to find the spy, the agency plucks george smiley from retirement, an unassuming agent. >> like a chameleon, he wants to disappear into the wallpaper. >> smiley is methodical. he, like the film, moves slowly. >> it requires you to listen and focus. it is like watching a lava lamp. it has a certain pace to it. >> through strong character development, we discovered the spies appear to be normal people. like collin firth's character, bill hayden. >> their job makes them, on a personal level, dysfunctional almost.
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>> the movie gets its name from the british counting game tinker tailor likeini meni, mini mow. pick the spy. >> some think it is an oscar contender. >> if this is the year to be nominated, i cannot think of a better part or better film to do it with. >> tinker tailor soldier but who's the spy? drew levinson, cbs news, new york. good morning, thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm jessica doyle in for mike hydeck. monday da will have traffic in a moment. good morning. >> howard will be along with weather first. >> now. >> we're chilly this morning. temperatures are down in the 30s. wind chills are down in the 20s. it will be a seasonably cool start to the month of december. as opposed to the really mild stuff we've been dealing with for the last couple of weeks in november. here is a look at the day planner for you this thursday. sunshine, 41 at 9:00. 47 at noon. with a nortt


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