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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  December 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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culpeper and leesburg. martinsburg at 24. it's 29 at the air force base. good morning scott for your report. 36 on the bay. and 28 down at pax river. monika samtani, we are now into the 5:00 hour. things looking good still? you know what? things are still looking pretty good except for one area. that's in just a moment. otherwise here's what it looks like on the beltway all around town, the interstates heading for the beltway look good as well. on 95 all lanes are open but i want to give you a heads-up. northbound business route 17 north of route 1 in fredericksburg, there's an accident locking the northbound lane and you need -- blocking the northbound lanes and you need to follow police direction if you need to get on to that. 95 you should be okay up into springfield. a live look at the wilson bridge first on the south side of town here, no problems to report between alexandria and oxon hill on the beltway. the lanes are all open and a last live look on the northbound side of i-395 here at washington boulevard. just a bit of volume forming no big deals heading toward the pentagon and the 14th street
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bridge. you're going to be okay there morning. coming up, we'll go into maryland at 5:12. back to you. thank you monika. the senate has rejected two proposals. >> that means many of us could be paying more in taxes. surae chinn joins us live from capitol hill with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning and it could mean that you could have a shrinking paycheck that you're going to see your paycheck must smaller and that's what we're facing right now. try about $1,000 for an average family a year. not good news as we are heading into the holidays or we're smack in the middle of it but that's what we're facing at this point. well, last night's proposals would have kept this tax break going for millions of americans but they were rejected. both sides want to keep it going but they just can't agree on how to do that. democrats want to raise taxes on the wealthy while republicans propose freezing federal salaries and cutting
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200,000 government jobs. >> america's middle class has been hurting for a long time. there are the people who are struggling and they're the ones who need help. >> this is the kind of balanced plan americans are looking for. it's focused on helping middle class americans without asking them to fund benefits for the wealthiest among us. >> reporter: a compromise is expected to happen but it has to happen in the next 30 days and it has to be in time for the president to sign it. but the president also released a statement late last night saying it just doesn't make sense to increase taxes for the middle class when it's so hard to keep and make ends meet. back to you. >> surae chinn reporting live, thanks for the update. leesburg police are currently investigating the death of a 39-year-old male. they rushed to the terrace northeast after someone reported shots fired last night. they found the uni'ved victim
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with a -- unidentified victim with a gunshot wound. he died at the scene. authorities are asking for the community's help in solving this one. we have reaction this morning to gary giordano's explanation of what he says really happened to the still missing robyn gardner. the gaithersburg man was interviewed for the first time on "good morning america" thursday since spending four months in a prison in aruba. here's how he explained the $1.5 million insurance policy he took out before the vacation with gardner. >> i have a house -- a large house and a lot of payment and if i -- if i -- you know traveling and i disappear, i want them to be covered. okay? so i maxed out on everything. >> later in the interview when he says -- when he was asked what he thought happened to gardner, he says he thinks she was likely a victim of human trafficking adding that aruba is only a half an hour boat ride away from venezuela. but a close friend of gardner's
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says giordano is being less than truthful. >> gary was belligerent, he was cocky and he wasn't telling the truth. he told excuses and he made theories but as family and friends, we want to know what the real answers are. we want the hear real -- to hear real answers. >> giordano refused to say anything about the moments leading up to her disappearance august 5th. aruban prosecutor called the interview unclear and contradictory. he vowed to extradite giordano back to aruba the further investigation leads to charges. could we have another campus cover-up on our hands? five female students are suing howard university after they claim the school ignored their complaints that a staff member was sexually harassing and assaulting them. the accused is george bright- abu. a work study supervisor at the university library. the lawsuit alleges bright-abu first assaulted one of the victims in september 2010.
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and even after that student reported the harassment to staff members, bright-abu continued to prey upon students for another seven months. >> he then told me to take off my clothes. asked me to kiss him. he reached over to me and hugged me and was rubbing against me. he had an erection. at that point, i pushed him away and sat down and then told me to sit on him. that he wanted to touch me and just -- it went on and on. >> in april, two of the victims reported bright-abu leading to his arrest and a sexual abuse conviction. he was sentenced to 120 days in jail and now under two years supervised probation. he has been fired from howard. the man accused of firing shots at the pentagon will remain behind bars pending trial. that's the ruling from an alexandria judge who just wrapped up a hearing in the case of yonathan melaku.
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prosecutors say evidence links the 23-year-old to a series of shootings in october of last year. the targets included the pentagon and the marine corps museum in quantity toe. he was arrested in june. the christmas season is now officially underway here in washington, d.c.. >> three, two, one! [ cheering and applause ] >> president obama and his family flipped the switch on the national christmas tree on ellipse last night. this year it's a brand new tree, a 26-foot tall colorado spruce. the old tree was blown down during strong winds in february. president calvin coolidge began this holiday tradition in 1923. it is 5:07 and i am watching your money. the big event on wall street today? the government's november jobs report. economists expect that employers added 125,000 jobs while the unemployment rate stayed at 9% for the second straight month. stocks mixes ahead of the report. checking the numbers --
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shoppers taking advantage of big discounts and earlier store hours during the start of the shopping season last weekend helped to boost retailers' revenue for the entire month of november. many reported monthly revenues at stores at least a year as indicator of merchants' health that beat wall street estimates. a trade group says the overall tally, that rose 3.2%. the holiday season can provide merchants with up to 40% of their annual revenue. jet blue is buying landing rights in new york and washington in a 72 million deal that will reshuffle the players in air travel to these cities. the deal wraps up a major trade of landing lights atla guardia airport in new york and reagan national airport in washington. the transportation department approved the delta and u.s. airways deal as long as they agreed to sell off daily
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takeoff and landing rights at reagan and la guardia to spread out air at the two airports. they have not yet said where the planes using the new slots will fly from or to. our time is eight after the hour. coming up next, when the news continues, one of the last american bases in iraq is now in the hands of the iraqi military. it's another sign our troops are coming home. plus, agents bust a drug pipeline wide open and you won't believe how dealers were sneaking the stuff into the united states.
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5:11 here on this friday morning, gets cold out there this morning, you may need a few extra minutes to scrape the windshield which then a nice afternoon. we'll warm up decently today. looking at the day planner, sunshine this morning and this afternoon. it's going to be a clear day out there with the wind shift to the northwest at 5 to 10 as a front comes through. today's highs in the mid 50s. knock us down to about 50 tomorrow. the rest of the weekend and the seven day forecast in about four minutes. right now here's monika. we're going to take a live look at i-95 at route 17 just nearby business route 17 northbound is blocked off at route 1 with an accident. follow police direction to get by. as you can see though 95 is doing fine in the same area, coming up we'll go into
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maryland at 5:19. back to you. thank you monika. making news now, one of the last american bases in iraq is now in the hands to have iraqi military. thursday, vice president joe biden attended a symbolic handover ceremony at camp victory where he thanked u.s. and iraqi forces for their sacrifices. the u.s. will transfer full control to the iraqis by the end of this month after nearly nine years of war. los angeles county is under state of emergency following one of the worst wind storms in a decade. powerful santa ana winds toppled trees and downed power lines thursday. knocking out electricity to more than 350,000 customers. high wind warnings and advisories also issued for several other states including utah, nevada and wyoming. 5:12. howard is up next with the weekend forecast. plus, monika is tracking road conditions and we'll have some of your responses to today's question of the morning. we'll be back. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit...
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with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now on friday morning, this second day of december. it's 5:15 if it's cold. yes, sir coo used the -- jessica used the card to get the ice off the windows today. >> it's cold. >> three degrees above average for november. yesterday wasn't bad. and they have really cut out
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this morning with the winds. so without the wind, temperatures dropped off and we had all that frost area wide getting reports from northern virginia. southern maryland. up toward montgomery and frederick counties as well and jessica's place there was frost. so you're going to need some extra time to scrape this morning. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. a cold one thankfully the winds are fairly light to calm. and by the way this weekend, there's so much going on. the d. c. temple lights are opening up there in kensington as well. that goes from dusk until 10:00 p.m. during the weeknights from what i understand. all right, 25 to 35 with the clear skies this morning. and the light winds. sunrise at 7:08. we are looking at a sunny day today. we'll be 37 by 8:00. light wind. they will turn to the northwest in the afternoon. and pick up 5, 10 miles an hour still not bad. highs in the mid 50s today. a few degrees warmer than yesterday and then tonight, temperatures once again will drop back into the 20s and 30s. and if we hold on to the breeze
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at all it will be out of the north at about 5 miles an hour unless it goes dead calm which is a likelihood in many areas. this morning clear skies now, a few clouds in the mountains and also well up to the north and west. that's the cold front that's going to come through this afternoon shifting the winds and cooling us down a bit for saturday but still a good weekend coming. this morning, 25 in culpeper and 23 in cat lidge. i just spoke to charlie over there. winchester is 28 while both terry and e. j. tell me lots of frost being reported out there morning. easton is 32 and in gaithersburg this morning, down to 28. windchills not really much wind out there. also in the upper 20s to low 30s. right now 35. feeling like 32 with a southwesterly wind at 3 miles an hour. and that barometer, it's starting to go down. it really rose quickly a couple of days ago with the front coming through. well, it's dropping now as the next front approaches and the humidity at 82%. cold air, that's really come
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down in minneapolis and also in denver and albuquerque. all sorts of problems in the southwest. yesterday devastating winds across parts of california and the southwest. 100-mile an hour gusts even into colorado. storm system down here, that's what's doing it and as it pulls out it's drawing moisture into west texas where they're worried about freezing rain and some snow. you can see the snow falling in arizona. that's going to spread into new mexico and colorado and south dakota. maybe even wisconsin saturday night. now for us, closer to us anyway, we've got the front coming through michigan and northern indiana headed to ontario. this is going to pass -- well the weather with this is going to pass north of us. the front will pass us this afternoon. that's going to switch the wind around and for us, just cool us down a little bit as we head into the day on saturday. so next three days pretty good. 56 today. back to the 20s and 30s tonight. now tomorrow, chilly and 50. winds should be pretty light tomorrow and sunday. wind will turn back to the south and southwest so milder on sunday.
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upper 50s -- redskins and jets game, should be perfect football weather. tuesday, some showers possible. 60. and wednesday and thursday, now, mild and damp. temperatures in the 50s. here's monika samtani with the update. thank you so much howard. i am happy to say that overall generally speaking somethings are look -- things are looking fine this friday morning. here's the beltway. we're going to zoom in first to the bw parkway and route 50. both are doing fine whether you're coming out of annapolis or baltimore. the live look at the beltway and route 4. pennsylvania avenue here in the forestville area. no problems heading south past andrews air force base and out of the wilson bridge this morning. back to the maps this time north on the beltway between bethesda and college park, doing fine. no problems on route 29 or route 270 out of college park. things are looking pine all the way into silver spring. coming up in my next report,
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into virginia at 5:26. jessica and andrea? it's being called one of the largest marijuana busts in u.s. history. >> so far authorities have arrested six people after discovering what they call the most elaborate and sophisticated drug tunnel ever found along the u.s. and mexico border. federal agents say the tunnel was being used to smuggle drugs from mexico to the u.s.. it links warehouses in tijuana and san diego and right near police station in san diego. it even has a hydraulic lift and electric rail cars. u.s. officials say the message to drug cartels is clear -- >> if you build it, we'll find it. and when we find it, we'll destroy it. >> authorities say they've recovered 32 tons of marijuana worth about $53.5 million. >> unbelievable. >> yeah. now let's take another look at our question of the day --
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>> bre stevens wrote on the wusa9 facebook fan page -- >> well, log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response. love hearing what you have to say. we're going to reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. ♪
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it is 5:23 this friday morning. bundle up if you're going to be outside at all. otherwise just a lighter jacket for the afternoon. this morning it's cold. mid 20s to low 30s in most areas with lots of frost out there. so you need time to scrape the windows. we stop at 9:00. 41 degrees, and sunshine going on there. lighter winds and turn to the northwest this afternoon as temperatures get into the mid and maybe even some upper 50s south and west of town. your weekend forecast looking good too. more on that coming up. right now though kristen berset is in with the morning sports report. good morning everybody. after playing in washington for 12 seasons, head coach dale hunter understands the immense hatred the capitals have for pittsburgh, so he as much as anyone wanted the win last night and also wined first win as the new head coach. down 1-0 here until jason toe herric gets the backhand shot to go in. they tie id up in the second period but in the third, every
5:24 am
skin following the -- erskine trips and falls and they take advantage. surprising tomas vokoun with the goal. the penguins beat the caps 2-1. >> good game overall. they had a lot of shots, a lot of them were outside and you know, it's -- tough way to lose but we got that kind of effort and it will be better. >> we had a few chances around the net and you know, we're getting better at it. just takes time. all right, to the hardwood. the hoyas and tuscaloosa last night taking on 12th ranked alabama. a tight first half. the toy yeas ledpy -- toy yeas led by seven at the break. the second half was all tony mitchell. here he gets the steal and takes it down court and finishes with authority. and then a few minutes later, following up the jumper with another big dunk. so with five seconds left, thompson hits a big three as the hoyas down 12th ranked
5:25 am
crimson tide 57-55. a big win for the hoyas, i'm kristen berset, have a great friday. thank you so much kristin, we are going to take a live look here at 95 south of route 123. no problems to report in woodbridge other than slow traffic. heading toward the occoquan river. coming up in my next report, a closer look into virginia at 5:31. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization that helps new citizens find their way... to proudly supporting our washington redskins...
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and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c., the more we help make opportunity possible. good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is friday, happy to say that and happy you're joining us, i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm jessica doyle. mike is out today. thank you for joining us this morning. monika is going to have traffic in a moment but we're going to start with howard and the weather first. >> you get the second wind on fridays don't you? >> you do. >> maybe the fourth and fifth wind of the week on fridays. not only is it friday. a good looking weekend. that's important too. a lot of things are going on the and the homes are home on
5:29 am
-- skins are home on sunday. let's be positive except it's chilly this morning. the temperatures start 20s and 30s. it's frosty as well. as we've got some frost to be scraping off windshields out there. 35 in washington at the moment. sun not up until 7:08. by 9:00 we should be around 41. noon, 50. winds will go northwesterly this afternoon 5 to 10 as a weak front pushes through. still though we're going to make highs in the mid 50s today with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 52 degrees and that weak front that i'm talking about? up in the great lakes this morning coming through the st. lawrence valley with some clouds and rain and snow showers, but you get past the indiana, michigan border, not much except a few clouds with that. but that's about all i'm expecting as the front will come through dry. we're at 35 in washington but it's 30 in fredericksburg. 25 for culpeper, 28 in winchester, frederick, maryland right now the cold spot at 21 degrees and as i said quite a bit of frost out there. thankfully the winds are light
5:30 am
and not much of a windchill. upper 20s to low 30s on the windchills and highs today with the sunshine, should make it about 56 on the bay. maybe even 60 in culpeper but a cooler saturday ahead. let's go to monika samtani now, she's got the timesaver traffic here at 5:31. mainly just the volume building right now around town. otherwise no big deals to report. first start off with virginia on the northbound side of i-95 i have been telling you about the accident. it's down on the northbound side of route 17 business at route 1. now you do have a lane getting by. so you should be okay. 95's been incident free. let's take a live look into springfield on the northbound side of 95. no problems to report as you head up north toward 395. you should be okay, back to the maps and this time to the other side of town. no problems to report if you're traveling on the west side on the dulles toll road in from leesburg, route 7. route 123 here in the tyson's area. a live look planning to head on 66 in vienna, no problems to
5:31 am
report. to the beltway. incident free to the roosevelt bridge in morning. coming up in my next report, we'll go into maryland. back to you. thank you monika. the senate has rejected two proposals that would have extended the payroll tax cut. >> the move mean miss of us could be paying more in taxes. surae chinn joins us live from capitol hill with more. good morning surae. >> reporter: good morning, lawmakers have less than 30 days to come up with a compromise, both parties need to agree on a plan or else paychecks for millions of americans will start to shrink. they will be smaller, you know this past year, it put about $1,500 in the possibilities of the average american family -- pockets of the average american family but that won't happen this year if there's no agreement. at least both democrats and republicans can agree they want to extend the tax break but they just don't know how to get there. democrats want to impose a
5:32 am
3.25% surtax earning more than $1 million a year for those folks. while the republicans would freeze the wages of federal workers for three years reduce the federal work force by 200,000, and have people earning more than $1 million a year pay the full cost of medicare premiums. but none of it was agreed upon last night. >> they need to get it together. that's absolutely ridiculous. i need my money. i need every bit of my money that i can to take home. >> i really am surprised at the hypocrisy of the congress and not passing this. >> reporter: if there is no agreement by the end of the month, january 1, taxes go up and that's how congress will be saying happy new year, couldn't comed a worse time. -- at a worse time. back to you. >> we're going to ask the former common bob every lick about the gridlock of capitol hill and how to turn things around. he'll join us in the 6:00 hour
5:33 am
talking about his book, his political future and his take on what's happening in campaign 2012. in other news, getting over a recent loved one's death is difficult but ytterbics even more -- it becomes even more stress. when e-mails are coming in that person's name. that's the drama one family is having to deal with as a hacker keeps sending them messages from their dead mother's account. >> i don't think it's fair. that me and my sisters have to suffer seeing an e-mail from my mom who's not even here. >> the e-mails started almost two years to the day after cassie woods' mom died. they tried e-mailing the hacker begging him to stop. no use. the e-mails kept coming so they contacted yahoo directly. now after providing lots of information yahoo officials said they needed to death certificate before taking action. >> everything that you would have on an e-mail account to prove you're that person i have of my mother. so you would think they would
5:34 am
just shut it down so it would stop. >> until the family can provide yahoo with the death certificate, that account will stay open. which means the e-mails will keep coming some of them obscene and graphic. the man accused in a series of abductions and robberies arnold wheaton plaza in prince george's county has been ordered held without bond. a prince george's county judge today ruled 50-year-old harry sanders was a danger to the community and a flight risk. sanders has a history of attacks. in the latest cases three men in their 60s and 70s were abducted and forced to withdraw money from atms. sanders still must appear in montgomery county to face charges there. changes and fare increases on metro rail are coming. at yesterday's meeting everything from a two tiered flat rate system to eliminating the peak of the peak fares was discussed but also needs to close a $124 million budget shortfall. so it's talking about racing
5:35 am
fares by almost 6%. at 5:35. i'm watching your money. a really unusual move from a major automaker. general motors says it will buy back chevrolet volts from any owners who are afraid the electric cars will catch fire. gm's ceo says the cars are safe but they want to keep the customers happy. three fires have broken out in flames. the fires happened one to three weeks after the tests. want to keep track of santa this christmas? the military organization norad tracks santa on christmas eve. it's responsible for aerospace and maritime defense in north america. the agency offers information about st. nick's location. well last year it set a record with more than 7,000 e-mails and 80,000 phone calls some of which were actually answered by first lady michelle obama via a hookup from hawaii. coca-cola is dumping the
5:36 am
white christmas cans. consumers gave them a pretty frosty reception. some confused them with diet coke. others felt that regular coke tasted different in the white cans. so new seasonal coke cans in red will ship next week. >> that's like pavlov's dog. you ring the bell and you salivate. you see the white can and you think it's diet even though it doesn't say diet. >> i think they actually look pretty good. >> from what i understand, the sales profit portions were going to help polar bears who were in danger. oh well. our time right now 5:37. before you shop for the christmas tree you may want to hear hurt's for cast next. plus, tracking criminals or invading our privacy? why d. c.'s police chief is standing by a decision to expand a program that tracks your license plate information.
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5:40 this friday morning, this is cold outside but the nice thing is morning is that we've got very calm winds. i have the jacket and gloves and that's enough. here's a look at the day planner, dry air that got cold overnight. a nice sunny day. 41 degrees at 9:00. to the noon hour temperatures will get into the upper 40s and even 50ish in spots by noon. 52 at 1:00. this afternoon winds will turn northwesterly picking up 5 to 10 and temperatures rise into the middle 50s.
5:40 am
i'll be back in about four minutes or so and we'll talk about the weekend coming up. right now inside to monika samtani. make you happy as well? i think so, we're going to take a look in college park. this should make you happy. traffic is moving freely. leading route 1 on the outer loop the topside of the screen leading to 95 and silver spring you're going to be okay. more on maryland roadways coming up in my next report. the license plate reader program used by police throughout the d. c. area is expanding. >> the department of homeland security has given a $1 million grant for the program to local law enforcement. it uses 250 cameras to photograph and store license plates of all cars that pass by. police then use the information to track down criminals. critics of the program are concerned though about police tracking and storing information of innocent citizens, however, cathy lanier defended the program thursday on wtop. >> it's the same thing that launch did with pen and paper
5:41 am
-- law enforcement did with pen and paper for years. there's no restrictions on me jots down license plates in a crime scene. it's the same principle. it's automated now. >> police say the program leads to at least one arrest per day in the d. c. area. it will maintain existing cameras, create a new data base and add three new cameras to the system. time now is 5:42. women suffering from back pain and headaches may want to check their bra. coming up at 6:47. how getting the right fit should alleviate some pain. but next, mike is out but class is still in session. see how a few jedi mind tricks is helping some local students master their math problems in today's cool schools report. 5:42. here's who's celebrating a birthday today --
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. we are so happy it's friday. it's 5:46 and howard is here and it's a cold morning but like you said it's december. >> pretty normal cold for us to be in the 20s and 30s and a quick hello to brad edwards. jacqueline says he watches us
5:46 am
every morning. he's out in landsdown. >> tell your friends. >> it's a could morning out there. got the mid 20s and in fact low 20s up there in frederick this morning. 35 at reagan national but lots of frost out there too. so you may just need a couple of extra minutes if your car is outside to scrape the windows. the bus stop forecast, clear and chilly. light winds thankfully with 25 to 35 out there. sunrise at 7:08. on this friday morning. we're liking that. sunny today in the day planner, 41 by 9:00. noontime temps 50 and see winds become west and northwesterly into the afternoon. highs in the mid 50s and drive home temp about 52. so you got plans outside today? yeah, you'll dress for it okay. but i'm glad to tell you the winds won't be much of a factor. temperatures across the region, all down in the 20s and mid 30s. except for new york. a lot of concrete there. 41 degrees while we're 35 here in washington. but 25 for reston. 24 lovettsville.
5:47 am
27 is hay market along with laurel this morning. to the east, 28 in baden and 27 in millersville. alexandria also 28 and reagan national. they enjoy a little bit of warmth because of the potomac and big concrete asphalt runways. 35 with a feel-like temperature, windchill of 32 thanks to a very light wind out of the southwest right now of 3 miles an hour. we're watching a tremendous storm in the southwest. this thing produced winds over 100 miles an hour some santa ana gusts not only in california but we had some winds upwards of 100 miles per hour in steam boat in north central colorado. rain and snows there in the mountains, that's going to be moving east and worried about freezing rain in spots in the texas panhandle and parts of oklahoma rain and snow mixed. a rain/snow mix in the eastern lakes now in ontario with a cold front that will be sliding through us this afternoon. i mean the precipitation with the cold front is going to stay generally north of interstate 80. maybe even north of interstate 90 for the most part. so around here other than oh perhaps a passing clouds or
5:48 am
two, this should be a very uneventful passage of a cold front. here we are go this afternoon or this morning at 11:00, snow showers up in the northeast. some of them might sneak into northwest pennsylvania. by this evening though, high pressure builds in from ohio. that passes us so overnight tonight winds go quiet and calm and we have a cool sunny saturday and a milder sunday. the next three days, well today mid. tonight back in the 20s and 3s. tomorrow we get to 50. the better day of the weekend is sunday at 58 and then next week mild to start. with some showers tuesday, better chance of rain wednesday into thursday. monika? well, if you're planning to head around town early this friday morning, friday morning light. all around town, here's the beltway north side of town in fact aisle going step out and show you a live picture from college park. there's some volume but no big delays and no big deals to worry about at least on the beltway north side of town.
5:49 am
let's take another live look. this one is going to be northbound georgia avenue. right at pliers mill road. there had been construction on the northbound side. it looks like it's been cleared up. things are looking better now. back to the map this is time a look at 270 from frederick, no problems to report all the way down to the point where the lanes divide and a last live look at the american legion bridge on the west side. looking good both loops of the beltway across the potomac river on the west side of town. coming up in my next report, we'll go into virginia. andrea and jessica? time for this week's cool schools report, copping in good faithburg -- stopping in gaithersburg, maryland. how are you at calculus? >> students at quince orchard high school have one. mike hydeck stopped by to see if the force was with them.
5:50 am
>> reporter: a math chant? >> this is fun. >> reporter: you better believe it and that's just the beginning of what's cool about quince orchard high school's ap calculus in gaithersburg, maryland. >> we try to keep it fun. >> all right, now let's take it out of the real world and back into mathematics. >> reporter: he's kind of a math obey wanky know bee for his students. check out the t-shirts they designed with the light sabers and all. >> v. is a roman numeral for five. that's the best grade on the ap test. >> the way i was thinking about it -- >> reporter: fun and fierce determination to help his students which means he expects a lot. >> for example, if there's a snow day or you're sick, there's still no excuse not to do your homework. because mr. jernigan puts his problems up on youtube. >> we were snowed if for a week, every single day i logged on and got my grade back.
5:51 am
it's -- we just kept rolling. >> he is really good at his topic i guess. wants to make his students passionate about it too. >> reporter: and they are. remember that quotient rule we told you about? >> the quotient rule. >> reporter: so it helps us measure rates and how fast a particle is going or in this case a car. >> all right, now? just a minute we're going to look at what i propose as a graph. >> reporter: in class, online, after school, jeff is there for his students and they know it. >> i like it like this though. it keeps me on track. >> reporter: and like a true jedi knight. he gives them the credit. >> they work really hard. they give up a lot of their time, they come in at lunch and before school. they take it very seriously. >> reporter: the back of the shirt says may the fourth be with you. that was the date of last
5:52 am
year's ap exam and the class got the best grades in school history. an average of 4.5 out of 5. >> very, very cool. now if you have a cool school, e-mail mike at and maybe he'll be at your school next week. i could have used that teacher. >> i like that. now another look at the question of the day -- >> on our facebook fan page, keisha johnson wrote -- >> now log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response. we're going to reveal the answer in about an hour and now here's monika with a look at traffic. thank you so much jessica. we're going to take a live look
5:53 am
at 95 near dumfries. actually an accident on the northbound side of route 1 north of dumfries roadblocking the right lane. more on that going on in virginia coming up in my next report at 6:01. in the meantime you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back just a few minutes before the 6:00 hour. cold this morning.
5:56 am
clear skies light winds we've got 20s in fact some low 20s in paw spots to low -- a few spots to low 30s most other places, dry air heats up nicely and 41 by 9:00 here in town. 44 on the bay in annapolis but still many 30s in the shenandoah valley. we head to noon, we're looking mid 40s in hagerstown to low 50s down in southern maryland. northern neck. and this afternoon really fine afternoon. front may bring a couple of clouds but for the most part, sunny. northwest winds 5 to 10. jessica and andrea somewhere? over to you. talk about bling, liz taylor fans can bid on her famous jewels. >> and happy birthday britney. manuel gallegus has those stories and more this morning's look at entertainment news. ♪ >> reporter: britney spears hits the big 3-0 today. the pop star and mother of two is said to be planning a big birthday bash for herself in
5:57 am
mexico where she's touring. word online is that her boyfriend jason trawick's present might be an e endangerment-- engagement ring ♪ the boss will be the keynote spoker at the 2012 south by southwest music festival in texas. bruce springsteen will kick off the annual event in march which features more than 2,000 musical acts from around the world. tom cruise kicked off the promo tour for "mission impossible -- ghost protocol" in tokyo. it's a gesture to his fans there at the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis. >> i want you to know how much we love you and the world is thinking of you and we're here. >> what happens now? >> reporter: ghost protocol opens in the u.s. december 21st. fans of taylor can now own more than just her films. christie's here in new york is about to auction off the most prized possessions. starting today her iconic jewels and wedding dresses are
5:58 am
among the 2,000 plus items on display at the auction house. >> a hallmark of this entire collection is the quality of the stones and the craftsmanship. >> reporter: four days of back the back auctions begin december 13th expected to fetch approximately $50 million. that is your eye on entertainment. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. >> no, we are not drooling over that because we know we can't afford it. >> thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm jessica doyle. little stocking stuffer perhaps. >> qvc version. >> mike is off today. monika is going to be back with timesaver traffic in a moment. >> but right now howard bernstein is here and it feels like december this morning. >> it does, we're down in the 20s and 30s. light winds, frost out there so that will slow you down a couple minutes on the windshield. other than that so far pretty good news from monika on the roads. i have a good forecast for today. and the whole weekend. it's cold though. 35 in town but mid 20s in lots of is suburbs.
5:59 am
by 9:00, 41. by noon, sunny and 50 and winds will become northwesterly at 5 to 10 miles an hour and this afternoon highs in the mid 50s for driving home with 52. so the outdoor plans today look pretty good. there's a front that's coming and it is producing rain and snow up here. i expect this front to come through dry, maybe a couple of clouds with it and the rain shift to the northwest is what we'll experience but still a fine day. with those highs in the mid 50s. however this morning the temperatures before i go because they are on the cold side. down to 21 at the airport in frederick, up in hagerstown though 30. la plata at 27 degrees with 29 in cambridge and also down in southern maryland. monika samtani, a pretty good start to the friday so far. it really hasn't been bad howard. thank you so much. good morning everybody. things are looking good early on this friday morning. look at 95 on the northbound side. delays through woodbridge right now. by the way, let's go to a live


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