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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  December 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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by 55:00 and mostically cloudy skies with highs upper 50s to low 60s. there it is in yellow, calvert st. mary's until can. the eastern shore and areas down to the south also in the advisory, northern neck down to richmond. no problems with visibility in the metro. east is where we run into issues all across the bay. bwi now down to three quarters. richmond a sixteenth. cambridge and east of there. without the fog, temperatures dropping into the mid-30s. leesburg is 36. here in dc 42 degrees. lots of rain out to the west, mcpherson square after police arrested dozens of occupy protesters. >> it was mostly peaceful when the whole thing started two months ago. this started all over a shed
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protesters were building this weekend. surae chinn joins us live with more on the mood this morning. how is it going? >> reporter: right now no clashes, no loud noises. you can see everyone mainly asleep and that makeshift shelter has been torn down since last night. things have been peaceful up into this point until they started building the shelter and police really clashed as you can see in this video. things really got out of hand. there was no permit. protesters were told to tear down the shelter within the hour. they refused. park police moved in on horseback. 15 people were initially arrested for crossing a police line. then another round of people were arrested. police had to bring in a cherry pick tore pluck them off the roof. one man relieved himself as hundreds of people watched.
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>> he exposed his genitals as he was urinating in the direction of the officers underneath him. >> reporter: one person who was arrested. the one person has been charged with urinating in public and indecent exposure and we'll see what happens today. there is planned protesting as well. we'll see if things are calmer or if they escalate again today. back to you. >> surae chinn reporting live from dc's mcpherson square. today should be an interesting day in the dc council. later this morning they are expected to take up a new ethics bill and many are wondering if councilman harry thomas is going to show up to work today. that is because fbi and irs agents searched his home friday. thomas is accused of spending $300,000 earmarked if a youth program. he used it for personal use. agents hauled off a vehicle,
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motorcycle, bags of records, even a personal cell phone. thomas has since agreed to repay the $300,000 but denies any wrongdoing. a new poll of republican voters in iowa has newt gingrich in the lead for the party's presidential nomination. followed by ron paul and mitt romney. in the des moines sur raining received 25%. mitt romney got 16%. the iowa caucuses are now just a month away. these three and the other candidates vai fog presidential primary wins -- vying for presidential primary wins have been boosted by herman cain's withdrawal. time for the latest your money report this morning.
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and jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. >> good morning. we shouldn't really expect another week like last week. wall street is coming off one of its best weeks in stock market history. stocks did bull back on friday, even though the unemployment rate fell to a two year low. the big drop in the jobless rate is because more than 300,000 people simply gave up looking for work and were no longer counted by the government as unemployed. the dow this morning at 12019. the nasdaq finished up 8% for the week and the s&p 500 was up by more than 7% on the week. it could be a really big week ahead in the efforts to suppress a financial meltdown in europe.
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at a summit this week leaders will discuss creating a fiscal union to combat the crisis. the leaders of germany and france both said last week a fiscal packet should be written into the treaty so budget rules can be properly enforce today nations that failed to comply. and microsoft is rolling out a new interface for its xbox. the changes will allow to you navigate through movies tv shows and games with the wave of your hand or voice. xbox owners with the motion controller can swipe through screens by waving their hands in the air. it will be available starting tomorrow. >> that is really cool. i've seen it. it is like you are swiping your ipad in the air. >> like minority report, remember that movie? let's move the universe around. >> what do you have for us the next half hour? >> well home heating bills this
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winter. budget more. get ready. this is your early warning. >> good thing we have had mild temperatures so far. it is just about 5:08. howard is coming up next with your work week forecast. plus some of america's greatest performers are honored right here in washington. speaking of performances, what performance did the redskins turn in yesterday? ouch. did you see the game against the jets? find out why also two of their most promising players are done for the season and it is not a good reason. details coming up frs i am colonel mark delong from korea oh sun air base. i would like to wish my father, my family and all my friends in virginia a very special merry christmas and happy new year.
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good morning, 10 after 5:00 on this monday morning. watch out for the fog. this stuff is no joke. visibility quarter mile or less in many areas. this extends toward the baltimore region as well. it will be partly to mostly cloudy today. mild as temperatures will be in the mid-50s for noon. we have got some rain on the way and colder temperatures as well. 7-day forecast. monika with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: if you are planning to head on i-395. you are going to be okay. here's what it looks like on
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the beltway route 4 heading down toward oxen hill and alexandria. we'll take a closer look into virginia at 5:17. the stars were out last night in washington. indeed the kennedy center honors recognized the best in the entertainment business over the years. barbara cook, singer songwriter neal diamond, and actress meryl streep all attended a retension at the white house prior to the ceremony. the awards are given for a lifetime of contributions to american cultures. the kennedy center honors will be broadcast right here on channel 9, tuesday, december 727th. starts at 5:00 p.m. howard and monika are back with weather and traffic after the break. plus we'll have some of your responses after the break. this is a good one.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now our time is 5:14 on this monday morning. we have been talking about pretty mild temperatures up to now. >> we start the week mild. yes it will change. the second week of december practically. >> i know. it is.
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seasonal, though, right? now in the 50s. >> 50 is where we should be. yesterday is 55. today is still around 60. even wednesday night, wednesday night we have got a chance for snowflakes north and west of town. if everything works out. i know it's been tough for snow lovers, other than october 29th this year. that's all i'm seeing right now. let's get moving this morning, we are talking about the dense fog advisory south and east of town until 9:00 a.m. you folks close to the bay consider yourself in the advisory. visibility coming in places like pasadena, annapolis all running a quarter mile or less. we have no problems with the visibility from dc and points west. quarter mile annapolis, down to leonard town, i'm sure it is
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foggy down there. three quarters cambridge over to easton. a 16th down in richmond. mostly cloudy, fog on the east and southeast side. got to change that symbol. mostly cloudy this morning, temperatures in the mid-30s to mid-40s. we are looking at a day with partly to mostly cloudy skies. mild though, mid-50s by noon. winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour with a 4:00 p.m. temperature around 60. we had some sun today. even milder than that. we have more sun. if we had more, we'd in milder. right now the chill is in sterling is 31. laurel is 36, andrews air force base 40. there has been a touch of fog sneaking toward andrews, temperatures 42.
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the relative humidity 92%. light west-southwest wind. for us a storm system coming out of new mexico and texas look at the snow and the blue here headed toward oklahoma city. south of that slightly mild air. heavy rains texas, extendling up into southern illinois. this rain goes up to buffalo and rochester. there is a front with this. all going to be sliding slowly east. today the rains will say to our west. in southern indiana and western tennessee. i think we start with showers tomorrow morning. steadier rain midday south and east might take a little bit longer to get there. we will see periods of rain tomorrow and late wednesday night we could see another wave, bringing rain maybe mixed with snow. 61 today. tonight about 50. tomorrow 60 with the wet weather. wednesday in the 50-degree range. and cold tore finish out the week. all around town.
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things were actually looking good monday morning. i'm going to keep my fingers crossed. you can see the beltways looking good all around town. first of all at 95, no problems to report from dale city. into springfield on to 395 they are looking good. no problems to report here. traffic is moving well. the length of 395 at speed across the bridge span and into downtown area. over to the maps 66 no problems to report as you head in from gainsville, centerville and all the way toward fairfax. a last live look at the american legion bridge. bethesda and tyson's corner no problems to report. let's take a look at 270 in my next report coming up at 5:25. andrea and mike? thank you monika. it is 5:18. the question of the day once more every year americans spend roughly $9 billion to improve
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this. is it bad breath, physical health or hairstyle? camille moon wrote on her website let it be everything else can be addressed later. log onto the facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll reveal the answer later this morning during the 6:00 hour. we'll be back.
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howard bernstein we have dense fog off to the east. visibility quarter mile or less. queen ann's county now. no fog through to that. as far as today's concerned. we have the clouds and fog, not the rain. sometime the fog. upper 40s here as we head toward 9:00. mostly cloudy at noon. it may be 60 south this afternoon partly to mostly cloudy highs. upper 50s to low 60. an update with a morning report from kristen. >> reporter: good morning everybody the redskins unfortunately missing out on another victory monday. they were trying to make it two in a row after snapping their six game losing streak.
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rex grossman and the skins hosting the new york jets. on opening drive grossman pitches to roy helu. another big gain for the rookie and the redskins strike first. but the jets respond. sean green on the hand off, score one of his three touchdowns today. it wouldn't be a redskins game without a turn over. green with his second touchdown from nine yards out to extend the lead, and at that point, the redskins couldn't. they were in too deep a hole to come back skins back in the loss column. 34-19. >> disappointed the way we started out in the third quarter. we had a chance to at least get ahead by 10:00. we are breaking down those last few drives. this is the hardwood.
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looking to rebound from last week's loss. game tied at 16. in the sex half, mosley, outlets to terrell. the game was close late. buries the jumper here, it was a career high 33 for them at the bp and t classic. join us tonight at 5:50 as brian mitchell joins us to grade the game. have a great monday. thank you so much, i'm monica san in the traffic center. taking a live look at 95 here at stafford. southbound after route 3 in fredericksburg. watch out for bridge work until 3:00 p.m. you are watching 9news now, we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. and i'm mike hydeck. and here's monica san. she does traffic. and here's howard bernstein. we have power issues down south and fog issues east causing problems. we'll start with the closings down south. both of these in charles county are close because of power outages apparently caused by a car accident over the weekend. in queen ann's county you guys are delayed 90 minutes because of dense fog in there. we don't know about other delays they make their decision by 6:15. we have a little while. we may still hear some. let's look at our day planner on this. monday morning, december 5th. 42 degrees in washington. we'll be in the mid-50s by noon and upper 50s at 5:00.
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winds will be out of the south. clouds are thicker and we'll not get before the 60-degree range. dense fog advisories for the eastern shore, southern maryland, sal volterra saint marry's. we have been hearing visibility issues even bwi. down about three quarters. visibility down a quarter mile in annapolis, easton, no problems with the fog here. frederick is down to 32. we are looking at a lot of rain out to the west. this will be moving in for tonight and tuesday. then we get cold middle of the week. enjoying monday while it lasts, weatherwise and
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trafficwise. here's what it looks like on 270. no problems to report as you head all the way down to the southful traffic still moving very well. we are going to take a live look at new hampshire. no problems to report as you leave 95. heading past new hampshire avenue. you are going to be okay on the top side of town. if you are planning to head into rockville, no problem with report. a look at 355 at route 28. also looking good here no problems in the heart of the rockville area from frederick and no problems on the american legion bridge. we'll go into virginia at 5:40. andrea and mike. authorities hauled away dozens of occupy dc protesters from mcfierceston's square. the end campment had been largely peaceful. however all that changed this
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weekend when occupiers started building a large shed. good morning surae. >> reporter: good morning. it is calm right now. all the tents are still up. people are sleeping inside, but a big difference from yesterday when there was a clash with police. 31 people were arrested. ever since that makeshift building went up, that shelter and people refused to leave. protesters were told to take it down because they didn't have a permit and an inspector even came in, deeming it up you safe. people refuse to leave the partially built shed and they were inside and on the roof. police brought in an armored car and inflated cushion. six people were on the roof and had to be cherry picked off of it after police used ropes and ladders. one mother's son was arrested.
5:30 am
>> i wish this whole situation had not happened. i personally don't think not the structure was the thing to take a stand on. >> it protects from hypothermia. it wasn't an action to make the capital police department mad. no officers were hurt, no protesters were hurt, all around this area the streets were blocked off right now this morning, they have opened back up this morning. back to you andrea and mike. deadly violence in the district. two people shot to death in separate incidents. police say early on saturday night, a man was shot and killed, in the 1100 block of 21st street northeast. then around 12:30 sunday morning, a woman was shot to death inside her house on 23rd place northeast. no word on any suspects in
5:31 am
either shooting. the search going to resume later this morning for a w s s c worker who went missing. emergency crews and police have searched all weekend for 35-year-old charles duckett from middle river. the man was in a green boat inspecting the area for a deer hunt. he failed to report back friday afternoon. his boat was empty and was discovered washed ashore. >> reporter: it means a lot that so many people have been search we hope the search will continue. we are not giving up. please help us find him, and keep him in your prayers until we do. >> duckett has been missing since friday. this is the big question this morning. will dc councilman harry thomas show up for work? privately some of his colleagues are saying thomas' attendance could be a distraction.
5:32 am
this is because the fbi and irs agents say about a search warrant. it is believed that thomas spent money from a youth program on himself. the agents hauled off a vehicle, a motor cycle and bags and records and personal items, including thomas' personal cell phone. he has agreed to repay the $300,000, but denies any wrongdoing. we have been unable to reach anyone who can say if thomas plans to slow up and cast a vote on that ethics bill. time for another your money report. jessica is back with high does of higher heating bills. >> once it gets cold, look out. your home heating oil your home heating bills if you use heating oil could be very, very big this winner. the price of heating the average home, with oil, is expected to jump 10% this year.
5:33 am
bills could average more than $2500 over the winter heating season, which is considered october through march. those bills are 45% higher than just two years ago. the average bill then just $1700. you can blame the political unrest on libya, which has been causing oil prices across the globe to surge. the average price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped 9 cents according to the lundburg survey. locally aaa puts our gas prices on average. for regular at $3.28. general motors is trying to figure out why some of its award winning plug in chevy volts caught fire after a government crash test. one possibility being looked into is cool ant leaking from a punctured battery case
5:34 am
interacting with electronics. gm is studying two fires. all of the incidents occurred hours or days after the test. the subject of a government safety investigation. gm is offering to give owners who are worried about their volts a refund. time right now is 5:36. later in sports, find out why two star redskins players are done for the season. you know you are having a bad weekend when you are out in your hot set of wheels and this happened. during a sunday cruise. one of the most expensive accidents ever. we'll explain how it happened when we come back.
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welcome back. no problems here in dc this morning. it is chilly. but to our occupy -- our south and east we have visibility issues. school delays in queen ann's county due to the fog this morning, 90 minutes. it will be mild once we burn off the fog. low 60s, high these afternoon. showers moving in tonight and tomorrow. more on that coming up in the next five minutes.
5:38 am
let's go inside to monica. thank you so much howard. we are taking a live look here at 14th street and ninth street. no problems to report here or any of the corridors in the district. the crossings looking good as well incident free into the district. we'll have more on area roadways coming up at 5:48. back to you guys. in what may be one of the most expensive sunday drives in history, 14 cars including ferarri, and mercedes benz slammed into each other sunday. the group was on a fun run when one of the ferarris spun out of control, ran into the median and then caused one of the most expensive chain reaction crashes i've ever seen. in all eight ferarris, eight
5:39 am
mercedes benz totaled. the cars are worth collectively more than $4 million. the group of super cars was traveling much faster than the speed limit and the mess tied- up the highway for six hours. okay. before we head to break, let's check on who is celebrating a birthday today. his mother named him richard, you know him as little richard. she played the scheming half sister katherine wentworth on the cbs hit show of dallas. gary allen is 44. comedian is 43. if it is your birthday happy birthday to you as well. we'll be right back.
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. 5:44. just shy of 5:45. it is a good monday morning and we are happy to have howard here to give us the forecast. we have some issues with fog and with power. but the day is going to be pretty good. going to be mild, and they have expanded the dense fog advisory now to include hartford county we have been seeing those visibility sneak up. along the bay annapolis, bwi. no surprise they have ex spended those advisories. that is going to be the biggest problems south and east. the dense fog advisory goes until 9:00 a.m. some of the visibility in richmond down to a quarter of a mile. queen ann's county schools have been delayed 90 minutes. producer confirming the 90 minutes for queen ann's county.
5:44 am
we are going to hear about talbot county. you can see the problem the airport down to zero. right on the bay itself i spoke to jana receive, fog seems to be the issue with leonard town annapolis bwi quarter mile visibility. this extends to the upper part of the bay as well. we have no problems with the visibility there. so our bus stop forecast calling for partly to mostly cloudy with patchy, dense fog east and southeast. 35 to 45. our sunrise at 11 minutes after 7:00 a.m. this morning. 9:00 partly sunny. we'll be back into the 47- degree range. south winds at 4 miles per hour. 5 to 10 out of the south with 56 at noon. by 5:00. should get to 60, 61. west of town we have 30s in
5:45 am
culpepper, manassas, 40 in gate they are nersburg this morning -g in gaithersburg this morning. the real cold, look at these single digits in denver now. bismarck at 7. little bit of arctic air coming in, we have temperatures on the flip side of this front. look at the boundary here in the 60s with snow falling in new mexico, texas and oklahoma. there is cold air coming down. heavy rain around dallas this morning headed toward arkansas, areas in the tennessee and ohio valleys. that is going to stay west of us. as the week progresses this front probably by wednesday or so will actually make it through us. there is a chance a wave may
5:46 am
form on this wednesday night. for today though we'll stay dry. tonight showers moving after midnight. tomorrow morning we start with showers, steadier rains midday will work its way toward us. a wet day tomorrow, stems still on the mild side. this will all pass us tuesday night by wednesday morning. mountain snow showers. colder wednesday. so manytexty with the rain. only around 50 with the high. there could be late rain or even snow wednesday night north and west of town. by thursday clearing and colder. 45. a little break friday. the coldest day of the season on saturday. highs likely staying in the 30s. food monday morning.
5:47 am
i'm happy to say it is a good monday morning. there have been no big deals to report all around town. traffic has been looking decent actually. on the beltway you have minor delays heading into silver spring now. you are used to that. let's go over to 66 inbound. let's take a live look on compton road. it is going to slow down after route 50. but the lanes are open, it is incident free. taking a look at i-95. no problems to report. heading for the beltway. a little slow in landmark. no big deals. coming up in my next report we'll go into maryland at 5:59. mike, back to you. senate democrats plan to offer a new proposal today to extend the payroll tax cut into
5:48 am
the new year. democrats and republicans both want to con the cuts but they can't agree on how to pay for it. the payroll cuts for millions of americans expire at the end of the month. a you united states spy plane is now apparently in the hands of i are rainian officials. they shot down the drone and recovered it with minimal damage. >> now to a story you'll only see on 9. a virginia mother is outraged after a school forced her son to wear a weighted belt in class. tonya pane knew her son was being treated for impulse control issues. what she didn't know was that his teachers were making him wear the belt every day. pane signed a waiver for the occupational therapist to use sensory strategies but had no idea it would mean this.
5:49 am
it doesn't say anything about a miracle belt. as a mother i was upset. 9news couldn't find another school in the area that used weighted vests. 5:51. another rough outing for the redskins. this week the loss courtesy of the new york jets. but there is even more disappointment fred davis and trent williams. the two are done for the rest of the season after failing multiple drug tests. i'm here with redskins insider dave el fin. we started to hear this story right before kickoff. fred davis, trent williams not available for the rest of the year. violation of the nfl's drug policy.
5:50 am
>> remember it broke two weeks ago when they were playing in miami. apparently they are going to be suspended tomorrow for four games. three strikes and you are out and the third one was during the season. no surprise. the rest want to cope them away from us. surprised the last we'll see of them this season. this is the obvious question. how big of a loss is this? he is again having an outstanding year from the tight end position. >> chris cooley is out for the year. he struggled today on the
5:51 am
blocking is aspect. fred davis is their best chance right now. now let's take another look at the question of the day before we go to break. every year americans spend roughly $9 billion to improve one of these things. bad breath, physical health or hairstyle? >> terry rowan wrote i'm guessing a lot of people will pick hairstyle. won't they be surprised when they find out the real answer? >> we'll find out. >> we would love for you to weigh in and reveal the answer in the 6:00 hour is that thank you, guys. you pop that letter in the mail in the future. don't expect it to be delivered the next day. i'll explain coming up at 6:06. monika? here's what it looks like at route 12 and international
5:52 am
drive. no problems to report in that area. route 7 and 123. coming up in my next report, we'll look into maryland at 6:01. you are watching 9news now. stay with us.
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baltimore through calvert st. mary, easton, we'll be watching that. we don't have the rain showing up but the fog, computers don't handle it. the fog is still going to be a problem. we'll recover into the upper 40s. by noon mid-50s. under partly to mostly cloudy skies. highs upper 50s to low 60s. andrea and mike, over to you. the dinned center honors some of america's greatest performers. and publicity is ramping up in advance of the holiday release of "war horse " neal diamond was among the five
5:56 am
artists honored last night at the kennedy center in washington. we are all very excited it receive this honor. actress meryl streep was also honored. the kennedy center honors will be broadcast on cbs. it wasn't easy bringing war horse to the big screen. the broadway version of the book won a stony and it is still playing. >> i saw the play first. after about ten seconds i turned to my husband and said i don't think i'm going to be able to sit through this. >> reporter: steven spielberg brings the movie of war horse to theaters christmas day. director david lynn save known for his quirky filmmakerring. lynch started his own foundation which will award $1 million in grants to teach the technique
5:57 am
to help those returning for more dealing with trauma. charlie sheen's ex-wife is out on bail. brooke mueller was rested in aspen, colorado for assault. she will be back in court later this month. that is your eye on entertainment. sandra hughes. boom, i'm andrea roane. and i'm mike hydeck. don't hide my sweater. howard bernstein will have our weather first in just a moment. we have some school closings to tell you about. thomas higdon elementary school and howard has some school delays. >> reporter: queen ann's county. we are still waiting to hear
5:58 am
anybody else my delay due to the fog. the fog has been very thick. would not be surprised if talbot joins them as well. it will be a mild start to the week but not a mild finish to the week. next weekend you are going to need heavy coats on saturday. temperatures in the low 40s in town. 30s out west. mid-50s by noon. there is our dense fog advisory. no problems metro or west. but along the bay, southern maryland and eastern shore northern neck all dealing with visibility. a lot of quarter mile visibility reports from baltimore. down the eastern shore to pack river, prince frederick. some of this has been sneaking a little closer here. mainly this is an east of 301
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