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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  December 5, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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in private. >> i look forward to having a conversation with councilman thomas. >> diverting some $300,000. public dollars from a youth sports program. he denied all wrong doing, but has agreed to pay all of that money back. this is bruce johnson reporting from downtown washington for 9news now. >> occupy d.c. on a bit of damage control after last night's arrest. 31 protesters were arrested sunday after they built a wooden house down at mcpherson square and the standoff got routty, even violent at times. many say the behavior of those who were arrested is giving the movement a bad name. >> some of them want to make their statement because they are selfish and figure, my way is going to make this occupation work better. we are nonviolent and we want to keep it that way. >> another group calling itself rdc is bringing their movement down to the mall. now they do have a permit to rally for jobs until friday. tonight, we are learning more about the drug suspension
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facing two stars on the washington redskins. now according to multiple reports, offensive lineman for the rest of this season all for violating the league's substance abuse policy. dave owens is there with the tough news on a tough season. >> you're absolutely right. the story began trickling out yesterday shortly before kickoff. naturally after the game, reporters were looking to get answers from both davis and williams. that never happened. both were removed from the locker room before it was open to reporters. here's what we do know. williams and davis violated the league substance abuse policy. we're talking about multiple transgressions here. once immediately following the lockout. the suspension is reportedly for four games, but could have been a year. the nfl and players union negotiated a settlement. some of this occurred during the lockout. here is reaction inside the locker room today. >> i was unaware of the
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situation. these guys sit close to me anyway. so definitely want to reach out and give my support and any way i can help them with anything that they are having trouble with off the field, i'm more than ready to do so. >> we are not going to hold anything against those guys. definitely want them back and love to be here, playing with us through this time. but they have to face the consequences. we support them nonetheless. >> what about davis and williams? they were not made available to reporters. mike shanahan says he expects to hear official word, derek, from the league in the next 24 hours. >> we will wait for that. thank you dave. big cuts at the postal service that could slow down your mail. the postmaster general wants to shutter almost half of the services big processing centers and that could mean cutting $28,000 and it would also mean virtually all letters that would get there in one day would take two days. >> the overnight service
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commitment is causing this tremendous amount of excess capacity within our network. that's what we have to deal with. and we have to do everything in order to save this postal service. >> the changes are slated to take effect next march. the postal service as of now on track to lose $14 billion this year as e-mail and electronic bill pay robs it of a lot of what used to be its business. since the thanksgiving holiday, the decorations have been popping up all over the place. in northern virginia tonight, one display is causing serious controversy. it is a story you will only see on 9. >> i'm peggy fox at the loudoun county courthouse where skeleton santa gets the boot from a concerned citizen. >> she decided to take matters into her own hands. >> what are you doing? >> i'm taking this down. >> why? >> it's offensive. >> what's offensive about it? >> you tell me that you're not offended by it. >> you don't think santa claus
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dressed as -- a skeleton dressed as santa is offensive on a cross? >> carefully, she pulled at the red velvet suit, and dismantelled skeleton santa, laying him gently on the lawn. >> it's right to have freedom of speech, but not to be offensive. >> the leader of the northern virginia atheist sees it differently. >> we are offended by the religious displays on government property. we think it is constitutionally improper and unnecessary. >> in leesburg, peggy fox, 9news now. >> once again, that woman claims she was exercising her first amendment rights, but does that make sense, especially since the man who put up the santa has those same rights? who is right? send your thoughts to mcginty's mail bag. it will be dry throughout most of our evening, but later on tonight, well i'll let topper shutt explain what will
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happen there. >> good news is, i want to emphasize it's still mild. we were 60 today. let's start with temperatures, because this is really a treat. even in oakland it's 50. 54 in gaithersburg. and 55 in manassas. that's a good deal for this time of year. now, we do have clouds around. rain showers pushing into the ohio valley, but they won't get here until well after midnight. late tonight and tomorrow, the main event is going to be wednesday into thursday and may end with snow. we'll talk more about that in a minute. mild, a sprinkle or shower possible after midnight. but lows only around 50. 50 is our average high. so, we're get ago break on temperatures. the big change is on the way. we'll come back and let you know when they are coming. >> sexual abuse allegations? we'll explain after the break. still to come, now that herman cain is out, who is the new gop flavor of the week?
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stay with us. the washington, d.c. veterans affairs medical center and wusa9 salute all who serve at home and abroad this holiday season. >> merry christmas and happy holidays to grandma and granddaddy. tyler and madison, ryan, and henry. and all of our other family and friends in northern virginia. from the donaldsons in germany. merry christmas.
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another sex abuse scandal rocking the world of sports. this time, two men accusing the manager of abusing them back in the 1990s. in fact, one of the victims says kilpatrick assaulted him twice. the statute of limitations expired for seeking criminal charges against firzpatrick who died back in 2005. both men are nonetheless asking for $5 million settlements. the search is over for the day at the reservoir in montgomery county. washington suburban sanitation commission employee disappeared last week. his name was chuck and he was out on the job working as part of a managed deer hunt friday afternoon. that was the last time anybody saw him. searchers found his boat on the water about 300 yards from where he put it in. there's no trace of him.
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his wife and three kids, son age 12, 9, and a daughter who is 7. >> what kind of man is chuck duckett? he's a friend that is always there for you. he's a man that loves and proud of his work, the water, the woods, the people he works with, and above all else, his family. >> this photo may be his final contact with the world beyond the reservoir, at least since friday it was taken on his phone. with herman cain out of the race, the remaining gop candidates are scrambling to divide up his supporters and win his possible endorsement. but who is most likely to come out on top? we'll break it down for you after the break. plus, could snow really be on the way? topper shutt will have your full forecast up next.
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stay with us. brad, where we going?
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as of last saturday, the cain train went off the rails. herman cain, the republican candidate for president decided he is suspending his campaign for right now after all the controversy. we're going to talk about what is left and where it goes. susan page is the washington bureau chief for u.s.a. today and frank newport is
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editor in chief at gallop. and i mean, he was a front runner for a minute, but does herman cain have any support left? >> not very many supporters. and not only have his supporters gone away, but his momentum gone away to newt gingrich. now at the top of national polls. >> he is ahead of romney, who has been mr. steady. talk about the comparison in the latest numbers to come out, frank. >> latest numbers will come out tomorrow, tuesday. but in general, it looks like we're going to show gingrich comfortably ahead. romney isn't moving. all these people swirl around him, his numbers stay the same. as these others have fallen, we'll be showing that newt gingrich has taken a lead. he is now the candidate who is number one nationally. >> now this is national polls.
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so are there any numbers that show who is ahead? >> yeah. there have been polls out over the weekend in iowa and new hampshire. in new hampshire, it's romney. in iowa, the two polls that came out, showed that gingrich had taken a considerable lead. >> now cain suggested he won't endorse anybody any time soon. does his endorsement have any value considering he is damaged goods as a candidate. >> if you are a candidate in this divided field, especially if you are trying to be the alternative to mitt romney. he doesn't want michele bachmann to come up or rick perry or rick santorum, a cain endorsement would help make that point. >> down to those two now. gingrich and romney, that the other three or other four, if you include the congressman who says he is not running again in
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texas. ron paul, thank you so much. sounded like rick perry for a second. do you think that it's really down to those two now? >> i don't know. because if you interviewed me in august, i would have said newt gingrich is out of it. he resurrected himself. go back to '08. hillary clinton was ahead of obama. anybody is out of it or it is just down to these two gentleman. right now, they are the two ahead of everybody else. >> it's been a roller coaster. we have seen six different candidates at the top of the field this year. so you know, we are getting closer and closer to when voters get to have a say, january 3 in iowa. you wouldn't want to bet your farm on newt gingrich yet. >> does this come from a dissatisfaction? >> there's been some of that and distraction, especially with the person who is sort of considered the front runner. mitt romney has the most
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endorsements. he has the most money. he has been around the track before. there's clearly a desire among a lot of republican voters to see if there is somebody out there. >> apparently they decided just maybe it's newt gingrich. susan page, great conversation. we appreciate it. we'll do it again soon. >> let's get over to topper who has that possible snow in the forecast. >> yes, yes, word is in the forecast. let's zoom in. we can pick out our storm. this is the only storm in the 40 continuous states. looks close to us, but actually, it's not going to get east of us until late wednesday night. when that happens, cold air is going to rush in. we are seeing cold air moving in and turning the rain to snow in portions of illinois and back into indiana. that is possible for us wednesday night late and early thursday. tonight, just a will the of clouds. we're going to be dry through midnight and possibly until dawn. temperatures, 54 in bethesda. 56 in arlington. 52 in college park. and 52 in great falls. temperatures are not going to fall much more tonight with the
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cloud cover and the winds out of the south. locate the umbrella. mild through tuesday. mainly showers on tuesday. wetter wednesday, which means more organized rain. cooler wednesday as well. and the cold air comes in before the rain exits. we know what that means, it's a lock for snow in places like cumberland and hagerstown. the question is, what about the immediate metro area and the i- 95 corridor? mostly cloudy tonight, a sprinkle or shower possible late. lows around 50. 50 is our average high. so everybody should hold in the low 50s tonight. which is unexpectedly mild. 50 in gaithersburg. 50 in rockville. maybe 51 in college park. even out to the west, reston and fairfax and sterling, 51. even leesburg and middleburg about 50 tonight. tomorrow morning, some showers. nothing crazy heavy. temperatures in the 50s. winds southwest at 10. by afternoon, well, good news. mild. mostly cloudy. more showers. keep the umbrella handy.
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high temperatures around 60 despite the clouds and the showers. let's break it down for you. 7:00 in the morning, 50s. 57 to 61 by noon. showers and then 58 to 62 by evening. also with light showers. nothing really heavy tomorrow. wednesday will be the wetter of the two days. let's talk about the next three days. here come the changes. cooler on wednesday. better chance of steadier rain. notice the arrow. midnight high wednesday. when you leave wednesday morning t will be in the 50s. when you come home, it will be in the 40s. the rain could end as snow north and west of town with temperatures in the upper 40s. it does appear that no one is going to go below freezing. not worried about anything crazy happening, but you could see some snow wednesday morning. after that, clouds come in. and weak cold front goes through. much colder over the weekend. 48 on sunday. also with sunshine. and next monday, temperatures are going up just a little bit. back to average really. sunshine next monday with
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temperatures around 50. so we'll keep you posted and i suggest you follow me at topper's weather for some tweets, because you might get some information a little quicker about the s word. >> yes, about the s word. >> about snow. >> we'll look forward to that and go to the weird news file because this is for all you do it yourselfers. there are reasons we pay professionals to do certain jobs. reasons like this. mr. james burn learned the hard way. he chopped off his left thumb. an operation to sew it back on didn't work out, so they grabbed his big toe instead and made it into a thumb. and it works. here it is. look at that thing. looks like a big swollen thumb. it's actually a toe. he is happy with it and though you may think it looks odd, what you haven't seen is what his left foot looks like and believe me, you do not want to see it. >> and toes balance you. >> he said he had to learn
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some things. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address, 9news now will be right back. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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in the mail bag tonight, our good friend, john, from virginia reacts to herman cain's decision to suspend his campaign, blaming the continued hurt caused on me and my family. john says how about this conduct that is hurtful to his family? the newfound concern for his family, it's really apparent that morality, is not what motivates mr. cain. one good thing that goes on is that for the most part, the miscreants are weeded out. meantime, over on the wusa facebook page, viewers not happy at all about the post office decision to slow down service to save money. if they wanted to make more
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money, they should up the rates on nonfirst class mail and get junk mail out of our mailboxes. i wouldn't mind paying more to mail letters than have them arrive quickly if they would make it more expensive for companies to blanket mail everyone. the real deal is, it's not the post office's fault. usps is in the worst of positions. it is regulated by the government, but receives zero in funding. if they fail, it won't hurt people like me who do almost everything through the internet. it will hurt people in rural areas that do not have the internet and rely on the u.s. mail being an affordable solution. yeah, brandon, except all of us need the postal service sometimes. i just renewed my maryland driver's license through the mail. i argue this is everyone's problem and now that the consequences are starting to sting, maybe we'll figure out what to do about it. e-mail is a great way to reach out to me. the address is
7:26 pm or join us on the wusa9 facebook page. that is our report. i'll be back at 11:00 along with anita brikman. what's in the name? apparently hateful threats when it's the same as an accused child abuser. we talked with the wrong jerry sandusky tonight at 11:00. don't forget, log on any time to we'll see you later. bye bye.
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tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. the power of angelina jolie. those amazing legs. her unpredictable life, and what she and brad argue about. >> it's the one thing nobody brings up at dinner because nobody wants us to go off on each other. what everyone wants to know. >> you plan to get married to mr. brad pitt. the latest on charlie sheen's ex. what's next after her cocaine arrest. demi moore, why she's in tears. tom cruise in mumbai, india, on his way to dubai, where mark steines is kicking off mission impossible monday. the hollywood sex files and
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the new movie opening up the lid on addicts. "e.t." investigates the truth. >> is sex addiction real or an excuse to cheat? about 10% who think they are sex addicts are. why holidays are extra special for katherine heigl this year. >> we can build up anticipation for christmas morning. what pregnant jessica simpson is eating. >> peanut butter is one of my main cravings. french fries, grilled cheese. chicken nuggets. in depth on the biggest entertainment stories from around the world. >> hi, everybody and welcome to "entertainment tonight," i'm nancy o'dell. mark steines is on assignment. she has the legs everybody wants. she seems to have it all, casting a spell on all of us with her classic beauty and fairy tale life with brad pitt and their six children. is her world as perfect as it seems. how the power of angelina is centered on keeping us all guessing. >> if you plan to get marr


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