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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  December 6, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the rest of today. we'll see more numerous showers tomorrow. here is a look at your current conditions. 59 at andrews air force base. 61 in fredericksburg. leesburg, good morning to you. 57 degrees. your highs for today, low to mid-60s. 60 for manassas. 63 in downtown. here is a look at your next three days. more showers tomorrow. cooler and then main some snow mixing in late wednesday night into thursday. generally north and west of town. not in the immediate d.c. metro area. here is a look at your traffic with monika. >> if you're planning to head into bowie, in case you haven't heard about it, this has been the big story of the evening. it happened at about 9:30 last night. an accident on route 3 between route 450 and route 50 here in bowie. we'll take you over to some video of the accident from overnight. it involved a tractor trailer, a box truck and a vehicle. the tractor trailer overturned
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in the median and landed on the northbound side of route 3. it was carrying 9,000 gallons of gasoline and lucky only 100 of those gallons spilled into the roadway but to off-load all of that gas and to do the cleanup, it took all night. we've been talking to authorities on the phone. they tell us hopefully, fingers crossed, everything will be reopened by about 5:30 this morning. in the meantime, route 3 remains blocked, essentially between route 450 and route 50, southbound go ahead and take route 424 and route 50, you'll have to stick to route 50, you won't be able to access northbound route 3. a quick look around town. here's what it looks like on 395, a much different story here. no problems to report as we travel through springfield into landmark and up to the 14th street bridge. coming up, we'll go back into bowie at 5:12. we'll see you in a bit. it is sentencing day for former prince george's county executive jack johnson. >> he pleaded guilty in may to shaking down developers and
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collecting bribes totalling several hundred dollars. surae chinn joins us from the u.s. district court in greenbelt where johnson will learn his fate later today. surae? >> prosecutors are calling for the maximum sentence for the former county exec. jack johnson faces 14 years in prison. >> what do you want me to do with this money? they're banging. >> put it in your panties and walk out of the house. >> i mean all of this cash, jack. i got the one -- >> put it in your panties. >> oh, my god, ok. >> stuff it in your panties. >> lesli and jack johnson on fbi wiretaps trying to hide $80,000 in cash. today's sentencing may close one of the most embarrassing chapters in prince george's county but this case is far from over. it does not end with johnson. johnson accepted up to a million dollars in bribes for a pay to play scheme during his eight years in office.
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in a recent memorandum by prosecutors, johnson went to great length to secure his financial status. once he left office and left his legacy with his wife to continue the work on county council. sentencing begins at 9:30 here at the federal courthouse in greenbelt. back to you. >> his wife is also facing sentencing this week. what can we expect? >> reporter: well, she faces a wire and evidence tampering charge. she faces 18 months in prison. and that happens on friday, andrea. >> surae chinn reporting live from greenbelt, maryland. >> sources tell 9news now harry thomas might take a leave ofance absence from the d.c. council. we were there when fbi and vieivelt raided thomas' home last friday. the councilman is accused of diverting $300,000 in public money for his personal use. it was originally meant for sports programs for kids. thomas denies doing anything wrong. just the same, he has agreed to
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pay back the money. yesterday, his county count -- the council colleagues in et to discuss the on-going investigation and they instructed council chair kwame brown to have a face-to-face one on one meeting with thomas. >> i look forward to having a conversation with council member thomas to discuss so he's clear on where his colleagues are and what they feel and we look forward to having the discussion shortly. >> thomas has not been charged with any criminal violations. there is another movement in d.c. that is growing this popularity and it is promising to make some noise. >> our d.c. will take to the national mall later today, demanding more jobs for the district's residents. as ken molestina found out, the weekend arrest of some protestors has hindered their effort ins the public eye. >> i want to thank all of the -- >> d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton kicked off the week had -long demonstration on
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the mall. these protestors are specifically focused on bringing more jobs to d.c. residents. >> we're going to congress and capitol hill. it is called take back capitol hill. >> they may be tainted after the aggression seen on sunday. occupy d.c. protestors were arrested by police and thrown to the ground after they refused to dismantle a barn- like structure they were illegally building. it is this kind of activity our d.c. protestors don't want to be associated with. >> we're not about balance. we're not about hurting anybody. >> the two movements are not one in the same according to the organizers. although they share common agendas, they have many differences. for example, our d.c. is heavily funded by title sponsors like move and seiu to name a few. occupy d.c. isn't. >> we're seeing the people get out of jail having remembrance
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for yesterday's actions. >> kyle said he doesn't believe his camp's actions are to blame for any negative attention other movements are getting. he feels the arrests and the disruptions should be celebrated. >> it obstructed the town. it stopped business as usual. because of that, people had to pay attention. >> back at the national mall, our d.c. has been permitted to keep the stations up through friday. >> it shouldn't be so many people unemployed, underemployed and homeless. >> reporter: here is the irony. the folks here at our d.c. have invited the occupy d.c. protestors to join them later on today when they march up the mall up to the capitol and demand more jobs. we're at the national mall, ken molestina, 9news now. time for the latest "your money" report of the morning. >> and our money maven is here, jessica doyle. good mornings my dear. >> wall street managed to overcome europe. at least it did yesterday. there's always something else on the horizon. standard & poors is putting 150 euro nations on review for a
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possible downgrade including a threat to germany and france's triple a rating. leaders are calling for a new treaty to prevent nations from running up big debts. dow stands at 12,097. jumped 78 points in trading. nasdaq and s&p 500 gained over 1%. two former employees of failed brokerage mf global have sued jon corzine who used to be the former governor of new jersey. the two employees say the executives lied about the finances and encouraged workers to put their retirement savings into company stock that later plummeted. they're seeking class action status. convicted insider trader raj is now a new type of insider. he arrives at federal prison in massachusetts yesterday to begin serving the longest ever
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sentence for insider trading. he was given an 11-year sentence. he's a diabetic in need of a kidney transplant. because of his sentence, he'll have to receive the transplant in prison. move that will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. he cannot pay for his own medical care in prison. that's now on the taxpayer. >> even though he can afford it. >> yep. >> that's the way it works. >> we're staying with the theme for healthcare for a second. we're taking a look at the new healthcare law. is it helping people. we're looking at the dollars and cents. >> thanks, jess. >> our time is 5:09. anny is up next with the forecast. monika is check the roads. >> if you're looking to get a big dose of the holiday spirit, we'll fill you in on festivities planned tonight on the hill. >> more fallout for two redskins players who failed several large drug tests.
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hear what coach mike shanahan has to say coming up later in sports.
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good morning. time now is 5:11 on your tuesday morning. it is mild if you're stepping out the door. wet, some areas of light rain as we speak. grab the umbrella as you're heading out the door.
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here is a look at your quick day cast. temperatures warm up into the low to mid-60s. already up in the upper 50s. more unsettled weather coming this way. it is 57 degrees with light rain. here is your look at your traffic with monika. good morning. >> good morning, anny and good morning, everybody. on the northbound side and southbound side of route 3, expect all lanes to be blocked. it is closed between route 450 and route 50. southbound go ahead and use 424. on route 50, no access to route 3 this morning. i'll keep you posted on this situation cobbling up at 5:20. the wilson building is decked out for the holidays. >> mayor vincent gray was on hand for a holiday tree lighting ceremony sunday. the tree is locationed in the grand foyer of the main d.c. government building located at 13th and pennsylvania avenue northwest. >> hundreds of people are
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expected on the hill later tonight for the annual u.s. capitol christmas tree lighting. it takes place at 5:00 p.m. on the west lawn. a 7-year-old boy from sonora, california, will throw the switch along with house speaker john baber. the capitol christmas tree lighting has been an american tradition since 1964. >> monika is up with a check on the roads in just a bit. >> coming up, at 5:25, mike shanahan, the coach of the redskins has his say on the suspension of two players following a string of failed drug tests. >> see how you help local military families to have reason to be thankful this season. >> we have pretty cool things to show you coming up. howard is going to -- we'll explain.
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if you're looking for a fun way to usher in the holidays, you have to look at what's at the national harbor. >> it turns prince george's county into a pretty hot spot for the holidays. howard bernstein joins us from national harbor with more and you notice he's got a big blue parka on. >> good morning.
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it is balmy outside. 50s, almost 60. inside, i'm at 14 and change and this does not include the wind chill. this is marty from madagascar. really cool exhibit going on here. it has been here for several years now. this is amy with the gaylord national. >> it is two million pounds of ice. it took 40 ice carvers a month to carve it tfnlt is a walk through indoor holiday attraction. it is so much fun. >> it is really cold in here, amy. >> that's why we have the blue parkas for everyone to wear. >> this year's theme, madagascar. we're going to explore this place with you as we go throughout the morning. but really, really neat. i love how clear the ice is. how do they do it? >> it is deionized bubbles. they remove the bubbles before they freeze it. >> this place is spectacular. let's get to our forecast on this frigid tuesday morning.
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outside, look at that. 57 degrees. our day planner, temperatures will be climbing into the low 60s this afternoon. the low 60s! average high is about 50. i wish it was 50 in here right now. you can see the light showers north of town, north of baltimore from front royal to hagerstown toward frederick. 61 in fredericksburg. 48 cumberland is the cool spot. everybody very, very balmy this morning with the southerly winds. you can see the moisture that's coming in. now, today, today, scattered showers are around. you see everything moving off toward the northeast. heavy stuff at southwestern virginia. looking at the future cast through the day. here comes the rain. you've got the showers. this afternoon, we may get into some breaks here and there. overall, it might not be that bad. as we get into toobtd tomorrow, another wave of rain. tomorrow looks like the wetter day. we'll have periods of rain, moderate at times. watch what happens.
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wednesday night, 9:45, some moderate rain south and east of town. the blue in the shenandoah valley out toward hagerstown. that blue, that is snow. so, we look like we're going to switch over to a little bit of snow far northwest of town. that could drop some minor accumulations in spots as we go through wednesday night before thursday morning. this stuff should be out of here by the time you wake up thursday morning. thursday will be a cooler day, sunny, highs only in the 40s. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. today, unbelievable. 60 to 65 as we get to up 52 tomorrow morning. temperatures actually dropping as the cold air moves in with the rain. wintry mix wednesday night. by thursday and friday, chilly. breezy and 42. sunday and monday, more normal with temps in the 40s. and just want to tell you guys we're out here, checking out the ice sculptures here. we're going to learn more about this and how they get the different colored ice together.
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you can see the different colors. they're not doing it with an airbrush. it is kind of a cool process. it is rather frigid in here. let's go over to monika samtani with your timesaver traffic. >> thank you, howard. so much fun out there. can't wait to see more. this is what we're dealing with closer into town. if you're planning to head into the bowie area from overnight, a multivehicle accident continues to block route 3 between route 450 and route 50. this carries 9,000 gallons of gasoline. cleanup has taken all night long. if you're heading southbound on route 3, i suggest you go ahead and use route 424 instead on route 50, you won't be ache able to access route 3. over to route 50 at the seven river, no problems as you head toward annapolis and the accident scene. you will not be able to access route 3 from route 50.
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heading to the beltway on this roadway, you will be ok. let's take you over to springfield on the northbound side of i-95 and 395. it is incident-free and running at speed into landmark and the 14th street bridge. last live look at the beltway in the north side of town. looking good here as well on the outer loop leaving i-95 into silver spring and over to the american legion bridge. coming up, another update around town at 5:26. mike and andrea? >> thank you, monika. let's check on the question of the day today. people who do this every day experience better sleep. is it a, work out every day? b, clean their bedroom or c, watch little or no television. >> rob kohler wrote this on our page, a which is work out. but don't watch tv in bed before. >> that might not help you sleep very well. >> we want to hear what you think. we'll reveal the answer at 6:00 a.m.
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this morning.
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good morning, everyone. hey, it is a mild, balmy start out there. it is wet. we do see light rain. that trend will continue for the rest of today. by 3:00 in the lower 60s. by 6:00, also lower 60s thanks to the mild start we'll have early this morning. already temperatures in the mid to upper 50s at this hour.
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don't forget your umbrella. that's your weather. here is a look at your sports now. good morning, everybody. one is by war far the most productive redskins player, the davis. the other is the player on the offensive line, williams. losing two players of that caliber is the last thing they needed. those two guys will be suspended sometime today for violating the substance abuse policy three times. normally that means a year-long suspension. because of the lockout it has been reduced to four games. >> some people will make mistakes. we understand that, along the way. it doesn't mean we're going to just drop somebody because they make a mistake. >> sometimes you don't make the best decisions that we could make. that has nothing to do so much with the character as sometimes just the lack of judgment. >> hockey last night, caps on the road against florida. michael norberg getting the start. he saw a lot of pumps and stops. he gave up five goals.
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caps came back, scored the last three goals. they fall short 5-4. hockey is realigning. caps will be in the conference with carolina, new jersey, pittsburgh, the islanders, rangers and philly, the top four will make the playoffs. the cool thing is caps fans were seeing more rivalry fans instead of four games with crosby, six games now. players still have to approve realignment. it is expected they will. that will do it for your morning sports, i'm dey owens. have a great tuesday, everybody. >> big overnight accident remains on route 3. it is blocked between route 450 and route 50 in the bowie area. good news is authorities are telling us within the next 30 minutes, hopefully some lanes will open up. i'll keep you posted on that situation in my next report. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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welcome back to 9news now on this tuesday morning. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. you peek outside, you're going to go oh! >> anny is in for howard. >> we're in the beginning stages of an unsettled weather pattern. not just today but tomorrow and the first part of thursday. we'll break it down for you. you look outside. it looks dreary and gray. it may even look cold but it is not. you step outside as we were saying, it is a balmy start out there. here is a look at our doppler radar. we have light rain falling. it is not widespread. it is scattered around the area. that trend will continue for the rest of today. here is a look at your day planner, temperatures already will be in the low 60s at noon thanks to a southerly wind. cloudy all day with light rain throughout the afternoon.
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currently, it is 55 in downtown. 567 in leesburg -- 57 in leesburg. 59 at andrews air force base. balmy start this morning. all right, your highs today around low to mid-60s around downtown. 60 for manassas. 60 in hagerstown. tomorrow is wetter compared to today. it will be cooler in the afternoon. temperatures falling. i got the snowflake on this wednesday night to thursday, north and west of town, we could see the rain changing to a went where i mix -- changing to a wintry mix. here's monika with your traffic. >> good morning, anny. we'll go straight to video of an overnight pretty big accident involving three vehicles including this tractor trailer carrying 9,000 gallons of gasoline. it all happened in bowie on route 3 between route 450 and route 424. right now, lanes remain blocked between 450 and 50 but as mike
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referred to, we have some good news. within the next 20 or so minutes, hopefully the lanes will be opened up. maryland state police have kept us posted all night long about the accident. luckily, there were no serious injuries although has taken this long to clear it up because of the tractor trailer carrying 9,000 gallons of gasoline. luckily only 100 gallons spilled out. let's go over to a map so i can show you exactly where it is on route 3 between route 450 and route 50. if you're heading out the door, take route 424 over to route 50. on route 50 itself, you cannot access route 3 but hopefully in the next few minutes, the situation will change. we'll take you over to another map. southbound 295 at blue plains, only the right lane is getting you by an accident. watch out for that northbound is unaffected by that scene. last live look, this time at
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270, no problems from frederick down past falls road to the point where the lanes divide. coming up in my next report, more on what's going on in bowie at 5:38, mike and andrea? >> it is sentencing day for former prince george's county executive jack johnson. >> he pleaded guilty and made a shaking down in totalling bribes of $700,000. surae chinn joins us live from greenbelt where he's expected to learn his fate later today. the judge in this case is tough on sentencing and that's exactly what prosecutors want to hear because they're calling for the maximum sentence of 14 years in prison for the former county exec. 62-year-old jack johnson. in court today, we're expected to hear the overwhelming abuse of power in the eight years jack johnson was leading this county in prince george's county as the exec.
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johnson's corruption revealed a pay to play scheme and accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars this bribes. we're also all aware of how he tried to cover it up through his wife, flushing down $100,000 check and leslie johnson stuffing $80,000 in her underwear. the defense, meanwhile is expected to lay out the last 30 years of work of public service that jack johnson did and most likely lay out some of the work and the positive things he's done in the last 30 years to lessen prison time. sentencing is at 9:30 in federal court in greenbelt. back to you. >> surae chinn reporting live. obviously we'll stay tuned and give you the details. >> at 5:35, time for another "your money" report. >> jessica is back with what -- some changes -- what are you talking about? >> the post office. >> ok. >> it will slow down your mail. big changes that could add a day or two to your mail
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service. an extra day or two for the first class mail. that could impact you in unexpected ways. you would have to pay your bills a day or two earlier. postmaster general wants to shut down half of the services and cut 28,000 jobs. the cuts would mean virtually all letters that used to arrive in one day will take two and letters that used to take two days will now take three. >> mmm. >> the overnight service commitment is causing this tremendous amount of excess capacity within our network. that's what of we've got -- that's what we've gotta deal with. we've gotta do everything in order to save this postal service. >> the changes are slated to take effect next march. the postal service is on track to lose $14 billion this year, on the verge of bankruptcy as e- mail and electronic bill pay lobs a lot of its business. the new healthcare bill is helping some people a lot. about 2.7 million medicare
5:35 am
recipient bees have saved millions on their prescriptions. the government will announceds savings averaged about $570 a person while premiums have remained stable. also more than 24 million people have gone in for free annual physicals or other screening exams. there is good news out of that. it will be political. >> what wouldn't. >> good news is you met somebody very interesting recently. >> that's right. yesterday i met anthony. >> hello, anthony. >> he works at the -- huge fan of mike and andrea. we're a huge fan of his. >> thanks, anthony. >> we love everyone who gets up with us this the morning. >> thank you, anthony. >> our time is 5:36. police in northern virginia need your help catching a purse snatcher. we have video caught on tape. you can see them. >> plus, a bigwig with a federal aviation administration is in a serious jam.
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find out why he has been placed on leave now.
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good morning, time now, 5:39 on your tuesday morning. you only need a light jacket out here, main a sweater, also need your umbrellas because we're seeing some wet conditions out here. here is a look at your day planner for this tuesday. right now, 57 so it is mild if not balmy to start off your morning. temperatures will already get to the low 60s around noon. light, scattered showers for the rest of the day. tomorrow is looking to be even wetter. here is a look at your traffic with monika. >> good morning, anny. >> good news for drivers in bowie with a big accident overnight on route 3. southbound lanes have been reopened at route 450. northbound as you can see, remains blocked between route 50 and route 450, hopefully
5:39 am
they'll open it up shortly as well. i'll keep you posted on that situation coming up at 5:48. mike, back to you. thanks, monika. a couple of crooks stealing from a busy shopper. the loudoun county office says a woman was loading items into her car when a small pickup truck pulled up and slammed into her shopping cart and reached out and grabbed the purse from the cart. investigators have released surveillance photos. these are the possible suspects. there is a man on the left, a woman on the right. anyone with information on the case should call the loudoun county sheriff's office. >> the head of the federal aviation administration is off the job after he was charged with drunk driving. this is randy babbitt's mugshot. fairfax county police say babbitt was driving on the wrong side of old lee highway saturday night. he was booked and released on his own reckon og nizzance. he's due in court in february. the faa has placed him on leave. howard has the forecast.
5:40 am
and he's in a very cool place this morning. even though it feels balmy outside, he's freezing. we'll explain. >> you helped us raise the money, now see how our turkey for troops push is paying off. >> birthdays today. dave brubeck is 91. franky beverly is 65. >> actress joe beth williams is 63. comedian steven wright is 56. if the 6th of december is your day, happy birthday to you, too!
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if you're looking for a fun way to usher in the holidays, you have really have to go and check out what's at the national harbor. >> ice turns to prince george's county hot spot into some really cool place for the holidays. howard bernstein joins us from nark harbor with more rnlt good morning, howard. >> i'm in the coldest place in the state of maryland. the wind is blowing. the wind chill inside, 6 below zero. you may recognize alex the lion from madagascar, this year's theme. amy from gaylord national joins me now. one of the things we were talking about last time is these are different colored blocks of ice they put together. it is not like they're painting it. >> no. the blocks come to us, they've been dyed using food coloring. they dump a whole bunch of food coloring into the water before they freeze it. then they stack the blocks on
5:45 am
top of each other. the blocks are held together by pouring water on them. they hold the blocks still and it freezes solid together then the artisans go in and chip away and reveal the amazing ice carvings. >> when i see the brown pavens on the giraffe, that's brown ice but they put it inside the yellow ice? >> they build the blocks on top, power water and hold it still for just about 30 seconds and it automatically freezes solid so the whole, entire attraction is held together with nothing but water and ice. >> the attraction is here until when? >> january 8th. >> we've got more information on ice coming up. want to tell you about the forecast. while it is frigid in here, it is nice and balmy outside this morning. your day planner, temperatures will be getting into the 670s. the 6 -- the 60s. scattered light showers. be today will be a damp day on and off. tomorrow will be the wetter day
5:46 am
up toward point of rocks up to frederick county. back toward barryville. we're seeing the light showers scatter about. it is moving off toward the southeast. it is cloudy and mild. look at the temperatures. 61 in fredericksburg. 60 at the patuxent river naval air station. keep in mind the average high this time of year is about 50. we're way above that already. we're going into the 60s. storm system, one piece moving up toward new england. you notice the heavy showers from southwestern virginia. so, we at times today could see a couple of heavier showers. there will be some lulls also. another area of low pressure, that's going to come at us as we get into tomorrow. tomorrow night, with rain and main even a little bit of wet snow. we'll show you the future cast. today, we've got the showers on and off. we'll advance it toward the noon hour now. some breaks out to the west. we'll go through the afternoon. less action this afternoon than this morning. now, tonight, a couple of
5:47 am
showers roll through. temperatures tonight get into the low 50s. tomorrow, we start the morning with moderate to heavy rain in spots. it could be a messy commute wednesday morning. temperatures on wednesday slowly dropping off through the day. we'll have rain most of the day. now, by wednesday night, look out to the west in the shenandoah valley, west of interstate 81. rain changing to snow. there could be some minor accumulations, some of the snow or rain may end as snow. ground is warm. temperatures are border line. not expecting too many problems. the whole area will get out of here by late wednesday night. pull away. by thursday, we're left with sunshine and cool temperatures with highs by thursday only in the 40s compared to the low 60s today. our seven-day forecast, today, 63. tomorrow, 52. falling temperatures, main a wintry mix. 40s thursday and friday. by saturday, we're only in the low 40s. still looking pretty good as we head toward sunday and monday.
5:48 am
i'm told that they actually use a nice food grade food coloring, commercial, safe, nontoxic, organic food coloring. you could lick it. it is so cold, we won't do that because it would cause problems. monika samtani, timesaver traffic. how are the roads looking? >> good morning, everybody. if you're planning to head into bowie, this is a live picture from sky 9 of an overnight accident, happened at about 9:30 on route 3 at route 450. as you can see, authorities are making some progress, finally at about 5:32 this morning, southbound lanes of route 3 reopened here at route 450. what remains plucked is northbound route 3 between 50 and 450 so keep that in mind for your travel plans. this one involves a tractor trailer and two other vehicles. it was carrying 9,000 gallons of gasoline. that's why the cleanup has taken so long. let's take you over to a map so i can give you perspective, just the northbound lanes of route 3 remain blocked between
5:49 am
route 50 and 450. keep that in mind if you're heading out the door right now. we'll go over to another accident. right before the district line, stay to the right to get by that one. pennsylvania avenue at the beltway on the westbound side at the suitland parkway right at andrews air force base, there is an accident along the left side there as well heading for the beltway. now we'll take you over to the trains. metro, marc or vre, everything is running on time. coming up, a next look at bowie at 5:55. we'll see you then. making news this morning, president obama heads to kansas today to continue pushing for an extension of the payroll tax cut. republicans and democrats are now at odds over how to pay for that ex-tension which will expire at the end of the month. >> the sentencing phase begins to be former illinois governor rod blagojevich. he will likely get ten years in
5:50 am
prison for corruption charges including his attempt to sell president obama's old senate seat. blagojevich is expected to learn his fate on wednesday. in this morning's hero central, 9news now wants to say thank you for their service. >> so, we're teaming up with the u.s.o. of the metropolitan washington area to provide holiday food baskets to our military families. >> people like the schifflets who our j.c. hayward visited recently at the fort belvoir home. >> these are the moments you treasury. >> daddy, come on! >> reporter: especially if you're a military family. warrant officer john schifflet has already served three tours in war zones and duty could call again anytime which means more holidays away from his three children and wife sharon. >> i was gone more than i was home. he would set up the camera -- she would set up the camera showing the kids opening up
5:51 am
their presents. >> it is hard. the kids want daddy there. >> you're half empty. it is hard to just go through it all half empty. >> last year was a blessing say the schifflets. the table was full. john got to be home for the holidays. and there was more than enough food. thanks to the u.s.o. turkey for troops program. >> all of the fixings and it really helped because that was one less burden i had to budget for. >> i couldn't believe this was actually out there. specifically for the turkey. >> he was excited to see everything i had bought and seeing that it was what the u.s.o. had given us. his jaw dropped. >> nice to know there are organizations and people out there that care enough about us to help our families while we're gone or even while we're here. a big thank you. >> on behalf of the u.s.o. and 9news now, the thanks is all ours. i'm j.c. hayward, 9news now. >> if you would like to help make veterans and their
5:52 am
family's holidays brighter, click on the turkey for the troops icon at >> in advance, we thank you for your contribution. before we head to break, let's look at the question of the day. people who do this every day, one of these things will experience better sleep. is it a, work out? b, clean your bedroom or c, watch little or no television. >> monika perry wrote it is supposed to be a, workout but seeing as how i'm still up, i don't know. >> log on to and we would love to hear from you. we'll reveal the answer about an hour from now. >> one of the hottest jobs in the country is the hardest to qualify for. hard but not impossible. i'll tell you what the jobs are and how to get them coming up at 6:07. >> we'll take a live look at the bowie accident we've been talking about from overnight on route 3 at route 450, southbound lanes have reopened. northbound route 3 remains
5:53 am
blocked between route 50 and route 450. i'll update you on the accident in bowie at 6:01. you're watching 9news now. stay with us. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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good morning. time now, 5:57 on your tuesday morning. we do have some scattered showers going through the area this morning. also, it is mild out there.
5:56 am
temperatures in the 50s, also some low 60s right now at this hour. and downtown, it is cloudy under 55 degrees. by noon, we'll be already in the lower 60s. we'll see scattered showers off and on throughout the afternoon. definitely have your umbrellas for today. here is a look at your next three days. temperatures topping out low to mid-60s with some scattered showers. tomorrow, i think is the wetter of the two days. we'll drop in temperatures throughout the day. wednesday night into thursday, we could see a possibility of rain changing to snow especially north and west of town. shenandoah valley. frederick, and out toward north and west of d.c. area. thursday, partly sunny, temperatures near mid-40s. here's monika with your traffic. good morning. >> actually, here's mike. >> hi, thanks, anny. stars come out to see angelina jolie and the premiere of her new movie.
5:57 am
and the best animated features. bigad shaban has more. >> angelina jolie walked the red carpet in new york for the premiere of her directing debut in the land of blood and honey. she also wrote the film which follows the struggles of a young couple whose lives are torn apart during the war in bosnia. >> i wanted to speak on universal themes but i knew that bosnia was one conflict people don't know enough about. i didn't. i wanted to get an education and i wanted to share the education. >> you can catch in the land of blood and honey when it hits theatres december 23rd. the knowledge nations are in for the annie awards which recognize the top animated movies at the box office. this year's nominees for best animated feature include rango starring johnny depp. puss in boots and steven spielberg's the adventures of tin tin. >> how could you let them escape? >> the winners will be announced february 4th in los angeles. music lovers kicked up their heels in nashville at the american country music awards.
5:58 am
the top prize for artist of the year went to jason aldean. wedding bells will be ringing for rosie o'donnell. she's engaged to michelle round. she broke the news during a commercial break to her studio audience. this will be the second time down the aisle for the emmy winner. o'donnell married her former partner kelly carpenter back in 2004. no wegd date has been set. and that's your eye on entertainment. bigad shaban, cbs news, hollywood. good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. thank you for watching 9news now. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. here's monika samtani. she'll have traffic momentarily. >> here's anny hong. she's in the nice, warm studio. that's because howard is at national harbor this morning. howard, good morning and there is a reason you're out there all bundled up. >> i'm in the ice exhibit. it is about 10, 11 degrees here. this is sort of in the area where the clear ice is. i'm going to take you here in
5:59 am
about 6:15. the lights come on. they go off. this is the nativity area. it is really cool. we've been checking this out. madagascar is a theme this year. this is a special room for the holidays. we'll have this and a lot more coming up. now over to anny hong for a look at this morning's forecast. >> good morning, howard. definitely grab the umbrellas if you're heading out. no need for the crazy heavy duty winter jacket. just basically east of interstate 81, the treatment d.c. metro -- the immediate d.c. metro area, we're under cloudy conditions out there. here is a look at your day planner forecast for today. temperatures already in the upper 50s by 9:00. lower 60s at noon with on and off rain showers throughout the afternoon. they'll be scattered. here is a look at the seven-day forecast where wednesday, wetter compared to today with more rain. temperatures in the low


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