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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  December 7, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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alert. howard says that we should brace for flooding and maybe some snow. howard is here with the details. >> j.c., those are the big concerns. flooding more than the snow is the concern around here. we have a flood watch in effect. we've already had in some spots an inch or so of rain. main a little bit of snow tonight. but i want to focus on the flooding. got a flood watch in effect for the teenlt metro up toward baltimore until 3:00 tonight. out to the west and the blue ridge, the shenandoah valley, out to the mountains of west virginia, that flood watch until 7:00 p.m., rains are going to end earlier there. the rains, while they're in a little bit of a lull now, you can see the batch we had this morning, lifted north. off to the west, still a lot of yellow and orange on the map. that's heavy rain and then you're starting to see some purple and pink and blue mixing in. that's a wintry mix of snow as colder air is coming in from the north and west. we'll see some of the rain change to snow. right now, live doppler 9000 hd, light rains are scattered across the region. there hasn't been much.
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you get into southern st. mary's county and northern neck, it is warm and dry. across the metro, it is wet here. do have some more moderate rainfall up across portions of eastern west virginia, moving up toward hancock, paw paw, also between hagerstown and hancock, clear springs out this way. here's i-81, all lifting off to the northeast. but the cold, that's going to come in slowly this afternoon and this evening. a look at the difference from the 72 in richmond to the 55 in d.c. to the 34 in oakland, where in garrett county, they're under winter storm warnings for tonight, north and west of d.c. winter weather advisories from dream and howard and loudoun counties and northern fauquier and everybody north and west. i don't think there's going that much snow. the ground is warm. right now, i'm thinking trace to main an inch. it would be to northern montgomery or northern howard up into frederick. in the blue ridge, more elevation, two possibly three. again out west, into the
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mountains, this is where the snow totals pick up. we'll talk more about the storm, the timetable and what you can expect for the rest of the week and the weekend when i see you in a few minutes. j.c., back to you. all right, howard. a senate homeland security subcommittee will examine how well the washington area is prepared for disasters. today's hearing was prompted in part by the traffic dprid lock that followed a snowstorm last january and the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred in august. managers will discuss coordination efforts between state and federal agencies. lawmakers will also focus on the shelter in place policy for federal workers. prosecutors have determined that there will be no criminal charges stemming from the death of patrick casey. the george washington graduate student and army veteran died in september. police first thought that he fell and injured his head while
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trying to stop a fight. investigators later said that casey may have started that fight. "the washington post" reports that his death will be labeled a justifiable homicide by citizen and the case is closed. a 17-year-old student is being treated for several stab wounds she received at a high school basketball game. the attack happened at northernwood high school in silver spring, maryland, last night. surae chinn reports that none of the students involved in the altercation actually attended classes there. >> reporter: students are arriving to class this morning under a cloud, not just because it is raining but because of the violence that broke out in the parking lot of their high school. >> i would never expect it. >> northwood high's was there to enjoy the boy's varsity basketball game with rival kennedy high school when she got county of caught in the commotion around 9:00 last night. >> i seen a whole bunch of people run out. i don't know how it happened.
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i know people started fighting. >> do you know what they were fighting about? >> i don't know. >> reporter: montgomery county police say an argument that started inside spilled out into northwood high school's parking lot. they say a 17-year-old montgomery blair high school student was trying to break up a fight involving her friend when she got stabbed by a student, police believe from kennedy high school. all of the schools are within a few miles of each other. the teen was stabbed several times in the lower back or stomach. she's expected to survive. >> i'm not exactly -- it is really sad. >> reporter: dream county schools spokesperson says they have counselors who will talk with students today and say they're upset any time students make bad choices and saddened any time a student gets hurt. many say it is unfortunate that some young people have to resort to violence to solve their differences. especially after a game that was supposed to be fun to watch between two rival high schools, that ended with one girl in the
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hospital. in silver spring, i'm surae chinn, 9news now. we have breaking news from new york. a county district attorney is declining to prosecute sex abuse allegations against former syracuse assistant basketball coach bernie fine. inez ferry is in upstate new york with more details. >> reporter: former syracuse university assistant coach bernie fine will not face state child molestation charges. >> bobby davis and mike lange would be charged to be credible but for the obvious problem of the statute of limitations, their allegations would have resulted in the arrest of bernie fine at least for the misdemeanor charge of sexual abuse in the third degree. >> reporter: three men accuse fine of sexually molesting them in the 1980s when they were teenagers. two were former ball boys. sthird 23-year-old zack tom celli. they're still looking into tom celli's allegations since they fall within the statute of
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limitations. fine denies all of the charges but on an audiotape that recently became public, his wife acknowledged her husband's alleged sexual abuse when speaking to one of his accusers. >> i know everything that went on with them. >> the university fired the 65- year-old last month after the 2002 tape surfaced. >> anyone listening to that tape which will be authenticated by federal authorities cannot fail to understand that bobby davis is being truthful. >> reporter: skierious head coach jim bayheim supported his assistant but has since apologized for how he handled the scandal. critics say he should resign. eye ines ferre, cbs news. >> they'll investigate whether there are other victims in that case. following jack johnson, the former prince george's county's sentence yesterday, on corruption charges he received
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seven years and four months in a federal prison, his wife, leslie johnson, will learn her fate on friday. and on 9news now at 6:00 a.m. this morning, the current prince george's county executive rushern baker discussed bringing accountability back to the office. >> i made it very clear to anybody in our administration if you go astray, we'll make sure that you're fully prosecuted and you leave prince george's county. on the other instance, i've gotta make sure the businesses understand there is a new culture in prince george's county and i think they're getting that. >> leslie johnson pleaded guilty to evidence tampering. she admitted flushing a $100,000 check down a toilet in her home and hiding almost $80,000 in her undergarments as the fbi was closing in. prosecutors are expected to ask for a jail sentence of 12 to 18 months for the former
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councilwoman. prosecutors are asking for a sentence of 15 to 20 years in prison for rod blagojevich. the disgraced former illinois governor gets one more chance today to try and persuade the judge not to put him away for a long period of time. blagojevich was convicted on 18 counts that included trying to sell barack obama's old senate seat to the highest bidder. after blagojevich addresses the judge, he's expected to announce just how long the 54- year-old former governor will have to spend in jail. still to come on 9news now at noon, a wayward canon ball crashes into two homes before coming to a rest in a minivan. we'll explain exactly what happened. plus, the day that will live in infamy. we'll tell you about events that mark the 70th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor.
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actor alec baldwin says he'll never fly on american airlines again. last night, he was kicked off one of the company's jets. a spokesperson says that the 30 rock star was asked to get off a new york-bound plane because he was playing with his electronic word game while the plane was about to take off. it was still at the gate.
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baldwin immediately took to his twitter account. >> i actually felt alec baldwin was -- turning off his devices. he just got a little angry. >> he was on his phone and he didn't want to get off the phone. he snuck into the bathroom and became a little bit irate. they had to remove him from the flight. >> he was very rude. caused us to be delayed. not very considerate. >> american airlines is declining to comment on the matter. baldwin caught a later flight. well, today marks the 70th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. the japanese sneak attack in hawaii killed more than 2400 u.s. servicemen and women. it came in two waves, the first one was in the morning, survivors and eyewitnesses are working to preserve memories of that attack that propelled the united states into world war ii. >> there is only about a half
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page in the history book about pearl harbor and half of that half page is a picture of the arizona so, our youngsters don't understand what really happened. they don't understand that freedom isn't free. >> about 3,000 people are expected to attend anniversary ceremonies at the arizona memorial in hawaii. there will be wreath layings at the navy memorial in northwest washington and at arlington national cemetery in virginia. some people in california are not very happy with the producers of a show on the discovery channel. it is called myth busters. that's because one of their experiments ended with the cannonball causing a lot of destruction. the projectile blasted through the front door of a house and whizzed across the bedroom of a sleeping couple. and it didn't stop there! the cannonball bounced across four lanes of a highway and
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then smashed into a minivan. >> i looked inside. there was a big cannonball. good five, ten inches. >> this particular myth was to see if other materials could be fired out of a cannon, would be as effective as a cannonball. >> well, the myth busters found out how effective a cannonball is when it misses its target! it was supposed to hit some trash cans filled with water. coming up next, howard and an important forecast. >> that's right, j.c. severe weather alert day. flooding is a real concern. tonight, some areas may deal with wintry weather. a look at the regional doppler as you can see the white showing up on the maps there south of pittsburgh, west of elkins, that's snow moving into western west virginia. we'll talk about our potential for snow and what you can expect on the rest of the seven- day forecast when 9news now at noon returns.
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welcome back. you know, we do have a severe weather alert day today because of the flood concerns for this afternoon.
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we've had a bump of rain this morning -- a bunch of rain this morning in the metro, some spots, an inch, inch and a half. the rain is going to pick up. it is light in many areas. it will pick up this afternoon and this evening. colder temperatures will ooze on in here. down to 50 by 7:00. that's in d.c. there will be areas in northern virginia, northern virginia in the 40s. in garrett county, winter storm warnings are up. 9:00 temperature, 48. look at the winds increasing out of the north at 20 miles per hour. it will get very breezy tonight. northwest winds overnight 15 to 25. flood watch for the metro up to baltimore, parts of jersey, up to parts of new england. also in the shenandoah valley in the mountains until 7:00. heavy rain is returning and then tonight, the concern with enough cold air we could have a little bit of snow. light enough, winter weather advisories, arguable whether or not we'll need them closer to town but montgomery and howard are in along with loudoun. we're talking about mainly the areas of elevation.
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you get to 1,000 feet, 1500 feet, you're talking cold enough where we'll get a little bit of a stickage before the storm escapes the region. look at the heavy rains moving into williamsport to cumberland into southwestern virginia and on the western edge of that, you see the blue. that's snow. rain changing over to snow in those areas and higher elevations, it is colder. better chance of snow longer than we will. light rains now on live doppler 9000 hd. st. mary's county, southern calvert. it has been a very dry day so far down there. another area here in the metro, the rain continues light to occasionally moderate now. we've got some pockets of heavier downpours off to the west. we're watching this around the hancock area out of paw paw. hagerstown down to 81. a breakdown from charlestown in toward purcellville there in western loudoun county. so, we'll see more rain no doubt for the rest of the
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afternoon. temperatures also tell the story. 70 at tappahannock and salisbury. down to 55 with 50 in the shenandoah valley. 34 in oakland at garrett county. they're shooting for next weekend, skiers. sorry about that. light rain, 55 with a north- northeast wind at 57. the rain opt bigger picture, look at this season, spinning area with snow underneath it in nashville. rain from atlanta all the way up toward boston and parts of maine. northern maine is going to get pounded with potentially a foot of snow from this particular system. for us, the rain will be with us this afternoon and evening. by 9:45, here is the snow line. might even be a little bit further east than that. snow in the mountains. this thing will race out of here, main take three, four hours for the precip to shut down overnight. it will be gone but before it does leave, it will leave just a little dusting of snow perhaps north and west of town as you get into eastern
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loudoun. now, you get to northern montgomery county, then i'm thinking you might get an inch or so, same story around leesburg and lovett -- lucketts. but two to three. the higher elevations, you get to 1500 feet here into frederick and out on the mountain. cumberland, martinsburg, winchester, one to two. might see an isolated amount higher than that. doesn't look like a big storm except for main the mountains in far western maryland. today, in the 50s and dropping with the rain. the flood potential real this afternoon and this evening. tonight, we're in the 30s and upper 20s far north and west. still a breezy day. friday, 47. a cold saturday. army navy game, 39. main 40. mid-40s on sunday and decent monday and tuesday. well, we've got a nice, warm chocolate treat for you coming up when 9news now at noon rurns. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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they have a reputation that compares to none. >> not true that j.c. dances on the table. >> i may do that this year. >> i wanted to -- today, we have a warm chocolate tart. nothing like a warm tart for dessert i always say. it is one of our favorites. we opened a brasserie downstairs. it is one of the favorites. it is easy. you call some heavy whipping cream. you put a pound of chocolate. a cup and a half of heavy whipping cream in there and you melt the chocolate. >> that looks like special chocolate. >> it is a semisweet -- bittersweet chocolate. i don't like it too very sweet. >> you don't? >> if you can't find the bittersweet, you can take a semisweet chocolate and put about a third of unsweetened chocolate in proportion to that and that will give you your bittersweet chocolate. we're going to let that melt. i'm going to put a little rum. >> you go ahead. >> the recipe is on
12:26 pm that's what i keep telling you. >> look at that rum. >> if you put it in a glass, they might think we're drinking. >> look at that. >> you're tasting it. see why i love him? >> we'll put a little rum in there. and now that that's melted, we've seasoned it nicely, we'll pour it into four egg yolks. slowly. we don't want to scramble the eggs. >> ok. ok. one minute. that's it? >> that's all we gotta do. and there you have it. most of it there. all we do is pour that in a pre-baked pie shell. bake it for about 10 minutes. >> that's all? >> at about 400 degrees. you can tell with a toothpick if it comes out fairly clean that it is done. voila, you have a warm chocolate tart. >> i have some already cut. so, let's taste it, ok? you want a taste? >> you go ahead first.
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ladies first. >> mmm. >> it is really a delicious and easy to make -- >> do you have another fork? >> i do. i'll use this over here. >> oh! it is to die for. chocolate. what can i tell you? fabulous. i love you. it is so good. in great falls, virginia. be there new year's east. come back and visit us at 5:00. howard has an important forecast. >> thank you, j.c. ♪ [ female announcer ] during the holidays, there's a lot to get done. and safeway select appetizers help you rise to every occasion. ♪ from delectable to amazing. there are over 20 affordable safeway select appetizers ♪ to make all of your gatherings just as merry as can be.
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>> michael: well... (sighs) congratulations. you made the headlines, and not just here-- all over the world. >> victor: i did exactly as i wanted it. >> victor: (sighs) >> jack: oh, yeah, i saw it. so did kyle, over breakfast. >> ashley: how did he take the news? >> jack: my son put his faith in victor newman. we both know what happens when you make that mistake. how did he react to finding out a man he idolized was responsible for his mother's murder?


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