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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 13, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EST

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>> are you getting doused on this icing? craig: i'm feeling way better than i need to. you've got jay leno there. >> oh. it's ok. craig: what did he do? >> he's got his uncle louie's chicken wings. >> -- craig: oh, yeah, john aniston, cinema toast. >> oprah. craig: no way, oprah? beyonce's in there. and oprah's recipes is corn fritters. geoff, i think that's one for you. jennifer aniston. >> jennifer aniston. ellen. craig: is there another ellen? it's like cher. if you say the name, it's like that's enough.
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>> like julia, ellen, jennifer, angelina, craig. craig: no, not craig. this is really delicious. you want do get them on the brussel sprouts. >> that's actually really -- craig: you think it's not going to work and then -- that really doesn't work at all. that's really awful. but other than that, it's delicious. craig: the beautiful cat cora. we've got go. good night.
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. he was shot over 15 times by the police. >> breaking news. emotions run high in a local neighborhood after a confrontation between police and an armed young man. also tonight, find out why thieves love this particular week to target local homes.
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plus flash mob robbery. how a newbill takes aim at offenders. this is 9news now. off the top tonight, a nightmare in a dc neighborhood. according to police, a man may be high on drugs and carrying a gun started shooting up a place. >> and it all ends with police shooting. matt jablow joins us live with the details. matt. >> reporter: lesli, as you can see behind me an active crime scene. the sounds of gunfire and a man in critical condition. the calls starting coming into 911 just before 7:00 tonight. a man believed to be high on pcp randomly firing a gun in the 5300-block of clay terrace northeast. . >> the first calls came in for a person firing a weapon at the houses. >> reporter: according to chief lanier, when officers arrived, they found the suspect and
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immediately told him to drop his weapon. lanier says when the suspect refused, as many as four officers opened fire. >> officers at some point trying to engage the suspect opened fire. and the suspect was struck. >> reporter: police say that he was firing shots randomly in this neighborhood. >> that's not it. >> reporter: this man says he's a friend of suspect who he calls mike. sullivan says he arrived at the scene shortly after mike was shot by police. >> you don't believe the police's version of events? >> no. i believe it was overkill. >> reporter: just to be clear, police say the suspect is not dead but does, indeed, have life-threatening injuries. they also found his weapon, his handgun here at the crime scene. anita and lesli. fedex says it's the busiest shipping day of the season. >> ups and the postal service
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are busy with holiday packages too, meaning lots of the packages will end up on door steps in the next few days. gary nurenberg reports those packages are easy targets for thieves looking for an easy score. >> reporter: adam morgan monday evening. another one in the christmas spirit on 34th street. let's face it, it would be pretty easy for me to do christmas shopping by picking up the amazon box or the one from the postal service to see what is inside. look at this charmer. eight seconds to grab three packages. or this fedex guy. as soon as he leaves, enter charmer number two. >> to actually see the crime occur at your home is something else. it's that feeling of where i no longer feel safe. >> reporter: it happened to brenda loi when she ordered a moon bounce for her grand kids. >> i found out that it had been delivered while i was gone to my parents and someone had taken it because the ups had left it on
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my front door stoop. today the replacement came. >> reporter: and it got left here too? >> yes. >> reporter: did it make you nervous? >> very. i also had a case for a laptop type of thing i ordered for one of my granddaughters, and that was also taken. >> reporter: if you're using the post office. >> if they are not feeling very comfortable about having a package left, they should contact their post office and let them know that they would prefer the packages not be left. and if the carrier comes to their home and they're not there, the carrier will leave a notice. >> reporter: and the customer can re schedule online or by phone for a more convenient time. she also suggests requesting buying delivery confirmation or signature confirmation and insuring packages. the first 1 hundred dollars free with express mail. or. >> maybe have your neighbors watch out for your packages for you if they're home. >> reporter: her mail deliverer now drops the packages at her back door. gary nurenberg, 9news now. dc police say they have made at least two arrests in the last several days of thieves who
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followed delivery trucks on capitol hill and then grabbed packages that were left, and the bike cops played a big role in those arrests. a big investigation on the deadly shooting in fairfax. the trio does not pose a threat to the public. a man was shot this afternoon. emergency crews took him to the hospital. he died there. so far they have not released the victim's name or a description of the three suspects. but if you know what happened there, call fairfax county police. come tomorrow, the young men accusing former penn state football coach jerry sandusky of sexual abuse will have to confront him in court. it will only be a preliminary hearing and is only expected to last one day. victim number one who is now 18 years old is set to take the stand for the prosecution. he says sandusky performed oral sex on him at least 20 times when he was 11 or 12 and at least one time he did the same on sandusky. only on 9, an interview with the
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victim's attorney who says his client is nervous but is ready. >> he had his childhood ruined, his innocence sucked away and he's basically left with a life of misery that he is seeing a therapist for. >> sandusky insists he is isn't of all charges. 9news now will be the only news channel in the courtroom. follow us on twitter? a husband, a father, an iraq veteran and a die hard pittsburgh steelers fan. that is how family and friends will remember eric crouse. husbands gathered on the virginia tech campus for the campus police officers funeral. he was killed in the line of duty last week. virginia governor bob mcdonald praised the 39-year-old's commitment to being a lifelong public servant. >> without the sacrifices that derek was willing to make, our
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freedoms are shallow. so thank you for the krause family for this amazing sacrifice of love that you have given to your fellow 8 million virginians. >> crouse was making a traffic stop last thursday when 22-year-old ross ashley walked up to his cruiser and shot him to death. ashley then killed himself. crouse is survived by his wife, five children and stepchildren. two montgomery county legislators are proposing a new law to crack down on the so-called flash mobs. this after two cases in which a large group of young people suddenly showed up at local convenience stores and started ripping stuff off the shelves and walking out. under the bill, each violator would be responsible for the whole amount stolen. not just the items that he or she stole. and that could lead to harsher sentences. tonight after nearly nine years, the war in iraq is finally drawing to a close. to mark the historic event, president obama and iraqi prime minister stood side by side at
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arlington national cemetery laying a wreath in honor of the nearly 4500 american military members who died fighting in operation iraqi freedom. the president and prime minister praised the relationship between the two nations and promised continued cooperation on security, equipping the iraqi military and fighting terror. >> i have absolutely no doubt that these decisions are being made based on what the prime minister believes is best for iraq, not based on considerations of what iran would like to see. >> about 1 million american troops have served in iraq since this all began. there are now still about 6,000 members there. the president says they will all be home by new year's day. the white house also announced it is ready to sell more than a dozen f16 fighter jets to iraq as the country works to build up
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its own air force. . [ protesting ] tonight some of the west coast busiest ports have shut down their ports after protestors blocked the gates. shipping countries sent home 150 workers halting operations. they arrested two people carrying weapons who said they were heading to the occupy protest. and in long view washington state, workers were sent home out of concerns for their health and safety. an update now on the cab carjacking in bethesda. officers arrested 23-year-old andrew roberts on friday but he's out of jail tonight after making bail. police say last wednesday a cab picked up roberts and a pregnant woman from the national naval medical center and took them to target in rockville. when they got to the store, officers say roberts forced the driver into the passenger seat, got behind the wheel and took off. he ended up hitting a median and another car before returning to
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target. the couple then went shopping and flagged down a second cab once they were done. we spoke to that cab driver who says the couple acted normal. they even gave him a $20 tip. >> i'm glad that he didn't try to bring anything on me. he seemed like a pretty normal guy. he told me he was with the military and basically i think he said something about special units. >> police are still looking for the woman roberts was with that day. if you have any information at all, call police. tonight montgomery county police believe these two men you see over my shoulder are connected to at least two other armed robberies in silver spring. now, this one happened on november 30th at a little cease arz pizza shot. you can see the men dressed in black. one with a handgun. after taking the cash, they run out of the store. the 7-11 were also hit in recent weeks. both of those are located on old columbia pike.
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now to a follow-up story we showed you in july. it was about a dc woman that her car was booted and stolen and sold while she was in the hospital. >> there has to be some law to protect people in the hospital. >> now, according to the department of motor vehicles, her 2005 dodge magnum had several parking tickets and now had storage fees in an impound lot. a total of 4900 bucks. but how can that be if the car was sold? tonight the department of public works says it wants to apologize for its sloppy record keeping. very cold this morning. in fact the coldest morning we've had so far. and no bargain tomorrow morning. here is your wakeup weather. we have 20s and 30s again to start. 26-36 at 5:00. 24-34 at 7:00. a little better by 9:00. partly cloudy skies.
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we'll come back and talk about the breezes increasing tomorrow. what that means to the temperature you feel. we'll talk about some milder air when that rolls in. still ahead tonight. >> they make it hard for a minority to live a normal life. >> outrage and anger after lowe's pulled this ad from a show. now a local arabic group questions the message being sent to american people. that's coming up. . >> this is andrew sablonski stationed in korea. i would like to wish my wife, my daughters katlyn and megan and
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the washington dc veteran
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affair medical center and wusa nine salute all that serve at home and abroad. >> hello, i'm jim wood. i'm in afghanistan. i would like to say happy holidays to my wife sue, my daughters sara and lauren back in springfield, va, and all my friends. hope to see you soon. a major american company over its decision where to put or pull its advertising dollars. we're talking about lowe's and it's removed it's ad from a reality tv show about american muslims. >> and ken molestina explains the why and the angry reaction. >> reporter: the new tlc reality show is called all american muslim. and like the title suggests, it features american muslims living in the dearborn, michigan area. but now the lowe's company, a massive home improvement retailer across the country has decided it doesn't want any part of the show. >> that show should be supported. it should not be boycotted as
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lowe's has done. >> reporter: this man is the national executive director for the counsel based here in washington and he's sounding out over lowe's decision to pull all of the ads from the show. the reason they did it is given away to more hatred towards more muslim americans. >> lowe's has done this in response to the pressure by hate groups. >> reporter: lowe's pulled the ads after the florida family association e-mailed the company asking them to do so claiming the show was islamic propaganda hurting american values. they pulled the ads saying they did it after the show became a lightning rod for people to voice complaints from a variety of perspectives, political, social and otherwise. >> our community is complicated. and even within our own families, we don't always agree. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the agree says the viewer ship is more than a million per week. they have written a letter to lowe's calling for the company to amend their position. he is yet to hear back. >> lowe's, i believe, made a very bad decision and they
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should reconsider. >> reporter: now, we've also reached out to lowe's today but i never heard back. now, as of last check, the company is still standing strong behind their move to pull the ads. >> we'll see what happens there. thank you. now to a heart-breaking sign of the times. this year children's letters to santa offer a grimm look into the needs of families struggling to cope with high unemployment in the district. at the post office volunteers are sorting through hundreds of letters and they say instead of lavish gifts, many are asking santa for the necessities like debit cards to help put food on the table. >> we're getting a lot of requests for food cards. the children are not just asking for gifts for themselves, they're asking for gifts for their parents. >> the letters to santa program runs until december 21st. postal workers plan to deliver packages on christmas eve. now, it is off to the races. check this out. wean er dogs. they can be -- wiener dogs. they can be fun on any surface.
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things can get amusing when you put them on ice. this is in tulsa, oklahoma. hot dogs, cold paws. they start at one end of the ice rink when owners are standing at the finish. some go fast and some slip and slide. wiener dogs on ice. >> well, you know. >> they could have -- >> four legs better than two. >> yes. >> they could have easily run that race here. >> yes, they could. low center of gravity. >> i like this weather. >> don't have far to fall if they do fall. >> they're looking for food. >> sweaters. i have problem putting sweaters on dogs. >> it's not a good look? >> yes, it is. thank you for crystallizing my thoughts. we are looking for a cold night. not as cold as last night but we're splitting hairs here. let's start with temperatures. we have a few high clouds out there doing us a little bit of a favor keeping temperatures up a
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little bited. 47 downtown -- bit. 47 downtown. look at frederick. 23. 27 also in leesburg. even manassas is checking in at 25 and fredericksburg is checking in at 42. we're looking at a cold night. we have some high clouds. one system is passing to our south. some more clouds in west virginia and ohio. we're going to keep it partly cloudy tonight and tomorrow. a cold start tomorrow. remember that for the kids. still need a coat all day. even though we're talking about near 50. milder, though, wednesday and thursday. and then dry at least through wednesday. we might be able to get dry through the first half of thursday. but certainly through the middle part of the week. overnight partly cloudy, cold again. two blanket night, i think. winds pick up a little bit tomorrow for mid-morning. partly cloudy and breezy. a cold start. you'll need a coat and sunglasses. 20s and 30s. winds will start to increase out of the northwest at about 10-15.
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and by afternoon a very nice day. partly cloudy, breezy and pleasant. but i want to emphasize you still need a jacket. highs near 50. with the northwest wind at 10-15, it's going to field a little colder than 50. today was only about 45. there is no wind. it felt pretty nice. tomorrow about a wash. five degrees warmer but we have a little breeze to talk about. so high temps on tuesday. i believe the burbs will hold in the upper 40s. 49 in gaithersburg and rockville. arlington might make 51. downtown might make 50. maybe college park might make 50. bowie 49. rockville 49. sterling, herndon all 49. and you get out towards leesburg and manassas and middleburg, talking about temperatures in the upper 40s for highs. which is about average. all right. we'll break it down. 20s and 30s to start at 6:00 in the morning. partly cloudy. partly cloudy at noon. temps in the 40s. partly cloudy by evening. temperatures 47 to about 52. now, the good news, the next thee days, it does get -- three days, it does get milder.
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52 on wednesday. milder still on thursday. temperatures in the mid 50s. pretty good chance of some showers, though, late in the day. 56 is a pretty good deal for mid december. next seven days, friday we get a break and then another system tries to form on this front. it may stay south of us. right now we'll say there is a chance of some light rain or showers friday night into very, very early on saturday. a little bit cooler because of that on friday. low 50s. still not bad. near 50 on saturday. breezy and colder on sunday with low 40s but then we shoot right back up to 50 next monday. >> very nice. >> nice. let's get it colder for christmas. that's all. >> okay. missed opportunities. i'm not talking about your forecast. >> i hope not. [ laughing ] >> i'm not going there. >> that is the spot on. >> no, no, no. i wasn't going there. i was talking about the redskins. >> yes. missed opportunities. you couldn't put it any better than that. they had it, they lost it. and here we go. dreary day at redskins park as steelers play with the reality they had it in yir grasp and
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then they lost -- their grasp and then they lost it. they talk about missed opportunities. and maybe some major decisions about the current roster and the caps trying to learn a new language. i'm going to explain that
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and now 9 sports, the best sports in town. >> you can feel the momentum. new england defense couldn't stop washington and it appeared the redskins were about to tie and maybe even go for two and knock off touchdown tommy brady. but in all too familiar theme. they couldn't squeeze a victory. they had it in their hands. it was excruciating to watch because if you're a fan, you had to believe santana moss was going to make that catch. he didn't. you think. now you can't. new england caught it and that was that. tough one to swallow, especially since the redskins were knocking on the door. >> we knew it was going to be a
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60-minute football game. unfortunately we're about 30 seconds short. >> we battled it. just didn't get enough breaks or plays to win. >> we came out there and moved the ball pretty well. and i wish we could have done enough to get the win. >> 30 seconds short. by midnight tonight, all teams had to offer contracts to its non-free agents without 2012 contracts or cut them loose. for the nats, that meant players like matt morse. good news, they did offer morse a contract. he had a breakout campaign. 31 homeruns. 95 rbis. the team also offered contracts to zimmerman, lannan, clippard and flores. some hockey, caps are 3-3 under dale hunter. they have been trying to grasp his new system which is less focus on offense and more gritty defense. six games, not a very good sample size. i understand that. but the guys say they're making
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progress. >> with him implementing the system here, i think we're picking it up well. the last couple games. giving ourselves a chance to win every night. >> the more you play, the more confident you get. and i think when you play the defense right, you're going to get chances to store. >> speaking of the coach, kristen berset sat down with him and goes one-on-one. a myriad of topics. alex ovechkin coaching the team he wants to play for. you can see that tomorrow. it is great. can't wait for that. big news in hockey. sidney crosby out indefinitely after experiencing concussion symptoms again. he missed 68 games after receiving a concussion last year. he just returned two weeks ago and says the symptoms are back. serious stuff. now, remember the kick has to go ten yards. this is why kansas city's coach just got fired. look at the kicker right there.
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ten yards. nope. three yards. >> oh, no. >> was that soccer? >> yes. three yards. >> and what is the kicker's name. his name is ryan suckup. >> okay. >> he sucked it up, i guess. >> really. that's really his name? >> and kansas city's coach just


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