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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  December 15, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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other sexual assaults that took place in montgomery county maryland. >> we believe we have a chance right now when people are home from the holidays that something will trigger with somebody sitting at the family. somebody might remember something. >> reporter: today, investigators launched a media blitz on air and online. before the murder in georgetown, the potomac river rapist struck randomly all over montgomery county between 1991 and 1997. his methods terrified, ambushing victims inside their homes. >> in another one of the cases, he hid underneath a victim. then he jumped up on them. and these are not typical characteristics you run into every single day. >> these cases, they just need somebody, somebody courageous to step forward with a critical piece of information to crack the case wide open. >> reporter: so much has changed in the last 13 years as
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to when this body was found right here. the dna evidence has gotten better. they were able to put this all together in the last few years. the social media has made cases like this have the potential to go viral. you may remember that the fbi was able to catch the man with the east coast virus with a similar campaign. they thought they would give you a time-out. there is a link to it on our website. and a complete timeline map, photographs, all the evidence. hoping that that much information out there will give them the tip they need. reporting live in georgetown, scott broom. >> all right, we'll continue to hope that trail heats up. matt? 34 hours and counting until a possible government shutdown. but as they continue, there is optimism tonight that the bipartisan deal may be in the works. peggy fox joins us live from the satellite center with the very latest. >> reporter: the $1 trillion
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spending plan has embroiled over the payroll tax cut extensions. they appear to be close to a deal on this and president obama said earlier that this is no reason that if the government should shut down because congress can't agree on how to extend the payroll tax cuts. a new poll says that americans, most americans, they want congress to extend the payroll tax cuts. even though that the tax health fund social security would allow the government to borrow, less to pay down the huge debt. six out of ten americans don't want to pay the tax that the president agrees with them. >> congress needs to make sure that 160 million working americans don't see their taxes go up on january 1. none of the workers who join us today can afford a $1,000 tax increase next year. it would not be good for the economy. >> the house has passed a bill on bipartisan basis that would extend the unemployment insurance with reforms. it would extend the payroll tax
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cut. and it would include the document fixes to help put americans back to work. it is time for the senate to do their job. >> and now president obama has rejected any ties between the keystone pipelines and the payroll tax cuts. lawmakers are apparently working out the disagreements on the spending package to avert a possible government shutdown this weekend. now coming up, how are federal employees handling this? once again being brought to the brink of the shutdown. i'll have those stories and a link on the possible shutdowns. back to you. >> thanks, peggy. u.s. forces formally ended their mission in iraq this morning and they'll be out of the country by the end of the year. while many iraqis are glad to see the americans go, some u.s. soldiers have some mixed feelings about the whole deal. we have a live look now from the the white house with that story. >> reporter: good evening, derek. now, this is true. the ceremony today was brief. it was low key, no parades, no
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banners, nothing like that. again, folks, they did have some mixed feelings. the defense secretary did call the historic moment for both iraqis and americans. the iraq war has come to an official end with the small solemn ceremony. soldiers rolled up the flag, u.s. forces flew during the military campaign and put it into a sheet. it is headed back to the united states here, a symbol of the nearly-year war that killed 4,500 americans and injured more than 45,000 others. the defense secretary was in baghdad for the ceremony. he paid tribute to america's fighting forces. >> and your nation is deeply indebted to you. you have done everything that your nation asked you to do and more. >> reporter: president obama has said that u.s. troops will be home by christmas. but the commanders say that thousands of them will have to stay in kuwait for a few more
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months. about 4,000 forces remain inside iraq. they are packing up the last two u.s. bases there. and some have mixed feelings about leaving. l they are happy to head home, but -- they are happy to head home, but concerned about iraq's future. >> we really hope for the best of the iraqi people. this has been really hard. >> reporter: many iraqis are glad to see the american forces go. >> and you know, it shows that. >> reporter: this man says that the u.s. has only strong seeds for the division and the secretaryism. others are worried about their future. they are confident that they could secure their country and protect it from terrorism. and they also acknowledged the difficulty that iraqis will undoubtedly face in the years ahead, derek? >> thank you. well, the photo sent to the u.s. air force times is causing an uproar tonight. we warned you that some of them may find the photo offensive. it's a picture showing them
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posing around the open casket with another airman inside pretending to be dead. well, the air force commanders have launched an investigation to find out who is responsible for that. the picture taken back in august, it came to light when a service member e-mailed a copy to the newspaper. the county school board is expecting to approve a plan tonight to install the surveillance cameras if many school. that will be placed in high school cafeterias and other busy areas. at two high schools last spring, prompting the camera proposal. and they were frustrated that it could not identify the students who started that food fight that injured several students and teachers. and only on 9 tonight, the school bus service plays with problems that are getting special needs students to and from schools and it is again under fire. a parent tells 9news now that despite d.c.'s effort to revamp the efforts, the problems still exist. they are live in northeast washington with both sides of the stories. >> and a judge issued this
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ruling this summer, saying that the system essentially was in complete disarray, grossly mismanaged, kids are being picked up and dropped off late. and kept on the bus for hours and the buses were dangerous. but one parent said parking the bad buses like this one is not the answer. >> they are still not adequate. >> and they are no stranger to questioning the school system now. the parent is raising new concerns about why all these buses are parked in lots and not taking up special needs kids like their own. instead, he saw this minivan outside his house one monday morning. >> and that is in violation of the judge's order. they will be late every day. so there is still a issue with most of them across the street. >> parents are on edge, spending them out in vehicles and oftentimes, not knowing when they will come back. >> and complete reliability.
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they will solve a -- a lot of those vehicles. they could run their routes respectfully and reliable. and that will help resolve a lot of those complaints. >> reporter: we took his complaints straight to the head of the transportation for the state's superintendent. >> we own 95% of our own fleets, so you know those vehicles that are in a repair shop, we own them. so right now, they are going through a fleet disposal process and some of the buses we are determining are not worth the repairing. >> reporter: so the system is moving to the smaller multi- purpose vehicles, equipped with the wheelchair lifts and in some cases, those minivans, transporting an average of five kids. we're told as long as the passenger numbers are staying low, that they are legally allowed to use those vans instead of buses. he says the stop signs on buses will make them a safer way for children like his own to get to school every day. in fact, no longer taking a van
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to school. demanding his child to be picked up in one of the 800 school buses that are currently on the roads. however, the department insists that the new vans and their drivers, they are safe. matt? thaw fired a house on out there. the attorney said that his ex- wife lives at the house and that he does not. the former mayor is repaying the federal and d.c. taxes that are dating back to 1999 after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor for failing to file with the irs. today, they released a statement saying "since i have not had the ability to pay the entire amount that i owe to the irs at once, i enter into an orderly process to establish a payment plan, which is permitted by law." the payment plan is on schedule and working. the only thing new is this lean and that too will be taken care of. now to a story you'll see
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on 9. a real estate company -- a real estate company is collecting toys for kids. they have been doing it for the past three years. but this holiday season, the collection boxes are virtually empty. and tonight, they are blaming the post office. lindsey mastis is live. i think they have enough problems over the post office. >> well, you know what, in this particular case, they have spent thousands of dollars to mail out these fliers. these fliers are telling everyone about the toys for tots and the drive. and now, the post office, they said that they have mailed the fliers to the people here that say that is not the case. they are not getting the donations that they need for the kids. >> we only have 35 toys. >> reporter: yes, they believe that the donations out here at the real estate office, they are low. and because of a problem at the post office. mailing 4,500 of these packages
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on november 28th. saying the packets were never delivered. >> if i would have known that they would never deliver that, then i probably would have taken that $2,000 that we have spent on it. >> reporter: this picture shows you the donations that they have received last year. >> yes, we had right around 300. >> reporter: the post-office spokeswoman said that employees have looked for those packets for two weeks. >> i definitely think they need to reimburse that. >> reporter: but they have no plans to do that. by the way, he decided to send fliers on out there instead of just e-mails because, you know, that piece of paper is a good reminder to donate. >> reporter: so now they are relying on this road to spread the words for the toys for tots drive that they are having
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right now. just as you know, you think great idea and then you forget when you get home. what they are doing, they will be extending their hours to be here this weekend, collect more toys even on a day that they are normally closed. reporting live, i'm lindsey mastis, back to you. still ahead tonight, an investigation into the illegal gun sale for the serious complication. we'll explain, topper? well, matt, most of the showers are now east of us. they are picking up a little bit, but check out the temperatures. still, it is not like december. 62 downtown. 63 in manassas. even oakland is at 52. we'll come back and talk about another system coming in over the weekend. >> they have caught that crash worthy list. more cars, more autoworkers, higher standards. i'm surae chinn. i'll break it down for you coming up.
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caught on tape. the christmas display that has been a holiday staple for years. for the past 15 years that is. and now, their home surveillance system captured the surveillance for them as they ripped apart their yard, and crashed that on out there and used a baseball bat. more and more cars are protecting drivers, saving lives and accidents. in fact, the record numbers of the suvs, the hybrids, small and mid-size cars have all gone true the -- through the crash tests and on the 2012 hot safety picks by the detroit institute for safety. surae chinn has the story.
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>> i have been driving there for many years. >> reporter: he could be happier with this hybrid prius. it's one of 115 models that have been awarded the safest cars protecting people by the insurance institute for highway safety. >> and i have been very happy. one of the best cars. >> reporter: the institute conducted dozens of crash tests to come up with a top 2012 safety picks. one of the biggest reasons why so many cars have made the new list is because their roofs are stronger. just like this honda crv. but the car makers are redesigning them. some better rollover crashes. >> that's fantastic. that's a good thing to add. >> reporter: for the first time, the best-selling toyota camry and honda accords are among the winners. >> the vehicles should be designed. for the people that know about that and saving tax is not in serious fashion. and the packaging 101. but that does not collapse and the cargo that is inside is better protected. >> and you need to think about
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safety then, so you might as well think about that there. >> reporter: and every major automaker has at least one vehicle on the list, toyota, which includes this lexus and scion brand that has 15 winners. general motors is next with 14, followed by the volks wagon audi with 14. ford, lincoln, honda acura received 12 awards each. they conducted the front side rear and rollover crashes to determine the crashworthiness. >> that will be for it. >> reporter: in arlington, surae chinn, 9news now. >> but the real standouts, the subaru. in fact, it was the only automaker with the winner in every model that has been built. and several large pickup trucks made the gray, but not one small pickup was considered safe enough to make the cut. and check out if your car is on the list on our website, and a report released today through the october accident that killed the race car driver dan wheldon and the indy car racers.
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they said that wheldon was killed when their car hit a post at the fence at the las vegas motor speedway. he died in a 15-car crash when his car launched into the catch fence. and the report calls the crash a perfect storm. and they found that this was no one single reason that you could point to as the sole cause of that accident. and an 8-mile stretch of the california freeway is still closed. in fact, it will be indefinitely while they access the damage from this spectacular tank of fire. and the double tanker truck went up in flames yesterday in california. the highway above the freeway received structural damage. some of it will need to be knocked down, demolished. >> we still like you, topper. it is nice and warmed to, though a little cloudy. >> yeah, the clouds came in. the showers came in. and remember, the fog, it's on the ground. but check this out. that will cool you above the cloud deck. but it looks like the planet, really below is i-10 and
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phoenix. believe it or not, there was a lot of accidents from the fog on i-10. and remember, the clouds are made up of water droplets, not water vapors. >> that's important to note. droppers -- droplets before vapor. you'll see a lot of moisture from that, which is a great thing, by the way. any time you see the green blobs in texas, that's fantastic. now, this is a second little piece of energy that will be rolling along the frontal boundary late tomorrow and tomorrow night. you've been watching it all week. it'll stay to the south, probably throw the clouds our way though tomorrow afternoon. but i think all the showers will be staying south of us, maybe, just maybe glancing at southern maryland. in the meantime, most of our showers are pretty much over. we didn't get much. it would not be power packed. it was not. and that is the most we could find. most of the showers are moving across the bay. and we'll see parts of clearing in the skies as you go through your nighttime hours. some of the roads are still wet through the evening commute.
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look at the temperatures, who cares. 58 in bethesda, 51 in arlington and d.c. 59 in gaithersburg. it just went back to the record, trying to determine what winter it was. 97, 98, 99, no snow. it was 97, 98. and oh, look at that, only a tenth of an inch. all right, slowly cooling down, breezy and mild tonight. at least these sunglasses for friday morning anyway. cooler on friday, another chilly weekend. it does appear that sunny will be the colder of the two days. maybe some flurries for you on sunday. by tomorrow morning, clouds are moving out. we're in pretty good shape and then the clouds come back by lunchtime with a system passing through our south. i think that it will be a little overdone. but some of the rain could get up into fredericksburg late tomorrow night and very early on saturday and then the clouds will move out and we're in pretty good shape as you go through the day on saturday and another system will come in. this time from the northwest on sunday. and so for tonight, showers are ending, partial clearing. lows in the 40s, the wind is southwest at 10 to 15. so not that cool for you.
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and the next seven days, temperatures will be going down. look at the clouds tomorrow evening into saturday morning and chilly on saturday, returning partly cloudy, returning to 46. we've got the flurries now for sunday. temperatures in the low 40s. well, we cannot lock into anything. it goes back to the low 50s next monday. showers on tuesday. some rain on thursday. and the temperatures by next thursday. oh man, it might end on wednesday and thursday and we're in the low 50s. that's a great shot, i thought. that will come up from maryland and that is wildlife here at parts of asia in maryland and the blue heron. you see the fish there? that is a nice job. i don't know if you have been on the gulf course or whatnot, but you think takeoff, it sounds like the aircraft. >> yeah, they do. >> now, you want to send something to us, send it to our e-mail address. click on weather. you have to include your name, location, description, or i'll zoom it out. now, droplets, not vapor. >> very good. >> yeah, very good.
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thanks, topper. still ahead, occupy d.c. protesters are carrying a golden cap to capitol hill. we'll tell you why. but up next, why are people returning gifts before they give them away? but first, google is out with their top 10 fastest rising search for the 2011 time. number ten with steve jobs followed by osama bin laden, adele, casey anthony, and the iphone 5. three was hurricane irene, two was google plus and the number one fast arriving search was rebecca black who neither matt nor i know who that is. we'll be right back.
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now, that will be the $300 phone that runs on google's new android operating system that is called the ice cream sandwich.
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it is available through verizon. even though there are still ten shopping days left, many of us have apparently been quick to buy presents and immediately take them back to the store. retailers report the return rates up this season. so far they had to give back nearly $0.10 of every dollar on their holiday sale. sorry to report that year-end bonuses are a fading tradition. they show that more than 40% of companies don't expect to hand out any special compensation this year. and only 17% of the companies are planning to give employees bonuses. well, whole foods moved to prince george's county, it might be on hold. but another super markets are celebrating a grand opening there today. the plan will be the total amount that is up to $5,000 worth of canned goods for the donations to the capitol area
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food bank. putting millions to work and saving lives all at the same time. lawmakers in prince george's county say that is the goal of the green street initiative. and congresswoman donna edwards joined the acting administrator and the local lawmakers to celebrate the first anniversary of that initiative today. they said that the project has reduced pollution on out there and they have created jobs for about 70 folks. coming up, finding better ways to identify the homeless children and families. the homeless teenager is featured on 60 minutes, they testify on capitol hill. and also ahead, a cable repairman earned his service fee after a bizarre encounter with a bear in a pretty unlikely place. i'm kristin fisher in an undercover investigation that is just revealing that 62% of unlicensed gun dealers in virginia online would sell a gun to somebody who admits that they would not pass a background check. we'll talk about it and dig into this report coming up.
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it's been a week now since they were shot or killed on campus. we now know that the handgun used in that shooting had been purchased legally from the license dealer. just like the guns used in the 2007 massacre, even the one gun that was bought online. but a shocking undercover investigation shows the number of illegal gun sales that are
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online, it's soaring. kristin fisher spent the day with the details she found inside. >> reporter: yeah, that's the report. it's called point, click, fire. and an investigation of illegal gun sales. it was conducted by the city of new york, but it has profound implications for the state of virginia. now, what they found, 63% of unlicensed internet gun sales. they were pretty sure it would not pay a background check. >> no, nothing like that. just a private person. >> that's good, because i probably couldn't pass it. >> all right. >> yeah, i probably couldn't either. >> reporter: and what you're listening to is an unlicensed seller found on a site like craig's list, agreeing to sell firearm to someone that just told him that he probably couldn't pass a background check. >> and the background check. >> reporter: little does he know that the person is really an undercover private investigator. >> and i couldn't pass a background check anyway. >> that right there, a lot of
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people do have that problem. and i'm just telling you between you and me, a lot of people are buying guns like that who probably couldn't walk into that, but person to person private sale, you just sell a gun. >> as wrong as it may sound, legally he is right called the private sale loophole. a private seller could legally sell a gun on the internet without conducting a background check. but if the seller has reason to believe that the buyer could not pass a background check, then it is a felony. >> and these internet sales really are the new gun shows. >> reporter: he is the director against the illegal guns. >> people should be able to sell guns with no problems on that. we think we need a better background check system to keep it from happening. thigh oppose closing the private sale loophole agree that the recordings are troubling. >> if they are breaking the law, they are knowingly and intentionally selling a gun to somebody that they have reason to believe that would not pass
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the test. we thank you. >> there are a record number of kids at the u.s. physicalling into poverty, along with their parents. so here in washington, the congressional committee heard from several kids about what it is like to be homeless. >> me and my mom are homeless. they got that way because my dad was abusing me. and my mom, he hit me, calling me stupid and retarded. >> reporter: homeless children from florida, illinois, new york. both the congressional committee, they told them what it is like not knowing where they will sleep at night. >> that is the hardest thing about living with people is watching my mom cry. sometimes they said that their cars felt safer.
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>> in my car i was in control. i didn't have to worry about what would happen to me or people that would try to touch me when i was asleep. >> reporter: it is estimated that one out of 45 children are now homeless in the u.s. kids who say they are tired, underfed, embarrassed, failing the schools. and the parents that are struggling to find the regular work. >> you have to eat at the gas station at the corner because they have a microwave. >> and her family recently got a break. after 60 minutes airing a story about the impoofierished kids in their florida community. >> because of the 60-minute segment, our community has come together, providing my family with the home. >> reporter: congress is now looking for answers as they try to write new laws to help the new generation of homeless. of the primary deals now being considered by congress to address the problem, is the homeless children and youth act our 2011. in other news, they were joined by church leaders today, all accompanied by the giant
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golden cat. they condemned the economic and equality and they called on the house speaker to support the taxes on wall street and their trades. rather than the massive program cuts for the poor and the elderly. the museum hosted the largest day here. and celebrating the bill of rights and the first amendment. the huge event included the performance of the bill of rights, a musical celebration. and also a panel discussion about the future of the first amendments and the roll of the social media in promoting the first amendment. now to a disturbing story. we have to warn you that these pictures as we just said, they are disturbing. police in santa ana have found children living inside this home alongside more than 100 cats. you can see how wealthy it is. cats everywhere, urine, boxes, fee sees overflowing with litters. they are now charged with the child endangerment. and the neighbors reported the
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foul odors from the homes. they called the cops. the two little girls that live there, they are now safe from other relatives. everybody hates waiting for the tv repairman. but wreck o -- but check this out. yesterday when they walked into the the basement of his house. yeah, that guy. the 500-pound bear and he was asleep on the floor. >> we kept on working, hearing it a few more times. they just kept on working and finally they saw it and openedded up throwing the lights and ran out. >> yeah, kind of a reverse goldie locks deal. how did they get in the house? no one knows. the game officials got there. they tranquilized them. and then they let them bring in the wilds. still ahead across the river from new jersey. new york city gets creative. asking the local artist to draw
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attention to safeties. but up next, the woman manages to escape the criminal who hit her over the head with a gun during the robbery. and it was all caught on tape. don't forget we're always on stay with us. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever.
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and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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caught on tape. crime fighters coming ahead in the first of two incidents. first ahead, a masked gunman ordered lily per rose down in the gas station -- perez down in the gas station. she had no intentions of following the command, so she and the gunman struggled at the door. >> when i turned around, we shuffled towards the door and
5:40 pm
then he stood in front of the door and that's when the guy shoved him out of the way and pushed myself out. when i ran outside, i'm like, you know, did he hit me? >> reporter: the gunman hit perez over the head with his gun. fortunately she was uninjured except for a bump on her head. as you can see, she got away. to pennsylvania where a wood-by robber got a lot more than what he bargained for. a masked man came through the window of the drive-thru coffee shop armed with a tire iron. the quick-thinking wife responded with some improvised weapons of her own. >> the window, out of his driver seat. that's when my wife saw him coming in grabbing one of these, we call them hair pots full of coffee. it's pretty heavy, hitting him in the face with it. >> whoa. when that did not stop him, she slammed him with a pitcher of hot-steaming milk. he was arrested later on in the evening. in addition to robbery, police say he will face additional charges because the van he was driving in was stolen.
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>> yeah. coming up, santa and friends bringing smiles to the faces of the young cancer patients at the local hospital. topper >> well, it does not feel like mid-december. here are the numbers for you today. high temperatures in national. 53. lows are only 43. the average is 43 and 42. those are downtown averages. the record low is 6. we'll come back and talk about another system coming in and another one on sunday. we'll tell you what that means for your weekend forecast. but first, they cry, they sweat, they even give birth. but they are not really, you know, human. and we'll introduce you to this cutting-edge technology for training nurses. that's coming up next.
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in tonight's health alert, colon cancer on the rise in young adults. new research looked at nearly 600,000 cases of cancer between the years in 1998 and 2007. and the results, they showed the raids for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s climbing while the cases and people going down. doctors say that many younger adults and doctors need to keep an eye out for possible symptoms like abdominal pain, changes, bathroom habits, bleeding. if you or i were to end up in the hospital, we surely would like to know that people at the bedside were well trained and ready to jump into action. and well tonight, anita brikman gives us a look at the hands-on training for the next generation of the nurses. the experience they get with what is called practice patience. >> reporter: how real are these
5:46 pm
things? so you can see that and they threw up and other things. >> reporter: including labor and delivery of a baby at the arlington campus at the college nursing. the high-tech simulator used to train the students before they encounter real patients are real themselves and when they blink it feels like they are watching you. >> some of the girls around, they could be kind of jumpy. but you know what, it is because you blink. and then he will breathe. and he talks to you. >> reporter: nursing instructors actually control the responses. they help students learn what to do in a medical crisis. >> it's a safe place to make a mistake to try to think through the conditions or the situations that will confront the student. >> go ahead and push when you're ready. you're doing great. >> reporter: it's the simulator that could really rattle a student's nerve. her chart shows she is giving
5:47 pm
birth to her baby alone while her husband is deployed overseas, so she needs extra support. >> next to her are actual hospital monitors these student nurses will encounter, which monitors her breathing, as well as her contractions as they get stronger and stronger. >> reporter: finally, she gets to the most painful part of labor. what's called transition. >> transition actually means when the head is crowning. a lot of pressure at that point. and a lot of mothers are like okay, i'm done. i don't want to do this anymore. you say no, no, this is really short, you'll be fine. >> it gets you ready for real life. i mean, this is a very similar situation to what we have seen already, where you know, you have a mom who has been pushing and pushing and it is just taking a little longer. so you keep encouraging her, and keep working her through it. >> baby >> reporter: anita brikman, 9 news now. >> very real stuff. because they can control the response of the patients, the students are not only practicing the physical skills, but they learn to work on their
5:48 pm
soft skills like the therapeutic communications to make the patients feel more comfortable like they did for robot noel there. they got there via motorcycle, delivering toys for children in the hospital pediatrics oncology unit. that's where they treat cancer. they have a special significance to these families and their 16-year-old son, dalton has been treated at georgetown. sadly he died back in august of last year. they were among the initial organizers of this event. matt? derek tonight, the country music star is calling his wife's accusation of domestic assault a lie. he was arrested last night in tennessee. they report that rodney atkins has filed for divorce, claiming she made the whole thing up. atkin's lawyer calls it an unfortunate verbal dispute. to keep pedestrians safe this holiday season, new york city is turning to poetry.
5:49 pm
haikus to be precise. that's the japanese poetry involving three lines of sill bolls. five in the first line, seven in the second, and then five more. >> yeah, near bike lanes. cyclists will enter the raffles, unwanted door prizes. >> and there are haiku signs on 144 street corners throughout manhattan. it's a compelling and creative way to get the message across. >> if you have ever crossed the street in new york city, you know no one pays attention to the lights figuratively. all right, we have some christmas displays a couple days ago we have shown you. now they have pretty impressive holidays for you. is this incredible? this is in tallahassee. this gentleman lives here, playing tribute to the warriors. that's going all out. >> i heard he had to sell the house just to pay the electric
5:50 pm
house. >> yeah, he sure did. >> wow. that is something. >> yeah, that is something else. by the way, we did see the best shot. i would like to see more pictures of the best shot. keep that in mind. no one wants to compete with that. l that means they have moving video. the still shot would not do justice. let's talk about how mild it is. temperatures still in the 60s. 63 at college park. 60 in bethesda. 62 at springfield. 61 in gaithersburg. and this is crazy stuff. well, here is the deal. we are going to be slowly cooling down. breezy and mild tonight and these sunglasses will be there for tomorrow morning. cooler on friday and another chilly weekend. sunday will be the coolest of the two days. late tonight, a couple howers, but i think don't it will be happening. for the most part, we're done with the shower activity. the clouds will with moving out. a partial clearing skies overnight. then clouds come back at us
5:51 pm
tomorrow. a little system passing to our south tomorrow night. i think it'll stay dry and it might be a little overdone. but the light rain up here to fredericksburg is about a 50/50 shot in the immediate metro area, we're looking at clouds and a chillier night on friday night. then the clouds will get out of here on friday morning. another system will come in here on sunday. this one comes in from the northwest. showers are ending early tonight. partial clearing, breezy, mild. low temperatures in the 40s. winds are southwest at 10 to 15. l now tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy, chilly. light coat should do it. temperatures will just be in the 40s. that's where they should be for the highs. then by the afternoon, the clouds will come back. but it will be pleasant and cooler. high temperatures are around 50. now the next seven days. we'll get rids of the clouds on friday morning. and in the mid-40s. i think we could see some flurries here in the metro area. certainly snow showers. high temperatures in the lower 40s. but we cannot lock into a
5:52 pm
winter pattern as well. some rain on wednesday, back into the low 50s on thursday. >> yes. he's speechless. >> well, it is speechless. >> all right, thank you. now 9sports with the best sports in town. handy has been hampered been anita been -- has been hampered by an achilles injury. after suffering tears in his akilllies tendon, he has spent all the offseason rehabbing -- achilles tendon, he has spent a lot of the off season rehabbing it. injuring his achilles, hamstring, groin, that has kept landry out for five games this season including the last two. so the red are -- so the redskins are confidence to
5:53 pm
sweep them on sunday. >> they put that confidence on out there, by the way they greet them. and you know, i think they have a lot of respect for them. the way they have played for the last couple of weeks to be competitive. i think that they know they will need to fight on out there. we'll have our hands full, especially going on the road. that will be a fun environment for them and a fun game to be played. >> and hi is out working. -- he is out working as gomes will stay this for the remainder of the season. the redskins are also announcing today that the former defensive coordinator and head coach will be inducted into the redskins ring of fame at fedex field. he was the architect of the redskins defense for all three super bowl titles. finishing his career playing under water. coaching for 15 years before finally retiring from the nfl. and to be included with the
5:54 pm
great coaches on out there. i find it very difficult to imagine you're going in there with people like that. and you know, i think that it's a surprise. >> all right with the giants in the playoff push, redskins have a chance to play spoiler on sunday. we'll have more on that and plus high lites and the wizard's media day and the expectations for the upcoming season. matt, over to you. >> thanks very much. another down for them and to the the recent agreements to make sure that they will keep getting their paychecks. plus, the pep rally just flowing up the web and not everyone is laughing about it. a silent film creates the loudest buzz on the american award. more information coming up next. state farm. this is jessica.
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hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month.
5:57 pm
yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. a silent film spoke up for the most nomination of this year's golden globes. >> and they have more about the movies and the artists and the other nominees. >> reporter: the new movie, "the artist," might be a silent film, but creating the largest buzz in hollywood. the romance and recaps of the silent movie industry earned the best fix golden globe nomination. including best picture in the musical category. >> i would like something from
5:58 pm
"the help." >> both "the help," and "eyes of march" received five nominations. they gave him for the best director and best screen play. >> this is stupid. >> reporter: he also earned a third nomination for best actor in the "descendents." putting him up against his good friend, brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio. it is also one of the youngest nominees. the 26-year-old scored the best actress nomination for the girl with the dragon tattoo. she is up against a lot of other good contenders. for best actress in a musical or comedy, snl star was nominated for bridemaids role. she will be facing jodie foster, michelle women williams when they are happenedded out
5:59 pm
on january 15. january -- when they are handed out on january 15. >> one moment at the foreign press, what they might want back from this morning's announcement, one of them are taking the opportunity to plug their own movie. with the name of his next film into the best picture category. and then joked that it does not open until january and was not actually on the list. i think it is just time to legislate. and i think that america, you know, they need to see us earning our paychecks. >> well, time is running out tonight for the lawmakers to reach a deal to make sure that all federal workers keep on getting their paychecks. but the main sticking point seems to be a completely different issue. peggy fox is monitoring the debate tonight. >> reporter: there is a new poll out saying motion americans, six out of ten wants to keep the payroll tax cut. and no surprise, right? well, congress, they are now agreeing


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