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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 17, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: thanks for joining us, everybody, from our show right here in los angeles! ♪
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[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. rundown. verison, a network ahead. right now, topper is tracking a chance for flurries in the weekend forecast. >> plus, a health alert on a popular stuffy nose remedy after two people die from brain eating parasites. >> but first, a two-year-old child given a massive overdose of chemo at a local hospital. this is 9news now. >> 200,000 americans every
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year killed by preventable medical mistakes. >> researchers estimate 1.5 million of us are injured. only on 9 tonight, bruce leshan has a troubling case. a two-year-old daughter of an iraq war vet allegedly hit with a massive overdose of chemotherapy at walter reid army hospital. >> i have leukemia. >> you have leukemia? >> yeah. >> other than a tube in her chest, three-year-old shows little sign of all that she's been through. >> who do we go visit on your make a wish? >> tinker bell. >> a year ago, doctors diagnosed her with leukemia and recommend add three week course of the potent chemotherapy drug. in one short 15 minute dose, medical workers at walter reid allegedly pumped kendall with
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more medicine than she was supposed to get over the entire three weeks. >> i was telling her one thing and my heart was saying something else. and i was praying to god that he let me have more time with her. >> it can severely damage your heart muscles even years later. and children particularly vulnerable. >> lobster red color. it looked like she was burning from the inside out. >> over the next few weeks, kendall was back in the hospital repeatedly. >> she had no white blood cells. >> pain so severe, doctors prescribed morphine. >> she wouldn't let me touch her. >> walter reid's pharmacy chief apologized for the error, but kendall's mom says no one has ever explained to her how
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it could happen. how the hospital will keep it from happening again, or how the military medical system could once again fail the troops. >> he was in iraq for three tours and that is his daughter. so how you treat her is how you are treating him. >> they have filed a claim through military channels, hoping if the worst happens, there will at least be some money set aside to care for kendall. bruce leshan, 9news now. >> and a spokesperson for walter reid national military medical center says the matter is under investigation, so she could not comment on it. the good news is, kendall's cancer is in remission right now. >> that is the best news. a health alert tonight about a popular way people find relief from stuffy noses this time of year. the state of louisiana is issuing a warning about netty pots after two people died. people used tap water instead
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of the recommended distilled water to flush out their sinuses. they then became infected and died. louisiana's health department emphasizes that when used correctly, they are safe. 35 people are being warned to get checked out by a doctor after a student at the george washington university died of meningitis. that unidentified graduate student lived off campus and the student had the bacterial form of the disease. good news and bad news on the government shutdown. the bad news is, congress is not going to get a deal done by tonight's deadline less than an hour away. the good news is, congress says that deadline really doesn't count anyway and all of that is going on as they are fighting over a plan to extend the payroll tax cuts. we gave gary a bottle of aspirin and said please explain this. gary. >> derek, government shutdown, extension of payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits. bottom line, we have a deal,
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it's just not official yet. >> there will be votes tomorrow. >> in the senate, the deadline we thought was at midnight. the house has passed the deal. >> it would not be a government shutdown. i think everybody should be reassured that's not going to happen. >> and in theory, there is an agreement to pass a two month extension of the payroll tax cut. >> this is a lifeline to many struggling families and it is a way to insert into our economy the spending power of 160 million families buying goods and services that plays out into even more economic activity. more jobs and profitability. that's a must. >> but is it? it takes money away from the social security system. >> we are worried about, flankly, that social security, if the program has to rely on general revenues to be repaid, we are worried that eventually this program is going to have to compete with a lot of other
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programs in government, which defeats the point of a program that is financed by workers. paid for by them, for benefits they are entitled to when they retire. >> but of course, that worry seems to be outweighed by the prospects of allowing taxes to go up at a cost of $1,000 for an average wage earning family. the vote to extend those tax cuts looks like it will be a few days away. but the take up there is, we have a deal, we got a deal, it isn't official yet. lesli. >> we'll wait to see when it is. a major victory for commuters as congress imposes a cap on parking at the mark center. the facility off interstate 395 at seminary road has been a lightning rod for controversy since it opened earlier this year. and the idea of this deal is to keep traffic from getting any worse when the building hits its full occupancy in march. >> basically it means that the pentagon is responsible for
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building the infrastructure necessary to accommodate the 6,400 additional employees who will be moving into that building. >> members of virginia's congressional delegation say they hope the cap forces the army to consider tell commuting. stagger schedules or more shuttles for employees. >> today was the first court hearing of the army private accused of leaking military documents. 23-year-old bradley manning faces the possibility of a life behind bars. most of today's proceedings, however, was all devoted to whether or not the judge in the case aught to recues himself since he is an army reservist who works for the department of justice full-time, which is the same organization already investigating wikileaks. in the end, the judge said he was going to stay on the case. and a federal judge in d.c. today rejected requests for more thorough psychiatric evaluation of the man accused of shooting at the white house. oscar hernandez was trying to
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assassinate president obama even though the commander in chief was not home at the time. a previous mental evaluation found he was competent to stand trial. three people are dead and two others injured after a shooting at a california office building. it happened about 1:30 local time and police believe the gunman is among the dead. right now they are not saying who that is or why that person started shooting. the key witness in the penn state sex abuse scandal took the stand today. mike mcquery spoke out during a hearing investigating what university administrators knew and when they knew it. our scott broom was in the courtroom. >> mike mcquery testified he was shocked, not thinking straight and distraught after he saw former coach, jerry sandusky wap raping a boy in a locker room shower in 2002. i believed jerry was having sexual intercourse with him. he was witnessing something he didn't want to see and didn't want to be part of.
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when he told joe paterno the next morning, the coach was shocked and saddened and promised to tell his bosses. mcquery said he never used words like sodomy or rape in his meetings with paterno, quote, out of respect. there's no question in my mind that i conveyed to them that i saw jerry with a boy in the showers and there was severe sexual acts going on and it was wrong and over the line, mcquery testified. penn state athletic director, tim curly, and former university president stand accused of failing to report the incident to law enforcement and lying to a grand jury about what mcquery told them. quote, i got the impression there may have been some wrestling activities and sandusky may have grabbed the boy's genitals, schultz said. in secret grand jury testimony that was revealed in court today. shultz called the encounter horseplay. admitting they knew sandusky had been investigated four
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years before for another incident in the showers with a boy. >> the judge in this case ruled swiftly. finding there is more than enough evidence to take these two administrators accused of not doing enough and then lying about it to trial. in harrisburg, scott broom, 9news now. in philadelphia tonight, the school system is trying to figure out how a 13-year-old boy spent more than nine hours trapped inside a stairwell. david fields says he was looking for a new way out of his middle school when a door closed behind him locking him inside. he cried for help, but apparently the janitorial staff did not hear him. relatives heard his cries when they went searching with school police just after midnight. powerful video tonight out of utah where rescuers were caught on tape tending to a woman trap under a bus. you're looking at the scene. this happened near salt lake city. both the women's legs were broken and so a police officer crawled under the bus to hold her hand until the crews could
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free her. she is recovering in intensive care tonight. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. our 60s are gone. temperatures 20 degrees colder today. here's your wakeup weather. skies returning partly cloudy, but a cold start. 30s at 6:00 in the morning. 30s at 8:00. and 36 to 42 at 10:00. it will be bright though in the morning. we'll come back. we'll track some sleet and some light snow tonight. let you know if more flakes may fall over the weekend. santa is getting a surprise visit, but it might not be what you have in mind. i'll tell you all about it. hi, we're from republic of korea and we want to wish our friends and family back in woodbridge, virginia, and randy and marine a merry christmas and ha
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melwood and wusa9 serve all those who serve at home and abroad this holiday season. >> hi, calling from germany. to my mom and my cousins living in the washington, d.c. area, happy holidays and know that i would much rather be there than here, but know that i love you. six months and counting. i'll see you soon. back now with an update on a nativity scene robbed of a key figure. we told you that the baby jesus was stolen from his manger in this display at the central park shopping center. tonight, the 80-pound figure is back where he belongs. police say a tip led them to the plastic figure, but so far that suspect has not been charged. all across the country, some needy families are getting some much needed holiday cheer this season. >> our ken explains how a good deed is becoming a popular trend among perfect strangers. >> santa doesn't always have a
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white beard and wear a red hat, ask some of the people out here in springfield. susan is an ambassador of holiday good will. show up to lay away counters. they randomly pick up someone's lay away list and pay off the balance. we caught up with her as she did her good deed at a k mart. >> my neighbor started this. >> that tradition is becoming more popular. one secret santa said it's a great way to give a needy family a break. >> i have the chills because it feels so good. i would recommend anybody that can do it to go ahead and do it. you don't have to do a big amount. >> starting a program to make it easier to walk in and do the same. store managers say usually the holiday lists include children's toys. many times people miss their payments or don't complete them and they are left without the gifts. >> it would be a great thing if somebody could do that for me. i would have money to buy someone else a gift.
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>> holiday spirit is all about sharing. give someone a smile this holiday season is just as joyful as receiving a gift. >> i have had a lot of people pay it forward to me, so this is my way of paying back. >> if you would like to do the same and help out a family in need. come on in and do it. there's a lot of time left before christmas. ken, 9news now. >> the first lady just may have come away with a lot more than she bargained for when she volunteered today. michelle obama was helping out the marines with their campaign when aaron leaks of frederick leaned over a toy bin and asked her hey, can you come with me to next year's marine corps ball? the first lady said she would love to go, but he would have to clear it first with her hubby. you know, i have to give the home boy, it's one thing to ask your boss' wife on a date, especially when he's the commander in chief. >> maybe he'll say okay.
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just one night. >> it is great, that's bold. >> a little crazy. >> he is aiming high, but you're right. >> i don't think the president will let her go out. but anyway, who knows. >> she was very gracious. very quick on her feet. >> topper wouldn't have been as gracious. okay. yeah, sure. all right, we are looking at a little bit of rain, sleet, and snow in parts of the metro area. we'll start with doppler 9,000. this used to be 9.2 if you have an hd tuner. it's now 9.3. if you don't see it anymore, rescan it. the channels have not changed on the cable provider. it's still 203 on comcast. here's live doppler. a lot of activity to the south. we have seen this all evening. notice bright banding here. notice the yellows, a little bit of red. that's sleet across southern
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sections of charles county, mainly in calvert county and st. mary's county, and a mixture towards winchester. we'll zoom in to this activity and it's the same area of low pressure that is grazing us. it will end shortly. colonial beach, a little bit of sleet. even up toward lusby. even though temperatures are not below freezing, they are in fact well above freezing. this area of heavy precipitation will drag colder air down and you get some sleet. temperatures, well 43 downtown. 37 in frederick. it's not crazy cold, but compared to this time yesterday, we were still in the low 60s. 41 in fredericksburg and 37 out toward winchester. here's the deal. we are looking at a chilly weekend, but a nice weekend. it's mid december. more sunshine saturday, i think than sunday. a little upper area disturbance comes saturday night and sunday. maybe some flurries late
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saturday night and early on sunday. no not a storm, but conversational flurries. in the mountains, there will be snow showers. and milder next week. we can't lock into a winter pattern and wow, temperatures go back in the 50s next week. all right, mostly cloudy, breezy and colder overnight. rain and sleet ending to the south. low temperatures in the 30s. winds will become northwest. tomorrow morning returning partly cloudy. a little breezy in the morning. heavy coat not a bad idea. 30s to around 40. with the winds northwest at 10 to 15. it will feel like it's in the 20s. by afternoon, a nice day. partly cloudy and chilly. you still need a coat. high temperatures around 45 and winds northwesterly at 10. the winds die down in the afternoon. all right, so let's break it down for you. 30s to start. partly cloudy. 39 to 44 at noon and looking at 40 to 45 under partly cloudy skies by evening. now the next seven days, again, maybe a flurry on sunday. not a big deal. 44. it's all we have to look forward to. and after that, we go back in the 50s.
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52 on monday. there's a golfable day. and then on tuesday, temperatures still mild. some showers possible. rain on wednesday low 50s. a break on thursday and more rain on friday with temperatures in the low 50s. hope you're not laughing at my 50s, because i am depressed. >> we are not disappointed at all. >> i don't know what you were thinking, top. >> okay, you're good? >> is it a harvenger for a warm january? >> i hope not. >> it was scalding to the eyes. >> you had to bring out the beep. >> new uniforms, new logo, same wizards. it's only one preseason game, but a beginning to this short campaign. john wall says it's my team. i'm the leader this year. chris crossover in a nice finish. wall, 3 of 12 shooting. how about the rookie?
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thanks for playing. 7 points, but washington's defense awful. win by 25. afterwards, head coach going off and everybody cover your ears. >> disappointed with our main guys. i mean, they got beat out there. our emphasis in training camp was not turning the basketball over, defending, and rebounding. and all three of those, two of those, especially bad and the other we were really bad. >> all right. time for our game of the week. 8,000 voters wanted georgetown prep and you got it. let's head over to titletown. 38-a 25 wisconsin avs. georgetown prep went a little grand theft orange. hoyas up by 4. but josh heart being recruited by major schools and why not when you have pink shoes like that and you can fly.
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sidewell wins 65-51. up next, kristen joining our redskins
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welcome back to 9news. joined by brian mitchell for our double coverage segment. we learned this week about the redskins safety, laron safety being placed on injured reserve. he suffered it last year. it's been a long time. david, why can't landry get healthy? >> we talked the other day about this. we think he may have over done it by working out in the offseason. when you don't take care of it, it compensates with the rest of your legs and a hamstring and a groin. he should have had the surgery last year. >> it snowballed. things kept getting worse. they are recommending he has surgery this year, but his contract is up at the end of the season. how much does this injury or possible surgery affect his
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campaign? >> i think it affects it big time. the fact they are suggesting he needs surgery, they would be coming back here at a discounted price. they know what he is capable of. if they would get at a lower price, he may come back. other than that, he won't be here. >> we'll have to wait and see what happens with that. redskins go up to the stadium, face the new york giants who they beat week one by two touchdowns. does that win have any bearing on this game on sunday? a totally different redskins game and a totally different giants team. >> the giants now know they can lose to the redskins. they can beat the giants. the giants are playing so much better. they have become a passing team in i don't know how many years. every four years, they win. i don't see it happening. >> i think they can repeat, but then again, they cannot. when i look at this team now, they are not the same team they were at that point. they played a lot better. didn't make a lot of mistakes. didn't turn the ball over.
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lately, they have been turning the ball over all the time. i really think going up to new york will be. giants all the way. >> giants are a much better team. they score the ball and eli has had an unbelievable year. >> what about defense? >> the giants are not very good on defense this year. is this a team that has been built on defense for 30 years. they gave up a lot of points last week. redskins. >> i think they are closer than people think. because they turn the ball over on the redskins. i'll go with the redskins. i think they are a little better. >> redskins for defense. what about coaching? >> under rated. he wins no matter what happens. they are always a contender, giants. >> i'll go with the giants also. he has done it of late. you look at shanahan, it was
2:04 am
before. tom coughman. >> time for predictions. redskins have blown it a lot in the 4th quarter and giants have not. >> i'm going to go giants 20- 17. >> all right. we'll see what happens on sunday. thanks so much for joining us. 9news


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