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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 20, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EST

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feces at each other? geoff: it may happen because we're getting up there. craig: wait. it's going to be hard because you have no digestive system. geoff: no, that's exactly right. plus, i set off metal detectors and stuff. craig: you set off metal detectors so you can't throw the crap around. i can't follow this kind of comedy logic. geoff: who is going to be our joey bishop? craig: well, not me. geoff: yeah, not me. i'm afraid that's probably my job, isn't it? and the least famous job. craig: i'm probably the least famous one. we can get somebody least famous. geoff: less famous than you. craig: do you know a thing about being famous? geoff: no, i don't. we should ask regis. that guy -- those guys --
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craig: you know in his book he doesn't mention you or me at all. geoff: really, you skimmed it for your name? craig: i didn't skim it. i read the whole damn thing. it's regis' book about his life. geoff: that picture on the back is called jazz hands. that's what that's called. craig: all right. we're out of time. say good night and merry christmas. geoff: good night and feliz navidad! [cheers and applause]
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. i don't even have a jaywalking ticket. they can't even tell me why they slammed me on the ground. >> barred for being black? some say a new practice by local cops bar people from residential buildings just for how they look. also, your paycheck is facing a pay cut. find out what killed the payroll deal and when your taxes are set
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to go up. but first tonight, three separate shootings, two dead and four wounded all in a matter of hours. this is 9news now. >> it was an extraordinarily violent night in the district starting just one hour after the sun went down. the street lights came on and apparently the guns came out. >> different neighborhoods, different circumstances, but all ended with a trip to the hospital and for some the morgue. delia gone kaflsz is live where the -- gongalves is live where the latest shooting happened. >> reporter: this double shooting occurred just five blocks away involving the youngest victims tonight. 7:00 p.m. police arrived to the 3400-block of 22nd street southeast to find two juvenile boys alive but suffering from gunshot wounds. they are rushed to the hospital and detectives discover shell casings outside the apartment building. no one is talking on camera tonight, but witnesses say they saw three black men between 18
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and 22 wearing ski masks running from the scene. one had a gun. 6:30, 1,000-block of taylor street in northeast, an adult male is shot. the suspect description sketchy. dark clothes, possible dark hat. the victim clinging to life for about an hour but later loses his battle to survive. the shooting now ruled a homicide. but the first shooting victim in this violent monday may have taken his own life at 6:00 p.m. police get a call of a man shot. detectives tape off several blocks surrounding 11th and m streets northwest as the drama unfolds. a crying mother runs to the scene but breaks down as she looks at her son's car shattered glass police surrounding. detectives recover a weapon but they'll have the final say in the death investigation. three shootings, four victims, one hour. the only survivors, the youngest
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in southeast. and at this very hour, the hunt is still on for the three suspects in that double shooting here in southeast that occurred at 7:00 p.m. we can tell you the boys who were shot are expected to be okay. >> what a night. okay, delia. the deal reached friday to extend payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits has fallen apart with republicans saying they will formally kill it tomorrow. >> and unless there is another deal, it means a tax bite for the average american worker in 12 days which means the finger pointing has already begun. we're pointing the finger at gary nurenberg to explain. >> reporter: well, derek, congress couldn't t a deal to extend the tax cuts for a year. leaders thought they did have a deal to extend them for two months to give them time to get through the holidays and come back and work it out at the beginning of the year. the senate passed that deal over the weekend and went home. now house republicans are
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saying, no, forget the two month extension. we're not buying anything in the year which means payroll taxes go up and unemployment benefits run out for about 2.2 million families. they can get some things done on the hill. taxpayer paid employees set up a podium in front of a potted plant while house republicans met to strategize. somebody thought some flags could be nice. no deal on payroll taxes yet, but more flags. some more house republicans entered the meeting and they worked on the flags some more. then got another one. sometimes tapes help. even when the speaker of the house walks in. setting the stage for the announcement rejecting the two month extension. >> our members do not just want to punt and do a short-term fix where we have to do this again. we're willing to stay here and get the job done to make sure the payroll tax credit is done for the entire year so the
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american people and small businesses have some certainty about what the tax code is going to look like for all of next year. >> reporter: taxpayers paid them to take the flags down and then the rules committee met how the compromise gets killed formally on tuesday. house republicans don't really want a deal on payroll taxes, they want to kill the bill with unrelated provisions. they argue everyone else compromised to get that senate deal. >> the senate republicans, the senate democrats, the house democrats not loving the proposal but agreeing to the agreement want to support a payroll tax. it's just a radical key party republican who are holding up this tax cut for the american people. >> reporter: well, we show you that rules committee meeting just a few minutes ago. the committee decided on a rule that means the submit compromise won't get voted on so no one has to go on the record as voting against that extension of the
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payroll tax cuts. thinking it had a deal, the senate levittown. the reason there was a two month extension is they couldn't agree on how to pay for the tax cuts and that hasn't changed. >> all right. gary nurenberg, thank you. justified or reckless? that's the question tonight after another police officer shot a man in pring george's county this weekend -- prince george's county this weekend. officer michael owens junior shot and killed rodney edwards saturday night in land over. owens was in uniform and returning from a toy give away in an unmarked van when he saw the 35-year-old lying in the grass. now, assistant chief kevin davis says that man turned out to be armed with a pistol and pointed it at owens. >> this police officer saw someone who was minimally in his opinion in need of some type of attention. so he stopped. he stopped to help him. and from that, he was encountered by an arm gun. i would argue that that police
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officer had no idea whatsoever that he was going to be confronted by a person with a gun. >> edwards does have a criminal history that includes drugs and weapons charges, but his family complains the shooting was senseless. the officer is on administrative leave while an internal investigation is completed. outrage tonight over the treatment -- the alleged treatment of young black men in dc. dozens have received barring notices from the dc housing authority. police and metropolitan police department not letting them visit housing projects. >> we are human beings. i have no record. i have never been convicted of any crime. >> police have given out 67-bar notices at woodland terrace so far this year. people are only barred after engaging in any activity that threatens the health, safety or peaceful enjoyment by other
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residents. treon white has been arrested at woodland terrace. he was not authorized to be there but he never received any kind of notice. >> and i was trying to figure out how i can be unauthorized to be on the property when i have an office and a contract with dc housing authority to serve on the property. >> i understand there is drugs in the neighborhood. just because i look a certain way doesn't mean i commit those crimes. >> i don't even have a jaywalking ticket. >> dc board of education member fought his charges and had him dismissed. lawyers are working other cases like him. they filed a freedom of information request for the barring notices. many of the men they represent insist they did not get a notice before police arrested them. the white house is hoping new leadership in north korea will lead to better international relations. kill jong il died on saturday. he had a heart attack. months ago he asked his son to
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be his successor. the change could offer the white house a diplomatic opportunity. >> we both share a common interest in a peaceful and stable transition in north korea as well as an ensuring regional peace and stability. >> now, interestingly the u.s. was all set to announce just this week a huge food aid program to north korea and in return to that he would have agreed to suspend the uranium program. that is now on hold until the period of mourning and until they figure out how the new leadership will go. the man who says he's christ like and fired shot at the white house will not be getting out of jail any time soon. he will now stay behind bars until his trial. the 21-year-old is accused of firing up to a dozen shots at the white house last month. today a u.s. magistrate called hernandez a particularly
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dangerous individual. he's charged with attempting to assassinate the president. the obamas were actually out of town at the time of the shooting. both praise and criticism tonight on bob mcdonald's funding plan. he tends to shore up the fund with a $2.4 million boost in employer contribution. more than a billion would come from local government. some aren't happy with the proposal. others say it just makes sense. >> the administration, i remember, was quite negative and upset over the federal bail outs when the federal government was bailing folks out and they're asking local government to bail out the state. we're not capable of doing that. they're supposed to make the employer contribution to their employee's retirement, just like happens in every other business. >> the plan also includes an increase in spending from general tax collections on public safety, public school and
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health care. tomorrow the dc council will make signature changes to the independent taxi cabs that do business in the district. under the plan, the city would require cab drivers to accept credit cards and install gps devices. and we the customers would be paying for this with a new sur charge. also cabs might have to have a uniform color. council members had thoughts on that. >> i have expressed the view that i would hope they would be white. >> the same color scheme we used on the circulator bus so people associate it with transportation or something that maybe reflects our cab. >> they will have to take a course on driving skills and local geography. well, the clouds are in place. actually pretty mild still. kind of a chilly evening, a chilly morning. we'll show you your wakeup weather. 38-44 to start. 36-42 by 7:00 and upper 40s by
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9:00. a couple of showers but nothing heavy. grab a coat but leave the umbrella at home. when we come back we'll tell you when you will need both. still ahead tonight. >> the female panda has not been attracted to the male panda. >> i don't see any attraction. >> the giant pandas fail to make the love connection. >> so what to do when the call of the wild goes unanswered. here what a sex therapist says can fix the lack of animal attraction coming up. mel wood an wusa9 salute all that serve this holiday season. >> hello. this is alicia jackson calling from rose barracks in germany to my mom and my cousins living in the washington dc area. happy holidays and know that i would much rather be there than here but know that i love you
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the washington dc veteran
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affairs center and wusa9 salute all that serve abroad this season. >> hi. this is the family from the public of korea and we want to wish our family back in virginia a merry christmas and happy new year. happy holidays. it has happened again. more stolen baby jesuses down near fredericksburg. one statue was stolen off u.s. 1 in front of a shopping center. another taken in front of the furniture store. furious owners say whoever is taking them is a joke but the humor is really falling flat. >> we know it's a prank, but we're all pretty disgusted. we haven't heard from anyone and we would like to have it returned as soon as possible. >> hoping for a christmas miracle. >> hoping for a christmas miracle. >> police were able to recover a third stolen jesus after the woman who allegedly took it posted a picture of it on her facebook page. tonight a family in prince
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george's county is finally complete after their father made a surprise return from afghanistan. >> we would like to welcome home one of our soldiers. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's her dad right there. he surprised her and her brother kevin at a prayer service at the catholic school out on livingston road in ox ton hill. after her dad was announced, you can just see so glad to see them. so much misemotion. emotion. it has been six years now since the giant pandas had their first and only cub. >> scientists are trying to help them have a second cub but first the old fashion way. as matt jablow tells us, it's not going to be easy.
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>> it's hard to invent chemistry. >> reporter: this georgetown psycho therapist who specializes in couples counseling call it a common problem. >> it's a very common problem. >> reporter: one member of the relationship, usually the male, being more interested in sex than the female. >> usually women need to feel emotionally connected. >> reporter: with humans, doctor smith says, there are certain things you can do to try to solve the problem. >> people can get very creative in the way that they relate to one another. >> reporter: but with pandas, she's not so sure. >> if she is just not into him, i'm not sure what is going to change that. >> reporter: and neither are the animal behavior experts at the national zoo who are once again trying to naturally mate the zoo's two pandas for the very first time. >> they only demonstrate heat once per year. >> reporter: one of the biggest problems, the female does not seem to be attracted to the male. >> some pandas become pregnant very easily. they mate easily. others do not.
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she is one of those that does not. >> reporter: so in an effort to help the pandas consummate their relationship, the zoo is taking several steps, including putting the male panda on a vigorous exercise program in hopes of increasing his stamina and making him more assertive. >> it sounds like a good idea. >> reporter: visitors had a few other suggestions tonight. >> something with the equivalent of a diamond necklace. >> music would set the mood ♪ music playing >> if you really want to get serious about it. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: more panda news at the national zoo. the announcement of a gift of $4.5 million to fund all kinds of panda programs at the zoo, including research into their breeding habits. if only money could buy a panda's love, then perhaps the problem would soon be solved. >> you know, i had this thought that if the stamina is weak, perhaps that's why she's not
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into him. >> perhaps. >> it's entirely possible. >> you need some panda stamina. >> i like the barry white idea. >> i do too. emotional connection. we're looking at a couple of showers tomorrow. get ready for a wet wednesday. >> we have one flake on the seven day. all is not lost yet. let's start with live doppler 9000. showers out to the west. that is really where they're going to be overnight. primarily west of hagerstown. certainly between cumberland and also out towards oakland across the divide. for the most part we're thinking showers tonight hagerstown west and essentially i81 west. nothing heavy. temperatures still heavy in hagerstown. 52 in martinsburg. 48 downtown. 50 in andrews. and it's still 52 down in fredericksburg. all right. here is the deal. a bet cooler tomorrow. just a little bit. we were like 51 or 52 today. a few showers possible tomorrow,
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but nothing heavy. bad news, wetter. much milder on wednesday despite the clouds and showers. and still mild on thursday. the real good news for thursday is i think it will be dry and mild. pretty nice for what is now late december. all right. overnight mostly cloudy, breezy, just chilly. a shower possible primarily west of i81. low temperatures 36-42. winds southwest 10-15. winds will turn northwest briefly by dawn tomorrow. and then by morning, mostly cloudy and cool. a couple of showers. i would concentrate on the coat, though. 30s and 40s. notice the winds go northeasterly. it's not a warm wind for us so a little cooler. 30s and 40s. by afternoon, well, mostly cloudy and cool. a few showers. winds out of the east at 10. near 50. when you have winds out of the east, it's not a warm wind.
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wednesday is going to be wetter day for the week. i raised temps a little bit. 36-42. that might be low. 40s by noon and then 46-51. a couple of showers by evening. the best chance of a wet commute will be in the evening, especially from i66 north and route 50 north as well. all right. next three days, look at the milder air. upper 50s wednesday, thursday. we might hit 60 on thursday. showers a good chance with some periods of rain on wednesday. we're going to keep thursday dry. notice clouds come back. we're kind of in a quick moving pattern now where we get a day to break and then we have another storm system come in. so rain probably develop thursday night into friday morning and then we have a break and another shower or some rain on saturday for the redskins game. right now it looks mild for the redskins game. temps low 50s. we'll keep christmas dry. we should be in between storms there. and then next monday clouds come back at us and actually a little cold air is available for a change. and perhaps we see a little light snow or flurries by
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evening. >> okay. >> okay. >> it will be pretty. >> it will be very pretty. >> light snow. >> okay. >> thanks, top. you know, we thought that if suspending the two best offensive players would hurt the redskins, apparently they're better now. >> with all of the injuries, the suspensions, the people not getting as much playing time, the young guys have stepped up. that's kind of what sports are all about. you get the one chance and you have to prove yourself. the injuries plagued the redskins but you wouldn't know it. mike shanahan expected performance of his young guys plus the wizards get shooting
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now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> we hear it all the time in sports, a player goes down with
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injuries and it's the next best man. the more players we lose, the better the redskins play. royster gets some yardage. these are performances shanahan wasn't expecting. >> very surprised. it says a lot about the guys playing hard and working doing the little things during the week. >> after working the wizards pre-season debacle, it's obvious they need some serious help. young tested the free agent monitors but didn't get the big time offers he had wanted so he returned to washington signing a one year deal today worth 3.7 million. young is coming off a year year with the wizards averaging 17.4 points a game, more than double what he produced the season before. and although this wasn't the
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outcome he had hoped for, although we would all like the money, he was just ready to play some ball. >> like i said, it played out the way it played out. i'm just going to play basketball the best i can. >> things didn't work out, but they'll work out in the end so i'll expect them to come in and have a great year for us. >> nick looked very conditioned. he looked focused and looked like he came back with a little chip on his shoulder like he has something to prove. >> some college games in action tonight. virginia tech hosting north florida. green goes in for the dunk. hokies up by 20. and then brown to green again. hokies win 44-55. miles gets the ball at the top of the key. gets it to kevin jones. off the block for the two points. a big night for jones. finishes with a double-double. 25 points, 14 rebounds. west virginia wins 72-53. finally tonight this from the recent caps flyers game. watch the ref in the corner.
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he tries to avoid. >> oh. >> and instead levels. those darn refs. they just can't get out of the way. >> he was trying. he was trying. [ laughing ] >> he gave him a l


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