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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 9, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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chris wragge. chris wragge. nasty in new hampshire. oneday into the campaign of 2012 and mitt romney's rivals are not holding back. >> can we drop a little bit of the pious baloney. one year later. congresswoman gabrielle giffords helps remember the victims of the tucson shooting. it's tebow time again. the denver quarterback leads them to a stunning win. then it's the cbs morning news for monday, january 9th, 2012. good morning everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. it's the day before the new hampshire primary and mitt romney's rivals are on the attack. it started yesterday at the
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debate. mitt romney was the prime target. susan mcginnis has more. good morning to you. hi good morning. terrell. it is clear the gloves are off as mitt romney's rivals do all they can to try to gain an inch. >> let's hear it. >> mitt romney isn't letting anything stand in his way of winning in new hampshire. he called on supporters sunday to drown out protesters trying to crash his rally. >> we're happy to have you express your views. next time try do it with more courtesy. >> his rivals aren't stopping from -- >> can we drop the pious baloney am. >> they bashed everything from
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romney's record to his electability. >> his record is so great, why didn't you run for election. >> even though he hold a commanding lead, polls show he dropped slightly in recent days. leaving the other candidates hoping to gain from his losses. >> they say this state loves the underdog. here is your underdog. >> jon huntsman supporters jammed to see him in a coffee shop. he's jumped to third place behind ron paul. >> i have such a strange new idea of obeying the constitution. >> rick santorum is also making a push for new hampshire and the first southern primary. >> just wait until january 21st. you'll find out where we're going to get our win. >> he's already rallying supporters in south carolina. as for rick perry, he is skipping the last day in new hampshire. he's already in south carolina trying to make gains there. he may do okay.
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he's the only southerner in the race. so expect terrell to hear a lot about his faith and about his root. >> susan mcginnis in new hampshire. good to see you. the candlelight vigil capped an emotional day the remembrance. it was one year ago that a gunman opened fire killing six people and wounding 13 others, including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. ines ferre reports. >> congresswoman giffords seemed -- she led the plenl of allegiance at a vigil for victims of the shooting that nearly killed her one year ago. >> one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [ applause ] >> giffords and tucson have come a long way in a year. it was just after 10:00 a.m. on january 8, 2011, when life there changed. giffords was making an appearance outside a safe way store when a gunman started firing on the crowd gathered in the parking lot.
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the congresswoman was shot in the head. among the dead, a federal judge and nine-year-old christina taylor green. another girl was shot three times and watched her friend christina die. the memorial events are helping her heal. >> i can't bring christina back but i can take her with me forward. seeing these people doing the same and getting out warms my heart. >> giffords has amazed her doctors with her recovery and return to washington to make an appearance on capitol hill last summer. but she still has a long way to go. giffords returned to the shooting scene for the first time saturday. her husband tweeted this picture of her pointing to where she parked her car that day. as for the accused gunman, jarod lee loughner pleaded not guilty to 49 charges. he's receiving treatment for mental illness in a missouri prison while awaiting trial.
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ines ferre, cbs news. a man opened fire on a group of americans. the gunman started shooting inside an afghan base. a military spokesman says an american pokes man was killed and another wounded. spying for the cia. arizona born man was put on trial last month. iran says he confessed but claims he was deceived by the u.s. spy agency. mahmoud ahmadinejad is in venezuela, the start of a lat intour. he will meet with hugo chavez today before traveling to nicaragua, cuba and ecuador. this comes amid rising tensions over iran's nuclear a.m. bigs. iran reportedly begun enriching -- a move likely to heighten tensions. bill plant has the story. >> our red line to iran is do
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not develop a nuclear weapon. that's a red line for us. >> iran's new uranium enrichment site is deep underground less vulnerable to attack. the u.s. will not allow iran to make a weapon. >> i think they need to know that if they take that step, that they're going to get stopped. >> iran ans stepped up their offensive. the revolutionary guard says the leadership decided to order the closure of the strait of hormuz a key oil shipping route if new u.s. restrictions on iran's oil strayed go into effect. it's a threat on which iran could make good even if briefly says joint chiefs chairman general martin dempsey. >> they've invested in capabilities that could, in fact, for a period of time block the straits of who muz.
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we've invested to ensure that it happens, we can defeat that. >> michael adler does not think it's inevitable. >> the whole purpose of the diplomacy has been to avoid facing that horrible choice of living with iran with the bomb or bombing iran. the sanctions are designed to cause iran so much economic pain that they have no choice but to strike a deal on the nuclear program. >> at the same time iran is escalating its rhetoric, it's suggesting that it may be willing to sit down and talk. but u.s. officials continue to believe that the only way to get iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions short of military action is to squeeze its economy so tightly that it will have no choice. bill plant, cbs news. the white house. walmart shoppers, you can get your taxes prepared there too. plus, a miracle rescue at sea after a private plane crashes
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off the bahamas. first a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. as campaign's 2012 primary season kicks off, we're live in new hampshire with all the gop candidates. we'll also sit down with the most important voters in the campaign. the independents. that's tonight on the cbs evening news. went all out for the decorations, huh? yeah, but i'm so slow taking them down after all the fatty holiday food. but that's normal, right? it doesn't have to be. activia helps with occasional irregularity when eaten 3 times a day.
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discovered on new year's day. how she died is still unknown. police are treating it as a murder case. cbs money watch on a monday morning. a freeway to file your taxes. prices at the pump are going up. that's okay. ashley morrison here in new york with more. good morning. >> good morning to you, terrell. on overseas trading. hang seng finished higher nearly 1.5%. the nikkei index is closed today. the first week of trading on wall street was a good one despite a slump on friday. the dow finished in positive territory much the nasdaq made gains during the week. this week investors will keep a close eye on fourth quarter corporate earnings report. analysts expect earnings to rise nearly 12% from a year ago. projections for banks and financial service companies are gloomy. walmart is already the nation's biggest retailer and now it's getting into the tax business. starting today, walmart will begin offering free preparation of simple tax forms. tax experts from h&r block and
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jackson hewitt are setting up kiosks at more than 3,000 walmarts across the nation. they're offering preparation of 1040ez forms from now until the end of february. gas prices are on the rise again. according to aaa, the average price of a gallon of regular has gone up nine cents to $3.37. that's an increase of nearly 30 cents a gallon from this time last year. it may not be halloween but horror reins supreme at the box office. the devil inside debuted at number one, making $34.5 million. the distributor of the movie, paramount is pleased with that amount to say the least. it bought the independently produced film for, get this, $1 million. i call that a pretty good profit. >> a bargain. i haven't heard of that movie, ashley. have you? >> i haven't. it's doing pretty good, i think.
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>> that lady in there looked like one of my co-workers. >> we'll talk about that later. >> ashley morrison in new york. we'll take a quick break. coming up, the monday morning weather forecast. in sport, the nfl playoffs in a stunning finish to a wildcard game in denver. seconds after the start of overtime, it was over. ♪ [ male announcer ] next time, try a subway turkey blt or a fresh fit turkey melt, merely 7 grams of fat each. subway. eat fresh. merely 7 grams of fat each. hey, i'm really glad we took this last minute trip
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a look at the weather. partly sunny and 78 in miami. partly sunny, breezy, 44 in chicago. rain in dallas. 48 degrees. sunny and 79 in los angeles. in sports this morning, tim tebow and the denver broncos look on the pittsburgh steelers in a wildcard game. a wild game it was. to the highlights. the broncos close the regular season with three straight losses. in the second quarter, tebow threw a 30-yard td pass. the steelers would fight back. four minutes to play. ben roethlisberger threw a 31-yard pass sends will the game into overtime. now it's tebow team. he connected 80-yard touchdown run giving the broncos a victory. after the game, tebow was
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characteristically low key about the win. >> this is definitely a special memory and it's one that will always be very special to get a win like we did verse us a great team. i've had great memories. this is one of the special ones. >> tebow needs an extra special game next week. they take on the new england patriots in foxboro. the houston texans at the baltimore ravens. both games here on cbs. sunday's nfc wildcard game, the giants made short work of the falcons including a safety call that made the score 2-0 falcons. eli manning and the giants later come alive with three touchdown passes. two to hakeem nicks. the falcons never scored again. giants 24, fal sons 2. next saturday's game, the saints against the 49ers in san francisco and on sunday shall the giants travel to green bay
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thunderstorms 73. in denver, 53 degrees and sunny. top stories. one day left before tomorrow's new hampshire primary. mitt romney has an insurmountable lead. his opponents went after him hard yesterday accusing him of switching positions on key issues. gabrielle giffords was on hand for the one-year anniversary of the tucson shooting. giffords who was severely injured in the attack led the
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crowd in the pledge of allegiance. a big question remains, how could u.s. officials ship a then 14-year-old girl to a foreign country where she didn't speak the language? anna warner has the story. >> 15-year-old is finally back in the united states. she was found last month in columbia by an unlikely computer sleuth. lorraine turner tracked her granddaughter's facebook post to dallas to new orleans, to houston finally to bogota. >> i couldn't believe it. i thought it was a joke or something president i kept reading, kept reading. each time colombia came up. >> it turned out the girl, a u.s. citizen, had somehow been deported from the united states by federal officials. the confusion began when she was arrested by houston police for theft. a police report shows the teen used a fake name and claimed to be a colombian citizen. immigration officials say turner
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maintained that false identity through her court proceedings and the deportation hearing with the immigration judge. despite the fact she doesn't even speak spanish. >> what's your reaction to their statement? >> i just think that a lot of -- because they know they made a mistake and they need to undo their mistake. >> finally, someone did. turner arrived home. anna westerner, cbs news, dallas. a lawyer for the girl's family says she's glad to be home and describes the family as ecstatic. immigration officials insist they followed procedure and found no evidence that the girl was not an illegal immigrant. tourist survived a bungee jumping nightmare. she dove off the victoria falls bridge in a new year's eve bungee jump and the cord snapped 60 feet above the water. she plunged into the
4:22 am
crocodile-infested waters. >> it went black straight-away. i felt like i had been slapped all over. i had to swim down and yank the bungee cord out of where it was caught. >> she swam to the riverbank in zimbabwe for help. it was a miracle that she survived. about 50,000 tourists make that jump every year. scratch that one off the to-do list. how does the future queen mark a birthday milestone? quietly, it seems. the former kate middleton turns 30 today. they appeared at a premiere in london for war horse. she plans a low key and private affair to celebrate her birthday. no crazy '80s themed karaoke parties. that's for my birthday in may. you're all invited. the debut of "cbs this morning," more on kate middleton's birthday. i'm terrell brown. this is the cbs morning news.
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good morning. happy monday. welcome to 9news now. it is monday, january 9th, buddy check 9 day. you know what that means. don't forget to call your buddy. it could be a lifesaver. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. monika samtani will have traffic momentarily. mr. howard bernstein also
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alongside. mr. pinky. >> man, i need a weekend -- i do that every 9th of the month. i love what this woman does for breast cancer awareness. support -- >> buddy check. >> her lead. >> 18 years and counting. >> let's get you going this monday morning, a chill in the air. there may be a few sprinkles or even flurries in the air. a little bit later today, a weak system pushes through. mainly to our south. we'll see lots of clouds. you know, midday on, a chance for a few flurries. temperatures only getting into the low 40s right now. we sit at 34 degrees. i'll show you what's happening. a disturbance, the bulk of it passing to the south. picking up returns in kentucky, virginia, ohio. a lot will be squeezed out in the mountains. not out of the question if you get a little wet or flurry action. right now, down to 25 in frederick. 28 winchester. 26 in martinsburg. cumberland, 30 degrees this morning along with la plata and
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andrews. warm spot being 37 in the pax river and annapolis. factor in the winds, they're fairly light. mid-20s to low 30s this morning. as far as today goes, a chillier day. high temperatures today only in the low to maybe some mid-40s down south. bundle up. we're going all over the place this week temperaturewise. i'll have more for you coming up over the next 15 minutes or so. let's go to monika right now with a look at timesaver traffic. >> going to need to give yourself a little extra time to warm up the car and warm up yourself. roads are looking pretty good. you had some overnight construction always in virginia, inbound side of route 7 here at the beltway, then again, there was some in the annandale as well on the inner loop near route 50. that should be cleared up, actually. we'll take you over to a live picture northbound on i-95 look good here at the fairfax county parkway. nice and light up to springfield and 395. let's go over to 270, no worries from frederick down to the point where the lanes divide. we'll go over to the beltway,
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oner the other side in college park, looking good on the outer loop. as you pass i-95 into silver spring, all lanes are open. andrea and mike? >> most of the republican presidential candidates will be out in force today in new hampshire ahead of tomorrow's primary. sunday, mitt romney, the second of two back to back debates. >> romney currently holds a double digit lead. his poll numbers have dropped in recent days. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: mitt romney isn't letting anything stand in his way of winning in new hampshire. he called on supporters sunday to drown out protestors, trying to crash his rally. >> we're happy to have you guys express your views. next time, try to do it with more courtesy. >> reporter: he's heading into tomorrow's primary on top but that isn't stopping his rivals from piling on the attacks. at the second of two back to
4:29 am
back debates this weekend, they bashed everything from romney's record to his electability. >> his record was so great as governor of massachusetts, why didn't he run for re-election. >> even though romney holds a commanding lead in new hampshire, polls show he dropped slightly in recent days leaving the other candidates hoping to gain from his losses. >> they say that this state loves an underdog. ladies and gentlemen, here is your underdog. [ cheering ] >> reporter: jon huntsman supporters jammed a coffee shop to see him sunday after spending weeks in new hampshire, he's jumped to third place behind ron paul. >> i have such a strange, new idea, obeying the constitution. >> reporter: but rick santorum is making a push for new hampshire and the first southern primary. >> just wait until january 21st and you'll find out where we're going to get our win. right here. >> reporter: he's already rallying supporters in south carolina. susan mcginnis, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. in other news today, a montgomery county police officer will receive


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