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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  January 24, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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generally, sunshine winning the battle. we'll see lots of sunshine by midday. upper 40s to near 50 in town by noon. low 50s for the drive home with highs into the middle 50s. right now, cloudy. 45. sunrise, 7:21. setting at about 5:20 this afternoon. there is the dense fog advisory. mainly along and north of interstate 70. it does dip into the west virginia panhandle from martinsburg. cumberland to hagerstown back toward frederick and thurmont and westminster, you guys have a dense fog advisory until 8:00 a.m. this is where we're seeing most of the fog issues with the exception of quantico reporting a .16th mile visibility. down to 3/4 in gaithersburg. howard county to loudoun county dealing with the fog as well as frederick back down. temperatures this morning running into the 30s north of 51 south 45 here in washington. monika? >> good morning, everybody. if you're planning to head out on the roadways, i'm happy to
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say that the fog we had yesterday is not the same as today. we're doing well pretty much all around town and construction, especially on 66, you may have heard about it at route 123 and nutley street. that's all been cleared up. you're good to go from gainesville, centreville and right through fairfax. we'll take a live look on the inbound side of 66 here at nutley street. nice and light heading through this area and on to 66 inside the beltway toward the potomac river. we'll go back over to the maps. this time head on the other side. no problems to report on route 50 coming in from annapolis. bw parkway in from baltimore. right through cheverly into the northeast corridor. you'll be ok. live look into college park on the northside, outer loop looks fine leaving 95 all the way around into silver spring. more on area roadways at 5:09. andrea? >> today, a house committee is holding hearings into why the occupy d.c. protestors are being allowed to camp out on federal land. both freedom plaza and mcpherson square sits on lands
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which belongs to the national park service. 9news now reporter delia gonsalves is live at mcpherson square with a preview. good morning, delia. >> good morning, andrea. the folks have a permit. the occupiers here at mcpherson have been here for about three months without a permit. according to the d.c. government oversight committee, their free ride should be over. darrell issa chairs the committee. he has sent letters to the office of interior demanding answers as to why processers are still here. though park rules ban camping. the hearing comes week after the d.c. health inspector found a rat infestation and other violations. i've asked the national park service myself numerous times why they're calling this an on- going 24-hour vigil and not what it appears which is camping. they've never provided a good answer, telling me they're protecting the protestors' first amendment rights. for many, that's an answer that's good enough to allow the protestors to be here. congressman isa released a statement at the time saying "the city is trying its best to protect the health, welfare and
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safety of people in and around the camp site. in this situation, the national park service has so far been more interested in making excuses than protecting the public." this comes of course just a short time after the d.c. mayor himself said he wanted these protestors evicted from mcpherson heading over perhaps to freedom plaza. they have all said they will remain here. they're not leaving under any circumstances. the protestors are going to be testifying today at the hill along with the mayor and d.c.'s police chief, cathy lanier. back to you, andrea. >> delia gonsalves reporting live from mcpherson square. >> the u.s. supreme court has ruled unanimously that police must have a search warrant before using gps technology to track criminal suspects. it is a major setback for the government and police who have increasingly release of lied on the high tech surveillance. the decision stems from a case involving d.c. nightclub owner antoine jones. the gps device in jones' jeep helped authorities link him to
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a maryland house used to stash money and drugs. jones was sentenced to life in prison but an appeals court reversed that conviction. police have identified the victim of a deadly pedestrian accident in prince george's county. tucker butler of temple hills died yesterday morning at samuel chase elementary school. officers say a maintenance worker driving a school van backed over the 48-year-old woman. police say butler has no ties to the school and may have just been passing through school property when she was struck. 50 convention delegates are at stake in florida's presidential primary which is one week from today. last night, the four remaining republican hopefuls debated in tampa and mitt romney went after the man who beat him last saturday in south carolina's primary, newt gingrich. >> if your entities are getting paid by health companies that could benefit from a piece of legislation and you then meet with republican congressmen and encourage them to support that legislation, you can call it whatever you would like.
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i call it influence peddling. >> i'm not going to spend the evening trying to chase governor romney's misinformation. we'll have a site by tomorrow morning. we'll list everything -- he said at least four things that are false. i don't want to waste the time on them. >> rick santorum told the audience gingrich and romney are not true conservatives like he is while ron paul said he has no plans to seek a third party nomination. there is another debate thursday night. tonight, president obama will take center stage when he delivers the annual state of the union. the president will start his address to congress at 9:00 p.m. you'll see the entire address right here on wusa9 and we'll also bring you the republican response from indiana governor mitch daniels. time for the latest "your money" report. jessica doyle is off today. well, let's hope investors in europe decide to follow asian markets which closed up in tuesday's trading. however, britain's ftse
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plunged. the u.s. markets had a mixed day monday. the dow dropped almost 12 points closing at 12,708. nasdaq fell more than 2 points while the s&p 500 gained a fraction of a point. a northern virginia company is offering a new kind of prosthetic for amputee patients. the orthotic prosthetic center in fairfax fitted a patient with a new power foot yesterday. this is the first private prosthetic facility in the d.c. area to have this new technology. the power foot is the first prosthetic design to replace the muscles of the foot and ankle. helping patients feel their artificial limb is actually flexing. >> by giving them back plantar flexion, what they have the ability to reduce their cost of energy and to normalize their gait. so, it gives them their energy back and the ankle itself adapts to terrain making it much more comfortable and easy for the amputee to walk. >> the hope is it will
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revolutionize the field of prosthetics and help thousands of amputees in the coming years. only nine months after a massive tornado outbreak, the state of alabama is dealing with the aftermath of more twisters this morning. that story is coming up. >> plus, gabrielle giffords greets constituents in tucson as she prepares to resign from congress this week. the capitals will not have their captain on the ice tonight in their final game before the all-star break.
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it is 5:08 on this tuesday morning. we still have fog problems especially north of washington. some into loudoun and howard and montgomery counties. but more dense fog i-70 and points north. it will be a good day though. we'll get rid of the clouds and fog early. looking at lots of sunshine by noon, we'll be in the upper 40s to around 50. topping out around 55. i'll come back in the next five minutes, talking about the 7- day forecast. we do have some ups and downs before the week is out. right now, monika samtani lets you know about your morning commute. >> we'll take a live look in rockville at route 355 at nickelson lane. the length from frederick, same story on 270 coming down to the point where the lanes divide. more on maryland roadways coming up at 5:17. >> making news now at 5:09, only nine months after tornadoes devastated parts of alabama, two people died when twisters struck near birmingham early monday. at least 100 people were injured. the tornadoes leveled some homes and knocked out power to tens of thousands of people.
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doctors say they are hopeful illinois senator mark kurt will make a full recovery after suffering a stroke last weekend. the 52-year-old republican checked himself into the hospital saturday. yesterday, doctors performed surgery to relieve swelling around his brain. he occupies the senate seat formerly held by president obama. gabrielle giffords held a farewell tour of sorts yesterday in tucson. the city where she was shot and nearly died a year ago. giffords greeted constituents the day after announcing she would resign this week to focus on her recovery. she's expected to attend tonight's state of the union. and tonight, president obama may throw a little campaigning into the state of the union address. we'll take a look at what's changed since the president took office in 2009. that's coming up at 5:30. at 5:50, one expert makes her predictions on who will get oscar nominations when they're announced later this morning. next at 5:15, howard tells
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. this tuesday morning. it is coming up on 5:14. we have lots of fog, tbloomy,
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raw day yesterday. today it is improving. >> still some fog though. >> i had fog coming into work this morning. >> quantico down to a 16th. parts of loudoun county, howard county, we're seeing the dense fog. we do have a dense fog advisory for the counties bordering the pennsylvania line until about 8:00. we start with the bus stop forecast on this tuesday morning. big rains and temperatures. i've got a reading of 32 in the martinsburg area. it is around 51 in southern maryland and even warmer than that on the eastern shore. 36 to 50 with mostly cloudy skies and some of the patchy, dense fog at the bus stop. the sun will be back. as you look at the day planner, you'll notice by midmorning, expecting sunny, low 40s. upper 40s to near 50 by noon. by 3:00, 53. i think we top off somewhere about 55 or so. clear skies. 49 with west wind today. 5, 8, 10 miles per hour. even the winds won't be that
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bad. we did have all of the clouds around yesterday. still high clouds here, the whole system is moving east. behind it, we're seeing some clearing back here out toward i- 81, charlottesville south toward roanoke. first thing's first, we'll talk visibilities where the fog got better in hagerstown at the moment. but quarter mile here in martinsburg, half-mile frederick. some of the fog dipping into northern loudoun county. montgomery county airpark and gaithersburg, 3/4 mile visibility. there's quantico. that translates to 1/16th of a mile. dense fog advisory from cumberland toward westminster and frederick until 8:00 this morning including the eastern west virginia panhandle as well. so, martinsburg, that's a problem with the fog and your temperature, last check, there was 32. so, there still could be a very isolated spot. most are well above freezing. winchester at 37 to culpepper and d.c. at 45. look at the 50s from tan hanak
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and newland at 32. easton 46. even over to prince frederick, reports are 46, 48 degrees. as we look outside on the michael & son weather cam, you'llth in the cloudy skies. a good-looking start to the day. we've got our temperatures this morning in town running at 45 degrees with light winds out there. and we're going to have winds generally out of the south turning to the west here. we've got the storm system in the east. it is out of the west where the action is shifting now. one storm coming onshore. you'll notice the rain and the snows here from arizona in toward parts of the rockies up toward wyoming. that system will be arriving looks like a little piece of it anyway. late tomorrow night into thursday. that's our next best chance of showers. between now and then, we say good-bye to system a and we wait for system b with a few clouds this morning becoming mostly sunny here by mid day. sunny afternoon. will turn into a clear, chilly night tonight. down in the 20s and 30s by
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wednesday morning. as we go through the day on wednesday, you'll notice sunshine to begin the day. a few more clouds late. by wednesday night, thursday morning, here comes the chance for some sprinkles and might even get a little bit of wet flakes or sleet mixing in late wednesday night and early thursday morning. no biggy. 55 today. mild tomorrow. 50 with increasing clouds late. by thursday, couple of sprinkles around in the upper 40s. thursday night into friday, better chance of rain. friday, we see some afternoon drying. 52. saturday, 45. colder weather could bring us some flurries by sunday. it is 5:17. hello, monica. >> hello, howard. good morning, everybody. i'm happy to say that overall, i have basically good news for everybody on the beltway and all of the major thoroughfares headed through the beltway. we'll start off with a look here at 95 in from baltimore. bw parkway. no problems to report as you head from the beltway and into college park. a live look over on 270 on the southbound side.
5:18 am
you have a bit of fog here in the clarksburg area. traffic is moving well through this area coming down from frederick and down to the point where the lanes divide. volumes are very light for this time of the morning. this time, we'll head inside the beltway in virginia taking a look at 395 running at the speed limit or above. same thing on 66. we'll go live on the south side of town or actually in the district. here's pennsylvania avenue at m street in georgetown. nice and quiet in the northwest corridor. coming up in my next report, we'll go into virginia at 5:24. >> alex ovechkin gets punished for a hard hit he delivered last weekend plus george mason is flying high in front of the home crowd. highlights coming up in sports. >> we want to take another look at the question of the day. it is more than 50% of parents admit to doing this. is it a, using kids as an excuse to get out of doing things with family and friends. b, hiding when their kids call them or c, spying on their kids. here's a look at a response you wrote on our
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5:22. you're going to need the jackets this morning. some will need heavier jackets than others. temperatures still in the mid- 30s. there's fog around. the green blotch is ignored. 50 degree readings well south of town. we start in the low to mid-40s here. as we go throughout the morning, we're going to see this go a little faster than i want it to. temperatures are in the 30s now to mid-40s here. we'll see sunshine returning by midday. near 50 by noon. highs today in the mid-50s with a lot of sunshine for your afternoon. andrea? >> thank you, howard. the wizards can't overcome a bad start and the capitals will
5:23 am
be without their captain for font's game. kristin berset has details in your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. here is your first look at sports. as the capitals prepare for tonight's match-up against the defending stanley cup champs, their last game before the all- star break, they'll have to do it without their captain. the nhl handed ovechkin his third suspension for a hit on pittsburgh's me alic. it came over 4:00 into the second period of sunday's game. ove launched himself, his feet leaving the ice. he's still allowed to play in the all-star game if he was to. no decision on that just yet. john long company taking on the 76ers, the start of the game, foreshadowed the whole night. the turnover on the first possession, nick young gets stripped. elton brand gets the dunk. the second, down 21, crawford with a behind-the-back dribble drives for two. he has 17 off the bench. not much defense or excitement
5:24 am
for the wizards young with the dunk. sixers go up 20 and they roll over the wizards 103-83. >> brian pierson, george mason hosting unc wilmington. strong start. then pierson got hot. watch this nice dunk here. he had four on the night. 20 points total. patriots go up 1 with that dunk. george mason gets their eighth straight win over wilmington, 67-61. that will do it for your morning sports. i'm kristen berset, have a great tuesday. coming up, we'll preview tonight's state of the union address plus the house committee convenes a hearing today on why the occupy d.c. protestors are still being allowed to camp out four months after their demonstration began. here's monika. >> we're going to take a live look at tysons at leesburg pike and international drive. no problems through this area on route 7. the toll road looks great out of reston. no problems on the beltway through the tysons area. coming up, more on virginia
5:25 am
roadways at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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mike is under the weather. monika is here, feeling well. >> it is great. >> howard, a little cough there because mike's family visited him and breathed on him yesterday. >> yes, beautiful kids. hope they don't get me sick. >> we hope so, too. >> weatherwise, a couple of hiccups this morning. in the form of some dense fog in spots. a little bit of a chill up north. it is going to be a fine afternoon. we'll see -- we'll upgrade the condition of our patient by this afternoon to good. let's get you going here this morning with a look at our day planner. we've got temperatures starting in the low to mid-40s in town. we've got still some 30s up
5:29 am
north. by noon, sunshine will be widespread, i do believe. temperatures near the 50 degree mark in town. some 50s south. we'll get into the middle 50s before the day is out with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 51. dense fog advisory until 8:00 a.m. carroll, frederick, not howard or loudoun and montgomery counties but there is some fog there as well. west through cumberland and parts of the west virginia panhandle. some of the visibilities this morning are still half-mile or less. quantico also at 1/15th. gaithersburg, half-mile. leesburg, north, some problems with your temperatures still in the 30s. we're in the 40s and 50 degree readings down south is where the fog problems are a concern. martinsburg may still be a slick spot. >> overall, things are looking good on this morning. rush hour. if you're planning to head around town, things are looking great on the beltway. we'll zoom in first to the west side of town where there are no problems to report on the dulles toll road from leesburg
5:30 am
in from gainesville. we'll take a live look, closer to the american legion bridge on the west side of town. this is pretty much what it looks like, the length between 270 and 66. you're good to go on the west side of town. back over to the maps, this time head over to the other side. if you're planning to head over to the district, using 395 and the 14th street bridge between the beltway and this point, you'll be ok. let's take a live look's it 14th street bridge. there are no volumes or delays to deal with. coming up from 95 and springfield and into the northwest corridor. coming up in my next report, we'll go into maryland at 5:38. back to you, andrea. >> tonight, president obama delivers what could be his final state of the union address if he fails to win re- election this fall. you can watch the speech and the republican response here starting at 9:00 p.m. so, is america in better shape than when president obama took office three years ago? our gary nurenberg asked around. >> reporter: because some things are different now than they were then.
5:31 am
january 20th, 2009, gas costs $1.84 a gallon, now it is $3.38. nark debt was $10.6 trillion. now it is 50% bigger. $15.2 trillion. unemployment rate was 7.8%, now 8.5%. the republican take -- >> three years later, we have 13 million people still without jobs. we have 49 people in poverty. over the last three years, there will be have been a lot of promises that have gone unanswered. we have seen a lot of rhetoric, and not a lot of results. >> reporter: january 20th, 2009, the dow jones closed at 7949. it closed at 12,709 monday. growth in the growth domestic product was minus 6.2% then now it is plus 1.8%. the white house take? >> 3.2 million private sector jobs created over 22 months. steady economic growth. the salvation of an iconic american industry, the automobile industry. >> reporter: the inflation rate then, 3.8%, now 3.2%.
5:32 am
what costs $1 in 1984 costs $2.10 in january '09 costs $2.26 now. >> the economy is the principal theme but it is not the only subject of the address. >> the crime rate was falling 4.4% then. it is falling 6.4% now. and the basic structure of the government we count on to keep our democracy a democracy to keep the united states the united states, trust in our leaders, that's the part of the state of the union disapproval ratings for congress, 84% last week. for the president, disapproval, 46%. as with president bush eight years ago and president clinton eight years before that, president obama's state of the union speech comes in an election year where the president is trying to get re- elected. so, unavoidably, it becomes a political speech as well. whatever the president proposes this evening, he will be on the road over the next several days trying to sell in swing states.
5:33 am
swing states he wants to win in november. gary nurenberg, 9news now. a federal judge is hearing arguments on whether john hinckley should be released from the psychiatric ward at st. elizabeth's hospital for a week at a time to visit his mother in williamsburg, virginia. in court, monday, a secret service agent testified hinckley stopped in front of books on presidential assassination inside a barnes & noble last year. now a worker at the store says hinckley asked him about books on presidentials as a nations. this hearing is expected to continue today and tomorrow. today, a house committee will examine why the occupy d.c. protestors have not been evicted from their encampment. the site is on federal land which is policed by the national park service and you're not supposed to stay overnight. 9news now reporter delia gonsalves is live at mcpherson square with more and i know this is a question you've been asking for several weeks, delia. >> absolutely. i mean ever since really for several months, we've been covering this story since they
5:34 am
were first here back in october. and certainly, read the rules ourselves afterwards with explicitly say there is no camping, no damage to the grounds to be done and i said well, clearly, they're in tents, sleeping overnight. where is the fine line between camping and a 24-hour vigil. now, congress is asking the same question. the d.c. occupiers have said this is -- citizens of a free country should not have to ask permission to occupy public spaces. this is their statement that they released in that this is just being used as a distraction to prevent congress from actually doing work to address some of the challenges facing our country today. but still, congressman darrell issa, chairman of the d.c. government oversight committee has demanded answers as to why the national park service is calling this a 24-hour vigil and not camping. park rules, as i mentioned, ban camping outright but the park
5:35 am
service has seemingly bent the rules to protect the protestor's first amendment right. that's what i've been told several times when i've asked. darrell issa released a statement saying the refusal to provide documents about the park service's decision, decision-making, leaves a lingering perception that long- standing prohibitions against encampments have been ignored to avoid a politically embarrassing situation for the administration. now, the occupiers tell me this is the longest-running encampment in the country and they're hoping it will remain that way. andrea, back to you. all right, delia, thank you. at 5:35, it is time for another "your money" report. jessica doyle has the day off. today, the federal reserve begins a two-day meeting here in washington and for the first time, individually, fed members will offer their personal views and projections for interest rates and the economy. it is part of the central bank's plan to be more transparent to investors. it is that time of year
5:36 am
when we all start to work on our tax returns. in maryland, there is a new law in effect for businesses. employers must notify low income employees that they might be eligible for the earned income tax credit. each year, that credit returns to maryland families more than $800 million in federal refund dollars and more than $80 million in state refunds. coming up, one area political leader proposes auctions off naming rights to highways and bridges. still ahead, one expert makes her picks ahead of this morning's oscar nominations announcement. we'll be back.
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we've got temps in the 30s in town. dense fog along and north of i- 70. that's snuck into parts of loudoun and montgomery counties as well. you'll see sunshine today. by midday, temperatures will be pushing 50 degrees. looking for highs today in the mid-50s. with a drive home temperature still at about 49, 50 degrees or so. west winds 5 to 10. let's go inside to monika with timesaver traffic. >> it has not been a bad rush hour commute. things are looking fine with the exception of fog in clarksburg. overall delays from frederick down toward hyattstown and then you're pretty much ok down to the point where the lanes divide. more on maryland roadways at 5:48. how does a cuisinart miivelling bowl interchange sound to you? or the boeing bridge? the names could become reality under bob be mcdonnell's 12 transportation plan. mcdonnell's proposal would sell naming rights for the state's
5:40 am
transportation infrastructure including highways, bridges, interchanges, the money collected would help pay for road upkeep but democrats in the general assembly oppose the idea saying the plan isn't a long-term sustainable source of revenue. >> hmm. >> interesting. hmm. >> take a look at the response you wrote on the page. kalin moore wrote definitely a, sorry, i wish i could but i can't get jack to bed. translations, i don't feel like hanging out with you tonight. >> i think we've all done that. >> log on to the and leave your response.
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we'll reveal the answer in about an hour. and of course, we have our bonus to our facebook question of the day. if you like us on facebook, you can start posting your guesses on the great tablet give away sweepstakes. just click like on our facebook page and >> if you already like us on facebook, click the give away tab on the left side of the page to enter. you can enter until january 31st. two lucky winners will be selected at random. each will win a kindle fire tablet. very nice. you must be at least 18 years old to enter. >> as we already know, the hollywood award season is in full swing. >> in less than three hours, we'll know the nominees for the biggest awards show of them all. the oscars. one expert joins us with her predictions. >> let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. he has an oscar for best actor. ernest borgnine is 95. two famous singers share the
5:42 am
same birthday. neil diamond and aaron neville both turn 71 today. hud secretary sean donovan is 46. >> olympic gymnast marylou retton is 44. he lost a tooth in the hangover, actor ed helms is 38. model actress mischa barton turns 36 today.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it is 5:45. tuesday morning. you'll notice 45 degrees, much milder than yesterday morning. >> but we still have a dampness around. it is a little colder up north. that's where we've got some fog. visibility is dropping in places at fairfax, loudoun, montgomery counties, some areas down a quarter mile or less. but you know, that will only be around for a few more hours, not all day like we had yesterday. >> let's get you going with a look at the bus stop focus. mostly cloudy skies. patches of dense fog. temperatures this morning are anywhere from the low to mid- 30s north and west to 50 south and east of washington.
5:46 am
our sunrise this morning at 7:21. decent looking day though. getting rid of the clouds early. by 8:00, somewhere in the low if not mid-40s. by noon, we'll be around 50 degrees. winds will be out of the west 7, 8, 10 miles per hour with highs around 55. your 4:00 p.m. temperature, 53. by 8:00, temperatures will be dropping into the mid-40s by 8:00. overnight, back in the mid-20s and 30s. fog still a problem north of town except for quantico, they're down to a 16th. eastern shore, i know i've been standing in front of you all morning. when it comes to fog, there are no problems. problems from dulles, sterling, quarter mile visibility. this extends up to route 7 up through loudoun county and martinsburg at one half-mile. we've got a quarter mile in frederick and gaithersburg. zero in westminster. that's where the fog is the thickest. it is north of there. north of gaithersburg. north of sterling, the dense fog advisory in carroll county into montgomery county. even howard county dealing with
5:47 am
some dense fog in spots. this goes into western maryland. parts of west virginia until 8:00 this morning. that's where we've got the coldest temperatures. we're holding on to the fog. mid-30s, hagerstown to york. gaitherstown is 41. 44 in catlett. cloudy. no fog this morning. winchester this morning, 37. here in d.c., we've got 45 in town. 30s, upper 30s for lovettsville. 42 for rockville. out in baden, one of the warm spots at 46 while columbia, 42. college park, 45. clouds, not too much in the way of fog. low clouds here. look at the michael & son weather camera downtown at the capitol with a temperature this morning, holding at 45 degrees. southwesterly winds at 8 giving us a slight wind chill making it feel like it is 41. while we've got mild temperatures still on the east coast. you go inland more. that's where temperatures start to drop off into the 30s in the ohio valley. but the cold air not moving in
5:48 am
here right now. we'll see skies clear. today, we're in the 50s. looks like the next chance for any precip will be late tomorrow night into thursday. we've got some showers moving in. even into friday morning, that might be the best chance for some rain. today, 55. once we get rid of the early clouds and fog. it will be a nice afternoon. tonight we're down in the 20s and 30s. a mild wednesday for increasing clouds in the afternoon. 50. thursday, a few sprinkles, 48. friday, we start raining, 52. colder temperatures by sunday. then we'll only be in the 30s. it is 5:48. monika samtani is watching our roads. >> thank you so much, if you're planning to head around town, things are looking great. there haven't been any big problems except for the fact that howard is in my way. things are looking great all around town, no problems to report. i'm happy to say it has been a fairly easy morning commute. i hope i didn't jinx things by saying that. we'll go first of all to the south side of town on 95 coming up from springfield. live look here.
5:49 am
this is pretty much what it looks like for you coming across the occoquan river. here leaving route 644 and heading up to the beltway on 395. we'll take another look at the map and show you the speed limits right now. inside the beltway on 66 going 60 on 395. you're going 65. i feel kind of like that lighter than normal heading through the area in landmark. we'll take a live look at the 14th street bridge. it is fine getting across the bridge span into the northwest croartd. no problems to report within the district and across the sousa bridge. 11th street bridge and the roosevelt bridge as well. we'll take another look into maryland at this time at 6:00. back to you. thank you, monika. making news at 5:49, today in state college, pennsylvania, a public viewing will be held for joe paterno. the former penn state football coach died sunday from lung cancer after a private burial tomorrow, there will be a public memorial for paterno on campus on thursday. a former cia officer faces charges of repeat thely leaking
5:50 am
the identities of cia operatives involved in questioning terror suspects. he's 47-year-old john of arlington. he's free on a $250,000 bond. he's publicly criticized the cia's use of waterboarding and other interrogation measures. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is releasing his tax returns today. they show the former massachusetts governor made more than $40 million over the past two years. since most of his earnings come from investments, romney's 13.9% tax rate is lower than most americans. the oscar nominees will be revealed at 8:30 this morning. we found one pop culture commentator willing to make her own predictions before today's announcements. denise joins us live via skype from the sundance film festival. denise, good morning. >> good morning to you, andrea. >> we envy you being at sundance. let's start with best film nominee. what are your predictions? >> well, you know, it is a big
5:51 am
week for the artists. they have been sweeping the golden globes which has two categories. the producers feel to get the best movie award. so, that would say a lot for the chance. but a close contender will be the descendant with george clooney. both leading men golden globes. >> let's talk about the best actor predictions. you're talking about degaiteredden from the artist. who are other nominees you think might hear their names? >> i think a better life should get a nod. very well -- mexican actor who has done a lot of television. not enough feature films. he's done a wonderful job.
5:52 am
gary oldman well as well with tinker tailor soldier spy. and a lot has been said about brad pitt for moneyball. a lot about this competition between the two friends. >> that's a big competition. also in the best actor predictions, you have some terrific women starting off with meryl streep. who else might hear their names called this morning? >> you know, viola davis has a lock in. to her credit, i don't know if a lot of people are aware, this is her first leading role ever. she has a big, big long story of movies she's made. this was her first leading role. it would be a beautiful moment in her first leading role to win an academy award. she has a lock in to get nominated. let's talk about kevin. michigan beel williams -- michelle williams for my week with marilyn and glen close
5:53 am
playing a man. >> the upset if those women are nominated, if viola davis has a lock in and meryl streep, who would be the real surprise if they won that award? >> well, the real surprise maybe could be michelle williams because she's the youngest and she hasn't won that kind of award before. she's kind of new but it would be surprising if somebody like kristin wiig wins for bridesmaids. there is a lot being said about women can't be funny. they're looking for a chance to brides maids. if will be interesting in bridesmaids gets nomination. going back to the best movie, we may have more than five. we could have any movie that gets 5% of the vote will get nominated. we could have a bigger race than five movies for best movies. >> denise, thank you for your predictions. we'll see how they match up when the oscar nominees are announced later this morning.
5:54 am
coming up, we have information about some financial literacy classes geared toward women. plus, today's hero central honors the capital area food bank's decades of work to help washington area residents man: do your simple return with the turbotax federal free edition, and now get our free, one-on-one, expert tax advice, live by phone or chat. get the federal free edition, at
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we have fog still in spots north of town. real big difference and as we go through the morning hours, not going to see the green. ignore the green. there is some fog out there. sometimes the model picks that
5:57 am
up. extra moisture tries to produce some sprinkles. by 9:00, low 40s in town. still some 30s there. by midday, we get into sunshine. temperatures will be warming into the 50s as we head into the afternoon. looks like highs today around 55 degrees. andrea? >> thank you, howard. >> the largest nonprofit food bank in the d.c. metro area opened its doors 32 years ago this month on dr. martin luther king jr.'s birthday. washingtonian magazine has named the capital area food bank one of the best charities in the city. j.c. hayward has more on this amazing legacy of service in today's hero central. i don't say celebrating. i say commemorating. >> these are tough times. one in two americans are either low income or poor. 50% of the children that live in the district of columbia don't get an adequate diet. one in four children in prince george's county don't get a
5:58 am
decent diet. >> lynn brantley is known as the mother of the food bank. her cofounder, rerend clark loganstein is the executive director of the interfaith conference of metropolitan washington. >> we thought that the food bank was on board to end hunger. and instead, the need has just grown and grown and grown and grown. the food bank distributes 30 million pounds of food annually to youth programs, nursing homes, shelters and churches. more than 700 agencies are supplied food by the bank. >> we have a corps of people here in our own community. they help to save us over a million dollars a year. in terms of our expenses. so, it is the sorting of food and it is putting everything together. to make it happen. >> reporter: the capital area food bank couldn't operate without the help of its volunteers. they sort food. they teach classes. they provide a variety of
5:59 am
necessary, at least 20,000 volunteers a year come here and the volunteers that are here today are 20 students from the university of illinois. >> i decide i wanted to take a trip to help people who needed help. so, that was my main goal and to hang out with some cool people. >> in june, the capital area food bank will move to a new building. three times as large, just a quarter mile away. organizers say they will be able to do an even better job in the new location. the new food bank warehouse will be over 123,000 square feet. you can watch the story again and see more hero central reports by logging on to >> thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. mike is off today, a little under the weather. monika samtani is here. she's going to have your timesaver traffic in a moment. things looking clear so far? >> things are looking


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