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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  February 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we go through the day. a fence dog advisory for -- fog advisory for the mountains till 9:00 a.m. some of those visibilities have been running a quarter mile or so from cumberland toward petersburg. cumberland at quarter mile. before ea i go 21 manassas and culpeper. 27 andrews air force base and leesburg, you're frosty at 29. it's 6:00 a.m. smiling monika is here. you're a happy lady. >> i am a happy lady. you know, the giants won and things are looking good in traffic and weather. what's not to smile about, right? here's 270 at i-370. just that volume but no big deals to report. i'm happy to talk about this as well this morning coming down from frederick. which is would you should expect on i-270. not bad at all. the beltway is looking great. it's incident free so is 66. you just got a few brake lights now as you head in from manassas to centreville. here's northbound 95 as you head up northbound 95, you're
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going to find those delays down at quantico, prince william parkway to route 1. a live look in springfield on the northbound side of 95, it's slowing down just a bit here as you leave 644 to the beltway and a last look at 395 here at duke street. still looking great through landmark to the 14th street bridge. in my next report, we'll take a peek into maryland at 6:11. after nearly four months park police are now enforcing the no sleeping rules among protesters downtown. you saw the beginning of that enforcement live with us right here saturday morning. >> and they are not letting up since then. it's happening in for places n. mcpherson square we had that live with you saturday morning and then bobs away at freedom -- then blocks away at freedom plaza. delia goncalves has more on these to protests. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one crackdown but two very different responses. as you saw on saturday, violence over at mcpherson square but everything, well, calm and we had cooperation here at freedom plaza. the freedom plaza check began sunday when police inspected
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each tent while protesters simply watched behind barricades. they even played the beatles and classic rock. crews and hazmat crews then threw away bedding and tents found to be health hazards, including their medical tent. despite one arrest that happened yesterday, the s.w.a.t. team did not have to move in. now, that of course was not the case at mcpherson square saturday because of previous resistance by protesters police were more aggressive there having to forcibly remove occupiers while enduring shouts and curses by others. 11 people were arrested. one man for allegedly throwing a brick at an officer's face. he's now facing felony assault charges. now, one group is helping the occupiers. they are offering counseling after saturday's clash with police. what else they're doing to help the occupiers and why, i'll let
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you know a little more about that coming up in my next live report in a half-hour. back to you. >> see you then. thank you. delia goncalves live at freedom plaza this morning. protesters at the occupy encampment in portland, maine are now clearing out there. they have a deadline of 8:00 this morning to empty lincoln park which is at the center of that city. some of the tents are frozen to the ground it's so cold. there are a few protesters vowing they are going to ignore the ultimatum and hold their ground instead. happening today, a move to bring not just -- [ inaudible ] state senator douglas j. peters will sponsor a bill today. it would put one of the five slots parlors allowed under maryland law in the county but would also allow table games like blackjack or poker. senator peters says he would accept bids from national harbor, the raceway or other locations. the biggest opponent is the owners of the new slots parlor at anne arundel mills mall. that's opening this summer. the effort to put d.c.
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mayor vincent gray up for a recall vote is running into money problems. according to the washington examiner, it has only $12 in its war chest. the organizer behind the effort calls it a bump in the road. 45,000 petition signatures are needed for a recall. former d.c. mayoral candidate sulaimon brown will be back in court. he's going on trial accused of driving without a listen. he was arrested last september. in one case he said he was promised a job for dropping out of the 2010 mayoral contest and attacking then mayoral fenty. both parties are spinning. the latest on employment numbers. friday the government announced unemployment fell to 8.3%. that's the lowest number since february 2009. in an interview last night, president obama said he wants to make more improvements in his second term. >> we've got to not only boost up american manufacturing so
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that not just the auto industry but all american manufacturing is building again and selling overseas. we've got to make sure we're pushing emergency energy and that includes not just oil and gas but clean energy. we've got to make sure the skills of american workers are the best in the world and we're making progress on that front. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney says the president shouldn't be taking a bow for those numbers and virginia governor bob mcdonnell says the president shouldn't be the one getting the credit here. >> i'm glad the economy is starting to recover but i think it's because of what republican governors are doing in their states, not because of the president. >> the dow shot up 157 points on the unemployment news. friday. everyone is looking to get hired. jessica doyle knows some of the companies hiring. >> in a big way. the job market is looking a lot better. it may be time to brush off the old resume, target some companies that are actually hiring in big numbers. our partners at career builder
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have put out a new list of employers that have the greatest number of job openings available right now. number one in the nation, starbucks nationwide. the coffee chain looking to hire 13,000 people. and there are a whole bunch of different types of jobs at starbucks. you of course have the folks who work at the shops but also it jobs, supply chain operators and jobs in finance. number two is contractor urs. 4300 job openings there. deloitte is in third place with 3300 jobs available., the big retailer coming in at number four. 3,000 positions open with am disonl. number five we have state farm insurance looking for 2600 new employees. let's move down the list. that is followed by adventist health systems and citibank. they both have 2500 openings. human that wants to hire 2200 people. adp has 2,000 openings.
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t-mobile u.s.a. is hiring a thousand people and time warner cable and boeing both have 500 openings. if you're looking for a job, it's good to know who is actually looking for you now. >> back to starbucks they were at the top of the list. this comes how many years ago was it, maybe a year and a half when they shut down 600 stores? so they must be feeling a little more confident about the economy. >> absolutely. the thing to know about starbucks, if you go out for a barista job, that comes with health insurance. these are not positions that are just paying $10 an hour. they're also going to pay you decent money and you'll get those insurance benefits. >> sounds good. thank you. >> thank you mike. for the second time in four years the new york giants are super bowl champions and once again they beat mike's new england patriots to win that title. here's the cover of "the new york post." the headline reads simply champs. while on the back side it says super men. new york trailed by four in the 4th quarter. eli manning led the giants on an 88-yard drive.
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it ended with amad bradshaw returning in for the touchdown. the patriots had 57 seconds for a drive of their own. last play of the game, 5 seconds on the clock, the hail mary pass thrown up but batted away as three other attempted passes were batted away during the game. new york tops new england 21- 17. kristen berset will have more from the game coming up in 15 minutes. time 6:08. ahead, a really bizarre and sad story out of washington state. a house fire kills a man and his two children. that man was the husband after woman who disappeared. we'll have more on the case coming up. after a chilly weekend, what's in store for the start of this week? howard has our weather first when 9news now returns. achoo! the seasons change,
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we've got frost out there. a little scraper alert. also fog well out to the west of the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. by noon it will be in the upper hoss to around a with highs -- upper 40s to around 50 with highs near 55. we're going to take a live look from sky 9 at an accident on the beltway on the inner loop here at route 1 college park. two right lanes are blocked as you can see emergency crews
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have arrived on the scene. you are squeezing by the accident right now. i think it's going to be a little while before this clears up. you can see the cones have been set up as well. authorities there trying to figure out how to deal with the situation. again this is the inner loop of the beltway at route 1 in college park. so be aware of this. of course i'll keep you posted on this situation. but before i go, i have a commuter alert. this is going to affect drivers in northern virginia where the beltway and i-66 meet. vdot changed up the lane configuration over the weekend so this morning going from the outer loop, that's southbound 495 to westbound 66, you have only one lane. you used to have two. now there's one. that's bad news for beltway drieferls but there's good news -- drivers but there's good news for i-66 drivers going westbound on 66. stay with me here. you now have three lanes as you past the beltway where there used to be only two. now there's three. all of this is for the 495 express lanes project. remember it used to be called the hot lanes. now it's called the express
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lanes. that is on schedule to open up by later this year. in vdot speak, it's to ease congestion because they were having problems on the inner loop exiting 66. they had to make room. does it make sense? basically it's supposed to make things better now. >> thank you, monika. this morning activists in syria say the government is -- [ inaudible ] at least 12 people are dead in the latest violence. that's one of the stories making news at 6:13. more than 2 for people have -- 230 people have been killed there since friday all part of a government crockdown. russia and china blocked a u.n. security council resolution aimed at ending bloodshed. secretary of state hillary clinton called that move a travesty. president obama will host a white house dinner to mark the end of the war in iraq. the. will invite 200 guests to represent the 1.5 million people who fought in the war. the coast guard released this video of its rescue of
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three people. a family of three was found in oregon six days after they got lost. they used the screen from a dead cell phone and the blade of a knife to signal a rescue helicopter. >> that's pretty ingenious. >> whatever it takes. how water is here with the forecast. it won't be hard to take. >> no, this will be an easy one. i'm sorry about the patriots, mike, but a big day at your house. i want you to forget yesterday and celebrate that birthday. >> that's right. happy birthday, maggie. >> it's going to be a great day for her and everybody else to be outside and enjoy the sunshine because we're going to have plenty of it. definitely need to bundle up this morning. i think even a hat and some gloves because we've got temperatures in many areas way down in the 20s this morning with lots of frost out there and mountain fog. sun is up at 10 after 7:00. it sets at about 5:35. day planner sunny all day. 35 at 8:00. by noon 49. middle of the afternoon 53 with
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a high around 55. winds will be out of the southwest. those will be the wind direction. southwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour. we're back in the 40s by 8:00 p.m. going into the 30s again tonight. maybe a few 20s before we get into tuesday morning. right now it's chilly out there. york, pennsylvania down to 19 degrees. it's 28 in fredricksburg. of course 25 this morning along with hagerstown and on the eastern shore in southern maryland, we are in the upper 20s. locally we've got 28 from college park. crofton 26. out to the west in fairfax county, fairfax at 26. it's 25 for centreville and haymarket also 25. manassas all the way down to 21. a little scraper alert with clear skies. lots of frost out there. good visibility. there's your weather camera. 30 degrees at reagan national but it feels like 25 with a five mile an hour breeze out of the south, southwest. western u.s., central u.s.
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pretty quiet. down in florida here are the keys. know anybody down there? they've had heavier rains overnight. around mere we have generally clear skies. that will be the case today. if you're doing any traveling up and down the eastern seaboard, it's clear in washington. looks like we'll have plenty of sunshine. new york today 53. charleston 53. even out to chicago 45 degrees. a little chilly there but sunny. today we're in the mid-50s. same story tomorrow. but by wednesday here comes the clipper. could be a couple of flurries or snow showers developing in the afternoon. don't expect much with the high of 42. wednesday night maybe a little dusting but by thursday clear and 46. more cold air this weekend, highs saturday and sunday in the 30s. it is 6:16. monika stepping in. things get a little more difficult for commuters on the inner loop. >> they are. we're taking a live look from sky 9 on the inner loop. so that's the southbound side of 495 here at route 1 in college park. accident activity along the left side of the road. you can see traffic squeezing
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by to the right. it is going to slow you down, especially as you come around if the 95 interchange heading southbound past route 1. this is what it looks like live again if sky 9 of the we'll take a look at a map so i can show you exactly where it is. again on the inner loop of the beltway at college park. need to stay to the left to get around it. i'll show you a live look at the beltway a little further north. no problems here through silver spring. basically between 95 university boulevard and 270 on the top side of town, you will be just final. coming up in my next error, an update on the -- next report, an update on the situation at 6:25. police in washington state say a man set off an explosion sunday that killed him and his two sons. that man was under investigation in utah for the disappearance of his wife. >> this all happened in graham, washington which is about 45 miles south of seattle. rick vincent has the story. >> reporter: roaring flames, thick smoke and ash.
6:18 am
thorpts say josh powell ignited it to kill himself and his two young sons. he sent an e-mail to his lawyer saying, quote, i'm sorry, goodbye. >> he set this up. he did it. he is the one who started the fire. >> reporter: investigators say a foster care case worker brought powell's two boys to this pierce county, washington home on sunday for a supervised visit. as the children got close to the door, powell dragged them inside and locked the case worker out. moments later a fiery blast lefted the house. >> when we first came out, there was white stuff flying around everywhere. >> reporter: it happened just days after powell was denied custody of his boys by a washington judge who ruled they should remain with their grandparents. police say powell was a person of interest in the case of his missing wife. susan cox powell hasn't been seen since december 2009 in utah. a month after she vanished josh powell moved with their sons to washington state. police were building a case to charge him with murder. >> first the wife, the mother
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of those two boys and then him and his two sons. you know, it's one thing to have him get charged or not charged and deal with it but it's evil. >> reporter: now family, friends and investigators must face the fact some of the answers they wanted may have been lost in the flames. this is rick vincent reporting. >> josh powell's father had been living with the family in washington state. he was in jail this weekend on unrelated child pornography charges. police say they found inappropriate material while investigating susan cox powell's disappearance. our time is 6:19. start spreading the news. new york wins the super bowl. >> i'm leaving today. i'm a patriots fan. up next, kristen berset has highlights and gets reaction from the mvp this year, eli manning. >> don't be bitter, mike. >> congratulations, eli. now the question of the morning. one of the these things happens
6:20 am
almost three billion times a day around the world. which is it? a, a new status post on facebook, b, an auto accident, or c, someone orders mcdonald's french fries? >> our facebook friend krissy says it has to be b, auto accidents. you hear more about auto accidents than anything else these days. >> keep the guesses coming. we'll have the answer at 6:53. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 6:23 on this monday morning. we've got a lot of frost out there. you park outside, give yourself a few extra minutes to scrape the windshield and fog out west. a fine day for february. average highs in the mid-40s. we'll be maybe 10 degrees above that. here's a look at the day planner. temperatures will be climbing through the 40s this morning. in fact, by noon we should be in the mid- to upper 40s. this afternoon around 55 with a 3:00 p.m. temperature right at 53. good morning, everybody. finally all the talking is
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double. it was time to play some football and determine who is the king of all kings. tom brady in his fifth super bowl, this one a rematch of the 2008 game against eli manning and the giants. the first quarter manning finds victor cruz in the end zone. a little tip of the salsa there. that put the giants up 9-0 but the patriots strike back. brady finds danny woodhead to put the patriots up. pats go up 17-9. 4th quarter 17- 15. here's where it gets exciting. under four minutes to go manning deep down field. undoubtedly the catch of the game. it keeps the giants drive alive. he did get both feet in. bradshaw runs it not before thinking about do i go. giants up 21-17. brady one last chance hail mary. giants knock it down. gronkowski can't get to it.
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incomplete. that does it. the new york giants win super bowl xlvi 21-17. >> this is not about one person. this is about a whole team coming together, getting this win. so i'm just proud of our guys, proud of the team the that i we fought all year, never got discouraged, kempt our faith and our confidence -- kept our faith and our confidence and fought to the very end. yesterday a rough day for the caps in their presuper bowl matinee. they lost to boston 4-1. that's going to do it for your morning sports. it's kristen berset. have a great monday. 6:25. coming up in ten minutes, we'll take a look at the most popular commercials. >> at the top of the hour, a cbs this morning investigation. how is uncle sam funding the payroll tax cut? a preview of the investigation is straight ahead. first, monika has a check on traffic this morning. good morning. we're going to take a look live from sky 9 at the beltway. inner loop at route 1 college park accident on the left shoulder. delays coming down if 95.
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more in my next report coming up at around 6:30. you're watching 9 news now. stay with us.
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welcome back. 6:29. howard bernstein on the weather terrace. it is a cold morning. lots of 20s. lots of frost out there and a little fog in the mountains but we've got a good day ahead with the sunshine and temperatures are going to warm nicely. here's our day planner. we're expecting readings by the
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middle of the day to be near 50. we'll get to near 55 with a 5:00 temperature of 51 degrees. clear skies overnight. that will allow temperatures to really drop off, especially with the light winds. a few clouds toward richmond. the fog, dense fog advisory till 9:00 a.m. out in the mountains toward petersburg where some of the visibilities out west still quarter mile in cumberland. the rest of us no problems with the fog. just frosty out there with 21 in culpeper. gaithersburg 25. same with cambridge. fredricksburg 27 of the here in d.c. we're 30. it's 6:30. i'm going to go inside to monika to look at the roads for you. i just want to start off by saying that that accident we've been telling you about on the inner loop of the beltway right here at route 1 in college park was cleared to the shoulder. you just got that bit of slow traffic getting by. i think that should clear up shortly. we're going to focus on virginia this time on the northbound side of i-95. i'm going to show you the delays in a live picture where you've got delays beginning basically at the prince william parkway as you head into
6:31 am
springfield and then here at route 644 heading for the beltway. that's pretty normal for this time of the morning, especially a monday. 395 northbound, your delays here begin i would say at edsall road as you pass duke street through landmark. once you're in shirlington the pace does improve. we'll take a look at 66 inside the beltway. no problems here at falls church. outside the beltway brake lights from manassas into somerville. more coming up at 6:43. congress is working on extending the payroll tax cut. it goes through the end of this month. >> but wait until you hear how the government is expected to pay for it. cbs this morning is investigating. charlie rose joins us live from new york with a preview on n. charlie, good morning. >> good morning, mike and andrea. mike, of course we're celebrating here in new york, the giants big win. sorry that your team lost. but, you know, qee watch those two play -- we could watch those two play over and over and they would probably end up splitting it about halfway. we'll also show you this
6:32 am
morning it -- it was a great game. a new cost that home buyers will have to pay for the next ten years so we'll see you at 7:00. >> give my best to giants fan erica hill. >> we'll tell her you sent your congratulations. 6:32. today jury selection begins in the murder trial of george huguely. >> he's the former university of virginia lacrosse player accused of killing women's lacrosse player yeardley love. she was found dead in may 2010 in her off campus apartment. huguely is aexist cuesed of -- is accused of killing her during a fight over their relationship. since then students say the student body has changed. >> we all have the the to take responsibility for one person's actions and be able to confront what could be a danger later on. >> while prosecutors say huguely killed love, his lawyers are expected to argue that she died from anker regular eart beat after combining prescription
6:33 am
medication with alcohol. opening statements could begin as soon as tomorrow. later this morning family and friends will attend a funeral service for alexandria, virginia community activist lenny harris. harris' body was recovered last weekend from the become of a well in fort washington, inned mid. police say harris was shot to death. they've arrested two suspects. harris was last seen alive in september. today's funeral will be at the greater mount calvary holy church in northeast washington. this morning park police officers are back at two of the protest sites in downtown d.c. they're making sure no one is sleeping in violation of the camping laws. if you were with us this saturday morning, you saw live coverage of police moving in on the occupy encampment of mcpherson square. they also moved over to the protests at freedom plaza. that's where delia goncalves is live this morning to detail some of the things going on there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. what a major difference at the two locations. of course we saw some violence over at mcpherson square.
6:34 am
things were very orderly and quite calm here at freedom plaza. this morning all is quiet. we did have one protester kind of walking around screaming loudly but that was pretty much it. there has been no major disruption here at freedom plaza. police are patrolling the area preparing for more inspections later this morning. the checks were orderly as i mentioned at freedom plaza sunday as crews and hazmat threw away any tents that posed a health risk. that includes the protesters' medical tent here. one man was arrested but s.w.a.t. team officers on standby never had to mobilized. since occupiers can no longer sleep here, many are staying at area shelters and churches. >> it was important for us to help them because we feel that they've been helping us so much in terms of spreading the message of the inequality in our nation. >> reporter: saturday as you may remember, 11 protesters were arrested during a police
6:35 am
crackdown at mcpherson square. one man is now charged with felony assault after allegedly throwing a brick at an officer's face. that officer is being treated and should be fined. back here live at freedom plaza, it is all quiet here. police again as i told you are preparing to continue their inspections later today i school say. park police remind us they are not evicting these protesters. they are allowed to stay at our national park here at freedom plaza and over at mcpherson square. essentially as long as they don't break any more rules they are allowed to continue their 24-hour vigil. so if police don't find any camping or any closed tents or bedding, essentially they are allowed to stay as long as they abide by the rules. mike, back to you. >> stay with the cause but no sleeping. thanks, delia. delia is live at freedom plaza this morning. well, there are nearly 11,500 metro bus stops. did you know that? according to the transit
6:36 am
agency, more than 30% are inaccessible to people who use wheelchairs. that forces many disabled people to rely on metro access which is more extensive to operate. they can't force property owners to add swabs or make other improvements that are needed for wheelchair access. 6:36. jessica doyle is watching your money and watching the favorite super bowl ads. >> we know who won on the field, the giants did, but what about who won on the commercials when it comes to off the field? >> this is half the fun of watching the super bowl is picking out what your favorite ad was. our partners at "u.s.a. today" for 24 years now have gathered people in a room and they actually rate the super bowl ads. this year the number one choice was the dog and doritos commercial. let's watch.
6:37 am
good essentially he's being bribed to cover up the death of the family cat with doritos. dogs were a huge scene. last year they produced the darth vader ad which i know you loved. they said a theme that was just as popular as the subculture with star wars was dogs. they thought about cats but went with dogs. they came up with the number two commercial this year and that is dog gets fit. we're going to watch that one. ♪get up off of that thing >> this is my personal thing.
6:38 am
we all feel you, doggie. we all want to get fit. this came out as number two. there's another one out there. obviously this is funny and cute but there's one that a lot of people are talking about that's very heartfelt. this is the longest commercial in the super bowl. it was the clint eastwood ad for chrysler, two minutes long and it's called half time in america. we're going to take a look. >> it's half time. both teams are in their locker room discussing what they can do to win this game in the second half. it's half time in america, too. people are out of work and they're hurting. >> obviously a very different feeling than the two ads that we just watched. this was not covered in the ad meter because it was a half time ad but a lot of people talking about it on social media. >> i posted that clint eastwood definitely made my day. i thought it was a powerful commercial and then the dogs were all watching tv and reacting to the dog. it was so funny. i have a picture.
6:39 am
>> we love it. >> thanks a lot, jess. that was cool. pitcher and catchers report to spring training in to weeks. this is good. this year the nationals want you to take back the park from those bastardly phillys -- from those dastardli 23eu8 -- philly. howard says we'll have highs in the 50s. not bad. we'll learn how long it's going to last. take a look at your tv. we'll be right back. james armstead enlisted in the revolutionary war as a slave with his master's permission. he was so impressed, he had armistice sign -- [indiscernible] who asked him to then spy on the americans. he gave revolutionaries the information that led to the american victory in the battle of yorktown. he petitioned the virginia house of delegates for his freedom which he won in 1787.
6:40 am
log on to for more moments in black history.
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. at 6:43, monika samtani with your time saver traffic. 270 delays if urban take to clarksburg. we'll take a look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. you're doing well. back to the maps to the north side, the accident on the inner loop at route 1 was cleared. you've got a bit of slow traffic left over there. outer loop we'll take a live look, delays begin university boulevard as you head for georgia avenue with the lanes open. in my next report, another look at the big picture at 6:58 but first, mike's feeling blue and howard is wearing blue. >> we're both wearing blue. >> that's all right. the patriots had a good season. >> coach belichick, hire some dbs, please. thank you.
6:45 am
you're going to need an ice scraper if you head outside. >> some frost. in the mountains through petersburg, got a lot of fog out there. dense fog advisory. those are really the two issues this morning. it's going to be a good start to the week in spite of the patriots. >> that's all right. >> let's get you going with the bus stop forecast. temperatures running in the 20s and 30s this morning. we'll have sunshine in a few minutes. sunrise is at 7:10. clear skies now. a nice bright moon overnight. by the way the next few weeks, you're going to see venus and jupiter get closer and closer. by march 14 they're going to be really close in the sky. it will be fun to watch on these clear nights. our day planner today, we've got sunshine, 40 degrees by 9:00. upper 40s to near 50 by noon. at 3:00 53 with a high today around 55 and winds southwest becoming southerly tonight, 8, 9 miles an hour. a rather pleasant afternoon. as far as the weather headlines frosty this morning with the fog west but it will be mild
6:46 am
today and tuesday. we're looking at highs mid-50s. a clipper system will be headed toward us wednesday into wednesday night. generally not too much moisture to work with but should be cold enough for some flurries. don't be surprised if wednesday afternoon a couple of flakes are flying. 30 degrees this morning in washington. 21 culpeper. hagerstown 25. 25 pax river and 28 also in easton. look at the sky on our michael and son weather camera. look at the tv. this is a gorgeous looking sky this morning. mainly clear but oh, going to be a good day. temperatures running at 30 degrees. feeling like 25 with a south, southwesterly wind at 5 miles an hour. the dew point in the 20s. our next weather maker not even on the map. the clipper is going to come at us again on wednesday with a chance of some flurries or light know? the afternoon or evening. here's the forecast. today 55, pleasant. we're back in the 30s tonight, maybe some upper 20s. mild again tomorrow, 56. but by wednesday colder.
6:47 am
only 42 with the threat for some flurries or light snow in the afternoon. as we head towards thursday, that clipper will be gone, 46. look at the cold returning on saturday and sunday with temperatures in the 30s. andrea? >> thank you, howard. football is over. baseball is on the horizon and the nats are looking promising and they want to bring a little swagger to nationals park. chief operating officer andrew joins us in the pseudo to talk about take -- in the studio to talk about take back the park. two weeks till spring training. we can't wait. >> we love it. we have baseball and a big promotion for the games. >> the reason why you're taking back the park specifically against the phillies, i've been there. those are some of the most obnoxious fans and they outnumber nats fans and you want to change that. >> you said it. i didn't it. >> i'm a fan and they were obnoxious. >> you're right. this is washington. this is our town, our fans, our
6:48 am
park. it's time that we did something about it. phillys fans are in our ballpark every year. what we're going to do is may 4 and may 6, right now anyone in washington, maryland or virginia with a zip code and a credit card tied to that area can buy tickets at only available to nationals fans in this area till single game tickets go on sale. >> you started this promotion on friday. what you have seen so far? >> unbelievable response. thousands of fans have purchased tickets at and have responded. the phillies fans in philly, they are telling our fans will be selling our tickets on-line in the secondary market. but that's not going to happen. we need our fans to step up and don't do it. >> we need you to be there and cheer on this team. andy, this team is looking good. nats management making some serious moves in the off-
6:49 am
season. >> very exciting. mark rizzo has done an amazing job on scouting and developing and building the foundation of this team. gonzalez came over from the oakland a's. added to the already strong rotation with straussburg and zimmerman. just last friday edwin jackson signed as our fourth pitcher. we've got all four guys. mark rizzo would tell you probably the best pitching staff and someone to combeat against the philly staff. >> as good as the fillies think they are, the -- phillies think they are, the nats -- [ inaudible ] a good rivalry. we like rivalry but you need two sides to have a rivalry. we know what the phillies fans are like. nats fans, come on out. this is the place, this beautiful park where i celebrated an anniversary one year. that's how much i love this park. steve straussburg. this was was taken by our producer dan from his season ticket seats. so we like the nats and go nats and get those phillies.
6:50 am
>> let's lock them out. >> andrew, thank you very much. we'll have more information on how you can make sure you take back the park from the phillies during the may 4, 5, 6 series. it is 6:49. a check on the news before you go is next. and our communitie. america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
6:51 am
a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days.
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if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. we've got a sunny day ahead. clear skies right now. lots of 20s. 30 in town. 49 by noon. we're going to top out around 55 and drive home with the shade and 51 degrees. mike? >> thanks, howard. today, monday, february 6. here's a check of the news before you go. relief from stink bugs? it may already be here. insect experts say the populations are way down across the mid-atlantic. not at my house. experts blame the wet weather.
6:54 am
>> keep them at your place. a state senator from prince george's county will sponsor a bill today calling for slots and table games in the county. democrat douglas j. j. peters wants bid for a casino from national harbor and rosecross raceway. right now only slots are allowed in maryland. being a patriots fan, i tried to avoid reading this story all morning. but i had to do it. new york giants are super bowl champion and mvp eli manning led a touchdown drive in the 4th quarter. they topped the pats 21-17. congrats, giants. we want to reveal the answer to the question. this single thing happens almost three billion times a day around the world s. it a new stas tut post on -- status post on facebook, c, an auto accident or c, french fries. >> believe it or not the answer is a, a new status post on facebook. there are about 800 million people logged on to facebook. one or two posts a day is not a stretch. coming up, another check on traffic and weather right here
6:55 am
on 9news now.
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join us. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. women come back -- welcome back to 9news now. you want to say anything else about the new england patriots? we love our mugs. >> i decided we win together, lose together. i had my patriots mug all week trying to support my team so i got my morning team their correspond denting professional -- corresponding professional football mugs. cheers to a game well paid. it was a close game, fantastic. come on in. step on in. >> we get to drown our sorrows. >> and i get to remind you the super bowl is going to be played in my hometown and it was the hometown boy who won the game last night. >> maybe it will be the skins there next year. >> my saints really and pats
6:59 am
maybe. maybe. or jets. who knows. >> i don't think so. >> that's the kind of fan howard is. >> a realistic fan. weather wise they've got a lot of work to do. weather wise 55 this afternoon after this frosty start. tonight in the 30s. tomorrow still mild but wednesday colder, maybe some afternoon flurries or even some light snow. then cold this weekend. the outer loop of the beltway jammed 95 to georgia avenue with a live look there. we'll take a look also at the northbound side of 95. very heavy as you head up to springfield and this is 66 at the beltway. >> wow. for wall street we're looking lower this morning after the big runup on friday but we'll still take that one. of course more on the giants win on cbs this morning. plus, brad pitt. howard and i will be back in just 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. have a great day. see you back here tomorrow morning starting at 4:25. take care, everybody. bye-bye.


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