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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  March 11, 2012 1:35am-3:05am EDT

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and the federal government, who he already has something against, has, like, ruined his plan and killed all his friends. you gotta ask? got it. i want to know everything. i want to know it now! i want a phone call and a lawyer. laiken is dead. they're taking your bomb maker out in pieces as we speak. now it's over. if it were over you wouldn't have dragged me out of guantanamo over figueroa, would you? do you even have a clue of the world of hurt you're in? conspiracy to commit an act of domestic terrorism, maybe, maybe you see the light of day again. that bomb goes off, you're a show trial. you're dead in 18 months. i'm not afraid to be remembered for the cause. what cause? what? tax evasion? the posse comitatus act obligates us to mount resistance against an unlawful, immoral and hypocritical government. you take away my freedom, deny me due process, and now you try to deal? even if i would, why would i trust you?
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okay, you're trying to make a political statement. my voice will be heard. at my trial, through my story, it'll get out. not while they're counting bodies. anything you have to say is going to get drowned out by the voices of dead, innocent people and the families they leave behind. no, no, we had it worked out-- no innocents. we go in at night, secure the guards and the cleaners. get them out before... before...? that's not the plan quigley's following anymore. that's blood on your hands. now how are we doing with the cluster radius changes? almost entered. you know, given our time constraints, we really should disregard sub locations. hey, tell us you have more data. security guards and cleaners. thinking it's an office building. we're already biasing that way. don: okay, so something tall where everyone can see it. you know, i think downtown maybe. okay, that's a presumptive jump.
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that's where we are, right? the leaders went to jail for planning to bomb an irs collections center. don: a federal building, huh? you know what? try something, uh... like... like that. okay. okay, this is a grid of downtown streets that meechum knew well enough not to use his gps, but not explaining his other known trips. of course it could also mean that he had no reason to go to this area, but if we have to play the pure probabilities... know what, could you put up a satellite overlay? yeah. anything federal? uh, there's banks, commercial buildings, uh, hotels... restaurants, uh... you know, this plot was in retaliation for an irs investigation into an sar on three of their members. larry: "sar"? suspicious activity report. banks file them with the treasury when they suspect money laundering or terror financing. this particular sar was filed
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by farmers' american, whose central bank is... right there, right? yeah. yeah, let's go. ♪ green jacket, green jacket, move in. move in! quigley, don't move!
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don't move! everybody out! you shoot me, we're a crater! all right. all right, all right. just relax. don't tell me to relax. okay. (people screaming) megan: all right, let's just take a minute. let's just talk. no talk! everybody out! don: that's not going to happen. that's just not going to happen. i've got seven pipe bombs in here. my finger twitches, there's enough shrapnel to shred everyone. look, how about i'll pull uniforms back? let's start with that. all right, guys, get out. okay? what are the rest of you waiting for? huh? you got a death wish? not me. do you? no. i just want to help, man, that's it. so what are we doing here?
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just go, okay? i need to think. i'll be straight with you. we leave, there's a sniper up there who's going to blow your brains out. i'm being totally honest with you. us standing here, that's about the only thing that's keeping you alive. why the hell are you saying this? because this is pointless. look, you blow yourself up, they're going to scrape you off the walls and gonna be back in business in the morning. i'm telling you, i see so much waste in what i do, man. i'm just trying to stop you from doing something that i know is not going to mean anything. okay.
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all right, let's pull out. let's go. wait! okay, just wait. good, get your hands on your head. don't move. that's a really interesting negotiation technique. hey, any bomb you can walk away from, right? ♪ (laughing, indistinct chatter) david: we're all trying to back out, right... there are some acts of heroism i would rather remain blissfully unaware of. my son playing poker with a bomb, now that's right up there. okay, enough, come on. i've got to say i second alan's sentiment. i'm far more comfortable with your bravery in the abstract. duly noted. colby: really? 'cause i figured that was part of the whole, uh... the whole what, granger?
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amita: charlie, what are you doing in there? charlie: just a second. sounds serious. he's not actually cooking, is he? yes, he is. is that bad? as long as i'm not in there, for once. what is for dinner? charlie, what are you making? the invitation was pretty non-specific, buddy. what's going on? (whistles and chuckles) it's an approximation at best, but i, uh, analyzed roscoe's secret recipe. i think it's pretty good. don: waffles for dinner? waffles. what's the deal with the waffles, man? i think it's charlie's way of saying that your family is whoever you want to eat waffles with. larry: that's a worthy sentiment. one that's even better with syrup. don: gotta have some bacon. you made some bacon, right? somebody tell me something about chicken? where's the chicken? (laughter) ♪ (indistinct conversations)
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don: that's the whole meal? that's it, just waffles? captioning sponsored by cbs paramount network television and toyota. moving forward.
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we definitely need adrenaline rush pumped into the city. >> the heisman trophy is coming to town. >> redskins confirm the team is now in position to finally land that franchise quarterback. >> what has happened here, you know, the redskins did not wait and just decide what they are going to do later. they made a commitment. they made a bold move. >> this is 9news now. >> hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson and thanks for joining us this saturday night. it's never a dull offseason for the redskins, but tonight is not somebody else's star player who is coming here. fans, former players, skins management, they are all reacting to news that the team traded up to draft its first franchise quarterback since who?
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who was the last franchise quarterback? >> you have to go way back into the archives. everybody knew the number two position was key to this year's draft. the rams had it. many teams wanted it in order for the redskins to leap up to get it, they had to make a bold move. they made one. today, general manager, bruce allen, confirming what we already knew. washington mortgaged a lot to get that number two pick. and one would assume they are going to use it to obtain the services of that guy right there. robert griffin iii. heisman trophy winner. tonight, during a charity event downtown, allen and other former redskins chiming in on the move. why did they do it? did they give up too much? all of those subjects were on the table. >> i want to remind everyone we have the second pick of the draft and clearly we fell in love with two players and we believe one of those players will be a great risk. we understand it was a heavy
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price. when you bought your home, you want to pay less, too, but you like your home once you live in it. so we're very comfortable. >> the redskins did not wait and just decide what they are going to do later. they made a commitment. they made a bold move and i think at the end of the day, rg2, 3, 4, 5, whoever he is. no, rg3 is the guy. >> it's been tough. i feel for our fans and in many ways, that we haven't been successful. and we are trying to get it right and i think we made a big step. >> strong words by general manager, bruce allen. we are just getting started. coming up in sports, i'm joined by grant paulson. we're going to discuss, was the price tag too steep in and is peyton manning still an option here in d.c.? all that and the caps and the wizards and d.c. united coming up in sports. i like that.
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we're trying to get it right. high risk, high reward. here's what the fans are saying tonight about the team's move to acquire rg3. ken hit the streets to gauge the pulse in the city. >> reporter: there's a new loud noise being heard on washington's bustling streets and it sounds like this. >> rg3. rg3. rg3. >> we need him bad. we need a quarterback. >> no doubt about it. everywhere you look, washington is buzzing with the almost locked in chance of heisman trophy winner, robert griffin iii coming to the redskins. >> we have not had a great quarterback like that as long as i can remember. this guy is disciplined, intelligent, physical, articulate, he's the whole package. >> it's been more than a decade since the redskins had anything to brag about. they hope rg3 will be the break they and the team so desperately need.
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from ben's chili bowl to the neighborhood sports bar and barber shop, everyone is just -- >> happy that he is coming to town. >> clearly there is no shortage of excitement in washington over the prospects of rg3 coming to town. you'll also find those who are skeptical about the possibility. >> if this doesn't work out, the next few years are going to be tougher. >> it's not going to be the magic pill. >> most of the skeptics are critical of what the redskins traded. >> to give three years straight first round picks and a second in this one, i think it might have been too much. >> despite those sentiments, there's no denying washington has just been pumped with a new kind of energy that has been missing here for years. >> rg3, baby. the heisman trophy is coming to town. >> at a news conference earlier today, redskins general manager would not specify by name who the team is interested in. he would only say right now
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they are in love with two specific players. dave owens and the sports team will have more coming up later in this newscast. for now, we're in chinatown, 9news now. >> more envelopes had white powder showed up in washington today. this is federal authorities continue to investigate a man who they believe sent 100 threatening letters this week. armando trull has the latest developments. >> there was another white powder scare in washington, d.c. saturday afternoon. this time it happened in the 1600 block of i street northwest. it's a high-rise office building that contains a restaurant on the main floor as well as offices for the motion pictures association of america. as in past incidents, crews swept the building looking for dangerous substances, but none were found. the latest incident came one day after u.s. capital police announced they had arrested 39- year-old christopher lee carlson for allegedly sending out 100 envelopes containing
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white powder to members of congress and media organizations. >> they told me to stay inside and next thing i hear is bang, bang, bang. and boom. >> carlson is described in court documents as being from the portland, vancouver, washington area. all the letters were postmarked in portland. none of them contain any toxic substances. the letters said there is a 10% chance that you have just been exposed to a lethal pathogen. >> charged with sending letters and threatening to use a biological weapon. >> john boehner as the victim. the second count names barbra as the victim. at this point, it's not clear if carlson has been linked to the white powder scares in the district that have targeted two elementary schools, the epa, and several businesses this past week. in washington, armando trull,
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9news now. >> rick santorum is mi victory in kansas. the republican republican hopeful picked up some 33 delegates in saturday's gop caucuses. today's caucuses were held in kansas and wyoming and the virgin islands. mitt romney is the projected winner in wyoming. he leads the overall race for delegates with 442. santorum has 213 followed by newt gingrich with 107. ron paul has 46. 1,144 delegates are needed to win the republican nomination. reports tonight, the wins today come just ahead of an important contest in alabama and another one in mississippi. >> rick santorum delivered the news to a pumped up crowd in missouri. >> we are going to win kansas and the vast majority of delegates in kansas. >> kansas vote favored santorum where mitt romney and newt gingrich did not campaign. >> i'm voting for rick
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santorum. i like his stance on social issues. >> romney had a good day. the associated press is reporting he won the wyoming caucuses. gingrich spent saturday barn storming in alabama. the former house speaker signed autographs and asked for support as he works to jump start his campaign in the deep south. >> we can win alabama and mississippi tuesday night, we will reset the campaign for the 9th or 10th time. sometime on wednesday. >> gingrich is vowing to stay in the race right through the gop convention, but santorum is hoping a poor showing on tuesday will force gingrich to drop out. consolidating the conservative vote that split between the two candidates. romney has a commanding lead in the delegate count after six victories on super tuesday. he is looking for a strong showing in the south after losing to gingrich in georgia and south carolina. >> i got started right with a biscuit and cheesy grits. >> ron paul continues to focus
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on caucus states. cbs news. >> tomorrow marks the first anniversary of that deadly quake and tsunami that killed close to 20,000 people in japan. the disaster triggered a nuclear crisis. a year later, many residents still afraid of the radiation. japanese officials insist they are doing regular testing to protect the citizens. a new report out tonight. interviews with authorities point to many people dying because of bad planning and a lack of communication between government agencies. it's the worst violence in gaza in a year. israel and palestinians have been exchange gunfire for a second consecutive day. 15 militants have been killed. one isreali citizen was injured from rockets fired into southern israel. israel's missile defense system intercepted more than 25 rockets. frightening moments tonight in loudoun county neighborhood where a fire in one house
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quickly spread to a second residence. this happened on nicholas lane. three firefighters were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. no word tonight on the cause of that fire. ahead on 9news now tonight. >> their dog gets to play. they get treats and they have a good time. >> and the st. patrick's day celebration for our four legged friends. we'll explain. >> we are matching students with quality institutions where d.c. students graduate and have a chance at running a degree. >> we'll take you to a college workshop for local students and parents. back in a minute. : and bruce, as we wake up for sunday morning, expecting lots of sunshine. a cold start once again. temperatures cooling down to 20s and 30s. but by 9:00, still chilly, plenty of sun. milder, 50 to 55 by 11:00. i have your full seven-day forecast, including a significant wa
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2012, virginia legislative session ended tonight. lawmakers passed more than 1500 bills. they failed to agree on a budget. they'll tackle that issue in a special session beginning march 21. some d.c. high school students got an upclose look at college opportunities today. the smart college expo took place on the grounds of trinity college in northeast washington. representatives from dozens of colleges and universities were on hand to meet with prospective students. there were also workshops on obtaining tuition assistance. choosing the right school and surviving those first few months away from home. >> some of the issues they are facing are, they select the school based on where their friends go or something that they read in a magazine or look online and don't do some real research to find out what is really happening at a school. >> attendeis had an
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opportunity to tour trinity college and complete financial aid applications right there on site. you know the saying, everybody's irish on st. patrick's day and man's best friend is no exception to all that. a doggy daycare center in woodbridge, virginia, hosted its second annual st. patrick's pup crawl. some 30 dogs made their way to various stations at the dog easy inn for doggy treats, doggy bandannas and even doggy beer while their owners ran errands. we're told that alcohol-free beer is actually made out of beef broth. >> it's absolutely worth the trip and a beautiful day to be here. >> coming up on 9news now tonight. cherry blossoms peeking early this year. we're going to give you a preview. what can we expect for sunday warmup? anny has the forecast when we
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happy spring. i got a picture of the butter about to explode and get a picture of the first tree


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