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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  April 2, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> pelley: tonight, a massacre at a university in california. many have been killed after a lone man opened fire. lee cowan is at the scene. the president predicts how the supreme court will rule on his health care law. nora house.'donnell is at the white house. the the freedom movement in syria is promised promised $100 million to fight the dictatorship clarissa ward is with the secretary of state. >> you were there, you know how hard it is. >> pelley: and your family's history revealed. an anthony mason reports the census bureau has put your relatives online online-- as they were in 1940. >> this is your family down here. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: good evening. there are at least seven dead, three wounded tonight after a shooting shooting in a small california re religious university. oakland police say they have a suspect in custody. rnooshooting erupted this afternoon at a christian school in in oakland called oikos university. lee c lee cowan is on the scene for us tonight. lee? >> reporter: scott, this is a small private university that is near the oakland international airport and the shooting that took place here this morning police believe was the result of one gunman. they believe they have that gunman in custody and school officials are saying they believe he was a former student. it it started after 10:30 when police say a lone gunman walked on to on to campus and opened fire. witnesses say they heard as many as 30 shots in rapid succession. debra lee was in class when the shooting began. >> i heard gunshot sound and
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th then after that i heard one woman scream. >> reporter: the dead were carried outside the school and covered up. the swat team swept through the building looking for those desperate to get out. lucas garcia teaches english as a second language here and helped get his students to safety. >> >> there was many gunshots, probably like six gunshots so i went back and evacuated students and got everybody out. as we were leaving we heard more gunshots. >> reporter: a mile away from the school at a shopping center police detained a man they're calling a possible suspect, an asian man with a heavy build. oikos christi oikos christian university founded a decade ago specializes in nursing and religious studies programs with an emphasis on asian medicine. marilyn daniels is employed by the university and was still shaky when we found her. >> oh, god. oh, god. what... what... what...
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>> reporter: scott, just to recap, at least ten people shot at at this private university in oakland, seven confirmed fatalities so far. three wounded, they remain in the hospital tonight. >> pelley: a fast-developing story. lee, thank you very much. that jetblue pilot who suffered a mid-flight meltdown was released from the hospital today and into the custody of federal ma marshals. clayton osbon was led in handcuff handcuff it is from the hospital in amarillo, texas, where he has been been undergoing medical tests. a a judge sent osbon to jail today until a hearing on thursday. osbon was subdued by passengers last last week after he flew into an in incoherent rage. today president obama cautioned beforepreme court to think twice before overturning his health care reform law. this was the first time the president has talked about last week's hearing during which the court considered whether some parts of the law are unconstitutional. mr. obama spoke during a news conference with the leaders of
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mexico and canada. norah o'donnell was there. norah? >> reporter: scott, in fact, the president said repeatedly no less than five times he's confident that the supreme court will uphold his health care law which he insisted is constitutional. >> ultimately i'm confident that the supreme court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a overturning a law that was passed passed by a strong majority of a demo democratically elected congress. >> reporter: now such strong language from the president could could suggest this white house is bracing far loss and also preparing to blame the court for judicial activism. but, scott, the president also mentioned today how conservative for years have blasted unelected judges for such judicial activism and that's why today he said he firmly believes that the court won't take that step.
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we'll learn the outcome in june when the supreme court issues that decision. >> pelley: norah, thank you. we got a fascinating look today at what life was like in america 72 years ago. for the first time the federal government unlocked documents from the 1940 census. back then, of course, there were only 48 states. the the population was 132 million, less than half of what it is now. the median annual income was $956 $956 for men-- meaning half made less than that. it was $592 for women. it's all available online now, and we asked anthony mason to give us a look. >> you cannot know your country unless your country knows you. >> reporter: the details of the 1940 census released today show a a street-level view of a united states states emergeing from the great depression and on the brink of a world war. co connie potter of the national archives says every census is a reflection of the preceding
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deca decade. >> the questions that the census asks we go back to the... questions the country needs to know the answers to. >> reporter: with 15% of the adult population unemployed in 1940, 1940, for the first time census take takers asked about income. >> >> >> what's interesting is the high highest salary you can write down is $5,000 plus. >> reporter: they also asked about education. 5% had a bachelor's degree in 1940. today it's 28%. this is your family down here? >> yeah, this is exactly my family. >> >> reporter: david kleiman, a pr professional genealogist, will be looking for details on his parents and grandparents. what is it that excites you about this census? >> new information. new new discoveries. doing family history is about being a detective and the census is a new source. >> reporter: even franklin roosevelt filled out the census in 1940. occupation: president of the united states.
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you'll find a future president, too. 29 29-year-old ronald reagan then still an actor. anyone anyone can search the 3.9 million pages released for the first time online at 1940 census.archives.goff but you'll need a county of residence by which c which census takers grouped people. an alphabetical listing is being compile bud won't be available for another six to nine months. how did they decide when to put out the census? it was arbitrary after the 1870 census was released in 1942 the census bureau and the national a archives agreed to stick to that schedule and wait 72 years for the details of each census to be released. >> pelley: we tried to log on the the census site today with no luck. we left one computer in the newsroom running on the site for eight hours but we never got in and here's why. the site took at least 37 million hits after going online. the national archives says it's
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working to bring more capacity to the site. former former u.n. secretary general kofi annan said today that syria's president, bashar al assad, assad, has agreed to withdraw troops and tanks from his cities by april 10. but but assad has made a lot of promises over the year as he tried to crush the popular uprising against his dictatorship. over the weekend in turkey, the united states met with countries from around the world to talk about how to help the rebels and that's where clarissa ward caught up with the secretary of state. >> reporter: there are no signs that the syrian regime will live up to its promises. yesterday's secretary of state hillary clinton sat down with us and said this about the assad regime. >> we think assad must go. the killing must stop. the sooner we get into a process that ends up there the better. >> reporter: yesterday saudi arabia and a group of gulf states announced $100 million plan to pay the salaries of
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rebel rebel fighters inside syria. >> we were recently inside syria and the rebels tell us that they have no ammunition left. they have no money left. and that their only recourse for self-defense self-defense is to bipld i.e.d.s or bombs. >> you w >> you were there. yo you know how hard it is. we think we have some assets that will get in there which we will try to do that will enable them to have better communication. >> do you see any signs that bashar al assad is starting to l,ack? >> well, today we heard from a deputy oil minister who defected. we do see those kinds of cracks. we think none of the defections from the military are in the thousands. we know there are perhaps two dozen. >> reporter: but there haven't been more defections there the way we saw in libya from assad's inner circle. there were a couple of defection it is regime has cracked down and basically holding families hostage. but that is an unsustainable
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position. you cannot turn the whole country into a giant prison. people are not going to put up with that after a while. so we think that there are cracks. i can't put a time frame on it but we think that that is beginning to happen. >> pelley: clarissa ward joins us now from istanbul. clarissa, i wonder, the $100 million in aid from the gulf states, how would that get distributed exactly? >> scott, we don't know when it will be distributedtor exact mechanism for getting it to those rebel groups inside syria, but what we do know is that all of the money will be channeled through syrian national council which is the main syrian opposition party. that's obviously in the hopes of creating better organization, better unity and better coordination between those various rebel groups because all of them will have to go through the syrian national council to have access to those funds. >> pelley: an attempt to stitch
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the rebel groups together. clarissa, thank you very much. history was made in burma today. one of the most isolated countries in the world. the military government says the opposition won a landslide victory in yesterday's election. and the woman who began the democratic movement in burma, aung san suu kyi, is headed to parliament. seth doane has got an rare look inside burma. >> reporter: aung san suu kyi looked more like a pop star than a newly elected parliamentarian at her party's headquarters in rangoon today. >> we hope that this will be the beginning of a new era. that there will be more emphasis on the role of the people in the everyday politics of our country. >> reporter: if the results are confirmed, she'd represent the tiny rural district where most eke out a living farming, many growing rice. this man and his wife make a meager $30 a month here.
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they can't afford a tractor so they tend their crops manually with water buffalo. "i have six acres of rice fields but the production and prices are going down" he told me. "my life is becoming worse and worse." the family stopped building a new home because they wanted to use the money to keep their sons in school. their electricity comes from a car battery and their only decoration next to buddha is a calendar with a picture of "the lady," as she's known. you went to the polls to vote for aung san suu kyi. how can you think about politics when you have so many other things to worry about here on the farm? "if something changes" he told me, "if politics change then maybe my life can change for the better." in burma, politicians can choose which region they'd like to represent and aung san suu kyi picked this one in part because of the ethnic minority that lives here. it's a symbolic way of trying to unify this diverse country.
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the man and much of his extended family said they hope the new government would spark development. "we expect improvements in our village like industry," she says. "maybe with other jobs my sons could have a future that's not farming." there are high hopes for democracy here, some that seem more like dreams. "i'm really so happy if democracy comes," he told me. his wife added "our lives will get better." >> pelley: seth doane joins us now in rangoon, burma. seth, i wonder, after listening to co-, you wonder how much people are invested in aung san suu kyi. >> there is an incredible amount of investment. this is not just the sense that here is a new parliamentary leader, there is the sense that this, indeed, could be a new era for burma. we were there at party headquarters as returns started coming in late sunday night and
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as it appeared she was winning, there was just elation, jubilation in the crowd. people were embracing. people driving by in buses were sticking their hands out and people were clapping. there is such excitement and even if that small district just the pride behind going to vote people were wearing their very best clothes. a great deal of excitement here, scott. >> pelley: seth doane witnessing history in burma. thanks, seth. can a person's d.n.a. predict whether they will get cancer? the head of a federal agency resigns after reports of lavish spending. and rescue at sea after giant waves batter a yacht when the "cbs evening news" con until i had the shingles. such a burning have neved it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter.
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[ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. >> pelley: melanoma is a deadly skin cancer and it's on the rise in younger americans. in a new study, researchers at the mayo clinic say they are seeing four times the number of cases in men under the age 406 than they did in 1970 and for women eight times as many. researchers blame tanning beds for the increase. >> reporter: for years scientists have tried to find a way to predict cancer and other diseases by using a person's d.n.a. as a road map. dr. jon lapook is here today with the results of a major new study and, jon, it focused on twins. >> reporter: that's right, scott. identical twins are born with virtually the exact same genes and the same inherited risk for disease but more than 90% of the time when one twin develops
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cancer the other does not. these researchers looked at 24 different diseases including cancer and calculated the youthfulness of genetic testing. each person has over 20,000 genes with millions of variations. all cancers like this lung tumor are caused by genetic defect bus only a tiny fraction of those defects are inherited. the rest develop when d.n.a. is damaged by life-style choices like smoking, the environment, or random factors. scientists found that genetic testing has only limited usefulness for most people. for example, ovarian cancer will strike 2.2 million women in this country. researchers calculated that testing every woman in america would only identify at most 20% leaving at least 1.7 million women with a negative result and possibly a false sense of security. this isn't just true for cancer. researchers found similar results for other illnesses like type two diabetes and parkinson's disease. that said, there are scenarios, especially patients with a very
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strong family history of cancer, where genetic testing can be quite useful. but the idea that everybody should run out and get their genes map doesn't seem to make much sense, scott. >> pelley: jon, fascinating, thanks very much. standing on top of the world. on top of the newest tower in w on top of the newest tower in w next. security. that's what matters to me... me? i've been paying in all these years... years washington's been talking at us, but they never really listen...'s not just some line item on a budget; it's what i'll have to live on... i live on branson street, and i have something to say... [ male announcer ] aarp is bringing the conversation on medicare and social security out from behind closed doors in washington. because you've earned a say.
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>> pelley: the head of the general services administration resigned suddenly today. the g.s.a. is the government's landlord. it operates all the federal
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buildings. mar that johnson's departure follows reports of lavish spending, including more than $800,000 spent at a training conference outside las vegas. two injured crew members from a yacht that's racing around the world arrived in san francisco tonight. they were rescued by the coast guard 200 miles off the california coast. the pair was hurt saturday after giant waves ripped the yacht's steering wheelwright off its mount and battered the 13-member crew. late sunday a coast guard cutter arrived and took the injured crew members to safety. the crew plans to fix the yacht and complete the race. the finishing touches are being put on london's newest landmark, and workers are going to great lengths-- or should we say heights? they are standing a thousand feet on top of the shard, the city's new skyscraper and the tallest in europe. no fear among these workers.
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no official ceremony welcoming the vets home and many vets were shunned. four decades later, some folks in north carolina, including the u.s.o., wanted to make things right. so on saturday more than 60,000 people gathered at the charlotte motor speedway to say thank you. anna werner has one marine's story. >> how are you? >> reporter: it's taken 43ies for dee hillyer to get to this day, a day for smiles and hugs. it's been a tough journey. hillyer arrived in vietnam in 196. here he is at his camp in dong ha as a 25-year-old marine sergeant, the third generation of his family to serve his country in a war. how did vietnam change you from that young man that you see on the video? >> wow. um... part of me changed forever
6:57 pm
over there. >> reporter: hillyer's tour in vietnam lasted 13 months. the war was deeply unpopular back home and its brutality left its mark on him. when he returned to the u.s., he faced a homecoming, he says, he could not have imagined. a scene similar to these as anti-war protesters greeted his bus load of troops. in their case spitting and throwing rocks. what did you lose in the moment between the man welcoming you home and then getting on that bus? >> i lost some innocence. i lost a sense of pride in what i had done. >> reporter: he became church pastor-- all the time fighting feelings of anger and depression. he twice tried to commit suicide. three years ago he joined a therapy group with fellow veterans r.v. mcclain, reggie french and marvin cuffee. all are struggling to put vietnam behind them. >> sometimes people say "i know how you feel."
6:58 pm
but unless you've been there we don't know how you feel. >> reporter: this past saturday, dee hillyer and thousands of his fellow veterans finally got their welcome home at north carolina's first-ever celebration to honor their service. >> thank you for your service. does this restore for you at all what you lost? >> yes. yes. yes. it's a very good feeling. >> a feeling that newshour decades after these veterans left their home and country to fight, their battle to be welcomed back my be over. anna werner, cbs news, charlotte north carolina. >> pelley: welcome home. that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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this is 9 news now. >> tonight at least seven people are dead, three others injured and one man in custody following a shooting at a california school. mary ellen hopkins has more on what happened in oakland. >> reporter: emergency cruise tend to the victims as a normal day gives way to an unspeakable horror at oikos university in oakland, california. a gunman burst into the single story building and opened fire. a woman in the area said she encountered a frantic woman who had seen the shooter. >> she said oh, please call


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