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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  April 3, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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i said why i have 23 two times. >> it's a megamess, especially at this mcdonald's. where coworkers tell the new york post they are in financial limbo because they claim they were in a pool with wilson and believe they may be winners, too. >> are they fighting with you over the tickets? >> wilson says she will not share because the winning ticket purchased at this nearby 7-eleven was not part of the pool. she says a friend bought it for her. but again today, wilson cleared nothing up and officials at maryland's lottery headquarters said neither wilson nor anyone else has stepped forward with a winning ticket so they can verify nothing. on facebook today, viewers patience is wearing thin. stop interviewing her and give her the attention that she wants, wrote one viewer. residents of this troubled neighborhood who know wilson says she has a heart of gold, but none wanted to appear on camera. >> is she the kind of person that would tell a story? >> i never known her to tell a
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story. >> whatever the truth may be, a prom prominent baltimore lawyer said he has been in contact with wilson and may have an announcement tomorrow. state lottery officials say they'll believe it when they see a ticket. in baltimore, scott broom, 9news now. >> we too would like to know what to believe. we are learning more about the suspect in yesterday's shooting spree at a small university in oakland, california. turns out he once lived in northern virginia. 43-year-old one goh is accused of killing seven people. investigators say he had been a nursing student, but was kicked out a few weeks back. >> he was having real problems, anger management issues and asked him not to leave. he was expelled from the school. >> now as we mentioned, goh lived in springfield, virginia. court records show he was deep in debt and he was also dealing with the death of one of his
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brothers who killed in a car accident one year ago. goh had minor traffic violations, but no criminal history. right now, families and emergency responders in texas are checking out all of the damage after tornadoes ripped across the part of the state. those twisters flattened homes, tossed tractor trailers around like toys, and forced hundreds to run for cover. most of the damage was in dallas county. no word if anybody was killed or seriously hurt. for a look at how widespread the damage was, let's get to anny hong. anny. >> we are watching the storms go through. here's a look at the radar in texas. you can see this line of storms right here. this is a very moist and unstable air mass dynamic system. we have severe thunderstorm watches, tornado watches in effect right now. we are seeing hail. the magenta is showing probably right now we're being told ping- pong sized hail. here's a look at the track of some of these storms. this is for local central time
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in texas. some of the towns expected soon will be jackson, canton, emery, and sulfur springs. these storms are heading to the northeast. the threat is not over. now fortunately, the severe threat continues through tomorrow, not for central texas, but to the gulf state, taking louisiana, out of new orleans, alabama, and also georgia. so, we're watching these storms producing quite a bit of damage and the good thing here is no major injuries reported so far. we'll talk about the storms and our forecast coming up a little bit later. derek. >> right here in washington, d.c., some of the most heated races are for seats on the city council. some are saying just throw the up incumbents out. >> reporter: there are 14,000 registered voters here rings mostly democrat. this is where most of them are
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going to come through. they have an hour to catch voters to catch them. councilman bowser, she is facing quite a few challengers. she's expected to be an easy time. this is her home time. there has been slight turnout throughout the city. that has to favor the incumbents. they have the name recognition. challengers have an up hill battle unless something major changes within the next hour. let's look around town. >> at the elementary school in upper northwest, the turnout was light and that's according to the precinct captain. the voters who did show up are looking to make some major changes. >> i really disillusioned with the entire council. the atmosphere is one of corruption. >> i want change. i want change. i want change in the personalities. i mean, to put it bluntly, i'd like to throw them all out. >> across the river in southeast on chesapeake street,
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marion barry is expected to win easily despite the light turnout. but vincent orange could have problems holding off challengers. >> i may be voting for some people to stay in, but it's time for a change. >> some that were in there and i voted. >> you voted for -- >> some less that want to come in. >> again, 14,000 registered voters here in these three neighborhoods, but get this, less than a thousand people cast ballots here today and we have less than an hour to go. slight turnout throughout the city. let's go up to andrea mccarren. she's in district six. what's the turnout look like? >> very much like d.c., bruce, very, very quiet here in montgomery county. there was some confusion on the ballot, though, because of redistricting. some 65,000 montgomery county voters had to report to new
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polling places today. >> i guess it can be confusing, but we do what we have to do. >> makes me very angry when people complained about politics and they don't come and vote. >> claire wouldn't miss the opportunity to vote. on this beautiful spring day, they didn't have much company. >> usually there's a line here in the morning, there wasn't any line. >> i think they should be ashamed of themselves. they should go out of their way to vote when they are asked to or when it's presented to them. >> redistricting affected 99,000 montgomery county voters. including more than 65,000 who have to get accustomed to a new place to vote. >> a lot of people are unhappy with it, but like anything else, people need to get used to some of the changes. >> at this polling station, by
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mid afternoon, only 150 voters had cast their ballots. in a precinct of 1100. of course, redistricting has made the sixth district congressional race one of the most watched in the state. we will be live tonight at 11:00 with all the primary results on that. back to you. >> andrea mccarren, as we just heard, that race in maryland is going to be one of the most interesting tightly contested races in all of the state today and bruce leshan is going to be looking at numbers more closely to get us insight into what's going on. bruce. >> we are going to be looking at the congressional. this district was actually written by the state legislature, particularly to favor rob. but then along came john delany and his internal polls suggests that he's going to win. so, we're going to look at this race and try and figure out if this battle, this nasty primary battle is good or bad for the democrats in november.
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has he fired up the democrats in upper montgomery county that is new to this district and are they fired up enough to beat rosco bartlet who set back to congress ten times now. he is the favorite in the republican side of this primary. we are also going to look at the gop presidential primary, of course, and the question here is has romney convinced conservatives? has he maybe turned the corner there and we're going to be looking at western maryland and the eastern shore kind of conservative heartland evangelicals and see if the turnout is strong there. and then we're going to look at a key race in the district. the vincent orange is facing three other folks, including bittle. the question is, has orange,
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has this heartland in anacostia and have these questions that helped finance his campaign, have those hurt him at all in those parts of his heartland and in the rest of the city? derek. >> all very good questions. don't forget, you can log on to any time to see those election results as they come in. plus, we have a full wrap up on 9news now at 11:00 p.m. still to come, the washington nationals face off against the boston red sox today, but it was not the pros who deserved all the attention. a look at the real stars of the game today. but first, a local cop finding himself on the other side of the law. we'll explain that one right after the break. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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tonight, a prince georges county cop is accused of stealing from his own department. officer martin has been with the department for six years now and he faces multiple counts of theft for allegedly making off with video equipment out of a police warehouse. the chief calls the alleged theft a serious breech of the public trust. rub against me and i'll expose you. that is the message from metro as the transit agency tries to bring more public awareness and crack down on sexual harassment. the campaign includes an online form where riders that have been harassed can report their complaints and customers will have the option to remain unanimous. former vice president, dick cheney, has been released from a northern va hospital after
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giving that heart transplant. the 71-year-old was released ten days after getting a new heart from an unknown donor. cheney waited ten years. he's had five heart attacks. the most recent was in 2010. a gorgeous day out across the d.c. metro, but how long can the nice weather last? we'll bring you your full forecast after the break. but first, a vice mayor in virginia getting some death threats after her comments about a civil war statue. what the heck did she say? we'll tell you after the break.
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charlottesville vice mayor says she has been getting hate mail ever since she suggested removing some statues regarding the civil war in the city. the counselor raised questions about the statues during a community event last month. she suggested that the city council consider replacing some of those confederate statutes with pieces that fit in better with the community. since then, she says she and her family have been getting death threats. >> my childhood in mississippi taught me one thing. it is that the kind of hate filled bigotry evidenced in the comments and calls i received is not meaningless nor is it irrelevant. >> the vice mayor says only a small amount of the mate mail and calls have been coming from the charlottesville area. most of them came from people connected to a nation website. charlottesville is home to
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three confederate statues. in richmond, a van slammed into a crispy cream building and pinned the painter against the wall. another contractor was also hurt along with the minivan driver. no word exactly on why this happened. tomorrow's grand opening has now been postponed, however. and today was the final spring training game for the washington nationals before opening day. they face off against the boston red sox, but it was not the red sox or the nats in the spotlight today. kristen berset shows us who the real stars were. >> hey derek, we are here at nationals park. sitting right next to me is general manager head coach of the softball team. david, i'm honored to be playing this game against you guys. i heard you guys are pretty darn good. are you going to give us a run for your money? >> now that you are here in
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the nationals park, the publicity on media, marketing, and it's going to be a great event. >> can you tell us about what this team is all about and who your players are if. >> yeah, our team is made up of younger service member either veterans or active duty. army or marines. either injured in afghanistan or iraq and everybody on our team is an amputee and we only play abled bodied teams. >> and you usually beat everybody. >> we usually play abled body teams. >> thank you so much. first pitch is a couple minutes away. we're going to go out and warm up. i'm kristen berset. back to you in the studio. >> don't hurt yourself. this is the nats second annual wounded warrior game and as kristen mentioned, they lost limbs while serving in iraq or afghanistan. and a little chilly out
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there for the game. how does it look? >> i think it looks really nice. temperatures in the 70s and 60s and i think it's pretty mild outside. so great baseball weather. in fact, some warmer air coming this way and we cool things back down and i also have your easter forecast. here's a look at our national, or michael and son weather camera right now of our beautiful capital. we have mostly sunny skies. temperatures now down to 67. winds are east, southeast at 5 miles per hour. and here's a look at the areas that we are seeing severe weather in texas. and those, we're talking tornadoes and also, we have had two tornadoes touch down so far. here in our area, high pressure is moving off the coast tonight and then we're going to see some clouds move in this evening through the overnight hours. and only a slight chance for showers later tonight. i would say after midnight. right now it's 67 in downtown.
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lower 60s for annapolis. 57 in pax river. but fredericksburg, 71. martinsburg 66. cumberland, you're holding on to 73 degrees. all right, so we've got some warmer air coming this way for tomorrow. then we'll cool things down. for tonight, not as cold. wednesday a little warmer. showers possible south of town and cooler for your thursday and friday. the future cast shows us a few clouds moving in overnight tonight. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy. a couple showers are possible. tomorrow morning, as you are heading into work, that commute should be just fine. under partly sunny conditions. tomorrow afternoon, we'll see some showers. south of orange, even around fredericksburg, you may get showers into the early evening hours and maybe moderate, but won't see showers widespread. we definitely can use the rain around here. tonight, what can you expect? partly to mostly cloudy.
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chance for a late shower. lows 50 to 55 degrees in downtown. 54, 50 at andrew's air force base and north of us, lower 50s. martinsburg, lower 50s. a flees warning in effect. and for tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and cool. grab a light jacket. temperatures starting out 50s and 60s. for the afternoon, partly sunny and warmer. highs near 75 degrees. in western maryland, you're going to get into the upper 50s. in the lower 70s. in downtown, close to near mid 70s. gaithersburg, 73. annapolis in the lower 70s. here is how your next seven days are looking. we're looking pretty good for the next few days here. cooler thursday and friday. lower 60s. then for saturday and sunday into the easter holiday weekend, we'll warm things back up into the mid 60s for saturday and on sunday, derek, easter sunday looks really good. low 70s, above average. and looks like we have a chance
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for showers, but not until the evening hours. so, i think easter bunny will have no problems putting out those eggs and good stuff for the kids. >> looks great. let us get to our weird news file. a fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest? tonight we learn that this problem goes far beyond the proverbial. to california where this penguin is somehow fitting the dolphin idea of hot and sexy. not one, four dolphins ogling our friend there in the feather tuxedo. he is short and dark and white and feathery. the penguin. well you get the idea. and besides, folks, why are the dolphins digging on this kid? we really don't know. was he wearing a penguin thong? who knows. but if we find out, we'll sell it and package it. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag.
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the address, 9news now will be right back.
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in the mail bag, there is more to say about the case of trayvon martin. craig from king george, virginia, writes, i can't help but wonder if this outrage, energy, and expense may better serve trayvon's memory being helping save among people in jeopardy instead of mob justice. so, instead of buying an
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airline ticket to a protest, how about helping a kid out in your neighborhood and donate to a youth organization. i have to point out, all the demonstrations have been peaceful and only called for george zimmerman to be arrested and face charges. in other words, not mob justice, merely justice. and then, there was this from john in virginia on president obama's argument that the supreme court aught to uphold his healthcare reform law. president obama doesn't think that the unelected supreme court justices should practice judicial activism by overturning legislation passed by elected members of congress. i believe that was just the intent of our founding fathers, to have checks and balances so one branch doesn't run a muck. i believe this by president obama is an overt attack on the constitution. i don't know. i was thinking the president was just using the same language his conservatives use when they argue that the high court has gone too far. he just turned it to his purposes and he says in effect,
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if you disagree with my position, you are either wrong or a hypocrite. you may see things differently, but this is hardly an attack on our constitution. of course, you can attack whatever you like in mcginty's mail bag. you can e-mail us. that is our report. i'll be back at 11:00 along with anita brikman and all your election primary results. don't forget, log on any time to we'll see you later. bye bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight" the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. did urkel get into a nasty fight with his "dancing with the stars" partner? is his temper out of control? >> hopefully we can move past this week. >> what he told "e.t." backstage and the story behind his on-camera breakdown. sarah palin comes to jessica simpson's defense for being called fat. the weight debate today. >> that hollywood image is full of itty-bitty people. >> then, a "mad men" beauty 40 pounds overweight. >> i put on a few pounds. >> january jones, how she went from this to this. as we look at stars' most sho shocking fat suit transformations. primetime's leading ladies in lingerie. it's "vanity fair's" sexy


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