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tv   9 News Now Saturday at 6pm  CBS  April 21, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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good evening. an outburst of violence this morning left one man dead in another charge with his murder. the fight outside a capitol hill bar unfolded in southeast near the marine barracks. ken has been following the story and joins us live from the scene. ken. >> reporter: andrea, we have exclusive video of this. this could have been the result of a hate crime because the suspect was heard saying some kind of homophobic slur before the stabbing attack took place. the victim is identified ago -- 23-year-old phillip boshawn from camp lejeune, north
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carolina. the suspect is 20-year-old michael pop who lived here the a marine barracks. let's show you that video, that exclusive surveillance video of a nearby store on a street where it happened. you can see passersby reach for their phones and calling the lever after witnessing the stabbing. soon after the police show up, then the pair med. the victim who lay bleeding to death was then taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. >> this is really nice area at night, real socialable, lot of things to do. it's unfortunate that someone had to get killed and not just with -- you have a person that lost his life and another person that took a life some that's tragedy. >> officials now investigating if this was some sort of hate crime because of what witnesses said. witnesses saying they heard a homophobic slur come from the suspect before the stabbing. we understand marine police officers from the barracks were able to chase the suspect down.
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they arrested him soon after the stabbing and turned him over to d.c. police. tonight that suspect is being charged with murder. >> ken, thank you very much. the watergate figure known as president nixon's dirty tricks man has died. a family spokesman says charles chuck colson passed away in a virginia hospital after a brief illness. he was 80 years old. colson was a 38-year-old lawyer who went to work for president nixon as special counsel. he was quoted as saying he would runned over his grandmother to get the president re-elected. he was later convicted in connection with the watergate scandal and while in prison he turned to religion. he founded a prison ministry and after his release he emerged as an evangelical leader. once again, chuck colson, dead tonight at age of 80. the families of three young people killed when a drunk driver crashed their car into a tree are still outraged after a panel of judges in montgomery
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county dramatically reduced the driver's sentence yesterday. 20-year-old kevin do faye pleaded guilty to three counts every vehicular manslaughter and one count of fleeing the scene of a fatal crash. she was caught several hours later after that may 2011 crash. the judge is reduced his 20- year sentence to 8 years. >> let's go out to the county borders, prince george's and the district, if howard, and frederick, and let's put up a little addition to the sign -- drunk drivers welcome, montgomery county. >> this sentence sends a message that the lives of our three children virtually meaningless. and it sends the wrong message that this type of conduct should be punished severely, period. >> prosecutors say the sentence reduction means under state rules, koch a is eligible for parole next may. the parents of the victims are rea living their pain and
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anguish. the judges colonel the sentence was too harsh and that kevin do coffay should not be held responsible for recklessness and underage drinking. the victims' parents believe the system needs to change. >> reporter: parents are outraged the system let that down. the reduced sentence allows kevin coffay the chance for parole by the second anniversary of the drunk driving tragedy. >> now it's just -- totally just away. >> john mcguire struggles with the fact he says justice wasn't served for his daughter and two of her friends, spencer and johnny. the high school students were killed when kevin coffay drove drunk last may, crashed the car and left them to die. >> when he left the car my daughter was still alive and she lived for three hours after that. so she still had a chance when he left the car. but he took that chance away.
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he made a decision that determined what her life was going to be, and he ended it. >> but he is not only grieving for his own loss, but for future families who may not see the justice they deserve. >> and it's going to happen again because of this sentence will happen again and again, until someone realizes that you have to be personally responsible. >> legal expert jim says maryland's law can be more lien yen in these types of cases when they get a second look by a panel. >> in maryland, you serve a fraction of your sentence. it's a terrible tragedy and nobody wins. >> the judges seemed the original 20-year sentence didn't fit the crime and cut it by more than half. the families knew the punishment would be reduced, but never imagined coffay could be a free man by next may. >> this three-judge panel is basically a kangaroo court. >> the parents say their there should have been a tougher penalty because coffay fled the scene. i talked to the parent and even though they know it will be an uphill battle, they want to fight to get the three-judge
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panel system removed. they say they don't want other families to go through the same agony a second time. turning to sports now, if you could believe it, game 5 of the stanley cup playoffs was even more exciting than game 4! the caps looking to steal the game in boston this afternoon. dave? >> you're right, it was a great game. not many people giving the caps a second chance especially when they barely made the playoffs p boston came in looking like the defending stanley cup champs. but that's why you play the game. game 5, that guy right there has been a beast! 141 saves, outplaying tim thomas as well. he's been a virtual wall of ridiculousness. no scoring in the first period. to the second, alex is the better of the two. and that's his third of the series. the caps led at 2-nil.
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third quarter, bang, bang, bang, mike knocks nome and home the rebound. 12 minutes to go, joinee on the power play. boston will be scoreless. up to that point. but ring the bell, we're tied! looks like we're going to overtime. but troy browers says no, short side not a problem. somehow gets attached, washington takes its second straight in the series, 4-3. wow! hold your breath from that one! so the series now stands 3 games to 2. but the caps don't have a lot of time to celebrate. game 6 at verizon center tomorrow, less than 24 hours from now. 3:00 start coming up in a couple minutes in sports more on today's thriller, andrea, and a hint at who might have the advantage tomorrow and why. >> it's going to be another good one, dave! thank you. and in other news, a 20- year-old man is under arrest tonight after crashing his car into a frederick, maryland home. police say devante williams crashed into the house in the 400 block of carrollton driver
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this morning and then allegedly tried to flee the scene. he has been charged with driving under the influence. no one in the home was hurt. and tonight the family has been allowed to return after inspectors deemed it safe. and straight ahead on 9news now, why maryland lawmakers may be forced to return to the statehouse to avert a budget crisis. and why so many bikers are rolling in to the pound center today. >> and the winds are picking up. we've got some storms coming through tonight and also a bigger one coming through sunday. i'll let you know about that forecast, also some snow in the forecast, details coming up! the news continues, stick around. i have never encountered such a burning sensation...
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until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox.
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it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit maryland lawmakers may be headed back to the statehouse. governor mark is now scheduled to meet with the legislature's presiding officers next week about holding a special session. lawmakers failed to pass a revenue package during the 90- day session need touchdown avoid about a00 million dollars in cuts. the cuts would impact public schools and higher education along with other state agencies. just a day after a florida judge agreed to let george zimmerman out of jail on $150,000 bail, his attorney is now facing a dilemma on how to protect him until his trial. zimmerman is the neighborhood watch volunteer who faces
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second-degree murder charges in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. his family says it will be a few days before they can secure chatted rational to post bail for zimmerman. after that, defense attorneys for other high-profile clients say zimmerman should leave florida, avoid going out in public, and never be lest alone until that trial begins. the third annual ride to provide charity rolled into the reston town center today to raise money for programs supporting the members of the military and their families. washington redskins players joined military heroes future a scenic bike ride on the railroad regional park trail. beneficiaries of the ride include the lorenzo asian foundation, ride to recovery and project hero bethesda. and coming up here on 9news now, some locals get down and dirty for an earth day clean- up. see what they tackled straight ahead! and a new mexico cat you'll have to see to believe.
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we'll tell you why this orange and white tabby named meow is starting a new diet right away. and we'll be right back. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper.
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volunteers came out in full force to make the area more beautiful this earth day weekend. on the watershed volunteers picked up trash and cleared debris at more than 2 dozen sites in d.c., as well as montgomery and princes georges counties after several hours of hard work a well deserved celebration took place at rfk stadium work live music, guest speakers and free food if drinks, courtesy of the seafairer's yacht club. >> a beautiful day, but annie, you're telling us there may be more snow in the forecast? how is that possible? >> we're talking out in the higher elevations, garrett, allegheny, where they could see snow tomorrow night. winter storm watch posted there. closer to our area here in the d.c. metro area, big rain coming this way, especially
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tomorrow. also tonight, couple storms coming through here. right now it's still pretty mild, not warm. 77, cloudy conditions. the winds are picking up out of the south at 21 miles per hour. we have the first of two storms coming in. so this one is right now tonight, a cold front coming in from the west. you can see also see a couple lightning strikes as well. couple thunderstorms are coming along this cold front. you can see it's coming in closer and closer to the district. we'll zoom in and you can see around win chestedder, 66th, just going through heartwood, also seeing heavy downpours approaching fairfax. also into gaithersburg and the beltway. so if you've got plans tonight, you'll want to bring out umbrellas. also going in south, just charlottesville and this front coming through, seeing moderate to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. the winds are really acting up out there. a 59-mile-an-hour gust for d.c. out of the south. 23 in frederick.
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18 in manassas. orange 28 miles per hour. so it's also blustery out there. temperature-wise, though, pretty nice. 79 in manassas. 78 in fredericksburg. already cooler in hagerstown to the 50s. so we've got this front coming through tonight. then another storm system that is forming in the south of us and georgia area, bringing us a really big rainmaker tomorrow for your sunday. here's how the models are timing out the storm for tomorrow afternoon. but first, big rain on the way, showers and storms tonight. big ranges for sunday. we're talking one to three independence possible from sunday's storm. flash-flooding is a possibility. no flood watches are posted yet but we'll keep you posted. the rain folks, how much rain can we get? well, from sunday's storm by sunday night, maybe just over an inch in downtown, also over an inch in manassas. further east, maybe up to two inches in some locations. then by monday morning, maybe over two inches in downtown,
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maybe close to three inches for the annapolis area. so the further east, they really do need more rain, drought conditions already. tonight cloudy and cool with showers. maybe some isolated storms. lows in the 50s. north wind 10 miles per hour. but definitely gusts higher than that. lows tonight in the 50s in downtown, 50 from manassas, upper 40s for martinsburg and northwestern suburbs. sunday morning, definitely need rain jackets and umbrellas. cloudy and chilly with the rain. you'll feel nor like march. temperatures starting out in the 50s and north wind 10 to 15. afternoon cloudy, windy and chilly with rain. that rain will be heavy at times, especially east of i-95 in highs popping out low to mid- 50s. so for cumberland, low 50s, winchester 51. leesburg in the lower 50s. downtown 53. annapolis lower 50s. pats river 51 degrees.
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here's how our sunday is breaking down. temperatures in the 50s. not warming up a lot of chilly day for sunday. here's your next seven days. monday also a chance for showers, still in the 50s. next couple of days. and then we don't get milder until middle of the week and into thursday, where i think on thursday we could get up to 70. so tomorrow is a really good day to stay inside, watch a movie, go to a movie, have hot chocolate because it will be very wet and chilly. >> sounds good. thank you. check this out, workers at a santa fe, new mexico animal shelter have a really fat cat on their hands. the two-year-old named plea out weighs in at a whooping 39 pounds. that is the equivalent of a 600- pound human. brought to the shelter after her every-year-old owner could no longer care future her. vets are putting her on a strict indictment she's already dropped two pounds in the battle of the bumming and the shelter is hoping she can find a permanent family.
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and let's go right to our resident fat cat. >> let's hope she can get down to 27 pounds. in the near future! i've got a fat sportscast coming up. how much in caps fans take? even if you're a fan you have to love this stuff today! back and forth in boston, and a late goal giving the caps a chance to close things out, 24 hours from now. strasberg earned a new nickname. i'll tell you coming up. he was as scintillating as ever and hoping year two is way better than yore one. let's hope so. sports is next! senators [ glass clinks ] i just wanted to say a few words.
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this caps-bruins series is something else. i love statistics, and embedded in this slump fest of a series is this number. the road team has won 5 of the lasts 7 games. good omen as the caps headed
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400 miles north today to beantown. and let's look for game 5. it's always the most important game. he's addicted to glove! he does not allow boston to score so we're scoreless through one of but in the second, the better of the alexes. alex simmons. caption led. mike hanging around and says, you keep on knocking and i can come in! banks on the rebound, 3-2. looks like we're going to overtime, until brower on an obtuse angle and that gets by. washington taking its second straight in the series. they win 4-3678 wow. so it's a dramatic game 6 set up less than 24 hours from now. i'm going to be there. i'm looking forward to it! 3:00 at verizon center, both teams have gone back-to-back on 12 occasions this year. the caps are 5-7, boston is 8- 4. so maybe, maybe boston has a little advantage.
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but certainly washington has the momentum. baseball now. i know it's early, there's about 150 games to go. but just think about the last week with the exception of a rocky outing by edwin jackson, gnat starters gave up two runs, one run and no runs. that's dominant by any measure the and primary reason the team is off to its best start since 1981. stephen strasburg, one of those horses. he was saying giddy-up today! 6 innings of no-run baseball. and he's got some help from jason, who went yard first home run of the years. here's comes brads to close. not a good sign. flashback to the home opener. he walks two and gave up the lead. so today strasberg looking like he'll win. no. logan morrison says i got to go to the upper room. two-run lead gone. to the 10th, until ian desmond backslides and gets the job done. strasberg no decision, all they
6:27 pm
he pitched brilliantly. but the nats win 3-2, and their 12-4 on the season. so that's great news for the nats. here's some not so good news. ryan zimmerman sat out today's game with an inflammation in the shoulder. he was a scratch and johnson will give him time off tomorrow because he came to the park today and the shoulder was a little bit achy. again davie johnston says no structural dang but he plans to give his third baseman some time off tomorrow. washington post mike jones reporting that timmy high tower is visiting the patriots. it's that timing year. free agency still going on. draft aren't the corner. high tower was the redskin starter a year ago but tearing his acl against the panthers. skins love to have him back and resign him but there's no urgency while he's rehabbing his knee. we'll continue to wait and see how that transpires. this might be the important
6:28 pm
string of ran dig eackles' coaching career. when 20 guys believe the program, you got to start to wonder what is going on? at electric ic director kevin anderson says he has complete confidence in his second-year coach. that's not good! despite last season's 2- tennessee 10 disaster, the red and white scrimmage today really was a defensive struggle and they had to change because of all the injuries, they had to change some of the format so we'll have more of that tonight at 11. >> sounds good. thank you, dave. and we'll see it you back here at 11! have a good night. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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