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tv   9 News Now Sunday at 630pm  CBS  April 22, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is 9 news now. >> good evening, everyone. i'm matt jablow in tonight for bruce johnson. the caps just lost a dramatic game 6 in overtime. let's go right now to ken molestina live outside the verizon center with reactions from very disappointed caps fans. ken? >> reporter: matt, they lost that game just a couple minutes ago. you can see some of the fans right now coming out of the verizon center, what a difference some five, 10 minutes makes down here as far as the vibe. the energy that was electrifying at verizon center in downtown washington d.c., of course, the caps did lose now. that means game 7 will take place in boston. a lot of the fans here are upset and a little sad, but they are excited about the possibility of winning this in a game 7 in boston.
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of course, they won't have home advantage like they did today. they were really hoping to finish this off and beat the bruin here at home, but, of course, that isn't happening. take another look as some of these fans right now walking outside of the verizon center in this sort of wet soggy cold sunday afternoon out here, but the good thing is the caps will have one more opportunity to put this thing away. of course, that will happen in boston. >> thanks very much. we'll see you in a few minutes. animal control is looking for two dogs in northeast washington that attacked several children and mauled a man. it happened friday night in the 1200 block of queen street northeast. surae chinn reports the man who tried to protect the children is being called a hero. >> reporter: andre hawthorne is recovering from injuries after using his body as a human
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shield. >> i threw my left arm up to the dog and gripped it and used my right hand to punch on him. >> two big dogs, the heads the size of our heads. they wasn't going for month. >> reporter: the two dogs pinned hawthorne. one clasped down on each arm. >> he was shaking him like a rag. >> reporter: a neighbor's surveillance video shows the dogs charging after children on the attack. two teens jump on top of a car to get away, but one of the dogs follows right after 11- year-old xavier bryant. >> he was behind me. i just kept running. >> reporter: when you saw the dog jump on the car after him, what were you thinking? >> i was thinking i was literally about to lose my son. then i opened our building door and let him run in and the dog came running in behind him. >> i just seen children in danger and i automatically react. >> reporter: hawthorne had a knife and injured the dogs, but they wouldn't let go until a neighbor came after them with a bat. >> i'm glad that i still got my
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arm and glad i'm still alive. >> reporter: hawthorne's neighbors are incredibly grateful. i talked with animal control. they say while the neighbors know who the dogs belong to they have been unsuccessful in tracking them down. they are doing a 10-day surveillance on the neighborhood and residents would like an apology from the dog owners and want the dogs to be put down. i'm surae chinn for 9 news now. well, we needed it and we finally got it, rain across the washington area. let's go now to meteorologist anny hong on the weather terrace. when will the rain end? >> well, the rain will continue all through tonight, overnight maybe a little rain pulling away from here into the morning hours, but yes, it has been a washout here. everybody is getting rain right now. anywhere from modern to heavy rainfall. if you look at the yellows and oranges, that is where we see moderate to heavy rainfall. so annapolis and more heavy
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rain right around prince frederick, leonardtown getting pretty good rainfall. also just crossing leesburg into rockville we're looking at pretty good rain as well and look how far to the west, you see a little snow also developing in the higher elevations of west virgini, we've got a winter storm watch and warning north of town. the wind gusts are pick up out of the north, 25 -- picking up out of the north, 25 downtown, went in manassas. the wind chill here in april, temperatures -- 20 in manassas. the wind chill here in april, seeming like the lower 40s in downtown and the upper 30s in manassas. it does feel chilly compared to yesterday in the 80s, a huge difference in temperature change. when we come back, i've got more details on rain. we'll time it out for you hour by hour. you will want your umbrella for monday to start the workweek heading out the door. >> thanks very much. there could soon be more
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fallout over the secret service prostitution scandal. so far six agents have lost their jobs, five now on administrative leave and 11 members of the military are under investigation. they were all part of an advanced team setting up security for president obama's trip to cartagena colombia. >> i would expect within a very near it's future to have several other secret service agents -- near future to have several other secret service agents leaving. >> we don't know why he's been put on administrative leave, but now you're into the hotel where the president of the united states was going to stay and it just gets more troubling. >> i don't believe in the past these types of things have happened. they certainly didn't happen on my watch. >> u.s. authorities are still in colombia investigating the scandal. the secret service says at no time was the president's security compromised. some good news at the pump this weekend average gas prices down five cents in the fast two weeks according to the lundberg
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survey of fuel prices, a gallon of regular $3.91, the first decline in the u.s. average since december. mid-grade costs $4.06, premium 4.18. of the cities surveyed, tulsa, oklahoma, has the lowest average at $3.52 and chicago the highest at 4.26. the trial of the man accused of murdering three of jennifer hudson's family members starts this week. the actress and singer's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew were killed more than three years ago. hudson's former brother-in-law, william balfour faces three counts of first degree murder in the case. opening statements are set to begin tomorrow in chicago. bee gee fans will be glad to know robin gibbs' health is improving. he's out of a coma and able to speak. the 62-year-old was hospitalized earlier this month with pneumonia and has recently
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battled colon and liver cancer. still ahead, dozens of earth day celebrations around the nation's capital today. >> and a special remembrance for holocaust survivors when we come back.
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as we told you at the top of the newscast, the caps just lost a heartbreak of a game at the verizon center. kristen berset joins us now with all the depressing details. >> it's a hard loss, but this has been an incredible series.
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the caps and bruins playing another overtime game, this time with the series on the line. the caps had a chance to get it done at home, but the defending champs aren't going away that easy. the red was rocking this afternoon. braden holtby in net again, caps finding themselves down early on, but mike green with an assist from joel ward and roman hamrlik gets his look at that nice wrist serve, his first goal of the playoff series. then they find themselves down one again. jason chimera and a wide open net, perfect timing to tie things up at two. in the 3rd we're still tied, bruins, andrew faren puts the bruins up 3-2. later in the 3rd alex ovechkin off his state keys it up, gets it past thomas to tie it up at three, but in overtime just three minutes in off a backstrom turnover, they get holtby out from the net and
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the bruins win game 6 and tie things up. so the series is headed back to boston. the winner moves on in the stanley cup playoffs. dave owens is in the locker room now and we'll have more reaction later in sports. thousands of people braved the rainy weather today to take part in earth day events across the washington area. on the national mall umbrellas went up as sell brandts showed as -- celebrators showed up to take part. a wide variety of musical groups including cheap trick, dave mason, kicking daisies and the explorers club. also on the mall today a march of remembrance. holocaust survivors and the pastor of a church whose congress gadgets are direct descendents of nazi war criminals took center stage during today's third annual event. they talked about surviving in concentration catches, anti
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semitism and reconciling with the past. >> the horror of the savagery of what i witnessed as a child i cannot even describe it to you in words and then all of a sudden comes like the heaven opened and i came to this country and i saw the statue of liberty for the first time in new york. the only thing my work came out of me thank you, god, thank you, lord. >> dozens took part in the march of the holocaust museum to the u.s. capitol carrying signs that said we must never forget. >> well, will the weekend rain carry us through monday? we have an update just ahead. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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anny joins us now. we wanted rain and now it won't stop. >> it's not lasting a whole lot longer. we've got through tonight, a little bit overnight and tomorrow. we'll still see some rain but
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not as widespread compared to today, but yes, matt, we definitely need this rain, already more than 1/2-inch of rain falling just in d.c. alone. here's a look at our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, temperature 48 degrees. can you believe yesterday we were in the 80s? looking at rain now and the winds are coming from the north 22 miles an hour sustained, gusting over 30. you can see everyone is getting it. it's been coming up from the south heading north and you can see some of the yellows, more moderate rainfall around through fredericksburg especially out toward the bay. we can see right around just south of annapolis and east of waldorf you're getting some pretty good rain. also can you believe in april we're talking snow? we have a winter storm advisory in effect, the area in purple, grant, allegheny. go farther north and west in the higher elevations a winter storm warning starting as early
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as tonight going through tuesday morning. some heavy wet snow is possible, especially in the higher locations and downed trees and power lines, huge concern. currently temperatures upper 40s in downtown, 45 in gaithersburg, 46 in culpeper. the cloud cover really making it difficult for us to heat up at all. our satellite and radar picture showing us here's the big storm heading up toward the north into new york and boston, but we'll still see the rain stick with us through tonight. so it will feel a little like march the next couple days, rainy, windy tonight, mountain snow, not as wet on your monday, but keep your umbrella handy heading out the door, futurecast showing us hour by hour where the rain is going to be. 9:00 still moderate to heavy rainfall especially east of 95, heck clock tonight still rein -- 11:00 tonight still rainy conditions and snowfall in the higher elevations for monday into tuesday. here's a look at your next seven days. lower 50s for monday, still a
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chilly windy day. tuesday is a little milder but still windy, in the lower 60s becoming partly sunny and right now we're looking to be dry. wednesday mid-60s, a little milder on thursday and lower 70s, but a chance for some showers and thunderstorms. looks like friday and saturday we will be dry in the mid-60s. so no reports of flooding with the rain because we're so dry the ground, our plants there are just eating up this moisture. i'm glad we finally got some. >> i'll have to check my hearing because i thought you said something about snow. >> isn't that crazy? late april snow. chris is back in a minute with a look at the capitals game and its terrible loss to the bruins. stay with us.
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oh, this nail biting incredible playoff series between the caps and bruins isn't over yet. less than 24 hours after beating the bruins the two faced off for game 6 at the verizon center and the red was rocking, but caps fans are headed home disappointed.
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a chance to unseat the defending champs today, playoff series on the line. this is bake and forth game, another nail biter. in the 3rd tied up at 2 holtby can't grab the puck, just laying out there, interference and the bruins up 3-2. later in the 3rd alex ovechkin loves this reaction, a little delayed, but hey, a goal is a goal. tied at three and the game is into o.t. three minutes in off the backstrom turnover tyler seeing win with a goal to give the bruins the 4-3 -- tyler seguin with a goal to give the bruins the 4-3 win. dave owens, what was it like in the locker room at the verizon center? >> reporter: tell you what, every game in this series has been decided by one goal. so no surprise today went down to the wire. i'll tell you, what that locker room i just came from, guys are physically spent looking like you would think they would after two games in two days. take a listen. >> we were ready, you know.
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we want to finish it up here at home, but again, you know, they come out pretty hard and we made a mistake and it cost us a game. >> it's the bruins. they're not going to go down easy obviously. we knew it was going to be tough and there are a lot of predictionings at the beginning of boston winning in six or maybe them winning in seven. so we knew it was going to go a long series and it's our turn to win now. >> reporter: it was dramatic and i'll tell you, i'm joined by a man who likes dramatics, sky kerstein, the fan. did this play out the way you thought? >> yeah. they knew the bruins would be a fierce team. they showed us in the 1st period and the caps were big in 2nd and 3, but the bruins in 3rd period had three shots on goal and a wide open tyler seguin break-away to win it.
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>> reporter: so many little things mean a lot in the game like this going back to back. take us through some of those that decided this game today. >> caps, 0-4 on the power play. you've got to take advantage if you want a chance in the game. keith aucoin probably missed three or four shots. the caps had 39 shots on goal but only beat thomas three times. defensively the caps only blocked 12 shots. they usually block in the 20s when they have success against the bruins and also defensively the caps just didn't clear the crease very well tonight, a couple rebels put in. a couple deflections i should say were put. in one rebound was put in and at the end a bad turnover led to the tyler seguin goal. >> reporter: how much did fatigue play a factor for both teams today? >> a pretty good factor in the 2nd and 3rd period and in overtime just bad decisions, but you can't use that as an excuse. it's the second game of back to back in the playoffs. everybody has the tame situation. now the caps have to -- same situation. now the caps have to go up to
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boston with two days rest and the bruins have the momentum, but the caps are 4-1 in boston this season including regular season. >> reporter: i want your take on alexander ovechkin. he's been kind of quiet and has turned it up. does he have to gift his game up one rung higher? >> you need your stars to get your stars. ovie had one goal and that was great and all, but you need him to be your star if you're going to pull this out in a hostile environment. >> reporter: who has the advantage heeding back to beantown wednesday? >> i -- heading back to beantown wednesday? >> i think it's boston heading home, but the caps are still 4- 1 up in boston. so the caps know how to play on the road up there. >> reporter: nobody does it better, appreciate your time. we'll see you a bit later tonight as well. back to you in the studio. caps lose. game 7 is wednesday night. >> thanks so much. we'll see you and sky later
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this evening. heading to more games today, the pennsylvania rivalry is done for now. the flyers were too much for the penguins today. the penguins ousted in six games, this one 5-1. philly moving on. all right. the nationals got an unexpected day off. today's finale against the marlins was postponed due to weather. they're off tomorrow as they begin a six-game road trip in california. the orioles are already in california no, weather problems to speak of trying to avoid the sweep in anaheim. this goes to extra innings. top of the 10th, nick markakis with a single to score and puts the orioles up 3-2. that's how it ends. they avoid the sweep winning 3- 2. the sprint cup series in kansas city for the stp 400, 31 laps to go, martin truex jr. with the lead, but denny hamlin takes it away, but truex still on his tail tries to pass him
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on the final lap, but he holds on to win his second race of the season. >> that was a tough one today at the verizon center. >> that was tough. >> it just felt like their game. >> it did and they kept coming back. ovie got that nice goal right off face-off, but three minutes into overtime, they couldn't do it, but 4-1 in boston regular season and playoffs. >> let's hope that trend continues. thanks. >> a little more chilly weather ahead. >> yes. rainy tonight, windy and cool tomorrow once again. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a great night. >> your wusa9 iphone weather app driven by toyota, toyota, moving forward.
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