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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new at 11:00, senior citizens smokin' up. what's behind the big rise in older folks getting high? also, a game seven thriller for the caps. instant reaction and highlights. and -- >> fired one shots, striking an adult tin chest. >> a local cop opens fire on those vicious dogs responsible for attacking several kids. but first, you're watching
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the capitals moving on to the next round. after an overtime thriller against the boston bruins. >> kristen berset joins us. what a game ?roo. i don't care if you're a caps fan or not, that was a fun game to watch. game sevens historically haven't been good for the capitals but tonight another nail biter. for the fourth time this year the caps and bruins needed extra time to finish this game. three minutes into overtime mike knuble's shot gets blocked by joel ward is there to finish it off. for the third time this series the caps win on the road knocking off the defending champs, 2-1 the final. >> i wanted to contribute as much as i can and help the team win. i know the guys are relying on everybody. i just wanted to chip in, hopefully take a little load off the big guys. >> joel ward all smiles after
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the game. 106.7 the fan will join me later in sports. >> thank you, kristen. the miss vee of those missing vicious dogs from northeast d.c. has apparently been sold. last friday two dogs attacked several people before they mysteriously got away. >> turns out they weren't free for long. matt jablow has the unusual details. >> reporter: for five days now a lot of people have been wondering what happened to two vicious dogs in northeast washington who attacked several children and then mauled a man who came to the children's defense. before the dogs were beaten off by a neighbor with a baseball bat. it now appears we have learned what happened to the dogs after they got away. >> the one that came after me was the biggest one. he was about 130 pounds. >> they were caught and one of them shot bidetective jarrod towers of the police department in prince george's county. >> bizarre. >> it was right around 12:30 saturday morning just a few hours after the dog attack in northeast washington. that's when detective tower says while on routine patrol he
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came across a car parked right in the middle is state street. the driver of the car told detectives that he was on the phone with 911 to report two injured dogs in the middle of the road. >> it was just me and the dog. >> at that point detective tower says one of the dogs came after him. >> after i took a couple of steps back the dog lunged at me and was going to attack me. i fired one shot striking the dog in the chest. >> the detective said the dog he shot jumped in an open dog of the patrol car. >> scratching and growling. >> eventually both dogs were taken to animal control, where they were euthanized. >> they were both injured. the detective said he's certain the dogs he caught were the same dogs involved in the northeast washington attack. >> i feel sorry for the guy who got tore up pretty bad in d.c. trying to protect those kids. >> he offered a theory as to how they made it the five miles or so. >> i would have to guess that the owner probably brought the dogs here from d.c. once he found out that his dogs had bit
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somebody. didn't know what was dog to come down the pike. >> detective tower says he believes the dogs were american bull dogs. as far as the owner of the door, still no word from d.c. police about whether or not the owner has been found, contacted, and or charged. >> incredible video to watch. tomorrow the defense will present its case at the trial of michael gardner, the falls church businessman charged with child mole less station. three young girls accuse gardner of molesting them. today one took the stand, an 11- year-old who was at gardner's home when his daughter had a slumber party. she testified she woke up to find gardner messing with her comforter, that he touched her vagina through her pajamas. the child said she was nervous and scared and didn't know what to do. >> i thought that the hearing went very, very well. i feel very confident. >> and based on what she heard at the supreme court today, arizona's governor jan brewer appears to have some good reasons to think her state's tough immigration law will be
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upheld, at least parts of it. gary nurenberg is here to explain. >> reporter: the obama administration says arizona has migrated too far into federal territory with a law requiring police officers to check the immigration status of individuals they stop for even minor violations of traffic laws. demonstrators from both sides feel strongly. >> we don't need people coming in here illegally. >> reporter: that's what arizona's law is trying to stop by requiring police to check the immigration status of people they arrest or stop for a violation if police believe they may be in the country illegally. virginia delegate bob marshall filed a brief in favor of arizona's law. >> what's at stake here is our law enforcement capacity to ensure that we can make the streets safe from people who may not be here legally. >> but critics argue it leads to racial profiling. >> it's really challenging our basic constitutional values that someone can be judged by the way they speak or look.
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>> reporter: not exhibiting normal ideological divides, the justices seem supportive of argue that states can control their borders. justice soda meyer telling one law, you can sell it's not selling very well. why don't you try to come up with something else. >> there's no crime under the u.s. law for this. it's not a criminal matter. it is an administrative wrong. so arizona i think the supreme court is going to find they overstepped creating a law that congress did not create. >> reporter: the decision has national implications for states and localities like prince william county that have or want to impose similar restrictions. the administration is also challenging laws in alabama, georgia, indiana, south carolina and utah. >> as you know this is the seconds high-profile case the court has heard this spring. the healthcare act being the
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other one. huge decisive issues that will be decided, then provide fuel to a presidential election already underway. derek. >> we wait for answers over the summer. thank you, gary j. a tourist from denver killed on the streets of northwest d.c., and now investigators are trying to figure out who did it. it happened last night about 6:00 p.m. on the 800 block of emerson street. 66-year-old gary dietrich was found unconscious and was later found dead. detectives say he died of blunt force trauma to the head. a metro police lieutenant said crimes like this really don't happen very often. >> we do not obviously have very many tourists who are homicide victims. i cannot remember the last case that we had at this time where any tourist was the victim of a homicide in washington. >> now, dietrich, it turns out, was staying close to where he was killed. he had but in town for a couple
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of weeks. we're told that neighborhood is not a place where tourists normally visit. call metro police if you have any information on this. you could be eligible for $25,,000 reward. the parents of trayvon martin were in downtown d.c. talk about the loss of their son and their new mission in life. they attended a fund-raiser. they say this they hope their cause helps educate the public. >> we've always -- we've already lost tray vofnlt we know trayvon will never come back. but whatever the outcome is of the trial, our position is to make sure that there will be no more trayvon martin cases. >> george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer, has been charged with second degree murder. is president obama pan dering to college students to draw the youth vote this fall? that might be what house speaker john pain ser suggest. today both men had a lot to say on the subject of student
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loans. government subsidized student loans currently have an interest rate of 3.4%. if congress doesn't act soon that interest rate will automatically dozen. here's president obama at that time university of iowa. >> we only finished paying off our student loans about eight years ago. think about. that i'm vice president the united states. it was only about eight years ago that we finished paying off our student loans. so this is personal. this is at the heart of who we are. we've got to make college more affordable for more young people. >> the president is out on his college tour, talking about changing a law that was enacted by his democrat colleagues that would double the interest rate on student loans. what. the isn't talking about is the fact that college students across the country are asking the question, where are the jobs. >> boehner said the president had been try toing vent a fight where there isn't one. he says congress can and will
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fix the problem without a lot of campaign theatrics. the white house says just get it done. in other campaign 2012 news it looks like it's the end of the line for republican presidential candidate newt gingrich after mitt romney's five-state sweep yesterday. >> i think obviously that i would be a better candidate, but the objective factor is the voters didn't think that. >> no, they did not. at a campaign stop earlier gingrich says he accepts mitt romney is inevitably going to be the nominee and he promised he would do everything he could to make sure romney is an effective candidate. and he's not calling it an official endorsement but former presidential candidate rick santorum says he, too, will support mitt romney. appearing on cnn santorum said romney will be the nome know and the gop needs to win this race. meantime virginia's governor bob mcdonnell says' willing to help out in any way he can,
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presumably leaving the door open for the vice presidential selection. his organization opportunity virginia launched this ad that began airing today highlighting mcdonnell's accomplishments. white house party crasher tareq salahi is in the news again. and president obama will officially kick off his campaign for reelection may 5th when he will appear with first lady michelle at rallies on the campus of ohio state, then virginia commonwealth university. both ohio and virginia are swing state, considered important to winning the 2012 election for president. still ahead tonight on 9news now, outrageous audio of a teacher berating an autistic student. plus, a family's
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impassioned plea for return of their little girl. and an increase in the number of baby boomers getting high. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. 71 for your high today. do not leave home without the umbrella. a few showers at 5:00. better chance for the midmorning. 42 to 54 at 7:00, in the 50s at 9:00. new data just into the weather office. we're make some more chaimtion to the temperatures and the weekend forecast. stay tuned.
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baby boomers abusing drugs at an alarming rate. >> the substance an bus and mental health services administration says addiction cases for people over 50 are skyrocketing. our ken molestina explains. >> baby boomers as they're getting over, we're starting to see more of that population come in and more of the issues being identified. >> this woman is an addiction specialist at the residential program center in arlington. the homeless and substance abuse shelter functions under the umbrella of the volunteers of america chesapeake. recently they have seen a sharp
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spike in clients over the age of 50. >> usually it's been hidden for awhile, and through social service agencies the problem is becoming more apparent. >> reporter: administrators here say baby boomers seeking treatment for addiction current make up anywhere between 5 to 10% of the population. a study released by the handley center shows the number of baby boomers hooked on drugs doubled between 2002 and 2007. in arlington county she says she's seen abuse of marijuana, prescription drugs and alcohol as the most popular. according to her, depression and socioeconomic stressors are leading to the drug abuse. >> the economy has been not so great so they are losing their homes, and they're being identified more quickly maybe than in the past. >> reporter: problem is bordering epidemic nationwide. recently in northeast oklahoma this grandmother was busted and charged with beg a major
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supplier of marijuana in the area. here on our own doorstep just like across the country, the problem is magnified ten fold because there just aren't enough resources devoted to helping the baby boomers get clean. >> what we want to do is start thinking now about what kind of resorts can we put in place so that five years from now as they're getting even older, there's a plan in place. >> the study found 40% of baby boomers with an addiction began abusing drugs and alcohol in their 50s and 60s. anita. a six-year-old girl van issues in the middle of the night and now her parents are pleading for her safe return. isabelle mercedes was last seen inside her tucson, arizona bedroom last friday. police found an open window screen but aren't sure if the girl was kidnapped or just wandered off. >> tell us what you want. we will do anything for her. >> police say that while they're not giving up on the search they've scaled back on
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personnel. >> a teacher is in hot water, caught on tape yelling at a boy who is autistic. >> shut up! >> a n c father suspected something was wrong sew made his son wear that digital recorder. the teacher and an aid were heard making fun of the autistic boy and yelling at him. the aid was fired. the teacher was moved to a different school. if the warmer weather has you thinking about hopping on a flight for a summer get away be prepared to pay up. ticket prices are up 10% from last summer. and don't be surprised if you pay double what you paid last year. experts say the best way to score a bargain is to book early, sign up for alerts from travel sites and try to be flexible with your dates and your vacations. not always easy to do. >> you might just have to pay. or not go.
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>> stay-cation. >> that's right. >> stay-cations are always good, too. >> we had some changes. we've lowered temperatures a little bit. and saturday for maryland day, a little better. let's start with our live look outside brought to you by michael and sons. clouds are rolling in. only 60 right now downtown. dew points have come up. that's g. the winds pretty much neg i will gifnlt pressure low, but starting to rise at 29.88 inches of america cree. let's talk about the satellite picture, radar combined. big thunderstorms. these are coming out of ohio, into central sections of west virginia. that will slide to our south. wells see a lighter batch of showers heading into western maryland. that's what gets in here tomorrow. timing a little later so the early commute might be okay. if you get to work around 9:00 or 10, you might have to worry about showers. here's the future-cast. 6:00 in the morning, couple of sprinkles or showers possible,
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gaithersburg, leesburg, and west of culpeper, but then what happens, as we get into the lunch time hours, bring your umbrella. showers and some light rain rolling through. notice it's all green. so the real heavy activity stays to our south in terms of heavier rain and thunderstorms. enough to wet the roads around lunchtime. that batch moves out, okay, then another batch of showers try to develop. i think most of those will be raked out in the mountains. that second batch is with the cold front itself. that rolls through, winds turn northwesterly and be begin to dry out and really cool off it is a goats friday and friday night. so the early commute should be dry for most of the metro area. we are looking at wet thursday, but mild. temperatures about what we had today. clouds keeping temperatures down a little bit. dry but keeler on friday. a little bit like march on friday. cool for maryland day. we've delayed some of the rain and showers for maryland day. so it looks like the early part of the day will be dry and a little bit on the cool side. so overnight looks like this.
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mostly cloudy, mild, some showers developing by dawn, primarily north and west, low 46 to about 5 4. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, breezy and mild, showers, maybe a thunderstorm south of town. we're talking late morning here in terms of time frame. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15. as the front rolls through it may generate a second round of showers and maybe a thunderstorm. but those end in the evening. temperatures between 70 and 75. winds will kick northwesterly at 10 to 20, and that signals the front is through us and dryer and cooler air is to follow. all right, let's break it down. 46 to 5 4, kind of cool to start, maybe a shower. better chance for showers and maybe a thunderstorm at noon. and always chance for a second round of showers by inc., 69 to about 74. i would grab the umbrella before you left home. the next three day, here's what we've done. we've dropped temperatures on friday back to 60, but a bright day, then we're looking at showers on maryland day, but you know what? late in the day, or in the
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afternoon. next seven days, it's going to stay could. we're looking at temperatures on saturday only around sick. in the sick on monday and tuesday. we bounce back tin mid-70s on next wednesday. really, it doesn't matter about the weather on maryland day because we'll be making a weather tape. at the beginning of the week you might have thought that the drafting of r g 3 might be the number one sports ?eemplt not tonight. who needs home ice any more? once again the caps get it done on the road. a big win for the capitals. we'll hear from the heroes in tonight's game. plus sky joins me live from boston when sports returns right after this.
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the capitals have been shrugging off negativity all season long, people saying they won't make the playoffs. they got in. there's no way the caps can hang with the defending champs. not only can they hang, the caps went toe to toe with the bruins matching them in just about every category. tin first, jason chimera in control, gets it to carl so.
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matt hendricks deflect it. caps strike first sucking the air out of the bruins crowd until. this tyler seguin knocks in the rebound and we are all tied up. in the third, ovechkin's shot is blocked. thomas says, nice try, buddy. overtime. knuble rolling. joel ward puts in the game winner and knock off the defending champs. >> easy looking in practice but i think today he saw me over there, and to be honest, i don't know if he took a shot. i just saw the puck land, and my eyes lit up like a christmas tree. >> nonstop the whole series. they come at you, seven one- goal games, you don't get that very often. it's nice to have it over but there's a lot of work left. >> joining me live from td
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gardens sky kirsteen. we have to talk about joel ward. he was beast. tonight he came through big for the caps. is this what the capitals went and got him for? >> kristen, when he signed all we heard about what he done playoffs for nashville. not a bad time for him to come through, putting in the game win tore win the series for the caps bye thought that fourth line overall just played great. keith aucoin was good, mike knuble. how did they went? by a dirty goal. that's key to get those dirty goals. and joel ward put in a rebound thanks to mike knuble. >> from what we've seen we know they can go toe to toe with the champs. how big of a win is this for the caps and their confidence moving forward? >> well, this is the first time since 1990 and '91 that the caps have won playoff series in back to back years. that's how big it is for the franchise overall. for this team, they just won a
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series where they knocked off the defending stanley cup champs, and each game was decided by one goal. they did it by playing defense something, we never thought this capitals team would do but they had great goal tending, they sacrificed their beds and they're going to the second round. >> sky, thanks so much. 106.7 the fan. when it comes to mike hanna hahn and robert griffin iii you couldn't have two more different personalities. shanahan more serious, r g 3 a little more exuberant. nonetheless shanahan thinks that combination should work just fine. according to shanahan r g 3 receiving they've been looking for but he knows there's going to be some growing pains. >> we are going to be in new york. >> derek will be there tomorrow, and i'll be at redskins park. >> we'll be back in a minute.
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okay, i'm on an 8:00 train tomorrow morning to go up to new york for rg3 so time for me to go to bed. >> we still got our caps after- glow going. >> we sure do. >> good night, everybody.
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