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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  April 26, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> and d.c.'s police chief, they were desperate to get that word out to warn neighbors that a killer who attacks with no apparent motive may still be out there, randomly assaulting people walking alone for you on the streets of d.c.'s community. >> all three received blunt- force trauma to the head and it appears that the victims may have been attacked suddenly. >> the first victim was a 66- year-old tourist, a retired nurse from denver. he was staying at the home here in petworth. he found himself in the alley and he was seen here. but the injuries to his head, they shocked even him. >> that's the only thing you could see in the back of the head. and you know, to light up a couple spatulas.
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he was almost home. there was a gate that might have taken him into the room he was staying and to safety. and neighbors found his bloody, battered body, crumbled right here in this corner, right next to this garage. the woman who lives here says she did not hear a thing. and we talked to the neighbor before we even knew the man who killed him near the home. this is certainly shocking. we are saddened by it. i can't imagine. >> reporter: the police chief makes it sound like the two survivors were just so badly hurt. they are in the hospital unable so far to talk to investigators. police are desperate for leads to catch this guy before he will hurt anyone else. they were out with this $25,000 reward and for his murder,
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before realizing that the guy may have attacked two other people as well. >> honestly that's terrifying. thank you. police are also warning women in bethesda to take care when you're walking or running after two incidents in the last week. one woman was touched inappropriately last night northwest. and last week, a man grabs another woman while she was jogging in the 5600 block of wisconsin avenue in bethesda and kissed her on the neck. right now, the investigators don't know if there is any connection in the case, but they are telling women to keep an eye out. the secret service scandal involving prostitutes, well, it could be growing. they are now investigating whether or not they hired strippers and prostitutes in advancements to last year's visit to el salvador by president obama. our sister station, kiro traveled to el salvador, who
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said last year he partied with agents at the strip club just days before president obama and his family arrived. >> he repeatedly saw them exchange money for the sexual favors. those agents took the escorts back to the hotel room. and they said that any information brought to our attention that could be assessed will be followed up on the appropriate matter. we're about two hours away from what should be the beginning of the new era for the redskins. and they are having a little fun for you live in new york. and at the nfl draft. >> yes. >> ladies, we are indeed having a great time for you at the radio city music hall as you mentioned in the last couple of hours. and they will be dropping after the first franchise effort.
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and you might have argued. but in any case, the man who is too modest to admit it, they have a great deal to deal with that. and he was rg iii's coach. first of all, you should know that you recruited rg iii from houston where you were coaching. and then you went to baylor and he followed you? >> it says a lot about robert first and foremost. he committed to me and our program and what we have done from that standpoint. we just need to stay true. he's a great guy and a great person. and you can believe in that. and back in d.c. >> you saw him as a quarterback. and you know, maybe the wide receivers. >> i thought he was a great quarterback. and they were not involved with too much to fill up the football. i told them that they need to hire this guy and that is the
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best guy that they would ever see. >> yes, to be saying good-bye to a guy that meant so much for you personally and to your team. >> it is kind of bittersweet. i love what they have done for us and the journey. you know, that's something that i told them and when we talked about it. as you decided that he would go pro and don't chase it. and you know, that's what he's going to do. >> as the man that knows -- knows him so well, you are seeing that there. >> yes. you know, he would have been around in the game once or twice. he has done a great job with the quarterback. he knows what he is doing. he's doing a great job with them. >> reporter: and you'll live in texas. are you going to be a washington skins fan now? >> yes, i am. because he's my man. >> that's what i'm talking about. coach, thank you very much for joining us, back to you in d.c. >> do you know what that is saying if you can convince them? and coming up to the other side, derek. rg iii missed it. it will be something pretty
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special. >> yes, we need to get ready to pay more for you. and that will start in july. regardless of whether or not you started here. >> i'm kristin fisher outside the headquarters where the board just approved that system wide rate hike. and they will be going up by about 5%. they will increase by 10 cents and the parking fees, they will go up by 25 cents, starting on july 1. >> yes, absolutely it's not fair. >> and they are not happy or surprised by the second rate hike in under two years. >> we have had the increases here for you and things have not improved. and the money will be needed to help close the $100 million budget gap. >> yes, that's what it does. it provides the additional rush hours for you to provide the additional views for you. >> and nearly 50 disabled riders for you at the headquarters will be voting here, urging the board to reconsider.
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it could happen to you. just reevaluate it. >> yes, at a later date. but for now, these fair increases will impact all metro access riders. in washington, 9news now. >> reporter: they also voted today to adopt the fairfax county's recommended names for 8 of the 11 stations on the silver line, working from the east to the west. the casino license was awarded today to the lodge here and at the golf resort in western maryland. they would provide the operations for you. now, they have depended on the state subsidies over the last few years to stay open. the maryland lawmakers are expected to discuss the possibility of expanding them across the state during the special meeting of the general assembly this summer. coming up tonight on 9news now at 7:00, the hunt for a brawl burglar.
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a maryland woman called police after someone broke into her apartment and made off with more than $600 worth of the bras and panties. >> rather bizarre story. we'll be watching that. and still to come in this half hour, chp, caps, caps, caps. we'll catch up with some fans after last night's stunning win. and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. we'll have some breaks in the clouds to the west. we'll come back and talk about those. we'll show you the numbers. a little below average. and that will be the books. the average is here for you and the rainfall, we're closing in on it, 300 today. and we'll come back and talk about it here and what you'll need tomorrow and the umbrella and the coach. we'll tell you why up next.
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another dip in the mortgage rates, bringing you closer to the record lows. that'll be the average of the fixed rate loan that is down to 3.88% this week. that's up just .01 of the point above the record low we have hit in february. all right, well, you will soon be able to buy more than just bulk food and a car and household goals. they still plan to roll out the full service mortgage lending program. that's right. they started offering the loans just a year ago and then that fizzled. now they need to move up to offer the home loan. and they also plan to offer student loans for you in the future. >> well, serving 49 million americans means that 15% of the federal budget will go to medicare. but the new poll will address the health care find. and most people don't want to pay for the necessary reforms out of their eno pocket -- out
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of their own pockets. 83% believes that they had need to make changes to keep medicare affordable and sustainable. but only 47% would support the higher taxes to do it. and just 40% believes increased co-pays and deductibles. making sure that the shuttle will be good to go tomorrow. [ glass clinks ] i just wanted to say a few words.
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thank you for the lovely meal, jane. mom. and maybe this is just the cake talking but let's celebrate! [ male announcer ] buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake. the hopes are still alive tonight after winning game 7 on their series against the bruins. >> you can see the team rolling on in. and back handed hit here, scoring on the rebound. and the caps, they knock off the defending champs. >> reporter: the caps were the 7th seed as they upset the
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raining champions for the first time in the franchise history. >> and today, we found a lot of fans ready for the next stop in their quest for the cup. fans are realizing after the heart-stopping win in overtime. >> yes, it's unbelievable. i mean what do you say? i'm just glad that i'm alive and my heart did not stop. he has become a sensation overnight after scoring the game-winning goal in overtime. this is against the bruins. >> yes. the defending stanley cup champions. they are bitter fans right now. it was the happiest thing ever. >> we have a long ways to go,
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but the fans say they will be ready for the heart stopping round two of the playoffs. i hope so. surae chinn, 9news now. they would like to find out if they could play them in the next round of the playoffs. we'll have more on that coming up in about 8 minutes in sports. and tomorrow, we're going to tell you everything that you have ever wanted to know about maryland day. they will host the event this saturday. there will be more than 430 events and displays. that's a whole lot of stuff. we'll have a booth where you can stop by and try to talk to us and do that stuff. we'll have a preview for you tomorrow on 9news now at 5:00 and 6:00, but we're not done yet. if you can answer the questions about the university of maryland, you can score a new ipad. we're teaming up with the university to get you the tablets and the survival kit, filled with awe kinds of free
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stuff from the school. just log on to facebook and like the wusa9 page and you'll have a chance to win and we'll announce the winner in mid-may. well tomorrow, you can expect to see the same type of sky shows that we enjoyed when they flew the shuttle discovery. but this time it will be the shuttle prototype flying over the landmarks on their way to the airport. they will be making rooms. and going on display at their new home, mat -- manhattan's air space museum. that will be a cool site. whether it is the prototype or the real thing. >> it is. we never got tired of seeing it. and it was pretty cool. >> yes, i bet they will be excited too. >> oh yeah. >> actually, it just went up. >> yes, look at that. >> there you go. we're looking ahead at a pretty strong cold front to the west. ushering in cooler and drier
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air. we'll start with the live look outside. still plenty of coverage for you. but there will be some clouds. a little bit of the sun, brought to you here. the temperatures are at 65. that's the high so far today. and that will pop up the temperature a little bit this time of the year. that's telling you that the front is still to the west and the pressure is steady right now. but you know that will begin to go up on the front when it goes through and the high pressure will build in behind it. we do need to worry about the frontal boundary. still to the west. coming up through kentucky and tennessee. that's where it is warmer and it is a bit more unstable. we're in pretty good shape with maybe a shower tonight and early tomorrow and primarily high 81 into the mountains. i think that'll be about it and everyone will clear out as they sweep on through for tonight.
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and a bright and brisk friday. here is a closer view. we still have showers on out here down to winchester. you can see the yellows there. fairly heavy rain, about half an inch per hour as they will be moving off to the north and the south and the east as you may get as far as leesburg. we'll track it for you. 9news now at 7:00. well temperatures, 64 in bethesda. and up to 67 in great falls and rockville. these temperatures are current, but highs are here all day actually. 67 at college park and beltsville. 66 out in leesburg and sterling and manassas. and now, staying cool, but chilly for a while. grab a jacket on friday. you'll need it all day as it will be breezy and cool on friday and then chilly and wet for maryland. so much stuff to do indoors, where it will be okay. now the next seven days, that's
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a light rain. it's enough to keep temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. maybe you're out there just before light time. 76 on tuesday with storms. look at that, 80 on wednesday and 83 on tuesday. >> fantastic. we saw a few rain drops out. but that will not dampen anything when you talk about the nfl draft and the possibility of rg iii. derek, i mean there's a lot of excitement both here and there? >> yes. >> he did? >> yes. he will continue to build and right now, we're about two hours away from the new era, as they draft him here. but will he be the starter come opening day? an expert opinion when we come right back.
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i'm derek mcginty live for you outside radio city music hall, where in just a couple of hours, the redskins will be exercising their number two draft choice and select robert griffin iii as the new franchise quarterback. if you look across the street here, it will be lights, cameras, and action right on the red carpet as player after player was announced. and the fans will begin to cheer. but when the party is done, that's the most important thing for them. and will he be ready to start
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on opening day? we talked to the nfl rider today as he said, well, are you kidding me? >> and it will be a very good chance for you that he will start in new orleans on opening day. you know, it's something interesting about new orleans. and that's really their hometown. he's from texas and both theirparents are from new orleans. >> reporter: and so a lot to look forward to for the redskins fans including tonight and a month and perhaps years after that. we'll talk a little bit more about what we're doing and what do you expect from the team? kristin fisher is live from redskins park, kristin? >> reporter: yes, thank you so much, rg iii saw his stock rise ever since winning the heisman trophy and since the redskins traded up to get him. since then we have seen him plastered all over the media, the cover of sports illustrated. his life has been somewhat turned upside down, but it's the way he has handled the
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pressure that has impressed mike shanahan. >> and he is very much a relaxed guy. he handles things very well. both on and off the football field. and he is very impressive. we are impressed with how he has handled himself throughout the process he's going through and he will be no different once he gets on in there. >> all right, and also it is a big night for them too. they will find out who the next opponent will be. if they win tonight, they will be headed to new york city. if they lose, then it gets a little more complicated. they knocked off the defending champs for them last night with this goal, but it's what boston fans are saying that has everyone scratching their heads. they took to twitter after the loss, posting to facebook and erases the comments. today, the capitals owner, they took to his blog to respond. and in part saying shame on these folks who will decide to take to their keyboards and to share their ignorance and their racism and hate for these people and what they have said and done is unforgivable. they will pay human price for
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their belief. and we will as an organization, you know, support them. joel ward has been a great teammate and a great citizen. of course, the bruins released a statement expressing their disappointment in their fans. and all right tonight is your last chance to vote for the game of the week. the winner will be announced tonight. i'll be here at redskins park for you all night throughout the draft. we'll have reactions from mike shanahan coming up at 11:00. for now we're live at redskins park. back to you in new york. >> reporter: all right, thank you for that. and let me know once again. no shortage of the redskins jersey here tonight. a lot of people were very much looking forward to the number two draft pick. and perhaps he needs to change the fortune of the franchise, down on his luck for some time. i'm live outside the radio city music hall. back to you in the studio. >> yes, it's the city that never sleeps. but we may be the city that doesn't sleep either. until we find out about that. >> yes, absolutely. >> all right, thank you, derek. well, stay with me. the cbs evening news is coming
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up next. and at 7:00, anita will be in with derek for the only local newscast. have a good night.


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