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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 27, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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scandal spreads. the secret service investigates whether they misbehaved on another overseas trip. rumbles of a possible attack tied to the anniversary of bin laden's death. good luck. the indianapolis colts select a successor to peyton manning, taking quarterback andrew luck with the first pick in the nfl draft. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, april 27, 2012. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm mihelle miller. the inquoirry into the secret service prostitution scandal now includes another overseas
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presidential trip. besides investigating allegations of unprofessional behavior in colombia, they are looking to see if they hired prostitutes on a trip to el salvador. susan mcginnis with more. >> reporter: good morning. lawmakers here on capitol hill pcolombia appears to be isolate. well, now new allegations that secret service agents hired prostitutes in san salvador before another presidential visit. the secret service scandal appears to be widening. sources tell cbs affiliate kiro tv that secret service agents hired prostitutes at this el salvador strip club just days before president obama and his family visited the country in march 2011. members of the advance team were accompanied by this local contractor, who wants to keep his identity secret. >> several girls were
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approached. the military, secret service, approached them about getting a special service at the hotel. >> reporter: witnesses told kiro tv members of the u.s. embassy in el salvador visited the club as well. the state department says it will investigate. >> we will inquire of our embassy and see what we learn with regard to that. >> reporter: the secret service says it's looking into the el salvador allegations this as they continue to investigate the scandal in colombia. eight officers have been forced out. the head of homeland security told congress she believes the incident in colombia is an isolated event. >> over the past 2 1/2 years, the secret service office of professional responsibility has not received any such complaints. >> reporter: the president's visit to el salvador came a year before his trip to colombia. and members of congress say if the secret service doesn't get
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to the bottom of what happened, they will. and like colombia, prostitution is legal in el salvador. president obama says he'll veto a cyber security bill passed by the house late yesterday. the measure is aimed at stopping electronic attacks on private companies and the government. it would encourage companies and the federal government to share threat information. critics contend the matter would compromise civil liberties. the government issued a bulletin warning of a potential terrorist attack tied to the an verse of osama bin laden's death. bin laden was killed by u.s. special forces on may 2nd. there's no specific threat but lots of talk on terrorist websites. bob orr reports. >> reporter: since the killing of osama bin laden by u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s, al qaeda has vowed revenge. with the approaching anniversary of bin laden's death, u.s. officials are monitoring persistent rumbles on jihadist
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websites, add row indicating new attacks. a joint intelligence bulletin issued by fbi and homeland security, issues state and local police to increase vigilance, quote, al qaeda allies remain content on attacks in the homeland. white house press secretary jay carney said there's no evidence any real plot is in the works. >> at this time we have no credible information that terrorist organizations, including al qaeda, are plotting attacks in the u.s. to coincide with the anniversary of bin laden's death. >> reporter: still u.s. officials are concerned about future threats on three fronts. al. >> sdwla hari has has a new propaganda videos, saying, do everything to deprive america of security. yemen poses great danger. while a u.s. drone strike last
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fall called operational leader, a master bomb builder there is still on the loose. ibrahim al asiri built the underwar attack. he also hid explosives inside computer printers on two cargo planes. now intelligence officials believe he's working on new innovative bombs. sources say the greatest threat is by homegrown terrorists inspired by al qaeda, like major nadal hassan. a new bulletin says such lone wolves are hard to detect and therefore could attack with little warning. new concerns overseas. while officials there are not directly connecting the threat to bin laden's death, u.s. citizens in kenya and pakistan are now being warned to avoid public places. bob orr, cbs news, washington. osama bin laden's family is in saudi arabia after being deported from pakistan.
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bin laden's three widows and children left pakistan today. bin laden's three wives and two adult daughters were convicted of illegally entering and living in pakistan and served a 45-day sentence under house arrest. the cia officer in charge of interrogations following the 9/11 attacks is speaking out for the first time. in a "60 minutes" interview jose rodriguez tells lesley stahl about waterboarding the man who planned those attacks. khalid shaikh mohammed was strapped to a board, tilted down and had water poured on his face to stimulate drowning but mohammed was tough. interrogators had to pour more than 180 times. >> this is an individual who probably didn't give a rat's ass about having water poured on his face. >> he never believed for one second you were going to kill him if. >> no. let me just tell you, khalid shaikh mohammed who use his
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fingers to count the number of seconds because he knew in all likelihood we would stop at ten. so, this doesn't sound like a person who is afraid of dying. >> if he's is sitting there counting off, he knows you're not going to kill him, he knows he's not going to drown, then why do it? what's the point? >> i think the cumulative effect of waterboarding and sleep deprivation and everything else that was done, essentially, got to him. >> so, what happens? does he break down? does he weep? does he fall apart? >> no. he gets a good night's sleep. he gets his ensure. by the way, he was very heavy when he came to us and he lost 50 pounds. >> what, his ensure, like people in the hospital who drink that stuff? >> yes, dietary manipulation was part of it. >> sleep deprivation, dietary manipulation. i mean, this is overwhelming stuff. the united states doesn't do that. >> well, we do. >> you can see more of lesley
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stahl's interview with jose rodriguez this sunday on "60 minutes" here on cbs. a website created to aid the defense of george zimmerman has raised more than $200,000. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of florida teenager trayvon martin. zimmerman's lawyer says he learned about the money this week and will inform the judge at a hearing today. zimmerman is free on $150,000 bail. an unexpected admission from the government's key witness at john edwards' try. andrew young testified yesterday under cross-examination, young said most of the nearly $1 million in cash donations prosecutors used to hide mistresses went to renovate. former liberian president charles taylor has been found guilty of helping rebels in sierra leone. the verdict was announced yesterday.
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he's the first head of state since world war ii to be convicted by an international court. he'll be sentenced next month. coming up next, touch and go. pilots struggle to land airplaning in extremely high winds. this is the "cbs morning news." now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose, brew, enjoy. keurig.
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but zantac® works differently. it relieves heartburn in as little as 30 minutes. in fact, so, when heartburn strikes, try zantac® this has been medifacts for zantac® some truly stomach-turning landings in spain yesterday. aren't you glad you weren't on one of these flights? wind gusts reaching 60 miles an hour caused serious problems. at least four flights had to be diverted. thanks to great pilots, everybody who did land, did so safely. a health scare on a delta flight to chicago. the plane was quarantined for about three hours after it arrived from detroit yesterday. a passenger who had been in africa had a rash that health officials thought might have been a highly contagious
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disease. it turn out it was only bug bites. government officials say the california dairy cow that tested for mad cow disease was lame and lying down before it was youth nized. they said the sick cow was over ten years old, not five, as originally reported. this is the fourth case of mad cow disease in the u.s. officials say there's no risk to the nation's food supply. on the "cbs moneywatch," where can you shop on the internet and pay cash? and some transit workers may be getting a new ride after hitting the lottery. ashley morrison is here in new york with more on that. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, michelle. overseas the bank of japan's decision to extend its asset buying program did not help markets. tokyo's nikkei lost nearly 0.5%, while hong kong's hang seng lost more than 0.25%. the house will vote on a
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bill that will keep student loans from doubles in july, however the two parties are split on where to find the $6 billion needed to keep rates at their current level. the number of people applying for unemployment benefits remained stuck near a three-month high, but that did not seem to affect the markets. the dow was up 113 points, while the nasdaq gained 20. posted monster numbers in the first quarter. the online retailer said its net income was $130 million. much more than what analyst had predicted. amazon's surge is doing in part due to sales of the kindle fire. speaking of online shopping, you'll soon be able to pay for cash for items you buy on walma walmart's website. shoppers can choose products on, pick them up at their local store and pay for them in cash. walmart says it's trying to cater to customers who don't have credit or debit cards.
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and a single winning ticket was drawn in this week's lottery and held by 48 coworkers at philadelphia's transit system. they'll be sharing $172 million jackpot. if they take the lump sum, they'll each get $2.2 million. and to have to split it between 48 people? >> that is my dream, though. i'd live to win that kind of money. >> yeah, i'll take it. >> ashley morrison in new york, thank you, ashley. well, straight ahead, your friday morning weather. in sports, filling very big shoes. the number one pick in the nfl draft pays a visit to david letterman. marathon runner, in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ] he's my success story. sears days lowest prices ends saturday. with big savings on lawn and garden, great offers on mattresses. and lowest prices on the latest styles.
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begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, mostly sunny, 58. miami, mostly sunny, 85. chicago, turning cloudy, 51. dallas, sunny and 88. los angeles, mostly sunny and 69. now for a check of today's national forecast. a storm system will roll through the northeast. severe storms with high winds and large hail are possible from tennessee into northern alabama this evening. another storm system is possible from the northern plains to western kansas. and there's a threat of tornadoes tonight in the southeastern plains of colorado. in sports, the next nfl superstars went one and two in last night's draft as expected.
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stanford quarterback andrew luck was the top overall pick snatched up by the indianapolis colts. the number two selection went to the washington redskins and they took hyman trophy winner robert griffin iii. david letterman welcomed the new colts' quarterback to the "late show". >> what are they going to do? rebuilt a team? glue don't want to use the word rebuilding, it has a negative connotation attached to it. you don't really replace a guy like peyton manning. as you mentioned. absolutely. >> this is the first time since couch and mcnabb in 1999 that the quarterbacks have gone one and two in the draft. in hockey, a game seven double overtime thriller between the new jersey devils and the florida panthers. adam henry was the hero. he put the devils up by one in the first period. then in the second ot, he slaps
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in the game-winning score. devils, 3-2, over the panthers. in another game seven, girardi forces his first playoff goal to put the new york rangers up by two over the ottawa senators. and that was enough. rangers take down ottawa 2-1 and advance to the second round. in basketball, a season of record-setting futility is over for the charlotte bobcats. last night they lost their 23rd consecutive game. this time falling to the knicks 104-84. charlotte has the unfortunate distinction of finishing the season with the worst winning percentage in nba history. in baseball, a dramatic end to tampa bay faces off against the angels. bottom of the ninth with the count 2-2, brandon allen crushed it. a master walkoff home run. his two-run blast lifts the rays owe the angels 4-3. nice. when we come back, a
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., mostly sunny, 65. atlanta, partly sunny, 83. st. louis, heavy thunderstorms, 62. denver, mostly cloudy, 70. seattle, partly sunny, 58. it's believed to be a medical first here in the u.s. doctors have retransplanted a kidney. the organ was failing in one patient so last july doctors in chicago took it out and put it in a second patient who's doing great. first patient said he was reluctant to give up the kidney his sister donated, but it was his only shot at a normal life. >> to find out this was going to be something bigger than, you
4:22 am
know, just a failed transplant. you know, it's going to help someone else, it's going to help people. >> he is back on dialysis and will hopefully get another transplant soon. a man who had a bullet in his head for almost 95 years. william pace was accidentally shot by his brother back in 1917 and doctors never removed the bullet. that put him in the record books for living the longest with a bullet in the head. pace died at a nursing home in california monday. he was 103 years old. and in colorado, an amazing picture of a big bear that took a long fall. the bear was captured falling about 15 feet out of a tree yesterday after being tranquilized. weighing up to 200 pounds. it had been wandering around the campus of the university of colorado. the bear was later taken to a higher elevation. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," how
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. good morning. welcome to 9news now. today is friday. yes. april 27. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. here's monika santami. >> good morning. >> she'll there traffic in a moment. >> howard bernstein, a big
4:26 am
weekend ahead. >> today looks good. tomorrow afternoon doesn't look good. i want to say hello. they're up every morning with us at 4:25. they wanted me to let you know they're with us every morning. jacky and brad, great to meet you. they had a great hershey bears jersey he was wearing to celebrate the caps victory wednesday night. that was cool. let's get you going with a look at coolness. going to back it up just a hair or to to show you our day planner. we've got temperatures which are going to struggle to get into the 60s. it's going to be sunny. it's going to be sunny and breezy all day. we've had winds gusting 30, 45 miles an hour this morning. last night about 10:35, see this little line of showers? that came through. a little front with that. behind it we've seen clearing overnight and windy conditions. temperatures we saw them earlier down to the mid-40s in
4:27 am
hagerstown and cumberland. oakland in the 30s. we're still 54. our temperatures are starting to fall off pretty quickly right now. leesburg 48. the winds still gusting to 30 in annapolis. a lot of the wind gusts between 15 and 20. it is going to be a breezy day today. sunny so that will be good. look at the highs from around 60 north, mid-60s places like fredricksburg and here in d.c. we should see a high about 62. monika santami, it is 4:27 on friday morning. other than construction, anything else going on? >> one minor little accident. it's on the inbound side of i- 66. i'll tell you where it is in just a secretary. on the inbound side -- in just a s.e.c. on the inbound side it's near the dulles access road inside the beltway blocking the left lane. otherwise 66 not too bad coming in from annapolis. we do have our construction on the beltway in the tysons area and the annandale area as well. northbound 95 coming up from
4:28 am
newington toward springfield and 395, everything is running smoothly early this friday morning. let's go back over to our maps, this time on the north side of town. no problems to report as you travel between college park and silver spring. a quick look live at 270 southbound where there are no issues to report. coming up from frederick down to the point where the lanes divide. in my next report we'll take another look at that accident on 66 at 4:39. andrea and mike? >> thank you, monika. listen to this. >> the washington redskins select robert griffin iii. >> yes, those were the words redskins fans have been waiting to hear. >> the team selected rgiii to be the franchise quarterback. pretty cool. >> hope is returned to redskins nation for the first time in years. >> derek mcginty was in new york city for the draft. he interviewed the new face of the redskins franchise. >> i still acted back there as
4:29 am
if i didn't know my name was going to be called. when i heard them say robert griffin iii has been selected by the redskins, it meant something to me. i tried to live in the moment and cherish everything that happened. >> reporter: the fan expectations were so high. you know all about. that is there any part of you that says hold up, guys. don't buy your super bowl tickets yet. >> you don't want to say you're not going to go to the super bowl. every deem is to go to the super bowl. that is our goal. i haven't met the team. i'm already talking on behalf of the team. i just want to meet the guys, let them get to know me and see if we can gel and do those types of things and i think we will be able to. >> reporter: what do you think is the hardest thing to do? >> going from the top to the bottom of the toe team pole. now you go to the pros and realize you start down here, even if you are a top pick. you st


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