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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  April 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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feeling like 30s with the winds up north. last night had that line of showers come through also about 10:00, 10:30. you can see it especially north and northeast of us. that came through. we cleared out after that. now the temperatures are dropping into the 40s. it's 47 in gaithersburg. manassas 48. we're still into the 50s barely at 51. it's 53 on the bay in annapolis. this afternoon in spite of the sunshine, we'll get to the low 60s. look at the gusts before we go. gusting to 22 in washington. it's gusting also 22 in fredricksburg and 25 up in the martinsburg region. monika santami, 6:00 a.m., getting lighter outside. >> it is and that means more people are heading out as well on friday. it's usually afternoon 6:00 that things start to get a little heavy and that's what's happening right now, but there are no major problems to report although on the northbound side of 95, expect that slow traffic leaving lorton into springfield. there's an accident on the inner loop just after braddock
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road. it's sitting on the left shoulder but it is attracting attention and causing slow traffic. northbound on i-95 you can see how slow it is. again coming up from lorton trying to exit to the inner loop or heading north to 395. let's go back over to the maps and this time over to 66 on the inbound side. you just got the slow spots out of manassas and centreville but no big deal as you travel into fairfax. we'll take a last live look at mental legion bridge on the west -- american legion bridge on the west side of town. looking good. we'll go north to 270 at 6:11. >> thank you, monika. let's get a check on some of the stories happening today. in just a few hours, the house will take up a plan to hold down interest rates on student loans. the republican plan would pay for the move by reducing a fund created by president obama's health care law. a student loan bill passed in the senate earlier this week. there will be a tree planting ceremony at arlington national cemetery to mark arbor day. it's a saabling from a 220-year-
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old arlington oak. that tree fell during hurricane irene last summer. the prototype space shuttle enterprise is leaving northern virginia for new york today. it will fly atop a 747 to new york city. enterprise had been at the smithsonian udvar-hazy center for nearly two decades.  it was replaced last week by a real shuttle the workhorse of the fleet, the discovery. the smile on this guy right here is putting a smile on a lot of redskins fans this morning. they're talking about officially drafting robert griffin iii. >> the buzz is huge. delia goncalves is getting reaction this morning. she's live in new carrollton, maryland. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. lots of folks are thrilled about the chances for the team's winning season. this upcoming season thanks to rgiii. with that being said, there's a whole lot of pressure on this young manual. but on the other hand, a whole lot of love already from his fans. he has a huge fan base here in the washington area.
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griffin says his plan here in washington? get to work, stay out of trouble, play hard and prove himself to the veterans on the team. in fact, he already proved his loyalty to fans at least by wearing burgundy and gold socks last night with the phrase "catch your dreams" stitched on top. don't just chase the dream. catch it. >> go catch that dream. a lot of times when you chase something, i never catch it. if you say i'm going to catch my dream, you're already telling yourself you're going to get it. that's the message to all the kids out there. you have to be able to adjust to different atmospheres. the military taught me that having to live in a lot of different places. but i also know you can get in trouble in the big cities. i'm not a troublemaker and i don't find trouble. nobody has to worry about that. >> reporter: he tells our derek mcginty at radio city music hall during the draft, he says he plans to get married next year, but he hasn't picked a date because he really wants to focus on becoming a redskin.
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so, mike, andrea, he's already committing to the team and so we'll see if the team can back him up. >> that's the real key. can the team back him up, protect him. we need a good offensive line. we'll talk more about that later. she's live in new carrollton, maryland this morning. >> the man needs some help. our facebook fangs are weighing in too whether rgiii can bring some success. tanya writes of course i think he can do it. i'm a true redskin fan. >> season disagrees. -- sean disagrees. stop acting like it's a savior. you know if they lose a few games, the fans are going to throw him under the bus like so many others. >> philip says, i'll be happy with more home wins. 7-9 is realistic. this is a huge start. we'd love to hear from you. add your comments to our
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facebook fan page. the manual accused of beating a day -- the man accused of beating a day care employee is undergoing a mental evaluation. it happened thursday at it's a family affair. michael young attacked a day care security guard with a bat after he was told he couldn't use the phone. he also took another employee's car keys and drove off. police caught up with him near fed ex field. luckily none of the children witnessed the attack. d.c. police are on alert in the pet worth neighborhood. all the victims were hit in the head. a tourist from colorado was killed earlier this week. a woman was beaten. the police chief is telling people in that area do not go out alone. >> all three of the victims did suffer pretty significant blunt force trauma to the head. preliminarily it appears that the victims may have been attacked suddenly and without provocation. >> police think this could be
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the work of one person but they're not completely certain right now. chief lanier says she cannot confirm that at this point. coming up on 6:06, jessica doyle is watching your money and just how much you're spending on your car. >> we're not just talking gas prices. >> there's good news and bad news for drivers as they grab their keys this morning, grab the cup of coffee and head out the door. this comes on thage report on the cost of owning and operating a vehicle. our partners at "u.s.a. today" report there were sharp increases in the last year on costs for things such as tires and gas. but cars retained much more of their value because we all held on to them a little longer. that's increasing the value of used cars. so overall looking at the big picture here, the annual average cost to own and participate a sedan in the u.s.a. based on driving 15,000 miles rose 1.9%. that works out to be $8,946 a year. speaking of gas prices, the numbers just came out from
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aaa's fuel gauge report in the d.c. metro area. regular grade gas now averages $3.93 a gallon. that's down 7 cents in the last week. even from where it was one year ago. the social media site has been growing leaps and bounds. growth started to slow down. they have an estimated value of $1 billion. other companies may be sniffing around interested in picking up opinionterest. the question -- pinterest. the question is this the flavor of the month? do people want to join and continue to use it every day like twitter and facebook. >> are you on it? >> i'm on it. >> does it reinvent itself like facebook? facebook continues to evolve. >> let me state my interest in it this way because i don't want to offend the pinterest
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people. i haven't set up my wall because i don't even care and people are following me and i don't even have anything to follow. so i kind of don't get what's going on. >> interesting. >> thanks, jess. >> honest perspective. virginia, it has the most personalized plates in the country but recently took one man's plates back. damon hamm got plates reading fosama. recently the dmv realized it probably stood for another word. it recalled the plates. it issued him new ones with 6668up. hamm says to him it means the devil ate him up so he's fighting to get his fosama plates back. >> took them seven years to figure out what's what the plates said in. >> they had other things to do. we have the computer breakdown
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at one point. coming up on 6:09. in five minutes we have the latest on the secret service scandal and new allegations against the agency. >> it's finally friday. we made it to the end ever the week. will the forecast match our good moods? howard has our weather first when nine tbhien now returns -- when 9news now returns.
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the sun is back but it's a brisk morning. it will still be a windy to breezy day. by lunch time still in the mid-
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50s with highs this afternoon into the low 60s. full seven-day forecast looking at the weekend in just a few minutes. right now monika with time saver traffic. >> thank you so much, howard. on the inbound side of i-66 overall delays into centreville. then route 50 to 123 with the lanes open. coming up in my next report, another look at virginia roads in a few minutes. back you to, mike and andrea. >> thanks, monika. 6:12 now. next week marks the one- year anniversary of navy seals taking out osama bin laden. a federal judge says photos of the terror leader will not be made public. >> that's one of the stories making news at 6:12. the group judicial watch wanted photos from the raid made public, but a federal judge said no deeming the images classified. the judge also said releasing those images could endanger americans overseas. the enemy charge against army private bradley manning will charge. a judge denied a request to drop the more serious charge. manning is facing life in prison for allegedly sending classified information to the
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antisecrecy website wikileaks. a woman who set off a quarantine at chicago's midway airport does not have monkeypox after all. it was just a rash. it happened aboard a delta flight yesterday. passengers were kempt off the plane for about three hours. -- kept off the plane for about three hours. we're hearing from a ban who saw he -- from a whan who said he -- man who said he saw secret service agents in a club. the investigation isn't over yet. susan mcginnis reports. >> reporter: the see contract service scandal appears to be widening. sources tell cbs affiliate kiro tv that secret service agents hired prostitutes at this el salvador strip club just days before president obama and his family visited the country in march of 2011. members of the president's advanced team were apparently accompanied by this local contractor who wants to keep his identity secret. he claims agents paid strippers to return to their hotel rooms.
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>> they approached the military, secret service approached them about getting a special service at the hotel. >> reporter: witnesses told kiro tv members of the u.s. embassy of el salvador visited the club as well. the state department says it will qeght. >> we'll see what we learn with regard to that. >> reporter: the secret service is looking into the el salvador allegations this as the agency continues to investigate the scandal in colombia. so far eight secret service officers have been forced out after accusations that agents paid for prostitutes in cartagena. earlier this week, the head of homeland security told congress she believes the incident in colombia is an isolated event. >> over the past two and a half years, the secret service office of professional responsibility has not received any such complaint. >> reporter: the president's visit to el salvador came a year before his trip to
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colombia and members of congress say if the secret service doesn't get to the bottom of what happened, they will. in washington, susan mcbegin nice, 9news now. >> the scandal in colombia also involve as dozen members of the military: the pentagon is conducting its own investigation. living to 103 is pretty impressive but living to that age with a bullet in your head for most of your life, that's even more impressive. william lawless died earlier this week at his home in california. he was -- it was 94 years ago his older brother accidentally shot him in the head. back in 1917, the doctors left the bullet in because they didn't want to cause brain damage and pace lived a long life. in fact, he became the guiness book record holder living the longest with a bullet in your head. >> you mean there are others this? >> who knew that was a record. >> 103. >> take it away. how do you follow that?
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>> i would just like to live to 94 with nothing in my head. nothing in my head a long time, right? walked into that one. we have a breezy morning. some winds gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. i can hear everybody in the control room thinking about it now. they're nodding to me. winds will make it feel even colder. let's start you off with a look at the allergy count. put this together from yesterday's numbers we were talking about earlier. the tree pollen is hie. the grass pollen is high. weeds and mold are low. that tree pollen just a little bit high but the grass really bounced back after having some of the rain earlier in the week. our bus stop forecast, it is chilly this morning. 40s and barely into the 50s. lots of low 50s now with even some windchills in the 30s up north. sunrise happening a minute ago at 6:15. we are looking at a sunny, breezy day today. temperatures won't be moving much. mid-50s for 11:00. upper 50s at 1:00. still with those northwesterly winds around 20 miles an hour
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gusting to 30. you'll need the jacket most of the day. 60 at 3:00 with highs in the low 60s. the winds should get lighter tonight. northerly 5 to 10 miles an hour. storm system, another one pulling off into the atlantic. winds behind it pushing a front through us last night. we had a couple of showers. this morning clear to partly cloudy with 44 in hagerstown. 46 in culpeper. it's 54 from now from fredricksburg to the be -- to the patuxent naval air station. station. this morning a beautiful shot on our michael & son weather camera. the sun glinting off the capitol dome. got a temperature of 51 and a west, northwest wind at 10 miles an hour. the dew point 31 degrees. we're watching the moisture in the middle of the country. this will be arriving probably mid- to late afternoon in the metro. a little earlier west of town. so perhaps we'll get through it. a accident chunk of the day dry
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before we see the showers for saturday afternoon, saturday night. 62 today. tonight we're dipping into the 40s, even upper 30s in the cold spots. upper 50s tomorrow with the showers. light rain developing in the afternoon. sunday the sun comes back, 64. then next week we're going to turn up the thermostat. 76 by tuesday with showers. then 80s wednesday and thursday. it's 51 degrees with something in her head. here's monika santami. hello. anyone in there? just kidding, howard. you started it. if you're planning to head around town, no problems to report all around the beltway things are looking good except for one spot. there had been an accident on the inner loop of the beltway just after braddock road. it was on the left showedder just attracting everyone's attention. all lanes have been open but it's very heavy leaving lorton into newington. we'll take a live look on the northbound side of i-95 at route 1 and glebe road. if we could take a look at our camera on the northbound side of i-95, no issues to report except for that heavy traffic
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trying to exit to the inner loop and on 395 you're going to be fine heading up to the 14th street bridge. let's go back over to the maps and this time to the west side of town. if you're coming in from the dulles airport area, sterling no problems to report on 66 heading for fairfax. just the slow traffic out of centreville. then route 50 to 123. a last look at our mdot camera on the west side of town, this has been running smoothly all morning long across the river. in my next report, we'll take a look at the beltway north of town at 6:18. >> thank you, monika. it is 6:19. next in sports the capitals joel ward responds to some racist messages about him on the web while the wizards close out their season on a high note. >> time for another check of the question of the morning. here it is. according to a readers digest survey, most couples argue about which one of these things when they're in the car? is it a, the temperature in the car, b, when to stop for a bathroom break or c, the music. >> katherine says for her family it's a, the temperature. we used to travel to the ocean.
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i'd love for the van to be ice cold and my husband at the time liked to roll down the window and turn down the ac. whenever i fell asleep, he'd change the temperature and i would wake up sweating. guess why that he was the husband at the time. >> keep the guesses coming. we'll have the answer at 6:53. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 6:23. your weather first. it is brisk out there. we have breezy to windy conditions. gusts 20 to 30 miles an hour. temperatures down in the 40s in many areas. it will be a cool day but a good day about today, sunshine. it's going to be dry and still cool. lunch time temps in the mid- to upper 50s with afternoon highs in the low 60s. chances for showers though tomorrow afternoon. more on that coming up. right now back to andrea and mike. >> thank you, howard. the capitals second round matchup is set. they'll take on the top seeded rangers. >> new york ousted ottawa last night in their game seven. when these teams met in the first round last year, d.c. took care of new york in five
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games. game one tomorrow afternoon in new york. the puck drops at 3:00. game two monday night. the series moves to the verizon center wednesday night for game three and game four is set for next saturday. >> both front offices of the capitals and bruins are speaking out against racist internet comments made against joel ward. he's the caps who scored the game-winning goal against the bruins. ward is black, born in canada and his parents are from barbados. a few posted racist comments on internet sites after the game. ward told our partners at "u.s.a. today," quote, doesn't phase me at all. he went on to say we won and we're moving o. people are going to say what they want to say and he added, the comments didn't ruin his celebration. tonight the nationals begin their biggest series of the season. they're in l.a. to face the dodgers and both teams are in first place in their divisions. the nats last night went for the sweep against the padres.
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the bullpen let them down. nats led 1-0 in the 8th. that's when tyler clipper gave up a two-run double. padres win 2-1. the wizards ending their season on a good note. how about a six-game winning streak after being one of the worst teams in the nba. maurice evans led the wiz 18 points off the bench. they top miami. wizards end the season with a record of 20-46. >> when they're warming up, it's over. our time is 6:25. still to come d.c. councilman marian barry extends an olive branch after some controversial comments. >> first lady michele obama is asking if she'll ever run for president. wait till you hear her response. >> right now we turn to the first lady of the commute monika santami. >> thank you. signal lights have been on flash heading into georgetown at fox hall at canal road. you can see the maintenance crews on the scene there trying to repair the situation. volumes remain light.
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another look at area roads into the district coming up in a few minutes. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. howard here on the weather terrace with your weather first. a good deal of sunshine. just a couple of clouds upstairs but we're in for a good day. a breezy day. you'll need the jackets for sure as many areas have dipped into the 40s this morning. we're barely in the 50s at 51 at reagan national. we'll be 57 by noon and low 60s for highs with the winds out.
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the northwest 15 to 20. theythey'll be gusting at times 20 to 30 mile an hour. some showers last night pushed through with the second line especially north of d.c. about 10:00, 11:00. behind it we cleared out. that has brought in some cooler air. you see some of the high clouds coming across the region now with mid-40s in leesburg and frederick and winchester and cumberland at 45, 46 degrees there in martinsburg to 50 in andrews. la plata down to 49 while it's 53 at the naval academy. the winds still gusting to 25 in martinsburg. 26 at andrews and 22 in washington. sunny and brink today. your weekend forecast -- brisk today. your weekend forecast in a few minutes. you're just beginning to see the normal slow stuff on the major thoroughfares. no big incidents to report happily this friday morning, including on the outer loop of the beltway north of town. just got a bit of the slow traffic forming leaving college park as you head over west toward silver spring. we'll take a live look now at university boulevard. the sunshine on the inner loop
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of the beltway may affect your drive as you approach college park. but the outer loop still heading west looks good into bethesda. let's go back over to the maps. heading into downtown using 395 you're going to be okay. a bit of slow stuff through landmark and then you're fine at the 14th street bridge. i'll leave you with a live picture downtown. pennsylvania avenue near the willard hotel and a beautiful shot this morning in the district. coming up in my next report, we'll go over to 270 at 6:42. next week marks one year since the raid that killed osama bin laden and there are new fears as we approach that anniversary. >> it's one of the big stories on cbs this morning. erica hill joins us live from new york. she is previewing that and what else they're covering. erica, good morning. >> hey, mike and andrea. good morning you to. after almost a year after the killing of osama bin laden, there are new calls for terror attacks in the u.s. but how concern should any of us about? former f.b.i. official john miller is here this morning to talk to us about what he's learned about this f.b.i. terror alert. also, 20 years ago hard to believe it's been 20 years; a.
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erupted -- l.a. erupted in one of the country's worst riots. we have home video which shows how the riots pitted brother against brother. we'll have that ahead when we see you at 7:00. happy friday. >> to you as well. >> enjoy your weekend. cue up the song. robert griffin told the hail to the redskins, hail victory. that's how i feel and it feels good. >> skins fans are glowing after the team's first round draft pick. delia goncalves is getting reaction live in new carrollton this morning. hi, delia. >> reporter: good morning. james banks from d.c. is joining us this morning. we were chatting a bit about rgiii. he's a lifelong fan of the skins. tell me about the pick and do you think he can live up to the hype. that's the big question this morning. >> i think he can be a great asset to the football team. he's fast. he's quick. seems to be a very enat the
6:33 am
jents player as -- very intelligent player as well. >> reporter: did you check out he had burgundy and gold sobz on last night. -- socks on last night. he's given a little credit to some fans saying i'm willing to kind of work with you and i hope i can win you guys over? >> oh, yeah. i think that he really wants to be a part of the redskin organization. and i think he'll do well. >> reporter: you said he's also good for morale. why? >> i think the redskins need a boost right now because the past year or so they really haven't had that oomph they need. >> reporter: i'm a transplant like so many people in d.c. i always said folks in d.c., the biggest fans here in d.c. but the skins let you down all the time. why are you so loyal? >> i believe that the redskins are a good team. i think they have all the tools they need to be even greater. and i think with rgiii, that might give them just exactly
6:34 am
what they need to move forward. >> reporter: thanks so much. i hope good things are in the future. we're all hoping for a big win. any super bowl dreams? >> all i can say, go redskins super bowl bound. >> reporter: thanks, james. i know it's going to be a great friday for james. mike shanahan also mentioned he has great expectations for this young man but he's spoken to him already and he believes that rgiii is humble and will kind of not really let all the hype get to his head and let all this publicity get to his head. rgiii is coming to town a little later today to meet with mike shanahan and dan snyder, the leadership of the team. then he'll have a press conference and there will be a draft party on saturday. so pretty exciting weekend so far with rgiii. back to you. >> glad he has his head on straight with all of that coming at him this weekend. thank you, delia goncalves live in new carrollton, maryland this morning. some love between d.c.'s two football teams. d.c.'s united dwayne rosario
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put this video on youtube. he welcomes rgiii to washington. even had a jersey with his name on t. maybe rgiii will make a stop at rfk stadium. >> that's pretty cool. is lawyers for george zimmerman will be heading to court. they'll explain the $200,000 raised by a defense fund website for their client. zimmerman is free on bail right now. he's charged with killing teenager trayvon martin. his attorney mark o'mara says he had no idea about the website or the money it's raised. that site is now off line. d.c. councilman marian barry is trying to make amends to the filipino community. earlier this week we told you about his criticism of immigrants, especially of philippines working as nurses in d.c. hospitals. he's questioned a meeting with the philippine's ambassador here in washington. it's unclear if the meeting will be held. wednesday the ambassador cited barry's comments and called
6:36 am
them narrow minded and said filipino nurses were owed an apology. if you are a regular commuter on metro's circle -- on metro, circle july 1. that's when the fare hikes go into effect. it's a 5% fare hike for trains and buses. the fare for peak rides will be between -- [ inaudible ] bus fares are an extra dime. parking fees another quarter and they take effect sunday, july 1. this weekend there will be no blue line service between rosslyn and the pentagon. the arlington cemetery station will be closed. the blue line trainings will go from franconia springfield to mount vernon square and from rosslyn to largo town center. free shuttle buss will get you around the closure. the first lady welcomed the children of white house staffers yesterday for a take your child to work day. michele obama field add tough question from one girl -- fielded a tough question from one girl.
6:37 am
>> will you ever run for president? >> absolutely not. no. being president is a really hard job and it's an important job. when my husband is running for president, we're right in there. we're serving, too. i think once his terms are over, we'll go on to do other important things because there's so many ways that you can help this country and the world. >> the first lady also told the children she'd love to sneak out of the white house to go shopping and go for a walk but secret service won't let her. time now 6:37. one of our favorite phrases, dolly parton once said it takes a lot of money to look this cheap. jessica doyle shows us the outrageous prices the rich pay to look like regular people. howard says that wind will be with us all day. breezy and sunny, highs in the 60s. up next find out if the weekend is going to be a washout.
6:38 am
we'll be back.
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welcome back. monika santami with time saver traffic. overall things have been looking good on the beltway. in reston lights are out at sunset hills road west of reston parkway. treat that as a four-way stop if you're planning to head over to the north side of town or coming in from the north southbound on i-270 you'll be fine from gaithersburg to bethesda and over to the split heading for the beltway. southbound on 270, you can see traffic still moving very well here. again on the main and hov lanes. same thing with 355. no issues this morning. out west coming in on 66, you've got your slow traffic in centreville. then again route 50 to 123 normal for a friday morning. no issues to report once you're on the beltway through tysons and annandale. inside the beltway a bipt of slow traffic through -- a bit of slow traffic through falls church. northbound on 395 slows from duke vote to seminary road. then -- street to seminary road. then no issues to the 14th street bridge.
6:43 am
another look at the big picture at 6:58. howard is here with your forecast. we're all worried about -- well, we don't worry but we want to know whether it will be a washout this weekend. >> i don't think it will be a washout but later saturday, saturday afternoon and evening, probably will need to wear something to keep you drier. my wife as been asking me for maryland day should i just wear my rain boots? that's a tough call. >> would be 3:00 or 4:00? >> if may be that late if we're really lucky. the wind has been gusting to 30 miles an hour. temps have dipped into the 40s in many areas. a few spots south of town and here in d.c. barely holding to the 50s. the sun came up half an hour ago. we'll have a sunny day today. winds out of the north west at 15 to 20 gursing to 30 with a -- gusting to 30 with 57 by
6:44 am
noon. highs today in the low 60s. your evening temperatures dipping into the 50s. with the winds still up this evening, yeah, there's going to be a definite chill out there. here are the temps now. 44 hagerstown. winchester, gaithersburg 45. you can see the 50s off to the south and east. the patuxent naval air station at 54. fredricksburg 53. easton at 50. some of the wind chills up north have dipped into the 30s. locally we're down to 46 in rockville. 47 in reston. arlington, spring feerld both at 48 -- springfield both at 48. crofton this morning we're looking at 49 degrees. outside check this out at the michael & son weather camera. a couple of high clouds there. sunshine off the capitol dome. a good looking morning. 51 degrees. winds out of the west, northwest. the air nice and dry which is good but we do need more rain and we're growing to get some more later tomorrow, tomorrow night. you can see all of the rain from the central plains. here are the eastern areas in colorado. a little twist in the radar echoes there so low pressure coming out. showers over toward minnesota
6:45 am
even. that's all moving in our direction. looks like the clouds thicken up tonight. tomorrow mid- to late afternoon is when the showers will be approaching the metro. maybe a little earlier out to the west. then your saturday evening plans do look a little bit damp but better on sunday. as we look at the forecast today 62. tonight we'll be dipping into the 40s. might even see some upper 30s as the clouds move in, lighter winds. tomorrow afternoon, evening showers with some luck we'll get through the 4:00 hour without it. maryland day tomorrow 10:00 to 4:00, the campus at college park. hope to see you there. me and a lot of my colleagues at 9news now will be out there. 5 degrees for the high. sunday gets better. we'll be in the low to mid-60s. sunday a late shower. better chance of showers tuesday. look at the heat. mid-80s by the end ever the week. >> thank you, howard. 6:45 right now. this your money segment the price is right or maybe not for
6:46 am
you. guess what the 1% are paying to look like the 99%? i'm your host, jessica doyle. i've got two wonderful contestants here. andrea roane, mike hydeck. wave to the kids at home. of course we welcome you, the wonderful viewers, to play along with us. you ready to play our game? >> yes, yes. >> here is how it works. we're checking out some of the crazy fashion trends going on right now. we're going to show you some images. i want you guys to guess how much people are paying for this stuff. i should say this is inspired by gawker. you ready to play? >> yes. >> our first image please. we're going to check these out right now. these are the paint splatter low top sneakers on preorder right now. these are for men on barny's new york. mike, i want to get your answer first. >> they look like any grandpa's old sneakers. >> that's exactly right, my friend. >> because of the outrageous price of sneakers, i would say
6:47 am
those are $90. >> andrea? >> because people are nuts out there and we see what the kids are wearing, i'm going to say $300. >> i'm going to show you the price right now. ding, ding, ding. $525. >> for sneakers? >> for sneakers with paint on them. >> that's more than air jordans. >> absolutely. we're going to move on. we're going to show you another one because it costs a lot of money to look that sloppy. we're going to show you another image right now. this is the paint splash cap. how much would you pay for this particular hat? >> they had to ship it all the way from france. what do you think? you guess first. >> i'll say -- i'll stick with $300. >> $300 for a hat. i'll go for $450. >> the price is $755. for the interest of time, we're
6:48 am
going to move on to a hoody from -- hoodie. this is the jersey stitch hoodie. how much would you pay for this hoodie from mark jacobs that you can get on e-bay? >> a hoodie and it's from jersey. >> well, it's made out of jersey jersey. >> $550. >> i'll say $1200. jackets are expensive. >> $1235 for a hoodie. that's right, ladies and gentlemen. it can be yours. we're going to give one to the ladies now. we're going to show you a dress that kind of reminds me of three's company. this is the pattern sleeveless maxcey dress. what do you think? >> a lot of fabric. >> a maxi dress, $750. >> i'll say $2,000. >> $1710 is what i'll pay for this. >> i'll sell it to her for
6:49 am
$1500. >> but the sneakers, you get them from your grandpa and really make a bundle. >> who's -- who knows what's going on in the fashion industry. we have the pajama thing. everybody is wearing the pajamas for thousands of dollars. since you were so great as contestants, i have an award for you. these are some old sneakers. you can sell them on e-bay. >> we can do pretty well. >> i wonder just how many they actually sell. it all sounds-- >> the other sneakers you pointed out preordered so people really have to commit to wanting to buy something that looks so attractive. >> thank you, guys. >> you're welcome. as we head out of here, don't forget to have your pet spayed or neutered. a check of the news before you go next. k9 advantix ii.
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not only kills fleas and ticks it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel and a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii.
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just about 6:53. we're looking cool this morning. 51 in town with 40s north and west. a few high clouds this morning and a brisk day with highs in the low 60s. some showers for the weekend. i'll have the seven-day by the end of the broadcast. andrea, over to you. >> thank you, howard. today is friday, april 27. here's a check on the news before you go. -yardley love's mother is -- yeardley love's mother is seeking millions in damage. lots are -- yesterday state commissioners approved plans for a slots parlor to open there within the next two years. it's believed the new casino will raise $20 million in taxes for the state. the lack of offense really bit the nationals last night.
6:54 am
a two-run double in the 8th for the bad drays was -- padres was enough to beat the naptions. time to reveal the anxious to the question of the morning. according to a readers digest survey, most couples argue about which one of these things when they're both in the car. is it a, the temperature of the car, b, when to stop for bathroom breaks or c, the music. >> surprisingly the answer is b, bathroom breaks. >> why would anybody argue about that? >> i don't know. we'll be right back.
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6:57 am
we're back at 6:58. howard and monika have weather and traffic. traffic, if you're planning to head southbound on i-270 the accident before route 2k-8 blocks the left lane. you have this delay from
6:58 am
germantown. 66 only heavy in centreville. if you're heading northbound on 95, we'll go there as well. you ea got slow traffic coming up -- you've got slow traffic coming up from lorton with the lanes open. partly to mostly sunny. winds brink. low 6 -- brisk. low 60s for highs. clouds tomorrow. looks like the showers could be moving in mid to hopefully late afternoon. highs only the upper 50s and sunny on sunday and 64. we want to remind you this saturday it's the 14th annual maryland day at the university of maryland on the college park campus from 10:00 until 4:00 p.m. >> there will be more than 430 events and displays you can sample. we will have a booth so stop by the journalism building and you can try your hand at howard's job, being a weather caster. lots of the 9news now team will be there. i will be live at college park tonight to preview everything at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. >> we'll be in knight hall. we'll have the green screen set up and a special background for maryland day. we'll tell you that as a preview. i'll be there in the morning
6:59 am
till about 11730. >> il-- 11:30. >> i'll be there at 12:30. >> i'll be there at 10:00. >> you get to get a dvd as a keepsake. what's happening on wall street? >> we're looking a little lower this morning but we're up 1.5% on the week. if we have a pullback, it's not the end of the world. cbs this morning is next. the latest on the secret service scandal is widening and harvey firestein will be on. while you're at work or anywhere this entire weekend, you can get your news, weather, traffic all at we hope to see you saturday at the college park campus, university of maryland. until then we'll see you at 4:25 on monday morning. take care, everybody. have a great weekend.


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