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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  April 27, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. we begin with breaking news regarding a series of violent attacks that occurred in the district of columbia. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. police just wrapped up news conference where they announced that they have a suspect in custody. so let's go right to bruce
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leshan. he's at the metropolitan police headquarters in northwest washington. bruce? >> reporter: jc, police believe that they caught this guy, caught him just after he attacked a teenager, his fourth victim with a claw hammer to the back of the head. the suspect is 19-year-old michael davis. he is the brother of two pro football players and he allegedly attacked all four of these people from behind without warning and without provocation. the mayor says he appears to be mentally ill. police had blanketed the petworth neighborhood last night after the three earlier attacks. they heard a 19-year-old woman moaning and crying with a severe injury to the back of her head. they say they saw davis hiding in a nearby alley. they chased him and he allegedly threw a black backpack. they caught him and inside the
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backpack police say they found a bloody claw hammer. the same hammer he may have used to kill a tourist from denver named gary dederichs and critically injured two other people. >> during their pursuit, the officers observed the subject discard the bag he had been carrying. the pursuit continued for several blocks to the 800 block of illinois avenue where the suspect was apprehended by the officers. recovered from the bag that was discarded by the suspect in this case was a claw hammer that is believed to be the weapon involved in this assault last night. >> reporter: one of suspect michael davis' brothers is vernon davis, an outstanding tight end for the san francisco 49ers. his other brother is dante davis. vernon davis tweeted this morning, quote, just got a disturbing call from back home in washington, d.c. a good day
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gone bad. hopefully he wasn't involved. we are expecting 19-year-old michael davis in court here sometime this afternoon. we will let you know how he looks and whether he has anything at all to say. jc, back to you. >> thank you very much, bruce leshan reporting live. the space shuttle enterprise made its grand entrance to the big apple on the back of a 747 jet. pilots flew past the statue of liberty and over new york city several times before landing at j.f.k. airport. crews moved the enterprise from the smithsonian's udvar-hazy center early this morning. it has been replaced with the space shuttle discovery. enterprise will become part of new york's intrepid air, space and sea museum. well, just days before the one-year anniversary of osama bin laden's death, law enforcement is on high alert
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for a possible attack to avenge the death of the former al qaeda leader. tara mergener has more. >> reporter: the death of osama bin laden was year ago next tuesday did not end alki today's threat to the -- al qaeda's threat to the until. the f.b.i. and department of homeland security have issued a joint intelligence bulletin. it warns all law enforcement agencies to be on alert for possible attack but there's no evidence a specific threat. >> at this time we have no credible information that terrorist organizations, including al qaeda, are plotting attacks in the u.s. to coincide with the anniversary of bin laden's death. >> reporter: still former deputy director of national intelligence john miller has no doubt that next week's anniversary is circled on al qaeda's calendar. >> one of the things that came out of the search of osama bin laden's compound was his particular liking for symbolic dates. >> reporter: whilethe main
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concern now is terrorists who can move undetected and strike without warning. investigators monitoring jihaddist websites say there have been new calls for attacks. >> most conversations may be a lot of hot air, but when you read through them, they're very concerning. >> reporter: the u.s. is also concerned about this man, al qaeda's top bomb maker. counterterrorism officials say he's resurfaced and may be planning his next attack. cbs news, washington. 14 members of bin laden's family who were living with him in pakistan have been deported to saudi arabia. d.c. council member marian barry is trying to make amends to the filipino community. earlier this week we told you about the former mayor's criticism of immigrants from the philippines working as nurses in d.c. hospitals.
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council member barry says that he has now requested a meeting with the philippine's ambassador here in washington. it is unclear if a meeting will be held. yesterday the am ambassador called council member barry's comments fire row minded and -- fire row minded and said filipino nurses were owed an apology. the front offices of the washington capitals and boston bruins are speaking out against racist internet comments made against joel ward. he's the capital player who scored the series winning overtime goal wednesday night against the bruins. ward is african-american and he was born in canada. his parents are from bar barbados. a few people posted racist commences against him on twitter and internet sites after the game. ward told our partners at "u.s.a. today" quote, it doesn't phase me at all. he went on to say, we won and
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we are moving on. people are going to say what they want to say. he added the comments did not ruin his celebration. it is official. heisman trophy winning quarterback robert griffin iii is coming to the washington redskins. he is the redskins' highest draft pick since linebacker lavar arrington 12 years ago. the team drafted griffin during last night's n.f.l. draft being held in new york city. for the first time we're hearing from a man who claims that he saw secret service agents in el salvador at a strip club with prostitutes. susan mcginnis explains the latest revelation comes as the government continues to investigate the prostitution scandal that occurred in
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colombia. >> reporter: the secret service sandal appear -- scandal appears to be widening. sources tell kivo tv that see vet service agents hired prostitutes at this strip club just days before president obama and his family visited the country in march 2011. members of the president's advance team were apparently accompanied by this local contractor who wants to keep his identity secret. he claims agents paid strippers to return to their hotel rooms. >> the military, secret service approached them about getting a special service at the hotel. >> reporter: witnesses told kiro tv members of the u.s. embassy in el salvador visited the club as well. the state department says it will investigate. >> we will inquire of our embassy and see what we learn with regard to that. >> reporter: the secret service says it's looking into the el salvador allegations, this as the agency continues its investigation into the scandal in colombia. so far eight secret service
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officers have been forced out after accusations that agents paid for prostitutes in cart again take. earlier this week -- cartagena. earlier this week janet napolitano told congress she believes the incident in colombia is an isolated incident. >> the office of professional responsibility has not received any such complaints. >> reporter: the president's visit to el salvador came a year before his trip to colombia, and members of congress say if the secret service doesn't get to the bottom of what happened, they will. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. coming up next, we're going talk about the danger of dental x-rays making headlines lately. i'll talk to an expert in order to set the record straight. stay with us.
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i'm one on one with the doctor and today we want to talk about x-rays for children and for adults because there's a report that's been out stating that x-rays, dental x- rays in particular, have been linked to brain tumors. so we want to set the record straight. this report is going to be in a very prominent cancer society's
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downal. >> i don't know about the research, if they took into effect the fact people use cell phones. it's not cancerous, just a tombor. it's a benign tumor. it's not a cancer tumor. the amount of radiation you get from dental x-rays is like .2% of the total radiation you get during the year. if you walk around and get in an airplane, just being in the plane, walking to your car, watching tv, you're getting radiation constantly. >> so how often should radiographs be taken? >> we shouldn't take them if it's not necessary. but if it's necessary, it's really important to take it because it shows us decay between teeth and infections, it can affect your health. infection can be dangerous so it's important to take it if it's necessary. >> how about if a woman is pregnant? >> if it's going to affect -- if she has a raging infection that's going to affect her baby, it could affect her baby and her health. we would take precautions.
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>> when we're talking about these brain tumors, you're saying it's not cancerous. it's benign so there is a difference. >> yes. >> all right, dr. alex, thank you for being with us. right now we are going to take a break but howard has the weekend forecast.
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annual maryland day celebration at the university of maryland. it's on the college park complain pus. it -- campus. it starts at 10:00 and will last till 4:00 p.m. there are going to be more than 4030 events and -- 4030 events and -- 430 events and displays. channel 9 will have a booth so we want you to stop by so you can try your hand at becoming a weather caster. who knows, you might replace howard. >> what are you talking about? >> i just thought i would get your attention. also, you'll get an opportunity to meet members of the 9news now team, and you can catch a live preview tonight from college park on 9news now beginning at 5:00 p.m. so we hope to see you on the college park campus tomorrow. guess what? we are saluting seniors this week because we're gearing up for the innovations in aging expo that's going to be held next week. roland jefferson was born in 1923, and he's known as japan's hero. jefferson helped to reestablish
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a famous cherry tree area in tokyo after serving in world war ii he was able to study suology and -- zoology and botany here in washington. he wrote the first history on the district's cherry trees so we salute roland jefferson. also, you'll get a chance to meet more amazing seniors. complete come out to the innovations in aging expo being held at the gay lord national hotel from may 3 through the 5th next week, thursday through saturday and i'm going to be there. if you want more information, just go to my website to get more information. now i want to find out. tomorrow is maryland day. i'm curious about the forecast. rain? >> there will be showers developing later in the afternoon. with some luck we'll get through most of it dry. it may be moving in 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the metro. earlier out west. we have the college park commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the devastating
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tornado in 200026789 i remember that -- 2002. i remember that vividly. i wish could i join you but i'm tied up with a few other things like maryland day which i'll be at tomorrow morning. let's start with our weather as we start with the allergy update because the tree pollen is coming in once again in the high category. everything else is low. that's good news because yesterday the grass was also high. as far as tonight, we have a freeze watch up north. frederick, westminster, winchester, martinsburg, parts of the mountains in west virginia and north of that in southern areas of pennsylvania toward gettysburg. you guys are under a freeze warning as we could have temperatures real close to the 32-degree mark. we'll watch that think if we're lucky the clouds come in. we don't get down that much. so we'll see whether that freeze watch goes to an advisory or just gets canceled. look at winds. 22 out of the northwest. they're gusting 30 at times today. northwest winds still at 19 at 5:00 p.m. with a temperature of 61. we'll see the winds get lighter
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overnight but at 9:00 still out of the northwest at about 12. temps in the mid-50s. we'll dip into the 40s in d.c. overnight but 30s north and west. you can see some of the clouds up north, too, especially in pennsylvania coming in toward northern maryland, northern d.c. as far as the winds they're gusting over 30 in salisbury. 28 at the pax river -- exexcuse me -- excuse me, leonard town. gusts 25 in hagerstown. yeah, the winds are going to continue for much of the afternoon. temps low 50s north. 62 already fredricksburg. 60 in pax river, also in reedville. easton is 55. here in washington looks nice outside. we've got lots of sunshine, 57 degrees. north west wind at 15 and a dew point is at 31 right now. so it is rather dry. we're looking at a storm system right here in the middle of the country. it's bringing showers and storms to nebraska coming out of colorado. and this thing is going to move east and north. it's going to split into two parts. one part to the northern
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plains. the other part is coming here tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. so we start with sunny skies for the most part. again, we've got the clouds up to the north but nice afternoon and evening. overnight the clouds start to thicken up, especially toward tomorrow morning. we'll be mostly cloudy through midday. look what happens. this is 11:45. during the afternoon as the showers start to move in here later in the afternoon, could be a few heavy ones by evening to our north and west. if it works out, most of the day, at least through mid afternoon should be dry. today 62, breezy, winds still gusting to 30. 30s and 40s tonight as the clouds increase. showers develop in the afternoon tomorrow, mid- to late afternoon is what i'm thinking now. 58. so if you come out to college park and see me at knight hall in the morning, that will be cool. sunday sun returns, 64. maybe an early cloud or two. monday 70. showers tuesday, in the mid- 70s. then we get hot, 58 wednesday and thursday, chance of an afternoon storm. stick around. we're going to the kitchen french style. 9news now returns in just a
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today i'm in the kitchen with chef patrice. he is with the academy of cuisine. i took a class at the academy. i had so much fun. i learned how to fix risotto and very so much respect for rit sow toe -- for risotto because it takes so much time to prepare. we're going to talk about wines. you brought several roses.
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>> yes. i have a glass for you already poured. this is a dry wine. it's not sweet. it goes with everything. in america it's in fashion now. it's good to drink rose. it's okay. guys out there, it's okay to drink rose. >> isn't it kind after girlie drink? >> not anymore. lieu good when you drink rose. don't forget, this -- you look good when you drink rose. don't forget, this is in big demand. for six years in a row. this is the leader of making a dry rose. this is in fashion. you are invited to a dinner party and not sure what kind of wine to bring, you cannot go wrong with this. >> you made some pea soup this morning? >> peas are coming in season. i have a nice green pea soup. let me pour a plate for you. that works very well.
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i prepared this this morning. you can see in the summer, summer's coming, nice glass of wine. >> and some lamb. >> look at this. >> look at this lamb. >> again, lamb, people are very excited about lamb because you can eat it cold. again, a nice glass of wine with the rose. you are outside on the patio with your friends. >> look at this. you're a man after my heart. what is this? >> a fresh peach poach with puffed pastry. again, goes very well with the wine. basically anything that you see in here, vegetables, all this very good pairing with that kind of wine. >> if you want to take a class, look up academy decuisine. their information is going to be on my website they have all kinds of classes. i mean all kinds for baking and
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meats and vegetables and they're not expensive. >> not at all. it's a good price on the wine also. you're not growing to go bankrupt or anything like that. please, guys, rose, it's okay to drink it. it's in fashion and you can look as good as we do right now here. >> thanks for being with me, chief patrice. please, come back and visit us at 5:00. we're going to eat that, honey.
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