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tv   9 News Now Saturday at 6pm  CBS  April 28, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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good evening, i'm andrea mccarren in for bruce johnson. up close and personal, redskins fans got what they've been waiting for, a chance to meet robert griffin, iii today. dave owens is live at fed ex field where it is all taking place. dave, quite a welcome for the new quarterback. reporter: hey, what's ghg on, andrea? just a moment ago there were kids running around out here at fan fest. they sort of shooed everybody away because it started to rain here. i'm under the umbrella now. you've been in this community for so long and you know how important football and hence quarterbacking is. on this wet and dreary day,
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fans come out to let rgiii know we want you to succeed really bad. take a look. [ cheering ] reporter: this wasn't a day for practical celebrations. >> you walk into d.c. reporter: you get it, this was rg iii, defcon 5. >> it's great to be a part of the redskins. you know, i take pride in the fact i'll be able to chance to wear the burgundy and gold. reporter: burgundy and gold nation is happy to have you. >> he's coming for dallas and so are we. we want dallas! >> that's all you need to know. reporter: fans all the way in the upper tier and down here. [ applause and cheering ] >> super bowl, baby! [ cheering and applause ] reporter: football is one thing, but the great ones have to deal with the spotlight.
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can griffin? >> thanks to my parents for getting me involved in sports at an early age, doubled the tension pretty quickly and hopefully the spotlight and all the cameras, all the flashes will get worse for everybody because that means we're doing what we're supposed to do and that's win football games. reporter: he's saying all the right things. speaking of which. [ cheers and applause [ >> everybody thinks i was a cowboys fan growing up. i wasn't. reporter: amen. hey, at least they're not setting their sights too high, right, andrea? i tell you what, 19,000 were here today, that's a record for fan fest. coming up later in sports, we'll deal with the burden, how is rg iii going to deal with  the burden of being the man? we'll talk about the caps who lost in game one up in new york city 3-1. that's coming up in sports later. for now, live at fed ex field. back to you in the warm and dry studios. >> thank you so much, dave. we'll see you in a bit. it looks like robert griffin is already making himself at home in the
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washington area. the newly-tapped redskin dined at cafe milano in georgetown. the restaurant is a favorite among washington celebrities and others. that's after reese witherspoon is seen leaving ahead of rgiii. no word on what the new quarterback had for dinner. turning to other news of the day now, a gruesome discovery in district heights has led to an arrest tonight. the body of a pregnant woman was found in the trunk of a car last night. ken molistina is live with more on the case. reporter: andrea, the details behind this case are in fact very gruesome. that suspect is in police custody tonight and the victim being identified as 23-year-old jasmine moss of the 4900 block of murray place in oxton hills. this is the man prince george's county police say is behind her murder. he's 22-year-old nathan cedric rogers of district heights. police say rogers and a victim were in a relationship. investigators were called out here to the 7100 block of mason street yesterday after
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receiving a call of a suspicious vehicle on the block. when they got here, they found moss' pregnant body stuck inside that car's trunk. police say moss had been stabbed repeatedly. >> officers responded out and checking that vehicle, they detected a strong chemical odor emanating from that vehicle. once they got inside that vehicle, they noticed the victim. reporter: again, cedric rogers tonight in police custody, being charged with first-degree murder which is -- what's still a bit of a mystery is what led up to this victim being stabbed, being murdered and put inside that car. that's something the police are still trying to figure out. live tonight in district heights, 9 news now. >> ken, thank you. the teen whose older brothers play in the nfl appeared in court today. 19-year-old michael davis has been charged with two counts of attacking people with a hammer. certificateay chin was inside the courtroom and joins us in the studio with new details. reporter: well, andrea, his
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famous brothers were a no show, but other family members did come in support of davis. there have been major developments in the petworth hammer attack and davis has now been charged with two assaults with intent to kill while armed and now a fifth victim has come forward. michael davis appeared before the judge wearing a white jumpsuit, his family crying as the judge said he would be held without bond. this man who would not give his name says he's the father of the davis brothers. >> [ indiscernable ] my son is innocent and my heart goes out to the family. i know my son didn't do it. reporter: michael davis, the brother of pro tight end vernon davis and dentee davis of the miami dolphins did not show up. the teen is charged with attacking random people within the petworth neighborhood earlier this week. he's suspected but not charged in one attack that killed a
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denver tourist. the defense attorney argued the victims could not credibly identify davis as the attacker because one of the victim whose skull was fractured was hit from behind. the judge overruled and said davis will remain behind bars until the next hearing. >> he looked happy, he looked strong and he showed something in his face that he didn't do it. reporter: police say there is no motive. the mayor says that davis suffers from a mental illness. police say the fifth victim came forward shortly after davis' arrest and police say they're investigating a series of other attacks. the u.s. attorney's office would not comment on additional charges. his preliminary hearing is is set for may 11th. i'm certificateay chin for 9 news now. >> thank you. the sole survivor of a police chase that ended in a fiery crash that left three others dead is suing montgomery county police. 18-year-old rico richardson is seeking more than $10 million. the lawsuit contends that a montgomery county police
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cruiser rammed into richardson's car and caused the crash. rico says he suffered fractured ribs and emotional damage from watching his two friends die in the crash. tonight montgomery county police confirm that a suit has been filed against the department, but a spokesman says police won't comment on an active lawsuit. well, turning to the weather, a chilly saturday evening. what's ahead for our sunday? annie hong is out on the weather terrace to fill us in. reporter: andrea, we've got some light to moderate rain falling here in d.c. a lot of people out partying for tonight because of the white house core respondents' dinner. i've got your rain forecast. i'll let you know when the rain moves out before the sun comes in. 9 news now is coming back. stick around. >> thank you, annie. we'll take you to the big celebration at the university of maryland today. we'll be right back. we want to give a huge thank you for all the folks who came out to see us at
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university of maryland today. of course, 9 news now was a proud sponsor of the event at the campus. check out photos at our website,
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it's back to school for nine news now today and 90 others who flocked to the university of maryland for the annual open house celebration known as maryland day. wusa is a proud sponsor of that event which showcases the
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importance of the university to our region's culture, life and economy. scott broom brings us some of the sights and sounds. reporter: if you ever wanted to be a tv weathercaster. >> two, one. reporter: this was the place to be today. >> and with us is artha glover. winds northwest 10 to 20 knots. reporter: that's arthur glover and his granddaughter bree ann norris. this is the film journal at the university of maryland where they get a taste of the tv business and the magic green screen where we do weather. >> and that's maryland day. [ cheers breablght >> i think you did a britt good job for a beginner. reporter: it is the 14th maryland day, an open house at the university that attracts tens of thousands and comes off something like a big state fair run by phds. we've learned about the science of suppressing fire. [ explosion ] reporter: a
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research tool to hair-raising thrill rides. physics students helped kids make cryogenic ice cream with liquid nitrogen at minus 350 degrees >> it tastes really good. >> it's all about the future. reporter: dr. wallace lowe is the university's president. >> the university is int -- i want gral to the state, the economic development, in terms of enhancing economic life and the production of the next generation of citizens and leaders for the state. >> it'll be breezy and chilly. reporter: it turns out the president might make a pretty good weathercaster too. >> it's maryland day. [ cheers and applause ] rmt reporter: there you have it, maryland day. turns out it's a pretty friendly place and i bet you didn't know that maryland is the metro area's largest university and it brings in a half billion dollars a year in research funding. at the university of maryland, scott broom, 9 news now. >> great job, scott. and all the other folks who
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gave weathercasting a try. will our cool saturday give way to a warmer sunday? annie has an update when we come back. also take a look at more photos from our wusa9 booth at maryland day. thanks to all of you for stopping by and saying hello to many of our colleagues including mike, andrea, monica and howard from our morning team, along with topper, derek, leslie and kristin. be sure to check out the more than 200 photos and videos at our website at we will be right back. [ glass clinks ] i just wanted to say a few words.
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thank you for the lovely meal, jane. mom. and maybe this is just the cake talking but let's celebrate! [ male announcer ] buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake.
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pretty gray and chilly today for maryland day at the university of maryland college park. wusa9 was a proud sponsor of the event. kids had the chance to tape  weather forecasts as you've seen in front of a green screen. we've posted lots of those on our website, annie, i have to say i was particularly impressed with dr. wallace lowe, the university president for giving your job a
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shot. >> i think he did an excellent job. >> all those kids. >> they'll all be here eventually, taking over for me. i was hoping to be out there, but i'm getting a strep throat. stay away from me. i'm on medication, that's the good news. didn't want to get anyone sick over at maryland day today. showers coming down right now. it came in from the northwest. we did see a lot of gray skies out there. in fact, to the south of us we also had some lightning. right now we've got some pretty good showers coming through. let's put this into motion, also pause it for you, show you what's happening right now. you can see the yellows and the oranges, that's a moderate rain that just came through the district heading generally to the east, so 95 is wet, dell city you're looking at pretty good showers down through waldorf as well. a lot of folks will be out tonight for the parties over at the white house correspondents' dinner. you definitely want to bring your jackets and an umbrella. fort washington also getting some pretty good showers at this moment. right now gray skies out there,
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54. the winds are calm. we've got some light rain falling, and temperatures generally in the 40s and 50s. a chilly day today. 54 in downtown, already down to the 40 new zealand gaithersburg and leesburg. fredricksburg 55. pax river in the mid-50s. we should be in the lower 70s for this time of year. our satellite and radar picture showing us, again, those showers came in this morning and also this evening. now another round coming through. overnight, though, we'll start to dry out. but we've got some milder and pleasant conditions to finish off the weekend. chilly with light rain for tonight. you will want your umbrella and jacket, especially for all those party goers. becoming sunny for your sunday, then a major mid week warmup. we're talking 80s. 9 futurecast, again, tonight we'll see the rain coming to an end later tonight. we'll see some cloudy conditions. light rain possible tonight as well and overnight. but then we'll see the clouds clearing out. by early tomorrow morning, and by the afternoon looking at
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more sunshine. it should be a pretty nice finish to your weekend and temperatures will be warmer, closer to our average high of 70 degrees. here's a look at your forecast for tonight. cloudy and chilly with that rain. grab a jacket and umbrella, lows in the 40s. an east wind at five to 10 miles per hour. generally in the 40s, 49 in downtown to mid-40s in manassas, 40s up north in hagerstown. sunday morning mostly cloudy and chilly. just an isolated shower possible. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. afternoon looking at becoming partly cloudy to mostly sunny and milder, highs near 70. a northwest wind five to 10 miles per hour. highs for your sunday most of us getting into the 60s, a couple of 70s in arlington, springfield, close to 70 downtown. annapolis also, you should get up to around 70 degrees. cumberland 63, winchester 67. hagerstown mid-60s. downtown close to 70, pax river looking at 70 degrees as well.
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here's a look at your next seven days. monday looks pretty good too, 67. still a little bit below the average high of 71. a chance of some showers tuesday, wednesday, maybe a couple of thunderstorms. but look at the big warmup wednesday, thursday and friday, into the 80s, even mid-80s for thursday and friday. so if you want the warmer weather, just hang in there, it's coming in the next few days. >> looks great, thank you, annie. let's head out now to fed ex field and dave owens who is among the thousands getting to know rgiii. dave. reporter: yeah, and i've got some news. annie hong, you are correct, it is raining, a lot out here. the rgiii mug fest just won't stop. we'll have all of the sights and sounds from an incredible day here at fed ex field. that's not the only thing going on, we'll catch up with the caps. the game getting away from them in goth a.m. city. sports coming your way next.
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. all quiet out here at fed ex field, but a record crowd earlier today at fan fest. everybody here to see one guy, robert griffin, iii. what a whirlwind it's been for him, marketing campaigns up in new york, draft night, of course, and then this extravaganza with the fans here this afternoon. [ singing ] reporter: that was rgiii speaking to the masses, singing to the masses to gathered to see and scream at the top of their lungs for him. thousands were donning his jersey, the bands were playing, a lot resting on this young man's shoulders. this fan base wants a winner bad. how does he plan to deal with all that? well, let him explain. >> it's about more than just one person. quarterback always gets all the attention, he always gets all the criticism, so it's not necessarily how you can take the praise and the attention, it's how you can deal with the type of criticism that you're
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going to have to get. you know, they brought me in to be the quarterback. so that's what all the excitement is about. it's not just about me being here, it's about the team that's already here, with the addition of myself. reporter: that's your new face of franchise right there. he's heading back to texas, of course, but it won't be long until he returns to the dmv. rookie mini camp is friday, may 4th. full-scale workouts begin may 14th. he'll be back here soon. some wonder how a young quarterback becomes a leader of men. well, griffin has thought about that too. >> i'm familiar with the guys on the team. you know, i want them to know that i am looking them up and thinking about meeting them. hopefully i can form good relationships with them, but i've been doing my homework. i know a little bit about just about everybody because those are my teammates now. reporter: back to the draft. day three in radio city music hall. the redskins going quarterback with their fourth round selection, picking michigan
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states kurt cousins, threw for over 3,000 yards his senior year. also getting linebacker depth choosing keenan dep out of the university of texas. two forced fumbles a year ago. in the fifth round redskins picking up adam getice out of iowa. in the sixth round, adam morris out of florida atlantic. they also chose tommy kauffman. also richard crawford and defensive back jordan bernstien. john beck according to sources released by the team today and i can't help to think how quickly things change. he was the story of last year's off season. apparently not anymore. turning attention to hockey. game one right up i-95, rangers taking on the caps, eastern conference semifinals. let's check it out, see how it went down this afternoon. scoreless 1st period. end of the 2nd, 20 minutes just under 13 minutes to play, home team striking first.
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rangers up 1-0. it stayed that way until late in the period. tamara continues to score. nets one here right before the buzzer. 1-1 heading into the 3rd. typical caps drama, right? an energy burst, two goals in 90 seconds. rangers winning it 3-1. that's game one and the rangers take a 1-0 lead. game two scheduled for monday, april the 30th at 7:30 in new york. the game three will be wednesday night back here at the verizon center, saturday game four. finally what a night in los angeles. bryce harbor the number one pick in the 2010 draft, joining the big club after just 70 at- bats at aaa syracuse. mike rizo wanted to take his time with harper, but injuries to zimmerman and morris and a desperate need for offense has changed the plans, so he's going to be in the lineup tonight against the dodgers. guess what, ladies, steven straussburg pitching tonight as
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well. so it's a huge week, day, night in sports. we'll have it all coming up at 11:00. back to you guys in the studio. >> very exciting for washington sports. thank you, dave. get out of the rain. back to annie. >> yeah, we'll see the rain continue tonight and possibly into the overnight hours. definitely a chilly night tonight. but then we're looking dryer tomorrow, andrea. we'll become partly to mostly sunny by the afternoon. temperatures close to 70 degrees. so definitely warmer on sunday. and then a big warmup into the middle of the week. 80s. >> we look forward to it. thank you, annie. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. have a great evening. blood pressure
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