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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:21pm EDT

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>> good evening. i'm andrea mccarren in for bruce johnson. we have major developments to report. in the series of violent attacks. 19-year-old michael davis is charged with two counts of assaulting people with a hammer. the teenager appeared in court today, along with other family members. his two older brothers play in the nfl but they were not in the courtroom. surae chinn has the latest on this unusual case tonight. >> reporter: michael davis appeared before the judge wearing a white jumpsuit. his family crying as the judge said he would be held without bond. this man who would not give his name says he's the father of the davis brothers. >> my son is innocent, and my heart goes to the family. i know in my heart my son
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didn't do it. >> reporter: the teen is charged with attacking random people in the pet worth neighborhood earlier this week. he's suspected but not charged in one attack that killed a denver tourist. the defense attorney argued the victims could not credibly identify davis of the attacker because one of the victims whose skull was fractured was hit from behind. the judge overruled and said davis will remain behind bars until his next hearing. >> he looked good. he looked strong. and he showed me something, he showed something in his face he didn't do it. >> reporter: police say there is no motive. the mayor said that davis suffers from a mental illness. police say the fifth victim came forward shortly after davis' arrest and police say they're investigating a series of other attacks. the u.s. attorneys office would not comment on additional charges. his preliminary hearing is set for may 11th.
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i'm surae chinn for 9 news now. a prince george's county police officer has been suspended after he was found in a car with a woman arrested on drug charges. officer stephen kingman is a new recruit to the department and is still on probation. kingman was suspended after d.c. police stopped a car carrying him and the woman on friday night. she was charged with drug possession. officer kingman was not charged with any crimes. a grisly discovery in district heights led to an arrest tonight. the body of a pregnant woman was found in the trunk of a car last night along the 7100 block of mason street in district heights. the details are gruesome. police are identifying the victim as 23-year-old jasmine moss of oxon hill. the suspect accused of her murder is 22-year-old nathan rogers of district heights. police say rogers and moss were in a relationship. investigators were called to the crime scene yesterday after receiving the call of a suspicious vehicle. when they arrived, officers found moss' pregnant body
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stuffed inside that car's trunk. >> officers responded out and checking that vehicle, they smelled a strong chemical odor emanating from the vehicle. once they got inside the vehicle, they noticed the victim. >> cedric rogers is in police custody tonight charged with first degree murder. what's still unclear is a motive. in other news tonight, what a thrill for redskins fans, a chance to meet robert griffin, iii. dave owens is here and dave, rg3 didn't disappoint, did he? >> andrea, no, he certainly did not. throughout this entire process, his poise and ability to handle the spotlight or just about any media situation has been marveled at. today at fan fest, griffin was amongst redskins nation. friends, shall i say. a lot of them. >> reporter: this wasn't a day
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for track cal -- practical celebration. >> welcome to d.c. >> you get it. this was rg3 defcom 5. >> so good to be a part of the redskins. i take pride in the fact i'll have a chance to wear the burgundy and gold. >> reporter: and burgundy and gold nation is happy to have you, young brother. >> i know on thanksgiving, he's coming from dallas. so are we. >> we want dallas. >> this is all you need to know. the crowds, fans in the upper tier and down here, i want some predictions, though. give me your prediction. >> superbowl. >> superbowl. prediction. >> superbowl, baby. >> reporter: football is one thing, but the great ones have to deal with the spotlight. ken griffin. >> it can be difficult. the one thing people said it's only going to get worse, but if it gets worse, that means i'm doing my job. i plan on being successful. i hope the redskins, the
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teammates that i now have will join me in that battle. >> reporter: he's saying all the right things, speaking of which. >> everyone thinks i was a cowboy fan growing up. i actually wasn't. >> reporter: amen. >> happy to definitely hear that. it has been quite a week for griffin. your quarterback is now back in waco, texas, and i'm happy to report redskins safely delivered your quarterback back to central texas, but he'll be back here next week. rookie mini-camp begins may 4th. much more on rg3 coming up later in sports. >> what a welcome, dave. thank you. in st. louis, powerful winds are being blamed for a tent collapse that left one person dead, dozens injured. it happened outside a downtown bar where more than 200 people had gathered after attending the cardinals baseball game at nearby busch stadium. strong winds swept up the tent sending poles flying through the crowd and striking several
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people in the head. witnesses say loud music had been playing inside that tent. and that prevented people from hearing the powerful storms approaching. 17 people were taken to the hospital. 5 of them seriously injured. close to 100 others were treated at the scene for minor injuries. the soul survivor of a police chase that ended in a fiery crash that left three others dead is now suing montgomery county police. 18-year-old rico richardson is seeking more than $10 million. he contends a cruiser rammed into richardson's car and caused the crash. rico said he suffered fractured ribs and emotional damage after watching his two friends die. they confirmed a suit was filed against the department but police will not comment on an active lawsuit. in political news at
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today's virginia senate gop debate in roanoke, all four republican candidates were in agreement on one issue. front-runner george allen, tea party leader and delegate bob marshal and chesapeake minister e. w. jackson all pledged support for the 1996 federal law giving states the right not to recognize same sex marriages. also none of the candidates was ready to endorse the republican nominee apparent, mitt romney. today was the first of three debates. the winner of the primary faces former governor in november. washington biggest event this evening is still going strong tonight. we are talking about the 98th annual white house correspondents association dinner. our ken molestina is live at themuseum in downtown washington where the party is expected to pick up. ken? >> reporter: yeah, andrea, they say this is the place where those from the hollywood hills meet those from capitol hill. this after party is expected to bring in a lot of big names
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tonight, but earlier this evening, of course, the main event was just down the street at the washington hilton. streets outsided washington hilton were jammed with traffic and police. this kind of chaos can only mean one thing, the president of the united states, white house journalist and celebrities around the country were inside of what has become nearly a century-long tradition. >> four years ago, i looked like this. today i look like this. and four years from now, i will look like this. >> reporter: in a strange change of order, president obama kicked off the comedy, but it was late night television's jimmy kimmell who had the honor of hosting the dinner. >> i want to thank my tenth grade high school history teacher who said i would never amount to anything if i kept screwing around in class. i'm about to high five the president of the united states.
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>> let's do it. >> reporter: as many expected, the targeted humor was the secret service and the recent prostitute can disable. >> mr. president, i know you wouldn't be able to laugh at any of my jokes about the secret service, so cover your ears if that's physically possible. i do have a lot of jokes about the secret service. i told them for $800 i wouldn't tell them, but they only offered $30. >> reporter: the dinner was well attended by politicians, celebrities and journalists from all networks across the country. together they gave a toast to the first lady and the president. after the jokes and the food, more than 800 people at the dinner will head here to the museum for the aft party. the star-studded event will cap off a night full of humor and casual conversation. >> this is the oscars of washington. and the dinner is just the beginning. the party will end at about 2:00 to 2:30 a.m. maybe. >> reporter: the celebrity list out here is long.
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the party is hosted by clairedanes. stevie wonder, john legend, pierce morgan. the list goes on and on. all of the people cutting loose until 3:00 in the morning. it will be a pretty fun night. >> it looks like a long night ahead. have a good time. >> take care. coming up, a stranded dolphin getting lots of help to head back to sea. is the creature taking the cue? and we will take you to the big celebration at the university of maryland today. a huge thank you to all of those who came out there to see us. wusa 9 was a proud sponsor. check out photos on our website, and it wasn't a complete washout for maryland today, but light rain coming through the area right now. here's a look at your sunday wakeup weather. maybe a chance for a nice little shower early in the morning. a chilly start in the 40s. but we'll be milder,
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temperatures in the 60s by the afternoon. i'll talk about how warm we get coming up when 9 news returns.
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>> even though today was a
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saturday, the 9 news team and 90,000 others headed to school. everyone flocked to the university of maryland for the annual open house celebration known as maryland day. wusa was a proud sponsor of the event that showcased the importance of the university to our region's culture, life and economy. >> reporter: if you ever wanted to be a tv weather caster, this was the place to be today. >> with us is arthur glover. >> reporter: that's arthur and his granddaughter and this is the phillip merrill school of journalism at the university of moreland where 9 news now helps visitors get a taste of the tv business and the magic green screen where we do weather. >> that's maryland day. [ cheers ] >> i think he did a pretty good job for a beginner. >> reporter: it's the 14th maryland day and open house at the university that attracts tens of thousands and comes off something like a big state fair
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run by ph.d.'s. kids learned about the science of suppressing fire. a wind tunnel turned a research tool to a hair-raising thrill ride. they helped make ice cream with liquid nitrogen minus 350 degrees. >> it tastes really good. >> it's all about the future. >> reporter: dr. wallace lowe is the university's president. >> the university is integral to the state in terms of its economic development, in terms of enhancing cultural life and most importantly, the production of the next generation of citizens and leaders for the state. >> it will be breezy and chilly. >> reporter: it turns out the president might make a pretty good weather caster, too. >> here on maryland day. >> reporter: so there you have it. maryland day, turns out it's a pretty friendly place. i bet you didn't know maryland is the metro area's largest university and it brings in a
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half billion dollars a year in research funding. at the university of maryland, scott broom, 9 news now. >> for more pictures from maryland over 200 are online. go to to check them out. a wayward dolphin that has spent two days in a narrow channel along the southern california coast was on its way out to the ocean today when it suddenly stopped and swam back to shallow waters. wildlife experts on paddle boards managed to coax the dolphin toward those open waters but it was spooked by a pair of fellow dolphins. rescuers have so far decided to let the healthy dolphin try to find its own way out. just ahead, rg3 dining out in georgetown. where does a young quarterback go? we'll tell you. and what is in store for us tomorrow? anny is back with the forecast. stick around.
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>> take a look at more photos from our wusa booth at maryland day. thank all of you for stopping by and saying hello. be sure to check out the more than 200 photos and videos now
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on our website at leslie out there, derek was there, topper was out there, andrea. >> i was supposed to be out there but i got sick. i'm on antibiotics. >> i hope you're feeling better. it was pretty cool to see all these people doing a weathercast and took home dvd's. >> they were doing pretty well. makes my job be pretty easy. i guess it can be sometimes. we were looking at showers that came through today, andrea. we only got up to 56 degrees under those gray skies out there. so it was a good day to be inside. plenty of activities at maryland day today. i'm glad to see a really good turnout there. we're seeing light rain come through the area. you can even see lightning strikes, a couple of thunderstorms, maybe south of town, especially in the potomac highlands as well. let's take a look at where it's raining right now. i'll zoom in a little closer
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here. you can see right around the southern maryland, packs river, we saw rain showers go through. the district is wet as we speak. fairfax, light rain as well. the yellow is moderate rainfall. it's been a pretty wet evening for all those party goers at the white house correspondents dinner, i hope they brought their umbrellas. we warped them. right now it's 50 degrees. we've got cloudy skies at reagan national. light wind. and the rain should come to an end overnight. right now temperatures in the 50s in downtown. mid-40s in gaithersburg and leesburg. 49 in fredericksburg. 48 for packs river. our satellite radar picture showing us what came through. tomorrow a nice finish to the weekend. mostly cloudy to start out your sunday morning. maybe an early shower. just maybe. otherwise more sun for your sunday afternoon. then we're looking forward to a
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mid-week warmup, we're talking 80s. all right, here's a look at your futurecast. so showers overnight and maybe a lingering shower early in the morning. otherwise, the clouds will start to clear out by the


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