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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  April 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in a separate part. the doors were open. robin came in and looked around. we had a conversation." he said he played a superhero lightning game with the girls and he did touch his daughter's friend briefly. he said i reached over and touched her on her mid rift with my left hand did. you ever touch her vagina? gardner said absolutely not. the next night was the slumber party where two pirls say he fondled their genitals -- girls say he fondled their genitals. gardner said he went downstairs where the girls were sleeping to lock the doors. he said, "it was quiet and dark. didn't see anybody. i went back upstairs and went to bed." greenspun said did you touch these children in a sexual manner? no. last week a dna expert testified that a profile found on one of the girl's underpants had a probability of one in 20 quadrillion, that's 20 with 160's. it's unclear what impact that might have had on the jury, but
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a defense attorney today told me he thought they turned the dna expert into their witness. tomorrow we'll have closing arguments and then the jury gets the case. i'm peggy fox in arlington, back to you. >> those closing arguments begin tomorrow morning. still no verdict after three days of deliberations in the south capitol street shooting. jurors got the case wednesday. five men are charged in a series of shootings that culminated with a rampage two years ago. in all five people were killed and nine injured in the course of eight days. tonight we're pressing for a followup on a story a lot of you have asked about on our wusa9 facebook page. patricia cook was shot and killed by a culpeper town police officer in february and a lot of you have been asking us to help get justice in the case. we can tell you tonight a special prosecutor in the case asked for a special investigative grand jury earlier this month. but those kinds of proceedings are typically not made public until they reach some sort of
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decision about whether charges should be filed. 9 wants to know the outcome of this case as much as you do. so rest assured we are staying on top of it until we get some answers. tonight police in adelphi are searching for three men who barged into the home of five university of maryland students in the middle of the day. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in adelphi. the house that was attacked by three masked men carrying guns was occupied by three university of maryland students and two alumni. the victims stood outside the home being debriefed by detectives as crime scene technicians scoured the suburban split level home on a cul-de-sac in adelphi. >> one of the suspects pointed the weapon at one of the students in the home and demanded that they find keys to a vehicle. >> reporter: police say a silver 2002 hyundai crv was stolen along with cash, laptop computers, cell phones and according to 911 tapes drugs. >> yeah. she stole money and drugs and did the city get it?
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>> he took my weed and took my rent money. >> the motive in this case is drug-related. >> reporter: scott broom, 9 news now. a man accused of killing his pregnant girl friend was ordered held without bond today in importantly. bruce johnson reports prosecutors have not yet established a motive and they won't say if nathan rogers had help in disposing of the body of jasmine nicole moss. >> now we will never have the opportunity to meet the child and to see jasmine's bright smile and witty sense of humor. >> reporter: anthony brown, a cousin representing the family of jasmine moss whose body was discovered last friday in the trunk of a car on the street in district heights. >> she was pregnant at the time of this murder and we believe that he was the father of the child. >> reporter: state's attorney angela alsobrooks says the man arrested, nathan rogers, was ordered held without bond today. prosecutors are asking for a mental evaluation of the 23- year-old who is believed to be the father of the victim's
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unborn child. rogers had been under house arrest for an unrelated assault conviction. can you help us understand possible motive? >> we're still investigating at this point. >> reporter: here's the big question in all this. he's under house arrest according to prosecutors on hallick street in district heights where the victim was visiting him. if never left the house, how is it that the victim was murdered there as prosecutors say and then her body placed in the trunk of a car which was later found on mason street in district heights? who put her there? >> we believe that the murder occurred in the home and then what happened after that, all of those matters are still under investigation, but we believe that he was in his home on home detention at the time that the offense occurred. >> reporter: jasmine moss' mother was at the press conference, but it was the 23- year-old victim's father who tried to find the words following his daughter's violent death. >> she's a loving daughter. we would never have to see her
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smile again. >> reporter: jasmine moss was an office worker 14 weeks pregnant. prosecutors say she was stabbed to death. bruce johnson, 9 news now. >> nathan rogers is charged with first degree murder. his next court appearance is may 24th. the state's attorney also addressed last week's ruling by the maryland court of appeals' decision to stop some dna collections. angela also brook says prince george's county has had nine cases including five arrests and one conviction just last week. >> it's the way that we have been able to solve many cold cases, especially homicides and rape and as indicated this past friday, we had a wonderful conviction after 10 years a cold case and using dna evidence. >> alsobrooks plans to join with the governor and other state's attorneys from across the state in asking maryland's attorney general to appeal that ruling. trial is getting underway for a second defendant in that maryland robocall case. this time it's julius henson, a
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campaign strategist who worked with former republican governor bob ehrlich. hen son admitting he was behind automated calls on election take 2010 that told democrats to relax because president obama and governor martin o'malley had already won, but henson said the calls were not meant to suppress the vote. paul surek was tried separately in the case and found guilty. a newspaper in atlanta is making accusations about cheating at an elementary school in silver spring and tonight the head of montgomery county public schools is striking back. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan in silver spring where there is angry reaction and denials tonight from the school superintendent and the principal here at highland elementary school to reports in an atlanta newspaper that this blue ribbon might be cheating on standardized tests. was there any cheating here at highland? >> never, never. >> reporter: school officials are blasting the reporter who wrote the story saying he
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ignored the massive influx of resources that turned the school around. >> when the reporter came into the school, he saw all that, yet he still decided to take an angle that somehow any changes in scores have to be the result of cheating and that black kids and latino kids and poor kids can't achieve at high levels. >> reporter: at highland elementary the big banner proclaiming the school and national blue ribbon award winner flies outside and inside, but the atlanta journal constitution questions whether dramatic gains in student test scores at the school are statistically possible. >> this is exactly how the atlanta scandal began. >> reporter: bruce leshan, fox 5 news. coming up tonight on fox 5 news at 7:00 a high school teen gets booted off of the field hockey team but not for cheating. we'll tell you how come this school district says the 13- year-old is just too good to be allowed to play. that's 9 news now at 7:00. >> wow, that's an interesting
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tease. still to come in this half hour, though, students in georgetown take part in a long honored tradition or is it an act of vandalism? >> i'm meteorologist topper shutt. here are the numbers, a little below average, 67 and 50 going in the books, average 71 and 51, record high 92 and record low 34. we will come back and talk about a warm front and tell you what that means for temperatures and if you'll need your umbrella. >> two cyclists, one car and one camera. see what happens next.
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caught on tape, a scary hit and run crash that took out two people on bikes in california. one of them was taping their ride last wednesday when you see that black vehicle, oh, come into them, come in that lane, hit both of them. then the car drives off. now police caught up with that driver last friday afternoon, but the video has gone viral
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since then with nearly a quarter million views on youtube. fortunately neither rider had anything worse than some bumps and bruises. there's some good news on the prices at the pump this week. according to aaa, the national average is down to 3 of dollars 82 for a gallon of regular unleaded. that's down a nickel in the last week. the average in the greater d.c. region is down to 3.91 and you can always find the best prices in our area at just click on pump patrol. if you lake the idea of getting away from -- like the idea of getting away from it all, you might not like this next story. the may ground we know as bethany beach delaware is expanding its coverage for free wi-fi. by memorial day they hope to bring coverage to the beach and boardwalk. the hi-tech kids will be thrilled. customers of bge will be thrilled to hear rates are going down. maryland's public service commission announced today the standard electricity price that takes effect this june will translate to a cut of about $54
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this year. the break is expected to last through may of next year. move over empire state building, there's a new tallest tower in the big apple. we'll take you to 1 trade center up next.
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every 15 minutes for the last eight years the company has snapped a photograph at ground zero. in that time crews have worked on the september 11th memorial and museum and other redevelopment in lower manhattan. as elizabeth cordon reports today, they hit a major milestone. >> reporter: one world trade center is reaching new heights. workers added the column of the 100th floor making it 1,270 feet high, higher than new york's previous tallest skyscraper, the empire state building. >> no matter what the obstacle is we're faced with, we will survive and resurface.
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we can do this. >> it is a symbol of liberty and pride for our entire country. it's a symbol of determination and ingenuity, of the men and women who worked tirelessly to build what is perhaps the most complex construction project in our history. >> reporter: when it's finished in 2014 the building is set to reach a symbolic 170,076 feet high. it will have three observation decks and -- 1,776 feet high. it will have three oak decks and twin -- observation decks and this will be bronze panels framing the pools. mike manila helped build the original trade center and watched it fall. he's now part of the team building one world trade center. >> i think as people look at the building from far and realize the site it sits on and what it was about and how people will go forward from
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this moment, it's an exciting time. >> look beautiful. now speaking of heights, don't be surprised to see strange aircraft in the skies. norad and the faa are conducting tests in the d.c. area the next couple weeks. small aircraft, even some radio controlled models, could be buzzing the quantico area and region as long the potomac river, all of this during the day and overnight. today is the last day of classes before finals at georgetown university and tonight a time honored tradition is leaving. the healey clock tower looking a little different. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher at georgetown university where somebody has stolen the hands on the iconic healey clock tower. ask anyone on campus who is behind it and they'll say -- >> some seniors. >> definitely a senior guy probably. >> multiple senior guys. >> it's a tradition and i think everyone tries to do it by their senior year. >> reporter: the last time it was pulled off was in 2005. the two students even posed
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with the hands and posted the picture on facebook. after that the university beefed up the clock tower's security, but seven years later it's happened again. a university spokeswoman says georgetown's department of public safety is investigating the missing hands on the healey chock tower. breaking into this area and remove -- clock tower. breaking into this area and removing the clock hands are serious violations. we are teaming up with another local university to give you a new ipad. log onto facebook. like our wusa9 page and you'll have a shot at that ipad and a university of maryland survival kit filled with all kind of things from the school. we'll announce the winner in mid-may. let us take a moment to thank all of you who came out to maryland day saturday. this event drew an estimated 90,000 people to the college park campus. wusa9 was a proud sponsor of the event designed to showcase
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the importance of the university to our region's culture, life and economy and we had a lot of fun, didn't we? >> we did. >> all those folks were making videos with you guys. that's great. >> they were making videos and i think they saw that what topper does and what we do is not as easy as they thought, you know. >> it's a little weird. i try to tell them it's a little backward. >> tell her about the fun little kid, the two kids that had green tops on and you can't wear green up against the wall. >> they had fun because you put her hood up and turnedded her around. all the kids got d -- turned her around. all the kid got dvd. >> a little cooler than average day, but nothing crazy and tomorrow right back to june and july. let's start with a live look outside. we have clouds. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son. temperatures mid-60s after a high of 67, down to 66 at national. winds are southeast at about 9 and the pressure falling now
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30.16 inches of mercury as we go through the next few days, winds are going to be component. they have an easterly component, that will keep us out of the warm sector. saturday picture radar combined, this is a cold front. we'll worry about a warm front which is now just to our west. it's going to work its way northward throughout tomorrow. as it does so, we're looking at an increased chan of showers and thunderstorms. these showers and thunderstorms back to the west and ohio, they will stay to the west of us tomorrow. as the warm front fins to bush through, that will give us increased showers and thunderstorms. it's not going to rain everywhere. they are scattered both in the morning and afternoon, but the good news is we'll be about 80. 64 now in bethesda, 65 rockville, mid-60ors downtown and college park and beltsville 63. out to the west pretty uniform, 64 in reston, with 3 leesburg
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and 66 in manassas -- 603 leesburg and 66 in ma -- 63 leesburg and 66 in manassas. a shower or thunderstorm possible tonight and on wednesday and thursday we're mild, not quite as warm but mild. for tonight mostly cloudy, mild, shower possible after midnight, lows in the 50s, winds out of the southeast at 10 to 15. tomorrow notice the winds. they go southwesterly. that will enable the warm front to move north ward, a shower or thunderstorm possible, 50s and 60s, but by afternoon it pays dividends, partly sunny, warmer, shower or thunderstorm possible, high temps around 80. next seven days looking at temps falling back into the 70s wednesday and thursday as front dips sought. the winds turn a little easterly and then friday we're back in the middle 80s, low 80s saturday, maybe a thunderstorm and then we are looking at a little cooler weather, but not much, low 70s sunday with sunshine and 70 monday. >> we're loving this, sunshine.
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>> happy may. >> i like the 8s in the forecast. tonight could be reception night for the caps. >> it could be. they did it before. here's hoping they can do it again because an 0-2 hole would not be ideal. the caps have a chance to take things up, but did saturday's loss think tear confidence? plus two more basketball stars in trouble when sports returns after this.
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i'm anita brikman with this health alert. labor is taking longer. compared to the '60s modern women spend two to three hours more giving birth. moms today tend to be older and they also get epidurals for pain relief which can slow down labor 40 to 90 minutes.
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now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> heavy into game want capitals find themselves in fame place -- the capitals find themselves in a familiar place, the underdogs, down one in the series with another to may on the road. we were here just a week ago when the caps were tied up in a double overtime win, but that sharp team didn't show up on saturday. we saw more of the regular season caps than those we've seen so far this postseason. several mental errors and mistakes allowed the rangers to score. there is no room for that tonight. >> margin for error gets smaller and the intensity level has got to go up to try and find those holes and make them make mistakes. >> we want to get on the board first and play with a lead and make them come out of their shell a little bit. >> braden holtby trying to rebound from his worst game in the postseason saying he never really found a rhythm. the rookie net minder allowed
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three goals in the caps most lopsided playoff loss so far. >> technical things that i'd like to do better and move on. it's a new game today and just trying to approach it with the same mentality as i have before. >> that game at 7:30 tonight. to soccer, an english premier league showdown between manchester united and manchester. look at this header by vincent company. that is the game's ongoal. manchester city wins 1-0, their first title since 1968. two more maryland basketball players in trouble today, sophomores michael parker and terrell stoglund have been suspended the rest of the year for is righting the student athlete code of conduct. because of that the team's heeding storer will enter the upcoming -- leading scorer will enter the upcoming nba draft after his teammate was arrested this morning for disorderly conduct. virginia tech has a new
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head basketball coach. james johnson, a former hokies assistant will take over. john on had left two weeks ago for a job at clemson. time now for our latest high school game of the week poll. here's some of your choices. gonzaga at landon at boys lacrosse and go online to vote. the home run golf tournament in leesburg today, the public plays alongside wounded warriors and returning veterans and the money raised supports servicemen and women and their families at operation home front. so at least the rain stayed away. they had some nice weather to be on the course. >> well, this is it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> derek is back at 7:00 with our area's only local newscast. don't forget to join us bright
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and early tomorrow morning at 4:25 a.m. >> as always, is always on. have a great night.


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