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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  May 17, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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little cloudy this early morning. but it's going to be looking good the rest of the day. we promised. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck, thank you for joining us. we have temperatures in the mid 60s depending on where you live. monika samtani is out this morning. she's going to be live on the dulles greenway -- the charity she's talking about and we'll let you know about that in just a moment. plus we have beverly farmer in with timesaver traffic. >> right now howard bernstein has a good looking forecast. >> oh, yeah really nice. gotten rid of the humidity levels up north. the drier air is moving in down south. sunrise actually occurred a few minutes ago. we're going to see a lot of it today. going to be outside, sun block, sunscreen maybe a wide brimmed hat. 65 at noon. just a bit of please at times out of the north northeast at 10 to 15. 5:00 p.m. temperature still of 73. cold front came through with some showers in pennsylvania. not much fanfare around here. and temperatures have already dropped into the 50s north and west of town.
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still some mid 60s in fredericksburg. we sit at 65. monika's on assignment. right now beverly farmer has the timesaver traffic. howard right now headed on the outer loop of the beltway or about to out of landover. college park into silver spring. typical volume building delays on the left side of the screen passing university boulevard. not bumper to bumper just heavier around georgia avenue and silver spring. the volume building on 270 to get to hyattstown primarily. 95 virginia, because of the late to clear construction. the last hour, northbound 95 delays are beginning near -- near the exit for 17 coming up out of stafford to warrenton trying to come north on 95. here in dumfries the pace is pretty decent. prince william parkway across the occoquan then heavy getting on to the beltway in springfield and then on to 395. open to the 14th street bridge. your next timesaver traffic
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report comes up at 6:16. ♪ that's the song you'll be hearing all across the region this morning as people pay tribute to chuck brown. the d.c. music legend died yesterday. he was 75 years ode. chuck brown was born in north carolina but he made his name on the d.c. music scene in the '70s. literally made his name over because he went to jail as one thing and said never going back to jail. i'm going to be chuck brown and never went back to jail as that name. in 2009 part of 7th street near t street northwest was renamed chuck brown way. he played live concerts up until last year. he was even honored by the national symphony orchestra last september. >> when anybody you meet talks about chuck brown they instantly smile. you'll notice that. a crowd gathered outside the howard theater last night for an impromptu vigil last night to honor chuck brown and it wasn't a sad event. it was a celebration of his
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music and a lot of people were dancing. chuck brown called his music go- go because it just kept going. he created the continuous beat to stock the dance floors at the clubs from clearing out. >> delia goncalves is live at the studios in maryland with more on the legacy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know we were watching that footage of folks dancing and having a good time at howard theater and you know i don't think we have enough room here in the pgc studios -- for free to really show us her skills because she told me that she's a pro. >> no i didn't. >> reporter: you did. she's a transplant from massachusetts just like me. we just -- >> thank you. >> reporter: discovered that. >> they introduced me to it in 2000 at kings dominion and i couldn't keep up and i can now. but such a sad thing but people are celebrating and that's what's beautiful about it. he touched so many people. >> reporter: you learned about go-go in 2000 when you worked
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for b. e. t.. you're about to hit the aerowaives in couple of -- air waves in a couple of minutes or. so you remarked that just the love the folks have for this man and just kind of the inspiration that folks have right now. >> yes, it's not just about his music although the muse sick what touched everybody and got everybody together. he just seemed like a very personable person. i interviewed him once and met him. people just love him. ill think it's the call and response thing he does. his records are like ten minutes long and people still you know -- they get down to chuck brown. so it's just -- it's amazing to see all the love that he's getting and i know the family is going through a tough time right now but i think all the love is going to help everybody just celebrate his life. >> reporter: what's on tap for your show in memory? >> we're going to talk to some listeners and have people call in. because i'm sure people have things they want to say and share. we're going tabella some go go right deejay heap? he says that's right. if she says that's right, that's right. we're going to just celebrate
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the man, his life. all his accomplishments and the music that he left us with forever. 30 years of go go. >> reporter: yep, the music, inspiration, the love, the party goes on and continues here at pgc. tune in and watch us for the next hit. we're going to come back here live in a half hour and talk more with free. thank you. >> again as we've been saying you can't help but smile even though people are sad at the loss of chuck brown. you smile thinking about him and his music. delia goncalves live at wpgc studios in ran ma'am. maryland. our coverage continues on line at learn more about how go go music began and its legacy. check out the photogallery of chuck brown through the years. and share your thoughts by visiting the facebook page. it is 6:05 now. later today, we could learn the identity of a man who was found shot inside a car in fairfax county. he ended up dying overnight. police were called to mount
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vernon. they found a man in his 40s with self-gunshot wounds. -- several gunshot wounds. there's no suspect or motive in the case police cay. a congressional sub committee is weighing in on an abortion bill but the leader won't let eleanor norton speak at the hearing. arizona republican trent franks wants to ban abortions in d.c. after 20 weeks. he says there's already one democrat speaking at the hearing. and maryland governor o'malley says there will be another special session. this will be number two. in july lawmakers will decide whether or not to give the go ahead for a casino in prince george's county. the governor announced that right after lawmakers approved the tax hike on six figure earners in the state after maryland. that will affect about 14% of the residents but a whopping 27% of the people in montgomery county will be affected. 6:06. jessica doyle is watching your money and the things we like to
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get for free. >> uh-huh. including wi-fi and apparently there's one restaurant that's really sort of i don't know taking a beating. it's getting crushed. hao do you say that -- how do you say it? >> have you ever noticed you go to panera bread? it's no coincidence eight years ago panera started hyping free wi-fi and this may have worked a little bit too well. our partners at "usa today" report that it's become a challenge for panera to meet the wi-fi demand. the company's network sometimes gets clogged up because so many people are online at once and some locations are now restricting use to 30 minutes at a time. interest in free wi-fi seems to be jumping as carriers crackdown on data plans. and that's exactly what we're seeing over at verizon. this summer verizon wireless customers with unlimited data plans, they're going to have to switch to tiered plans when they upgrade their phones.
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verizon stopped allowing new customers to buy unlimited data plans a year ago. sprint is now the only national care year that allows -- carrier that allows unlimited data. and we have become a nation of data hogs. in part because of all the apps we're downloading. there's been a major surge in smart phone use and app downloads over the past year. half of the u.s. population now uses smart phones my mom has an iphone now. nielsen says the top five apps though not changing. facebook, youtube, android market, google search, and gmail. are the top five. >> doesn't surprise. >> we pretty much all have that on the phones. this morning monika samtani is going to extra mile. a couple of miles in fact. she's working as a toll taker on the dulles greenway. >> all for a good cause. good morning monika. >> reporter: good morning guys. it is for a great cause.
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i'm having so much fun with everyone here collecting tolls. say hi. >> hi. >> reporter: she's also doing a great job. with the big smile on her face. that's because it's the seventh annual dulles greenway drive for charities. it benefits five local charities and a fantastic local scholarship program. 100% of all tolls collected will go to charity today so stop by. last year they had 59,000 or 56,000. today they're hoping for 60,000 cars in a 24 hour period. they want to raise $260,000. they've had 2800 cars and $14,000 raised so far. i'll have an update and talk to a charity as well locally in about 30 minutes so stay with us. back to you guys. >> thank you monika. the time 16:09. howard somes up today's forecast with one word -- great. sunny skies and highs in the 70s a look ahead to the weekend is next. >> in eight minutes it's time
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for cool schools. you heard the phrase don't touch that remote. right? well, this week's cool school that's exactly what they want them to do. it's making math and english a lot of fun. wait until you see it.
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we are back at 6:12 this hour morning, here's a -- thursday morning, here's a check on what's making news, new evidence shows that trayvon martin was just inches from george zimmerman when the
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teenager was shot and killed in february. a medical report found he had a broken nose and black eyes which bolster his self-defense claim. president obama is telling congressional leaders he wants to work with them but he won't repeat last year's standoff. the president met with house and senate leadership from both parties yesterday. and here's the news you've always wanted to hear. coffee drinkers more likely to live longer. the study of 400,000 people was done by the national cancer institute and it found regular or decaf doesn't matter. i'm not a coffee drinker. >> you won't live very long. so? i didn't mean that. >> my early demise huh? [ laughter ] >> let's get moving to weather now. >> all right. >> your bus stop forecast on this thursday morning. >> a coffee drinker. i'm going with it. >> it's one of my last few
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mornings here apparently on the planet that is. >> i'm not a big coffee drinker. i have my tea. >> mainly clear and comfortable. sunshine. 50s and 60s. sunrise at 5:56. that happened a little while ago. we have a good looking day -- >> i will outlive -- >> really bad breath that's what he said yes. 5:56 on the sunrise. your day planner sunshine all day today. we could have a little bit of breeze too out of the north northeast 10 to 15 miles an hour. 6th by noon. only -- 69 by noon. only mid- to upper 70s out there. got some cooler air moving in. look at this pittsburgh is 40. cleveland is 9 but still 60s here but the air is coming from the north to the south as the front has passed and locally temperatures down in the 50s now. mid 50s in lovettsville and leesburg and haymarket.
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62 arlington. south and east some lower 60s there in prince george's county as well. baden 62 and as we look outside on the michael & son weather camera, now we're seeing some sunshine. pretty sunrise out there with just a couple of high clouds. off the capitol you can see the colors in there. partly cloudy skies. north wind at 15 miles an hour. and the humidity 70%. these numbers are developing, the drier air is mopping in -- moving in and it's going to feel great today. high pressure in the middle of the country. a lot of moisture from florida up and down the east coast. this is what was on top of us a couple of days ago when we had the early rain. it's still here and for the short-term the next new days with the front coming through we're going to take the axis of moisture and push it away from us but early next week might be trying to inch back. over the next few days on the futurecast, all is quiet well south and southwest no showers. so no big concerns here weather wise. sunshine, don't forget the sunscreen. 75 degrees. 40s and 50s tonight. it's going to be a chilly night
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tonight. great tomorrow. joint services open house with d. o. d. members and school groups should be fantastic. preakness saturday. and 79 degrees. early next week that's when things become more unsettled. it is 6:16. beverly farmer, do you drink coffee? actually no. northbound on 95 you have -- well your coffee in hand and a slowdown through stafford county because of the late to clear construction last hour. northbound 95 beyond that though heavy volume in lorton. springfield all lanes are open. 395 building volume through lands mark but no big deals in your path heading to the 14th street bridge. outer loop of the beltway andrews landover that's your plan just the building volume heading west from new hampshire avenue around the georgia avenue. all lanes have been open there. your next timesaver traffic comes up at 6:25.
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mike back to you. thursday cease here, that means the cool schools bus is on the move. this week in hyattsville, maryland, at rosa parks elementary. their students are ready to buzz in with the best answer. >> robert drew a quadry lateral. the length is -- name the quadrilateral that robert drew. >> quick quizzes at rosa park elementary school feels like a game show. >> the polling is open. if you want to click in the answer now. >> work on the problem starts on a dry erase marker board. >> what strategy did we talk about this year? >> there it is. all right. good job. all right. >> a program called turning points provides an instant graph right on a board showing the percentage of students who got it right. >> you can do more with it.
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you can learn faster. >> mr. wright says it makes the exercise more fun. it shows them that students need more review and it helps him organize the class too. >> it helps when making different groups i can put my very strong students with you know people who need some more help. >> she sells -- i can't do it. i can't do it. all right. >> it also spurs conversation according to english teacher sheffield which really helps students stay engaged. >> the kids are interactive. we do talk. we do get a little loud and i think they enjoy it yes, no, yes, do you? >> less boar egg is -- boring is a good thing. >> i like the two salts but i want to get better at math. >> you're in good company with that one brian. me too. you want to do better at math. i understand that completely. as do -- a lot of people we were talking to about the story. hey if you have a cool school e- mail us to -- love to feature your school coming up. and it's going to be a lot of
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fun. we had a great time there. our time is coming up on 6:19. next in sports one national came up big against a former team last night while d.c. united had a shutout in its home stand. >> right now it's time to get a look at the question of the morning. ♪ you hear that music? it's chuck brown and -- >> a lot of o our facebook friends are -- our facebook friends are taking a pass on this one here because i think if you're from d.c. you know this answer. take a look and you guess. find out if you're correct at 6:49.
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welcome back. 6:222. your weather first and you might need a light jacket this
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morning in hagerstown and parts of the shenandoah valley. a gorgeous day ahead. we're going to have sunshine a bit of a breeze north to northeast 10 to 15 but look at the of thes upper 60s -- of temperatures upper 60s to 70s at lunchtime. in sports the nationals and pirates wrap up the quick series tonight and the nats are back the first place this morning. >> game one of the series last night pitcher gio gonzalez has been great for washington this year. four hits last night and striking out ten. former pirate adam laroche came up big at the plate. he went 3-4. he had a home run and four rbis. that stops the bucs 7-4. the orioles and the royals went 15 innings last night in kansas city. tied at 3 baltimore's adam jones blasts one over the wall in left field. that's the 12th home run of the year, o's win 4-3. they are tied for first in the a. l. east. d.c. united kicked off a three game home stand last
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night at rfk hosting the colorado rapids. duane de rosario scored in the 25th minute. that's his third goal of the season. d.c. wins 2-0. washington hosts toronto saturday night. time now 6:24. still ahead some new information in the murder of a marine in the district. find out why it's being called a hate crime. >> plus a story you'll hear before you make dinner plans for the weekend. learn just how many calories can be in a single appetizer. >> don't grab the keys just yet. find outside what the traffic is -- out what the traffic is doing. beverly farmer over to you. >> headed out the door if you are headed out the door and headed on to 66, here's what's ahead of you here in the fair oaks. still delays in manassas to getting past the rest area but all lanes are open into falls church and rosslyn, your next check of traffic is coming up. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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we are back at 6:29. this is always the place to get your weather first. here's a live look courtesy sky 9 at woodbridge. virginia. here it's not so bad but if you're in the traffic i'm sure you're not happy about it. 63-degrees the start of what's going to be a great weather day. >> uh-huh. great weather stretch in fact. thanks for starting your day with us, i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane, meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with more on the forecast.
6:29 am
>> yeah, i've been enjoying the nice morning out here. birds are singing and the air is dry now. it really feels pretty good. a little bit obviously pollen in the air and a little bit of a breeze but it's going to be a great day. the day planner as we look outside at the sun off the capitol dome. temperatures this morning in washington at 65. we're going to drop more and recover to 70 by noon and low to mid-70s here for highs this afternoon with the north wind at 10 to 15. had a cold front come through overnight really without much fanfare. some high thin clouds in spots this morning although looking up here on the weather terrace barely anything in the sky. 50 cumberland. still low 60s manassas, la plata and culpeper at 61 while it's 68 in annapolis. a quick look at highs tottened sunshine. it's going to be -- under sunshine. it's going to be great. frederick, baltimore, d.c. manassas maybe 77 in culpeper and some lower 70s out in the shenandoah valley and also on the bay.
6:30 am
it is 6:29. we'll check in with beverly farmer who's looking at timesaver traffic for you. howard, 95 has a rough start in stafford this morning because of late to clear construction in the 5:00 hour. here's 95 getting into springfield which looks pretty good heading to the beltway ask on to 395. volume delays in wood ridge heading north of lorton to newington but a good pace on to 395 here. 66 still delays through manassas getting into fair oaks and the beltway from vienna making your way inside the beltway in the magic hour when hov rules kick in. the lanes are open to the roosevelt bridge. right now on the outer loop of the beltway from andrews and landover pace is pretty good. the outer loop of the beltway will slow west of new hampshire off and an past university boulevard and colesville road to get to georgia avenue in silver spring. 270 delays still volume getting
6:31 am
into hyattstown coming into germanton now. consider the sun glare for the drive too. weak to you. tomorrow's i po for facebook is going to make a lot of people a lot of money. in not a lot of time. but is the company worth the cash? >> our partners at "cbs this morning" are taking a look at that. charlie rose has a preview. wow, a lot of dough charlie. >> one of biggest we've seen in a long time. good morning mike and andrea. ahead, one little link has clicked two billion times every day. we'll look at the true value of facebook's "like" button. also an expert on anything in 10,000 hours? we'll meet a man who's testing that idea on the golf course. plus a few things you haven't heard about oscar winner billy bob thornton. he'll be here in studio 7 at 7:00. all right charlie, we'll be watching. ♪
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you're going to hear plenty of that go go beat today. the washington region is remembering the life of chuck brown. he died yesterday. that never ending beat was perfected by brown and turned into go-go music because -- it keeps going and going. brown was a legend in our area playing live concerts until he became sick with pneumonia earlier this year. he was 75 years olds. >> just can't help but smile when you hear that music. mayor vincent gray released a statement thanking brown for putting d.c. on the music map, quote he said -- >> with more on his legendary contributions, delia goncalves is live at the wpgc studios in maryland where they'll have plenty of chuck brown on the
6:33 am
play list today. delia? >> reporter: absolutely. lots of chuck brown and lots of memories. we're having fun here with free and tony reds. we've been talking about -- our memories of chuck brown. even if you're a local or you're a transplant like free and myself are. but taking a lot of phone calls from listeners and from fans. and surprisingly lot of young folks. >> 12 years old. a young man named malcolm just called and said when he and his dad are feeling down they get in the car and play chuck brown. that's just a beautiful story and brown is actually inside of ebony magazine this month on page 60 for music legends. this is just -- it's just crazy the timing but 12-year-olds. and -- this guy said his 4-year- old brother's knows. dancing on stage. really touch sod many people and i don't think it's just the music, his personality too. >> reporter: you interviewed him once and said he was a very humble person. >> i remember you. i remember him saying that. you're that girl in d.c..
6:34 am
when he said that i just was like yeah, yeah. >> reporter: oh my god chuck brown knows me. >> i felt you know honored and because go-go is such a big thing all the new artists in d.c. are coming up behind him and he paved that way for them. it's such a big culture of music here and family and you know by going -- it's all about music in d.c.. it's a big loss. >> reporter: tony reds i know you rhymed with tcb the go-go bands. he's influenced your life in so many ways. >> he started the roll call. like a call and response. he touched on jazz. he sid the song "misty blues." when you think about chuck brown, he had a gospel song. a lot of people don't know that. you think about all genres of music. >> he freestyled at 75 years old. still one of the illest freestylers. >> yes, he did. i want to see faces not signed.
6:35 am
save a line. >> reporter: so popular, wind me up chuck. i got it right. >> it sounds like they're getting the party started and we tacked about a danceoff since free was really bragging about the skills. >> delia, i did not. >> reporter: yes, she was. she completely was. now listen i'm pregnant and it's not good for the baby. i'm going to back out. and let y'all do the danceoff. >> we need the music. you got to have the music. >> he's going to teach me again -- i only know a little. i don't know the go-go, i know the go. >> reporter: there we go. >> okay, i'm going to do -- a little benny. okay? you got to do the girls. the girls shake it like you know uh. and -- ♪ >> i like that one. >> you got to bend over a little bit free. you got to shake it like that. >> it's shaking all right, it's shake, go-go. rest in peace chuck brown. we love you. whoo!
6:36 am
you going to turn with it. oh! [ laughter ] >> delia left the other massachusetts girl to handle it. the baby won't let her do it. delia live at the studios in maryland. again, you can't help but smile even though people are sad about the death of chuck brown. our facebook friends are leaving their thoughts on his death. hope writes -- and sean posts -- share your thoughts today by going to our facebook page. 6:36 now. according to prosecutors, the murder of a marine by another marine in the district was a hate crime.
6:37 am
lance corporal phillip bushong was stabbed to death last month and yesterday prosecutors say he was stabbed by michael poth after poth saw bushong hug a gay friend. the two starts fighting and think -- started fighting and that led to the stabbing. the d.c. council has voted to exempt its employees from background checks on the criminal and credit history. the "washington examiner" reports some of these employees handle sensitive city government documents. governor gray has to plans to seek a similar exemption for executive branch employees. last year mayor gray ordered more thorough screenings of the top aides. people across frederick county, maryland are bracing for the g-8 summit. it begins tomorrow at camp david in you this month. the agenda will focus on the economic crisis in europe. a few miles away the downtown frederick occupy protestors are
6:38 am
expected. schools will be closed in the county tomorrow to keep people off the roads. police there are on alert and say their goal is to keep the peace. 6:38. jessica doyle is watching your money. >> and a price war with hybrids? >> that's right. we love a price war right? because the consumer usually wanes. in this -- wins. in this case we're talking about a price war on hybrids. ford, taking on toyota. ford's new c mac hybrid small minivan will have a base price just under $26,000 when it rolls out this fall. that's up $500 less than toyota's prius v wagon. now ford also says c mac has fuel economy that will beat the prius v.. an estimates 42 miles a gallon combined city and gallon. so far toyota has dominated the hybrid market for more than a decade. if you own a pair of shoeup shoes get ready for refund checks. the footwear company will pay $40 million to settle charges
6:39 am
it deceiverred consumers with its ads. there's no scientific proof that shapeup shoes will actually help you lose weight or even tone up. if you count calories don't order an appetizer weapon you go out to dinner. they are calorie bombs. do not do this. listen no this research -- it shows that appetizers average 813-calories. that's even more than the main entrees which average 674- calories. the results come from a new department of agriculture study. also finds 96% of main entrees sold at top chain restaurants exceed daily recommended limits for calories, fat and saturated fat. family restaurants the worst offenders. much worse than fast food chains. >> duh. why do you think they taste so good? >> exactly. deep fried chicken fried steak with gravy on top. come on. >> sounds fantastic. >> the appetizer amazing they have more calories than the
6:40 am
entrees. >> people think they're saving by getting two entrees. >> nope. >> oh well. it's always good to know. >> thanks jess. its is 6:40. howard says sunny skies today. highs in the 70s ahead learn just how long this pixture perfect weather -- picture- perfect weather will last. >> here's a live look. the lovely monika samtani is playing toll taker today. it a all for a good cause. we will explain and check in with her when 9news now returns.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. friday eve. edition if you will. checking your timesaver traffic, we've got problems on the beltway as you head out of college park into greenbelt with a crash on the inner loop right side of the roadway blocked. unusual inner loop delay and also into the sun flair. typical delays west of here around georgia avenue with the lanes open. a tough drive in still trying
6:45 am
to recover in stafford on 95 to get through there. the pace here in spring fold though is great heading up on to 395. not too bad into landmark or heading for the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open on the freeway and the bridges in southeast checked in incident- free. we'll cheek of timesaver traffic again at 6:58. back to you. howard? >> mike andrea? incident-free sounds good almost as good as howard's forecast. >> yeah, we're losing the humidity right now. cooler drier air moving in and it's going to be gorgeous here. >> how about san diego? >> you're going to like it. you're going to like this sort of weather. i don't know. exactly. what's wrong with you? all right. the weather, this is the allergy update. i really love the rain. the allergens really love the rain earlier this week. the numbers came in -- so yeah, take your poison there one of them is probably getting you here with the sniffles. the bus stop forecast, got mainly clear skies. a great deal of sunshine right now. comfortably cool.
6:46 am
50s and 60s to tart. our up -- start. our sunset at 8:14 this afternoon or this evening. # 3 degrees at 9:00. going to be at the upper 60s at the lunch hour and even around 7 #. north wind 10, 10 to 15 all day. just little brie i is the times. this afternoon in the low to mid-70s out this. probably have high maybe about 75 in the 4:00 hour. check this out tonight going to the nats game. got the pirates in town. a little two game series. start in the low 70s at 7:00 but probably drop it into the upper 60s with the later innings with northeast wind about 8 miles per hour. 70 down south but to the north and west the cooler air you can definitely see it with the low 50s from winchester to hagerstown and even 39 oakland right now. flush in? gath county. by it's being -- garrett county. boy it's being comfortable out there. there's the sunshine off the capitol dome off the michael & son weather camera. a north wind at 15 and the barometer is going to be riding now. so you know guys at the gym he
6:47 am
was saying these pressure changes enough already. i'm sorry about that. that's what's happening with high pressure building in. front is off to our south. we've got this northerly wind bringing in the drier air. and any showers and storms well south and east and they're going to stay there for the next few days. in fact, i think we're in good shape through sunday. today, 75. nice, a little breezy at times. tonight's going to be cool. almost chilly. some 40s mid- to upper 40s in the cold spots north and west. about 55 in d.c.. tomorrow great day. 76 degrees and look at the weekend. saturday and sundayful really excited about this at andrews for the joint services open house. the preakness this is the. early next week we turn unsetted and highs still upper 70s to maybe about 80 or so. thank you howard. our time is 6:47. if you usually use ez pass on the dulles freeway maybe cash is the way to go today. >> that's because in the one toll booth lane you may be seeing a familiar face.
6:48 am
our monika samtani. >> she's working for the annual drive for charity. monika joins us live from the greenway toll plaza in loudoun county. good morning monika. collecting a lot of tolls? >> reporter: good morning, we are collecting a lot o tolls. and this is the one day andrea and mike that i will not tell you to use an alternate route like route 28 or route 7. go ahead and use the dulles groanway and that's because it's the seventh annual drive for charity. joining me to tell us about this event the 24 hour period is public relations for green dulles greenway terry hoffman. what's the interview about? -- day about. >> all the tolls we collect today will be given to five local charities and a scholarship program. >> sun% of the -- 100% of the tolls collected today will go
6:49 am
the charities. >> march after dimes, fresh air for a cure, loudoun wildlife and echo. >> one of to charities is here with us today. thank you so much terry. and that is donna day from march of dimes. thank you so much for being with us. march of dimes has been around for almost 75 years working on the health of children and babies, tell us what happens -- what has happened for you because of this donations you've received. >> the donations we receive each year from the dulles greenway drive for charity actually goes to the support project at fairfax hospital for children. >> you were saying that without this, that program would not have been possible. >> yes. >> reporter: how much money has been raised for the program? >> we get between probably about $38,000 and $48,000 a year that pays for the valuery of the essential -- salary of the specialists. >> reporter: that's fantastic, more incentive to use the dulles greenway today.
6:50 am
the goal is to raise $260,000. they need 60,000 cars to go through in a 24 hour period. let's get that accomplished. back to you andrea and mike. >> they can do tabi midnight tonight i'm certain. it is 6:50 and time to reveal the answer to our question of the morning. >> the question one more time -- >> and the answer is -- ♪ "sin bad." >> you see it and you hear it. yes. c. "sin bad." it featured a young ray j. and grammy award-winning jazz singer nancy wilson. >> we'll have a check of the news before you go you next.
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6:54. sunny out there right now. and it's going to be a sunny day. little bit of a breeze at times but a great day ahead. 69 by noon. drive thome temperatures 73 with highs in the low to mid- 70s enjoy itment mike? here's a check of the news before you go this morning. tax hikes coming the people in maryland making six figures. they were approved yesterday. $100,000 a year for individuals if you make that you'll get a tax hike. $150,000 a year, if couples. we should learn later today if the two men in custody are connected to a police imposter investigation in the district. d.c. police caught the men after a chase and crash that ended in northeast early yesterday evening no.
6:55 am
one was hurt. great night for the nats. adam laroche won't 3-4 last night. four runs batted in and a home run. gonzalez had seven innings and struck out ten. nats topped the pirated 7-4. "cbs this morning" begins at the top of the hour, dennis quaid and michael chiklis stop by to talk about the new show coming this fall to cbs. >> before that we have one more check of traffic and weather. keep it right here on 9news now. achoo! nasal allergy symptoms
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welcome back. 6:58. a great weather, that's that simple over the next few days, today low to mid-730s and a little breeze but mid 70s tomorrow and near 80 saturday and sunday. beverly? howard not so great on the beltway over in greenbelt. but clearing up a crash on the inner loop of the beltway south
6:59 am
of kenilworth avenue. right side has been blocked and there are delays on each side of the beltway as a result of that. virginia side slowest north of springfield on the inner loop past gallows road. back to you. jess? >> for wall street looking higher that morning actually but we're starting from four months lower and we could use it. >> we've been following the music of chuck brown all morning long. of course he died. he was the go go music was a point of proud for washingtonians. >> he did influence some other artists, one of the songs that got national attention was this one from an act called the eu and the song is called "dabutt." take a listen. have a great day. we'll see you back here at 4:25. ♪ [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]


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