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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  May 17, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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born in boston in 1948, she got her start singing in the church choir. >> i heard the voice of god. god says you are going to be famous. god said i'm going to be famous and they thought i was in insane. that's okay. i had the last laugh. >> she had 14 top ten hits, sold hundreds and millions of albums worldwide. >> whenever success comes, it's a stranger. when it knocks, it's something you hope, the form it takes on when it comes and sometimes the moment it comes in is so odd. >> summer admitted she struggled with anxiety and depression. in 1980, she became a born again christian and married bruce sudano. they had three children together. summer's family released a same saying quote, they are at peace celebrating her life and her continued legacy. ♪ [ music ]
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>> summer released her last album in 2008 and she was said to be working on a new album right before she passed away. so, hopefully some day soon we'll be able to hear the final songs that she was working on. back to you. tonight, we are still awaiting word on funeral arrangements for chuck brown. the man who helped create the unique mix of funk and soul died yesterday after a long bout with pneumonia. he was 75 and today, the tributes continue to pour in. >> over the next hour and a half, we'll remember chuck brown through the music of the backyard band. a group that got their big break thanks to chuck brown. >> but first, matt joins us live from chuck brown way, that's the street in northwest d.c. with reaction from some of those who helped chuck brown create his great music. matt. >> reporter: to his many fans, chuck brown was the man who
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wowed them up and used like the howard theater. many of the people who worked with chuck, he provided wisdom, inspiration, and guidance. as we have been hearing a lot over the past 24 hours, chuck brown, known to generations of washington music fans as the god father of go-go. >> he was the nicest guy you could ever meet. >> one day after chuck's death, a lot of people are remembering the godfather more as a father figure. >> got a lot of people off the streets working with him, playing for him. >> people like ryan mills, chuck's long time piano and saxophone player. >> i learned a lot of things from him, you know, what things you should do and things whatnot to do. my friendship with him is what i'll missed the most. >> reporter: chuck tells a
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similar story. a native washingtononian. >> he was a great man. chuck brown was my introduction into the music business. thompson went on to play in chuck's band and produced chuck's grammy nominated album. >> one of the easiest people to work with in the studio. thompson says he'll always remember chuck as an incredible performer, also an unbelievable friend and a remarkably devoted family man. >> great father, grandfather, and loving husband, you know, he loved his family. he couldn't wait to get off stage and get home. it was always good. always. ♪ [ music ]
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>> reporter: chuck brown was scheduled to perform here at the howard theater on june 29. derek. >> another reason to miss chuck brown, not just about the music either. thank you, matt. well chuck brown received a real d.c. sendoff last night. and it was in the street. fans gathered outside to pay their respects to the man whose go-go musical genera connected everybody in the nation's capital. >> we lost a great one. its legacy, i love chuck brown. i have been listening to him all my life. >> to party hard for him tonight. he really would tell the city to party hard. >> d.c. mayor says he may open the washington convention center for chuck brown's funeral. lesli. >> hi anita. you may be talking to me and many local bands credit chuck brown for helping them get
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their big break. we have one of those bands with us in our front circle. the backyard band is here. they have a legacy of their own here in the d.c. area. and i have keith sauce robyn son here because you like to mix it up. i know it's been tough for you because chuck brown was such an influence in your life and creation. talk about how you got that first big gig because of him. >> that first big gig was mind blowing. chuck said i like them young guys. i want them to open up for me. they keep me going, so it was a lot from chuck, you know, that was a big stage. >> i know it's been a tough thing for everybody to grapple with. he seemed like he was not someone who ever even aged. he was 75, but he looked like he was probably 35. how are you going to keep his musical legacy going? because this is an incredible genera that he created and you inherited because of him. >> we are going to keep it
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going by continuing to play the music and chuck brown music is strong and we are going to live through him and keep on progressing. >> keep doing that call and response that gets everybody into the music. you can't listen to go-go and not be happy, can you? >> no, you can't. chuck was a humble guy. he stayed in shape. i guess that's how he was able to perform. chuck was a boxer in the early 70s. i never knew that. i just found that out. but chuck, he's a very humble guy. i heard ladies say on the news the other day, she was riding down the street and she said hey chuck brown. he didn't know who she was. she worked for the news company and he took the time to speak to her. very humbling guy. he will be for ever missed. >> reporter: he sure will. you'll play some of chuck's music and some of your music today. i don't want to stand in the way. let's kick it off. this is the backyard band.
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♪ [ music ] we are remembering chuck brown brown through this newscast. a culpeper woman said she had a violent encounter with the same police officer that is being investigated in the shooting death of a housewife. a spokeswoman claims the woman made the complaint in august of 2008. peggy fox brings us her story. >> this is the guy that did it? this is the guy that assaulted
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me and they never did anything about. >> reporter: when jeanette saw a picture of daniel harmon wright who shot and killed an unarmed woman in a jeep wrangler, she remembers him from four years ago when she says he pushed her so hard she fell and sprained her wrist. >> there he is. the same guy that pushed me. and finally, i said well, this lady needs justice. >> is this where officer harmon wright lives? >> one second. >> reporter: 9news spoke briefly to harmon wright who is on paid administrative leave after the shooting. he was responding to a suspicious person call in a school parking lot when he shot 54-year-old patricia cook six times. harmon wright's attorney says mrs. cook was dragging him with her jeep. an eyewitness says he wasn't being dragged. cook's widower has filed a $5.4 million wrongful death lawsuit against harmon wright. >> why the man should feel to draw a gun on an unarmed middle-
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aged woman going shopping is beyond me. >> i definitely think that could have been me. >> reporter: jeanette says her encounter was in 2008 at her former home on highland court. she was standing inside leaning out this window yelling at her husband james, who was yelling back at her from outside about 15 feet away from the house. the argument got so heated, she called the police. harmon wright, whose name was sullivan at the time arrived and spoke to james first. get back in the house and pushed her. >> it wasn't just a little shove. she's not a small lady. >> you guys so angry? just snapped. >> jeanette has been charged with numerous traffic violations and james has a lengthy record. but that should not discount their claim that officer harmon wright used excessive force and should have been disciplined at
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the time. >> i think it's horrifying, like i said, i'm afraid. who knows what they are capable of doing and getting away with it. >> a town of culpeper spokesman says the police chief did send mrs. price a letter acknowledging her complaint. he says an investigation was conducted and completed. whether any disciplinary action was taken, they can't say because it's a personnel matter and considered confidential. in culpeper, peggy fox, 9news now. hospital records provided by the prices confirmed she was treated for an injuried wrist and she told doctors a police officer pushed her. as for the charges against the price's, jeanette has been convicted 17 times as peggy said, most are traffic related misdemeanors, one was for petty larceny. james has been convicted at least 57 times. most are alcohol related offenses, but at least two are for assault on a police officer. so far, they have been just a hoax, but nonetheless, there has been fear and cost and
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countless man hours and resources as nearly 400 envelopes filled with powder have been sent across the country. more letters resurfaced in texas and here in washington. and suray chin joins us to tell us new information in the case. >> reporter: we just learned that at least two suspicious letters have reached this destination here in d. c. the fbi says they are all connected and for the first time, we are learning what was written in these letters. >> these letters received this week, we believe are linked up. >> the bizarre phrases prompted the fbi to release its contents that seemed to mock government agencies. it says where are you? counterintelligence cia, you do not know how to catch the dealers. >> we take these letters and threats very seriously. >> the fbi says since 2008, more than 380 letters have been sent out to schools, churches, and government offices. >> this area went through the
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anthrax attacks back in 2001. so there is a certain fear. >> last year, 40 letters arrived. the sender is one step ahead, keeping first responders bouncing from one school to the next. >> this has been a very intense workday for the police officers, the firefighters, the fbi. >> this is the kind of thing that alarms people unnecessarily. >> the letters author lay dormant for months until this past march when seven letters showed up in d.c. and another 20 were found in dallas-fort worth and our area. all written with the postmark from north texas. the sender has eluded the fbi for four years and in that time, the fbi has come up with a profile. they believe he's a man over the age of 30 considered odd and pen trick, exentric. >> hoping that someone maybe recognizes a pattern of
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writing. >> reporter: the sender also writes al-qaeda and ss nazi in the letters. detectives believe all of them are the work of one person. he's made no demands and if you know anything that could lead to an arrest, they want to hear from you. derek, lesli. >> all right, jury deliberations are expected to start tomorrow in the john edwards case. in closing arguments today, defense attorney, alabama by loll insisted edwards is guilty of offense, but not a felony. the former presidential candidate broke finance laws to cover up his affair with his mistress, rielle hunter. the focus was on edward's former aid, andrew young, just as much as the former presidential candidate. if the jury absolutely does not believe andrew young, then they can make that resolution rather quickly and that destroys the government's case. the government has to win on every point. the defense has to win on a couple. >> edwards could get 30 years in prison if he is convicted. coming up, it's about to cost college students more to go to
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virginia tech and we now know what it will cost to buy shares of facebook when it goes public tomorrow. plus, more of our musical tributes to the godfather of go- go. he'll be through the newscast and we'll be joined by the author of a new book. through chuck brown's music and culture. stay with us.
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welcome back to this special edition of 9news. we are outside our wusa9 studios in northwest for a gorgeous day and an amazing concert. outdoor concert by the back door band who credits their start to the late great chuck brown. let's listen in as they continue to honor his legacy.
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that's some theme music you can listen to all day long. that's the backyard band. you'll be listening to them throughout the show. shares will be offered at $38 a share during tomorrow's initial offering. the clicker symbol will be fb. it appears early facebook investors and insiders are taking advantage of all the demand and selling stock now. as much as $16 billion could be raised making the facebook ipo one of the largest in history. virginia tech under graduates are in for a tuition hike. the school's board of visitors voted to increase tuition for in state students by 3.9%. that's just under $11,000 a year. room and board is also going to go up. bob had asked that state colleges and universities limit those increases to 2.7%. gentleman, you're outside on a
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gorgeous day. >> you know, we can hear backyard in the front of the building. they are cranking it up. very, very nice. we are enjoying the weather and enjoying the music and a lot more of that to come according to you, sir. >> one little fly in the ointment. not to panic. let's have a live look outside. this is just fantastic. we're looking at pure sun. temperatures, this is average for me. it's pretty sweet. 76 right now. winds out of the northeast at 6. pressure beginning to rise. 30.06 inches of mercury and look at the dew point. 42. there's going to be some 40s tonight in the suburbs, no doubt about that. all right, right now, temperatures in the low 70s. 71 in bethesda. 74 up in rockville. 75 in arlington. 73 in stearalling. 72 in leesburg. and 75 in college park and 75 in beltsville. that's about perfect. so here's the deal. a nice stretch mainly, mainly.
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chilly tonight, grab a light jacket tomorrow for the morning and grab your sunglasses on friday. worried about clouds on saturday. it's not going to rain, at least in the immediate metro area. there's an area of low pressure trying to develop and may throw high clouds our way, especially east of i-95. we will keep you posted. great night for baseball. game time temperature, 74. by the time the game is over, 67. pretty nice. for tonight for us, clear skies and chilly. it's a one blanket night. winds east, northeast at 5 to 10. tomorrow morning, sunny and pleasant. a cool start. we'll need a light jacket. not as breezy tomorrow morning. winds east, northeast at 10 and by afternoon, sunny and just spectacular, just beautiful. high temperatures about 75. that is dead on average and winds out of the east at about 0. we'll break it down. 47 to 57 at 6:00. nice at noon.
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low 60 to low 70 and great by evening. sunny, 72 to 76. the next seven days have not changed much. we are hanging some clouds there on preakness day, so should not -- should be a dry run for the preakness, 117th running of the preakness and nice for the air show at andrews on saturday and sunday. and i'll put a blog up tomorrow about that so you can get information. and a better chance for a shower. a better chance on tuesday. and right back into sunshine on wednesday and thursday. by the way, this is great weather to paint or seal your deck or wash the car. it's going to be dry for a while. this is a great best shot. this is a luna moth and they are huge. maybe 6-inch wingspan. this was sent to us by brenda from rio, west virginia, and brenda, i saw one actually just about last weekend and it is a sight to see. get everything right. you want to do something right, go to our website, click on the weather tab, include your name, location, and a description or i cannot
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put it on the air. that's the latest. a little tiny fly in the ointment. we'll keep you posted. >> i know robins that aren't that big. coming up, the changing faces of the wiggles. after the break, their surprise announcement. we take you out with more music from d.c.'s backyard band. more of our local tributes to go-go legend, chuck brown. that's still ahead. ♪ [ music ]
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metro is finishing up work at its foggy bottom station. added a staircase and put a canopy over the entrance. this is the first escalator replacement project in more than ten years. metro hopes to use foggy bottom as an example of its ambitious plan to replace dozens of escalators. >> there is a good reason for drivers who wouldn't ordinarily use the dulles freeway. all proceeds from today's tolls go to good causes.
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today is the 7th annual drive for charity. the loudoun county abuse women's shelter among other groups. the event raised about $235,000 last year. if you google driverless car, you'll find, well, google. internet company is developing a car that doesn't need you or me behind the wheel. council member from d.c. took a successful five minute test drive through downtown today. that car uses gps, traffic sensors, and artificial intelligence to navigate the roads and highways. the system does permit a human driver to take over by stepping on the brake or turning the wheel. >> good to know that. all right, three original members of the wiggles are hanging up those colorful outfits. the purple wiggle, the red wiggle, and greg page say they are leaving the band when the current tour wraps up. members say the demands of the road have taken a toll and they want to spend more time with
5:27 pm
their family. now they feel wiggle room left. three replacement have been joined with the remaining blue wiggle. coming up, want a free suv with the word cheater spray painted on the side? you'll see how a scorned woman took revenge to another level. >> the wal-mart shoppers take the law into their own hands and police say good job. i'm peggy fox in culpeper. how this citizen's arrest went down. but up next, the music goes on. our tribute to the godfather of go-go goes into high gear as we look at chuck brown's role in history and music of washington, d.c. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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and the tributes continue to pour in for chuck brown. we all know by now --
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washington, d.c. is that book's author. thanks for joining us, we are glad to have you here. i was intrigued by the quote that you had when you interviewed him in 2010. he said i made this music so i can eat and all the guys in my band can eat. >> that was chuck. he really created the music in collaboration with the people of washington, in particular, the crowd at the maverick room in northeast and he was doing what was working, what kept the bodies moving. that's how he got to eat. >> now at this point, we can look back and see how the music evolved and changed, but he was someone who was an expert at cross pollinating, bringing in jazz and other elements. even old guys like me could still appreciate go-go. >> absolutely. go-go can sound in many different ways. some of it has punk influences
5:32 pm
and ragae influences. dance, party music. >> you mention the slow beat, the live element, that's part of the reason why go-go never made it big nationally. does that matter? >> i wrote a piece that this is deemed as a failure that go- go did not cross over. i think it's the opposite. go-go is alive, thriving community. it's a business community. all the profits stay here in the d.c. area and it's something that stays true to this dialogue. the audience is part of a band. >> and go-go is ours. that's what i'm talking about. natalie, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. we know your book is going to be great and people take the time to read and enjoy it. we hope you'll take a minute to come down on wisconsin avenue. but we are at 4100, because backyard band is going to be here for another hour with a tribute to the music, the life,
5:33 pm
and the culture created by the now late, but always great, chuck brown. backyard band. >> hit it guys. yeah. ♪ [ music ]
5:34 pm
you can take go-go and put it on just about anything and make it sound even better. >> the slow beat, everybody is grooving along. you can't help it out there. >> absolutely. all right, now we often talk about disabled veterans as needing help. here's the reversal. the man who chased down a thief at the culpeper wal-mart this week and helped arrest the suspect is a disabled veteran with a brain injury. peggy fox is in culpeper with this remarkable good samaritan story. >> howard and his wife had just pulled up to this wal-mart when they heard screaming and saw people running. a thief who just stolen credit cards and money was running that way. in hardaway, given his background and training couldn't standstill. this is surveillance video showing the robbery suspect running from the wal-mart. daniel hardaway saw him run out
5:35 pm
the door with two men chasing him. >> a woman came out screaming. she was elderly and she said a man stole my purse. >> i was wearing these old beaters. >> her husband, howard hardaway is a triathlete. >> i said should i go? and he took off down the sidewalk. >> he took off through the wal- mart parking lot, soon passing the other two men chasing the suspect. >> i figured that he would have the best chance of anybody to catch up to the suspect. >> reporter: the suspect fled into this field with hardaway in hot pure suit. >> i knew his navy training would kick in. >> reporter: she was worried his short-term memory loss may make him forget who he is chasing, but he stayed focused. >> he was winded and still deciding between fight or flight. >> reporter: soon he caught up to the young man, 23-year-old kelly lee minor, a larger man than howard, but young enough
5:36 pm
to be his son. >> i grabbed on to his wrist. i didn't want him to grab any weapons from under his clothing and just tried to hold on and immobilize him and put him in an arm lock. >> reporter: the wrestling moves from helping coach two of his kids. now his kids are calling him super hero dad. >> i'm glad i took a bad guy off the street. >> reporter: they wanted to tell their story to encourage other people to take action when they see something wrong and not stand by and watch. in culpeper, 9news now. >> and part of the reason why they feel that way is because howard's brain injury came when he was knocked down and beaten by crooks several years ago, about 25 years ago. dozens of people saw that beating, but they did nothing to stop it. coming up, another one of the nation's major wireless carriers ends its unlimited data plans. >> and don't forget, we are always on here at
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in our health alert tonight, the federal communications commission is considering new rules to carve out a piece of the wireless spectrum for life saving technology, called medical body area network. these are wireless systems used by physicians to monitor patients vital signs after they leave the hospital. today, a george washington university hospital, the fcc announced it wants to make sure this doctor, patient link isn't interrupted by cell phones and other devices. >> the real game changer can be helped monitoring in the home, with in home patient monitoring, premature babies can come home faster, a father
5:40 pm
struggling with heart disease can be aware of his condition. grandmother living alone could stay in her home and keep her independence. >> growing technology is expected to bring down healthcare costs as well because it helps keep people out of the hospital. lesli, derek. >> in north carolina, the story of a trained biologist going one on one with a 300 pound gator. >> not quite a good outcome for the biologist and no wonder he puts the towel around the reptile, tries to remove it from a ditch. something the alligator does not like. it is a beatdown and then the biologist tries to scramble to safety. >> the alligator was kind of isolated in the ditch. he was very agitated. he didn't want to move. >> so, why couldn't that alligator stay in the ditch? it finally did move and firefighters caught him before he got released into the wild.
5:41 pm
biologists say he wasn't hurt too badly. a wisconsin woman took revenge to another level. she tracked her ex-husband's belongings and labeled him a cheater. here is what she dubbed the ex- husband. put her ex's belongings on the front lawn, labeling everything as free. she also spray painted his suv. police later had the car towed because it was causing a traffic jam. she didn't set it on fire, though. >> not personally. all right. still to come tonight. smelling manly. i know i like to. how we can all have a chance. you can smell like me. >> yikes. but first, a popular car company is issuing a recall. we'll tell you the acuras you need to know coming up next. we take you out with d.c.'s backyard band. more tribute to chuck brown is
5:42 pm
still ahead on 9news.
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tonight we are paying tribute to the late chuck
5:45 pm
brown. the band known as backyard band in our front circle tonight. chuck brown's biggest hit is played at national's home games. a member of the home team hits a home run. yeah. >> we have breaking news to tell you about right now in the trayvon martin case. in the last hour, prosecutors started releasing evidence. one photograph shows george zimmerman with a bloody nose, a report from paramedics says the neighborhood watch captain had a one inch cut on his head. he is charged with second- degree murder . we have a recall now to tell you about in our consumer alert. acura is recalling 50,000 pl sedans. it can leak fluid and potentially cause a fire. this affects the 2007 and 2008 model years. no accidents or injuries are reported. owners will get letters in mid
5:46 pm
june if their vehicles are among that group. now to another recall that five retailers are teaming up to get out of your home. this impacts about 330,000 cribs and play yard tents. if you have one with the tots in mind logo, stop using it. the cpsc says babies and toddlers could get strangled, entrapped, a two-year-old boy died. another two-year-old suffered a brain injury. you will find a list of retailers that will issue a refund or credit to the store on our website at hate to tell you this, verison users, but the company is scrapping its all you can use data plan. they will switch, even those who were grandfathered to a tiered data plan. the wireless carrier plans to unveil a pricing model by midsummer. the new plan will allow you to buy a chunk of data that can be
5:47 pm
used on the same account. a candle company has just the scent for all you manly men out there. yankee candle just rolled out four scents marketed toward men. so now your man can be the aroma of mantown or 2 by 4, riding mower, first down, great names, right? the company's director of sales and operations say the idea was not too farfetched since men make up 30% of its customers. >> we knew there's a niche for it and you know, a bit of research and a lot of history on what guys like for fragrances released man candles for us. >> the company says sales had been far better than projected and they anticipate brisk sales as father's day approaches. and topper and derek, we could not find the new scents, but we have two yankee candles to sniff. i have been waiting all day to call them mandles.
5:48 pm
derek, you have the fruit cooler since you're so chill. so gentleman, smell your mandles. >> these are not the most manliest. >> would you buy manly smelling candles? >> candle and fragrance. >> first down and all this, that doesn't mean anything. >> anita pointed out, we are 30% of the customers because we are buying for the ladies. maybe there is this untapped market that we don't realize. >> yeah, they are closeted. would the riding mower one be like a hint? we need to move on. we are looking at a spectacular day. copy it tomorrow and just a couple changes to saturday, but not a disaster. let's start with a live look outside. i'm feeling so fresh and manly right now. i don't know what to do with myself. weather cam brought to you by michael and son. clear skies, temperature 76. high so far today. winds northeast at 6. look at
5:49 pm
dew point. dew point is in the low 40s. that's a low dew point. temperatures will fall fast. pressure is steady. 30.06 inches of mercury. temperature wise, 72 in bethesda. but 74 in rockville as you go through 70 and 72 in gaithersburg. great fall 73. 70 now in leesburg. 74 in arlington and still 75 in college park and 74 in beltsville. so, nice stretch of weather mainly, except for that one little exception. chilly tonight. grab a light jacket for tomorrow morning. grab your sunglasses and i'm worried about clouds on saturday. i don't think it will rain or shower at least in the immediate metro area, there's an area of low pressure trying to develop off the coast that could throw high clouds as far to the east as the air show and also the preakness, but it will not rain on saturday. so we'll keep you posted. great night for baseball. temperature 67 to 74 under clear skies. so support the nats, they are
5:50 pm
for real. 46 to 56. winds east, northeast. by morning, sunny with a cool start. by afternoon, sunny and spectacular. high temperatures around 75 and winds easterly at 10. the easterly wind keeps us from popping up to 80. 47 to 57 in the morning and nice by noon. 63 to 73 and then 72 to 76 by evening. next seven days, we'll keep the chance for clouds essentially east of i-95 on saturday. not a bad day for the preakness. gorgeous again on srd sunday. maybe a shower monday, better chance for showers and maybe a thunderstorm on tuesday and then temperatures hovering right around 80. don't steal my mandle, derek. we'll be fighting for it all night. >> won't have to worry about that, top. the second leg of the triple crown hangs out this weekend in baltimore. >> all eyes will be watching
5:51 pm
to see if i'll have another can get another win. kristen berset is live with a preview. >> reporter: hey guys. that's right. we are live here in baltimore. the 137th running of the preakness stakes, just 48 hours away. officials putting the finishing touches on the course and the venue. while they are doing that, hundreds of fans were here, watching a few races and practicing their bets. enjoying the weather and friday is the lady legends for the cure. joining me right now, one of those legends, pj honored to be here with you. thank you so much for taking time out. you are one of two women to embrace in the preakness and the kentucky derby. what is it like to be involved in a man's world? i feel you on that one. >> it's a male dominated
5:52 pm
sport. i tell you what, we haven't had anymore fun. the best part is beating the guys. it takes their ego down and i said not only do i have to deal with the male ego, but the little man ego. we just try not to separate the genders anymore, because the women now are just as good and we like to beat the guys. >> reporter: we have seen the women dominate. the human women and horses dominate on this course here. friday, the legends for the cure. all the proceeds from the winning horse benefit susan g. komen breast cancer foundation. you, like me, are a breast cancer survivor. what is it about that race that you look forward to? >> that's what makes it so unique. it is for breast cancer survivors. it's one of those things that you never think it's going to be you, but when you hear the c word, it just takes you back and it changes your whole outlook on life and everything. that's what is so wonderful about this race.
5:53 pm
what the cause is about and everything. and i tell you, they do a wonderful job here and we enjoy it. bringing us legends. us old ladies back together and you know, we love competing against each other still and like i said, it's for a great cause. >> reporter: good luck to you tomorrow, have fun. you are one of two breast cancer survivors that are racing. i'm assuming your family will be here? >> i have family here and in kentucky. we are looking for a great race. >> reporter: wonderful. the weather should be nice. one of the lady legends racing in the race for the cure tomorrow. we are live. i'm kristen berset. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, kristen. still ahead tonight, why the d.c. delegate was not welcome at a hearing that had all to do about washington, d.c. >> i'm russ. coming up, we now received a new list. one of them linked to the top secret operation assassinating osama bin laden.
5:54 pm
but first, remember to give your answer in the form of a question. a cool school that is getting creative with its quizzes. up next. and here's some more of the backyard band as we honor the late chuck brown. brown played a blond gibson es335 guitar that he called blonde. ♪[ music ]
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if you like it, pin it, with a picture on pinterest. it is all in good fun until someone sues the shirt off your back. tonight at 11:00. that cool school bus is on the move to hyattsville tonight. that's where creative teachers are channeling their inner alex tribeck. students are ready to buzz in with their best answer. >> four right angles, the length of each side is 6-cent meters and the wide is 6
5:58 pm
centimeters. >> quick quizzes feel sort of like a game show. >> if you want to click in your answer now. >> work on the problem, starts on a dry erase marker board. and when students finish, they quickly grab a remote and enter their answer. >> there it is. good job. all right. >> a program called turning point provides an instant graph right on the board, showing the percentage of students who got it right. >> you can do more with it. you can learn faster. >> mr. wright said it makes the exercise more fun. it shows him students need more review and it helps him organize the class, too. >> it helps when making different groups. i can put my strong students with people who need some more help. >> seashells. i can't do it. all right. >> it also spurs conversation according to english teacher,
5:59 pm
which really helps students stay engaged. >> the kids are interactive. we do talk and get loud. they enjoy it. yes? do you? >> and less boring is a good thing. >> i like the two subjects, but i want to get better at math. >> you're in good company with that one, brian. me too. mike, 9news now. if you have a cool school you want to feature, send mike an e-mail. his address is m highdac. this is this 9news now. top payouts and amazing qualifications for them. one in fact credited with helping to track america's number one enemy. here's investigative reporter with the link to osama bin laden? really? >> that's right. you know, we've been looking for answers, how these federal workers qualified for bonuses


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