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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  June 1, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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polk. he was hit near center hill and edwin streets in wheaton around 5:00 p.m. police say the drier of the car -- driver of the car kept going and investigators are now looking for a dark blue nissan sedan possibly with front end damage. now there was a witness there that was able to get the last four digits of the maryland license plate. they are 0997. polk was just a block away from home when he was hit. this is a very disturbing story. a john pa town, maryland man is under arrest. >> 21-year-old alexander kinyua is charged with first degree murder. police say he admitted to cutting up a body with a knife and eating parts of the victim's organs. he then hid the body parts in his family's home. detectives say they found a human head and two hands. the rest of the victim's body was in a dumpster at a church parking lot less than a half mile away. it's a crime that many still
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can't believe happened. >> i am just as perplexed as anybody else. i am shocked that we would have something like this that would occur in my county. in my 40 years in law enforcement, i've never seen anything like this in what areford county. >> we see the family coming and going, they always seemed leek really good people and we can't believe what happened. >> the victim is believed to be kujoe bonsafo agyei-kodie. the roommates for both going -- were both going to morgan saint university. the suspect's family turned him in after his brother found body parts in the basement. local pastor and activist has passed away. bishop stewart died wednesday at the apex nursing home in silver spring. she was the founder of the washington, d.c. based imgene
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shelter and women's center. the first shelter started by a black woman. she went on to become a pastor of greater pearly gates baptist church. she was 69. chuck baby but we chuck's babies. >> you know our father for who he was, the today gay of go-go go -- godfather of go-go but at the end of the day he was our daddy. >> he told me son, whatever you do make sure put your heart into it. >> those are chuck brown's children giving words about the man they knew simply as daddy. >> yesterday they shared their father one more time with the fans at a very public celebration and memorial at washington convention center. bruce johnson captured the moments of family and friends saying their final good-byes to the godfather of go-go. ♪ >> reporter: the nation's capital had never seen this kind of memorial service. ♪
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>> reporter: chuck was so down to earth. he was just d.c. through and through. >> there's so many stories i've heard over the years of peoples' lives have been turned around by just three minutes of his time. it's just a tribute to an incredible man. ♪ >> reporter: it was the combination of gospel, revival, jazz happy hour, and go-go concerts seem to never end. ♪ >> this is amazing. this brought the city together, people are loving -- people are smiling, people are happy. >> we kept him going for so
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long. he really loves d.c.. he loved d.c.. >> reporter: thousands came to pay their final respects to chuck brown at the washington convention center. he's the 75-year-old father of d.c.'s original genre, go-go music. >> he made us all feel like he knew us and loved us and every time he saw us he would hug you and hey baby and that makes people feel good. >> reporter: they were determine today arrive early. >> he brought cultures together. latin, african and that's what he tried to do for the city. that's what the man stood for. >> we all know you know our four for who -- father for who he was, the today gay of go-go -- godfather of go-go but at the end of the day he was our daddy. >> reporter: they often appeared on stage with him. >> you all called him chuck baby but we chuck's babies and he was a real father.
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>> reporter: local elected leaders. >> there's so many things that people say are the nation's capital. well, let me tell you this may be the nation's capital but go- go is the district of columbia's music. thanks to chuck brown. >> reporter: there were lots of performers and many of them had actually played with chuck. ♪ >> the performance up there with the -- and roots and you know the rolling stones. >> he was acknowledged worldwide. and that as you can see out here today, that the whole of washington, d.c. has shown up. ♪ >> reporter: then he picked up the entire task. in the end it was the city that was sending off one of its favorite sons. bruce johnson, 9news now. >> and you can still post your own tributes to chuck brown on our special chuck brown facebook page. just search -- you can also share your pictures and check out chuck brown photo galleries we
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already have on it is now 4:36. here's a look at other stories this morning. a small victory for those in support of same sex marriage. a federal appeals court rejected part of the defense of marriage act. the act defines marriage as a union between a man and woman. a three judge panel in boston said the law discriminates against gay couples because they don't have the same rights and privileges as heterosexual couples. it looks like john edwards won't have to face another jury in his campaign finance fraud charges. >> yesterday edwards was acquitted of one of the charges but the jury was deadlocked on whether or not large sums of money from donors were actually campaign contributions or just gifts to cover-up his pregnant mistress. as manuel gallegus reports from north carolina, edwards issued an apology a short time after the court case. >> reporter: john edwards left the greensboro, north carolina courthouse saying he broke his marriage vow but not the law.
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>> while i do not believe i did anything illegal or ever thought i was doing anything illegal, i did an awful, awful lot that was wrong. and there is no one else responsible for my sins. >> reporter: edwards was acquitted of one count of campaign finance fraud. but the jury deadlocked on the other five. prosecutors had said edwards accepted almost $1 million from two wealthy supporters as campaign contributions. well above legal limits. edwards' defense argued the 2008 presidential candidate considered the donations gifts. the prosecution relied heavily on the testimony of former edwards' aide andrew young. he testified he accepted the money to paoliing ex-- pay living expensions for rinse the -- expenses for rielle hunter. >> upon which they were going to find a guilty verdict. >> reporter: after the judge
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declared is mistrial, he thanked his family and said he might not be through with public life. >> i don't think god is through with me. i really believe he thinks there's still some good things i can do. >> reporter: prosecutors could still move for another trial. although legal experts say that's unlikely. manuel gallegus, cbs news, greensboro, north carolina. >> be prepared for more traffic tie-ups near dupont circle this morning. crews are still working to repair a water main along m street northwest along connecticut avenue. the main broke early yesterday morning and flooded some basements and parking garages. crews ordered everyone out of about 35 buildings as a precaution. you know the humongous sodas called the big gulp? imagine being told that you can't have one. that may happen in new york city real soon. the reason behind that drastic suggestion coming up. >> and at 4:41. they're made in china, now a popular electronic device could
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be sold there as well soon. jessica doyle has that story in your money. you're watching 9news now.
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welcome back. howard with you 4:41 on this friday morning. severe weather alert day. not so much concern about the morning although we'll have a couple of showers and storms around this morning. it's going to be the afternoon and evening hours with the bigger concern. by noon maybe not too bad. about 80 degrees but watch out 3:00, 4:00 things will start up maybe earlier out west and a very rough commute getting home. highs in the low to possibly middle 80s and full weekend forecast in just a few. right now monika with timesaver traffic. no incidents to report right now on 270 southbound coming in from frederick down to the point where the lanes divide. past father hurley boulevard you can see that volumes are very light early this friday morning. coming up in my next report, a closer look at maryland roads at 4:47. andrea and mike? it is time for the first your money segment of the
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morning. >> and here's jessica doyle with the daily europe report. no, i'm just kidding. >> we're actually going to have focus on the own market what's going on here in the united states because we've got the big jobs report for may coming out. analysts expect that will show 150,000 jobs added to the economy in may and that the unemployment rate held steady at 8.1%. now on wall street markets are saying good riddance may was miserable. the market's worth month in two -- worst month in two years, checking the numbers -- so much for 13,000. nasdaq and dow down more than 6% in may. european markets dropped 7% in may and concerns about the economic crisis in europe continue to push down crude oil prices. crude closed -- that's tough to stay this time of the morning. closed below $87 a barrel and
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fell 17% in may. that's the biggest one month drop in three and a half years. soon the ipad 3 could be sold in china. chinese regulators just approved the tablet putting the company one step closer to selling the device to the country's more than one billion people. it was introduced in most countries back in march. three million were sold in the first three days. and general motors is targeting the international market by teaming up with a soccer team. gm announced its brand chevrolet will be the new sponsor of manchester united. mu. they are hoping to track the base of 660 million people worldwide with the fan base. last month gm announced it was dropping ads from facebook and won't run ads in next year's super bowl. interesting. >> yeah. >> going on there. >> yes. look at all the eyes that will be on them for the olympics. >> thanks jess. kims who've been -- couples who've been together for a while may let the fire fizzle
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in the bedroom. how to keep your sex life sizzling after years of looking at the same face across the table. [ laughter ] >> i can't wait for that story. plus, if you're having trouble at work maybe you need a pal. the upside of chatting in the workplace. we'll have more on that, keep it here.
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. 4:46. you hear that sound. you know what it means, severe weather alert day. after such a lovely day yesterday, what's going to happen today? >> well, we've got a couple of things happening. a warm front this morning, a cold front the later on this afternoon, tonight and they're going to combine with some upper level energy and severe weather pretty good bet late this afternoon into the first half of tonight. so -- got to stay up on the weather. this morning, this morning we have some showers even a thunderstorm possible. that's the warm front but this is not -- this is not the severe stuff. the severe stuff will be the afternoon into tonight. let's get you going though with a lookout the bus stop forecast because we have a few showers around and even some thunder down south but overall not a bad morning out there. with temperatures running in
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the 60s and low 70s to start. sunrise also pretty early there about 5:45 or so. sets at 8:27. so for the day some showers or storms early here and there. you know by the middle of the day not too bad. upper 70s at 11:00 and mostly cloudy skies. there could be a stray shower or storm but i think the mid to late afternoon when the activity really starts picking up with 82 at 3:00 and 81 at 5:00. very rough commute home for some with the showers and storms expected and some of those could be on the hefty side. this morning see these showers here coming through south central virginia and several lines of storms to the west but i want to focus on what's closer to us. live doppler 9000 hd, north of town east of town, quiet but as we head into prince william, southern faulkner county down 95. even southern charles and st. mary's a little bit of very light shower activity.
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this one east of thornberg here going up to dalgren in a few minutes. also from orange some heavy showers headed to culpeper and southern half of fauquier county. we're going to have the watch that. that's ahead of the cold front although it's moving northeast at about 30, 35 miles an hour. and you can see it's a little warmer south upper 60s here, low 60s north and the air is a little bit drier and by the way reports of fog on the lower eastern shore and even in calvert county getting report of about half mile visibility there. our temperatures this morning running mild into the low 70s. you do notice the clouds here at the -- the lights bouncing around the capitol dome on the michael & son weather camera. 72-degrees with a light southeasterly wind and the humidity is high. so today the weather headlines severe weather alert day. talking about a few showers and storms this morning. the critical times though about 4:00 to 11:00. maybe 3:00 out to i-81 and that's going to be moving east and hail and damaging winds possible and i can't rule out
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the isolated tornado before the day is out. big picture shows the showers and storms in the ohio and tennessee valley. this is going to be moving to us. just want to point out that through midday not all that bad and watch what happens in the afternoon with one, two, three lines of showers and here we are even at 9:00 tonight. that could be some pretty intense storminess pushing through the region. as we look at the forecast today, the temperatures about -- oh about 83, 85 or so. actually temperatures -- i did an update then. we'll get them. thunderstorms. tomorrow more like 75 and sunday still going to be nice in the upper 70s. here they are on the seven day forecast and temperatures getting back into the 70s here next week. we'll show you though we are looking little bit cooler and maybe tuesday into wednesday another chance of showers. monika samtani, good morning to you. good morning howard. good morning everybody. you know overall things aren't looking too bad right now. early friday mornings are usually nice and light so for those of you who commute at
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this time you should be okay heading into work but i want to give you a heads-up on connecticut avenue down in dupont circle in fact a live look on the traffic camera. dupont circle be awares this route 50 from annapolis. that's fine. but at dupont circle there are closures due do a water main break that occurred yesterday morning and there are lanes closed in both directions of connecticut avenue and on m street as well. expect the closures through the day and youthy is a you should just go -- i think that you should go ahead and find some alternate routes throughout the area. this time to the other side of town southern maryland everything is fine. close in route 5, route 4, route 301 but southbound route 301 at trade zone avenue a serious accident. it happened overnight and authorities are still there doing their investigation. a live look now. here at 270 and father hurley boulevard. no problems to report coming through jermantown. coming up in my next report, at 4:55. but first i have an alert about some weekend work on the
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beltway. crews will be repaving the through lanes on the inner loop between the wilson bridge and telegraph road in alexandria. they will reopen monday morning and the local lanes will stay open all weekend and go ahead and take those. back to you guys. thanks. we know just how partisan washington, d.c. can be. we covered it all the time. yesterday tradition took precedent at the white house yesterday. this was really a lot of fun to watch if you didn't see it. former president george w. bush and laura bush were back at the white house yesterday for the unveiling of their official portraits. and three out of the five living presidents were there to honor president bush. his father was there, he was in a wheelchair and he was honored by hanging -- bush 43 was honored to be hanging near the man who gave the greatest gift of unconditional love and that was his dad and his speech was hysterical. >> that was very touching when
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he talked to his father. >> he got choked up. >> really family is important to him. >> he mentioned his wife and it's really cool. okay. so how do you keep the fires burning after being together for years and years? >> a sex researcher and educator for indiana university and the kinsey institute wrote a book telling readers exactly row to reignite the spark if it fizzles. >> you got to do this right thing as far as one another and respect one another. and make it last. you know. >> respect and we're best friends and we've been married for 25 years. >> that's what the johnsons told our news crew tonight about lasting love and intimacy. debbie, author of "sex made easy" says they have it right. good communication and closeness are the secrets of couples who make it last but that doesn't mean there won't be speed bumps in the sex life along the way. >> i can't answer that question, with a toddler, it's impossible. you fall asleep half the time.
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>> exhaustion from child rearing, health problems like -- health problems like knee or back pain. erectile dysfunction for men and menopause for women all can affect libido. debbie says don't avoid the issues talk about them head-on. that can keep the rest of the relationship from crumbling. and be open to new ways of doing things in the bedroom. she even has a chapter called sex ploration, encouraging people to find inspiration from books, magazines, movies or exotic locations. >> we travel to st. moore tens and st. bart's. >> try new things and just have fun. >> anita brikman, 9news now. [ laughter ] >> who knows? she says studies done at the kinsey institute show there's no cutoff age when people shouldn't expect a rewarding sex life. they've interviewed people in their 80s and beyond who are
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still sexually active. >> you see how it's totally messing us up? >> i think probably the ear lobes. okay, soon you may be out of luck if you want to get one of the big sodas in new york city. the major michael bloomberg wants to end the era of big gulps and triple bacon cheeseburgers. the drinks -- he wants to limit the size of the cups to just 16 ounces. you can go back and get another one but you can only have one 16-ounce cup would be the largest, some people are against the idea saying people should be able to choose whatever they want to drink and how much and the mayor shouldn't outlaw fun. one analyst says if the ban does go into effect some people may respond by ordering two thinks. when it comes to work, it's the lonely ones who suffer. a recent study of more than 650 workers, two researchers found
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loneliness reduces an employee's productivity. people who are lonely at work are often hostile and negative and researchers say just one close relationship with a colleague can make all the difference. it allows employees to rid themselves of stress by chatting or having coffee or lunch. okay it is time to look at the question of the morning. i can't wait to hear andrea's response to that. >> i haven't read it yet -- >> put your anxious on the folk page -- answer on the facebook page and we'd love to read your comments over the next hour. we'll have the answer in our 6:00 a.m. show. and things are going to be a little funky on the national mall this summer and the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture is hosting a free bring back the funk concert june 27th. it will open the festival's evening concert series.
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george clinton, is one of the artists scheduled to perform. last year he donated the mother ship stage props to the smithsonian and there's a possibility you can see it at this year's festival. also scheduled to appear, d.c.'s own michelle -- i have to say this -- in diego cello. the museum opens in 2015.
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welcome back, howard with you this friday morning: severe weather alert day. a few showers and storms possible early. not too bad. this afternoon and tonight that's when things will get rough with highs between 80 and 85. let's go to monika in timesaver traffic. southbound 301 is blocks with a serious accident at trade zone avenue. northbound the lanes are open. coming up in my next report, more on area roads at 5:00. back to you guys. all right, thanks a lot monika.
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you can file this one over you can't make this stuff up. a dallas woman is suing neiman marcus for pride. she is blame -- fraud. she is blaming the store for the breakup of her marriage. she says her husband had an affair with her personal shopper at the store and spent $1 million of her money on gifts. now the gifts did go to the wife but the person shopper took home a big time commission check and the woman wants to return the gifts. good morning and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. on this severe weather alert day. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck, we are glad you're here, happy friday. here's monika samtani. traffic momentarily. mr. bernstein. the star of the show now. >> the severe weather is going to be holding off until this afternoon and tonight. this stuff this morning, we may get a rumble of thunder and that may slow you down when you get showers around certainly with traffic around here but later this afternoon the first half of tonight that we got to watch out for the strong to receive score storms and talking about maybe some damaging wednesday gusts and hail and -- wind


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