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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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good evening. i'm matt jablow in for bruce johnson. major developments in our ongoing investigation into bonuses at the general services administration. right now new evidence is surfacing of hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses going to gsa officials suspected of misconduct. investigator reporter russ is here. to be clear, all this is in addition to the bonuses that
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you covered last week. >> matt, you're right on. here's the issue. did the government pay bonuses as much as tens of thousands of dollars each to individual gsa workers accused of bad performance, or even worse, possibly crime? the latest report indicates the five we identified in our investigation may be symptomatic of a much larger trend year after year paying out performance bonuses to gsa workers while they were suspected of wrong doing. the gsa scandal falled by those music videos lampooning easy government cash gained new traction last week when our investigation uncovered bonus money. documents we obtained under the freedom of information act indicated the gsa paid out over a half million dollars in fiscal year 2012 bonus money to high ranking executives. the bonuses, about $10,000 apiece, included bonuses to five executives placed on leave
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in connection with that nearly $823,000 las vegas conference including a payout to jeffrey kneel lee, now infamous for that bathtub photo and 2400- square-feet hotel suites. now there's a new report of even more bonus going to gsa officials while under investigation for misconduct. the kansas city star obtained a senate analysis identifying $1 million inbonuses since 2008 going to officials suspected of wrong doing. the report identified bonuses going to 84 employees under investigation receiving as much as $40,000 apiece over five years. those numbers don't include the bonuses our investigation uncovered last week of payouts to the officials linked to that las vegas scandal. we got a response tonight from the gsa saying that this bonus situation, specifically bonus money going to people under
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suspicion of wrong doing, is part of the top-to-bottom review going on right now at the gsa. matt. >> some of this is really hard to believe. my question is who's in charge of approving and dolling out some of these bonuses? >> these are performance bonuses that are supposed to be if they do a good job. there's supposed to be a panel that makes an advisal. it's the stuff of horror movies. a swarm of bee threatening a tranquil home. earlier tonight there were still hundreds of bees buzzing around. one expert thinks the hive has set up camp in the gap between the first and second floors of this home. the homeowner says it was the buzzing that first caught his attention. >> i was coming out around this time with my son to play outside and i heard a buzzing, and it was the classic, if
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you've seen the 1978 movie with michael kaine, the swarm, that's what it was. i shoved my son back into the house and closed the screen behind us. >> an amateur beekeeper says there were as many as 20,000 honey bees in the gap. she says the bees are probably an entire colony in search of a new home. the beekeeper says homeowners who find themselves in a similar situation might want to call a bee keeper instead of an exterminator because the beekeeper can take the bees off the home. a maryland woman is talking about her near death experience when a car came crashing into her bedroom. it happened around 3:30 this morning at the chestnut ridge apartment in prince george's county. as surae chinn reports, the woman says she's lucky to be alive. >> reporter: it is quite
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remarkable when you look at these pictures and hear her story that she's able to talk to us about it. the car slammed right into her room where she was asleep. michelle woke up to a car in her bedroom. >> somebody help me, call 911. i thought i was dead. >> reporter: paramedics gingerly wheeled her out of a riverdale apartment and down the steps, her entire body aching and her head pounding. this is the car that crashed into the apartment building. right now it eats parked outside of michelle's bedroom. she describes how the car landed basically on top of her. >> it was a car tire on my hand. i started screaming. >> reporter: you felt the car tire? >> yes, on my hand. boom. then i lift up my hand, there my hand, the tire was there,
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still rolling. >> reporter: police are investigating what made the driver lose control. a woman in that car was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> i didn't know when will be my last tomorrow. >> reporter: "i don't know when will be my last tomorrow," she says. the day she lived to tell about a real-life nightmare. >> he saved my life. god protected the car from killing he me. >> reporter: no charges have been charged against the driver who says the brakes give out but detectives are trying to figure out if alcohol was a factor. elsewhere the national weather service is confirming at least nine tornadoes touched down in maryland during friday's storms. five tornadoes, three in montgomery county, one in prince george's county, one in carroll county had estimated wind speeds of anywhere from 65 to 85 miles per hour.
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two strong other tornadoes were confirmed in howard and harford county where one building was reduced to rubble. >> he had one window in the shop, and they said he opened up the blinds and there was the tornado. and he couldn't side-step nothing. it ripped the roof off, and the walls came down, and he was under the one wall. >> a nearby friend rushed in and pulled the victim out from under the rubble. tonight he's recovering from injuries to his leg and shoulder two. more tornadoes were confirmed in anne arundel and carroll county. meanwhile the cleanup is underway in towson where the storms touched down in baltimore county. a number of homes were damaged and several big trees were knocked over. >> reporter: what was it like when that tree came crashing through your garage? >> the tree made no noise.
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just thundering, rain. >> towson was one of the hardest hit areas of baltimore county. damage is expected to be in the millions. and still more storm damage in pennsylvania this time where two confirmed tornadoes touched down on friday. several buildings in bedford county were damaged during the storms, and this barn was completely -- or almost completely, i should say, destroyed. the man accused in the murder of trayvon martin is back in jail tonight. george zimmerman turned himself in around 1:30 today. zimmerman's bond was revoked friday amid questions about money he raised back in april. >> george zimmerman met two members of the sheriff's office in the area of lake mary at i- 4, was placed into custody. he is being backed and processed as per judge lester's
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order. he will be held on a no bond status. >> zimmerman is described as being, quote, quiet and cooperative. his attorney says he will file a motion for a bond hearing tomorrow. zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder. a chaotic scene in nigeria's largest city where a plane went down killing all 153 people on board. the plane crashed into a furniture shop and some residential buildings near the airport. thousands gathered at the scene. firefighters tried to put the flames out and carry out survivors. >> reporter: nigerian firefighters and police struggled to put out the flames after a plane crash that killed everyone on board on sunday. all 153 passengers died when the aircraft crashed interest a densely populated area of lagos. one official said the flight's pilots ared to the control tower just before the accident staying plane had engine
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trouble. nigeria's civil aviation authority says the dana air flight was traveling to lagos. it appeared to fall on its belly crashing into a furniture shop. one witness said, my younger ones, they were outside playing ball and they were shouting to look up because the plane was about to land on top of my hand so i had to tilt. we thought the plane was going to land. sunday night authorities were still determining how many more people may have died on the ground. cbs news, new york. >> back here at home d.c. police want your help finding the person who shot and killed 19-year-old antoine petty. medics found his body just after 9:00 last night in the 100 block of trenton place, southeast. police are org a reward up of to $that,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. coming up on 9news now, he kissed thousands of women in fronted of millions of his fans. >> how are you?
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>> i'm fine. and you're beautiful. >> we'll take a look back on the life of richard dawson. and a big celebration across the pond. 60 years in the making. we'll have that story as well. stay with us. we'll be right back. and here's your wake-up weather for your monday. you will want your sunglasses and the umbrella. maybe always light sweater as you're headed out the door. a cool start, temperatures in the 50s and 60s early in the day. a slight chance for some showers. by 9:00 we'll still be cool. we'll talk about the chance for showers and storms coming up. stick around. 9 news continues after the break.
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i don't know, maybe i can work something out. give me a little kiss. now, blank blaine, as you know him, have you ever thought of sharing the money six ways? >> absolutely. >> you have. >> you bet. >> because i might not reveal it, but before this program is over i may. >> game show host and actor richard dawson has died in los
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angeles at the age of 79. he had esophageal cancer. dawson's stint of "the foam feud" won him a daytime emmy in 1978. he was known, of course, for cigs thousands of female contestants and made the phrase "survey says" a national catch phrase. >> i still get letters, i still get christmas cards and birthday cards from people that i've met in 1976. they run a videotape, and they look at their family, and they said this is how we were 15, 20 years ago, and there's richard, and i'm a part of that life for them. >> dawson also starred in the 1960's sitcom "hogan's heroes." he played a corporal in a show set at a nazi p.o.w.
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camp. dawson is survived by his wife and ten children and four grandchildren. a producer estimated that dawson had kissed about 20,000 women during the time that he hosted the show. a health alert. new research shows a dramatic improvement in the weapons used against cancer. high-tech approaches long dreamed of but not proven until now. at a weekend conference in chicago researchers described new tools to make the immune system attack a broad range of cancers, new smart bomb drugs that target the disease while sparing healthy cells. and doctors say one of the best parts, people feel better while going through treatment because the new approaches have fewer side effects. across the pond close to a million people turned out along the river thames.
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a typical wet day was the backdrop. nearly 1,000 boats took part in the river pageant. at the helm, the queen herself would stood for hours on a converted barge with members of the royal family greeting those who came out to support her. >> it just gives us so much hope and so much strength. >> we love the fact that she appreciates everyone standing out in the rain. it's very british. >> she's an awesome person so a really good experience. amazing. >> queen elizabeth ascended to the throne when she was 26 years old. at 86 years old she's the oldest person ever to reign over britain. move over men in black. snow white and the huntsmen is the fairest at the box office. the action film inspired debuted at number one with $56 million in the u.s. snow white bumped the men in black iii from the top spot into second
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place. disney's super hero sensation "the avengers" remains strong at number three with $20 million lifting its total to $552 million. the avengers climbed past "the dark knight" to become number three on the chart behind avie tar and titanic at $65 million. still ahead tonight on 9news now, a unique sight in the new york harbor. why the space shuttle enterprise is on the move again. and are scattered showers on the way tomorrow? anny will have the latest forecast when we return. ♪
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here's something you don't see every day. the space shuttle enterprise was moved on a barge sunday morning from john f. kennedy airport in new york to new jersey on its way to port elizabeth. it will be brought to the intrepid sea, air, and space museum where it goes on public display on july 19th. took a little walk a few hours ago to stretch my legs. a perfect night.
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>> it's a really nice night. overall most of us seeing some really nice conditions for this sunday night. a great way to finish off the weekend after those intense storms we saw come through, especially on friday, but it's a pretty nice evening. there are some areas of showers is and believe it or not, all the rain on friday, we still need about four more inches or so. so we still can use the rain around here. right now here's a look at your michael & son weather camera. generally partly to mostly cloudy conditions, temperature now 68, the winds from the north at 5 miles per hour. here's a look at the doppler. you see a couple of scattered showers north and basically east of town. a lot of it out toward the bay now and to the beaches. we'll zoom in to show you where some of the showers are. frederick, you saw a shower. you're also seeing showers crossing 270 and gaithersburg. leesburg, wet weather for you as well. a lot of it going out to the south and east. and most of the beltway,
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though, stays dry. live doppler hd, light, scattered showers right now going through. also a little heavier cell north and east. also the beaches getting some showers as well. very scattered in nature. it will continue through the overnight hours. right now temperatures in the upper 60s in downtown, but 63 in manassas, lower 60s for hagerstown and martinsburg. our satellite and radar showing us most of the energy coming from the north in pennsylvania. we'll continue to have a chance for showers the next few days but for the monday morning commute generally should be sunny and dry. a few showers are possible again, and afternoon, evening, isolated thunderstorms are also possible. cooler with showers for tuesday. same deal for your wednesday before we warm things back up. i'm not really seeing any 80s in the next few days here.
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overnight, what should we expect? partly to mostly cloudy, cool, a few showers. lows 50 to 60 degrees. monday morning, partly sunny and cool, a slight chance for a shower. in the suburbs, getting down to lower 50s. so it may feel a little chilly for you starting off your monday. around downtown we'll start off in the low 60s. by the afternoon partly cloudy and breezy, a shower possible. again, not widespread. very similar to what we're seeing tonight. a slight chance for an isolated thunderstorm. hienz the mid-70s that breeze northwest at 15 to 20 miles per hour. so hold on to your hats. maybe a little extra hairspray tomorrow. your forecast, we start in western maryland, cumberland up to 70 degrees. winchester, martinsburg lower 70s. leesburg, warrenton, 73 degrees. average hap downtown is lower 80s. we'll be a few degrees below that average.
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75 in downtown, 74 andrews air force base, lower cents in annapolis. we do after small craft advisory for the bay because of the breezy conditions that are expected. out toward the eastern shore, also lower 70s. so a little bit cooler than average for this time of year here in june. our monday breakdown is like this. cool start, 50s and sick. only a slight chance for a shower by noon, 68 to 73. by 5:00 74 to 8 degrees. chance for showers and isolated thunderstorms. next three day, mid-70s for monday. tuesday in the lower 70s. maybe some places only upper 60s. a collapse for a shower. wednesday 73 with some scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms possible. here's how your next seven days are looking. nats in town tuesday. decent nats weather. thursday and friday, mid-70s for thursday with maybe a morning shower, but then by friday we're looking at much nicer conditions in the upper
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70s, and we're warming back up just in time for the weekend, matt, back into the mid-80s on saturday and sunday. and right now we are looking storm-free for next weekend. so you want to bring out the umbrellas next few days just in case you get caught in a stray shower. >> i'm not loving the rain but i am digging the cooler weather. next up, the nats in action and the skins wrap up o.t.a.s. we'll preview sports plus when we return. stay with us.
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kristen joins us now. nats with a big series against the braves. and? >> and there's the big "butt." but they just couldn't get it done. it's the rivals. it's going to be a great game. i think just a handful of runs between the two games, but unfortunately their bats have been a little cold, and the braves heated up. the washington nationals still remain in first place but are now tied with miami thanks to a string of losses. like we said, it looked like they were starting to turn things around. they blanked the braves saturday night, then today bryce harper and steve lombardozzi, back-to-back homers. but that was the only support the nats gave gio gonzalez. despite the loss gonzalez and
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harper honored for outstanding play in may. harper led rack keys in five categories to be named n.l. rookie of the month. i goo pitcher of the month. the redskins wrapped up their second set of otas this week, but how well is rgiii really grasping the play book, and how are those bonds with his teammates coming along? we'll hear what they have to say. plus, tiger woods returns to true form. impressive play from him this we can questioned's charged up the leaderboard. that included a shocker. this is tiger's 73rd career pga victory tieing him for second with nicklaus for second all- time. >> i hit it good today. that was some good stuff out there. i negative really missed a shot. as sean likes to say, go out
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there and put on a stripe show, and i did. i made a few putts. >> i like how he's so can di.d i played well today. that's all there is to it. >> you could live a long time and not see a better golf shot. >> amazing. only tiger woods. >> anny? >> one last look at your seven- day. breezy, isolated storms, overall pretty good. low 70s. >> outstanding. remember to go on-line to for updates any time. sports plus is next. have a great week. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back.
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