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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 4, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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june swoon. friday's sour jobs report is sending stock markets lower around the world. and it's issue number one in the presidential campaign. nigeria in mourning. a commercial airliner crashes in nigeria's largest city, killing everyone on board and others on the ground. behind bars. george zimmerman is back in jail after a judge revokes his bail. and royals on the river. britain throws an historic party to celebrate queen elizabeth's 60-year reign. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, june 4, 2012. good morning, everybody. i'm terrell brown.
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we begin with the race for the white house and weak economic news, that's what the obama administration on its heels. the labor department reported 69,000 jobs created in may, the fewest in nearly a year and the unemployment rate rose to 8.2%. the white house blames congress. mitt romney's campaign says it's about the lack of leadership. susan mcginnis in washington with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. that jobs report gave romney fresh ammunition for obama campaign. look at them to throw barbs as they travel around, trying to raise money. president obama and mitt romney will spend the day raising cash for their campaigns. the presidents seen with former president bill clinton in new york city, first at a dinner in a private home and then at a gala at waldorf hisser to yeah hotel and then at the grit white
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way barack for president fund-raiser. mitt romney said his supporters say the may unemployment report showing the economy gained only 69,000 new jobs demonstrate the president does not have the right experience to lead the country. >> i'm not voting for anybody for president who's never been executive, in business and in government. you have to be an executive. it is up to the president to lead. he's not led effectively. >> reporter: romney's senior campaign adviser says the experience the massachusetts governor gained in office, while in the private sector, makes him a better congress. >> he ran and organized the olympic games in 2002. he's ran a state that successfully. that's a big difference between these two. >> reporter: obama campaign officials say even if progress is slow, the economy is growing. they say congress is to blame for rejecting the president's jobs proposal. >> there are a million jobs sitting on that table right now in congress that they could vote on. >> these are the architects of
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obstruction and now they're complaining about the pace of the recovery. >> reporter: the ambassador campaign is focusing vichl on romney's time in office, saying he didn't do enough to help massachusetts. experts point out very difficult to pin job creation or job loss numbers on any particular politician because the economy plays such a huge hole and a lag by the time policies take effect. one politician could take blame or credit for one's successes. >> we'll get much more. susan mcginnis in washington, thank you very much. "cbs moneywatch." ashley morrison here in new york with that. >> good morning to you. the signs of an economic slowdown continue to pile up slowdownhis morning. pile up asian markets reacted negatively to the u.s. jobs report. tokyo's nikkei fell to its lowest level in 28 years, closing down more than 1.5%. while hong kong's hang seng was off about 2%.
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the selloff looks like it will spread to europe this morning. european index futures were down before trading began. investors will keep a close eye on europe as greece weighs whether to keep a bailout. wall street could be in nor wild ride today. friday was the worst day of 2012 for the blue chips. the dow lost nearly 275 points while the nasdaq was down 79d. friday's losses sent stocks into the red for 2012. a month ago the dow was up 8% for the year. another sign of slowing economic growth is the dropoff in oil prices, now down to $82. appearcy ver lining that drivers will leakly see lower gas prices. according to aaa prices at the pump have fallen 5% in the last month. facebook shareholders are still waiting for the return on their investment. shares of a social media company were down 6% on friday. the stock is now down 27% from its ipo on may 18th.
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meanwhile, facebook is apparently trying to gain younger users. according to a report in "the wall street journal," the company is exploring a way to open up the site to kids under the age of 13, as long as their supervised by a parent. and the outlook for twitter is looking positive. according to a report by bloomberg, the website will generate $1 billion in revenue by 2014. that's twice as fast as some analysts had predicted. however, twitter would reach the $1 billion threshold in more time than it took facebook or google. i don't know, terrell, i can't get into the whole twitter, tweeting -- >> i know. i'm with facebook. >> oh, we know you're with facebook. >> stalker! ashley morrison here in new york, thank you so much. george zimmerman, the man charged in the murder of florida teen trayvon martin spent his first night in jam since his bond was revoked. randall pinkston reports. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies escorted george zimmerman in
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handcuffs back to seminole county jail. he surrendered sunday afternoon just before a court him imposed deadline. >> he is quiet and cooperative. >> reporter: zimmerman, accused of murdering 17-year-old trayvon martin in february, had been freed on $150,000 bail. but friday judge lester revoked his bond after prosecutors accused zimmerman and his wife of misleading the court about their finances. prosecutors say during a bond hearing in april, zimmerman's wife, in order to get a low bail, lied about more than $100,000 that had been raised online. defense attorney mark o'mara admits it may be difficult to persuade the judge to set bail again. >> it's a credibility question with mr. zimmerman, and now that credibility has been attacked or tarnished. now he's going to have to rehabilitate it. >> reporter: because of the credibility issue, zimmerman's attorney isn't even sure the judge will agree to a new bond hearing. still, he will apply for one on monday. zimmerman's attorney says his
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client has been in hiding because of threats against his life. >> he's worried about himself. he's worried about his wife. he's worried about his family. he's worried about everybody, has to be in hiding because of the enormous anger and frustration and hatred that has stirred from this case. >> reporter: because of the high-profile nature of the case, zimmerman will be housed in his own cell, away from other inmates at seminole county jail. some progress this morning by firefighters battling the largest wildfire in new mexico history. as of last night the fire was 17% contained. an official says it's no longer spreading. evacuated residents are being allowed to return home. the fire has burned more than 370 square miles in the gila national forest. coming up on a monday morning, a commercial airliner crashes in nigeria's largest city. farewell to the king of the feud. we remember richard dawson who
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on the west coast of africa, rescue crews are searching the wreckage of an airliner that crashed into lagos. all those aboard died on the crash but the death toll is expected to be much higher. it's unclear how many on the ground were cleared. or. >> reporter: nigeria fire girts and police struggled to put out the flames after a plane crash that killed everyone on board on sunday. one military official said the flight's pilot radioed to the control tower just before the accident saying the plane had engine trouble. nigeria's civil aviation authority says the dana airline flight was traveling from abuja to lagos. it crashed into a furniture shop and some residential buildings. one witness said, my younger ones, they were outside playing ball and shouting to leave, to
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look up, because the plane was about to land on top of my head. we thought the plane was going to land. sunday night authorities were still determining how many more people may have died on the ground. cbs news, new york. syrian president bashar assad says his country is fighting a war waged from the outside. he denied responsibility for the mass measure in houla. video from social media said to show opposition forces attacking a military tank. secretary of state hillary clinton is pressuring the russians to get aassad to step down. on the 23rd blood shed in tiananmen square, they are urging china to release prisoners from that round-up. as many as several thousand protesters were killed. another 1,000 went to jail. only about a dozen are still behind bars.
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the scandal over the leaked vatican doumgts shows no sign to let up. pope benedict celebrated in milan as an italian newspaper shared more documents. the pope's butler was arrested for leaking documents. now there's speculation he wasn't working alone, or simply a pawn in a struggle for power. the man who brought kissing to "the family feud" has died. richard dawson was wise-cracking host of the hit tv show and he died from cancer on saturday in los angeles. he was 79. lee kau cowan made two little w into a catch-phrase. >> reporter: for those who joke about a live as a tv game show host, not richard dawson. he loved it. >> survey says! -- >> reporter: for most of the late '70s and early '80s, he
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watched "family feud" for fun. a role that earned him an emmy. that was his second act. the first had him in a war of a different story as a corporal, peter newkirk in "hoggan's heroes." born in england, many thought his accent would stand in the way of success. it did just the opposite. his off the cuff sense of humor made him a regular panelist on another game show, "match game". >> i swear on my life, eight was my answer. >> reporter: it was his real life role but it became a motion picture role as well when dawson played opposite arnold schwarzenegger in "the running man". >> i'll be back. >> only in a rerun. >> reporter: as a host he seemed to love the contestants more than the game. his signature kisses for good luck left their marks on tens of thousands of cheeks, something
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. 66, new york. 92, miami. 72, chicago. partly cloudy, 96 in dallas. partly cloudy, 71 in los angeles. let's check your national forecast. stormy across much of the country. thunderstorms will develop in the northeast. another thunderstorm from texas to georgia. more storms will pop up across the pacific northwest and the high plains. in sports, the celtics make the heat wilt in o.t. paul pierce gets called for ? in supports this morning, the celtics get a huge break when lebron james fouls out. goes downtown for the win but the ball will bounce off the rim. boston beats the heat 93-91 tying the conference at two games apiece. in golf, tiger woods comes back to win the memorial. here is the shot that looks like the old tiger.
4:17 am
at 16 he chips it from outside the green and wait for it, wait for it. wait for it, drains it. birdies three of his last four holes. he and jack nicklaus now tied in second place. to baseball now. just call bill what you are mr. met. he became a minority owner of the mets. jonathan niese all business on the mound. mets over st. louis 6-1. a real slug fest in milwaukee. the pirates andrew mccutcheon gets the homerun derby started in the past. pirates hang on to beat the brewers 6-5. they are back over the 500 mark. when we come back, tribute on
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the countr in dc thunderstorms. in denver. mostly cloudy skies, 59 in seattle. the celebration of queen elizabeth's 60 years on the throne continues today in london. sir elton john, sir paul mccartney, and sir tom jones are performers tonight at buckingham palace. more impressive was the pageantry that played out on the river thames sunday. >> reporter: the waterway was jammed with more than 1,000 boats. queen elizabeth leading. the flotilla made it's way down a seven-mile stretch of the thames with all the pomp and ceremony fit for a queen.
4:21 am
her majesty was joined by the entire royal family, including prince william and duchess of cambrid cambridge, kate. organizers had to dig deep in britain's past to find a fitting tribute. the idea came from a painting of a royal river pageant from the 1600s. britain hadn't seen anything like it since then. on sunday millions got their chance to see the historic procession, and they did it in typical british fashion while enduring a steady downpour. >> we don't mind. we've got waterproof coats. >> waterproof trousers. >> we've got coats. we've got food. we've got good company. >> reporter: while the queen braved the rain, the prime minister headed indoors. david cameron's celebration moved inside number 10 downing street. the prime minister praised queen elizabeth for her role as a sounding board for himself and 11 others who have held his job during her reign. >> it's a huge treat for a prime minister to speak to her majesty
4:22 am
every week, knowing i'm the 12th prime minister. she started with winston churchill. her knowledge of world events, world leaders, world issues is unparalleled. >> reporter: back on the thames, anticipation rose as the tower bridge opened to let her vessel follow underneath. that was followed by fireworks on top of the iconic bridge. one last salute to the monarch. >> the jubilee continues tomorrow, culminating with a carriage procession to the palace. a new queen has been crowned in las vegas. >> miss usa 2012, rhode island! oe live with me -- >> the 20-year-old won the title last night, other than looking great in a gown and swimsuit, pageant officials say the new miss usa can tie a cherry stem with a tongue. i'm not going there. i'm not. her next big gig representing the u.s. in this year's miss universe pageant.
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i'm not doing it. coming up after your local news on "cbs morning news," erica hill is in london for the celebrations of the queen's diamond jubilee. i'm terrell brown. uncover stronger, younger looking skin. [ female announcer ] new aveeno skin strengthening body cream helps transform dry, thinning skin, by strengthening its moisture barrier, for improved texture and elasticity in 2 weeks. reveal healthy, supple skin. aveeno skin strengthening.
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good morning, and welcome to 9news now. today is monday june 4th, 2012. i'm andrea roane. >> it sure is, i'm mike haiduk. mr. bernstein, happy monday, my friend. >> reporter: a lot easier than
4:26 am
friday. >> what happened friday? >> reporter: nine confirmed tornadoes. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: it was relatively weak, they were efha 0s and 1s, so damage was minor for the most part. let's talk about today. we had a couple of sprinkles overnight but right now things are quiet, partly cloudy, 65 degrees in town. low 70s by noon. it is going to be a breezy day. by late afternoon a couple of showers passing with a high in the mid 70s across the region. everything now is generally well east and north of us. you may need a jacket, already down in the mid-50s in culpepper and manassas. still 75 in dc. everybody else in the 50s and
4:27 am
low 60s. 74 in martinsburg leesburg 75. let's go to mon ca -- to monika. >> reporter: the east side of the beltway no problems here. as you travel in prince george's county between 95 and the wilson bridge, this is what it looks like. no problems to report. let's go to our maps. if you are planning to head to the west side of town on the beltway, you are okay in issues to report. we'll take you to another live picture if we could. looking good. heading up toward springfield and the 14th street bridge. let's go over to maryland on our live cameras. here's 270 coming down from frederick past route 121 all
4:28 am
lanes are open, traffic is moving well down to the american legion bridge. coming up in my next report back over to virginia. thanks a lot. howard just said and the national weather service confirmed. nine tornadoes touched down during friday's storms. >> estimated wind speeds of anywhere from 65 miles per hour to 85 miles per hour. two stronger tornadoes were confirmed in howard and hartford county, where at least one building was reduced to rubble. >> he had one window in the shop and he opened up the blinds and there was the tornado. he couldn't side step, nothing of the it ripped the roof off and the walls came down and he was under the one wall. >> he is recovering from injuries to his leg and
4:29 am
shoulder. two more tornadoes were confirmed. the clean up also continues in maryland this morning where storms touched down there. as well. homes were damaged, several big trees were knocked over the damage there is estimated in the millions already. 2012 report, president obama and mitt romney are both holding fundraisers today. >> they'll hit the road. with the latest unemployment numbers. susan mcginniss explains. >> reporter: perform and mitt romney will spend the day raising cash for their campaign. the president was teamed with former president bill clinton first at a party and then at the great white way at the broadway for barack


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