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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the weekend wasn't bad and this morning it is comfortable, dry. we have a few clouds out here. 73 degrees by noon. breezy today with a slight chance of showers in the afternoon. highs in the mid-70s. that is comfortable, especially when the average is 81. overnight we had a few showers that passed through. they are over toward delaware and new jersey pulling away from us, and other than the pop up showers, we are in good shape. you might even need a little jacket. along with cumberland, 55 and 64 on the bay here. look for your highs this afternoon. should below to mid 70s out here. comfortable, a slight chance of a shower. over to monika, she has timesaver traffic. >> reporter: for a monday
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morning, i have had great news. thank you, howard. get it out of my way. thank you. things are looking get. no problems around the beltway, i'm happy to say. as you travel in from 66 on dulles toll road, we are going to head to the north side of town. that is where you have a lot of slow traffic for 6:00 in the morning. 20 miles per hour, that is a long, slow stretch. but i haven't heard of any problems along the way here. where the lanes divide further south you are going to be absolutely fine. here at university boulevard you can see all lanes rough open heading west on the beltway. become over to our maps this time to the other side. no problems on 95 or route a25. another live look outside. this time we'll head to the south side of town. a wilson bridge a pretty picture.
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coming up if my next report 95 in virginia. mike and andrea? how confident do you feel that metro would keep you safe in an emergency? the results of a recent inspection may make you think twice. >> inspectors found a list of safety violations, including poorly lit emergency exit as i understand, emergency doors that were so heavy they were difficult to open. good morning. >> reporter: good morning michael, we can first tell you inspectors warned metro twice in 2007 and then again in 2010. just laugh year metro created a fire marshal position it's dress some of problems inspectors found poorly lit emergency signs you alluded to, each bushes in some cases.
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some of the doors were even locked. exits that simply could not be found by the inspectors at three of the metro stations in the area. the gm, richard sorelles is here to talk to riders a little later today about his new enhanced rush hour program that will be launched in two weeks. back to you mike, andrea? >> thank you delia. reporting live from the springfield metro station. clean up continues after nine confirmed tornado touchdowns in maryland. the national weather service confirms three in montgomery county, and one in carol county. they were all classified as ef-0. there were two stronger tornadoes in hartford and
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howard counties, they were ef-1, with wind speed up to 110 miles per hour. three people were hurt and some buildings were reduced to rubble. two more tornadoes were confirmed. this morning george zimmerman could find out if you get a new bond hearing. zimmerman spent the night and a central florida jail after turning himself in. he is accused of killing 17-year-old trayvon martin back in february. his bail was revoked last week after a judge found out he lied to the court about the couple's finance. he had $135,000 from donations in his defense fun. zimmerman's attorney plans to request a new bond hearing. a woman is alive after being trapped under a car. early yesterday morning the driver of a car lost control
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and slammed you there the -- through the wall of her apartment. she is lucky to be alive after discovering a car in her bedroom, on top of her. she was afraid she was going to die. >> i started screaming. >> reporter: you felt the car's tierces? >> yes. >> reporter: paramedics were able to free the woman and remove her from her pardon me in a wheelchair. saw what says her body was hurt and go her head was hurting. investigators are trying to figure out how the driver lost control of the car. mitt romney and barack obama are hitting the fundraising
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trail today. the president is teaming up with former president bill clinton in new york at a dinner in a private home. mitt romney has private fundraisers planned in seattle, portland, oregon and other places. romney supporters say the may unemployment report showing only 69,000 jobs demonstrates the president does not have the right experience to lead the country economically. >> i'm not vote fog anybody for president who has never been an executive. the president has not led effectively. mitt romney's senior campaign adviser says the experience as massachusetts governor make mitt romney a better candidate. the obama campaign says romney didn't do enough to help massachusetts when he was in office there. jessica doyle is here with
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another your money report. >> the pain at the gas pump is getting a little better i don't that was of course. we are seeing gas prices continuing drop. on try, oil closed below $84 a barrel. that is an eight month low. that is likely to lead to even lower prices at the pump. analysts expect gas prices to fall, dropping another 20 cents by labor day. this morning aaa puts gas prices at 54 cents a -- $3.54 for regular. target is catching heat for selling t-shirts that benefit a group that favors gay marriage. the online t-shirt promotion for its pride themed shirts benefit the quality asal. target says the t-shirts reinforced its support of the
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community but two years ago caring caught criticism for donating $150,000 to support a candidate for governor. you now have another option to get to hawaii. on tuesday hawaiian airlines will start non stop flights from new york's jfkto honolulu. it is the first major market on the east coast and you can also go nonstop from newark on united. on june 7th united will add daily service to hawaii from dulles and that is a long flight. >> it is a long flight. but shorter than going to l.a. well unlike houser, remember that show? >> the youngest doctor in history, the 21 yelled just graduated from the university of chicago. he began college at aiming 9
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and medical school at age 12. >> he was reading at two, writing at three and composing music at the ripe old aiming of five. >> his sister is also a prodigy. she received her bachelor's teague from roosevelt university in 2010. the 15-year-old is now at jobs hop kips university in baltimore, pursuing a second bachelor's degree in violin performance. coming up at 6:12. five things you need to do to keep children from suffering the summer slide. but first, we'll have another look at your forecast when we return. this country was built by working people.
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it is going to be a pleasantly cool but breezy day today. a slight chance to see a shower late this afternoon. i'll have your full forecast in just a few moments. howard we are taking a live look at the beltway in college park on the outer loop at route one. once we get to the 95 interchange, things slow down a little bit. coming up in my next report, another look at area roads. andrea and mike? >> reporter: sorry, the school year is winding town for many
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kids and that means hours of fun in the sun. but summer vacation can also be a time your kids sore of slide backwards. they forget the things they learned in the school year. this morning leslie is with us. from children's pbs. the first thing we talked about is the solution for camp. >> camp is a great idea and i always signed my kids up for summer camp. but there are lots of other ways that are easier, maybe less stressful and less expensive for parents. you can have your kids help you come up with a grocery list. have them look by spelling. by letters, identify letters. on the road, if you are going on a road trip, have them call out
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letters on signs that you passed. so there are ways to practice your reading. those reading skills are so important when kids are learning them. >> we always hear about summer reading lists. kids are seven, eight, nine, ten, is it difficult to try to keep them on task. the beach, the pools, summer parties that, kind of thing. >> all those are great. maybe you could encourage them to write a story about something they did that day, when it is taking a nature walk or going to the beach they are drawing pictures, writing words down. >> reporter: what about screen time? that is one of the battles we have in our house. we love the computers and tv ads and tv shows. should you limit that? >> we really encourage parents to him screen time but what is most important is what they are
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spending time watching. they can learn a lot from characters that they love. studies show kids learn more skills from the characters they love. also an app, you can load your mobile device when you go on the road with apps that can help them learn relevantly fundamental skills. skew are there things that can take place outside? suggestions you can do? >> camps and any kind of outside adventure, nature hikes and writing stories about them is a wonderful thing to do also, "whup" to beat the heat, go to the library. >> don't forget the library. >> great to see you. andrea, howard, over to you. >> guess what in some jurisdictions it is like two weeks away from the end of
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school. and next wednesday is the last day. >> reporter: the weather today is not so hot and june like. there could be a stray shower or two much like yesterday afternoon, actually the next few afternoons. at least temperatures will be in check. here's your bus stop photograph. 50s and 60s to start -t the air is not too humid at all, it is actually rather comfortable. the winds are light now. the sun came up at 5:43. it sets at 8:30. should be a good deal through midday. a73 at noon. cxconf[ 73 73 -- 73 at noon. isolated showers scattered across the region. in the low 70s by 8:00 p.m. overnight we had a couple of showers push through the region. clouds here and there especially south and southwest of
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washington. radar is all nice and quiet, temperatures running in the mid-50s. rockville 58, andrews down to 55 this morning. we have 56 in reston and senterville and also in haymarket. you'll see sunshine on the building. a few high clouds off to the distance. looking off to the south southeast right now. the -- barometer. a cool start to the week temperatures in the 70s with mainly an afternoon shower threat through thursday. the weekend is warmer with temperatures in the 80s. not much has changed from last week. the storm friday up maine. little disturbances wrapping around. this pattern is not going to change much, at least until the
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second half of the week. ton we are become in the 50s, winds will become lighter. look at the temperatures, lower 70s with a better chance of showers and storms wednesday and thursday, thursday 76. friday 78 drying out. it is now 6:18. monika samtani still miling? -- smiling? >> i know if you are heading out on the roadways and you hit ta slow traffic, that is not much to smile about. there are no big issues, there is one accident. this one just came in. northbound on i-95 at route 700. solid from dale city coming in into springfield. watch out for that accident. this one just came in we'll take to you a live picture first northbound 95 in springfield. here your lanes are open.
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duke street lacks good, heavy and slow at seminary road. back to our map this time on the west side of town, looking fine on the dulles toll road out of sterling. bunching up in manassas and sterling. the sunshine will be a factor. otherwise your lanes are open. coming up in my next report we'll go to the north side of town. back to you guys. we'll see you in just a little bit. time now for another look at the question of the morning. a new survey out says women would rather have one of these instead of a diamond ring. a vacation away from family, a handbag to match every outfit or a walk-in closet. facebook friend jenny summers says she needs more closet space. she writes frankly, i would like to have a live in closet.
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welcome back. 6:23. your weather first on this monday morning, it is pretty nice outside. comfortably cool starting in the 50s and 60s. you might need the umbrella late in afternoon. here's a look at our day planner. we are expecting temperatures really to only get up to 70s here. maybe 75, 76 with a brisk northwest wind and a slight chance to see showers before the day is out. andrea and mike? >> this morning, both nbactual playoff series are tied at two games apiece. >> hockey goes on forever. >> nbaeastern conference finals last night game four in boston went into overtype. -- in overtime.
6:24 am
paul pierce fouls out. gone in overtime. the heat's biggest star, lebron james, commits an offensesive foul too. boom, he is gone. so then fast forward to the end of the game. ray john, slides in, hits the floater. boston takes this game 93-91 series tied at two thousand. >> reporter: the braves nationals rivalry has been a little one sided as of late. the teams faced off, including eight sea shutout. yesterday afternoon they got off to a promising start. nationals going to the sweep in the rain shortened series. just like that, it is 2-0 nats.
6:25 am
but tommy hanson found his groove. the nats give gonzalez, he blows a 2-0 lead to jason heyward. braves take the 3-2 lead into the ninth. espinoza, win last hit. nats have now lost four of their last five. despite the loss gonzalez has been impressive throughout the month of may. before the game he was named national pitcher of the month. named national league rookie of the month. yesterday tiger woods returned to true form, impressive play from him this weekend, exclude thing shot. even jack nicklaus called the best ever seen. this is tiger 73rd pga victory, tying him with nicholas for
6:26 am
most all time. have a great monday. another two weeks before tiger's here. >> i can't wait. we have special coverage here on wusa9. >> it won't take as long as basketball though. >> the unemployment rate remains at 8.278%. the problem may not be a lack of jobs, but a look of training. jessica doyle is going to explain what that is all about. in your money watch. >> reporter: northbound 95 at route 7100, an accident on the shoulder now. all lapse are open but it does leave slow traffic standing by. come up, at 6:30 you are watching 9news now.
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we are back at 62:00. this is always the place to get your weather first. >> indeed a live look at the washington monday m. we have temperatures in the 60s, howard said we could tack on 10 to 15 more. we thank you for starting your monday with us. good morning i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike haiduk. it is a gorgeous morning. you are one of the folks that like to exercise outside, get it done. do it now. it is not going to be bad later but it is really, really nice right now. the air is not humid at all, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, we have a great start to what is going to be a pretty good day.
6:31 am
sunshine also in tyson's corner. high clouds off to our south and southwest. noon 73, partly sunny. 74 at 5:00. highs generally in the mid-70s. it moves well off to our south and east. we are looking relatively quiet this morning. frederick is 54, 58 in leesburg, and we are at 63. this afternoon you can expect sunshine, again the isolated shower, 75 here in washington and also at andrews and 73 at great fall. monika has your timesaver traffic. >> reporter: overall it hasn't been a bad morning. you should expect to travel first to 270 on the southbound side now. this is ref out of frederick, it continues to urbana. going about 2 miles per hour trying to get to route 80 and beyond that, let's take a live look at route 121.
6:32 am
maybe a brake light or two, but not too bad the rest of the way. let's go back over to our maps. the beltway looks good out of college park toward silver spring and bethesda. all your lanes are open. we have a live look in college park right now. it may be the sunshine that affects your ride on the inner loop. on the outer loop you still look good. coming up in my next report, let's go to the south side of town at 6:45. coming up at the cop of the hour cbs this morning and the new face of the war. >> erica hill is still celebrating in england with the queen. here's charlie rose. >> reporter: good morning andrea and mike. she is having a good time over there, looks like. we have in this morning new evidence of how cyber warfare is a center piece of america's
6:33 am
strategy. we have a program called olympic games. plus david cameron on the importance of the queen's 60 year reign. we talk with tom jones and find out what it was like to sail in the royal warnings. we'll see you at 7:00. charlie, do you wish you were there as well? >> i'm happy to be here. she is doing aful wonderful job. >> el with's be watching starting at 7:00 a.m. more problems on metro that could affect you most in an emergency. inspectors found several safety violations, including poorly lit emergency signs, blocked exits, some doors so heavy they were very difficult to open during an evacuation sentinary yo. >> metro's general manager admits many of these problems should have been addressed sometime ago. delia is live and they knew about these problems a long time ago?
6:34 am
>> reporter: right. richard sorelles has squeezed us in to a very busy morning schedule. we know metro was warned by the i have been suspect tors in 2007 and again in 2010. you just created this fire marshal position. why did it take so long? i don't the newspaper went through reports from 2009, 2010, and found some areas where they were concerns about things at the fire exits. mud, burned out light bulbs, one door that was locked. that had been done for security concerns apparently many years ago. i did create a fire marshal position because i want to cut through the red tape. we have embarked on a major safety initiative, dealing with things like derailments, so
6:35 am
this is all part of trying to bring the organization back to where it should be. >> reporter: we know it has taken some time to get back to where you need to be. you have a long laundry list of concerns to address. was it just part of setting priorities? >> well for some of these things. a locked door should have been taken care of as soon as it was discovered. it was apparently made for security reasons. those are the kinds of things we have to review. as we see these, we will address them. >> reporter: assurances? >> it will be a never ending job we have to continue to pay attention to it. >> reporter: i'll display this new map that you are unveiling
6:36 am
to folks today. that clouds a number of new trains. >> we have kicked off the final countdown in two weeks today. it means more trains, more opportunities for not having to transfer, trains as you said it benefits over 100,000 people. the key thing is, we are trying to prepare our customers for this change. the key message for our customers is pay attention to the destinations on the trains. >> reporter: these metro lines we have blue, yellow, orange and green? >> making some improvement. >> we have to continue to work at it. >> reporter: richard sorelles,
6:37 am
back to you. here's a look at some of the other stories making news this morning. >> it is a national day of morning in nigeria. the president declared three days of national mourning after a deadly jet crash that killed all 153 people on board and an unknown number of people on the ground. it happened yesterdayment -- jed. thousands filled cairo's square after mubarak's two sons were acquitted. the prosecute tore must appeal the entire verdict, which does include the convictions and
6:38 am
life sentences for mubarak. jessica doyle is here with another your money report. >> oh, not a good day for wall street. triple digit losses. >> reporter: right now futures trading indicating that stocks could fall again. at the opening bell investors had deep economic concerns about europe and the united states right now, not to mention china. that big selloff on friday erased all of our gains through the year. so far today, wall street starts today about 12118, about 100 points below where we started 2012. nasdaq off by 80, s & p 500 was down by 32 points. the biggest factors touching off all the sell offices. the may unemployment report showed the jobless rate inching up to 8.2%.
6:39 am
the fewest in a year. the government also revised lower figures for march and april now saying 49,000 fewer jobs are created from that period. despite those job market concerns, there are jobs out there that are proving hard to fill. the reason why, employers can't find applicants with the right training. here are the top five hardest jobs to sell from a report on the huffington post. it staff, number four, skilled trade staff, 3, teachers, nurses at number 2. and the hardest job to fill right now, engineering. so if you are thinking of a second career, those might be places to target. in the morning jess. holly -- thanks jess. hollywood saying goodbye to the man known for kissing many lips and cheeks. we'll be right back [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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good morning, welcome back. it is 6:43 and 63 degrees. monika here with your timesaver traffic. as you can see, you have the slow traffic forming on all major thoroughfares, including the beltway. heading inbound toward the district, no problems on 66 with the exception of the slow traffic. you can see it is going to be some sun vine in your eyes, but otherwise, lanes are open. by the way, northbound route 29 after route 15. watch out for the accident at please mill road. you may have to follow some direction to get around that. this time inside the beltway, on 95. a live look at duke street northbound. it is very slow and heavy through this area toward seminary road. all the potomac river crossings this morning are incident free. coming up in my next report, we'll go into maryland. back to you guys.
6:45 am
coming up on 6:45 this monday morning, a nice start to the week. >> comfortable out there. a couple of showers out there. we have a dry commute and the sun is out for most of us. we start with your bus stop forecast. heading out to school and school is winding down, another week or so for some. temperatures this morning in the 50s and 60s, call it partly sunny. over an hour ago, 5:43. setting at 8:30 this evening, we will see sunshine today, a decent amount of sunshine. west at 40 miles per hour, notice a raindrop here, there may be an isolated shower here. as we have a pattern which is conducive to these afternoon and early morning showers. you'll notice the clouds south of washington, coming across
6:46 am
the region. oakland 63, 63 down in southern maryland, fredericksburg 64. in washington we are in the low 60s. from tyson's corner looking off toward the south southeast, there is the beltway just in the distance. temperatures this morning running in the low 60s under mostly cloudy skies, but they are the high, thin ones. calm winds now, that is going to change. and our humidity 67%. we have been watching the same storm that got us friday with the severe weather. still spinning up here in eastern maine, bringing in all the moisture. they have had a lot of rain in maine over the weekend. little disturbances keep rotating around the storm. we had one yesterday afternoon. bring us a few showers, looks like you will see a company more, and here comes a scattering of isolated showers around more in pennsylvania and over toward delaware. and even some in virginia.
6:47 am
we go into the overnight with a stray shower possible. tomorrow we start generally sunny here. tuesday pop a company of showers. maybe as much as wednesday, because wednesday, while we start quiet, i want to you watch with the daytime heating how things really pop midday and stay semiactive through the afternoon hours. a scattering of showers and storms probably through thursday. average highs 81. 75 today, isolated showers. 50s tonight tomorrow 73 with an isolated afternoon showers. 50s maybe even upper 40s. wednesday 73, call it mild with scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. the same thursday. a little warmer 76. here comes warmth for saturday and sunday with highs in the mid to the upper 80s. mike and andrea. thorchgz howard. -- thanks howard. he reportedly logged thousands
6:48 am
of kisses during the days as host of family feud. richard dawson has died. it was a show that brought in tons of laughs. >> nursing we are looking for it. can. >> richard dawson passed away yesterday after a battle with esophageal cancer. he was best known for hosting the feud and for years he kissed just about all of the female guests. he was an actor too. he was in hogan's heroes, great tv show during the 1960s. >> his second wife was one of the contestants. >> i know he kissed her and then took her home. 6:48. the answer to today's question of the morning right now. the survey, here's the question one more time. women would rather have one of these things instead of a diamond ring.
6:49 am
a vacation away from family, a handbag to match every single outfit or a walk-in closet. >> facebook friend katelyn says a, i own one% that goes with everything in my wardrobe, which is nowhere big enough to fit in a walk-in closet. therefore a, hands down. >> the correct answer is c. walk-in closet. remember mr. big gave that to our sex in the city girl for the wedding gift? >> oh i loved sex in the city. >> reporter: i have been combing through the daily deals. i have something for you my friend. here's some of our favorite things. hit the links, this is target's daily deal, you can put these clothes in the walk-in closet. golf apparel for men 20% off
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6:59. we are looking partly sunny this morning, comfortable. 73 by noon an isolated shower possible late this afternoon, breezy, highs in the mid-70s. andrea? thank you, howard. the results of the first large trial of a new kind of precision medicine against breast cancer will be revealed later today. the drug combination is designed to act like a smart bomb, which directionally targets the tumor cells while reducing damage to the rest of the body. the sperm al drug is not a cure, but it's tacks breast cancer in an entirely different way. nearly 1000 homeowners in prince william county, manassas and manassas park are eligible for assistance. bank of america and jp morgan chase made the announcement yesterday. prince william county was particularly hard hit by the wave of foreclosures in recent
6:55 am
years. a warm of bees created moments of horror at a home in capitol hill. hundreds of bees were buzzing at until home yesterday. one bee expert thinks they set up camp in a gap between the first and second floors. all the buzzing caused the homeowner dan wolf to scramble back inside his home.
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6:58 am
welcome back. breezy today. 75 with a slight chance of an afternoon shower, we'll have that threat through thursday and then warmer by the weekend. >> reporter: an accident northbound on lois dale road. let's go over to 395 northbound, heavy here, no big deals through landmark. if you are planning to head on
6:59 am
270, looks fine here in german town. looking like future are his headed lower this morning and that means that wall street could be headed lower as well. >> bargains somewhere down the road right? next more on the queen's diamond jubilee celebration. and the face of the national threat is changing. they are talking about cyber terror. get your up dates on news weather and traffic by visiting wusa9. thanks for joining us this morning. hope you have a great day everyone. take care.


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