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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 7, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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new atrocities. reports of a new massacre in syria with many of the dead reported to be women and children. the dow gained 200 point, the biggest gain this year. across the ocean. a japanese fishing boat washes ashore in oregon. this is "cbs morning news" for thursday, june 7, 2012. good morning. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. this morning there are reports of another massacre in syria. the exact circumstances remain unclear. opposition sources say this unconfirmed video says a small
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town in hama, local activists group says 78 people were killed rom shelling killed a british human rights group puts the number at 24. the government blames terrorists. today the u.n. takes up the syrian crisis. elizabeth palmer joins us from syria. what do we know about the latest massacre? >> reporter: well, i should say it's an alleged massacre because there is no proof yet of what happened. there isn't even verified body count. the opposition group, the syrian national council, says more than 70 people were killed in a village near the city of hama, and they say in a pattern similar to the massacre at houla, government troops shelled the village and then government-sponsored militia came in and killed people with guns and knives, including 42 women and children. the syrian government has completely denied
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responsibility. it says that its soldiers came into the village and found the bodies already dead and burned in an abandoned building. >> and the international community is still talking about possible solutions. what's the plan? >> reporter: kofi annan will be at the united nations today to try and convince the world, but it's worth while carrying on his with his peace plan so far, because it's been widely ignored from the very beginning. also talk of trying to convene a larger panel, if you like, consulting group of influential nations, perhaps even including russia and iran, to try and talk about a plan that would see president assad eased from power in a peaceful transition. that would preserve stability. at the moment it sounds like very loose and hopeful talks. >> elizabeth palmer in syria
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this morning, thank you. defense secretary leon panetta is in afghanistan. he arrived this morning as afghan president announced 18 people killed in a nato air strike yesterday were civilians. panetta plans to meet with u.s. commanders to talk about the withdrawal. panetta acknowledged the resurgence have regrouped. to politics. president obama is in the midst of a two-day west coast fund-raising trip but despite the bitter recall election in wisconsin, the president is also trying to raise supporters' spirit. susan mcginnis, good morning. >> reporter: it hasn't been the best week when wisconsin's governor won the recall election, that led to bad news and there could be more coming. president obama is betting a speech about the economy later today in las vegas will help his
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re-election campaign. he got positive news yesterday from wall street. the dow soared nearly 287 points, its best finish this year. >> thank you so much, everybody. everybody have a safe -- you're going to make me blush. >> reporter: the president held several fund-raisers in california wednesday, including a gala for gay and lesbian activists where he pledged his ongoing support. >> i could not be happier about the work we've done. >> reporter: the president and democrats are trying to maintain momentum, including setbacks with dismal numbers and a loss in the president's recall election. mitt romney says the election is a positive sign for conservatives and proof the race will be tight. >> i think the president's out of ideas. i think he's out of excuses. i want to make sure in november of 20 12 he's out of office. and i'd take his place. >> reporter: the two-day fund-raising tours by romney and obama are expected to raise
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millions for both candidates. more question marks for the president. the supreme court is going to decide soon on his health care overhaul and also on obama's challenge to arizona's tough immigration law. >> susan mcginnis in washington, thank you. jeb bush says i probably should have run for president this year but wasn't sure he'd be a successful candidate. in an interview with charlie rose, bush says he wouldn't rule out a run in the future but would not be mitt romney's running mate. >> i'm not going to do it and i'm not going to be asked. doesn't mean i don't have a voice. doesn't mean i don't want to enthusiastically support mitt romney. i'm doing that. i'm doing it. but i'm not going to be a candidate with him. >> you can see the rest of the interview later on "cbs this morning." "cbs moneywatch" on a thursday. hackers swipe passwords from two popular websites. ashley morrison in new york. good morning. >> after wall street's best
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showing of the year, possible action on europe's dent crisis lifted. nikkei with the third straight day of gains. the stock surges have been fueled by a speech given by fefb official. fed chair ben bernanke will testify before a congressional committee today. on wednesday the fed released it's beige book which showed the economy grew moderately in most regions of country this spring. that report does not use any hard numbers but relies on anecdotal evidence. the labor department releases weekly unemployment report this morning and investors are hoping for better news. last week's report showed the number of people seeking jobless benefits hit a five-week high and followed by a dismal monthly jobs report that showed the unemployment rate kicked up to 8.2% in may. we're learning more about how the nasdaq is planning to
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compensate early investors in facebook. the stock exchange will pay out $40 million to investment firms that lost money on the ipo. computer glitches at nasdaq delayed the opening and technical issues prevented some investors from buying or selling the stock throughout the day. a federal regulator says jpmorgan's multibillion loss could have been contained. comptroller told senate banking panel if the so called volcker rule was in place, it would have been caught sooner. it takes effect in july but banks don't have to follow all of its provisions for two more years. and linkedin and eharmony have been hacked. linkedin says some passwords were some 6 million distributed online. probably some personal information there you don't want compromised. >> of all accounts to
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compromise. ashley morrison in new york, thank you so much. police search the home of the man accused of killing etan patz 30 years ago. patz then 6 years old disappeared as he walked to school in 1969. hernandez says he killed patz and left his body in the trash. there is no evidence. hernandez's wife says her husband suffers from mental illness. opening statements are expected to begin in jerry sunday dafky trial, who's charged with molesting ten young boys, seven men and five men will decide sandusky's fate. most have ties to the university. coming up, chronicling the life of ray radburn. [ whimpers ]
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a line of severe thunderstorms brought tornadoes to eastern colorado last night and into this morning. weather service says as many as half a dozen funnel clouds were seen but no serious damages reported. heavy rain and hail pounded the denver area and lightning crackled over the city as the storm system passed. a large piece of debris that washed up on the oregon coast came from last year's tsunami in japan. it's a 70-foot concrete dock that came ashore southwest of portland. japanese officials say a metal plate identifies it as belonging to a fishing village in northern japan 5,000 miles away. ray bradbury, a hundredful of authors who popularized science fiction died. we have more on the man who called himself an idea writer.
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>> reporter: ray bradbury was one of the most popular writers of the 20th century. >> thank god i was sent into the world to be enthused. >> reporter: he helped bring science fiction with books like "fahrenheit 451" and "the martian chronicles" and wrote for tv series, like "twilight zone." "fahrenheit 451" tells of an anti-intellectual future where books are burned. he said he didn't want to predict the future, he wanted to prevent it. >> i get out of bed as fast as i can, get to the typewriter and trap them before they disappear. you must never talk about writing. you must do it. >> reporter: bradbury scoffed at technology. he called the internet a scam and said video games were a waste of time for men with nothing else to do.
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bradbury received a star on hollywood's walk of fame and a national medal of the arts from president bush. he even had an asteroid named for him. his passion writing began as a boy. in his younger years he visited the library three times a week. >> when i published my first books when i was 27, i came back here to this library and gave copies of my first books to the librarians here. >> reporter: he went on to publish many more. over 20 novels and 600 short stories. bradbury supported man space exploration and despited flying and never learned how to drive. he died tuesday in los angeles. he was 91. cajun raw seafood pizza parlor french fondue tex-mex fro-yo tapas puck chinese takeout taco truck free range chicken pancake stack baked alaska
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afternoon thunderstorms, 75 in new york. thunderstorms in miami, 88. sunshine, 72 in chicago. thunderstorms in dallas, 84. sunny in los angeles, 80 degrees. let's check your national forecast. much of the nation will have scattered thunderstorms, some severe, the northeast from western england to pennsylvania, oklahoma, texas, gulf coast all the way to south dakota. the northern and central plains. the pacific northwest and the northern rockies.
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that felt like everywhere. in sports, san antonio in game six of the western conference finals. thunder's russell westbrook with a flying one-handed jams but spurs left by 15 in the half and kevin durant hit a three-pointer to put the thunder in front and they never looked back. late in the fourth, kendrick perkins going to slam one home. they win the west and a shot now at the nba title. stanley cup finals. new jersey at los angeles. leading the series 3-0 the kings wanted a sweep. scoreless until the third period. and the devils struck first. patrik elias knocking in a rebound. kings tied it. and new jersey scored with a wrist shot and devils added an empty net goal to win 5-3. mariners at angels. seattle with a lead in the second inning on the sharply hit double down the left field line
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in the third kendry morales hit a homer to put the angels up by two. mariners retook the lead and suzuki's homer. blanco hit a solo homer to right to give san francisco a lead in the fifth. in the sixth blanco with a playable grounder. padres allowed two more runs to score. giants win 6-5. at french open nadal and sharapova both advance to the semifinals. the quarterfinal play yesterday nadal beat fellow spaniard and now faces david ferrier. sharapova easily beat 23rd seed 6-2, 6-3. when we come back on a thursday, another look at this morning's top stories and concerns over ct scans. a new study looks at the increased cancer risk for
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities. d.c., thunderstorms, 7. partly sunny in atlanta, 83. sunny, 83 in st. louis. afternoon thunderstorms in denver, 83. and rain in seattle, 60 degrees. top stories. another wave of violence is reported in syria. local activist group claims militias killed dozens of people in central syria. u.n. takes up bloody revolt against the assad government. and president obama wraps up a west coast fund-raising trip yesterday. he told gay and lesbian he would
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roll back any rights. the ct scan, an x-ray procedure has become a common diagnostic tool but there's new evidence unnecessary exposure to such radiation even under a doctor's supervision can have serious, long-term health consequences especially for children. dick brennan has that store. >> reporter: the bundis family has three active boys. >> kid play, fall and hurt themselves. >> reporter: like any parents, ashley knows some bumps and bruises will require a trip to the doctor or even a ct scan, but a new study shows the scans could affect their health in the future. research in the journal of lancet finds radiation exposure from two to three ct scans of the head during childhood can triple the risk of developing brain cancer. >> they also found the risk from five to ten ct scans of the head tripled the risk of leukemia. >> reporter: the study looked at 150 children that had ct scans and researchers note newer
4:22 am
scanners expose kids to less radiation than the machines used on these patients. researchers say it only increases it slightly. one additional ct scan for every 30,000 patients. while the study shows a small cancer risk, experts say radiation doses from c.a.t. scans should be kept as low as possible and only done when absolutely necessary. >> there's a small but real risk of cancer from these ct scans that needs to be weighed against the benefits of ct scans. >> reporter: the fda advises parents to question their doctor about whether a scan is needed. >> if i thought it was important and we couldn't assess the situation and figure out what was wrong, yes, i'm going to put my children through that medical testing. >> reporter: if a test is a must do, the fda suggests asking if a radiation-free alternative is available. dick brennan, cbs news, new york new coming up on "cbs this morning," a new book on the
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. good morning. welcome to 9news now. today is thursday, june 7. i'm andrea roane. you're almost there. how cool is that. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. we're glad you're with us. monika santami is here. how are you. >> great. >> she'll have traffic
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momentarily. howard bernstein. friday eve. we're looking good. this afternoon a few showers and storms. it will be one of our yellow days because those storms may slow you down on the way home or if you have afternoon plans outdoors, it may interfere with a few of them. here's a look at your day planner. we're starting off just fine. temperatures in the 50s. another pleasantly cool day. we'll rise nicely with sunshine and 68 by 9:00. noon 76. this afternoon as we get to 80 for the high, we'll pop some showers and storms and that could start 2:00, 3:00 in spots as the storms are expected. probably drifting from the north to the south. look at this picture, satellite and radar going back 12 hours. we had a couple of showers yesterday, especially south of town. this morning clear to partly cloudy. a patch of clouds coming in from pennsylvania. temperatures in the 50s. down to 50 in culpeper. still holding on to 61 by the bay. anybody on the bay, coastal flood advisory till 2:00. the tide will run above normal.
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the actual air temperatures this afternoon pretty pleasant for june. upper 70s to about 80. 81. let's check in with monika with your first look at time saver caution. that's right -- at time saver construction. that's right. once again we do have a lot of construction in place from overnight. on the outer loop of the beltway between the american legion bridge and gw parkway, westbound on the toll road at the beltway, 66 inbound between nutley street and the beltway and even on the inner loop between springfield and braddock road heading northbound on 495. let's go outside live of the here's what it looks like at the american legion bridge. here you're fine. no problems crossing the potomac river. if you're planning to head on to -- head to the other side of problem, no problems between college park and silver spring. right near connecticut avenue, things look fine. all lanes are open. in my next report we'll go to 270 at 4:39. the now former chairman of
4:28 am
the d.c. council kwame brown resigned yesterday afternoon after he was charged with a single count of bank fraud for allegedly lying about his income on loan applications. >> brown is expected to plead guilty during a court hearing tomorrow. he announced his resignation in a formal letter submitted during a private meeting of the full council. he wrote, dear madam secretary, i hereby resign my position as chairman of the council of district of columbia effective immediately. i have made some very serious mistakes in judgment for which i take full responsibility. >> the letter went on to say because of the great respect i have for the institution, that is the council of the district of columbia, i have chosen the only honorable course in submitting my resignation at this time. i simply will not hold this body and its important work hostage to the resolution of my personal indiscretions. >> i have behaved in ways i should not have. i was wrong and i will face the consequences of that conduct. i have apologized to the residents of our great city and
4:29 am
i also offer my unconditional apology to the members of the council for all the negative attention my conduct has brought about. sincerely kwame r. brown. >> bruce johnson has more on the nature of the charges and what we should expect to happen in the next few days. >> bruce also spoke with members of the council. >> reporter: kwame brown left his office perhaps at the last time as chairman. >> i have no comment. i appreciate your waiting in the hallway all this time. >> reporter: the 41-year-old did meet behind closed doors with his council staff who immediately began backing and met privately with members of the council and told them he would be resigning as chairman. >> i'm sad myself. [indiscernible] >> i think individuals do find themselves at times


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