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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 8, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. the fall of former d.c. city council chairman kwame brown is topping our news this afternoon. hello and thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. well, it could be a first for a washington, d.c. corruption case. following his appearance in federal court this morning, kwame brown is expected to face
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additional charges in dng superior court late -- d.c. superior court later today. bruce johnson and delia goncalves are outside the district court. they bring us up to date on today's developments. delia, you're first. >> reporter: that's right. before qualm crow brown heads to -- kwame brown heads to d.c. superior court, he briefly spoke to reporters. he wrapped up his comments about 20 minutes ago. he was rather emotional and got visibly choken up when he apologized to his friends, family and neighbors for letting them down, he said. as expected the 41-year-old in court pled guilty to bank fraud in connection with for bank loans, one a $166,000 home equity loan which has since been paid back. and an $85,000 loan he used to buy that luxury boat. brown also pled guilty of misleading his income when he worked for a consulting firm back in 2006. he made only $35,000. however, he wrote that he
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earned $85,000. he also claims he was earning three grand a month with bonuses that he expected to come in the future. our bruce johnson initially broke this story earlier this week. he's been following this story from the very beginning inside the courtroom. interesting to note that it seemed like qualm crow brown was trying -- qualm kwame brown was trying to distinguish himself. >> one was the defiant defiant kwame brown. he emphatically said he did nothing wrong in terms of taking public dollars. he said that more than once. he says he's being prosecuted for that misdemeanor campaign finance charge later in superior court whereas no other candidate has been tried for the same offense. but, deapologize as delia -- he did apologize as delia just said for the embarrassment he caused to his family, his friends, to his neighbors.
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let's listen. >> i want to apologize from the bottom of my heart to all those that i have let down. to the people of this great city city, my neighbors and friends, the mayor, my council colleagues, government officials and employees of the government who worked so hard to serve our city. to my wife of 18 years, to my daughter, my son, my dad, my mom, and my family, i sincerely regret the pain that this has caused each of you. >> reporter: it's not over.
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jc, in the past six months, two sitting council members have been forced out of office. kwame brown the highest ranking, the second most powerful official in this city has been forced out of office. later this afternoon he will be in d.c. superior court facing the misdemeanor charge. he's due back in 90 days for sentencing on the felony conviction. our sources tell us as far as the plea agreement, he's not expected to do any jail time. >> reporter: because he resigned before he pled guilty today in court, he has set himself up for a possible run for office in the future. so we know this potentially may not be the end of kwame brown, although his political career has taken a halt and a little bump in the road. interesting to note, in the courtroom, the judge offered a little bit of leniency i guess you could say allowing qualm wee brown and his family -- kwame brown and his family to leave town essentially to avoid the media, to avoid the attention he will likely get.
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kwame brown will be out of town till june 17 in a rare move from the judge. >> clear lehe's not a flight risk. it's the one felony. he's not going to do jail time. want to get back to the political career. you're right, he leaves the door he could run again. given the way people feel in this town, there's a plan out there. some people already complaining about the fact this was supposed to be a campaign -- an investigation into campaign finance irregularities. they didn't really nail him on that. they nailed him on something entirely different which is a felony which is a signal to everyone else involved in this. they may have started out looking at irregularities. they find something bigger, they're going to go after that there's nobody resting easily. >> reporter: we heard from council member mary cheh, if there is anyone else out there we need a clean slate. they should come forward, take their punishment and go away.
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>> reporter: fat chance of that happening. right now it's like come get us. that's what the prosecutors are doing. the u.s. attorney will have something to say about this afterwards and you can take it to the bank he's going to say we're not done yet. >> reporter: this investigation is still ongoing. is it likely we'll see more charges coming down the pipeline? >> reporter: what we're likely to see and we are seeing is other people are coming before the grand jury. they're not looking at just irregularities in the campaign. they're looking at everything. they have the i.r.s. involved. they're looking at personal bank statements, the d.c. lottery contract. they are looking at everything. they're looking for a clean sweep here. i think it's obvious. anybody who is sitting at home today who thinks that the mayor and some other council members aren't targets of this probe, you're delusional. i think it's quite clear they're looking at everybody. >> reporter: we certainly have to remember there's an ongoing investigation into the mayor's campaign as well. two of his friends and campaign aides have already pled guilty and are awaiting their sentences as well. certainly there's much more to
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come. >> reporter: the mayor has denied any wrongdoing. >> reporter: we'll see how it all plays out. bruce johnson will be continuing to follow this developing story and well very much more for you throughout the day. back to you. >> thank you very much, delia and bruce. by the way, members of kwame brown's staff have been offered their jobs back. they were out of work after brown resigned but mary cheh, the council's acting chair made that offer to them yesterday. it is not clear how many people are taking her up on that offer. again we'll have more details coming up tonight. a culpeper police officer charged with murder was in court today, a special grand jury indicted daniel harmon- wright last month. in february harmon-wright shot and killed 54-year-old patricia cook while she was in her jeep. the officer claims cook drove off with his arm in her window. investigators say that they have evidence contradicting that story. we'll have more on that story coming up on this evening's
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newscast. a bicyclist is recovering after being hit by a montgomery county police cruiser. sky 9 was over the scene of the accident this morning on the ramp from briggs cheney road to columbia pike in silver spring. police tell 9news now that the 16-year-old female illegally crossed in front of the cruiser. she was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. a published report says a montgomery county police used felons to collect signatures for a ballot measure. the county is attempting to kill legislation reducing officers' collective bargaining rights. the washington examiner says the felons were responsible for collecting the signatures and certifying that they were gathered legally. but montgomery county is challenging the petition saying there is an insufficient number of signatures to put the issue on the november ballot. a man credited with launching several careers in the comedy world is dead.
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the body of d.c. improv founder mark anderson was found inside a hotel room near phoenix, arizona. he had been missing for weeks. investigators say that anderson was found alone as a result of a gunshot wound. he was a well known pioneer and promoter in the world of comedy and he owned clubs around the country. >> he came up with an idea to take those improvs and franchise them and make them comedy clubs in big cities across the country. that's exactly what he did. >> that was anderson's brother- in-law greg sax. he says anderson had been battling depression for years and believed that people were daz chasing -- were chasing him. a shocking development about the belmont stakes this afternoon. the horse i'll have another is reportedly out of the belmont. that is according to his
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trainer doug o'neal. i'll have another won both the preakness and the kentucky derby and of course he was going for the triple crown. the trainer made the statement on the dan patrick radio show. a news conference has been planned for this afternoon. coming up on 9news now at noon, a new report says millions of young adults are skipping necessary health care treatment. we'll tell you why. >> of course howard says it's going to be a hot weekend, a great weekend. you may consider going to a national park. stay with us.
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a new report says millions of young adults are skipping the necessary health treatment because of costs. 41% of people ages 19 to 29 failed to get care. in another development, a provision in the affordable health care act is credited with helping two and a half million young adults assess affordable health care by remaining on their parents' plan until they're 26 years old. tomorrow is the 9th of the month. we want to remind you to call your buddy. with father's day coming up
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june 17, we also want to remind you that men can also get breast cancer. andrea roane reports. >> reporter: william brown feels blessed every day but especially on father's day. he's extremely proud of the four sons and four daughters he raised with his beloved wife of 63 years, mary. >> i get emotional when i think about her. she's the best wife a man could have. >> reporter: the 86-year-old state department and national cancer institute retiree spends lots of time fishing on the chesapeake, or cape cod or here volunteering. >> i'm not one to sit home and wait for the -- [indiscernible] i'm gone. you'll have to catch up with me. >> reporter: every tuesday for nearly 20 years, william
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arrives early at the parish hall to help cook lunch for 75 seniors. >> just about ready. >> reporter: they're friends who come to play cards, line dance and eat good food. he's only miss add couple of days but not when he was diagnosed and treated for cancer cancer. were you aware that men could get breast cancer? >> it never crossed my mind. >> reporter: breast cancer is less common in men but about 2100 new cases will be diagnosed this year and more than 400 men will die from breast cancer. >> they're not accustomed to thinking about examining their breasts. they don't do self- examinations. >> good morning. >> reporter: dr. robert warren is co-director of the breast health center at lombardi and mr. brown's surgeon. >> men are often diagnosed with larger lesions in later stages than women because they're not getting examined. >> reporter: in william's case,
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they watched the lump in his breast for nearly 12 years. >> i started feeling a sensation and it got somewhat larger. i just told him, we're going to have to do something soon. >> reporter: luckily william's tumor was very slow growing. >> know lumps or bumps. you look great. >> reporter: he had a mastectomy. his lymphs nodes were clear and his cancer was receptive positive and he's on tamoxifen. giving william brown a lot more time to enjoy life. >> job well done. >> job well done. >> if you'd like to see that story again, go to our website and click on morning show. and to keep yourself and your buddy in check. you can text buddy check 9 to
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25543 for a monthly alert. on a personal note, i've had seven days of radiation. i'm feeling fine. i'm getting through it. howward has the forecast in just a bit. it's a beautiful afternoon. the allergens have come up since yesterday. we have the tree pollen which has gone moderate. weeds and molds are low. talking about building heat through the weekend when 9news now at noon returns.
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tomorrow is national get outdoors day. it's going to be a fabulous day. if you want to head to a national park, it will be free. some state parks are also waiving their entrance fees and there are more than 130 free special events planned nationwide. they include appearances from smoky the bear to free fishing lessons. that's what i'd like. >> a great day tomorrow maybe to go to sky line drive, the then dough ya national park. they -- the shenandoah national park, the prince william forest. so many in this area that are a short drive away. the weather is going to be great for that. a little warm they. if you're in the park up 2,000, 3,000 feet, it's going to feel good. this afternoon a beautiful day out there after a crisp morning. looking at the day planner, we've got nothing but sunshine to deal w. if you're going to be outside, i suggest the wide
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brim hats and sunscreen. highs approaching the mid-80s here. 385 or so will do it but it's dry. the humidity levels are down so it feels pretty good. standing outside on the weather tar as, don't wear a dark -- terrace, don't wear a dark jacket. the angle of the sun is getting high, the most intense sun we'll see tapering off in july and august. a high about 85. northwest winds 5 to 10. this morning we had chilly weather. martinsburg was down to 49 once again. la plata was 52. mid-50s at easton and cambridge at 55. we stopped at 60. this noon hour it is beautiful out there with mid-70s to about 80 now. la plata, d.c. at 80 degrees. same with fredericksburg. 75 winchester and gaithersburg and 80 at bwi. a gorgeous sky. just a couple of puffy clouds out there. nothing to worry b. 80 degrees -- worry about. 80 degrees. humidity only 39%. the dew points dropping into
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the low 50s and a west, northwest wind. stronger at national at 14. most areas seeing the northwesterly winds at 10 miles an hour. across the country, we've got some storm systems going across the northern part and also in the gulf coast. it's this guy which has kept the northwest unsettled and wet and cool. as it comes across the country, it's going to build an upper level ridge over us so our temperatures will warm over the weekend. another big area of unsettled weather from east texas across florida, the gulf of mexico. for us high pressure is building in. other than a stray storm on sunday afternoon, i think we're in great shape the next few days. today 85, warm. tonight 65 in town. upper 50s in the cool spots. not as cool. tomorrow 89. then sunday 92. there could be a spray storm. going over to the beach this weekend, hey, check this out. water temperatures are in the mid-60s right now at the ocean city inlet with mid-80s saturday. potentially 90 or better sunday especially away from the ocean. monday we'll cool it back into
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the low to mid-80s. the rest of our seven-day forecast, we could see another storm monday afternoon, 87. cooking into the middle 80s. as we head toward thursday, flag day, june 14 is when a front will get closer. wednesday into thursday probably the best chance we have for a scattering of showers and storms. that's weather but don't go anywhere. we have a great treat for you coming up in the kitchen when 9news now returns.
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today i am one on one with chef scott jenkins from extra virgin restaurant located in the shirlington village in virginia. today you are preparing a father's day friendly, healthy meal, right? >> that's absolutely correct, yes, in honor of father's day. we're going to start with a flat bread pizza. we make the crust at the restaurants. we top it off with our tomato sauce we make ourselves. >> i was going to ask. did that come out of a jar like mine? >> no we make everything fresh, including all of our pasta we layer this down. >> that is basil? >> fresh basil. a margarita pizza is the colors of the italian flag so it's red, green and white. >> i'll help you. >> thank you. >> we'll top that off with fresh mozzarella. and again we have a wood burning grill and all the other fancy stuff at the restaurant but when i'm at home, i actually use the electric grill
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we're using here. >> that's simple. anybody can do that. >> incredibly simple. we'll put this on the grill. we have extra virgin olive oil. just do this so it doesn't stick and gets crispy on the bottom. slide it real quick. we'll go ahead and close that down. >> we have one minute. let's do a salad real quick. is this a peach salad? >> it's a grilled peach salad in honor of spring and fathers. we have strawberries and peaches. when you grill the peaches, you get really good flavor. you sprinkle brown sugar, toaxed walnuts. we're -- toasted walnuts, we're going to use the roasted garlic, red onions. then we're going to go ahead and julienne our peaches and throw those in there. >> croutons. >> yes, i made those fresh too. we'll toss this in here. strawberries. >> the finished product looks like this. oh, gosh. >> our own special vinegarette
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we make. >> that's a wonderful salad. great salad. >> absolutely. >> go visit scott jenkins at extra virgin restaurant in the shirlington village of shirlington restaurant row. we're going to have a wonderful lunch. >> absolutely delicious. >> can't wait. thanks for being with us. come back at 5:00.
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