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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  June 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the former council chairman counters he's admitting what he did was illegal but adds he didn't steal any campaign or government dollars. >> i made some very serious mistakes in judgment and i have taken full and sole responsibility for those mistakes. >> inside the courthouse brown admitted to a federal judge that he doctored two loan applications to the industrial bank of washington. in one for $184,000 he falsely claimed that he had outside consulting work that paid $3,000 per month with a $10,000 raise on the way. he then falsely listed a college friend as president of the bogus company. in a second application for a loan to buy a boat brown falsely claimed that he earned $85,000 from a company when, in fact, he earned 35,000. on the 1099 form brown simply changed the 3 to an 8. you think those voters would have elected mr. brown if they had known he had submitted fraudulent bank documents in 2005 and 2007 before the
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election? prosecutors are claiming inside superior court today kwame brown allowed his brother chay brown who did not hold an official campaign position to secretly set up two bank accounts at industrial bank of washington. prosecutors say chay brown issued five checks, signed them ranging from $1,500 to $5,000. he cashed those checks at the bank and disbursed the money to campaign workers. it's all illegal. >> i am guilty of knowing that poll workers and others received more than $50 in cash payment for doing campaign work. that is and has been done in this city for years. i believe i'm the on one, only candidate that's ever been charged with a misdemeanor. >> kind of sounds like he's saying everything was doing it. prosecutors disagree and say one of those checks was for $1,500 signed and cashed about a year after the campaign by
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chay brown. kwame brown is scheduled for sentencing june 20th, brown free on his own recog any dance and the judge is allow -- recognizance and the judge is allowing him to leave tomorrow for a week to get way from all the press and attention. he's in serious trouble. both sides in private admit this. his brother set up this outside account, cashing and signing checks which he wasn't authorized to do. he's in trouble. after today's cases the agencies involved in the investigation held their own news conference and the fbi says it's not done looking into cases of corruption in the nation's capital. >> the sense of entitlement by these individuals has to stop. they are not entitled to that which does not belong to them. they are not entitled to break the law without repercussion. it is instead our citizens who are entitled. they're entitled to expect more from our public officials and we will continue to work to
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ensure that they receive the most honest government representation possible. >> qualm broken is the second member of the d.c. -- kwame brown is the second member of the d.c. council to resign this year and with the mayor also under investigation a utah republican said this week it's hard for city leaders to ask for more autonomy when so many people keep getting indicted. our team coverage continues with andrea mccarren who hit the streets today to find out what other local leaders think. >> it's interesting that most people with whom we spoke on camera and off feel like congress can readily distinguish between one politician and a city of 600,000 residents. >> i have to tell you that i had the most gratifying and relieving conversations yesterday with the two chairmen who have responsibility for the district of columbia. of course, they're friends of mine, but it turns out they're friends of the district, too.
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>> d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton describing her talks with the committee and subcommittee chairman with jurisdiction over the district of columbia. >> they do not make that infamous link between elected officials who misbehave and the 600,000 residents of the district of columbia. we've got a lot of problems. don't make them worse by heaping on us the sense of others. >> beyond the beltway anything like this hurts. i wish i could say this is the first time we had seen any indictment in the district, but sadly it isn't. so any time any news like this hits it obviously does not do anything to make our image better. >> that said d.c.'s republican party stopped just sort of supporting d.c. statehood. >> we do support budget awe to an my for the district as well as a vote in the house of representatives. >> delegate norton pointed out the district is in good financial shape and in the last census d.c.'s population actually grew by 50,000 residents while a lot of american cities are staying the same or losing some residents. >> it is good to see that
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growth, but you can man all the residents are tired of this corruption, want to see it -- imagine all the residents are tired of this corruption, want to see it go away. new information about the culpeper police officer charged with murder. daniel harmon-wright has been granted bond and could be out of jail soon. court records show he's been reprimanded for excessive force before and high ranking officers recommended that he not be hired because of alcohol abuse. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in culpeper where new information came out today about that police officer charged with murder and about the shots he fired that killed patricia cook. murder suspect and former culpeper police officer daniel harmon-wright turned his face to avoid cameras as he left the culpeper county courthouse under heavy security. he's charged with murder in the death of patricia cook who was unarmed sitting in her jeep. >> seven shots fired, an initial two shots fired at the driver's door window, nonfatal wounds. the officer then advanced his
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position firing from back to front an additional five times. >> reporter: defense attorney daniel hahn says his client saw cook as a threat. >> evidence of such recklessness in driving down the street towards the place where there's the greatest concentration of pedestrians in culpeper. >> reporter: the judge granted harmon-wright bond which means he could be released as soon as his family raises enough money. in culpeper, peggy fox, 9 news now. president obama says congress, hey, you can't use this election year as an excuse to not help put americans back to work. he addresses the economy at a brief press conference this morning. here it is. >> reporter: he has an eye on europe where a debt crisis could tip the region back into recession. >> the sooner that they act and the more decisive and concrete their actions, the sooner people and markets will regain some confidence. >> reporter: with weakness in the world economy he's pressing congress to pass part of the jobs bill sent to the hill last year. >> they left most of the jobs plan just sitting there and in light of the headwinds that
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we're facing now i urge them to reconsider. >> reporter: the president says there is already money set aside for projects that will get construction workers, teachers, police and firefighters back on the job. as the president fights to keep his job, he's hearing from voters that the economy is the no. 1 issue and the republican white house hopeful sees it as the president's no. 1 weakness. >> my duty list is written on my heart and the first three entries are these, jobs, jobs and jobs. i'm going to go to work to get america working again. >> reporter: republicans on capitol hill are also feeling some election year pressure but say it's the president who is refusing to work with congress. cbs news, the white house. >> coming up at 7:00 we've got a developing story for you. there are reports out now that lindsay lohan was hospitalized after a car accident in california. we'll have the latest on that at 7:00. still to come in this half hour, dreams of a triple crown
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win d.a.s.h.ed, a look at why i'll have another won't be racing in tomorrow's belmont stakes. >> we had a gorgeous day, lot of sunshine and low humidity. here are the numbers, the second day this month above average, 85 to go in the books, but the low was 5 degrees below average at 60, 51 this morning at dulles. record high 99 last year. we'll come back and talk about heat returning over the weekend and tell you what code we have rated it on our 9 weather alert scale. >> but first police are asking for your help to find three men accused of taking what's not there, video of the carjackers next. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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anyone with information is urged to call prince george's county police. you do not have to give your name. they just want to know what you know. the national transportation safety board released hundreds of documents in its investigation into a deadly bus crash on i-95 north of richmond. that crash one year ago killed four people and injured dozens of others. court records show the driver admitted to police falling asleep at the wheel. he is set to go to trial later this month on involuntary manslaughter charges. let's say you have $90,000 to spend. if you had to buy just one thing, you could buy a new lexus or maybe an engagement ring like the 3-carat doozy britney spears got last winter, but would you buy a pair of these? these sneakers are designed by rapper kanye smith and will go on retail for 245 bucks, but tonight tmz reports somebody paid $90,000 on ebay for a
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preordered pair. that is just crazy. still ahead tonight crews getting ready to close part of interstate 395 tonight.
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so we've got a couple commuter alerts to talk about tonight to help you get through the weekend. first crews will start closing all northbound lanes of i-395 at the beltway in an hour and a half and they'll be closed until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning for some pavement restriping. there will be detours for folks driving up i-95. if you're heading north get ready for a project to last through october. on june 20th crews will start replacing the concrete decking on the bridge south of the interstate 895 toll plaza. drivers will not counter delays up -- will encounter delays up to an hour. a busy northern virginia roadway back open tonight after a water main break brought this morning's traffic to a standstill at telegraph road
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between wilson and sharon chapel roads in alexandria's rose hill neighborhood. the break happened in the middle of the night. telegraph road was closed both directions through the morning rush. the national park service plans to make safety improvements along the gw parkway, memorial circle and mount vernon trail. congressman jim moran said he requested upgrades after hearing from constitute wents about several accidents. work starts next week which includes replacing several signs in the circle and on memorial bridge and installing rumble strips to alert drivers to crosswalks. we now know the speed cameras generated a whopping $155 million last year and it's got some people steaming mad including aaa. they say it may be enough to call for a voter referendum. >> they're taking people's money. >> reporter: the red light and speed cameras can get people's heart racing. >> i think it's unfair, sneaky and i just don't like it. >> reporter: as a result of a
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aaa mid-atlantic freedom of information request, the automated traffic cameras generated more than $55 million last year and near on track for another record year in profits. >> it's unbelievable. >> definitely. they definitely need to go. >> reporter: what would it take to get rid of these for good? a voter referendum for starters. you'd have to submit a question to the board of elections to get it on the ballot and then circulate a petition to get tens of thousands of signatures. would you be up for a referendum on these speed cameras? >> yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: the city of says the cameras are for safety and david schulen berger says he feels safe we are them around. >> i think they're trying to save lives. >> there is this growing movement to do something about these cameras because this whole notion that it's about traffic safety is only a pretense and only a fig leaf. it's really about generating revenue. >> reporter: a referendum
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would be too late for july's deadline for the november ballot. for now the only way to guarantee not getting a ticket is not to speed, but aaa maintains the cameras are moneymakers and traffic safety is taking a back seat. in the district surae chinn, 9 news now. >> since october the district has made more than $40 million. tickets from those cameras range from 50 to 125 bucks. there's an unusual appeal from maryland state police tonight trying to help an absent minded 7-eleven manager get back thousands of dollars he lost on an anne arundel county highway. that manager left his store's bank deposit bag on the roof of his suv, oh, and drove away. there are witness accounts of people scrambling for cash on northbound interstate 97 near route 100 in glen burnie early thursday morning. >> we're asking people to do the right thing. it's someone else's money. we're asking people who may have collected it all or some of it to return it, contact maryland state police at the
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glen burnie barrack. >> the manager who does not want to be identified told us he was distracted that morning by taking out the trash. he says he's responsible for reimbursing the company which will be a devastating financial blow to his family. so he's really hoping people bring the money back. the host of npr's car talk are retiring. brothers tom and ray started the weekly call-in show 25 years ago and it's become npr's most poplar program. the last fresh episode will be the end of september. after that it will be reruns and, topper, don't drive like my brother. >> well, couldn't drive like my brother. >> for sure they'll be mad. >> gorgeous day, low humidity and that's going to be seen at least through tomorrow. >> got to love that. >> got any elements league games tomorrow, put the sunscreen on and hydrate the kids. live look outside looking on route 66, interstate 66 from our headquarters and not many clouds in the sky.
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right now 84, dew points still in the upper 40s. that's awesome. open the windows. wind west, northwest at 9, pressure falling 29.93 inches of mercury. temperatures 84 in college park and downtown, but low 80s in arlington and bethesda, 84 rockville but 79 in gaithersburg, 82 in great falls, 79 reston, 81 leesburg and 82 in sterling. so the dry air masses heat up quickly and cool off quickly. so when the sun sets, temps will fall quickly. gorgeous weekend, comfortable tonight, grab your shades on saturday, not humid on saturday, but keep the kids hydrated because again we won't feel ourselves losing all the fluids, okay? it's not going to be humid, so we'll feel comfortable, but it's going to be something to watch out for. you stay hydrated, too. clear skies, comfortable tonight, open the windows, 55 to 65 for lows. tomorrow morning mostly sunny, pleasant, 60s and 70s.
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we'll be in the low 80s by lunchtime, no doubt. by afternoon mostly sunny, almost hot but not humid, high temperatures near 90 and winds westerly at about 10. so we'll break it down. to start if you're up early saturday, 55 to 65 when you get the paper, but low to mid-80s by lunchtime, 87 to 91 by evening, hot, yes, but not humid. next three days green, green and then our weather alert will be yellow alert monday because of a few thunderstorms possible, upper 80s primarily because they'll be in the afternoon, possibly affecting the evening commute. next seven days thunderstorm possible tuesday, back in the mid- to upper 80s. wednesday much better chance for storms as a cold front pushes through, mid-80s, doesn't drop temps much, mid- 80s thursday with sunshine and low to mid-80s with sunshine friday. so the weekend is great to do anything you'll want to do except watch the belmont. >> which is what we were just talking about. i mean shocking news, no triple
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crown just like that. >> you stole my thunder, shocking. the news was so unexpected a local radio station was still running ads this afternoon featuring the favorite. what the heck happened to i'll have another? and will he ever run again? have to see about that. >> the nats need stephen strasburg tonight more than ever, why the next few weeks critical for the men in red. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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owens, the best sports in town. >> think about all the things that have happened since 1978. soviet union collapsed, berlin wall fell, first black u.s. president, lots going on in 34 years, but no horse has been able to win the triple crown in that time this. year looked like a good chance until about, oh, 4 1/2 hours ago. after a morning gallop i'll have another experienced swelling in the front and left leg and was put into a thorough inspection and doctors recommended the horse not run, tendonitis the official medical diagnosis dashing the hopes of this year's triple crown. >> we did an easy gallop today. i thought he looked great and then cooling out you could tell that welling was back and at that -- swelling was back and at that point i didn't feel very good. it is a bummer but far from tragic, but it is very disappointing. >> i'll have another is the first horse since 1936 to win the first two legs of the
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triple crown and did not run the last leg. close calls happen a lot. this is the 12th time a horse has won the first two legs but not the last big round in 2008 was the last. baseball now, when the phillies came to town last month, i said this was a big deal for the nats when washington faced 15 straight division opponents in the last two weeks, i said this was a big deal. let me say this about what's going to happen in the next few weeks. it's a big longing deal. the nats are about to play the best division in baseball during interleague play, the american league ease, 15 games against the red sox, blue jays, yankees, rays and orioles in that order if you believe in the random power rankings, nats ranked as high as 3rd in some. it will be a big thing. got to give the nats the edge tonight on paper, stephen strasburg throwing the rubber fresh off that scintillating seven-inning shutout performance against the braves. strasburg hasn't loss since may 15th. jeff halpern will not return to
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the team. halpern a d.c. native who played with the caps twice this past season four goals, 12 assists. 45 points, 15 rebounds, five assists were lebron's numbers last night. the last guy to put up those kind of numbers, wilt chamberlain. all those lebron haters hoping to pin this latest heat failure on lebron have to wait till game 7 saturday night. french open semifinals. joe vick djokovic versus roger federer, no match for the no. 1 player in the world. joke erwins and will take on the king of clay -- joker wins and will take on the king of clay rafael nadal trying to win his seventh open final. >> love that big honking deal. that's all for 9 news now at 6:00. stay with us for the cbs evening news next and derek is back at 7:00 and at 8:00 join our mike hydek for a special cool schools presentation, the
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future is now. good night, everybody.


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