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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  June 12, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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the dogs ran in where they got out. >> part of this business, this towing establishment here. >> neighbors say they are vicious guard dogs. >> the guard dogs escaped on many mornings and terrorized people. i have no reason that i can give you as to why the city hasn't responded quicker in removing these animals. there's no excuse. >> especially since towing pro is one of the police department's many contract tow lots. >> i have noted received any complaints. not to say there haven't been some intanses. i have not received any complaints. >> one of the dog's owners was issued two $50 citations. but that's it. he sped off, refusing to answer. why he let his dogs run loose for so long. >> what would you like to see happen to these dogs and the dog's owner? >> sue and kill the dogs. >> the dogs are now in animal control custody while police and animal control continue to
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investigate. in northeast washington, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> they say those same two dogs attacked a homeless man. neighbors say they aren't surprised. the canines are in custody and they are being assessed by animal control. the acting chair of the d.c. council circulated a resolution today to make council member the interim chair. he replaced kwame brown, who pled guilty to bank fraud charges. observers say he does appear to have more than enough votes necessary from his colleagues to become the interim chair. he also intends to run come the fall. council member, vince orange, is expected to be a candidate in this contest. d.c. is one step closer to legal pot now that the health department, for medical marijuana dispensaries. >> i'm bruce leshan in downtown d.c. this location, just a few blocks from the white house, is one of four locations approved by d.c.
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today for medical marijuana dispensaries. legal pot in the district could now be just weeks away. >> you see the sign outside and the walk in? and they want to buy two or three bottles at a time. >> just like the moon shine he sells in his liquor store. marijuana is moving from illegal to legal. but sing says the city is enforcing far more restrictions on the marijuana dispensary that is going in in the strip mall he owns. >> a prescription, health department registration, registration with the wellness center. >> another pot dispensary will go into a still struggling neighborhood on north capital within view of the new atf headquarters and just blocks from the u.s. capital. a third is approved for 8th street southeast. barracks row on capitol hill. >> d.c. got enough drugs in
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them. >> bruce leshan, 9news now. >> the action comes after the ark of safety christian church sited debts of $1 and $100 million. a reflection of its member's money problems. the church remains strong and will continue to serve the needs of its members and the community. maryland hit the jackpot apparently with the opening of that new casino. people had to be turned away as maryland live was packed to capacity during its first 24 hours alone. all that success has local lawmakers taking a serious look at whether or not to place bets on casino number 6 in the state. we get more from scott broom in annapolis. >> everybody following this issue predicts there will be a special session of the legislature called in early
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july. in the spotlight, national harbor just across the wilson bridge from virginia, minutes from downtown washington. >> the casino is viable in the state. >> today, county executive, once a gambling opponent, told a state work group, he's an enthusiastic supporter of gambling at national harbor now. >> what changed in prince georges county? >> one, it was a statewide referendum where people got a chance to vote on. that passed and it passed overwelmingly in prince georges county. >> all this is happening less than a week after the opening of the new maryland live casino just 33 miles away. the developer here, fighting bitterly to stop national harbor. but a new study from the state's nonpartisan department of legislative services released today says maryland can economically support both, especially if table games like blackjack and craps are added into the mix.
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some legislators drooling over the newly predicted $161 million a year in additional tax revenue if it all goes through. in prince georges county, the bottom line is this. the county government is broke and it would take a 10% hike in property taxes to bring in as much new money as gambling would. at the state house in annapolis, scott broom, 9news now. tbl >> we should note that maryland is one of 39 states that offer gambling. turning now to campaign 2012. where the polls have just closed in the virginia primary election. voters casting their ballots for the next republican candidate for the seat in the u.s. senate. republican george allen is facing three opponents, but he is attempting to reclaim the office. webb declined to run again. with no opponent, former virginia governor is assured of the democratic nomination. we hope to bring you all the preliminary results from the
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race and virginia contests later in the newscast. virginia has been declared a ball ground state for the presidential campaign. is it inevitable that the money could affect the outcome of the u.s. senate campaign and beyond? here to talk more about this, susan page, the washington bureau chief of u.s.a. today, our sister publication. good to see you again. >> great to be with you. >> i guess you said that with goes kaine goes obama. >> i think the two are linked in a serious way. that's true for democrats, but especially for tim kaine who defended the president. who served as head of the committee for him. i think it would be hard for him to distance himself from the president. there are ways in which is an advantage to have that link. >> how does it work for tim kaine? >> we know that obama team is going to devote enormous resources to virginia. virginia is going to be one of the two or three most critical swing states. they will have a big turnout
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operation. that helps all democrats and it's going to be, we know president obama is effective at turning up african american voters. >> could it hurt kaine? >> yeah, it could. if people become unhappy with the direction of the country, unemployment goes up, that could be serious for both men. >> it's interesting to me that the virginia government has gone all gop somehow in the last couple of years. but the president has maintained at least a tie or even a small lead in most polls in virginia. how is this possible? >> well, for one thing, we know that the president has some real strength in virginia and the changing demographics of virginia, which really didn't help democrats too much the last time. but we know that there are lots of college educated white voters here in northern virginia. that's a big constituency for barack obama. and an increasing number of hispanic voters. >> let's talk about other states. because virginia is not the only battleground state and apparently not the only state where you believe senate races could be key to looking at what happened in the presidential
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race. >> we are tracking 12 swing states in our u.s.a. today. and six of them have competitive senate races. races in the senate that could go one way or the other. that means the fate of the senate and the fate of the white house may be more closely linked than usual. >> in other words, right now one of the bull walks is he can count on the senate to stop things from happening. it looks like they will be obama still has a democratic senate or there's president romney and he has a republican senate. >> we know democrats have a lot of challenges in senate races. a year ago, we would have said it would be hard. things look better now in some states. so i think we're at a stage where we don't know which way the senate is going to go. >> interesting susan. we should know we have some results from the u.s. senate race in virginia. i'm told that right now, you're looking at the george allen race and he is winning with 4% of the precincts reporting. 59% of the vote goes to george allen. it wasn't thought that any of
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the others could provide him. only 4% reporting. that seems to have been the case. but of course, we'll have a lot more on this on 9news now at 11:00 when more results will be in. susan page, thank you so much for being here. we appreciate it. >> thank you, derek. >> let's turn to topper. there are storms out there bubbling and boiling our way. >> they are. if you're around the immediate metro area, it's pleasant. the breaks in the clouds, sun northwest. but that said, here's a look at live doppler 9,000. we have been tracking these for three hours now. right now, nothing severe. you are going to get hammered with rain fall in winchester. an inch per hour over the next 40 minutes or so. they will roll into front royal. so we're not done with the storms just yet. the front back to our west. 77 downtown. 79 in manassas and 79 in leesburg and 79 up in frederick. some of those numbers as high as it's been all day. we'll come back and talk about
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when the front will clear us and let you know when the code weather alerts are for the next three days. >> thank you, topper. still ahead, more gripping and disturbing testimony at the sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. plus, it is the end of an era. a pizza pioneer going out of business in northwest d.c. those stories and a lot more still ahead.
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more graphic testimony today at the sexual abuse trial
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of jerry sandusky. an 18-year-old witness says the former assistant football coach repeatedly molested him. openly sobbing, the teenager known as victim number one testified sandusky began getting more physical with him during sleepovers at the coach's home. the contact eventually led to oral sex, according to the teenager. >> you saw today firsthand, the pain that a victim of sexual abuse undergoes. the number of times he or she has to tell his or her story and how painful each account is and then finally culminating in a trial that the world is watching. it's beyond torture. >> another key witness, former assistant football coach, mike mcquery told jurors he saw sandusky with a young boy in a shower on the penn state campus in 2001. sandusky has denied all the allegations. here in washington, the fate of roger clemens is now in
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the hands of a jury. after 26 days of testimony from 46 witnesses, jurors are now deciding whether or not clemens lied to congress about using steroids. the government is relying on the testimony of clemens former strength trainer. he testified that he personally injected him with steroids and human growth hormones. he lied in the past and he is lying again. >> happy birthday to the 41st president. george h.w. bush turns 88. the family has been celebrating the birthday at the compound in maine. now in addition to serving as vice president, george bush was a congressman, ambassador, and a director of the cia. he is the oldest surviving u.s. president. a local landmark in northwest d.c. is preparing to close its doors after some 37 years. anny hong reports on armon pizza's decision to shut down
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its flag ship location because the cost of rent is going up and so is the cost of food. >> when we started, pizza was a low rent food. >> ron's father, lou, opened the first chicago pizzaria in 1975. since then, the family has been serving mise sais and sub sandwiches for generations of customers. celebrities and washington's elite. >> i remember waiting in line to get in here. i remember coming with baseball team or the soccer team and this was where we are going. >> co-owner says his family pizza shop can't keep up. especially when monthly rent is near $12,000. >> the first restaurant was the subway which opened in 1969. he then went to a restaurant fair in chicago and that's when he decided to become the deep dish pizza king of washington. >> changed the perception of what pizza could be in washington, d.c. >> long time customers, many
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who grown up with armon says its closure is emotional and will be dearly missed. >> it was a first job. it was a first date. so it's really sad to see those places disappear. >> in northwest d.c. >> we knew you well. close its doors in tenly town june 30. other locations in maryland and virginia will stay open. topper has the extended forecast just ahead. you'll want to know how nice it's going to be.
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i think today is living up to your designation as a yellow alert day. kind of funky, but not all that bad. just enough to cause some caution and the storms are not done. they are still out to the west. the front is to the west. we do have another few hours before we can sound the all clear. let's start with a live look outside. this is from our gwinnett headquarters. you can see breaks in the clouds and some storms building off to your west. here's what we're looking at. this is brought to you by michael and son. that's the high so far today. dew points are still hanging in the low 70s. that's miserable. winds out of the south at 8. pressure is steady at 29.84 inches of mercury. here's live doppler 9,000. this is the activity that went through this morning. not that much. anywhere from about .3 to .4. that was about it. now this is what we have been watching the last 2 1/2, 3
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hours. this is where the front itself and producing some pretty good showers and storms. back to winchester, on the west side of i-81. notice all the reds. that's rain fall rates at 1 inch per hour. in the next hour, they are going to march steadily south and east, head towards leesburg and get into chantilly and go through front royal and cross 17 in the next hour. again, heavy rain. expect heavy rain with those, brief heavy rain as they move south and east. these are the storms we just showed you on live doppler. most of the other storms are pulling further south into west virginia. so, once this line goes through right here, that will be it. winds will kick northwesterly and humidity thankfully will finally go down. 75 at bethesda. 77 in great falls. now here's the deal. showers and storms ending tonight, becoming windy tonight. grab your shades for tomorrow. seasonal on wednesday. a few more clouds come in thursday. not quite as nice on thursday,
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but showers and storms ending, mostly cloudy, breezy, and comfortable. winds become northwesterly at 10 to 15. next three days, green, green, and green. upper 70s on thursday. a few more clouds thursday and friday. next seven days. maybe a sprinkle or shower on saturday. temperatures in the upper 70s. partly cloudy. we'll keep it dry for now. we're looking at nice on monday. warmer, and some thunderstorms on tuesday, derek, and temperatures back up to 85. which is average now. 85 is average. >> that's okay. not a bad thing. >> let's get to the weird news, topper, because you will appreciate this one. it's an odd ball offer from burger king. lure customers this summer with a bacon sundae. it comes with soft serve ice cream, fudge, caramel, and bacon crumbles and a piece of bacon. the salty sweet sundae clocks
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in at 510-calories, 18-grams of fat and 61-grams of sugar. i will note, if you're buying sundae, should you be worrying about that? they will be available on thursday. i think maybe i'll have to give the bacon sundae a shot. >> only 500 calories. for father's day, my friend. you deserve it. have it your way.
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in the mail bag tonight, we have reaction to our reports and the interview we did last night on professor mcculla who told students, that quote, you're not special. our good friend ron says it's about time. finally, a commencement speaker that puts the future into perspective. wow. these are the same kids who grew up with cell phones in their ears, feel entitled to everything, tell dad to just write a check, and walk the malls looking like either zombies or teenage toddlers and tiaras. let's pray there are leaders out there and they are going through a phase. i too like that speech, ron, though i think you are being hard on our young folks. many are working a lot harder than we ever had to. but play fair, derek. he says toward the end that everyone is special. you should have included it.
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make yourself special by being fair in your reporting. you know what, to my mind, we were more than fair. when you consider his main point seemed to be that what you do is what makes you special, not your mere existence. and finally, there was this on yesterday's weird news story featuring a cat named orville who died in a car accident and his owner had his stuffed and using remote technology transformed into some sort of bizarre flying cat. anny hong and i couldn't help but crack up when we saw the video, butmy coal but nicole says, while i refuse to judge the actions, your story covering the flying dead cat was in poor taste. dead animals in general should be treated with respect. and as nongrieving reporters, you should be aware of this fact. your laughter and jokes during the story, if you needed to air it at all, was inappropriate. you know what? people love or hate that story, nicole, though most of our newsroom thought it was
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hilarious. i understand if you didn't. i will point out that orville belonged to the fellow. it was already dead and if he doesn't mind flying it around and looking crazy, who are we to deny the hilarity of that situation? you can confirm or deny whatever you like in mcginty's mail bag. that is our report, i'll be back here at 11:00. tonight, we have a lot more news and of course election results for you. we'll see you then. bye bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. will robin roberts lose her hair again? facing weeks of chemo, the latest on her health crisis today. >> when she gets her transplant, she'll be getting much tougher drugs. plus -- >> this is my thelma. >> how diane sawyer and her sister are helping to save her life. >> she's not going through this journey alone. new charlize theron hiding her shaved head. george and stacy in romantic italy. bride to be miley in a sexy corset and bieber fever strikes south of the border. ♪ tom cruise with penelope cruz. katie holmes with her ex. the forgotten photo shoot of hollywood's biggest stars ten years ago. angelina before brad. de


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