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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is 9news now. it has long been speculate, but now it has been confirmed. according to the world health organization, de sell fumes are, in fact -- diesel fumes are, in fact, causes of cancer. you can imagine that announcement today felt like a bombshell for a lot of folks who are constantly exposed to the fumes. ken molestina hit the streets of washington. he is live right now with what folks are saying. ken. >> reporter: you know, derek, for a long time it's been argued
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that diesel fuel has better economy than gasoline fuel. but today's announcement brings on a new debate. it has nothing to do with fuel economy and everything to do with health hazards. diesel emissions, can you now put that on the -- you can now put that on the long list of things that can kill you. >> that's pretty scary. if that's so common, then i feel like there should be a change if it causes cancer. >> reporter: the world health organization says fumes from diesel are, in fact, cancer causing. since the 80s, they were characterized as possible carcinogens. now there is no question about their harmful effects. it's like second hand smoke. however, not everyone is buying it. a spokesperson for the american petroleum institute says the finding was premature stating the agency should have reserved judgment on the carcinogenicity. commuters i say spoke to that
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are out and about and exposed to the elements of the emission but sometimes they have no choice but consume it. >> it takes my breath away a little bit, but i never thought it was harmful. >> reporter: the report by metro shows nearly 44% of their buses are run by diesel. another 8% are powered by a substance called clean diesel. but the use is not limited to public transportation. most commercial trucks on the road use it. now those that fear the effects are looking for way to stay out of harms way. >> i don't know what else i can do? you can't avoid it. it's unavoidable. >> reporter: the last time the world health organization took a look at diesel fumes was back in 1989. its new classification puts it up there with uv rays. we're live, ken molestina, 9news now. the results are in, and george allen wins the race to be the nominee for the u.s. senate. he is trying to reclaim the seat
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he lost in '06. he will face off against tim kaine in the polls in november and web is not seeking reelection. in the democratic primary for virginia's 8th district, and in the race for alexandria council, timothy la vanne will be the name. and in a race for greater complications, eric cantor crewed to an easy win -- cruised to an easy win. and you can find all of the local election results at you can also see them at the bottom of your screen. well, tomorrow morning the dc council is scheduled to pick a new chairman to replace kwame
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brown. the new chairman will hold the job until a special election is held in november. at least two council members have served notice that they plan to run for the council chair seat in november. that's vincent orange and phil mendelson. if we had council members name cheech and shawn, shops could be selling medical marijuana in dc in a few weeks. today the district health department approved selling it. one of them right near the metro in northwest. >> it's going to be a very controlled and very well organized distribution that there is no room for abuse. >> three other approved sites for medical marijuana pharmacies are located along north capital street and 8th street southeast down on capitol hill. we still have a few storms moving through our area. this day, after all, remains a code level. chief meteorologist topper shutt in the weather center tracking the cold front.
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>> we're not done yet. we thought they would be out of here at midnight. let's start with live doppler 9000. this was a yellow code day. they're kind of nuisance day. we're looking at showers and thunderstorms well to the west of us out in the mountains. that prompted a warning earlier in garrett county just to the west of winchester. we're going to focus in on these showers to the north and west of town. some heavy rains from potomac out towards great falls and out towards dulles airport around route 28 and dulles access road. everything pushing off to the south and east. we'll come back and tell you when they're going to get out of here and we'll tell you the codes for the next three days. derek. >> thank you, top. was the wife of murdered george zimmerman defendant lying? she lied under oath when she testified about how much money the family had during george zimmerman's original bond hearing hiding the fact that a
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defense fund online had collected 10s of thousands of dollars in donations. and today the florida task force was holding public hearings on the law that george zimmerman is using in his defense in the deadly shooting of trayvon martin. it is florida's stand your ground law. and that's the one that allows someone to use deadly force if they fear being killed or hurt. the parents of trayvon said someone who initiates a confrontation should not be able to invoke that law. a tense and emotional day at the trial for jerry sandusky. and as we explain, two key witnesses took the stand against the former football coach and what they had to say was hard to listen to and perhaps devastating to the defense. >> reporter: prosecutors tried for a 1 -2 punch in the child molestation trial of jerry sandusky. on the witness stand one of the
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men in the center former grad student mike mick quar re. he testified -- mcqueary. he testified he saw sandusky sexually assaulting a 10 or 12-year-old boy. he heard a skin on skin smacking sound and saw sandusky against a boy he was holding up against a wall. earlier an 18-year-old sobbed as he talked about being sexually assaulted by sandusky. he testified in the hushed courtroom that oral sex would happen at bedtime during frequent sleep overs at the home while the coach's wife was upstairs. prosecutors asked why he never stride to stop it. i didn't know -- tried to stop it. i didn't know what to do. i just blacked out and didn't want it to happen. i froze. under cross-examination, sandusky's defense tried to find inconsistency in the testimony questioning the witness's motives and memories. if you want to argue about 9,
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10, 11, 12 mcqueary said, the fact is he had sex with a minor. a boy. sandusky locked eyes with mcqueary when he first took the stand, but had no visual reaction to the teen's story. . two dogs are in the custody of dc animal control after attacking an elderly man. it happened this morning. neighbors say sawney bell was out walking and the dogs came out of of the towing company and attacked them. >> the dogs mauled him in the face. one dog had him by his skull trying to rip him. >> these dogs terrorize people on many occasions >> i have no reason why the city hadn't responded quicker in removing these animals. >> there is no excuse. >> well, police say they have never received any complaints about the dog before. the owner of the pit
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bull-rottweiler mixed dogs was issued two $50 citations from not having the dogs on the leech. he was recovering from all kinds of bites on his body and a broken arm. matt jablow tells us kevin o'toole is still recovering from a fire he was fighting four months ago, but he is determined to make it all the way back. >> i joined the fire department. i know the risk. >> kevin o'toole says he has never been happier to be in a firehouse than tonight. >> it's probably one of the best feelings you can feel in your life. >> when you here h hear the story -- hear the story, you'll understand why. >> it was a little warm. >> it was about 7:30 at night and especially windy night here in prince george's county when a fire broke out at this house here in riverdale. about a dozen firefighters were battling the blaze when an especially gust of wind created a fireball inside the house and
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injured all seven firefighters who were on the first floor, including kevin o'toole. >> we faced some terrible conditions. >> reporter: the injured firefighters were al taken to the hospital. six of them were released within two days but o'toole was hospitalized for 8 weeks with burns over 50% of his body before going back to his parent's house on long island to continue his recovery. >> you have to remember your hands aren't as good as they used to be. >> reporter: tonight he made his first trip back to his firehouse where he and a few of the other firefighters injured that february night. the 21-year-old o'toole who just graduated from the community college said he's now considering becoming a professional firefighter when asked if he would think twice about running into a burning building, he paused but just for a second. >> i still feel the calling to
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do that. >> matt jablow, 9news now. >> i wish you the best, kevin. if all goes according to plan, he should be back fighting fires again sometime in the next year. a commuter alert now about work associated with the metrorail project. right now the three right lanes of the eastbound toll road are shut down. that closing extends to leesburg pike. now, the lanes are expected to reopen by 5:00 a.m. and in the next few minutes, crews are scheduled to close the ramp from chain bridge road. both of these closures will happen several nights these week. a copy of a book stolen from an arizona book store has shown up here in dc. it was found in the apartment of a man named jay lindburg and it is one copy that was printed in 1830. that book is worth about 40,000 bucks. he is being held on bond. still ahead tonight on 9 news, cold, hard cash.
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when the new maryland casino hit capacity, lawmakers will look to cash in. we'll tell you the newest idea. also ahead, women wanting to tear their hair out. how much money less they're making than men at certain jobs coming up next.
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we've heard a whole lot lately about the differences between what women get paid and what men get paid. but a study in tomorrow's journal of the american medical association is putting that gap in some stark terms. researchers found that over the course of a career, the difference in what female physicians and scientists are made versus their male counter parts could pay for a college education, a spacious home and a retirement nest egg. after the maryland live casino hit capacity in just the first 24 hours it was opened, lawmakers are wondering if perhaps casino number six might be in order. scott broom went up to annapolis where they are crunching the numbers. >> reporter: everybody following this issue s there will be a special session
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of the legislature called here in july. in the spotlight, national harbor on the bench of the potomac just across the wilson bridge, minutes from downtown washington. >> the casino is viable in the state. >> reporter: and today baker ones a gambling opponent told a state work group considering more gambling in maryland he's an enthusiastic in gambling now. >> what has changed in prince george's county? >> one, it was a state-wide referendum where people got to vote on whether they wanted to have gaming or not. it passed. two revenues. >> reporter: all this is happening less than a week after the opening of the new maryland live casino just 33 miles away. the developer here fighting bitterly to stop national harbor. >> percentage of -- revenue. >> reporter: it says maryland can economically support both, especially if table games like blackjack and krapz are added
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into the -- craps are added into the mix with some legislature drooling into the tax revenue if it all goes through. in prince george's county, the bottom line is this, the county government is broke. and it would take a 10% hike in property taxes to bring in as much new money as gambling would. at the state house in annapolis, scott broom, 9news now. 39 states offering casino gaming. more than 340,000 americans work in the casino industry and the bureau of labor statistics expect that to grow by 13% over the next 8 years. >> why shouldn't every american adult be able to do this. you can own a handgun, approximate ut your child up for a -- put your child up for adoption, sign contracts, invest all of your money in one stock but you can't go to a casino.
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>> gaming revenue is 5% of state government and the social cost like addiction that leads to bankruptcy, embezzlement, theft, divorce, just not worth it. sometimes a tiny difference can make all of the difference in the world. consider this, back in 1973, secretariat won. now, the horse actually ran a full second faster. and modern video technology will prove it. the maryland racing commission might just take a look. and if it agrees, that would mean he set a track record just as he did the year at the kentucky derby and the bellment states. so we wait to find out. now, take a look at this video. it's gone viral. we are told it shows a member of the military coming home for a six month deployment and receiving a welcome from her beagle named daisy. we're told daisy was a pup when she shipped out, but daisy had not forgotten her at all. she really missed her too.
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wow. okay. this is why we love dogs. this is why dogs are great. >> thank you. >> yes. >> okay. >> okay. that's all we're going to say. >> that's all we're going to say. all right. the cold front is just about to go through. a couple showers and thunderstorms in the west. and actually the good news is, it will cut the stage for a nice day. refreshing and less humid. let's start with a live look tomorrow. wisconsin avenue looking northeast. this is brought to you by michael and son. temperature high was 77. it's only 76 now. that is muggy. dew points in the 70s. that is just ridiculous. winds come out of the south and the pressure steady 2.89 pressure of mercury. winds are dryer and much more comfortable air rolls in. here is a look at live doppler 9000. heavy thunderstorms north of fredericksburg. storms in the immediate metro area. again, nothing severe with these storms, but there is some heavy rain moving through prarts of the district -- parts of the district, moving through alexandria and even back into
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vienna. just go out towards fairfax. these are not severe, but they will produce heavy rains for about 30 minutes or so as they move off to the south and east. in fact, we'll put this into motion. everything moves through national airport down 395 across the beltway and across the river in the next hour. so they won't be around long, but they are going to take another hour or so to clear us. lightning, a lot of lightning in some of these storms. in fact, in this batch of storms right here south of fredericksburg pretty good lightning. not as much of the lightning we just showed you and lightning out to the west has died out over the last hour as the storm approaches winchester. winds will continue tomorrow. small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac. refreshing wednesday. less humidity. much more comfortable. more clouds on thursday. still not a bad day. and a bit cooler on friday. also with a few clouds. for the most part, a strong finish to the week. overnight then looks like this, showers and thunderstorms ending. partial clearing. windy and comfortable.
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lows in the 60s. winds out of the northwest at 10-15. tomorrow morning not a bad start. windy. pleasant. winds increasing northwest at 10-20. air quality good. code green. by afternoon, partly cloudy, windy and pleasant. but really the key is less humid. high temps around 80 and winds continue out of the northwest at about 10-20. all right. let's talk about the next -- the day planner first. in the morning, cool, breezy, 62-70. windy by noon but nice. in the 70s. and windy by evening. 78-82. grab the sunglasses. all right. next three days, weather alert code is green, green and green. that is good. 80 tomorrow. 79 on thursday. a few more clouds. and 77 on friday under partly sunny skies. still a nice day. next seven days, friday have to put a drop in. not a lot of activity. maybe a shower. temps near 80 on saturday.
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for dad okay. warmer on monday. we're back into the low 80s. 85 is average this time of year. >> very cool. >> yes, sir. so are we familiar with the initials httr. >> yes, httr. are you familiar with the initials rg3 . [ laughing ] >> if you aren't, then you've been living under a rock. that's for sure. redskins back on the field. getting as much work in as they can before they disperse for a month. what do rg3 and the receivers have planned for their time away? plus the other rookie in town comes up big for the nationals once again. sports is next.
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now 9 sposhts with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> robert griffin iii has received nothing but praise ever since he hit the redskins park. much of his success this season will depend on his receivers. and what kind of trust and relationship he can build between them. from what we've seen, so far so good. but when mini camp ends this week, the work doesn't.
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while some teammates may take the next few weeks to relax, rg3 says for he and his receivers there is no time for that. >> we have to figure something out like that quite yet but we are going to get together and throw because it's important for us to be successful and that's what you have to do. >> we have to get to work. it's not just 16 weeks of practice. we need all year. we have to continue to grow. it's not just a one year thing or we're trying to build for the future. it's just an unspoken language. >> now, one of rg3's target easing himself back into practice. he did participate in drills today but just observed the 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 from the sideline. now, hakerson is recovering from hip surgery. i can't remember the last time in recent weeks we haven't had a highlight from bryce harper during a game. we have seen his speed, his fear
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lessness, tonight all about his power. tonight the long ball flying. bryce harper a solo shop off the restaurant wall in deep center. his 7th homer of the season. he went 3 for 4 tonight. nats up 3-0. they led 3-2 in the 7th. got some insurance from jonathan twanow. orioles hosting the pry rits. adam jones -- pirates. adam jones pencil this guy in for the all star game. jones knocks out his 18th homerun of the season. 4 for 5 in the game tonight. tonight's game also marked the return of brian roberts. he went 3 for 4 with an rbi the birds win this one 8-6. wizards starting to prep for the nba draft. the team hosted a potential of teammates today, including this guy who is quite familiar with
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the courts. former georgetown hoyas jason clark. so far he says teams have given him some positive feedback. >> every workout i've went to, they said we like how hard you work, how much you compete. so that's what i've been doing all my life. that's what i'm going to keep doing. >> and finally tonight, this from the nationals red sox game sunday night. calling the game from the booth. shows he still has game. look at that catch. bare handed catch. and he's pretty proud. but look at that. >> he is proud. >> he is quite proud. his hand might be a little red or burn a little afterwards, but impressive catch. >> very nice. >> while still calling the game. >> there you go. >> we'll be back in a minute.
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that's it for our show. we're going home. you have a great night. thanks for joining us. 9news now back at 4:45. letterman is next. have a great one. bye bye.
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