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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is 9news now. >> hello, i'm bruce johnson. we have tragedy at a concert tonight. in toronto, one person is dead, several others injured after a stage collapse just before the start of a rock concert. some 40,000 fans were expected to pack the sold out concert by the british band, radio head. during the preconcert sound check, something went horribly wrong. the stage collapsed. killing one person, seriously injuring three others.
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investigators trying to determine exactly what caused that mishap. >> when we arrived, reports of someone trap under the structure. crews went into the structure, assisted with extricating that victim. once it was realized there were no more victims, we needed to remove ourselves from the area. that is the whole stage area itself and secure that scene. >> and of course, concert has been canceled. we have breaking news at this hour. d.c. and arlington county police searching for a teenage girl who may have been forced at gunpoint into the trunk of a car. authorities say they received a text message around 8:45 tonight. telling them the girl had been forced into a burgundy nissan. it happened near the intersection in northeast. the teen apparently had been coming from crystal city in arlington. details still evolving, but we're told police are searching for two male suspects who are
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believed to be in that nissan. the u.s. will stop deporting thousands of young illegal immigrants. people gathered for a summit in montgomery county today. that event hosted by the white house. surae chin reports, people reacting to the big policy change. >> bruce, it's what people were talking about at the summit held at montgomery blair high school. we found 19-year-old jorge who has been fighting deportation for much of his life. 19-year-old jorge steven has lived in fear all his life for a different reason. when he lived in columbia, he worried about his safety. since his parents brought him to germantown, maryland, at the age of eight, he's been scared of being deported. he is breathing a sighing of relief after yesterday's executive order. >> i slept so peacefully knowing my friends were going to wake up and all of them were going to be with me the next day. >> they spent six days in a
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maximum security detention, capturing widespread support, even from lawmakers. he has been granted a year extension. but some believe the policy means amnesty and jobs being taken away. >> if we have safety because you have young children, what would prevent them from coming here? there's not enough jobs. jobs are being outsourced to other countries. the ones that we have, we have to save them for working people that are here already. >> these are kids coming from our school system that grew up in this country, in these neighborhoods. >> in a presidential election year, many don't know what the policy will stick. >> do i ever worry that's going to be taken away? i mean, yes and no. you can give us a month of peace, it's better. >> at montgomery county community college and hopes to attend johns hopkins university and become a doctor.
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the requirement under this new policy include children that arrived in the united states before age 16 and are younger than 30 now. have been in the country five years continuously, no criminal history, and graduated high school or earned a ged. i'm surae chin for 9news now. fairfax city police want your help tonight in locating a hit-and-run driver who struck and hit a pedestrian. it happened around 10:40 last night on fairfax boulevard. 33-year-old victim was thrown more than 50 feet into a parked car. police say the vehicle is a light colored suv with damage to the front, including the headlight. we have new information tonight on a figure in that federal probe into d.c. corruption. 9news now learned jeffrey thompson put his home up for sale. the very same house that was raided by the fbi last march is part of a sweeping federal
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investigation. the four bedroom colonial now being shown to the public is located in the crestwood neighborhood of northwest. asking price, just under $1.2 million. as for jeffrey thompson, he remains in seclusion tonight since that raid. reports say federal agents seized more than 60 documents. over the years, thompson donated and raised millions of dollars for charitable causes and the political campaigns of d.c. mayors and council members. prosecutors refused to discuss the investigation into thompson, which is believed to be focused on campaign donations and dealings with city officials. his attorney, brendan sullivan, declined all comment. former d.c. councilman, harry thomas, jr., reports to a federal prison in alabama on wednesday. last night, family, friends, and a few political figures packed the church in northeast washington to help send the one powerful ward 5 legislator off.
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thomas was given a 38 sentence for stealing $350,000 that should have gone to city youth baseball programs. he told a packed michigan park christian church that he has been humbled by the experience. as part of a plea agreement. council members, marion barry and alexander were there last night. at age 51, harry thomas, jr., will be serving his time in montgomery, alabama. out west, a large wild fire in colorado has now scorched 85 square miles. additional crews arriving today. that means more than 1500 personnel now working on the fire just west of fort collins, which is home to colorado state university. the fire caused by lightning strike is 20% contained. >> fighting this fire is going to require us to be aggressive,
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persistent, and also patient. over 140,000 man hours have already been dedicated to this fire. and so it will be sometime before the fire is out, but our challenge now is to make sure that we do everything we can to contain its damage. >> it has been remarkable to see the level of precision and discipline, just the level of professionalism. we take it for granted, but these are the best firefighters, not just in the united states, but in the world. and they are putting their lives on the line, all their skills and efforts to making sure this fire is contained as rapidly as possible and little damage as possible. >> indianapolis, dramatic video tonight of an apartment building fire. the building was under construction for low income families. firefighters say heat from the blaze was so intense, it scorched the paint of several fire trucks. several hours to bring the blaze under control and several more hours today to put out hot
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spots. no injuries were reported. the cause of the fire is still under investigation tonight. still to come on 9news now this saturday night, terrifying moment for a crowd of a downtown celebration. >> for some reason, accelerated violently. >> an out of control car sends people running for their lives. >> and more than two decades for one nobel peace prize winner. and we have clear skies tonight and a gentle breeze and cooling temperatures. in fact, your wakeup weather a little on the cool side. we'll start off in the 50s and low 60s. not the sunshine for father's day, and changes in our long- term forecast. i'll have all the details for you when 9news now continues.
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30 people were hurt when a woman plowed a car through a crowd in lima, ohio. it happened friday night and dozens of people were attending the town square celebration. witnesses say some people were trapped under the car. bystanders were able to lift
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the vehicle. police looking for a cause for the crash tonight. their investigation has been hampered. >> a lot of the evidence has been moved by the time we get here. so, you have to discount some of the evidence that you see because it may not have been caused from the crash. it may have been caused from the movement after the crash. >> some victims suffered head, neck, and leg injuries. tonight, four victims remain hospitalized. it took more than 20 years for mian. she was able to thank those who awarded her the nobel peace prize. she spent two decades under house arrest for advocating democracy. today in norway, she accepted the nobel prize awarded to her in 1991. that award kept her safe when a country struggled for democracy. >> the nobel prize had drawn the attention of the world to the struggles for democracy and
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human rights. >> you might recall they accepted the peace prize for her in 1991. a year later, she announced she would use a $1.3 million prize to establish a health and education trust. still ahead on 9news now, thrills and chills high in the sky today over baltimore. as the blue angels perform, we'll check it out. >> i get to explore this extraordinary globe and for me, you only get 70 or 80 years. once it's over, it's over. >> how one man hopes to inspire others on a long bike journey to d.c. will it be a nice sunday for all those fathers out there? we'll have an update on the weather when we come back.
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baltimore's bicentennial celebration is underway this weekend. but some of today's events, more of a sore sale. the blue angels over baltimore this afternoon at fort mchenry. thousands of people were an hand to see them put on that precision show with a few nose dives, dips, and stunts.
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>> it was a great show. i'll be seeing him again tomorrow. i hope you all enjoy it, because it's a lot of fun. >> you can't see this many aircraft on display and talk to the guys who are actually piloting the aircraft. >> it's amazing. it's like nothing i've ever seen up close. >> today's blue angels events are part of the bicentennial celebration, features a fleet of international ships. the blue angels expected to put on another show tomorrow. they are just happy about this. this is a big deal to them. >> and our weather tomorrow is going to be as fantastic as today. so dads are going to like it. i think everyone is going to like when we wrap up this holiday weekend. for most of us tonight, it's on the clear and cool side. our temperatures have been steadily dropping over the last hour or so. almost everyone below 70 degrees. we are still hanging on to 70 at reagan national airport. that is the exception. as we head through the next couple of hours, most of us will slip into the 50s to upper
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50s for overnight lows. it is feeling like 50, but we have southeast winds now just starting to move on through. a few clouds are hanging on at this hour, but we will clear out nicely. prior to sunrise, we are seeing a few showers and storms starting to pop out toward the midwest. that is the next front that is coming in our direction. it will take a day and a half for that to get to us. we'll wrap up our weekend on a positive note. here's how we look with your weather headlines. although it will be clear and comfortable, look for a few clouds to start to build in for tomorrow. i would say midday to late day. still a very nice day for fathers out there. we will see an opportunity for some showers and storms to develop as that front gets closer on monday. monday morning commute could be wet. you'll need your umbrella once again and as we head toward midweek, high pressure builds back in and yes, we start to see summer-like temperatures up into the middle range 90s. open that window tonight and enjoy the breeze. winds out of the east at 5 to
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10 miles per hour by early morning. the overnight lows will sit into the 50s to near 60 degrees inside the beltway. and that means that we will see a little bit more of that moisture tomorrow morning and afternoon. a little more of the humidity starts to build in. that will bring partly sunny skies by late afternoon. we'll still be nice and dry until after midnight tomorrow night. which means tomorrow's temperatures will have the opportunity to really warm up. we're going back into the lower 80s, much like what we saw today. then, future cast is keeping us in the clear for the short- term. we'll have no problems into midday and late afternoon. but notice the clouds starting to build off toward the west and by late afternoon, we bring out cloud cover and by early morning on monday, we will see the showers and storms begin to develop. so, our forecast is shaping up like this. for the next three days, not so bad. we'll be in the 80s tomorrow, near 80 on monday. ahead of those showers and storms and by tuesday, we
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really start to turn things around. temperatures for the long-term, the heat builds in thursday and friday. and we start to usher in that summertime heat by wednesday. official first day of summer, 95-degree temperatures. >> june, 95. okay. one man's bucket list, shorter tonight after he rode his bike more than 3400 miles. now he is inspiring many others to do the same. ken molestina caught up with the self-proclaimed adventure man. >> he's a 65-year-old adventurist, a former teacher. a self-proclaimed explorer who traveled the world looking for the next frontier. on this mission, he is just a man on his bike with one less item on his bucket list. >> i'm on the backside of my life. every summer offers the opportunity to travel. >> it was 2 1/2 months ago that he left new port beach, oregon, and began his trek to washington. he packed what materials he
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needed on his 20-year-old bike and started pedaling. >> as soon as you lived a day. >> this isn't the first time that frosty rides his bike across the country. it is the first time he does it and comes here to washington. he says he did it because he wanted to ride his bicycle into the soul of the nation. >> it reflects everything that we have been, everything that we are, and as a teacher, it's important for me to know the past and know the present. >> no one will argue how impressive this ride is. for this 65-year-old, the trip is easy. especially when you compare it to the miles he racked up trekking the globe. since he began riding, he traveled more than 125,000 miles across six continents, including antarctica. >> the exploration of the planet has been one of my goals. >> sometimes he does it with friends, other times by himself. when his buddies aren't around, all he has is his bike and
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motivation. >> i never been lonely on a bicycle because when you are physically powering yourself, it ties your body, mind, and spirit together. >> eight cross country bicycling trips and his spirit is as fresh as the first time he mounted his seat. >> you are just like a little kid. >> bicycling clears your mind. it clears your emotions. everything is in the rear-view mirror and you don't see or have any problems. you don't have any troubles. you don't have any yesterday or tomorrow. it's in the here and now. >> a long trip all done with a picture perfect smile. tip of the hat to you, frosty. 9news now. >> got to make that 27-mile ride look like nothing. today's adventure will be riding his bike through the boot of italy. more power to you, man. you have golf. >> everybody is thinking tiger woods was going to do it up today, he didn't. six hours of golf on tv and what have we learned? tiger woods is not the all
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mighty. he has some cinks in the armor and they showed up today. woods from the driver's seat to the back of the bus. how saturday went wrong. nats nearly played two games on saturday. no curly w's. d.c. united back dominating the mls and a battle on and off the floor. the nba finals. i'll explain that next.
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and now, 9sports with dave owens. the best sports in town. >> after rory mcllroy made a congressional eat dust at last year's u.s. open. you had a feeling they would go to work on this year's field. they did. how tough is this course? less than half the field. the first six holes are playing 950 over par. put that in your mind. tiger has been good in that stretch. not today. first hole, bogey. third hole, bogey. watch this shorty. the announcer said, you've got to be kidding me. woods went from the lead to three strokes back. here's a great story. beau is an amateur. the guy has braces on, he's 18. tied for 8th. it's a wide open field, ernie els, he likes birds, but eagles. watch that, pops it up and drops it.
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he is tied for 4th. john peterson, i'll tell you, this course has been so tough, we had to show you this. 23 years old, tip of the cap to you young fella. hole in one, then the fist pump. the tiger of old, steady as he goes. back to tiger, 75 assessing the damage. >> i just didn't to make the pars. i kept leaving myself in tough spots. i didn't really have that much today. it's frustrating when i know i can put myself in position. at least a few more. and i got to bury those. >> yeah, he does. woods has some work to do. tiger has never come back to win any of his major championships. he never had a third round this bad. today he shoots 75 and he is 5 strokes off the lead.
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baseball, well when you have good pitching, losing streaks are short and you shake off bad losses like i shake off sports casts. anyway, the nats were hoping jordan zimmerman could go today and do what gonzalez could not do yesterday. keep the yankees at bay. i'm just joking. 41,287 come in through the gate today and they saw a good one. in the 6th, eric chavez dancing on the ceiling. he goes to the wall. in the 8th, ian desmond rocks big time. that ball is crushed out on south capital. even again, later in the 8th, this is a play of the game. at second, every day, adam laroche, but he is called out at the plate. caught further review, it looked like he was safe. that was significant because they could have won the game. they went on to the 14. mark teixeira, two-run score.
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yankees win it 5-3. davey johnson says his boys are going to school. >> these are experiences you grow from. you know, this is a heck of a ball club we're playing and you know, we had opportunities to win. you know, that's the way you learn. >> meanwhile, special pitching performance going on. mark reynolds. ryan roberts, great to see him back. returning from the d.l. with concussions. scores 2 as well. it's 5-0. i told you about the pitching. jason hamel. a big 6'6" guy, looking down on all the batters and making them pay. no hitter into the 7th. jason hayward finally breaks it up, but a one hitter tonight for mr. hamel.
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o's win it. you have to wonder, d.c. united took the u.s. open cup. the annual batch of tournament games in the middle of the regular season. they got beat by philadelphia. a team 20 points behind them in the standings. during that u.s. open cup. i smell a rematch going on. ben olsen smiling. that's something you don't see too often. chris gets behind the defense. they thought he was offsides. then they ruled it a goal. the only goal of the game. d.c. united in first place. they won four straight. they win 1-0. all right, finally, lebron james, wade, kevin durant, battling on the court and off it, too. the force of waging a war with the fashion police. they have been rocking these nerd glasses at their post game conferences. now the question is, who started this fashion first? >> i have been wearing glasses since i've been in the league. i think everybody else just started wearing them now.
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>> it's just a look, for fashion thing. but he absolutely didn't start it. >> with the nerd glasses that comes in nba, it's something fun to do right now. i'm sure next season it will be out the window. >> i should have brought glasses for all of us to wear on the set. >> being a nerd is cool now. what do you know about that? >> maybe you still have a shot. >> we'll recap. >> looks great for father's day. we'll be warm tomorrow and a real warmup by the middle of the week. >> you know i'm just kidding. thanks so much. we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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