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tv   9 News Now Sunday at 630pm  CBS  June 17, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is 9 news now. hello. i'm bruce johnson. happy father's day. a key fig newer one of the country's -- figure in one of the country's worst riots is dead, rodney king, the black motorist whose 1991 videotaped beating by police ignited a race riot that left some 55 people dead, more than 2,000 injured. bigad shaban report. >> reporter: rodney king's sons and daughters hugged out his southern california home. king was poolside early sunday morning with his fiancee when she stepped inside. >> she heard a splash, came out to see what happened and found mr. king at the bottom of the pool. >> reporter: 911 was called.
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when police arrived, they pulled him out of the pool and performed cpr. king was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. >> it appears to be accidental. >> reporter: in 1991 home video captured police beating king. he'd been drinking that night and led police on a chase. when the officers were acquitted of wrongdoing a year later, thousands took to l.a. streets setting off one of the worst race riots in american history. king famously pleaded for an end to the violence. >> can we all get along? >> reporter: king has been in this rialto, california community since 2001, but many of his neighbors had no idea he lived here. he'd often go by his middle name glenn. king has been arrested several times since the riots mostly for alcohol-related crimes. john kelly was king's friend of 30 years. >> rodney had a lot of nightmares and panic attacks and the way he handled those things was by drinking and so he did have a drinking problem. >> reporter: in april king marked the 20th anniversary of the riots releasing his own
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book called the riot within. he hoped his legacy would give people strength to overtime bad situations. >> that's how i would like to be remembered, you know, after i'm dead and gone. >> reporter: rodney king was 47 years old. bigad shaban, cbs news. you can't help but remember the images of the videotaped beating of rodney king and the riots were police officers were acquitted of the incident. we found rodney king's death the topic of conversation at d.c.'s landmark restaurant ben's chili bar. surae chinn picks up the story from. here. >> reporter: vida ali recounts her time in l.a. during the riots. >> i just remember hollywood boulevard was on fire. it was the we'd he is thing to wake up and see --ed weirdest thing to wake up and see that many buildings up in flames. >> open up the dialogue in america that maybe needed to happen at the time that. >> reporter: former d.c. mayor sharon bratt knows something about the matter and dealing
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with racial tensions. >> we had problems with an increasing diverse population, particularly the el salvadoran population. >> reporter: the mt. pleasant riots broke out soon after the practice took office. police shot a salvadoran man following a cinco de mayo in 1991. >> nobody wants to think of the riots as a precursor to good. you should not have to go there, but without a doubt it was a wakeup call to the step. >> reporter: people unleashed their rain onto the streets in northwest. rhodamine -- rage onto the streets in northwest. rodney king will always be linked to the riotses. >> it brings back a moment that you never know the impact you make. it was a moment in time. it made a difference and i think those are the moments we have to look and say okay, how can we become a better community? >> why can't we just get along? and i think that holds true today. why can't we just get along?
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>> reporter: former mayor sharon pratt says the riots triggered open dialogue and at least in d.c. she says the relationship between the government and the latino community improved. so i'm surae chinn for 9 news now. shifting gears some big changes are in store for metro riders tomorrow morning. a new service will affect some 110,000 riders on the green, yellow, blue and orange lines. matt jablow is at largo town center station. >> reporter: the plan has been in the works since 2008. tomorrow morning metro finally unveils rush plus which metro claims will improve service on as you said the green, yellow, blue and orange lines. 21 stations will get more frequent service with six additional trains every hour of the morning and evening rush hours. according to metro, that would mean, for example, that 46,000 orange line customers will get three more trains in each direction between vienna and here at largo town center.
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that's an 18% increase in comfort or 2,600 more seats her hour which metro believes will -- per hour which metro believes will translate into faster less crowded commutes 'one downside, the shift in resources will mean fewer trains on the blue line which despite what metro says could obviously mean more difficult commutes for blue line riders. it starts tomorrow morning, should be interesting to see how it goes. we will be following it very closely. back to you in the studio. mitt romney is refusing to say he would overturn president obama's new policy allowing some young illegal immigrants to stay in the country. the republican presidential candidate appeared on face the nation this morning. >> we'll look at that setting as we reach that, but my anticipation is i'd come into office and say we need to get this done on a long term basis, not this kind of stopgap measure. what the president did, he should have worked on this years ago. if he felt seriously about this, he should have taken
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action when he had a democrat house and senate, but he didn't. he saves these sort of things until 4 1/2 months before the general election. >> president obama announced friday the u.s. will no longer deport some young illegal immigrants who came to the country as children. former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky will soon get a chance to tell his side of the story. prosecutors are wrapping up their case in the trial of sandusky on child sexual abuse charges. defense witnesses could begin testifying monday. prosecutionness withs include eight young men who say the former penn state assistant coach sexually abused them as children. sandusky's defense strategy includes showing how the stories of his accusers changed over time. his attorneys hope to portray sandusky as a misunderstood person who spent lifetime help children. sandusky faces 52 count of child sexual abuse charges -- counts of child sexual abuse charges. the defense hasn't actually announced whether he'll take
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stand, but a judge ruled friday sandusky's team can disclose information about a historic personality disorder to jurors to explain why he wrote letters to some of those young boys. greece's conservative young democratic party won today's election. the party favors a bailout for the financially strapped country and immediately proposed forming a pro europe coalition government. that movement eased fears that today's vote would enleash new economic woes. the white house is calling on greece to make a newly formed government. still ahead on 9 news now this father's day are firefighters finally getting the upper hand in one of the most devastating wildfires in colorado huff? we'll have the latest on this -- history? we'll have the latest on this story. >> also facebook makes a deal to settle a lawsuit. we'll have that story. >> and what a fantastic father's day it turned out to be with am so sun and cloud moving -- with some sun and clouds moving in, but it was dry.
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i've got your full forecast coming up including a big warm- up. stick around. 9news comes back right after the break. >> i love you, can't happy father's day. >> hello to -- i love you, dad. happy father's day. >> hello to all the fathers. >> happy fathers day. thank you for raising me. >> every day i get to spend time with my children is special to me. >> i'm spending father's day with my son leo who just turned 11 months old. he's awesome. >> happy father's day.
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crews in northern colorado now bracing for a powerful wind as they continue to battle a wildfire that has left one person dead, charred some 86 square miles of land and destroyed 181 homes. the high park fire is currently burning 15 miles west of ft. collins. it's being called the most devastating wildfire in the state's entire history. more than 1,600 emergency responders working on the fire which is now 45% contained. fire investigators say the blaze was sparked by lightning. social media site facebook settled a $10 million lawsuit over what advertising it called sponsor ed stories. those allowed companies to retransmit users' activities to
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a particular page. if a user clicked the like button, it might show up as a sponsored story on some friends' pages. some users sued the company saying it was being used for commercial activity. an attorney for facebook says the $10 million segment will be given to charity. a tennessee man is one of the few who can say he was struck by lightning and lived to tell about it. david allgood was rolling up the windows of his 1978 silverado pickup truck when a sudden surge sent him flying to the ground. he called to the backdoor of his home and managed to get some help. >> let's just say i wasn't hit by a bolt, but what they told me was that i have conducted the bolt of lightning. so what that means is it started somewhere and it went through me and it ended somewhere else. >> wow. allgood was streeted and released today just in time to spend father's day with his son. one lucky man. coming up a muggy week
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ahead. we have the forecast next. >> reporter: tell me what's the best thing about father's day? >> spending it with my son, fantastic. >> reporter: has he been a great dad? >> he's taught me plenty just by living out his life. so through that it's made me a better person to be a good father to my three kids. >> pretty amazing thing, nothing you could ever imagine until it happens. it gives me great respect of what my dad went through bringing up the rest of the family and there being for my soccer practices and everything else. >> reporter: what's the best thing about father's day? >> just her calling me daddy.
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this is great weather, yesterday and today. parks are crowded. everybody is out. >> i think it's a really great father's day for all those picnics identify been seeing at the park -- i've been seeing at the park. you've got plans for a backyard barbecue this evening, it looks really nice, low humidity. it definitely felt really nice.
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things will really change and ramp up in the next few days here. here's a look at your live weather cam brought to you by michael and son where we've got a nice beautiful shot, a few clouds, 74 degrees, dew point in the mid-50s, winds south, southeast 8 miles per hour. the high was 77. so we're below the average high of 85. right now we're all pretty much in the 70s, 75 culpeper, 73 in winchester, manassas mid-70s, la plata at 73 degrees, annapolis take dad out on the boat, around 74 degrees, really a great day for that. right now temperatures to the south of us atlanta, nashville, we'll get this heat come up in the next few days and the humidity also will rise. our satellite and radar picture showing us a couple clouds and also some storms that could impact us i would say overnight, maybe just a few showers especially west of us, a couple thunderstorms are also possible after midnight into
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early tomorrow morning. we are gradually heating up, a shower possible overnight. monday a few showers and a couple thunderstorms, tuesday warmer with an isolated thunderstorm possible. then the heat and humidity are on. here's the 9 futurecast. so tomorrow morning as you're getting ready for work, pack your umbrella just in case. we'll get a couple showers especially west of town in through winchers, martinsburg and a -- winchester, martinsburg and a shower late morning, afternoon by the beltway. late evening hours up toward the mountains we could see a couple thunderstorms fire up. they'll really be kind of isolated in nature more pop-up. for tuesday looks like another chance for isolated storms. overall we'll have heat on tuesday. tonight mostly cloudy, a slight chance for a shower after midnight, lows in the low 60s, overnight low 62 downtown, 60 in leesburg. open those windows tonight. monday morning partly to mostly
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cloudy, showers possible, air quality code green which is goad. temperatures start out in the 60s -- good. temperatures out out in the 60s. in the afternoon mostly cloudy mild, chance of a thunderstorm, highs in the upper 70s. cumberland will get to 75, culpeper upper 70s, warrenton and manassas 77 degrees, downtown upper 70s, annapolis 75 degrees. our next three days i did make monday a yellow alert because of a chance of showers and thunderstorms. tuesday we warm up to 89, wednesday in the lower 90s. check out your next seven days. the heat is on especially by thursday, mid-90s and heat index valleys in the middle of the week to get up to 100 degrees. so be prepared for the heat. make sure you plan ahead and take the kids to the pool and the air concern is working because it's going to be very hot and human in the next few
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days here -- humid in the next few days here. so we're warning you now. >> we've been warned. tiger woods, what happened? >> he looked good the first couple days. then the last couple days a rough one for tiger woods. his struggles carry over into the final round, plus the nationals struggle while the birds soar. sports is next.
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now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> a lot of seasoned firsts this week for the nationals. they picked up back to back sweeps of toronto and boston, their first six-game win streak of the season to follow that up with getting swept by the yankees, their first sweep this year, nats getting swept. it's within a rough weekend. today nats down 1-0 in the 2nd. dam laroche ties things up with a shot to right. it's his 12th homer of the season, but that was all the run support edwin jackson would
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get today. the yankees had no problems with the long ball. curtis granderson in the 5th, gano yankees up 3-1. reliever ryan mattheus called up today and walks andruw jones, but the ball gets away from jonathan solano. matthews doesn't even cover home. mark teixeira scores. yankees sweep nationals 5-1. >> you got to tip your hat nova. he pitched a great ballgame. my guy pitched a great ballgame, tough lineup, kept us in the ballgame, offensive just coming up a little short. after two poor performances this weekend nationals released brad lidge. the two time all-stars allowed three runs in friday's loss in new york and was a losing pitcher on saturday. the nat enacted ryan mattheus. orioles closing out their
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series with atlanta. baltimore getting it done everywhere. mac reynolds gets the -- mark reynolds gets the bird on the board first, but their defense was just as good. pitcher to shortstop to first gets the double play, baltimore shutting out the braves two days in a row, 1 1/2 games behind new york. after the first two rounds we seemed poised for a tiger woods weekend. he started around three in the final pairing tied for the lead, but the tough course of the olympic club got the best of his yesterday shooting 5- over and today he hasn't been much better. tiger started tied for 14, now tied for 39th. tiger bogeyed four of his first six holes and double bogeyed hole 3 at plus-10. the leaders jim furyk, graeme mcdowell teed off not. >> long ago. fredrik jacobsen and bo hustler the 17-year-old amateur plus-3 for the day, plus-6 for the
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tournament. nba finals continue tonight, the heat steel stealing one in oklahoma city tying the series to one game apiece bringing the momentum home to south nor from the thunder and heat will play three -- florida. the thunder and heat will play three games. the thunder are a young team and are out to prove they can handle the pressure. >> i'm worried about what we can do to win a game in florida. i can't worry about what brown is going to do or if he wants the ball or anything. i'm just worried about our team. >> i'm going to go out and make plays for my team throughout the game, leave it all on the line and at end of the day i'm going to be happy with that. >> we'll have highlights of game 3 for you tonight on sports plus as well as the results and some analysis from today's u.s. open championship round and the entire tournament, what we learned about the redskins throughout otas and minicamp and more from the baseball diamond tonight on
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sports plus. >> miami has its hand full with this oklahoma team. >> they are good. people just wondered if this is starting to get too much that they were trying to too hard. this is a young talented team. >> i want them to go seven games. >> a recap for tonight? >> tonight looks good for a barbecue with dad, but we're heating up by the middle of the week, 90s wednesday and thursday. >> what barbecue? i'm not having a barbecue at my house. >> where's our barbecue? >> thanks a lot. see you back here at 11:00. bye.
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