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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 18, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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egypt on edge. a showdown looms between egypt's just-elected islamic president and the military, which is all but declared martial law. backing the bailout. the vote was close but greek voters decide they want to stay in the eurozone. and border battle. president obama's new immigration policy draws criticism from his rival mitt romney. >> he should have taken action when he had a democrat house and >> he should have taken action when he had a democrat house and senate, but he didn't. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody. i'm terrell brown. this morning, egypt appears to have a new islamist president. and a military that is tightening its grip on power nepmuslim brotherhood said its
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hand kant mohammed morsi won. he'll be president of all egyptians. first, he'll have to deal with the powerful egyptian military which has all but declared martial law. allen pizzey is in cairo. what happens next? >> reporter: it's an interesting situation. if indeed mohammed morsi has won based on their count of the various polling stations. then he'll be the first islamist head of state to take over in the wake of the arab spring. however, the military issued a constitutional declaration which gives them control over the budget and allows them to write the constitution which will declare how much power the president actually has. so it's going to be a bit of a confrontation. the muslim brotherhood has compromised with the military in the past. may well -- well, they will have to do so again. the question is how much will it
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have to compromise and will the young militants put up with it or take to tahrir square. earlier this morning, morsi supporters were out throwing confetti and hooting the horns of their car and shouting they had won, but nobody is rebelling at this stage. i think everyone in egypt is thinking, are we back to square one? what happens next? and that's a big unknown. certainly the military is not handing over the real levers of power to anyone but themselves. >> allen pizzey appreciate you joining us. financial markets are breathing easier after the party in favor rev maining in the eurozone won yesterday's election in greece. it was a narrow victory for the new democracy property. monica villamizar is in london with more. >> reporter: the outcome was positive for world markets. investors here in europe and asia seem to be reassured that with the financially conservative party in power,
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greece will stake to its agreements it has with europe. greeks celebrated in athens after the man who backs the international bailouts declared a very narrow victory. >> today the greek people expressed their will to stay anchored with the euro. this is a victory for all europe. >> reporter: antonis samaris said stl no time to waste. he vowed to form a new government that will bring economic sta billity to the country. markets across asia rose, reflecting investors' relief that greece will not leave the you're oerk at least for now. in 2002, the first euro bills came out of an atm machine in greece. but they became the first country considering abandoning the policy. tsipras wants to rip up the conditions of the bailout
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agreement. that sparked fear of other troubled european economies collapsing and causing financial fallout across the globe. economists say markets dodged a bullet, but warn the crisis shaking the 17 nations in the eurozone is not over yet. >> we do not understand how spain and italy will recoup enough gross to improve their financial situation. >> reporter: world leaders are welcoming the election rultss as they start the g-20 financial summit in mexico. the euro crisis is expected to dominate the agenda. and prime ministers and presidents there in mexico will be trying to reassure investors and telling them that there is a world strategy behind europe and the eurozone. >> monica, thank you so much. what does all of that mean for this country? investors here in the u.s. hoping the news out of greece has a positive effect on their bottom line. erica ferrari with more on that.
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>> european markets opened stronger this morning. we're expecting to see a boost on wall street. wall street futures were up this morning. the dow added nearly 213 points while the nasdaq gained 14. but some analysts say the greek-led surge in stocks may not last long. >> in terms of market reaction today, we think that the euphoria will be shortly lived. this is partly because greece is one of many countries under severe pressure. >> oil prices charge back after greece's election. the price of a barrel in asia rose to nearly $85. the federal reserve stood at the ready in case greece's election went the other way and investors are holding out hope that the fed could still take action to strengthen the economy. we'll find out if that happens when fed officials meet later this week. and there's more evidence of a weakening job market here in the u.s. in may, unemployment rose in 18
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states and fell in just 14. north carolina lost the most jobs while california added the most. terrell? >> erica ferrera. president obama is in mexico for the g-20 summit. mitt romney continues his rust belt bus tour. yesterday immigration policy took center stage. susan mcginnis is in washington with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president obama issued this surprise executive order friday relaxing deportation rules. so mitt romney was asked about this by bob schieffer on "face the nation" and now some in washington are buzzing about what romney said and what he didn't say. mitt romney's swing state bus tour rolls into wisconsin and iowa today. the presumptive republican nominee spent father's day campaigning with his children and grandchildren. >> feels good to be together on father's day. territory was children of immigrants that dominated the headlines this weekend. >> well, let's step back and look at the issue.
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>> reporter: speak with bob schieffer on "face the nation" mitt romney criticized president obama's latest immigration policy. >> he was president for the last 3 1/2 years. did nothing on immigration. >> so he did it for politics? >> that's certainly a big part of the equation. >> reporter: the white house denied the decision was politically motivated. >> we've tried as hard as we can to pass the d.r.e.a.m. act and comprehensive legislation reform. >> mitt romney calls it a stop-gap answer. he says he wants a long-term solution. but when bob schieffer asked if president romney would repeal the executive order, romney deflected the question. >> would you repeal this? >> well it would be overtaken by events if you will, by virtue of my putting in place a long-term solution. >> i won't keep on about this, but just to make sure i understand, would you leave this in place while you worked out a long-term solution or would you just repeal? >> we'll look at that setting as
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we reach that. >> reporter: romney's answers drew a sharp critique from the obama campaign. mitt finally does face the nation. judging from evasive vacuous answers. next stop should be "dancing with the stars." >> romney is set to give a sfeech an annual convention of latino politicians on thursday. president obama is going to address that convention on friday. terrell? >> susan mcginnis in washington, thanks. more evacuations have been ordered in northern colorado. firefight tlers battling the most destructive wildfire in state history. the hyde park fire burning west of ft. collins has engulfed 87 square miles and enjoyed 181 homes. the fire is 45% contained but being pushed by powerful winds. a wind-driven wildfire in san diego county is flaring as well. 450 acres have been burned and residents of 150 homes have been
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forced to evacuate. red flag warnings have been posted in nine states. take a quick break on a monday morning. when we come back on "the morning news." rodney king's legacy. a look at the troubled man who became a symbol for race relations after his brutal police beating two decades ago. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪ nespresso. where there's a grand cru to match my every mood. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect cup. where no one makes a better cappuccino, latte, or espresso than me. and where clothing is optional. nespresso. the best cafe. yours.
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an autopsy will be conducted as early as today on the body of rodney king whose beating by los angeles police in 1991 set that city on a course to one of the worst riots ever seen in this country. king apparently drowned sunday in the swimming pool of his home in rialto, california, east of l.a. lee cowan has his story. >> reporter: in his 47 years, rodney king had lived a nightmare. some of it at the hands of others. some of it at his own making. he was found dead at the bot omp his swimming pool by his fiancee. >> it appears this wizz a
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drowning and no obvious signs of foul play. >> reporter: king's beating captured on camera in march of 1991 became a sbofl racial intentions. when the white officers were acquitted of using excessive force, los angeles exploded in one of the worst orban riots in decade, killing more than 50 people andcation billion dollars in damage. and even king himself, famously pleaded for calm. >> i just want to say, you know, can we all get along? >> reporter: he was both physically and mentally scarred from the incident. and eventually won a multimillion-dollar settlement. but his troubled life continued. in the years that followed, king was arrested repeatedly for everything from drunk driving to spousal abuse. in his memoir, released just two months ago, king wrote of his demons, how he was still struggle with alcohol abuse, but he insists that he had made peace with the past. >> you know, people have forgiven me for some things that i've done, and, you know, and so
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i wouldn't be able to live with myself if i wasn't able to forgive, you know, the officers. >> reporter: he was a father, a grandfather and soon to be a husband again. rodney king may have tried to get his life back on track. but he never truly succeeded. lee cowan, cbs news, los angeles. the bodies of four japanese mountain climbers killed on alaska's mt. mckinley may never be recovered. its north america's tallest peak more than 20,000 feet tall. the climbers, members of a japanese alpine club, were caught in an avalanche last wednesday nearly 12,000 feet high on the mountain. they were swept into a dev crepis which one official called their final resting place. officials in canada are trying to determine what caused the deadly collapse of a stage before the concert roofhead. it killed one person and injured three others. fans who arrived early described the sound like fireworks before
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the stage crumbled in a few seconds. still ahead on "the morning news," china's historic space mission. first your monday morning weather. and sports, lebron and the heat are feeling right at home in miami. game three of the nba finals coming up. today's workout hardcore... and hot! so we use new coppertone sport pro series with duraflex. it's light, but it stays on strong in extreme sweat conditions. and it gives us broad-spectrum uva/uvb protection. new coppertone sport pro series. embrace the sun.
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now, there's gentle, dependable constipation reland mer me... and me. new dulcolax laxative tablets for women are comfort-coated... so they're gentle on sensitive stomachs. new dulcolax laxative for women the overnight relief you're looking for. ♪ [ acou[ barks ]ar: slow ] ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barks ] beneful playful life is made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day. partly sunny skies in new york. 73 degrees. same deal in miami. 88 degrees. thunderstorms in chicago. 94. sunny in dallas, 96. partly cloudy skies, 76, in los
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angeles. let's check your national forecast. dry, gusty winds will increase the wildfire threat. thunderstorms will spread from the northern mississippi valley to the great lakes and upper ohio valley. scattered showers and thunderstorms from western new york to virginia, the southern appalachians la, la and southeast texas. in sports, the thunder couldn't get any lightning in miami. game three of the nba final. second quarter, dwyane wade's reverse layup gave the heat a lead but not for long. third quarter, derek fisher. he hit a three. oklahoma city led 64-54. in the fourth, lebron james drove for a layup and a foul. en route to a game high 29 points. the heat went on to win it 91-85. take a two games to one lead in that series. game four tomorrow in miami. to golf now and a guy who is starting at the top taking the u.s. open for his first major tournament win on the notorious
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olympic course club. simpson used his short game to great effect, landing an approach shot on green after green, including a chip from the rough on 18. that led to a short putt for par. at 2 under 68 for the day, 1 over 281 for the tournament. then he watched from the clubhouse as well as all the big names fell by the wayside. >> the type of golf course this is you can't expect to shoot 3, 4 under. and so i just went out. i wanted to be patient and if i could get the red numbers, great. that's what i did and luckily it was enough. >> enough for major win number one by a 25-year-old wake forest grad who attended on an arnold palmer scholarship. in baseball, interleague play continues under the lights at wrigley. boston's david ortiz. a first inning rbi single to right in the third. a pop-up by the cubs castro was mishandled and a run scored and a close play at home. the red sox had a three-run
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seventh. they win it, 7-4. the yankee s completed a sweep of the nationals. final score in this one, 4-1. the yanks' ninth straight win. their longest winning streak since may of 2009. finally. old-fashioned temper tantrum tennis. nalbandian of argentina was leading the queens club championship match in london, but angered by a missed point he kicks a low barrier in front of a line judge and suffered a cut on his leg. nalbandian was disqualified handing the title to chillich of croat croatia. when we come back, faith and football. quarterback tim tebow delivers a father's day message before a crowd of thousands. [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us.
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here's a look at the weather. d.c., partly sunny, 89.
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atlanta, 88. st. louis, 97 degrees. same deal in denver, 94. showers in seattle, 62 degrees. here in new york city, a march to protest police stop and frisk tactics. thousands of demonstrators marched for blocks yesterday. the practice of stopping, questioning and searching people they consider suspicious. last year, 700,000 people were stopped. critics say the tactics single out minority groups. in space this morning, a significant milestone for china's manned space program. a space shuttle docked with an orbiting module. the crew, two men and china's first female astronaut were launched into space on saturday. as the chinese began that mission a supersecret u.s. air force spacecraft has completed one. the unmanned x-37v space plane looking somewhat like a
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miniature space shuttle labded at vandenberg air force base. spent more than a gleer orbit traveling more than 91 million miles but the military won't reveal the reason for that. tim tebow celebrated father's day. he told the crowd his father taught him life lessons using mel gibson's character in the movie "braveheart." >> it had the biggest impact on my life because every time i go to practice from then on out, i'd always think about what my dad said to me. do i really love what i'm doing? am i passionate about it? am i willing to sacrifice more than everybody else is willing to sacrifice? >> he said it felt good to get an applause there. on his last visit there he led his former team the broncos to a victory over the chargers. coming up on "cbs this
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good morning, it is monday june 18th. i'm andrea roane.
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but we are going to begin with howard bernstein. >> reporter: good morning, i hope you had a great father's day. a couple of showers around, but the one thing that is going to be positive, we need the rain, but also temperatures are going to be held in check. because by wednesday i think we'll be in the mid 90s. so keep that in mind. temperatures rather comfortable, 64 in town. even a few 50s this morning. the showers will be here and there, this afternoon a little bit of sunshine mixed in with the clouds. upper 70s to 80, 81 in the warm spot. you can see the showers and storms coming up from ohio and pennsylvania. there is actually a front back here, upper level winds are enough to push these storms that form toward west virginia, western maryland, there is a line out to the west, however closer in, it would be tough to see a few showers, especially
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just outside of town. heavy downpour there. also western and southwestern montgomery county coming in toward reston and vena there. this goes down 95 toward quantico. this is going to push toward the metro in the next 30 to 40 minutes. it is in the 60s in leesburg and manassas. look at this, the farther south and east, that is our cool stuff. right now cambridge is the cool spot at 52. let's go to monika samtani with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: construction is in place on the beltway south of town and even the west side of town as well. there is construction here. be aware of that follow
4:28 am
directions to get around that. if you are planning to head in from the west, you are okay on 66 you have construction on the westbound sound. inbound i think you are going to be okay. let's take a live look on the beltway, north side of town at university boulevard both loops look great here through silver springs. northbound i-95, looking good from dale city all the way into springfield, no problems to report with the exception of construction between route 7100 and route 644. a quick look live at the beltway and no problems to report. back to you. thank you. beginning today metro riders will have to get used to a new way of doing things. >> it will affect 110,000 riders on the green yellow blue and orange lines. mat jablow has the information you need to know.
4:29 am
>> reporter: christian bolding has spent a lot of his life standing in crowded metro trains. >> you are standing up almost an hour. >> reporter: so has bridget barnes. do you find yourself standing during train rides often? >> yes, most definitely. >> reporter: and so has marie davenport. >> it is usually very crowded. >> reporter: which is why, like a lot of metro commuters, they are looking forward to rush plus. metro's new plan to make commuting faster and more comfortable for about 100,000 commuters. >> reporter: this new plan sounds good to you? >> absolutely. >> reporter: according to metro the plan will improve service on the green, yellow and orange lines by adding six trains to each of 21 stations during the morning and evening commutes. for example, metro says the orange line will have 18% more capacity or 2600 more seats pe


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