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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  June 19, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> reporter: vice president of the humane society of washington, he says vicious dogs are usually the result of bad dog owners. >> i absolutely know it's not the breed. >> reporter: what's more, he's certain pit bulls are not inherently dangerous that for a number of reasons they should not be labeled as such. >> i know pit bulls that take care of orphaned kittens and they're scared of other dogs. >> reporter: maryland is the only state in the nation to legally consider pit bulls as dangerous. the ten machine member task force is made up of the state house of delegates and state senate. there's no sense at this point of exactly how long it will take the task force to complete their work. matt jablow, 9news now. police are looking for someone they call a person of interest in what might be the first murder in dewey beach since the town was incorporated some 30 years ago. police do not have a name for this person of interest nor do they have -- nor have they released the name of the tea mail victim.
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a cleaning lady found the body of the woman in a hotel room. a tourist michael brown says he was staying in the room next door. >> no, would never expect that to happen. very odd for this town. it gets busy in the summertime. generally people are down here having fun. >> dewey beach police have -- or -- have called the delaware state police to lead the investigation. efforts to bring metrorail to dulles airport and beyond have been fought with debate about the bottom line. the debate comes as reports have surfaced about the airports authority's board and its lavish spending habit but a local congressman is introducing legislation today which could create permanent oversight of the board and its possibly. >> reporter: this is consulting gregory shay helps organizations struggling with leadership and challenges.
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the metropolitan washington airports authority hired him paying him $173,000. board member tom davis said he was well paid. he wasn't cheap. but members were not speaking. somebody needed to come get members to work together. a reveal of expenditures turned up numerous questionable expenses such as lavish lunches and exorbitant travel costs. one board member spent $9,000 flying to prague for a conference. governor bob mcdonnell ousted the board member last week. >> things were done that should not have been done. actions were done that should not have been done. meetings were done in closed sessions, private sessions. >> reporter: congressman wolf is introducing legislation that will put a permanent inspector general overseeing. democrat connolly agrees with
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the move but disagrees with the ouster of december any mctire. >> that's a smoke screen for getting at a labor union member who happens to be a member of the board. >> reporter: mcintyre is a vice president appointed by governor tim kaine. governor bob mcdonnell appointed the co-founder of web methods. she's already been sworn in for the office but martire wants his seat back. peggy fox, 9news now. >> merrick is expected to be seated at the board meeting on wednesday but some board members say they'd rather wait till the court decides on martire's lawsuit. the only other time a governor tried to remove a board member the courts refused. president obama's top choice to be our new ambassador in iraq has removed himself
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from consideration. brett mcgruk is involved in a scandal. according to reports when the two were married to others, mcgurk had an affair with gina chong. they are now married. word leaders in mexico appear to have a plan to help europe's economic problems from spreading to the rest of the world. >> susan mcginnis has more on that and growing tensions between the united states and russia about syria. >> reporter: fireworks lit up the skies in mexico where the g20 summit is being held. they were being set off as word spread that the group will announce today a plan to fight the economic crisis in europe. it calls for government spending to create jobs and growth, something president obama has been pushing for. >> so that the economy grows, the situation stabilizes, confidence returns to the markets. >> reporter: this comes amid concerns that spain may need a bailout as a result of high
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interest rates on money it borrows. >> they really can't afford to borrow. >> reporter: a separate discussion took place at the summit between president obama and russian president vladimir putin, this one lasted far longer than expected. >> the fact that the meeting went for two hours, that was because they were talking about syria and they didn't want to stop talking about syria. >> reporter: cbs news has learned russia is leading two ships in the black see with -- black sea with arms and ammunition, a third carrying attack helicopters is headed for syria. russia says it's trying to secure its naval base there. >> we'll have to monitor it very closely and determine whether they're doing anything beyond that. >> reporter: following the discussion, some noted both presidents appeared aloof toward one another. >> the body language stuff, i've been in a lot of meetings with putin and watched a lot of video with him. there was nothing extraordinary. that's the way he looks. that's the way he acts. i wouldn't read anything into that at all. >> reporter: both leaders said syrians should choose their own next government.
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susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the g20 summit was president obama and putin's first face-to- face meeting since putin was reelected president. here's a look at some other things making news now. closing argueds in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial could begin as soon as thursday. that's according to the judge presiding in the case. defense testimony began yesterday with character witnesses who defended the reputation of the former penn state assistant football coach. one former coach testified that he knew sandusky took boys into showers but never saw him do anything wrong. sandusky is accused of molesting at least ten boys during a 15-year period. roger clemens has been acquitted of all charges in his perjury trial. it took jurors ten hours to determine the former all-star pitcher did not lie to congress when he denied using performance enhancing drugs. this was clemens' second trial on these charges. the first trial ended last summer in a hung jury. the weather is hurting
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efforts to battle a wildfire near fort collins, colorado. hot, dry weather and high flames helped fuel the flames -- or rather and high winds helped fuel the flames. at least eight more homes have burned bringing the total to at least 189. in california a fire in san diego county has grown to 907 acres and is threatening 200 homes. the time now is 4:37. sun, heat and humidity are the words of the day. at 4:39, howard will let us know just how much heat and humidity we can expect. at 4:41, the current state of the economy and the country's economic history doesn't appear to be on the side of incumbents seeking reelection. at 4:49, riding a cab in the district is about to get a little easier. >> we're back in two minutes with your weather first. keep it here.
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just about 4:40 on this tuesday morning. we've got some clouds out there even an isolated sprinkle. we'll get back into at least partly sunny skies. much warmer than yesterday. aim expecting highs in the mid- to upper 80s with a stray thunderstorm. in one or two spots. then much warmer than that tomorrow and thursday. right now over to monika with time saver traffic. here's a live look at route 355 and route 28 in the heart of rockville. you can see how quiet it is. no problems to report here or 270 coming from clarksburg to the spur. we'll take a closer look at maryland roads at 4:47. the time is 4:40 and i'm watching your money. the term reserve kicks off a two-day meeting today. policymakers will review several recent reports that point to a slowing u.s. economy. investors are hopeful that chief ben bernanke will announce a new round of
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stimulus to boost the recovery. europe also continues to be a focal point for investors worldwide. analysts are saying greece may have avoided an immediate exit from the euro zone by elected a pro bailout party to power this weekend but some say greece is so heavily in debt that it may still be forced to leave the euro zone in the next 12 to 18 months. initial relief over elections quickly faded on wall street. the dow starts this morning 12,741. it slid about 25 points in trading yesterday. mixed picture, though. the nasdaq powered ahead by 22 points and the s&p 500 was better by almost 2. the majority of americans say their view about the economy and their own finances will play a role in who they vote for in the upcoming presidential election. a poll finds 59% of americans say their own personal financial situation is an important factor in deciding who they're going to vote for in november.
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franklin roosevelt, the last sitting president to win an election with an unemployment rate more than 7.2%. the current rate is at 8.2%. today the consumer financial protection bureau will launch an online database of credit card complaints. it will give the public the ability to know what types of complaints people have filed against any bank which issues credit cards. users will be able to search for complaints by zip code and see how banks have responded. the database does not include personal information. microsoft unveiling surface, a tablet computer to compete with apple's ipad. c.e.o. steve was on hand to announce it. he called it a whole new family of devices the company is developing. the 9.3 millimeter thick tablet comes with a kick stand to old it upright and has a keyboard part of the device's cover. it weighs less than 1.5 pounds. >> looks attractive.
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>> people are saying it's a really big competitor of the ipad and of course with that keyboard, that's going to attract a lot of people. >> then the price whenever we find that out will be the real attraction. >> exactly. a new study shows the skyrocketing number of children being treated at hospitals for high broad pressure. >> we're going to take a look at what doctors believe is causing the increase when we return in just two minutes.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 4:45 on this june 19, a very special day in american history is when slavery really was ended for everyone in this country. so a lot of people are observing that worldwide and for those doing here, you'll have hot, humid skies. >> certainly much more so than yesterday but much more comfortable than what tomorrow and thursday are going to bring. so this is sort of the transition today as we're going to be ramping temperatures up big time. there's big a big heat mass,
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air mass out in the central part of the country. places like chicago in the upper 90s. denver about a hundred yesterday. that air is moving in our direction. for today, though, not bad. we start out with some clouds, even a sprinkle. as we see 9:00, you want to get outside and take advantage, do it early. 81, light winds less than 5 miles an hour. there could be a stray shower or storm almost anywhere. rain chances early, maybe 20, 30 purposes. it will be fairly isolated but with the upper air pattern we v i can't say it's going to be completely dry. it's not going to be but there's not going to be that much, either. showers and storms overnight off to our east on the eastern shore. there they go. they're down in the southern delmarva now. we have a few more sprinkles up in pennsylvania, southern pennsylvania, just starting to down down in toward northern maryland, north of myersville, up toward thurmont and north of frederick. we'll see what holds together.
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even martinsburg you'll see a slight sprinkle out of this in a little while. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we've got 63 winchester, cumberland this morning is also 63 along with easton. baltimore 68. fredricksburg comfortable, 64 but the heat, the humidity, they're definitely on the way. this morning good visibility on our michael&son's weather camera. although cloudy skies. humidity at 81%. the winds south, southeast at about 6 miles an hour. talk about the heat, big dome of hot weather from nevada and california deserts here all the way in toward some of the southern areas of the lakes up toward southern michigan, chicago, southern wisconsin. north of that, this is where the main jet is getting. this is where the main storms are falling here in the northern part of the country. then on the periphery of this big, hot air mass, got some thunderstorms that are coming around. this is kind of what we saw the other morning. we're seeing some of the clouds blowing off of that today. with the northwesterly flow above us, anything that storms
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in pennsylvania wants to move off to the east, southeast so that by 8:00 we can't rule out an isolated shower or storm, even in northern virginia. we'll go through lunch time. an isolated shower here and there. we get into the afternoon hours. isolated showers and storms here and there with temperatures getting into the mid and upper 80s today. even warmer than that. kind of very hot here tomorrow and especially thursday. so 88. we've got no alerts today other than the isolated storm but we're going to put the yellow alerts for wednesday and thursday mainly for the heat. that can definitely slow you down. mid-90s tomorrow. mid- to upper 90s thursday. both days could feature the isolated afternoon storms. front approaches friday so 90ish with scattered storms. saturday looks okay and again another front sunday may bring us a few more storms as we at least cool down into the 80s. still very warm. 4:48. time for monika's time saver traffic. weather is not bad but you've got to be sleeving in the studio with those short
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sleeves. it's very cold in here. i have goose bumps on my arms but other than that, no problems on the beltway. around town we're looking good. if you're planning to head between college park, bethesda, 270, everything is running smoothly. we'll show what you it looks like on the beltway at university boulevard. nice and quiet both loops of the belt wie with the lanes -- beltway with the lanes open n. southern maryland looking good route 5, route 4, 301. no issues to report out of accokeek. a quick live look on the northbound side of 395 north of duke street to the 14th street bridge. all lanes are open and no delays yet. coming up in my next report, we'll go over to 66 at 4:45. a warning to commuters who park illegally in the horner road lot in prince william county. police might tow your car. officers are scheduled to start cracking down at the lot this morning. the campaign comes after a barrage of complaints. site laters will receive a warning at first. on july 2 tickets and towing
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will begin. fares are going down for d.c. cab riders because the $1 fuel surcharge expires at midnight wednesday. the theme was imposed march of last year and has been extended three times since then. now gas prices have fallen. the taxicab commission chairman says if the prices rise again, the commission will consider appropriate action. a new study shows a dramatic increase in hospitalizations for children with high blood pressure. >> as teresa garcia tells us, a growing number of young children are suffering from blood pressure problems. >> reporter: kyle has suffered from high blood pressure since he was 5 years old. >> i would feel dizzy. i had a headache. >> reporter: the 14-year-old has to watch every bite he eats. >> we really try to keep the sodium intake at 1200 million games or less which is an
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incredibly difficult thing to do on a daily basis. >> reporter: new research shows high blood pressure is landing more children in the hospital. the study in the journal hypertension finds hospitalizations nearly doubled for kids under 18 it 1997 and 2006. children most at risk were more than 9 years old, boys and african-american. >> it can cause irreversible damage to the heart, kidneys and eye and set them up for cardiovascular disease as an adult. > reporter: expects say the rise in childhood obesity may be behind the recent jump in hospital stays for high blood pressure. doctors still don't know what causes kyle's high blood pressure. to stay on top of it, he takes four medications, gets plenty of exercise and uses new technology to monitor his pressure closely. >> i'm able to put it on by myself, put it into my ipod and work through an app. it will take my blood pressure, show me what it is and i can e- mail it to my doctor and my mom. >> reporter: he's glad to be
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more independent and his mom has peace of mind knowing his pressure is in check. teresa, garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >> high blood pressure can often go undiagnosed. it's recommended that doctors start measuring a child's blood pressure now at age 3. other health news, roughly 46 million americans did not have health insurance last year. the total is lower than it was in 2010 but it's still her than the 41 -- still higher than the 41 million reported in 1997. a little more than five million of the uninsured are under the age 18, a sharp drop from the nearly 10 million uninsured children in 1997. many surgical interns have big concerns about new work resurge jenls. new standards were implemented for first-year residents which limited shifts to a maximum 16 hours. but a new survey of interns find the majority think the new restrictions cut their time on
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operating on patients and hurt their surgical skills. however, a jorpt also said they feel the changes would decrease -- a majority also said they feel the changes would decrease fatigue. a new study finds loneliness can be a health risk. researchers in san francisco asked more than 1,000 seniors if they felt left out or isolated. nearly half responded that they felt lonely. researchers found six years later those who were lonely were at an increased risk of death. they were also more likely to have trouble performing daily activities, such as climbing stairs. it is 4:53. time for the question of the morning. >> the question is what is the one thing most people say is the best stress reliever at the end of a hard day? is it a, coming home to family, b, working out, or c, a cold beer? >> how about d, all of the above. log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we're going to have the answer for you during the 6:00 hour. tiger woods is bringing his tournament back to our area.
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if you were one of our facebook friends, you could win tickets to the at&t national in our sweepstakes giveaway. it returns to bethesda's country club next week. click the link on our facebook page to fill out an entry form online. ten people will each win two tickets and the winners will be selected next monday. so be our friend.
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4:56 on this tuesday morning. howard here with your weather first. we have cloudy skies. will become partly sunny, much warmer with an ice lated shower and -- isolated shower or storm possible later. highs mid- to upper 80s. getting hotter tomorrow and thursday. let's go to monika with a look at your time saver traffic. an early morning accident on the northbound side of i-95
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in virginia after route 1 but before lorton in the hov lanes along the right side and it doesn't involve a tractor- trailer. coming up in my next report, i'll have more information on that at 5:01. back to you. happen drag after years of battling to find the right location, crews will finally break ground on a new wal-mart in orange county, virginia not far from the wilderness battlefield. preservationists went to court to block wal-mart's original location but the company abandoned its original plan on the eve of the trial. the new store is expected to open in about a year and create some 300 jobs. mike tyson sets his sights on broadway. >> two words for you. bieber fever. it's on both coasts. teresa garcia has those stories and more in this look at entertainment. >> reporter: bieber fever descended on new york's famed apollo theater. he gave a free concert to fans who brought his new fragrance at macy's.
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his new album dropped today. costumes justin bieber and whitney houston wore are going on the auction black. a grammy night dress and the gloves houston wore in the greatest love of all video are hundreds of items being sold off. you can also bid on the outfit justin bieber wore in his super bowl commercial. the two-day auction featuring memorabilia from music icons and sports legends starts on june 23. mike sighton is going from the -- tyson is going from the boxing ring to broadway. he's teaming up with spike lee to bring his one-man show to the new york stage. >> this is entertainment but from a human perspective this is just mike's life from the beginning to now. >> reporter: sighton say biewed his raw confessional in las vegas back in april n. will be lee's first broadway show. jennifer nettles is pregnant. the country star married justin miller almost seven months ago. their baby is due in november.
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the stars of abraham lincoln vampire hunter hit the new york premier of their new 3-d thriller. in the movie president lincoln discovers vampires are planning to take over the united states and he goes on a mission to eliminate them. the movie opens on friday. that's your eye on entertainment. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >> i am sorry, that is the weirdest premise for a movie about abraham lincoln that i ever heard. probably going to be a smash hit. >> absolutely. going to be the number one movie at the box office. [ laughter ] >> i want to see it. good morning. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. i'm jessica doyle in for mike hydeck. monika samtani has your time saver traffic in a second. howard bernstein is going to tell us what the weather is going to be like. not bad. getting much warmer than yesterday where we stayed in


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