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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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between 100 and 105 in most areas. 74 right now but 81 by 9:00. 93 at noon with high today about 97, 98 degrees. your 5:00 p.m. temperature still blazing at 96. heat advisory from noon until 10:00 for just about everybody. over on the eastern shore and some of the higher elevations and parts of the shenandoah valley, you're not going to be as hot and humid but still hot and humid, just not hot and humid enough for the advisory. temps this morning have dipped into the 60s in a few spots. 74 in annapolis. it's 73 at the pax river naval air station. winchester is at 70. hagerstown is 72. leaseburg, gaithersburg, baltimore 71. you can see the high temperatures this afternoon mid- to upper 90s. ouch. monika? >> that is an ouch. there's another ouch and that's because of traffic and a police situation. if you're planning to head over in the anacostia area, you want to be aware that 17th street is pretty much blocked off right now between q street and minnesota avenue because of this police barricade and
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activity in that area. so i suggest you use 18th street to get to good hope road. by the way 295 is not affected by it police activity. we'll keep you posted on that situation. let's take you outside live right now. this is going to be northeast corridor for you as you head inbound right now. no problems to report traveling on the bw parkway or route 50 as well trying to get into northeast. let's take you back outside to the maps. this time we'll take you to 270 as promised. no problems on 270 heading southbound right now out of frederick. this is the beltway north of town at university boulevard bunching up a bit on the outer loop approaching university. in my next report, another update at 6:11. >> thank you, monika. new this morning on 9news now, another delay could be coming to the d.c. streetcar program. the city was just getting ready to restart the project. it would put streetcars here along h street northeast all the way to union station. but councilman marion barry tells "the washington post" he's filed a resolution delaying the project by at
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least 45 days. he says streetcars aren't needed and says the $200 million price tag is too high. two years ago the city stopped work on a part of the streetcar project which would have run through anacostia. now to the other big transit project in northern virginia. it's the silver line. loudoun county lawmakers are facing a july 4 deadline on whether to approve the line from dulles airport to ashburn. now three county supervisors are trying to buy more time. they want to push the deadline back to december 1. the group is trying to secure funding from the state. any extensions of the silver line from reston towards the airport won't open till 2017 at the earliest. the world is watching egypt this morning. >> there are mixed reports on the health of ousted president hosni mubarak and it's testing the strength of the new democracy there. delia goncalves is tracking the latest developments. they just went through an election there so it's a tenuous time. >> reporter: absolutely.
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a lot of political unrest in that country. last year it gave many people hope that change was the horizon in egypt and indeed it looked like it was beginning to head in that direction until now. a turn of events, a terrible turn of events in that country. massive protests have broken out across egypt following news of the ousted president's illness and relocation from prison after rumors the 84-year- old was dead, officials now confirm mubarak suffer add stroke in jail and was transferred to a military hospital where he's on life support this morning. many protesters feel, though, the recorded illness is only a stunt to distract voters from the ongoing political unrest in the country. they also feel military leaders may be showing their former boss favorite twitch. -- favoritism. he wrote to powier in the 1980s after the assassination of the country's former president. mubarak has reigned over egypt for three decades known as an ally to the united states but a
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fierce ruler in his homeland. >> the prospects for democracy in egypt are undeniable. the people of egypt have embraced this democratic spirit and that's not -- there's no turning back. >> we're not going to be tired. we're fighting for the revolution. we're fighting for a clean society. >> reporter: mubarak was sentenced to life in prison for failing to stop the killings of hundreds of protesters during the uprising last year. coming up at 6:30, the fight for the next leader of egypt. mike, back to you. >> thank you, delia. she's live in our satellite center this morning. while you slept president obama returned to the white house. he was at the g20 summit. even though this is an economic meeting, one of the big items on the agenda was syria. that is because china and russia have now blocked u.n. resolutions threatening sanctions against syria for its deadly crackdown on rebels. >> i think what is fair to say
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is that they recognize that the current situation is grave. it does not serve their interests. it certainly does not serve the interests of the syrian people and where we agree is that if we can help the syrian people find a path to a resolution, all of us would be better off. >> russia has lucrative arms contracts with syria and russia's president says no country should get involved in what's turning into a civil war in syria. at least one student group at the university of virginia wants the governor to investigate the ouster of president teresa sullivan. uva's college republicans wants governor bob mcdonnell to help increase communication between the uva community and its board of visitors. tuesday the vice rector of that board announced his resignation. markington says he hopes the -- mark kington says he hopes the move will help the board.
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dr. sullivan will leave uva august 15. a big donation is on its way to the national museum of the marine corps in quantico, virginia. the chairman of bar s. foods is giving it $12 million. it will help new exhibits detailing the marines' involvement in vietnam, desert storm, iraq and afghanistan. those exhibits will open in 200017. the future -- 2017. the future isn't looking good for the memorial to president device eisenhower. a house committee killed the memorial. his family members say it doesn't truly reflect his accomplishments as president and with the military. well, jessica is off today but we are still watching your money. at 6:06, we are focusing on travel this morning. las vegas is the cheapest place for a night on the town. trip advisor is out with a list on how much it costs for two people to stay a night in a four-star hotel, get a drink, get a dinner, and take a taxi.
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in vegas that will run you $263. dallas was second followed by new orleans. washington came in 12th on the 15-city list no surprise. new york ranked as the most expensive. a one-night stay there for that whole package $456. well, the friendly skies aren't too friendly these days apparently whether it comes to customer satisfaction. united airlines ranked the lowest out of the major carriers. these rairngings come from the -- rankings come from the american customer satisfaction index. on a 100-point scale, united is the the lowest. 62 was their score. it operates the most flights in and out of our region so chances are you'll be flying on one of those soon. u.s. airways and delta are right behind. they rated 65. southwest got 577 ranking. jet blue was one of the highest. they ranked 81. gas prices are a bit friendlier. aaa says regular gas is now about $3.43 a gallon. that's down 25 crengtses from last month -- cents from last
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month. nationwide the average is down to $3.49 a gallon. in five minutes, the healing power of golf. how a wounded warrior is empowered by it and helping others. summer officially begins today and it will certainly feel like t. coming up next, howard tells us just how hot it's going to get and what we can expect for the rest of the week. >> all we can do is hope this summer is better than last year. it was definitely a cruel summer of 2011, the second hottest meteorological summer on record with an average temperature of 81.1 degrees. the mercury hit 90 degrees 47 days. the hottest day of the summer at least at national airport was friday, july 29. it was 104 degrees that day. at dulles it was 105 on july 22. and that stands as the all time heat record there. we'll be back.
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today will be the hottest day of the season. a heat advisory from noon till 10:00 p.m. by noon we'll already be in the low 90s with highs in the mid- to upper 90s.
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maybe even locally near 100. full forecast letting you know when it's going to cool down coming up in just a few minutes. a live look now on the northbound side or inbound side of i-66 at business route 234. this is what you deal with every single day. today is no exception. you've got slow traffic through manassas headed for centreville. in my next report a big situation in southeast you want to know about at 6:17. it is 6:12 on this wednesday morning. let's get a check on some of the stories making news. the wife of jerry sandusky says her husband never had inappropriate contact with young boys. she testified yesterday at her husband's trial. she believes police planted ideas in the heads of alleged victims. the judge in the case says the jury could begin deliberations tomorrow. the suspect in the first ever murder in dewey beach, delaware has been found dead. police suspected pawan kumar in monday's killing. the victim has since been identified at danielle mehlman
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of pennsylvania. no word on a possible motive. slowly but surely firefighters are containing that massive blaze in colorado. the fire is 55% contained but it's still 93 square miles big and has destroyed nearly 200 homes. every wednesday this month we've been introducing you to some of the nation's wounded warriors. >> it's all part of our coverage of the at&t national golf tournament. this morning a man very familiar with teeing off alongside tournament host tiger woods. >> dave owens introduces us to ramone pa delia -- to ramone padillia. >> reporter: it was almost three years ago but he remembers it very well. that's ramone on the left side of your screen teeing off with tiger woods in the 2009 at&t national. >> i still remember. hit it right down the middle. and my claim to fame is not outdriving tiger woods while he hooked it a little bit to the left in the rough. technically i was in the
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middle. >> reporter: technicalities aside, it was a comeback. his arm was severed by an explosive round in afghanistan. he also sustain add brain surgery. the man who prided himself in taking care of others all of a sudden couldn't do it for himself it was difficult to pass on all the things i did for my family to my wife. my wife is a trooper. she hung in there and helped me out the way. >> reporter: the golf course is the last place he thought he would ever be. >> i really did not like golf growing up, but once i got back, i had my first swing and i really started to like it. the game really empowered me. >> reporter: even with one less limb he plays well and it's been the mechanism to help others. >> it's a difficult game. if you stick to it, you will love the game and the game will love you back. >> reporter: dave owens, 9 sports now. >> the game has certainly given a lot to him. in 2010 he was invited to play in the golf channel amateur national championship. he also helped design the prosthesis he wears to play
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golf. and you can win tickets to the at&t national golf tournament in bethesda. just go to our facebook page and fill out an entry form online to enter the sweepstakes there. if you don't already like us on facebook, just go ahead and do that and then you can enter. ten people will each get a pair of tickets. the winners will be selected on monday. >> does the golf game love you back? not enough, right? >> i do love it but i'm not very good. there are some who love howard's forecast and others who will just dread it. tell us all about it. >> heat and humidity with us the next couple of days. we'll cool down by the weekend but the next couple of days will be tough around here. we did hit a hundred last august. not saying we're going to do that but a couple of you may make a a run for t. it's been ten months. we're due. we may make a run for it. let's talk about the air quality. air quality is code orange. that doesn't help for sensitive groups. heat alert, that's a heat advisory from noon till 10:00
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tonight for just about everybody except on the eastern shore and some of the areas out west of town. heat index value 100 to 105 this afternoon. we'll be in the low 90s by noon. 93 by noon. average high is 85. we'll be 97 around 4:00 p.m. i think this will be pretty close to the high for the day if not the high for the day. 97, maybe 98. winds northwest to southwest 5, maybe 8 miles an hour. still 8:00 tonight low 90s. nationals have a game that starts at 7:05. going out to the ballpark tonight, it is going to be a steamy one. look at the fog. visibilities in warrenton around zero. same with cumberland. the montgomery air park. patches of fog. even manassas reporting zero visibility with haze and six miles here in d.c. temps are on the steamy side already. 72 in arlington and college park and laytonsville. 68 lovettsville and northern loudoun county, hair market and prince william -- haymarket and
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prince william. looking outside on our michael & son weather camera, we're looking eastbound. this would be the beltway and this is 267 shooting off toward the east. we've got haze out there. 74 degrees. dew point is at 70. giving us a relative humidity of 87%. the forecast the next few days is going to be hot and steamy and sticky today and tomorrow especially. 97, 98. the high heat, we're giving you the yellow alerts because you've got to pay attention. definitely going to impact some outdoor plans. tonight's lows only the upper 70s with a chance of storm. better chance of storms on friday. high 916789 the storms could impact your outdoor plans. the weekend gets better as we dry out a little bit and temperatures fall into the upper 80s. it is 6:17. monika is in now. she has time saver traffic. >> i would say if you're planning to head into the anacostia area, it's going to become a tough situation. we've had a police barricade
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and police activity going on for quite some time now along 17th street. it is blocked between q street and minnesota avenue. i think there is going to be there for a while. in the meantime you want to know that 295 is not affected. nailer road is not affected. you can use 18th street just to the east of all of this to good hope road if you need to but i'd say steer clear of this area if you can. 17th street closed between q and minnesota. let's take a live look outside right now and here's what it looks like if you're planning to head on the beltway at route 50. route 50 and the bw parkway look great into the northeast corridor. back over to the maps, this time to 95 on the northbound side. 95, i'm going to say going about 25 miles an hour here at the prince william parkway. it's just the normal slow stretches as you head through woodbridge, newington, springfield. we'll take a live look outside. here's what it looks like in springfield. the three hs today. hazy, hot and humid but at least the lanes are open for you. one more look at our graphics.
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i want to let you know that pac -- marc penn line 511 is running 10 to 15 minutes late. before i go, i have a commuter alert. don't plan on crossing the chesapeake this afternoon. the bay bridge will be closed around 1:15 and it won't reopen till about 2:00. 45 minutes. that's because the massive cargo cranes will be passing underneath and the coast guard wants to make sure that drivers don't get distracted. so again the bridge will be closed at 1:15 this afternoon. also the same cranes will close the key bridge along baltimore's beltway. that will happen around 3:15 this afternoon. the thing about this, 45 minutes, there are no good you alternate routes around this at all -- no good alternate routes around this at all. i don't know if it's a good enough reason to close. you've got to have some faith in commuters but they're going to do it. luckily beach traffic, really the hiept of it is toward the end of the week. but 1:15, just avoid it for
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really more than 45 minutes. >> there's always one driver who might be distracted that could cause a problem. >> that's true. >> they're proceeding on-- >> better safe than sorry but i think you'll need to stay away from it for longer than 45 minutes. >> just have a nice lunch somewhere. >> you're right. absolutely. >> thanks, monika. it is 6:20. time to get another check of our question of the morning of the most american couples say this one thing has improved the romance in their homes. is it a, the dvr, b, the smartphone or c, separate beds. >> our facebook friend tony says it's a, the dvr. she writes couples can record just as much as they choose and have more time for each other. separate beds is so 1950's. think of the dick van dyke show. >> keep the guesses coming. find out if you're correct at 6:48. we'll be back.
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welcome back. 6:23. your weather first. a steamy day ahead. high heat and humidity. heat advisory goes into effect
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at noon. by then temperatures will be in the low to mid-90s. topping out in the mid- to upper 90s. a 10% to 20% chance of a storm at best. >> thank you, howard. it may be time for nationals manager to consider his pitching rotation. >> another rough start last night. it sent the nats to their fourth straight loss. d.c. began a four-game series against tampa bay. wong lasted just over eight innings. he walked three batters, struck out only one. there was one highlight for the nats, this guy michael morris. finally hitting his first home run of the year. the blast in the sixth just cleared the wall in right center but still the nats lose a close one 5-4. their lead in the division is now down to three games. rays pitcher could face a ten-game suspension. the umf found he had pine tar hidden on his glove last night. he was ejected.
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nats manager davey johnson got tipped off about the possible illegal substance. he had pitched for the nats two years arg. guess he didn't use anything illegal then. the team may have had just a bit of inside information. the miami heat are now just one win away from their second title in six years, and this one would be the first for lebron james. game four last night. the thunder led by 14 after the first quarter but the heat rallied back. lebron had a double double, nearly a tribl double -- triple double. game five tomorrow night. >> just let lebron win and we want have to hear about it anymore. a big vote today on capitol hill involving attorney general eric holder. >> an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? but there's something you might want to hear before you take your next bite. >> right now you want to hear monika's report before you head out in traffic. >> luckily we just have the
6:26 am
slow traffic on the inbound side of i-66. this is what it looks like in manassas. you may hit the brakes again at route 123. in my next report another update on area roads at 6:30. you're watching 9news now.
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at 6:29. we are following breaking news out of southeast washington. this is a live picture from 17th and s streets in southeast. a man was shot and killed near there around 2:00 this morning. police believe the suspect is
6:30 am
hold up nearby and he's holding officers at bay. we of course are keeping union on this situation for you and you know parts of 16th, 17th and r streets in southeast are closed while this situation is ongoing. >> we'll bring you up to date as soon as we get more. thank as lot for starting your day with us. i'm mike hydeck. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with our forecast. he still has his jacket on this early morning hour. it won't happen much longer if we're going to be outside. it's steamy. temperatures way up. it's going to abcouple of tough -- to be a couple of tough days. we'll show you a picture from tysons corner looking east. that hazy sky. some of that low level moisture. 93 by noon. highs today mid- to upper 90s with a heat advisory from noon to 10:00 and a drive home temperature of 96. it will feel like 100 to 105. a touch of fog in gaithersburg, manassas, stafford, out toward
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harrisonburg as well. that shouldn't be around too much longer as temperatures this morning start in a few spots in the 60s but most of us now low to even mid-70s. we're going well up in the 90s. monika samtani, it is 6:30. how is it looking out there? other than the slow traffic, everything looks pretty good except for this one spot that mike and andrea just spoke about where there's been police activity closing down 17th street between q and minnesota and it may affect 16th street as well in that area. this barricade is going to be there for a while. you'll want to know that nailer road and 295 are not affected by the police activity but it will cause delays in and around the area so be aware of that here in southeast d.c., anacostia area if you're traveling here southeast of the anacostia. so be aware of that. the 14th street bridge is fine. 395 is final. let's take a live -- is fine. let's take a live look. route 50 coming off the bay bridge, you're going to be okay. no problems to report. let's go back over to the maps and this time to the north side
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of town where we're looking fine on the beltway. college park into silver spring. all lanes are open. a last live look heading south on i-270, it slows out of frederick toward urbana. here at 121, lanes are open. pace is great heading to rockville. another update on area roads at 6:43. back to you. >> see you then. thanks. 6:32 now. mitt romney's campaign says it is indeed vetting senator marco rubio as a potential running made. it said that hours after reports said he was not being vetting. >> charlie rose joins us live with more on that. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, mike and andrea. i'm coming to your city today and we do have marco rubio here. he'll join us for his first interview since mitt romney said he's vetting rubio as a possible pick. and we'll talk with alec baldwin about claims he attack add photographer. we'll hear his side of the
6:33 am
story as we talk about what it means to be famous today. all of that when we see you at 7:00. >> where are we doing lunch, charlie? >> i'll bring the hot dogs. >> there you go. why should i suggest a place in your city. you should suggest a place. and issue the invitation. >> exactly. >> right? >> we're going to do it, charlie. one day we'll do it. >> our people will call your people and we'll set it up. >> i'll be coming by to pick up the hot sauce. >> thanks, charlie. a house committee is expected to vote today on whether to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt. it says he failed to turn over documents on a gun smuggling probe called fast and furious. holder met with congressman daryl issa yesterday to try and avoid the vote but they could not reach an agreement. >> i think we have to in good conscience see documents that convince us that it's time to say that there's been insufficiency as to the southbound. we're willing to do that but if
6:34 am
they have documents they believe makes the case, they certainly should give us to those first. >> i think we're actually involved more in political gamesmanship as opposed to trying to get the information they say they want. nevertheless, we are prepared to provide these terms to brief on these materials, answer questions about these materials. >> the committee considering this vote meets at 10:00 this morning. the world is watching cairo, egypt this morning. >> ousted president hosni mubarak is said to be near death. that could hurt the young fragile democracy there. >> this is a developing story changing by the hour. our delia goncalves is following it live from the satellite center this morning. over to you. >> reporter: we've been following this story and the changing events throughout the morning for you here in the satellite center. we have just learned from the associated press that hosni mubarak is still in a coma but he has been taken off life support. we're also told his heart and other vital organs are still
6:35 am
functioning at this point. still a very touch and go situation. we will be monitoring it all morning. this is an interesting turn of events after conflicting health updates and a false report last night that the ousted president was dead. after 30 years as president, mubarak was forced out of office. during the uprising last year he was sentenced to life in prison for failing to stop the killings of hundreds of protesters. his illness has added stress to an already turbulent situation in egypt where to candidates are claiming victory after sunday's election. the military has resumed control over the country sparking outrage among protesters. >> the concern is that the situation is extremely murky now, even many egyptians don't understand it. >> reporter: we can tell you election officials say the official results from sunday's election will be announced likely tomorrow. and of course we will stay on top of this health update and the very latest condition of
6:36 am
hosni mubarak, the 84-year-old ousted president still in a coma, off life support. vital organs still operating and functioning at this point. we will continue to monitor that situation from egypt and bring you the very latest as soon as we get it. mike, back to you. >> thanks, delia, delia goncalves live in our satellite center this morning. the u.s. military investigators are suggesting that troops who burned kurans -- qurans in afghanistan will be punished. several holy books were thrown in a garbage pit back in february and the punishments can range from a letter in their file to docking their pay. the recommendations are still under review by the pentagon. are pit bulls inherently bad dogs? maryland's highest court thinks so and so do the parents of a towson boy nearly killed in a pit bull attack. >> it looked like a shark attack. dogs can bite. we can all agree on that. but not all dogs will have the
6:37 am
same damage. >> a panel of maryland lawmakers is reviewing the court ruling. the court's decision means pit bull owners could be liable for bites without evidence of previous attacks. animal rights activists opposed the decision. they contend breed specific laws are not effective. lawmakers are working to draft legislation that could be introduced during a special session next month. today the plan to bring a new slots parlor to western maryland could take a big step forward. the board of public works will decide whether or not to approve a $10 million deal. that if it's approved would allow lakes entertainment to buy the rocky gap lodge and golf resort. once it buys the resort, it could put a facility with a thousand slot machines on it there. maryland law allows for five slot parlors in the state. right now only three are open. that $1 fuel surcharge for a taxi ride in the district expired at midnight. the fee was imposed last year to help cover the rising cost of gas prices. well, since gas prices have
6:38 am
been falling steadily in the d.c. area, the d.c. taxicab commission allowed that surcharge to expire. it extended the surcharge three times in the past and reserves the right to impose it again should gasoline prices go up significantly. there are foods you should buy organic and ones you don't have to. the d.c.-based environmental working group is out with its list of pesticides in produce. when it comes to having the most pesticide residue, it says apples are the worst. the group recommends you get those organic as much as you can. second on this dirty dozen list, celery followed by bell peppers. when it comes to having the lowest amount of pesticide residue, the group says it's onions. you can peel off the outer layer. sweet corn is second followed by pineapples. it dubs those three the top of the clean 15 list. 6:38. straight ahead, that summer road work that's going to slow your trip if you're headed to philadelphia or the jersey shore.
6:39 am
>> summer officially begins later today. no doubt about it. howard says we're going to hit the upper 90s and feel even the triple digit numbers. find out how long this heat will last. stay with 9news now.
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it's 6:43. 74 degrees. if you're planning to head outside right now, it's going to be hot and you've got a lot of slow traffic to deal with and police activity in southeast d.c. and anacostia where 17th street is basically blocked off with a police barricade it q and minnesota avenue. a big closure there my also affect 16th street to the west of that go ahead and choose your alternate routes. 295 and nailer road, good hope road, those are all okay as alternate routes. no problems at the 11th street bridge or sousa bridge. this time over to the northbound side of i-95 where
6:44 am
things are beginning to improve a bit until you get to woodbridge where you're going about 24 miles an hour. we'll take a live look on the northbound side of 95 in springfield first where again it's just going to be that slow traffic as you leave route 644 heading for the beltway and up on to 395. let's go there live right now. if you're planning to head to the 14th street bridge, itself potomac river crossing is fine. no problems to report. a quick look live if our sky 9 camera. this is the inner loop of the beltway at i-66. not bad. northbound 495, your lanes are open. i'll be back in a few minutes to give you a look at the big picture at 6:58. right now time for another commuter alert. this one will affect us all summer long starting today. try to avoid the harbor tunnel throughway in baltimore. crews will be doing three months of work to a bridge just south of the tunnel. the road will be narrowed to one lane. so that's going to slow you down as you head toward philadelphia, new york. work is slated to begin today
6:45 am
and will go through december. your best bet is to stick with i-95 and the fort mchenry tunnel. forewarned. great summer travel. >> very good. just in time. and just in time for the arrival of summer is a really scorching forecast. >> 7:09 p.m. tonight, we hit the summer solstice. >> we'll be doing a dance. >> i'll have to work up on that. >> we'd like to see it. >> hey, it's going to be hot and sticky this afternoon and again tomorrow afternoon. by friday, though, a better chance of storms with lower temperatures interest the low 90s. today, tomorrow, it is going to be blazing hot. here's a look at your day planner. excuse me, the heat alert first. we have the heat advisory in effect from noon to 10:00 for just about everybody in the immediate metro and northern virginia. head out toward the 81 corridor west of there to the mountains and on the eastern shore. you don't have the advisory but it will be plenty hot nonetheless. now the day planner. we're quickly going to rise into the 90s. by noon 93. this afternoon's high somewhere
6:46 am
around 98, 97. by 3:00 95 by 6:00 p.m. it will feel more like 100, 105 with the heat index value. a few 60s culpeper and also up in frederick. baltimore 71. with those 60s, there's been a touch of fog. that's not going to last long. you see the haze just in the distance there. real steamy, sticky start to the day here on our michael & son weather camera. winds south at 3 miles an hour. we are looking at a lot of heat here. the records to beat probably okay -- not going to be beat anyway at national and baltimore. but the 97 at dulles, we'll make a run at that. even 98 martinsburg we may get close. the record is 98 at national. 80 minneapolis. chicago 79. lots of warm air to deal with today and tomorrow. it's in the 50s in north dakota. up here, they've been having
6:47 am
flooding rains. dangerous, damaging flooding rains. roads are washed out. a dangerous situation going on in northern minnesota. underneath the jet and all those storms, just the heat. not much in the way of showers or storms. that's going to be the case. only an isolated storm at best today and tomorrow. better chance on friday. 97 this afternoon. high heat giving us the yellow alert. tomorrow the same story, 98. then on friday some heat but also storms. so all three days your plans may be interrupted, altered due to weather conditions. 91 on friday. by the way lows tonight and tomorrow night only in the upper 70s in town. as we head toward the weekend, that first front pushes through. we'll be in the upper 80s, less humid. by monday another system brings us a chance for storms and temperatures down into the mid- #s on. this -- mid-80s. it 16:47. back to -- it 16:47. back to -- it is 6:47. back to you. i want to thank everyone
6:48 am
who came out for the annual news babes' vent at the howard -- babes event at howard theatre. it raised money for the gw mammovan. our special guest of the evening was andrea mitchell sharing her breast cancer journey. and it was also the first time that the newsmen in pink made an appearance. there you see mike hydeck and some of the other people there. it was a wonderful evening and dave owens, that shirt just fit him so well. tailor made. gorgeous that it was. we just had a wonderful time at the howard theatre, a beautiful venue for the event, too. >> the renovations were stunning. >> the first time a lot of us had been there. i heard from a woman who asked what my last memory was of the howard. she was talking about when she saw james brown on stage. it brought out a lot of good
6:49 am
memories for loot of people mo -- lot of people who attended and we started new memories for them. jane and barbara, you rock. 6:49. time to get the answer to our question of the morning. the question was one more time, most american couples say this one thing has improved their romance in their homes. is it a, the dvr, b, the smartphone, or c, separate beds? >> i guess this makes sense. the answer is a, the dvr. >> apparently arguing over the remote was a bigger deal than we had known. >> you can concentrate now on knowing it's going to be recorded. jessica is off today but we're still saving you money with our daily deals. to save or not to save, that's the question. living social is saving you 51% on tickets to the shakespeare theater's company the performance of "ther is vanity of two masters." $39 for sunday evening or
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monday through thursday or $45 for friday, saturday or sunday afternoon. >> save up to 50% on tickets to nationals park. tickets range from $25 to $39 each. see the nats take on the giants july 5 or the rockies on july 6 or 8. the deal is on groupon. >> best buy is offering a 9- inch portable dvd player. keep your relationship going for just $49.99. that's 50% off the normal price. >> tough' seen an -- if you've seen an offer online or you're a merchant with a deal for our viewers, check out jessica doyle on facebook. a check of the news before you go is next.
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6:53. we have a very steamy start. 74 right now. low 90s by noon. a heat advisory goes into effect and will be with us till 10:00. heat index values 100 to 105. highs mid- to upper 90s. today is wednesday, june 20. here's a check of the news before you go. a live look at minnesota avenue and s street in southeast. police say a murder suspect is hold up here. they say he killed a man around 2:00 this morning and then barricaded himself inside a building. the situation is having a small impact on traffic but just follow the police direction and you can get around the closed roads. d.c. councilman marion barry is delaying the h street streetcar project. he wants the city to review whether the $200 million transit project is even necessary. barry's request will delay starting the work by at least six weeks. nationals starter wong didn't make it out of the 5th inning. nats fall to the rays, four losses in a row. hopefully stephen strasburg can turn things around tonight. cbs this morning begins at
6:55 am
the top of the hour. we'll talk about the future of television on the internet. before that we have one more check of traffic and weather. keep it right here on 9news now.
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6:58 am
one more thing before we go. jessica doyle is really good at finding adorable video on the web. remember she showed us the puppy cam. check out this clip from youtube. it's called duck run. the guy is taking his pet duckling named charlie for a walk. look it there. he's following very closely. >> he's very fast. >> in a second you'll see the guy start to run and there's charlie. and he keeps up. >> look how fast he is. >> charlie will not be left
6:59 am
behind. >> i guess you have to be fast when you can't fly yet. >> thank you for sharing that with us, jessica. fly somewhere cool is all i can suggest. temperatures running into the upper 90s. even near 100 tomorrow. better chance of storms on friday afternoon as we cool into the lower 90s and then better toward the weekend. monika? a live picture here in anacostia where a police barricade continues. 17th street closed between q and minnesota. a quick look at a graphic. marc camden line 847 is canceled. cbs this morning is coming up next. they have the latest on the former egyptian president hosni mubarak and they'll be sitting down with florida senator marco rubio. howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. you can stay updated on the steamy forecast with a fee weather app. we'll see you tomorrow at 4:25. until then, have a great day.


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