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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 20, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> we begin our newscast with a yellow alert. good afternoon. i'm jc hayward. we're so had that metro has lifted its ban on drinks.
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they're allowing passengers to bring liquids on trains and buses. how hot is it going to get? let's get right to howard for answers. >> we could be near 100 today and tomorrow. heat advisories in effect till 10:00 covering everybody except the eastern shore and some of the higher elevations out west away from d.c. but a stifling hot day. the combination of temperature and humidity going to make the heat index values potentially 105. some areas could exceed that right now as of noon, we've got temperatures anywhere from the mid 80s in winchester to the up ir80s in gaiters -- upper 80s in gaithersburg to 93 in baltimore, d.c. 93 in richmond right now. even to the eastern shore we have lower 90s. when you factor in the humidity, that's what we're talking about, the heat ind.e.c., this comfort level -- index, this comfort level if you will. many areas already in the 90s. it's only noon. we've got hours to go yet with lighter winds and bright sunshine and high humidity. so these values are going to continue to climb. the question i've been getting
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all morning, are we going to break any records? let's talk about that. the record for today is 99 set in 1931. the forecast is 98 but, you know, if we get to 99 or 100, we'll get close or tie it. tomorrow's record highs also is a little lower. it's 98. this was set in '88. also forecasting 98 but if we don't tie, we could break. we may miss this by one. we'll be in the neighborhood of record temperatures today and tomorrow. there will be some relief by friday as storm chances increase. i'll let you know about that when i see you a little later in the broadcast. >> thank you very much. if you're a district resident and do you not have air conditioning, you can go to our website for details. by the way, d.c. residents and visitors are scrambling. they're trying to get some relief. our delia goncalves takes a look at how they're coping the first day of summer. >> reporter: d.c. never stops, even in the heat with joggers getting in their early morning
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runs out of the way, and tourists squeezing in some sightseeing before the sun becomes unbearable. >> we're planning to visit the white house, lincoln memorial and just as much -- trying to see as much as we can while the weather still allows us to. >> since 9:00 it's been very hot. so we're trying to hide in the shadows. >> we packed a lot of water. we're only here for a couple of days so we're going to see everything we can and try and stay in air conditioned buildings. >> reporter: pools are open for free swims. >> we've extended the operation of our pools because we know it's going to be super hot. >> reporter: you can see here the pool is empty. you see, the department has made some changes in order to keep folks safe during these scorching hot summer days. last year pools opened at 11:00 a.m. this year they're opening at 1:00 p.m. just so folks can stay out of the sun as long as possible. >> this year we added
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structures to a few of our pools just to provide that option for folks who want to come in and enjoy the pool but stay in the shade. >> reporter: you can enjoy longer pool hours with many closing as late as 9:30 at night. delia goncalves, 9news now. president obama has invoked the executive privilege to with hold fast and furious documents. right now a house committee is meeting in an attempt to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt. tara mergener reports the vote may not stop -- -- [indiscernible] >> reporter: a house panel is set to vote whether to hold attorney holder in contempt. >> so far the cooperation has not been forthcoming. >> reporter: republican chairman darrell issa called for the vote after attorney holder did not turn over documents related to a justice department investigation into operation fast and furious, a
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botched mexican gun running sting. >> the attorney general is being attacked for protecting documents that he is prohibited by law from producing. >> reporter: today holder asked the white house for executive privilege to protect the documents and the president granted it. >> the president's assertion of executive privilege creates even more questions. >> reporter: attorney general holder came to capitol hill last night to meet with chairman issa to try to avoid this vote. but the two could not reach an agreement. >> i think we are actually involved more in political gamesmanship as opposed to trying to get the information they say they want. >> reporter: some republicans have gone as far to call for holder's resignation. the attorney general said he will not resign and still has the full confidence of the president. the justice department has handed over thousands of documents related to the fast and furious investigation but not everything the committee
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has requested. tara mergener for cbs news, capitol hill. if the committee votes to hold the attorney general in contempt, then the full house will consider that charge and if the full house votes to hold him in contempt, the matter will go to the democratically controlled senate where it is likely to die. former d.c. council member harry thomas, jr. checked into a federal prison camp today. he will begin serving a 38- month sentence for stealing $350,000 from city youth programs. thomas admitted to spending the money on luxury vehicles and lavish trips. he will serve his sentence in montgomery, alabama. he could be released as early as february 200015. u.s. military investigators are suggesting that troops that burned qurans in afghanistan be punished. several of the muslim holy books were thrown into a
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garbage fire pit back in february. the punishments could range from a letter in their file to docking their pay. the recommendations are still under review by the pentagon. former egyptian president hosni mubarak is off of life support. however, he's still -- he still remains in a coma. the egyptian state media reported earlier that the 84- year-old ousted leader suffered a stroke. he was last seen in public 17 days ago when he was sentenced to life in prison for failing to stop the killing of protesters during last year's arab spring demonstrations. the defense has rested its case in the jerry sandusky sex abuse case without calling the former penn state coach to the stand. court has now adjourned for the day and closing arguments will begin tomorrow. manuel gallegus has the latest from the courthouse in
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bellefonte, pennsylvania. >> reporter: the defense called witnesses this morning in an attempt to discredit mike mcqueary, the former penn state assistant coach who testified he saw sandusky molesting a boy in a campus shower. the first, a family friend of mcqueary, testified the assistant coach was visibly shaken when he told him he had heard sexual sounds and had seen jerry sandusky with a boy, but he says mcqueary never actually saw sex and no one called 911. another witness testified mcqueary might have participated in a second mile golf tournament two years after he witnessed the alleged assault, even though he swore last week that he wanted nothing ever to do with sandusky again. sandusky's wife dottie took the stand yesterday. she testified that she never saw anything suspicious when her husband spent time with young boys in their home. an 18-yard accuser test -- 18- year-old accuser testified last week he screamed for help when sandusky raped him in his basement but when the defense attorney joe amendola asked dottie if she ever heard anyone
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ask for help, she said no. tuesday was the first time she spoke publicly about her husband's alleged crimes. manuel gallegus, cbs news, bellefonte, pennsylvania. prince george's county council woman karen toles is due in court today. she's accused of reckless driving. in february she was caught driving nearly 100 miles an hour on the beltway. a judge could revoke toles' license at this hearing this afternoon. streets have reopened after a police barricade shut down several blocks in southeast washington. police say a suspected gunman was hiding in a home when the 17 -- in the 1700 block of 17th street southwest. actually it was 17th street southeast. the gunman allegedly shot and killed another man in the same neighborhood around 2:00 this morning. the suspect is in custody but the suspect so far has not been charged. a rocket full of the united states secrets was launched
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this morning from cape canaveral air force station. the unmanned atlas five is carrying a satellite belonging to the national recondistance office -- recondistance office. details about its mission even if it reached orbit are being kept secret. a launch attempt on monday was put off because of a problem with the environmental control system at the pad. still to come when 9news now continues, we are under a code yellow weather alert. it's only the beginning. howard will have full details on how long the hot, hazy weather is going to be with us. >> but first, more details of an art exhibition that pays tribute to the french singer and actress brigette bordeaux.
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today i'm one on one with the french author and journalist celebrating the life of a legend brigitte bardot. actually, there's a fantastic tribute at the hotel in downtown washington to talk about this french singer and actress. i found it interesting that she's gorgeous, gorgeous woman. >> she is. >> she really is. >> she started at a very early
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age. she was a teenager when she became a star. >> she wanted to be a ballet dancer. she studied to be a dancer at the french opera. by fate she met a guy directing a movie. he said beautiful. i would like you to be in my movie. she was 17 whether she started and met the french director in which movie she was. and she got married with him and created this special universe for her. he created -- she was almost 20, 21, 22. you have to understand in french movies in the '50s, you have elegant ladies, you know, with beautiful neck lace, mink coat. bardot was rushing into this. she was 22. she had the age of the part she was playing. all the ladies were 40, 50 and
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she played girl of 30s on screen. bardot was always in the nude. she was sun bathing in the nude. that was flabbergasting for viewers... >> you can learn all about this actress. is she? the south of france? >> she is. >> a very quiet life. >> i think -- [indiscernible] the three main important myths about movies. she lives in south of france. she decided not to be in movies anymore in '73 and she had been in 40 movies with scandals because she was sexy. she was beautiful. now she's retired and she lives close to the sea on the beach. and she's fighting for animals. she has contacts with leonardo
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dicaprio, plenty of american actors and actresses fighting for animals. >> to find more about this actress who was just a sex symbol to the world brigitte bardot, go to the luxury hotel in downtown washington. there's an incredible exhibit about her life and her love. thank you for being with me. >> thank you, jc, for inviting me. thank you. >> howard has more information on the forecast. sizzling here in northwest d.c. on the weather terrace. winds are fairly light. temperatures in the 90s. we'll take you to break with a look at some of those temps. warmest i could find right now is crofton at 95 degrees. we are up to 93. full forecast when 9 news now at noon returns.
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welcome back. howard bernstein with you here. 9news now at noon. talking about the heat. that's the reason for the yellow alert. when it gets hot like this, your plans are affected. you'll have to take extra steps to stay hydrated and cool. temperatures going into the upper 90s. we could hit 100 with the right wind direct. all -- wind direction. 98 should be the high for the day, 3:00, 4:00. 97 at 5:00. by 7:00 still in the low 90s. the nationals are home tonight with the tampa bay rays. they have 57:05 -- have a 7:05
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start. by 9:00 p.m. still near 90 degrees. rain chances this afternoon very, very slim. they'll pick up a little tomorrow and more on friday. here's the heat advisory. just about everybody when you go far enough south, south of fredricksburg, the eastern shore, higher elevations out west, you get away from the high heat and humidity, you'll still be very warm but you're not under the advisory. the advisory till 10:00 tonight and tomorrow from noon till 10:00 p.m. because it's going to be another scorcher. the record highs 100 in baltimore. 99 in d.c. we may get close here in town. 97 in dulles. those records by the way, even martinsburg was set in 1931. dulles didn't come online till the early '60s. they weren't around to report till '61, '62. temps in the upper 80s in the then dough ya valley. -- shenandoah valley. eastern the mountains, that's more bearable at 77. the low 90s in many, many years. east of the bay, west of the bay. as you look at the heat index
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values, now we're topping a hundred. tappahannock and easton feeling like 98 in gaithersburg and baltimore. the heat index in d.c. right now 99. hazy sunshine. barely a cloud out there on our michael & son weather camera with 93. humidity 47%. when you see the dew point number, when it gets to 60, it's a little sticky. 65 is kind of uncomfortable. 70 is almost oppressive. we're dealing with high humidity and a northwesterly wind at 7 miles an hour. the heat has moved into the northeast. boston 91. chicago still hot at 88 with 60s in bismarck. so there's a front back in this part of the world. that front is going to get here later on friday. until that happens, though, we're going to be seeing the very hot weather with us today and tomorrow. underneath the jet stream here, just want to tell you deluth got hammered last night. over 6 inches of rain, bad flooding. animals got killed at the zoo due to the flooding and roads are washed out. a dangerous situation up there. but south of the jet stream is where all the heat is. this is what we're dealing with
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for the next couple of days. thankfully it's only going to be about a two-day stretch of really high heat and humidity. future cast barely anything showing up this afternoon. tonight it's quiet, muggy, upper 70s for the lows in town. some low 70s in the cool spots. then tomorrow we're going to stop some showers and storms here and there in the afternoon. this could help big time but looks like even more showers and storms as we head into friday afternoon ahead of that front. so the forecast, yellow alerts for the heat today and tomorrow. 98 give or take a degree or two. tonight in the 70s. winds will be light. it will be muggy
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i'm one on one with chef logan cox. he's with ripple restaurant which is in the cleveland park area on connecticut avenue. let me tell you, there is nothing more exciting than to be nominated for a rammy award. the ceremony is going to be sunday and my special chef today has been nominated for a rising star award. that's really big. that's a new chef at a restaurant. everybody wants to get that
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award. congratulations. >> thank you very much, jc. i appreciate it. >> today you are fixing halibut. i'm getting all of the smoke. but tell me, what are you preparing? how are you preparing this halibut? >> this is some pan seared halibut from alaska. we only use sustainable species of fish at our restaurant at ripple. we're serving it with some local ingredients from our farmers. we have cauliflower, some dates, a bunch of wild greens and herbs that we actually pick ourselves. >> what are you going to do? you've been sauteeing this in special -- what kind of oil did you use? >> this is just an infused oil we infused with herbs and garlic and stuff. we add a little bit of butter. >> i like butter. >> get nice little color. >> did you give me the recipe? >> i did. >> so we can prepare it at
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hope. go to but if you don't want to prepare it at home, go to ripple's at 3417 connecticut avenue northwest in the cleveland park area. actually, right across the street from the uptown theater. see the new rising star. i'm going to give you the award. it's a big thing. look at that. got one minute. >> we'll do a flip. >> halibut is nice. i like halibut. >> it's great. then we'll warm up the vegetables in the same pan so everything from the halibut coincides and meshes with everything else. for our plate, we add a little bit of fennel similar to pesto, a little bit of olive oil. >> smells good. >> some cauliflower cream. cook down with a little bit of butter milk. >> oh, look at that. that's going to be nice.
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>> okay, don't forget, ripple's on connecticut avenue in the cleveland park area, 3417 connecticut avenue. you can congratulate dhef logan -- chef logan cox when you go there because he is a rising star in my book. congratulations. hope you do well on sunday. >> thank you. >> i'll be pulling for you. come back and visit us at 5:00 and get the latest weather report.
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